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Monday, August 11, 2008

Cassie and Dre were at the pool together, even though both of their families advised them to stop seeing each other. Colby and Pete were also at the pool. All of the teenagers discussed Richie's murder case. Pete found it odd that he was never called to the station for questioning. Pete was actually disappointed that he was not involved in the case, since he was the one that tested the blood on the car. Colby, Dre, and Cassandra proceeded to recall the details of the night that they supposedly ran down Richie. They wondered if, perhaps, they were innocent after all. Cassandra mentioned that they never saw the body. Dre reminded her that they were distracted. Colby looked sheepish and blamed herself for being drunk and out of control that night.

Colby asked Pete when he was leaving for Harvard. Pete explained that he wished to stay in Pine Valley with her. He then confessed that he loved her. She looked worried and insisted that he could not love her since he did not know her. He retorted that they had known each other their whole lives. She answered that they were no longer kids that played together, but instead they were adults. Pete pretended that he was merely joking and she believed him.

Cassandra and Dre were sitting together. She tried to comfort him and assured him that he did not always have to act brave. He let his guard down and admitted that he was very scared. They shared a kiss.

Jesse followed Tad to Annie's car. Jesse stated that, because of his job, he should not be with Tad while he examined the car without a warrant. Tad said that Jesse wanted to find out the truth just as much as he did. Jesse reminded Tad that if they tampered with evidence, it would not be admissible in court. Still, Jesse turned his back to Tad and said he was "not there." Tad began to look at the car and noted that the damage did not look like it was caused by a tree, but by a pipe instead. Tad then noticed that the lug wrench was missing from Annie's set of tools in her trunk. They began to put the pieces together and deduced that Annie killed Richie with the wrench, which was why he died of blunt force trauma. This affirmed that Dre was being charged with a murder he did not commit.

Amanda met with Randi at ConFusion. Amanda could tell that Randi looked sad, and assumed it was due to Frankie. Randi divulged that she was having a hard time with Frankie since she was not used to "nice guys." Amanda said that work would lift Randi's spirits. Randi was unsure if she could handle the job because she was inexperienced. Amanda assured her that she would be perfect for the job since all she had to do was look gorgeous and answer the phones.

Carmen arrived at Fusion looking for Kendall. Babe stated that Kendall was out and that she was in charge. Carmen explained that Adam fired her, so Erica wanted her to work at Fusion. Babe happily gave her a position and asked her to fill out the paperwork in the lounge.

After Carmen left for the lounge, Amanda arrived with Randi and announced that Randi was their new employee. Babe revealed that she already hired someone, which annoyed Amanda. The two women began to bicker, but soon realized that they sounded like Kendall and Greenlee. They stopped fighting and agreed to hire Carmen. They apologized to Randi and she understood. Just then, Carmen reentered. Randi and Carmen saw each other and asked, at the same time, "What are you doing here?" Carmen then told Babe that Randi needed the job more than she did, and left. Amanda and Babe were very confused.

Greenlee proposed to Aidan. He was not sure if she was truly ready to be married, but she insisted that she did not want to waste any more time. He was elated and rushed off to find Babs and Foster, so they could be their witnesses.

Ryan suggested to Annie that they renew their vows. He said that he wanted to prove to her that their family was his priority. She was glad to hear it, but asked if love was a factor as well. He claimed that he loved her and wanted a "fresh start" with her. She was excited, so they headed off to the Cherub Chapel, which was the same chapel that Greenlee and Aidan were at.

Kendall wanted to tell the police and Ryan that she suspected Annie of killing Richie. Zach said that they could not do that since they had no proof. She was frustrated and affirmed that Annie was crazy. He urged her to lay off Annie until they could find evidence against her. They then went to the chapel to be witnesses for Annie and Ryan as they renewed their vows.

Ryan, Annie, Kendall, and Zach arrived at the chapel. An employee explained that there was a wedding in progress, so they would have to wait. As they waited, Kendall became antsy. Annie suggested that they watch the other wedding while they waited for their turn. They entered the chapel and looked shocked to see Greenlee and Aidan at the altar. Meanwhile, Greenlee was grateful to see her friends and called it "fate" that they chose the same chapel as she and Aidan. Annie looked happy to see Greenlee marrying Aidan, but Ryan looked disappointed. The justice of the peace asked if anyone objected to the marriage. Ryan flashed back to when he realized he was in love with Greenlee, but he kept quiet. Greenlee quipped that she was usually the one to object at weddings. Then, Greenlee and Aidan tied the knot.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Adam was overjoyed to see Krystal at his home. He thought that Krystal wanted to rekindle their relationship. But Krystal wanted to say goodbye to Adam. Adam told Krystal that she had tried to end it with him in the past, but always came running back. Krystal said she was suddenly hit with the realization that the connection she once shared with Adam was gone. Adam thought their love was still alive, but Krystal claimed she no longer loved him. Adam called Krystal a liar. To prove his point, Adam drew Krystal in his arms and kissed her. When the kiss was finished, Krystal said she was devoted to Tad.

Frankie went to a bar to cool down after the argument with Randi, and found Jake having a beer. Frankie told Jake that Fletcher wanted him to "buy" Randi or else he would hurt her. But the problem was that Randi did not know he was trying to protect her, Frankie added. Frankie said he could not tell Randi about Fletcher after seeing that she so was happy to get a job offer from Amanda. Frankie urged Randi to get away from Pine Valley, but Jake said that translated to "get away from me." Frankie just wanted to keep Randi safe, but Jake said she would not see it that way unless Frankie was honest about Fletcher's threats.

Randi saw Carmen inside ConFusion. Carmen told her that she walked away from a job at Fusion so Randi could take the position instead. Randi said she did not owe Carmen anything. Carmen sensed that Randi was upset about a man. Randi admitted she had fallen for a doctor, but no longer trusted him. Men could never be trusted, she added. Carmen said Randi should give the man a chance, but Randi claimed she was just kidding about meeting a doctor. Carmen went to the Chandler mansion as Krystal left. She poured Adam a drink and handed him the glass.

Randi saw Frankie talking to Jake at the bar. Randi kissed Frankie and walked out.

Zach, Annie, Kendall, and Zach went to the casino to celebrate Greenlee and Aidan's wedding. Annie caught Greenlee's bouquet when she threw it to a group of ladies in the casino. The friends went to play poker and cheered when the dice landed on Annie's chosen number-her baby's due date. Aidan grabbed Greenlee and swung her onto the dance floor. Pretty soon, Annie and Ryan were dancing, until Kendall cut in to talk to Ryan. Kendall asked Ryan how he was handling Greenlee's nuptials. Ryan told Kendall to stop pressuring him to tell Greenlee that he still loved her. Greenlee decided to dance with Ryan, while Kendall and Aidan danced together. Greenlee told Ryan that she wanted him to be as happy as she was. Ryan said he was happy with Annie and their family. Annie snagged a stranger to take a picture of everyone. Greenlee looked longingly at Ryan in the pictures. Annie told Zach that she wished Richie's memory would stop haunting her. Greenlee and Aidan fed each other a few bites of cake to top off their Las Vegas wedding reception.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Carmen brought Adam his breakfast and he scoffed that there was no coffee. She stated that he was no longer allowed to drink coffee. She proceeded to pack all of his liquor into a box. He yelled at her to leave his bar alone. She told him that he drank too much and she felt that his drinking set a bad example for his children, especially since they were alcoholics. He stated that she did not know anything about his family. She retorted that Colby was sneaking rum and vodka from his stash. Adam looked sheepish as Carmen declared that the only drink he could have was a glass of wine with dinner. He exclaimed, "Didn't I fire you?" She replied, "You didn't mean it."

Colby saw Carmen getting rid of the liquor. Colby assumed that one of her family members ordered Carmen to discard it, but Carmen revealed it was her idea. Carmen explained that she wanted Adam to replace his excessive drinking with exercise. Colby liked Carmen's plan and agreed to help her get Adam in shape. Colby commented that Carmen was good at taking care of people. Carmen said that, due to her rough upbringing, she had to take care of herself since she was very young. Carmen told Colby that she was lucky to have a family that cared about her. Carmen then grabbed Colby's hand and began salsa dancing with her. Colby was laughing and smiling. After they finished, Colby hugged Carmen.

Babe was complaining to JR about work. She divulged that Kendall and Greenlee went to Las Vegas and left her to run the company-again. JR was irate and offered to buy Fusion for Babe. She refused the offer and claimed that she did not want to own Fusion. He thought that she was scared to be the boss due to her lack of education. She admitted that she was insecure. He told her to imagine herself sitting behind Kendall's desk. She smiled and said it was a nice fantasy, but reiterated that she did not want to own the company.

JR approached Adam with a business proposition to have Chandler acquire Fusion. JR showed his father Fusion's numbers and stated that the company could make them millions. Adam agreed that it might be profitable, but he did not think that his son was capable of taking over the cosmetics company. Plus, Adam thought that JR simply wanted to acquire Fusion so he could "suck up" to Babe. JR confessed that he wanted Babe to be the CEO once they owned Fusion, but he reminded Adam that taking over Fusion would be a great opportunity to get revenge on Zach. Adam was intrigued and said that he would consider the takeover. JR suggested that they set Fusion up to take a "big hit" and then swoop in to save the day. Adam felt that they needed to attack Kendall and Greenlee personally.

Tad sensed that Krystal was upset, because she woke up early to clean the house. As she rushed around the house polishing everything, he urged her to stop and talk. She said that she did not want to talk for fear that he would not forgive her. He stated that the longer she kept the secret, the worse it would get. So, she confessed that she kissed Adam. Tad looked hurt and asked when it happened. She explained that it occurred when Adam was comforting her after Richie kidnapped Babe. Tad said that he understood and was not mad at Krystal. She was surprised by his reaction and was grateful. She affirmed that she was over Adam and was finally ready to fully commit to Tad. She thanked Tad for "not giving up on her" and promised to give him the respect that he deserved. They then sat on the couch next to Jenny and kissed. Meanwhile, Kate secretly watched their tender moment and scowled.

Amanda greeted Randi when she came to Fusion for her first day of work. Randi was nervous and doubted that she could handle her new job. Amanda assured Randi that she did not need a business degree to be the receptionist at Fusion. Then, Amanda inquired how Randi knew Carmen. Randi avoided the question and merely stated that she used to know Carmen, but not anymore. Amanda handed Randi an application to fill out, but she seemed apprehensive to complete it. So, Amanda admitted that she knew what Randi's previous profession was. Randi looked nervous and acted clueless. Amanda explained that she was mistakenly arrested for prostitution and saw Randi when she was in jail. Randi was furious and assumed that Amanda hired her as a cruel joke. Amanda swore that her intentions were good. Amanda continued that everyone at Fusion had baggage, so Randi should not feel ashamed. Amanda encouraged Randi to take advantage of her job at Fusion. Randi agreed that she should give it a go at the company. Amanda joked that she and Randi could work together and also date hot doctors together. Randi said that she would help Amanda with Jake.

Babe arrived at work. She sat at Kendall's desk and smiled as she leaned back and put her feet up. Amanda saw Babe and noted that she looked comfortable in Kendall's chair. Babe slyly mentioned that she had a sneaky plan.

Erica met Jack for breakfast at the Yacht Club. Jack inquired how Samuel was. She looked shocked by the question. Jack noted that Erica loved it whenever two men fought over her, but he refused to fall into that trap again. He encouraged her to go after Samuel. She wondered if Jack was seeing another woman, but he did not respond. Instead, he stated that they needed to realize that their relationship was over; still, he affirmed that no woman would ever replace her in his heart. She smiled and Jack's phone rang. Carmen was on the other end and announced that she had something to tell him. He said that he, too, had something to tell her.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Erica went to see Samuel after hearing a rumor that people wanted him to drop out because of Dre's arrest. Samuel said his opponents were just looking for any excuse to take him down. Erica said politicians were using her relationship with Samuel to make him look bad. But Samuel was not worried about what other people thought of him. Erica said she would not be hurt if Samuel wanted to end their relationship. Samuel asked Erica about her relationship with Jackson. Erica said her romance with Jackson was completely over. Samuel took Erica's hands and kissed her. Samuel told Erica that even though their relationship was new and complicated, he was willing to take the leap. Samuel held out his hand and Erica took it to indicate she wanted to take the leap, too. Samuel kissed Erica goodnight before she left.

Angie came home to find Jesse working on Richie's murder case. Jesse told Angie that he was going to look after Cassie. Even in the worst-case scenario, Cassie would not go to jail, Jesse added. Jesse told Angie that someone else might have killed Richie before Dre ran over him.

Cassie and Frankie decided to spend a little time together at a restaurant. They both toasted to their complicated lives with chocolate milkshakes. Frankie said he felt bad that he could not protect Cassie from all of her legal troubles. He said that at least she had Jesse on her side. Cassie blamed Jesse for putting Dre behind bars, but Frankie said his father was only doing his job. Cassie got up to leave, but Frankie asked her to stay. Cassie asked Frankie about his relationship with Randi. Frankie said there was not a lot to tell, but he did like Randi. Frankie and Cassie went home for dinner with Angie and Jesse. Cassie refused to eat with Jesse and slammed the door on her way out. Cassie called her father to ask for help.

Annie and Ryan returned to their hotel room after Greenlee and Aidan's wedding reception. Annie asked Ryan if he was upset they did not get to renew their vows. Ryan said he was disappointed, but Annie suggested they could renew their vows to each other at that moment. Before she could say anything else, Annie rushed to the bathroom as soon as she felt sick. When Annie returned, Ryan rubbed her feet and touched her belly. Ryan said he did not mind helping Annie because he did not get to be present for the birth of Emma and Spike. He promised to be a great father for the new baby Annie was carrying.

Annie asked Ryan what he thought his future would be like if he had stayed with Greenlee. Ryan said he never thought about it, but Annie suggested Greenlee would have been unhappy being a mother to Spike. Annie said Ryan lived for his children, and if he were still with Greenlee, Greenlee would have resented him for it. Ryan said his past with Greenlee was no longer important. He claimed to be happy with Annie. When Annie saw Richie's ghost in the room, she told Ryan they needed to go back to Pine Valley early.

Zach and Kendall went to their hotel room. Kendall asked Zach if he would marry her all over again, and he shockingly said no. Zach said he would have rented a massive and expensive facility for their wedding instead of tying the knot on a boat. Kendall said those plans sounded nice, but not what she would have wanted. She got into the topic of telling Greenlee that Ryan loved her, but Zach insisted Kendall let it go. Kendall said she wondered what Ryan and Annie were doing, so Zach got up to go find out. He suggested they stick glass cups to the walls and listen to Annie and Ryan. Kendall said the walls were soundproof and that his idea was crazy. Zach said their relationship had suffered long enough because of Kendall's obsession with Greenlee and Ryan. Zach said they should not have come to Las Vegas. Kendall agreed with her husband. She wanted to be home with Spike and Ian.

Jake encountered the blonde running buddy again on the beach. Jake told the woman that she was striding too much while running. Jake, who made sure to mention he was doctor, said it could lead to serious health issues. The woman asked Jake if she was supposed to be impressed with his medical profession. Jake claimed he was not trying to make a move on her, but she ran off. Jake caught up with her, but she was not interested in speaking to him. Jake asked the woman what her name was, but she refused to tell him. Jake challenged the woman to a race. If he won, she had to tell him her name. The woman cheered as she made it to the goal first. The woman shook his hand, introduced herself as Taylor, and left.

Aidan carried Greenlee into their lavish hotel room decorated with white rose petals. They made love for the first time as husband and wife. Afterwards, Aidan told Greenlee that they could have a big wedding like she always wanted in Pine Valley. But Greenlee said she couldn't care less about that anymore. When Aidan called Greenlee "Mrs. Devane," Greenlee insisted that she would not be taking his last name in marriage. Greenlee said her last name was important because it was a part of her identity. Aidan said he understood Greenlee's concerns. Greenlee asked Aidan what else he expected of her, but Aidan did not know what she meant. Greenlee said she tried to be someone else to please Ryan for marriage. Aidan told Greenlee her loved her just the way she was. Greenlee suggested they head back home.

Frankie got a surprise visit from Taylor, the blonde runner, before dinner. Taylor, dressed in a military uniform, hugged Frankie as Angie and Jesse looked at each other.

Greenlee, Aidan, Kendall, Zach, Annie, and Ryan ran into each other as they were checking out of the hotel. They decided to ride back to Pine Valley on Zach's private jet together.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Taylor dropped by the Hubbard residence and Frankie was thrilled to see his old platoon mate. He introduced her to his parents and Jesse jokingly reminded his son to fill her in on his "back to life" story when she had a lot of time to spare. As he and Angie went over to get some refreshments, Frankie asked Taylor why she'd chosen Pine Valley, but she asserted that he already knew the answer. Before they could delve into that conversation, Angie and Jesse called them over to the kitchen. She regaled the Hubbards with stories of different family members that had been in the service and how she'd prided herself on a continued tradition. Then, when Frankie asked what her plans for the future were, she told him that she would be in town only until she got her new deployment orders. When he asked her why, she told him that in the service was where she was needed-and where she belonged.

They took a few minutes to talk of the elder Hubbards and how they had found success in their respective fields, and then Taylor noted that she wanted to share some information on how their son had done the same. Frankie tried to downplay it, but Taylor was not discouraged. She related the story of how Frankie had been awarded a silver star for the fourteen lives he saved while all were under heavy fire, but tried to neutralize his bravery when he noted that he hadn't been able to save everyone.

The conversation was interrupted when Angie's cell phone rang and she was called to the hospital. Jesse noted that he had to return to work as well and prepared himself to walk his wife out. Once out in the hall, Angie confessed that although she wanted to be proud of their son, all she could do was picture the horror he had lived through overseas.

Carmen arrived at an upscale clothing shop and met up with Randi, who mildly chastised her for her late arrival. They took a walk down memory lane, recalling the dreams they'd had while growing up. During the discussion, the two talked about how Myrtle "Ferris Wheel" had run a boutique, but recently retired to enjoy some time off. The good feeling lasted until Carmen mentioned Randi's abrupt departure from her life with no contact for over a year. Randi was instantly defensive and wondered why she'd bothered to show up, since Carmen didn't really care about her. Carmen quickly filled in the blank space with reasons, and said that she's missed her while she was gone.

After they finished at the shop, they went to BJ's where Randi continued to be difficult, but Carmen wouldn't give up on her. She then apologized for how she'd hurt Randi in the past and asked if they could just have a normal conversation. Randi curtly agreed but after a few rounds of questions, she eased up and admitted that the doctor she had previously mentioned was real. Carmen subjected her old friend to some good-natured ribbing and then, when she realized she had to return work, encouraged her to pay her doctor a visit.

During the flight home, the couples toasted each other and then viewed a video that Aidan had procured of the ceremony. As they watched, Richie appeared over Annie's shoulder and delighted in Ryan's horrified expression over the exchanged vows, as if he'd just lost the love of his life. After a few minutes, Greenlee paused it to use the restroom and Kendall urged her to hurry. There was some turbulence and it touched off some nausea for Annie. Ryan immediately rushed to her side and guided her to the couch so that she could lie down. As soon as she closed her eyes, Ryan allowed his eyes to drift to the door that Greenlee had disappeared behind.

In the lavatory, Greenlee accidentally dropped her wedding ring into the toilet. When Kendall came to check on her, Greenlee related her quandary and asked her to distract everyone until she figured out what to do. Kendall did her best, but when her husband took Aidan to check out the cockpit, Kendall decided to steal Ryan from his sleeping wife and hoped that he could help. Greenlee pulled him in and he retrieved the ring with ease. He put the ring in some water and as it soaked, Greenlee asked if he thought she would make Aidan happy. Sure that she had already accomplished that feat, he told her that she had nothing to worry about. On the other side of the door, Richie tortured his sister when he suggested that her husband had snuck away to be with Greenlee as soon as he believed her to be asleep.

Agitated, Annie wanted to do what she could to get her husband away from his ex, but Kendall blocked her path. Annie warned Kendall not to get in the way, but Kendall wouldn't budge. Some additional turbulence hit then, and Kendall was forced to react so that Annie wouldn't hit the floor. She then encouraged the newly pregnant woman to sit down, but Annie would not be swayed. Richie appeared again and urged his sister to hit Kendall in the same manner she'd hit him. At that same moment, the turbulence tossed Ryan and Greenlee against the door, which caused something to jam and lock them inside.

Ryan banged on the door and alerted the others to their new plight and Kendall immediately went to get Zach and Aidan. On the inside, Greenlee started to panic and Ryan asked what she had done when she was in the bomb shelter to keep herself calm. She recalled that Zach had convinced her to think of another place where she felt safe, and Ryan did the same. She began to talk of the house that Aidan planned to build for her and although it pained Ryan, he listened as it allowed her to back off from her panic.

As the men worked on the door, Kendall was able to convince Annie to stretch out on the couch again. She guessed that Annie's agitation was due to Ryan's impenetrable proximity to Greenlee, but when she confronted Annie, she was met with denial and hostility. Irked by the response, Kendall opted to make an attempt to push Annie's buttons, and told her how she and Ryan were witness to the revelation of the hidden key in the picture frame at Fusion. She asked if Annie wanted to explain what she'd kept hidden from them, but Annie just told her that it was none of her business and resumed her stance outside of the bathroom.

Greenlee and Ryan started to play a memory game in order to divert her from her claustrophobia. They laughed and had a good time, so Richie took that moment to tell his sister that they sounded like newlyweds. Without a thought that someone could hear, Annie reminded the apparition that he was supposed to kill Greenlee. Mere moments after that admission, the curtain that separated her from the others opened and Kendall's accusatory face appeared once again. Although she hadn't heard what Annie said, she admitted to her belief that Annie had conducted a conversation with herself. Annie again dismissed Kendall as she said that she had taken the quiet moment to talk with her baby. She walked toward the back of the plane once more, and her agitation imploded into full-blown paranoia when the door finally sprang open, just as Ryan admitted that he would never leave Greenlee.

Krystal and Tad shared some face time, and she promised that she would be a good wife. She also told him that she thought she needed to share some one-on-one time with Kathy to help the little girl become more acclimated to their blended family. Tad wholeheartedly agreed but was more interested in additional face time. Kathy returned from camp and when she saw them, she angrily shut the front door. Unaware of Kathy's feelings, the duo went to the foyer to greet her. Krystal showed her some things that she had purchased for the little girl's dollhouse and Tad offered to run some errands so that the two of them could have some quality time to redecorate. Completely uninterested, Kathy flung herself at her father and begged him not to leave her.

Tad convinced Kathy that she would have fun with Krystal and promised to have a treat for her when he returned. After he left, Krystal asked if she could help redecorate the dollhouse but Kathy sharply spurned her. The little girl then had a daydream wherein she and her father could play a game that would make Krystal disappear by shooting her with water guns. She smiled almost to herself at the thought and when Krystal asked what she'd been thinking about, Kathy simply asked if she wanted to play a game.

Kathy wanted to play hide-and-seek, but this time the hider had to do so behind a door. Krystal agreed and looked for a place as the youngster counted to thirty. She decided to hide on the other side of the front door, but didn't realize that Kathy had seen her exit. The young girl continued to count but as soon as she heard the door latch, she locked it behind Krystal. Krystal immediately saw the error of her ways and started to bang on the door and insisted that she be let back in.

The young girl ignored Krystal's pleas, and Krystal became increasingly alarmed when she heard her youngest daughter's cries. Tad returned home then and was able to open the door. Krystal dashed upstairs to get Jenny while Tad tried to figure out what happened. Krystal returned to the living room just as Kathy admitted that she wanted Krystal to go away.

Frankie found out that Taylor had watched him for a few days prior to her arrival at his door because she wanted to see how he'd adjusted to civilian life. He then asked how long she would be around, and she repeated that she'd stay until she got her orders. He revealed that she had plantar fasciitis and that she needed to stop running and get treatment before it worsened. Taylor blew him off and prepared to leave, but not before she ascertained that they would get together again. Frankie readily agreed and after he opened the door, they hugged in the doorway, unaware that Randi had quietly stumbled upon the scene.

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