All My Children Recaps: The week of April 5, 2004 on AMC

Bianca went to the nursery to hold Babe's baby. Mia refused to help Liza expose Krystal's secret. Babe held Bess for the first time and was surprised to learn that she had delivered a baby girl. Edmund lost his temper with Maria. Kendall wanted to make things right with Greenlee.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 5, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, April 5

Jackson asked Tad to use his private eye skills to help track down Erica. Tad tried to convince Jack to allow Erica to have some down time to cope with the stress of everything that had transpired recently. Jack pressed on, however, and ultimately talked Tad into helping him out with one big condition. Tad made Jack promise that if Erica still wanted to be alone after being tracked down, he would not force Erica to return to Pine Valley.

At BJ's, Liza pressed Mia for help in uncovering Krystal's secret. She explained that with any luck, once the secret was exposed it would lead to Krystal leaving Pine Valley. Mia, however, wanted no part of Liza's scheme and warned her that nothing good would come from her digging. Liza sneaked over to Tad's house. From outside, she called Tad's house phone to make sure that he wasn't home. Certain that the coast was clear, Liza helped herself to the spare key that Tad had hidden under a flowerpot and slipped inside. Mia's words of warning echoed in Liza's head, but Liza convinced herself that she had to do whatever it would take to get rid of Krystal. As Liza was tapping into Tad's computer, Tad returned home. Liza threw herself to the floor and hid behind the sofa. Tad looked around and sensed that someone had been in his home, but he quickly dismissed the notion. When Tad left the room, Liza quietly tiptoed to the front door and tried to sneak out. When she opened the door, Tad was standing on the other side waiting for her.

Greenlee urged Ryan to go after Kendall, saying that he understood if he had to choose his feelings for Kendall over his friendship for her. After Ryan left, Bobby, who had been watching from nearby, commented that it was quite clear that Ryan still had unresolved feelings for Kendall. Bobby relayed his story of a trouble relationship to Greenlee. Anita happened by and told her husband that she could not take him to the airport as promised. Bobby pressed her to try to find some time to drive him there, but Anita stood firmly by her decision to remain at the hospital. Bobby introduced Anita to Greenlee as his wife. Later, Greenlee correctly determined that Bobby had somehow done something to mess things up with Anita. Bobby tracked down Anita and again asked her to take him to the airport. Anita, however, had other things on her mind. She explained that Bobby's infidelity now made her question all of his relationships with other women. She then told Bobby that it was time for them to both "move on." Enraged by his wife's words, Bobby later flashed a fit of rage when he told an inquiring Jack that he would not tell him where Erica was even if he knew.

Bianca demanded that she be allowed to see Babe's baby, saying that Babe had asked her to take care of the baby if anything happened to her. Kendall tried to talk her out of it, but a headstrong Bianca wouldn't back down. On her way to the hospital nursery, Bianca broke down in tears and was unable to get anywhere near the baby. Later, Bianca called Joe Martin and asked for an update on her condition. Joe sensed that Bianca wanted something else from him. Bianca nodded affirmatively and said that she wanted to know how to contact the pilot of the helicopter that had crashed. Joe gave her the information and later Bianca placed an urgent call to Paul, telling him that she needed to speak to him as soon as possible.

Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Greenlee asked Bobby for help finding Erica and the story of their trip to Philadelphia came out. Bobby protected Erica's right to privacy. Anita asked him to help Jack and Greenlee. Bobby admitted seeing her praying in the chapel and accused them of being the reason she's gone. Greenlee told Bobby to stay out of Jack's business and out of her way since he doesn't know about love. Anita thought Greenlee had his number and that Bobby never understood her and makes her feel invisible. Bobby remained confident they could still make it work but Anita was unconvinced.

Lena went to see Bianca who asked her to find out all the details of the helicopter crash, to fill in every minute of Miranda's life. Lena agreed the pilot is the only person who knows the answers and promised to help Bianca find the answers. She left and Reggie quietly entered. Bianca smiled and asked him not to cry. He sat on her bed and they hugged. Later, they laughed at Reggie's bad jokes and talked about family sticking together. Bianca's phone rang and she took a message for Jack, which Reggie promised to pass along. Bianca fell asleep and dreamt about Miranda. She got out of bed to go to her baby.

At the nursery, Kendall lamented to Ryan about not being able to find Miranda. Ryan insisted they had a miracle in finding Bianca and that he knows she's enough of a fighter to get out of the darkness she's in. Ryan still believed in a happy ending but Kendall couldn't see it. Ryan thought they'd all learn to forgive and to appreciate love and life more but Kendall couldn't imagine ever being happy again. Ryan warned her not to tell the babies that life can really suck...a lot. Ryan said the miracle might be that a tragedy like this doesn't rip people apart, but brings them closer together. Jack interrupted to talk about Erica and Ryan promised to help Tad search. Kendall told Jack she was sure "Bess" was Bianca's baby when she first saw her. Greenlee interrupted and Kendall asked her to leave. Greenlee reminded her she's still family and Kendall asked Jack to ask her to leave. Jack admitted he's forgiven Greenlee and asked Kendall to do the same. Reggie interrupted with the message and suggested Kendall lay off Greenlee. Kendall was aghast to hear that Reggie has also forgiven Greenlee. Kendall and Greenlee argued while Reggie trying to break it up until Jack came back and told them to stop. Jack reminded Kendall that Bianca and Erica need them all, as a family. He said he plans to marry Erica and if he can't get their blessings, he wants them to keep their mouths shut. Jack explained he had to leave to see Lily, who is in trouble. Jack suggested Kendall open up her heart and learn to forgive and find love.

JR comforted Babe, who was hallucinating about Paul and a secret. Krystal came in the room and took JR out, explaining Babe is tormented and knows her marriage to Paul was annulled. JR said he'd feel better if Paul would stop hanging around. Krystal asked him to stay positive for Babe and JR vowed to bring Babe and Bess home safely. Krystal went back in to talk to Babe about the ongoing secret annulment. Later, JR was alone with Babe and apologized for how badly he treated her and promised to make it up to her. Anita came in and told Krystal and JR that Babe's fever has broken and she will be OK.

Maggie and Jamie were at BJ's and thinking of Bianca. Jamie wished someone loved him as much as she loves Bianca and Maggie choked. Maggie was clearly nervous that Jamie thinks they are more than friends. Jamie admitted he no longer loves Babe, because of all the hurt it caused and that he must have been an idiot to think he'd fallen in love after one night. Jamie thought Babe's baby being with the wrong father would have been unforgivable and he's into being Uncle Jamie. Maggie said babies were chick magnets and reminded him he's one of the most eligible bachelors in town. They discussed being roommates while being kind of involved and were convinced it will be OK. Jamie started to think that his dad has lost his touch with women.

Tad caught Liza hiding in his house and she nervously tried to explain and finally kissed him. Tad still had questions and she said it was his fault for taking a hiatus and she missed him. She said she was embarrassed and Tad reminded her they'd had an agreement to not see each other. Tad sent her on her way. Ryan came over and Tad shared his information about finding Erica's car in long-term parking at the airport. Tad explained his lack of concern for rules when friends are in trouble. Ryan asked for advice, but Tad said he has none on lust, love, or romance. Ryan wondered who else could have the answers and whined that he has lots of money, but no luck in love. Tad wondered why he should feel sorry for Ryan when together they look like before and after pictures in comic books. Tad asked Ryan to call his contact at the airport and ask about charter flights and just to say that "Pookie" needs to know. Later, he admitted to Ryan he's lost his touch, but Ryan said not with three women on the line. Ryan found out Erica had been seen at the charter counter, but no one saw her get on a plane. Later, Tad learned Erica may have been a stowaway and he and Ryan left.

In Llanview, Paul and Kelly discussed how happy Kevin is about being a father. They admired Ace and Kelly again couldn't imagine about how a mother could give him up. She said she needed to know more about the biological parents, for medical reasons. Paul insisted she didn't need to know, but she pushed him.

Lena found Paul at the hospital and he was reluctant to answer any questions. Lena warned him to talk to Bianca or he'd be the "sorriest sonuvabitch" in two cities.

Wednesday, April 7

Greenlee and Kendall continued their heated argument in the hospital. Kendall stormed away after vowing to never forgive Greenlee for what she did.

In the Valley Inn bar Tad and Ryan tried to get Erica's whereabouts from Palmer, who refused to tell them anything. They said they knew she had taken his private jet and he finally admitted that yes, she did take his jet. But he denied knowing anything else. Kendall walked in and asked if he'd tell her where Erica was. Palmer sympathized with her but said he has no clue as to what Erica's final destination was to be. Tad said they could ask the pilot and Palmer said the pilot was going on an extended vacation at an undisclosed location so they couldn't find him. Tad said he'd go to the airport and check the flight plan that was filed and left the bar. Palmer laughed and told Ryan and Kendall that the flight plan says Erica is going to a Naval base in Greenland. Ryan got a little annoyed and said this was no time to abandon Erica. Palmer turned on Ryan and berated him for abandoning Kendall. Kendall asked him not to go there and Palmer finally said he was calling it a night and left. Kendall and Ryan sat at the table together. Ryan said Palmer was really something, the way he looks after all of the Kane women. Kendall said he was just a softie and that she shouldn't have pressed him. They discussed Erica and Kendall was extremely furious and bitter about her mother. Ryan tried to defend Erica's actions but Kendall said she was too angry with her to care. Ryan said "You can be really mad at someone and still love them", looking straight into Kendall's eyes. Ryan said he got why Erica ran and tried to explain it to Kendall. He said Erica was so hurt that she had to be alone to heal. Kendall thought about it and then asked if Ryan was talking about himself. She wondered if it had hurt him that bad when she turned on him. Ryan just looked at her.

Greenlee was near Bianca's hospital door when Bianca came out in a hurry. Greenlee asked what she was doing out of bed. Bianca said she had to go to the crash site. Greenlee got Bianca back into her room and asked if she had her doctor's permission to leave the hospital. Bianca told Greenlee to worry about her own life, then told her off for all the pain she had caused. Greenlee apologized and said she really wanted to help Bianca. She offered to call David but Bianca refused and said she could go alone. Greenlee reminded her that she was dressed in hospital garb with no coat and no car. She tried to call Kendall but only got voicemail. Bianca told Greenlee she could help her and to lend her coat to her and drive her to the crash site. Greenlee refused until Bianca said she still feels Miranda, still sees her in her dreams. She said Miranda was still alive to her and she needed to go to the crash site to make it all real. Greenlee said no one who cared about Bianca would let her do this. Bianca said "Leo would. He would want you to help me." Finally convinced, Greenlee wrote a note about where they were going and left it on the table. They walked out the door and the breeze knocked the note to the floor. Greenlee drove Bianca to the woods and they walked to the place the chopper went down. Bianca could barely hold herself together. She asked a few questions which Greenlee tried to answer. Then Bianca spotted something and ran to it. It was a small memorial Greenlee explained. Jack had left a teddy bear, Kendall left flowers and Greenlee had left a scroll that had a child's prayer on it. Bianca picked up the bear and hugged it to her while tears streamed down her face. Greenlee sadly tried to get Bianca to leave but Bianca stopped and listened. She told Greenlee she could hear Miranda crying.

Babe woke up and asked to see her baby. She also wanted to know what happened when the chopper went down. JR and Krystal tried to avoid discussing the accident. Babe talked about helping Bianca give birth to Miranda and how scared she was. She said afterwards Bianca "didn't look so hot" so she went out for help. While in David's cabin she was hit with a contraction. She headed back to Bianca and found her unconscious. Babe described being alone and in labor. JR told her he loved her and kissed her. Babe joked with Krystal that giving birth was like "pushing a hippo through a mail slot." David came in to check her out. He looked at her charts and said the antibiotics were working well. He congratulated Babe on her baby and headed towards the door. JR stopped him and thanked him for saving Babe. Krystal asked Babe what she wanted to eat and handed her a list she had started. Babe added a car to the list since hers "went to car heaven." Then she asked again about Miranda. JR and Krystal began to tell her she didn't need to worry about Bianca when Anita came in with the baby. JR handed the baby to Babe and she was thrilled. She started touching Bess's cheeks and said they were plumper than she remembered. Krystal said babies change every hour. She left JR and Babe to enjoy their baby. After a bit Babe noticed that Bess had "sprung a leak" and asked JR to get a fresh diaper. He brought the bassinet over and left the room. Babe began to undress Bess and remembers Paul delivering her baby and handing it to her saying "Your boy's here Babe." JR returned to find Babe looking very confused.

Bobby was at the airport waiting for his flight. He went over his last conversation with Anita. He turned to see a woman with long dark hair wearing a white jacket. He thought it was Anita and went to her. Simone turned around and was pleasantly surprised to find a good looking man grabbing her arm. Bobby apologized and Simone began begging him to sell her his Las Vegas ticket. She said she had an urgent business deal she had to get to and the flight was oversold and she was on the waitlist. Bobby refused and Simone started pouring on the charm. She begged, and offered to pay double the ticket cost plus throw in a free Fusion facial. Bobby asked if she ever gave up and she said no. Then Simone saw Tad come in and she put her arms around Bobby. Tad just watched from the side. Simone asked Bobby to pretend they were together so she could make "this guy" jealous. Tad came over and said hi to Bobby. Simone was surprised that they knew each other. Tad told her that Bobby has a very beautiful wife and that's he used to be bad news. Tad walked away and Bobby told Simone he wasn't giving her his ticket. She tried to make passes at him but Bobby told her his wife was his whole world and he didn't want anyone else. Simone stomped off. Bobby turned and found Anita smiling at him. She said she decided to come see him off and that she heard what he said to Simone. They told each other how much they would miss each other then kissed passionately as the final boarding call was announced.

Krystal found David and thanked him for saving Babe's life. She kissed him then they put their arms around each other and kissed deeply. Tad walked in just in time to see this.

Thursday, April 8

Krystal and David kiss passionately. When they finally break, Krystal says that she just wanted to thank him for saving not only Babe's heart but also her own. Curious about what was behind David's end of the lip lock, she asks, and he tells her that he was just happy that he could save someone, after all that had been lost. Tad saw them kissing, and when David walks away, he starts trying to convince her that if she gets involved with David she'll only get burned. Having a little fun, Krystal teases Tad a little bit and then tells him that she thinks he's jealous of David. Tad vehemently denies this, as there is no reason. He is simply concerned for her since they are now "family."

They part ways, and Krystal tracks David down. She thanks him again, which he says isn't necessary. Krystal quickly confesses that the real reason she tracked him down was to invite him to dinner. He accepts.

Aidan runs into Anita with a patient in the hospital elevator, and Anita is glowing. She admits that she thinks Bobby is turning over a new leaf. In direct opposition to that stated fact, she starts voicing all of her concerns about trusting him again, but speaks as if the questions were coming from Aidan ("I know what you're thinking...can I trust him again? There's a fool born every minute. Am I making the right choice?"). While she is prattling on, the elevator becomes stuck. Her patient, a young child, wakes up scared. Anita, unable to get around her ranting about Bobby, is unable to comfort the child. Aidan, however, keeps his wits about him and manages to do that very thing.

Aidan brushes off the gratitude with regard to calming the patient, and follows with an apology about not being able to be that helpful as far as Bobby is concerned. Anita says she just doesn't want to get hurt again. She apologizes for going on about her situation so much and about her odd behavior because of it (like thinking that he was hitting on her when they were boxing). At that moment, the elevator starts moving again.

In the hospital room, Babe has a flashback to giving birth while she's looking at "Bess" and admits that she thought that she had a boy. JR assures her that she had a girl and then she hears Paul's voice in her head: "You had a girl." Babe starts to believe.

Babe still doesn't know that "Miranda" supposedly died in the crash, and she talks about having birthday parties together and how "Bess and Miranda" will be best friends, just like their mommies. She decides that she wants to go see Miranda, but when she stands up, she gets dizzy. JR convinces her that now is not the best time. Instead, they make plans to spoil "Bess." JR notes that he's going to spoil both of his girls.

Babe decides to try to rest and JR takes "Bess" back to the nursery. While he's gone, Babe has a flashback (in a dream) about Paul telling her that it was HER baby that was lost in the river. JR comes back just as she is starting to wake up and crying about the possibility of losing her baby. JR comforts her and promises her that he will protect "Bess" and make sure nothing happens to her.

Bianca continues to try to convince Greenlee that she heard Miranda crying. Greenlee tells Bianca that she believes her because when Leo died, she went to the falls because she thought she heard him there. That was the place where she lost him and she believed, for a while, that he would return to her there. In time, she learned that the voice she was hearing was coming from her heart, where she kept the best part of her life with him. Greenlee tries to help Bianca cope with her loss by giving her the "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" necklace that Leo gave to her. Bianca had expressed that she didn't want Miranda to be alone, and Greenlee told her that the necklace would serve to remind her that she never would be.

Kendall and Ryan are having a drink at the Valley Inn, and Kendall asks Ryan if she really hurt him that badly by believing that he conspired with Greenlee instead of believing what he said. It took him a couple of false starts, but he finally admitted that it hurt like hell and he couldn't deal. He had to get away. Pondering a moment, Kendall relays what Erica told her that she gets all wrapped up in her pain and can't find her way out of it. She admits that Erica was right about her, and that she (Kendall) was wrong about Ryan.

Kendall's phone rings, and it's Lena calling from the hospital. She tells Kendall that Bianca is missing that no one at the hospital knows where she is. Ryan and Kendall take off for the hospital and upon arrival, Lena tells them that security has been alerted. Moments later, Bianca and Greenlee return to the room. Bianca tells everyone where they were, and after a pause, Kendall just expresses her relief that she is okay and puts her to bed. She then asks Greenlee if she can talk to her in the hallway. Ryan follows, leaving Lena in the room with Bianca.

Kendall asks Greenlee why she would take Bianca to the crash site. Greenlee says she did so because Bianca asked her to. Kendall believes that Greenlee was trying to torture Bianca. Greenlee is silent while Kendall rages on. Soon, Ryan asks her to stop and give Greenlee a chance to explain. Greenlee said that Bianca had made up her mind that she needed to go to the crash site and that no one could have stopped her. Kendall asked her why she didn't call her, and Greenlee said that she did, and that she also left a note explaining where they were, and that they would be back. Kendall falls silent because she distinctly remembers getting the phone call from Greenlee and ignoring it. Greenlee says that she helped Bianca because she loves her and she was there. She continues and says that Bianca needed to go there to accept the fact that Miranda was gone.

After Greenlee leaves, Kendall admits that she understands that Greenlee still misses Leo, but she still thought that she was wrong for risking Bianca's health by taking her to the crash site. Ryan asks Kendall to let it all go, and immediately she goes on the defense, asking why he was still defending Greenlee. Ryan walks away.

In the room, Bianca explains the necklace to Lena as she helps to put it on. "My baby's not alone," Bianca says. She rests a little while as Lena looks on. Kendall looks on through the window. Ryan comes back but leaves again before Kendall sees him.

A little while later, Bianca wakes up and Lena tells her that she located Paul and made him promise to come see her. Bianca says that she doesn't want to see him anymore because there is nothing he can tell her that she doesn't already know.

Greenlee shows up at the Valley Inn and unloads on the bartender when he asks her what she wants. Someone who will love and forgive her is near the top of the list. Moments later, Kendall comes in and says that she wants to settle things with Greenlee.

Tad goes to have a drink. JR shows up by invitation, but it isn't long before they are joined by Aidan and Ryan.

Friday, April 9

Ryan, Tad, Aidan, and JR make a toast to "Bess," but when David walks in with his nasty attitude, it dampens their spirits some. David makes smart comment about him dating Krystal and possibly even becoming the next member of JR's new family. Tad gets up to attack David, but Aidan and Ryan hold him back. David walks out the door, feeling that he has won the battle, but sneaks back in later to cause more trouble. While the men think David has left, they decide to stop talking about women and go on a mission!

While Bianca is sleeping, Lena is visiting with her and Anita walks in. Anita suggests that Lena go get something to eat while she watches over Bianca. Lena agrees and when Bianca wakes up, she has some chest pain. Anita explains that it is normal for her to have milk and that she can give her a shot to make it stop. Bianca protests to the injection and explains to Anita that if she makes the milk stop, then it is like she giving on Miranda being alive. Bianca doesn't want the image of Miranda to go away and by being able to nurse, it assures her that Miranda was real, even if for a moment in her life. Anita understands and tells Bianca that she can what she wants because it is her body and her heart. Bianca thanks Anita for being so protective of her and they reminisce about when they were younger, Anita would always protect Bianca from the mean housekeeper, Rosa at Wildwind. Anita smiles and is touched when Bianca tells her that she has always been able to cheer her up when she was down. Lena comes back in while Bianca is dreaming of the first time she held Miranda and the promises she made to always keep her safe and protected.

Krystal visits "Bess" and rocks her to sleep in the nursery. Krystal talks to Miranda, telling her how much she looks like Babe and how lucky she is. Anita walks in to visit also. Krystal tells her how pretty her kids will be and Anita says that she is not ready for children yet. Krystal adds that she isn't trying to pressure Anita, but if she decides to have kids, it will be one of the most joyful experiences of her life. The nursery nurse comes over and tells Krystal and Anita that visiting hours are over, so the women leave.

When Bianca wakes up from her dream, she hears "Bess" crying. She gets out of bed and goes inside the nursery where she finally gets a good look at Bess. She says, "Miranda, there you are."

Edmund and Brooke are working on a new magazine cover at Wildwind and Edmund jokingly says that when he recovers completely in June, he and Brooke can take a trip together to write more news stories. Maria overhears and tells Edmund that she thought he planned to take it easy before the surgery. Edmund bluntly says "No Maria, you planned that." Seeing the obvious tension, Brooke excuses herself to go use the telephone. Edmund tries get Maria to understand that he not the man he used to be, while Maria still thinks that nothing has changed, expect his use of this legs. Edmund says he doesn't want to be in a wheelchair anymore, and then Ryan, JR, Tad, and Aidan come over and interrupt the conversation. They tell Maria that they are there on a mission to kidnap Edmund. Edmund leaves with the men, where they head back to the bar, leaving Brooke and Maria alone. Brooke asks Maria to say whatever troubles are on her mind. Maria is hesitant at first, but then tells Brooke that if Edmund dies in her surgery, it will be her fault. Brooke says that she not responsible for Edmunds decisions, only giving him the research he wanted about the surgery Maria accuses Brooke of being responsible by not stopping Edmund or trying to change his mind. Brooke retorts that Edmund is strong while Maria says that she is the one with something to lose -- she will lose her husband and the father of her children. Brooke reminds her that Maria isn't the only one with something to lose. She loves Edmund too and he is her friend; yes, she wants him not to do the surgery and wants to scream no, but it is decision. "if you don't see that Maria, then you aren't as smart as I thought you were," Brooke adds. Brooke admits that she had hoped to work together with Maria on this issue, but Maria is silent, indicating that she does not feel the same way. Brooke leaves and Maria bursts into tears.

Once the men arrive back at the bar, David slithers over, but seems to keep his distance. Edmund suggests they play pool, but when he gets to the table, he realizes his wheelchair is too low. Seeing the problem, Ryan gets a chainsaw and bargains with the bar owner to let him chop it down. The bar owner is resistant at first, but once JR pays him $750 and threatens to go the authorities about the violations that the bar has, the bar owner changes his mind quickly. David even says that he impressed with the committed friendship the men have towards Edmund. Tad says that it is something David knows nothing about. Edmund wins the round of pool and then Tad and Aidan drag David out of the bar. Ryan tells Edmund he is always there for him but has to leave.

Kendall tells Greenlee that they need to talk because things have changed with her. She even says that she understands why Greenlee took Bianca to the crash site and that since she didn't answer her cell phone, Greenlee was the only one who could help her sister. Greenlee reminds Kendall that she didn't want Bianca to go to the crash site, but she would have gone herself if no one was there to help her. With that out in the open, Greenlee turns the tables on Kendall and tells her to be honest about her feelings with her relationship with Ryan. Greenlee tells her again that nothing happened with Ryan, they are just friends. She explains that the closest they ever got was sharing a leather seat on his motorcycle. Kendall seems to believer her and admits that she has been thinking about what Jackson's suggestion to finally come together as a family. Shocked by Kendall's request, she checks Kendall's bag for weapons. Kendall laughs and admits that she misses the days of the fabulous Fusion four. Greenlee says she also misses those days too. Kendall suggests that they try to work together again. Simone and Mia walk in and overhear Kendall's suggestion and immediately tell Greenlee to say yes. Greenlee says she might regret her decision in the morning, but agrees to start over and work together at Fusion. Simone and Mia are excited and they toast to their new reunion. Greenlee says they can all meet in their office tomorrow morning and then Kendall rushes off. Greenlee tells them that she still wonders if things can ever go back to the way they used to be. Can the girls really be the fabulous Fusion four again?

Ryan goes home and when he gets to the door, he gets a surprise visit by Kendall, who is holding a pack of beer.



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