One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 11, 2008 on OLTL

Bo managed to return to 2008, but Gigi ended up in 1968 with Rex. Adriana sent Gigi a toothbrush belonging to Rex in order to have it tested to confirm Shane's paternity. Brody intercepted the package. Tess created a secret room with soundproofing. Dorian confided to Blair that she'd been talking to Mel. Dorian denied being attracted to Charlie.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 11, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, August 11, 2008

Strange Love Addiction

At the police station, Antonio congratulated John on his position as interim police commissioner. Wanting to leave town and search for Talia, Antonio asked John to accept his resignation. Unwilling to lose Antonio, John agreed to extend him a leave of absence, but insisted on accompanying Antonio to Mendorra. Citing that the Llanview Police Department needed John, Antonio advised John not to leave town. After agreeing to honor Antonio's request, John told him that he would contact an old friend from the FBI to assist in bringing Talia back to the states.

Todd surprised Marty with a beautiful nightgown. Thrilled that Marty was pleased with her gift, Todd decided to spend some time with her. As usual, Todd began to manipulate Marty into feeling sorry for him. Todd told Marty that Blair had gotten her hands on the original gown he had purchased for her. Todd said that Blair refused to give the gown back because she wanted to wear it for John. In an attempt to cheer Todd up, Marty suggested he help her with a puzzle. The two shared a few fun moments playing crosswords, but Todd wanted more sympathy from Marty. Todd's conversation turned to Cole and the way he had turned Starr against Todd. As she listened to Todd's sad story, Marty consoled him. Todd appeared to love the attention he was receiving from his houseguest. When Todd told Marty that he enjoyed being able to confide in her, Marty reminded him that she was his friend.

At Rodi's, a depressed Blair sat at the bar and examined the gown Todd had purchased for Marty. Acting as bartender, Brody inquired about the gown. Blair admitted that her ex had purchased the gift for another woman. Convinced that Blair was harboring feelings for Todd, Brody suggested that she throw the gown in the trash and put the past behind her. Blair denied having any feelings for Todd. After much urging, Blair agreed and tossed the gown. She stated that she was over Todd and had a new man in her life.

Starr phoned Cole and was surprised by the cold response that she received from him. Starr asked Cole if they could attempt to rebuild their relationship. In a harsh tone, Cole stated that it was too late and hung up.

At the Buchanan mansion, Clint phoned a private investigator and hired him to dig up information on Langston. As Clint ended his phone conversation, Nora entered the room and wondered why Clint had hired an investigator. Clint lied and stated that he hired the P.I to search for Bo. Immediately, Nora expressed her anger at Bo for leaving town without informing his family. While Clint assured Nora that Bo was safe, they were both pleasantly surprised when Cord entered the room.

Cord said that he had returned to Llanview to check on his daughter and father. Concerned about the ordeal Sarah had endured and the trials Clint had experienced after losing Buchanan Enterprises, Cord believed he needed to return home. Clint briefed Cord about Bo leaving town and the events that led to his departure. As the conversation turned to Nora interrupting Bo and Lindsay's wedding, Clint and Cord reminisced about the time Cord interrupted Tina's wedding ceremony to Max many years earlier. Cord said his goodbyes and headed off to visit Sarah at Llanfair. Noting what a great guy Cord was, Nora wondered why he never remarried. Clint was certain that Cord had never gotten over Tina.

At Llanfair, Tina, Sarah, Natalie, and Jared gathered in the library. As she noticed Natalie and Jared sharing an intimate moment, Tina mentioned to Sarah that she really liked the couple. Tina was surprised when Sarah told her that Jessica blamed Natalie and Jared for Nash's death. Tina assumed that Jessica was a forgiving person. Sarah believed that Jessica might have forgiven the circumstances surrounding Nash's death, but doubted that Jessica had forgotten.

Out in the hall, Tess phoned Leo, the unscrupulous contractor. Informing Leo that she had a big job for him, Tess asked him to meet her at Rodi's to discuss the details. Before hanging up, she told him that he would recognize her-she would be the "hot" blonde in the room.

After placing her call, Tess entered the library and told her family that she needed to run a few errands. Tess appeared bothered when Tina suggested that her niece might be working too hard. Tess snapped at Tina and left the room. Sensing Jessica was troubled, Natalie left to check on her. Attempting to prevent Jess from leaving, Natalie approached her sister and grabbed her arm. After looking down at Natalie's hand on her arm, Tess glared at Natalie. A startled Natalie released Tess's arm and expressed her concern for her sister. Natalie said that she understood that it bothered Jessica to see Natalie and Jared together. Tess said that she was fine and the sight of Natalie and Jared together no longer bothered her. With a big grin, Tess said, "It's a big house with a lot of rooms. We're all going to fit in here just fine!" A confused Natalie watched as her sister left the house.

When Natalie returned to the library, Jared and Tina were discussing Jessica's weird behavior. When Tina stated that Jessica appeared bothered by her presence at Llanfair, Natalie defended Jess's actions by stating that her sister was dealing with a difficult situation. As the family continued to discuss Jess's bizarre behavior, Natalie listened and appeared surprised by their accounts. Stating that she wanted a peaceful stay at Llanfair, Tina asked Natalie to talk to Jess and convince her to work things out with Tina.

Mistaking Blair for Jess, Leo approached Blair in a flirtatious manner, and assured her that she would be pleased with his renovations. Before Blair could respond, Tess appeared and ushered Leo to a table. Blair wondered what renovations Jess was planning.

As Tess attempted to explain the job she wanted Leo to perform, she grew agitated with his intense flirtation. When Leo held Tess's hand, she responded by nearly breaking his finger. She advised him that she wasn't his average prey and warned him to get back to business. Explaining that she needed him to build a special room, Tess presented Leo with a generous check and ordered him to keep quiet about the project. Although he was terrified of Tess, Leo was pleased with the fee and decided to do the job. When Leo asked more details about the job, Tess said it could best be described as "payback!"

Tess brought Leo back to Llanfair so he could take measurements. As they approached the front door, Leo appeared suspicious when Tess made him stand outside while she checked to make sure no one was around. Opening the door, a look of disgust crossed Tess's face as she watched Natalie and Jared locked in a kiss as they headed upstairs. After the coast was clear, Tess escorted Leo to the basement.

Back at Rodi's, John and Antonio meet Blair at the bar. After Antonio excused himself, Blair expressed her delight to see John. Blair told John about finding the gown that Todd had purchased for his new girlfriend. When Blair admitted entering Todd's house and actually wearing the gown, John was surprised but expressed his desire to learn the identity of Todd's mystery woman, too. As they continued to enjoy their time together, Blair stated that she was happy to be involved with him. With a look of surprise, John asked if they were actually involved.

Meanwhile at the bar, Brody observed Antonio staring at Talia's picture. Antonio told Brody that Talia was in a tough situation and he had to find a way to get her back. Appearing heartbroken, Brody said, "I know what you mean!"

Sarah told her mother that she was madly in love with Cris. Thrilled that her daughter had found love, Tina encouraged Sarah to enjoy her relationship with Cris. Realizing that her mother wasn't truly happy, Sarah asked Tina if she still loved Cord. When Tina admitted that Cord was the love of her life, Sarah urged her mother to express her feelings to Cord. Tina sadly stated that she had lost Cord forever. As Tina and Sarah continued to discuss Cord, the doorbell rang. Sarah answered the door and was surprised to find her father standing there. A frantic Cord embraced Sarah. Hearing Tina gasp, Cord looked up and was startled to see his ex-wife.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

If The Conduit Can Do It

At Llanfair, Cord and Tina were reunited, to Sarah's. Cord initially assumed that Tina was there to see Sarah as well, but when Cord began to scold Sarah for disappearing for weeks at a time, Tina admitted that she was the reason Sarah had gone missing. She told Cord it was all her fault, and after laying out the whole Mendorra story for Cord in the drawing room, Tina faced her ex-husband's fury. Sarah stood up for her mother, saying that Tina had tried to lay down her life for her child at the Hohenstein Falls. Over Tina's protests, Sarah told Cord that Tina's last words at the executioner's block had been "I love you, Cord." Conflicted, Cord asked Sarah for a moment alone with Tina.

In Paris, Texas, Gigi and Madame Delphina arrived at the Bon Jour Cafe, where Gigi had a joyous reunion with Noelle and Moe. Gigi explained her plight and said she had come looking for Rex and Bo, who had been in the Bon Jour not long before. Delphina, still trying to commune with the spirit world, felt strangely attracted to Moe's bald pate. "Really want to rub your head," she admitted, but Moe shooed her away, chiding Gigi for getting involved with an unreliable psychic. Delphina reminded Moe that his father, Jeremiah, believed in psychics, and asked how Jeremiah was doing in the nursing home. Her knowledge of strangers' lives unnerved everybody, and Delphina told Gigi that a storm was coming, and that midnight was the precise time for them to approach the portal to the past. After consulting Professor Fina's book again, she told Gigi she needed something more from her than money: She needed her faith.

When Delphina went outside to commune with the spirits, Noelle tried to offer Gigi some encouraging words. She said she was sure Gigi would be able to find Rex again, and said that the Bon Jour was a magical place, not just for Gigi and Rex, but also for Moe and Noelle, and Viki and Charlie. Gigi relayed the news about Viki and Charlie's break-up, and said she hoped they'd find their way back to one another as well. Delphina returned to the cafe after communing with Professor Fina's spirit, and told Gigi it was time for them to head to the Buchanan ranch, Bo and Rex's most likely destination. Moe again tried to convince Gigi to cut Delphina loose, leading Delphina to work her psychic mojo again, telling Moe, "I hope she says no." With that, Gigi and Delphina headed for the ranch.

Back in 1968, Bo and Rex met with Professor Fina at the Buchanan ranch. Fina gave them the same information that Madame Delphina had given Gigi: Midnight that night was their window of time to escape back to the future. But it became clear that escape would be easier said than done when "the Chucks" arrived to remind "Asa and Bo" of the evening's big farewell bash for Bo and Chuck II, celebrating their departure for Vietnam the next morning. Rex was put even more ill-at-ease as he watched newsreel footage from Vietnam playing on the vintage television set.

Out in the hallway, Maria Vasquez made her final preparations to leave Texas forever. Maria's fellow maid, Rosa, pleaded with her to stay and fight for Clint, but Maria knew it was impossible to stand against the power of Asa Buchanan, and said she would have to raise her child alone. When the young Clint returned home unexpectedly, Rosa covered for Maria, saying she had been fired instead and that Maria was escorting her out of town. The unsuspecting Clint told Maria he'd be waiting for her when she came back, and reminded Maria that she was a part of him. "Te amo, Clint," Maria said sadly, and agreed that he was a part of her as well, "the best part." Then, Maria and Rosa were gone.

In 2008, John and Blair were at Rodi's, comparing notes about Todd's mystery woman. John explained that he suspected that Todd was holding the same injured woman who Ramsey had been hiding at the penthouse, and laid out the chain of events for Blair. Blair was preoccupied with the possibility that Todd really had romantic feelings for the woman in his house, but John didn't believe it was about love, and said that Todd's boasts to Blair were merely about his own jealousy over John and Blair's liaison. John told Blair that with no proof and no visible crime having been committed, he would have to pursue the investigation on his own time, and urged her not to get involved. He reluctantly revealed that he was Acting Police Commissioner; pleased, Blair got John to agree to a celebratory date.

At Todd's house, Todd reacted uncomfortably to Marty's tender touch. Feeling guilty, he told her that the whole situation was wrong; she didn't know who he really was, or even who she really was. Marty teased Todd, asking if he was afraid that she'd take advantage of him. Marty felt Todd's reticence to accept her closeness had more to do with Blair, and the fact that he was still in love with her. Todd resisted that conclusion, but Marty said he had to still have feelings for someone he'd been with for so long, despite all the pain and betrayal. Todd told Marty that she'd hated Blair as much as he had, and Marty said she could understand Todd's anger; "I can't imagine someone keeping my children from me." She asked Todd not to harden his heart, but to express the pain and loss he was feeling at losing Blair and his family. Todd admitted that losing Blair did hurt. He said he was only guilty of loving his kids "too much," and didn't want to abuse them the way his own foster father had; he said he and Blair had had it all, but everything was destroyed. Marty was pleased that Todd had been able to open up and trust her.

Over at the Buchanan mansion, Clint and Nora cuddled up for the evening, only to be interrupted by the untimely arrival of Dallas, who came bearing gifts from London. As Clint hurried off to the kitchen with Dallas' tin of biscuits, Nora and Dallas engaged in tense niceties until Nora finally lost her patience and asked Clint's ex if she was in Llanview to win him back. Dallas coolly rejected Nora's suspicions, insisting that she and Clint were just friends and she didn't want him back. Nora didn't seem so sure.

At the Buchanan ranch, Chuck Wilson III greeted Gigi and Madame Delphina. Chuck remembered Gigi from their phone conversation about Rex, and handed over Rex's cell phone, which was burnt and scarred from the lightning strike. He reminded Gigi and Delphina that a dangerous storm was on the horizon, and offered to give the ladies a map leading to the location where he'd found the phone; as Chuck went to get the map, Gigi conferred with Delphina. Delphina told Gigi it was imperative that she not touch or use the phone further, and said that the phone was the "conduit" for the portal through time. As Gigi looked at her own phone's list of calls, she was stunned to see that the last call from Rex was dated "July 29, 1968."

In 1968, Professor Fina told Bo and Rex that absolute precision was necessary to travel back through the portal in time safely. Meanwhile, Bo and Rex tried to figure out how they would slip away from the big party in order to go through the portal. When Clint blustered in, angry about Asa's firing of "Rosa," Bo covered, and Rex defended "Asa," saying he was a good father who only wanted the best for his family. After Clint left to tend to the party preparation, Bo and Rex pressed Professor Fina for more details on how they would get back to the future.

At the "Good Day Cafe," Maria and Rosa stopped in to wait for Maria's ride back to Mexico from a young rancher named Al Roberts, later to be Cord's adopted father and the namesake of Al Holden. Though Jeremiah tried to woo Rosa with flowers, Rosa rebuffed his advances. Maria asked Rosa to give Jeremiah a chance, but Rosa was unwilling to open her heart, and said that Jeremiah would never be serious about a Mexican woman such as herself. Meanwhile, Maria was full of rage over Asa's cruel treatment of her, and vowed to someday have revenge on the Buchanan patriarch.

As Maria and Rosa waited, Emma Bradley and the young Renee blew into the Cafe, both of them full of anger over Asa's callous handling of their hearts. Emma admitted that she did want to go to the farewell party that night to say goodbye to Bo, whose recent kindness she had appreciated; she said she wanted to "give him something" before he went off to war. Renee, however, was simply incensed at not having been invited to Asa's big bash, and hustled Emma off to get ready to crash the party.

When Al Roberts arrived outside, Maria said her goodbyes to Rosa, and swore that she would raise her baby, who she was sure would be a son named "Cordero," the right way, saying that he would grow up a true Buchanan just like his father. An emotional Rosa then shared a final bittersweet moment with Jeremiah, and when he offered her another flower, she accepted.

Back in 2008, Cord and Tina shared a private reunion at Llanfair. Tina acknowledged that what Sarah had said was true; her last thoughts when she faced death were of Cord. Tina told Cord that she still loved him, even after all the long years apart, and that no matter how she'd tried to run from their life together and what they'd had, no matter who else she was with or what she'd done, she always found herself back in the same place. To Tina's shock, Cord reluctantly admitted they he still loved her as well. Tina hoped that meant a new beginning for the two of them, and fell into Cord's arms. Though they were on the verge of a passionate kiss, Cord pulled away, saying that there was no chance for a reunion. He said that the Mendorra affair was just proof that Tina had not changed, that her lust for wealth and adventure was stronger than her love for him or their children; he didn't want them to reunite only for Tina to break Sarah's heart again when another Cain Rogan or David Vickers came along. A saddened Cord told Tina that she was still looking for hidden treasure, but he'd found his treasure years before, when they'd had C.J. and Sarah. Cord gave Tina his melancholy goodbye, and left with Sarah. Crushed, Tina collapsed against the drawing room doors, sobbing hysterically.

In Paris, back at the Bon Jour, Noelle and Moe were closing up the cafe when Moe asked to speak to Noelle about something. He related to his beloved one of his father Jeremiah's stories, about his "true love," Rosa, who he had lost before meeting Moe's mother. Moe said he didn't want to be like his father, and wanted to hold onto happiness when he found it. With that, he proposed to "Noelle Rosa Luisa Ortiz," who joyfully accepted.

At the Buchanan ranch, Gigi and Delphina found themselves in the same location as Bo, Rex, and Professor Fina, who were there forty years in the past. Delphina told Gigi that they were standing in the same foyer as the man she had lost. Gigi and Rex each wanted to call each other on their versions of the time-lost cell phone "one last time," in case something went wrong with their separate attempts to breach the portal, but Delphina and Professor Fina prevented them from using the phone again, insisting that it was too much of a risk to the temporal conduit. If they made another mistake, the "Finas" warned, they could lose the ones they loved forever. Without realizing it, Gigi and Rex both sat down across from each other in opposite chairs, in two different eras, their hands resting on the same desk, desperate to find their way back to each other.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Look of Love:

At the Buchanan ranch, 2008, Gigi felt an odd sensation when she rested her hand on the table in the foyer. At the same moment, in the past, Rex had a similar reaction when he placed his hand on the very same spot that Gigi had. Madame Delphina and Professor Fina were too engrossed in trying to calculate the remaining time left until the time portal opened.

In 1968, Clint stepped out into the foyer and promptly ushered Bo, Rex, and Professor Fina into the living room. Clint had organized a farewell party for Bo, before he was shipped to Vietnam. Olympia, Bo's mother, was not in a celebratory mood. She railed at Asa for putting their son into the path of danger by failing to help Bo dodge the draft. Bo, as Asa, defended his actions but Olympia wasn't swayed. The argument was suspended by the arrival of Jeremiah, Renee, Emma, and Spencer. Bo turned to Professor Fina for an update on when they could leave 1968. Bo sensed the arrival of his father's mistresses, at a party attended by his mother, spelled trouble for him.

In 2008, Madame Delphina startled Gigi when she suddenly asked the young mother why she had lied to her son, Shane, about whom his father was. Gigi told her that Rex had left town before Gigi had discovered that she was pregnant. Madame Delphina was a sympathetic listener as Gigi talked about the past and explained the various decisions that she had made in the name of giving Shane everything that he deserved. At the mention of Rex's wedding to Adriana, and Gigi's embarrassing confession of love, Madame Delphina perked up. She told Gigi that Adriana still considered Gigi a threat to her marriage. Gigi reminded Madame Delphina that Adriana had separated from Rex and was living in Paris. Gigi didn't think Adriana had spared her a thought in a long time.

Back in 1968, Rex and Emma decided to go for a walk before the storm moved in. When Rex confessed that Emma reminded him of someone, they began talking about his life back in 2008. Rex told her that he no longer loved his wife and that he regretted that he didn't tell the woman that he loved how he felt. Emma was certain that the woman he referred to knew that Rex loved her.

At the house, Clint was desperate to find Maria but no one seemed to have answers. When Rosa returned to the Buchanan ranch, Clint pounced. He finally gleaned enough information from Rosa to surmise that Asa had sent Maria away. Meanwhile, in the living room, Bo talked to Renee. He vowed that, in another time, he would be the father that Asa never was.

Back in the present time, Madame Delphina heard some music drift into the living room. It was the same music that was playing in the living room of the Buchanan ranch, in 1968. Madame Delphina felt it was a sign that the time to bring Rex back to the present was drawing near. Gigi believed her until Chuck walked in and asked them if the music was disturbing them. He had been in the attic and had found some old records and decided to play them. Gigi was disappointed to learn that the music was coming from the attic, not the past. Madame Delphina didn't think it was a coincidence. She was certain that Chuck had found the music because it was playing at that precise moment, in the past.

After Rex and Emma returned to the living room, Professor Fina announced that the time for Bo and Rex to leave had arrived. Unfortunately at that very moment, Clint appeared and demanded to speak with Asa. Things quickly escalated until Clint took a swing at Asa. Bo ducked and the punch landed squarely on Rex's chin. Rex crumpled to the floor, unconscious.

In 2008, Gigi and Madame Delphina made their way to the spot where Bo and Rex had disappeared during the previous storm. Madame Delphina sensed that something blocked the portal.

At Rodi's, Layla had a frank discussion with Brody about his lies. Brody defended his actions. He justified taking money from Dorian and Adriana, saying that he had put it away for Shane's future. Brody insisted that he was more of a father to Shane than Rex ever was. Brody reminded Layla of all the way he was a father to Shane but Layla wasn't impressed. Her concern was for Shane and warned Brody that lies had a nasty way of coming out. Hoping to give Brody some insight, Layla told him how betrayed and hurt she felt by Vincent's lies. Brody stubbornly refused to listen or heed her advice. He was convinced the secret was safe.

After Brody returned home, and the babysitter left, he and Shane sat down to play a game of chess. They were interrupted by a call from Gigi. Shane answered and spoke to his mother briefly. She had to end the call when Madame Delphina informed her that it was time for them to leave. Shane offered to hand the phone over to Brody before Gigi disconnected the call, but she declined to talk to Brody. Brody quickly hid his annoyance as Shane showed him a package, addressed to Gigi, from Paris. Brody quickly found an excuse to get Shane out of the room and returned to the package. As he opened it, Brody wondered aloud what Adriana had sent from Paris. Inside, he found a note and a plastic baggy. The note was indeed from Adriana. It suggested that, before Brody was officially made Shane's father, Gigi have Rex's DNA tested.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Times, They Are A-Changing

Leo the contractor was doing his best to ascertain what type of room Tess wanted him to build at Llanfair, so that he could give her a reasonable estimate. She elusively assured him that there would be hours of entertainment in the room. He couldn't help but notice that there appeared to have been an extra room in the basement in the past, he mentioned to her. She literally told him the truth about the room, the story of a woman with multiple personalities who held someone hostage. Looking scared, Leo relaxed when Tess quickly assured him that she was only joking. Upstairs, Natalie and Jared had a heart-to-heart talk about their relationship and their sharing the bedroom while Viki was out of town. They could hardly believe that they weren't making great use of the bed and wondered if they should even stay at the house.

As Blair gave herself a spa beauty treatment, she daydreamed of John walking in and swooping her into his arms, kissing her passionately. She was disrupted from her dreams abruptly, when Dorian walked into the room instead, wondering if all of the measures were for Todd. Dorian startled her niece when she mentioned that Mel was annoying her and was wondering if Dorian had feelings for Charlie. Blair, quite confused, was certain that Mel was dead. Dorian attempted to explain how she had run into Mel the night of the car accident, when Viki was dead. He made some very valid points about her relationship with Viki, Dorian told a skeptical Blair, who was sure that her aunt had been drinking.

As Roxy spoke to a stuffed Morris at the hotel and expressed her concern about Rex, Charlie walked into the lobby and admitted that he missed Rex, too. He offered to lend an ear for whenever Roxy might want to talk to someone. As she cried on his shoulder, John walked in and Roxy hastily pulled away, citing her ongoing allergy problems. Learning that Bo also appeared to be missing, Roxy wondered if the men were together somewhere.

In 1968, Rex was out cold from Clint's punch, as Professor Fina adamantly tried to convince Bo that they had to leave right away. Clint had other issues in mind, though, as he ordered his father to give him answers on why he sent Maria away. Bo tried to explain how he only wanted to protect his son. When Clint only voiced hope that he would be nothing like his father in the future, Bo hurriedly assured him that he wouldn't be. A throat clearing Fina stopped Bo in a hurry before he said something that he shouldn't, and instead he ordered Clint back to the party and out of his way. Clint, wondering why his father was in a hurry to leave with a stranger, accused Bo of loving only himself and that he even had to pay whores to be with him. As the professor urged Bo to hurry, he grabbed Rex to drag him along, realizing that he could not bear to be Asa for much longer. They successfully arrived at the fence in the storm.

In 2008, Delphina and Gigi arrived at the burned grass and fence. Delphina realized it was the spot of the portal and the place where Rex had been struck by lightning. She lost her connection to the professor, though, and related that Rex was "horizontal but not injured." Gigi lost it when she heard that-and that Rex had been hit by lightning. She accused Delphina of being a phony. She reasoned that if Rex had been struck by lightning, then he was probably in a hospital somewhere. Delphina pointed out all of the coincidences, such as the cell phone recording a call from 1968, even as Gigi yelled at her.

Natalie felt obligated to stay at Llanfair and admitted that she was striving to find something to absolve her from the guilt she still felt over Nash's death. She was unable to sleep at all and she noticed that Jared wasn't sleeping, either. He confessed that he couldn't sleep when she was upset and didn't much care to be in a place where everyone hated him. He felt that he should move out and thought it could even be better for them. Natalie would then have somewhere to go when things got to her at the house.

Blair assured Dorian that she was indeed over Todd, which caused Dorian to wonder if her niece had a replacement. Blair insisted that she was doing it for herself, to make herself feel good, especially since she was about to become a grandmother. In response to Blair's own questioning, Dorian insisted that she did not have feelings for Charlie and had already sampled Viki's seconds in the past.

Roxy handed John some extra towels, noting that she saw Blair leaving his room early in the morning. She contended that she was very happy for him, but tried not to be too eager for details.

After Bo and Rex left, Clint asked Chuck to help him to locate Maria. Chuck assured him that she was probably long gone. He also suggested that Clint would be hurt by his father again in the future, but he would certainly find a new love some day.

Blair couldn't keep quiet and told her aunt that the new man in her life was John McBain. Dorian was thrilled and cited his "dark, smoldering, sexy quality." Blair maintained that they were just friends and that she liked him and his straightforward way. She also pointed out that he had a dark side plus a couple of demons, but she thought he liked her. Dorian suggested that Blair put together a strategy and wondered if Blair and John were friends with benefits. "Still waters run deep," Blair retorted, confirming that she and John had slept together. Dorian wondered why they weren't spending the evening together, but Blair tried to explain that she had no claims on him.

John, with a sparkle in his eye, mentioned the other chick needing more towels, the handcuffs, and the action with the shoulder holster. Roxy could hardly take it all in as Charlie chuckled. Realizing that John was teasing, she gave him her thumbs up, stating that Blair was a good catch. Charlie again offered to listen to Roxy anytime. She expressed sadness that he really wasn't Rex's father. She thought that Rex himself would be a good dad and hoped that he and Adriana would get back together.

When Blair's back was turned, Dorian placed a call to John in a British-accented voice, telling him that Blair was calling. She quickly handed the phone to Blair, telling her that John was on the line, and rushed out of the room, giggling.

Natalie felt that even though she had been in love in the past, there was something about Jared, even when she hated him when they first met. Jared felt the same and they both admitted to being happy with each other. The pair made love, for the first time in months. Downstairs, Leo promised to return in the morning to start work on the room, after he and Tess finally agreed the room would be for music. Tess confirmed that the person using the room would be "singing." Leo was confused as Tess originally told him it was a room to honor her husband and then it appeared that it was a surprise for her sister. She demanded that he start prep work before the morning hours, so that he wouldn't be seen by anyone.

As Gigi in 2008 and Bo and Rex in 1968 reached the portal at the same time, they were advised to hold onto the fence and hold their cell phones in the air, arms raised. The disbelieving threesome hardly wanted to be struck by lightning and all were consumed with questions. With Rex not wanting to go to Vietnam, and both of the men wanting to get back to Gigi and Matthew, they were first to jump on board. Gigi was dubious and couldn't believe that Delphina wouldn't be joining her due to not receiving enough money for that. Gigi was worried about getting stuck or finding her way back to 2008. Delphina told her to look for Professor Fina for help. She reminded the young woman of her quest to get back to her true love. Finally with hands on fences and arms and cell phones raised, the trio stood in the storm, in different years and endured the lightning hits.

Friday, August 15, 2008

No Time Like The Present

At LaBoulaie, Starr was visibly shaken when she found Todd hiding in her bedroom. After begging her not to scream, Todd apologized for barging in, and expressed his undying love for his daughter. Todd begged Starr to hear him out. Although she wasn't in the mood for any of his antics, Starr allowed her father to speak. Starr listened as Todd continued to apologize for his past misdeeds, but was horrified when he presented her with a voodoo doll of Cole. An angered Starr demanded that her father leave her room at once.

Meanwhile, down the hall, Blair sat up in bed and spoke to John over the phone. Blair apologized for the late night call and explained that Dorian had placed the call to John as a prank. As Blair prepared to say goodnight, she was pleasantly surprised when John asked her to pay him a late-night visit. Blair accepted John's invitation without hesitation. She told him that she would be right over after she checked on the kids.

Todd begged Starr to reconsider giving her baby away. Citing the pain he faced every day over the loss of Sam, Todd warned Starr that she would regret handing her child over to Marcie. As Starr and Todd became embroiled in a heated argument, Blair knocked on the door. Starr allowed Todd to hide and pretended to be asleep. After Blair had gone, Todd thanked Starr for covering for him and was convinced that she did so out of love for him. Aware that her father was up to his old tricks, Starr suggested that he leave at once. Todd warned Starr to trust him. Starr refused and attempted to give Todd back the voodoo doll. As he exited Starr's room, he handed the doll back to her. In a sarcastic voice he said, "Keep it! That way you'll have something left of Cole!"

At the Buchanan mansion, Cole and Matthew relaxed and played video games. When Cole began to tease Matthew about his first day of high school, Matthew stated that Starr would protect him from any bullying. Sensing Cole's displeasure over the mere mention of Starr, Matthew apologized for bringing her up and wondered what had transpired between the couple. Cole said that he realized too late that they wanted different things out of life. An emotional Cole told Matthew that although he was certain that he would never mend his relationship with Starr, he still missed her terribly-the same way he missed his parents. Matthew's thoughts turned to Bo. Matthew told Cole that he missed his father and was concerned because he hadn't heard from him in weeks.

Back in 1968, Professor Fina advised Bo and Rex to grasp the cell phone tightly and hold it up toward the sky. As volts of lightening charged through them, Fina cautioned them both not to let go. Meanwhile, in the present, Madame Delphina gave Gigi the same warning. Seconds later, Bo, Rex, and Gigi had vanished.

Madame Delphina was clueless, but back in 1968, Professor Fina celebrated. Convinced that Bo and Rex had been catapulted back to the present, Fina jumped for joy, but reality set in when he discovered an unconscious Rex nearby. Once Rex regained consciousness, Fina had a difficult time explaining that Bo had made the transition but Rex had been left behind. When the portal opened, Rex had apparently lost his grip on the cell phone, causing him to remain in the past. Realizing that he would be shipped to Vietnam and never reunited with Gigi, Rex panicked. Fina suggested they return to the ranch and figure out their options. Rex was adamant that he would not live the rest of his life as Bo Buchanan. Fina warned him that he might not have a choice. Feeling defeated Rex walked towards the ranch, unaware that Gigi's unconscious body was sprawled on the ground behind him.

Back in the present, Madame Delphina found an unconscious Bo lying near the gate. Bo had no recollection of what had taken place the past several weeks. The psychic explained that Gigi had hired her to locate both Rex and Bo. Gigi had been catapulted back in time. Upon learning that Rex was stuck in the past, Bo refused to leave Texas without his friend. Convinced that she could do no more to help Gigi or Rex, Madame Delphina told Bo that his family was worried and advised him to return to them. She stated that Rex and Gigi would have to fend for themselves. Along with Delphina, a shocked Bo walked to the ranch.

At the ranch, Bo placed a call to Matthew. Elated to hear from his father, Matthew asked where he had been and wondered why he had left without giving any notice. Bo apologized to his son. He told Matthew that he loved him and promised never to leave him again.

Back in 1968, Gigi regained consciousness and called out for Delphina. Believing she was still in the year 2008 and that Delphina had scammed her, Gigi headed back to the ranch in search of her.

Meanwhile, a dejected Rex sat in the hall of the Buchanan ranch. Clint approached Rex and began ranting about Asa sending Maria away. Clint warned Rex to live his own life, not in Asa's image. Clint informed Rex that he was leaving town and would be far from Texas by the time Rex returned home from the service. When Clint mentioned going into the newspaper business, Rex suggested that he head to eastern Pennsylvania. Clint believed that was an excellent idea. Rex sat alone and obsessed about losing Gigi. Consumed in his thoughts, Rex cried out, "I never got a chance to tell Gigi what she meant to me!" On the other side of the door, Gigi prepared to knock.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Blair smiled when she encountered John downstairs. The two flirted playfully with one another and then headed upstairs to enjoy the evening.

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