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Monday, January 19, 2009

Jake went to visit Amanda on her yacht; however, JR greeted Jake and refused to let him see Amanda. Jake said that Amanda was sick, so he wanted to see how she was. JR claimed she was fine and told Jake to leave. JR did not want Jake around Amanda because he had been very rude to her in the past. Jake asked JR to let Amanda know that he'd stopped by, and JR agreed.

Amanda secretly took a pregnancy test in her bathroom. She was distraught when the test was positive. JR checked on her, and she pretended that she was sick from the flu shot. JR told her that Jake had stopped to see her. She said that she did not want any visitors because of her illness. JR understood and left the yacht.

Amanda went to the hospital and saw Jake in the hallway. Jake confronted her about the check he'd found in David's house. Jake wondered why David had paid her a large sum of money. At first, Amanda made excuses, but she finally admitted that David had paid her to get JR drunk. She further revealed that she'd slept with David, as well.

Then, Amanda fainted, and Jake caught her. Jake had a doctor look her over. The doctor ran a few tests and confirmed that she was pregnant. She did not want anyone to know that she was with child; however, when Jake checked on her, he assumed she was pregnant. He inquired who the father was, but she was not sure. Amanda recalled having sex with David and JR.

David saw Jake in the hospital and reminded Jake that he was no longer a doctor at Pine Valley Hospital. Jake warned David that he was not done fighting for his job. Angie approached Jake to tell him that she'd had David's pills analyzed. Angie revealed that the pills contained numerous drugs that were not approved by the FDA.

Jake was pleased with Angie's detective work, but Jesse was not. Jesse had been listening to their conversation and wondered what Angie was up to. She explained that David was inappropriately drugging Krystal. Jesse did not want to know how Angie had gotten David's pills because he feared she had done it illegally.

Adam arrived home and found Colby and Little Adam playing with the boy's toy car. Adam hugged his grandson and sent him to bed. Colby was concerned about JR's drinking. Adam was more concerned with David. Adam worried that David would ruin the Chandler family, like he'd ruined the Martin family.

JR returned home, and Adam chastised him for drinking. They argued until Colby pleaded with them to stop. She urged them to make peace with each other, especially for Little Adam's sake. Adam said that he wanted JR to get sober so David could not take Little Adam away.

JR assured Adam that David would never get custody of his son, but Adam was not as confident. Adam reminded JR that Krystal's child had been taken from her due to her relationship with David. Adam feared that David had a hand in JR's drinking, but JR disagreed. Adam urged JR to get sober so they could protect Little Adam from David together.

Colby begged her brother to make amends with Adam and quit drinking. He told her to shut up and leave him alone. JR felt that Adam wanted to control him and Little Adam, which, in JR's opinion, made Adam just as bad as David. She affirmed that Adam sincerely wished to help JR. Meanwhile, Adam destroyed the toy car that David had bought for Little Adam.

Erica pleaded with Josh to put his gun down and let Reese go, but he refused. Erica urged him to stop the violence, in honor of Kendall. Josh cried and said that Kendall was the best person he knew. Then, Reese pushed Josh, so Zach could have a clear shot at Josh. Both Zach and Josh aimed their guns at each other, but only Josh was injured. Josh fell to the floor in pain.

Erica ran to Josh's side. As Josh bled profusely, he told Erica that he loved her and Kendall. He wished that he and Kendall could both get second chances. The paramedics arrived, and Zach demanded that they keep Josh alive because he needed Josh's heart.

Greenlee went to the hospital to visit Kendall. She was horrified as she watched David resuscitate Kendall. David informed Greenlee that Kendall's organs were failing. Greenlee begged him to keep Kendall alive so Zach, Erica, and Bianca could see her.

Greenlee sat next to Kendall and held her hand. Greenlee told Kendall that she was right about Ryan. Greenlee urged her friend to wake up, so Kendall could gloat. Greenlee also encouraged Kendall to fight for herself, just like she'd fought for Zach, Erica, Bianca, Spike, and Ian.

The paramedics rushed Josh into the hospital. Zach reiterated that he wanted Josh's heart. Erica wondered why, so Zach explained that he wanted Kendall to receive her brother's heart. Erica was upset that she had to sacrifice one child to save another.

Zach found David and told him about Josh's condition. David agreed to perform the heart transplant if Josh was a match for Kendall.

Angie told Erica that Josh no longer had brain activity. Erica was sad that her son was braindead. David informed Erica that he needed her permission to move forward with the transplant. Erica agreed to give Josh's heart to Kendall, so David ran preliminary tests.

Reese assured Zach that Josh and Kendall would be a match. Zack asked Reese how she was doing. She cried over the shock of being held hostage.

David announced that Josh's heart was a good match for Kendall. Zach was elated. He sat by Kendall's side and told her that there was still hope.

Erica sat by Josh's side. She was devastated by the situation. She told her son that she would give anything to let him have a second chance. She wished that he would get his second chance through Kendall, by donating his heart. She also wished that she'd gotten to know her son better, while he had been alive.

Erica walked Josh to the operating room. At the same time, Zach walked Kendall to the operating room. Both Erica and Zach looked concerned as their loved ones headed for surgery.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Due to the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States, this episode of All My Children was preempted.

There were no lost episodes as a result of this programming change, and broadcasting returned to a regular schedule on Wednesday, January 21, picking up where the Monday, January 19, episode concluded.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Erica, Bianca, Reese, Greenlee, and Zach anxiously waited for the results of Kendall's surgery.

Ryan arrived at the hospital and asked Greenlee how she was feeling. She was very nervous for Kendall. Greenlee said that she would do anything to have Kendall wake up.

David entered the waiting room and announced that Kendall's surgery had been a success. Everyone was relieved. David said that only Zach could visit Kendall, once she was out of the recovery room.

Joe went to the hospital to see Erica. Erica and Joe exchanged condolences over Josh's death. Erica felt guilty for not noticing that Josh had been in trouble. She wished that she could have prevented Josh from embezzling from Zach. She thanked Joe for seeing the good in Josh. Joe said that Josh would have made a brilliant doctor. Joe assured Erica that Josh had loved her. Joe stated that he was trying to get in touch with Jeff to tell him the sad news.

Zach thanked Erica for allowing Josh's heart to be transplanted into Kendall. Zach said that Erica was the reason Kendall was still alive. Erica looked somber and said nothing.

David approached Erica to check on her. He could tell that she was upset. She said that she was happy Kendall had survived, but he knew she was grieving Josh's death. David understood what it felt like to lose a child, and he offered his support to Erica.

Ryan implied to Greenlee and Reese that Zach's motive for shooting Josh had been to get Kendall a heart, not to stop the robbery. Reese stated that Zach had saved her life. Greenlee did not think that Zach had had ulterior motives when he'd shot Josh.

Ryan offered his condolences to Erica. He empathized with the difficult decision she'd had to make. Erica remembered that Ryan had been forced to make a similar decision when Jillian had died. He reminded her that Laura had lived because Jillian had died. He assured her that Josh had not died in vain because he'd saved Kendall's life.

Jack arrived at the hospital. Jack, Greenlee, and Ryan urged Erica to leave the hospital to get rest, but she refused. Greenlee could sense that Erica was distraught. Greenlee told Erica that Josh had been a good man. Greenlee stated that Josh had not been acting like himself when he'd tried to rob the casino. Greenlee further noted that Josh had been a good friend that had made her laugh. Once again, Jack, Greenlee, and Ryan implored Erica to go home and get rest. Erica agreed, so Jack took her back to her hotel room.

Bianca told Reese that she had been very scared when Josh had held Reese hostage. Bianca could not believe that Josh had acted violently toward his family. Nevertheless, Bianca was glad that the ordeal was over and Reese was safe. Reese said that she had Zach to thank for her safety.

After Zach visited Kendall, Bianca found him, and they shared an embrace. She was very grateful that he'd saved Reese. Bianca then urged Zach to go home to see his children. Bianca suggested that Reese take him home.

Zach and Reese arrived home. Zach told Spike and Ian that their mother would be back soon. Then, Zach fell asleep, so Reese covered him with a blanket.

Greenlee, Ryan, and Bianca waited at the hospital for news on Kendall. Each of them prayed that Kendall would wake up, and while they prayed, an eclipse occurred.

Bianca considered postponing her wedding, and Ryan wondered why. Bianca claimed that she wanted to wait for Kendall to wake up. She also stated that Erica needed time to grieve. Ryan assumed that Bianca was still suspicious of Reese and Zach's relationship, which was the real reason she wanted to put the wedding off. Bianca denied it and agreed to keep the wedding date.

Jake visited Amanda on her yacht. She assumed that he wanted to chastise her, but instead he wanted to help her. He gave her prenatal vitamins and stated that he wished to help her throughout the pregnancy. She stated that she did not need help because she had decided to have an abortion. He urged her to reconsider her options. She was resolute that an abortion was her best option, especially since she assumed she would be a terrible mother. She affirmed that no child deserved her as a mother. He said that she would be a great mother, but she did not believe him.

JR drank at the mansion. He was very intoxicated and could hardly stand. Little Adam saw his father and wanted to play. JR tried to play with toy blocks, but he could not focus. JR knocked down the tower that Little Adam built. The boy looked scared and upset. Little Adam exclaimed, "You stink!" The boy then ran out of the room just as Adam entered.

Adam realized that JR was too drunk to play with his child. Adam encouraged JR to sober up, but JR ignored him. JR hallucinated that Adam was David and that he wanted to steal Little Adam. JR accused Adam of trying to take his son away and stormed off.

JR went to the docks to have a conversation with God. JR yelled that God had made a mistake when He'd let Babe die. JR wished that he were dead instead of Babe. JR hoped that God had a plan for him.

Amanda found JR at the docks. She urged him to get sober, but he claimed that he needed alcohol. JR called himself a bad father as he accidentally fell into the water. She jumped into the water to save him.

Angie confronted David at the hospital about the pills she'd found at his home. She accused him of drugging Krystal with untested substances. David remained calm, even when Jesse arrived. Angie told her husband about the pills. David said that he wanted to make a statement, so he and Jesse spoke in private. After they were done talking, Jesse told Angie that she was under arrest for breaking and entering. She looked shocked.

Jack took Erica to her hotel. Erica revealed that she felt awful over her decision to give Josh's heart to Kendall. She wondered if Josh could have miraculously recovered. Jack assured her that she had made the right decision. She did not think Jack would find the decision easy if he'd had to make it for his children. They exchanged insults and became frustrated with each other. Jack left the hotel but quickly returned. He wanted to stop playing games with her. She agreed and wondered why they hurt each other when they both cared for each other deeply.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Krystal met Opal at ConFusion, but figured Opal was only there to give her a lecture on righteous living. Krystal bumped into Tad after she began to walk away from Opal. Krystal figured Opal was trying to set her up with Tad. Opal said she wanted Tad and Krystal to resolve their differences for Jenny's sake. Tad appreciated Opal's concern but said he and Krystal would handle their own problems. Tad asked Krystal if she would like to take Jenny to swimming class. Krystal was surprised at Tad's sweet gesture, but graciously accepted the invitation.

Jesse told Angie she was being charged with breaking and entering at David's home. Angie did not deny the accusations, but refused to tell Jesse where she'd found the pills. David said Angie's evidence against David was weak. Although the pills had ingredients that were not approved by the FDA, there was no evidence showing he had given them to Krystal. Jesse asked Angie to accompany him to the police station for questioning. Angie told David she would not let him get away with drugging Krystal.

Jesse dragged Angie away before she could incriminate herself any further. David said he would meet them at the police station. But first, he called Krystal and asked her to take the pills to the police station. Krystal said she was too busy, but David insisted he needed Krystal's help. Krystal told Tad she would have to see Jenny swim another time.

Tad said Krystal was making a mistake by ignoring Jenny to spend time with David. Krystal apologized and left. Opal suggested Tad take it a bit slower with Krystal and Jenny spending time together. Tad did not excuse Krystal's odd behavior but said she was an excellent mother.

At the police station, Jesse tried to speak with Angie about the charges. However, the couple only argued loudly. Krystal heard the ruckus when she met David at the police station. David said Angie had broken into his home and stolen illegal pills that she believed he was giving to Krystal. Krystal said her pills were just mild sedatives. David suggested that Angie was trying to frame him. Krystal found David's accusations hard to believe.

Angie and Jesse walked out of the questioning room. Krystal gave Jesse the pills so he could have them analyzed. Krystal said she was no longer taking the pills. Krystal started walking away with David, but Angie pulled her away. Angie begged Krystal not to go home with David. Angie claimed David was going to hurt her, like everyone else in his life. Krystal insisted that David loved her. Krystal asked Angie to leave her alone if she really cared about their friendship. Angie decided to go back to work, but David said he was putting Angie on suspension, since she was involved in a criminal investigation.

Krystal went to Tad's home to spend time with Jenny. She apologized to Jenny for not being around as much as usual. Tad put Jenny into her playpen for a nap. He asked Krystal why she'd had to rush out at ConFusion. Krystal explained that Angie had gotten arrested for breaking into David's home and stealing some of his medicine. Tad said Angie was only trying to help Krystal.

Krystal said she did not need help or rescuing from David. Tad said David was taking Krystal's identity away, but Krystal said she was no longer anything to anyone. Tad grabbed Krystal by the shoulders and told her to realize how many people loved her, including him. Krystal did not listen. Instead, Tad sent her home.

Amanda pulled JR out of the water and took him to her boat. She wrapped him up in a few blankets and wrapped a towel around herself. Amanda asked JR if he'd purposely fallen in the water. JR said it had been an accident, but he doubted many people would have been upset if he had died. JR started coughing and fell to the floor.

When JR did not respond, Amanda called Jake for help. Before Jake arrived, Amanda put on dry clothes and tucked JR into her bed. Jake said JR was suffering from hypothermia but would recover. He asked why Amanda had been hanging out at the pier. Amanda said her car had broken down on the way to the abortion appointment. She'd decided to walk but had stopped when she saw JR.

Jake said JR's fall gave Amanda more time to reconsider the abortion. Amanda looked down at her watch and realized she was running late for her rescheduled appointment at the hospital. She asked Jake to watch JR, but Jake wanted to go with Amanda. Amanda said she needed to handle the abortion alone and left. JR woke up, but was not pleased to see Jake by his side.

Jake told JR that he was not the only man who had lost a wife. Jake reminded JR that Tad had lost Dixie but had managed to pick himself up and move on. JR went to the bathroom and walked out holding the empty pregnancy test box. JR asked Jake if he knew Amanda was pregnant. Jake said Amanda did not think it was JR's business. JR realized Amanda had gone to have an abortion. He decided to go find Amanda before it was too late.

Taylor took Brot to ConFusion for dinner. Brot quickly noticed that many of the customers were giving him strange looks. He complained about the stares to Taylor, but she thought he was being paranoid. Brot said other people's reactions made him want to stay inside the house. Taylor grabbed Brot's hand.

Colby met two friends at ConFusion. They teased Colby about Pete's obvious affections for her. Colby said Pete wasn't such a bad guy, but her friends insisted Pete was still a nerd. Colby said she appreciated Pete being honest about his romantic feelings for her. However, Pete had not taken the news well when she'd told him the feelings weren't mutual, Colby said. Colby said she missed Pete, who was not talking to her.

Colby's friends noticed Brot sitting with Taylor. They called him a "freak" and acted nauseous when Taylor took Brot's hand. Colby pushed her chair back, stood up, and insulted her friends for making fun of Brot and Pete. Colby said Brot was a hero who had fought for the country, while her spoiled brat friends had lounged around and eaten burgers all day. Colby went over to Brot and apologized for her friend's behavior. Brot said he didn't need Colby or Taylor to fight his battles, and he rushed off.

David saw Amanda at the hospital. Amanda said she was there to visit Kendall. David said he'd never known Kendall and Amanda were such good friends. Amanda said she had been busy at work and had not gotten a chance to see Kendall lately. David told Amanda he knew she was lying.

Amanda admitted she was not seeing Kendall. Instead, Amanda said she was looking for Erica to discuss ConFusion business. David said Erica was at the hotel. Amanda said she would head to the hotel then, but JR found her at the hospital. JR said he knew Amanda was pregnant and begged her not to have the abortion. Amanda said nothing and walked toward the doctor's office.

Jesse and Angie went to the hospital to find David. Jesse said that tests showed the pills were legal. Annoyed at the news, Angie went home. David made a snide remark about Angie, but it did not sit well with Jesse. Jesse grabbed David and threatened to hurt him if he continued going after Angie.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Erica blew into Fusion and blasted everyone in her path for failing to put the fate of Fusion ahead of their personal lives. Pete tried to get on her good side when he told her he didn't have a personal life, but all that got him was a threat of job loss. A short time later, Amanda suggested that if Erica wanted to go home, they would cover for her. Erica rejected the offer, and Amanda told her that it was okay if she didn't feel up to it, given all she had been through.

Then, JR showed up, and Amanda said that she would take care of making him leave. She crossed the room, told him that she was fine, and demanded that he go. JR refused to do so and said that they needed to talk. Erica approached them, told JR he needed to leave, and invited Amanda to do the same. When Amanda sputtered her protest, Erica told Amanda that she could benefit from her own advice of time off. She then slightly let down her guard and thanked Amanda for her genuine concern. Pleased, Amanda quietly turned on her heel and boarded the elevator with JR.

At the hospital, Frankie gave Bianca and Reese good news about Kendall's post-op prognosis. He applauded them for their constant presence and support of Kendall through her recovery then told them that they had taken up the slack left by Zach. After he stepped away, the two women marveled at the reality that Zach had practically abandoned his wife's side after he'd seen her in recovery.

Zach picked up Spike at Ryan's penthouse but wasn't very forthcoming when Ryan and Greenlee asked after Kendall's well-being. After he made a quick getaway with his stepson, Greenlee noted aloud that Zach's behavior seemed weird.

Annie admitted to Aidan that she remembered stabbing Erica, and he reminded her that she couldn't tell the doctor about the memories. Annie asked why she would want to hurt Erica, and Aidan told her that it had been out of the pain that Annie had felt at the time. Dr. Sinclair approached Annie's room just then and watched her talk from the door's window. Inside, Aidan confirmed that Annie was better but said that he didn't believe Dr. Sinclair genuinely wanted to help her, so Annie agreed to play by Aidan's rules.

Annie then asked if she had remembered everything and said that she had a feeling when she thought about certain people -- but especially Richie. It was then that Dr. Sinclair entered the room and asked if Annie had been talking to Richie. Annie denied it, and Dr. Sinclair callously reminded her that she could no longer talk to Richie, since he was dead. The news shocked Annie, and she rejected the idea; she instead stated that it was Greenlee that was dead. She demanded that the doctor leave her room then huddled at the top of her bed while chanting in an attempt to soothe herself.

After the doctor left her room, Aidan called to Annie and told her that she would be okay. Annie confirmed her brother's death and asked if she was responsible. She let out an audible sob when Aidan verified her fear. She asked if she would be put in jail, and Aidan told her she wouldn't as long as she stayed mum about what she remembered. He asked her to trust him, and she told him she would.

Brot showed up at the casino at Zach's request and was surprised when the mogul offered him a job. Zach explained that with Brot's military training and loyalty, he would be a good fit for the soon-to-be-redesigned security detail. Brot thought Taylor had put Zach up to it as some sort of charity case, but Zach said he wasn't in the business of handouts. He told Brot to consider it then quickly left to get Spike home. Brot made up his mind quickly and approached a member of a group who had been staring and left a harsh message.

When Brot turned to stalk out, he ran into Taylor and blasted her for her part in the job offer. Taylor told him that she'd made the suggestion because she'd thought he needed the cash flow, but he told her that he wouldn't be wanted because of his appearance. They went back and forth over the issue, but finally Taylor told him that he needed to live his life instead of continuing to use the explosion as a reason to hide. He told her that he would do things in his own time and that she needed to back off. She granted his wish and told him that she would reconnect with him after her physical therapy appointment.

Jake sauntered into the casino and found Brot throwing back drinks at the bar. His arrival was ill-received, but Jake was unwilling to leave the vet alone. They got into a discussion about whether what Taylor had done was right or wrong, and Jake criticized him for rejecting Taylor's offers of good will because of his investment in wallowing. He reminded Brot that Brot had managed to cheat death when he'd survived the explosion and that he needed to learn to accept that people sometimes did things because they wanted to.

Brot said that Jake couldn't understand Brot's position. Jake agreed but reminded Brot that Jake had pushed his own feelings aside so Taylor could feel free to explore her relationship with her former fiancé. He pleaded with the vet to make sure that his efforts had not been in vain.

Ryan was floored when Greenlee suggested that he ask Zach to be his best man. He told her that, despite the fact that he'd gone through a lot with Zach, all of that had become moot when it had been revealed that Zach had allowed Annie to stay out of jail despite the knowledge that Annie had killed her brother. He noted that a lot of things could have been avoided if Annie had been arrested right away, and Greenlee pointed out that Annie might have also retained her sanity. Greenlee then apologized, and Ryan told her that he didn't need a best man.

Ryan put the moves on his fiancée and made it clear that he intended to have his way with her, but the phone rang and interrupted their progress. Ryan answered it, and Dr. Sinclair curtly informed him that he needed to go to Oak Haven. When he hung up the phone, he relayed to Greenlee what little information he had been given then asked her to stay with Emma before he headed out the door. A short time later, Emma arrived downstairs and asked for a snack. After some negotiation, they decided what to make, and Emma wisely noted that she had a lot to teach Greenlee about being a mommy.

Annie asked Aidan to hold her hand, so he talked her through some visualizations in an attempt to calm her down. He then told her to remember that she wasn't alone, and she told him that she wouldn't be alone as long as he stayed with her. She admitted that she had done horrible things and that Aidan was the only one that still treated her as a person.

Annie then told Aidan that she'd figured out that he had once been in love with Greenlee. He walked with her through the connections they had to Ryan and Greenlee, and Annie noted that Greenlee had hurt Aidan the same way Ryan had hurt her. Before he could respond, the head of the hospital stopped by and offered Aidan some valuable time outside the cell. Annie heard the door close and panicked at the thought of being alone.

Bianca stopped by Fusion just as her mother barked orders at Pete about a promotional poster. When Erica was done with him and spotted her daughter, she briefly noted her exasperation regarding the level of incompetence of the staff. Bianca expressed her worry that her mother had taken so much on herself, even with all that had happened, but Erica insisted that as Kendall's proxy, she was in charge. Bianca offered to help out, but Erica reminded her that between Gabby and the wedding, Bianca wouldn't have time. Bianca understood that Erica was keeping herself busy so that she wouldn't be plagued by thoughts of all that had gone on, but Erica interrupted and said that it was more important that Fusion be exactly the way it should be when Kendall finally recovered and returned to work.

Pete and Randi practically celebrated when Erica left the office to run some errands, and they joked about her workaholic attitude. Bianca called them to the carpet for their commentary and told them that Erica had learned to depend on herself because of constant disappointment earlier in her life. She advised them to become people that Erica could count on.

When Reese tracked Zach down, he was back at the casino and about to do some work. Reese told him that she had plans to see Kendall later and offered to give him a ride. Zach hemmed and hawed until Reese confronted him about not going back to the hospital to visit his wife since the transplant. Zach admitted that something had felt different about Kendall after the surgery, and he worried that when she woke up, she would feel different about him and the life they'd had.

Determined to prove him wrong, Reese ordered Zach to get his coat so they could go to the hospital. When they arrived, they stopped short of entering Kendall's room. Zach expressed his concern that his wife's heartbeat would sound different than it had. Reese told him that the only way to find out was to go in, and listen. They went in, and Zach tried to resist, but Reese continued to encourage him. Bianca entered as Zach rested his head on his wife and listened to the heart beat in her chest. When he stood up again, he thanked them both for standing by him and supporting him. He hugged Bianca and clasped hands with Reese as Erica watched them from outside of the room.

At ConFusion, JR told Amanda that they should talk about what had happened, since the baby she had carried was his as well. She took the opportunity to admit that she had decided against the abortion. She said that she'd decided to have the baby, but, because of the things that had happened in both of their lives, she wasn't sure if she would keep it. She then added that any decision that needed to be made would be up to her and her alone.

Emma asked if the cookies were ready, and Greenlee, who was engrossed in something on her laptop, told her that they needed a few more minutes. Emma ignored the commentary and ran into the kitchen to check on her own. A few moments later, Greenlee was startled into action when she heard the little girl's screams. She quickly ran Emma to the hospital, and Frankie immediately attended to their needs.

Ryan got to Oak Haven and was dismayed to find that Dr. Sinclair wanted to talk about Richie. He reminded her that everything he knew was in Annie's files, but the doctor told him that she needed more clarity on the relationship Annie and her brother had had. She also noted that they both wanted Annie to be held responsible for the crimes she had committed, and she asked him if it really mattered how she got Annie there.

Later, Jake found Amanda alone at ConFusion, and after some small talk, he realized that she was still pregnant. She admitted that it wasn't fair to have the procedure just because she didn't know who the father was. Jake guessed that she was closer to believing that between JR and David, the doctor was the more likely to be the father.

Brot caught up with Taylor at the hospital, and their attention was immediately drawn to a child's voice crying out. They got to the door of Emma's room and found out that she had gotten burned. Brot drew on his courage and introduced himself to the little girl then told her that he had been burned. He told her that it did hurt in the beginning but that he had been able to get through it by being brave. She agreed to be brave and allowed Frankie to treat her.

Aidan talked briefly with the administrator in the hall until Ryan interrupted them. Aidan quickly walked off as Ryan announced that he wanted to file a formal complaint against Dr. Sinclair, as he believed that she was out of control. At the same time, back in her room, Annie remembered killing her brother.



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