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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 12, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, January 12, 2009

Colby went to see Pete at his home. Pete was delighted to see her, but he pretended that he was busy. She asked if he had plans with his new girlfriend, Scarlett. He let Colby think that Scarlet was his girlfriend. He then stated that he had time to talk with Colby. She vented to him about JR's drinking. She was very worried about her brother and asked Pete for advice on how to help him. Pete hugged her as she cried. He proceeded to lean in for a kiss. She was startled and chastised him for trying to cheat on Scarlet. He admitted that Scarlet was a prostitute, not his girlfriend. He further confessed that he hired Scarlet to make Colby jealous. Colby looked confused, so Pete blurted out that he loved her. He said that he was tired of being her friend. He reminded her that they made a connection the night that he was struck by lightening. Colby was flattered, but affirmed that they were just friends. His eyes filled with tears as he asked her to leave. He stated that he could not be friends with her anymore.

Amanda entered David's home to find him playing the piano with a satisfied grin on his face. She saw a gun sitting on the piano and demanded to know where JR was, but David said nothing. She felt the gun and it was still warm. She was worried that David had shot JR, especially since she noticed blood on her yacht. David replied that he had the right to defend himself. She assumed that he killed JR, but he assured her that JR was fine. He explained that the blood she found was his and that JR had taken him hostage. She was furious that he let her believe JR was dead. David slyly smiled and commented that Amanda seemed "hooked" on JR.

Krystal was nervous that Tad believed JR about her relationship with David. JR taunted her and affirmed that the party was over with David. She begged Tad not to listen to JR. She explained to Tad that JR was drinking again and he could not be trusted. Tad was disappointed that JR fell off the wagon. Tad told JR to go home and get rest. Right before JR left, he stated that David was using Krystal to get custody of Little Adam.

Tad asked Krystal if she was having an affair with David. Krystal looked sheepish and did not answer. Tad demanded to know what Krystal was doing while he was in Africa. She divulged that David gave her pills. Tad worried that David drugged and raped her, but she said that was not true. Tad wondered why Krystal was drawn to men like Adam and David. She exclaimed, "They make me feel alive!" He looked insulted. She explained that Tad made her feel safe. Nevertheless, she did not think that Tad understood her grief. She was frustrated that Tad expected her to move on too soon after her daughter died. He claimed that he tried to console her, but she pushed him away. He asked her again if she slept with David and she admitted that they had sex while Tad was gone. He was distraught that she gave up her life with him and their daughters. She affirmed that she still wanted to be with them. Tad grabbed her coat and told her to go with him.

Tad and Krystal arrived at David's home. David saw Tad and snidely noted that he was expecting him. Krystal asked David to explain how he helped her through a difficult time. David assumed that Tad did not want to hear any explanations. David asked Tad what he wanted and Tad replied that he wanted David to get what he deserved.

Tad explained to Krystal that David was using her to hurt him and to gain custody of Little Adam. Krystal refused to believe that David was manipulating her. Tad commented that they must be in love since she was defending him. Tad further noted that Babe would be disgusted with David and Krystal's actions. David grabbed the gun and pointed it at Tad. Tad laughed because he knew David would not shoot him. David lowered the gun. Tad stated that David took Dixie from him, but he would not allow David to take Krystal, because he was willingly giving her to David. Tad stormed out of the house and Krystal wanted to chase after him. David urged her to stay at his place.

Amanda found JR on her yacht. He had a bottle of booze in his hand and he was very intoxicated. She took the bottle away from him as he wallowed in his sorrows. He said that he could not go home because he did not want Little Adam to see him drunk. She understood and told him that he could spend the night with her. JR rambled on about being a bad father to Little Adam and a disappointment to Adam. He felt he should jump off the yacht because he was worthless. Amanda was frustrated with his self-loathing and told him to jump. She then gave him a bottle of liquor and encouraged him to drink it, so he could be an even meaner drunk. He realized that he needed to sober up and asked Amanda for coffee. He promised to try to stop drinking, especially for his son. She was pleased and kissed him.

Bianca secretly watched Zach and Reese through a window. She saw Zach hug Reese and give her a kiss on the forehead. Bianca looked aggravated and left.

Reese was concerned about her relationship with Bianca. She feared that Bianca went to Connecticut to plan the wedding because she wanted to get away from Reese. Zach assured Reese that she and Bianca were going to have a wonderful wedding. Then, Zach got a call telling him that Bianca had been in a car accident.

Reese and Zach rushed to the hospital. Bianca had minor injuries, but they could tell she was very upset. Bianca confessed that she did not go to Connecticut because she wanted to spy on them. Reese realized that Bianca had set her up. Bianca revealed that she witnessed them in an intimate embrace. They swore to Bianca that they were just friends. Zach explained that he was comforting Reese because Erica reamed her out. Bianca was resolute that Reese had feelings for Zach.

Zach visited Kendall, so Bianca and Reese could talk. Reese promised Bianca that she loved her and that she wanted to get married. She told Bianca to trust her, but Bianca could not. Reese was frustrated and did not want Bianca to test her for the rest of her life. Reese asked if the wedding was off and Bianca did not answer. Bianca turned over in her bed and said she was going to sleep. Reese tried to kiss her goodnight, but Bianca moved away.

A nurse brought Bianca a note from Reese. In the note, Reese told Bianca that she wanted Bianca to be happy, even if it was not with her. Reese stated that she was returning to Paris. Inside the envelope, Reese returned her engagement ring.

Zach entered his home and saw Reese's suitcase. Reese held Gabrielle and cried. Reese did not want to leave Bianca, Gabrielle, and Miranda. Zach pleaded with her to stay. Then, Bianca arrived. Bianca apologized and begged Reese not to leave. Reese was elated that Bianca still loved her and they kissed.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Once he was washed and dressed, David found Krystal sitting alone in the parlor. He asked her ow she was feeling and told her that she should have waken him up sooner. Krystal said she had trouble sleeping. She wondered if David regretted letting Tad dump her at his house. David said he was happy Tad had left Krystal with him, but wanted to know what he could do to make her feel better. Krystal asked David if he would let Jenny move in with them. David thought moving Jenny out of her stable home was not wise. But he agreed to let her live with him and Krystal.

Tad got Kathy ready for school, kissed her, and watched her get on the bus. Jesse came by to ask why Tad had a restraining order placed against Krystal. Tad said Krystal slept with David while he was in Africa. Jesse found the news hard to swallow. Tad said Krystal admitted the affair to him. Jesse wished Tad would have called him sooner, but Tad hoped to fix the situation on his own. Jesse encouraged Tad to resolve the issues with Krystal, but Tad said their marriage was over.

Greenlee visited Ryan, who was helping Emma get ready for school. Emma immediately wanted to know when she was getting her flower girl dress. Greenlee said they would need to go shopping for the dress soon. Emma asked Ryan if Annie was coming to the wedding. Ryan said Annie was too sick to attend the wedding. Before going to school, Emma suggested they send Annie pictures from the wedding. Jackson came by to tell Ryan and Greenlee that Bianca was in a minor car accident, but recovering at the hospital. Also, he dropped off the divorce papers for Ryan and Greenlee. Annie's signature was not needed for Ryan's paperwork because she had been declared mentally incompetent. But Greenlee would need Aidan's signature.

Annie dreamed that she was at Ryan's home looking for her "daddy." She found Ryan lying on the floor in a pool of blood near a knife. Annie woke up and immediately called out for her father. Dr. Sinclair watched the video footage of Aidan and Annie together. Aidan was busy asking an unnamed man to sneak him into Annie's room. The man refused to help Aidan any further. Aidan offered him more money, buthis "in" still turned him down. Aidan scurried away when he saw Dr. Sinclair coming. Dr. Sinclair told the man she wanted to see Aidan immediately. Aidan received a call from Greenlee about the divorce papers. She said the papers needed to be signed soon. Aidan asked her why signing the papers was so urgent. Greenlee explained that she and Ryan were getting married. Aidan hung up the phone.

Angie told Frankie that she was not able to get any new information from Joe about his retirement. They agreed there was more to the story, but meanwhile, would try to dodge David as much as possible. After Angie went to check on a patient, Frankie heard his coworkers making demeaning remarks about Randi's Internet pornography video. Frankie asked his coworkers what they were looking at. The coworkers said it was just a friend's blog. Frankie took away the cell phone to get a closer look at Randi's video. He threatened to report the interns to hospital officials. Frankie grabbed one of the interns and pushed him against a wall until David intervened. The intern admitted they were looking at Randi's video. David told them to reread their hospital manual before returning back to work. As for Frankie, David warned him to be on his best behavior.

Krystal tried to open Tad's door, but he had changed the locks. She knocked until he answered the door. Tad gave her the restraining order as Jesse looked on in the foyer. Krystal begged Tad not to keep her away from Jenny. Tad said he would not let Krystal take Jenny to David's home. Krystal tried to barge her way in, but Tad pushed her outside. Jesse told Krystal and Tad to stop fighting as Jenny started crying. Jesse told Krystal that she had to leave or else he would arrest her. Krystal asked Tad to at least let her hold Jenny, but Tad refused. Krystal called out Jenny's name as Jesse helped her outside.

Krystal went to David to explain about Tad's restraining order. Angie saw Krystal hugging David and went to see what was wrong. Krystal explained about the restraining order before David ushered her away. Angie went to check on Tad after hearing the news. She agreed that David was not the greatest man, but Krystal was a victim. Angie urged Tad to fight for Krystal. But Tad felt it was too late to save Krystal from David's wrath.

David had an attorney, Jay Stark, come by his house to speak to Krystal. Krystal asked the attorney if Tad was able to get full custody of Jenny. Jay said it would be a hard case to win because witnesses would testify that Krystal left Jenny alone to spend nights with David. The lawyer told Krystal they would be in touch and David walked him to the door. Jay whispered that he hated lying to Krystal when he knew the worst-case scenario would likely be a joint custody agreement with Tad. David said he was paying Jay a substantial amount of money so Krystal would believe the lie. David returned to a crushed Krystal and promised her that she would not lose Jenny.

Dr. Sinclair went to see Annie, who was rocking back and forth in her bed. Dr. Sinclair asked "Emma" how she was feeling. Annie said she was not Emma. She did not understand where she was or why she was there. Dr. Sinclair asked Annie what her name was. Annie said she was Annie Lavery, and demanded to see her husband. The doctor explained that Annie was being treated at Oak Haven. Annie said she was not crazy, but Dr. Sinclair insisted that Annie was not well and she hurt people. Annie remembered her dream that Ryan had been stabbed. Annie thought she had killed Ryan, but the doctor said Ryan was alive. Annie asked to see Aidan, but referred to him as Mr. Stone. Dr. Sinclair asked for Mr. Stone's real name, but Annie said it was a secret. Nurses gave Annie a sedative to calm her down.

Aidan went to Ryan's house to sign the divorce papers. Greenlee was surprised to see him. Aidan asked Ryan how Annie was doing. Ryan said Annie was placed in maximum security at Oak Haven after escaping and coming after Greenlee. Aidan said Annie was where she needed to be to get help. But Aidan suggested that Ryan locked Annie up so he would not have to deal with her anymore. Also, it made their divorce much smoother because Annie was not given a choice in ending the marriage, Aidan added. Ryan left Greenlee and Aidan alone to deal with the divorce papers. Aidan signed the papers and headed back to Oak Haven to meet with Dr. Sinclair. Meanwhile, Aidan slinked back into the hospital where he was promptly confronted by Dr. Sinclair. She asked where he'd been before demanding to know what his real name was and why he was so interested in Annie Lavery. Meanwhile, Annie had another dream in which Ryan was killed. This time, though, she also saw Greenlee in the dream and deduced that Greenlee had killed Ryan. Annie then vowed that she had to stop Greenlee.

Randi had dinner prepared for Frankie at home. She prepared to go scout a photo location, but Frankie was not listening to her. Instead, he decided to look at Randi's video footage. Randi thought Frankie did not care about her past. Frankie said it was hard to deal with his coworkers drooling over her having sex with a stranger. Randi grabbed her coat and walked out of the apartment. She decided to have a drink at a bar, but grabbed the attention of a complete stranger. The man asked Randi how much it would cost to spend an evening with her. Randi told the man that her body was famous now, so it'd be pretty expensive -- at least a thousand dollars for the night. When she did, the man produced a badge and told her that she was under arrest.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A cop wanted to arrest Randi for prostitution. She told the cop that she was dating Frankie, Jesse Hubbard's son. She urged the officer to call Jesse, because he could straighten out the situation. Jesse arrived at the casino and asked Randi to explain her predicament. She stated that the cop was hitting on her, so she pretended to be a prostitute. He thought that was a foolish idea and she agreed. She wanted to "mess" with him, but she did not realize that he was a cop.

Randi vented to Jesse about her troubles with Frankie. She divulged that a sex tape of her leaked onto the Internet. She feared that Frankie was embarrassed by the tape and no longer wanted to be with her. She was distraught, since she considered Frankie to be the best thing that ever happened to her. Jesse empathized with Randi and encouraged her not to give up on Frankie. Then, Jesse instructed the cop not to arrest Randi. She was grateful for Jesse's help.

Frankie met Natalia at ConFusion. She could tell that he was agitated. He admitted that he and Randi were having problems in their relationship. Natalia assumed the problems stemmed from Randi's former profession. He revealed that his coworkers watched Randi's sexual exploits on the computer. He was mortified that they saw his girlfriend having sex. Natalia advised him to support Randi.

Natalia was nervous to tell Jesse about her aspiration to become a cop. Frankie and Natalia wondered why their father's approval was so important to them. Frankie thought that she should pursue her dream. He noted that he might have been Officer Hubbard, instead of Dr. Hubbard, if Jesse was around during his childhood.

Jesse arrived at ConFusion. Jesse told Frankie to find Randi because she was having a rough day. Jesse reminded Frankie that Randi was no longer the same girl that was in the sex tape. Jesse then spoke with Natalia. She asked for Jesse's vote on whether or not she should pursue law enforcement. He said that it was her decision, not his. She relayed her sincere interest for the field and he gave his blessing.

Frankie went to the casino to find Randi. He apologized to her and kissed her.

Bianca was nervous for Reese to have brunch with Erica. Reese and Zach assured Bianca that the brunch would go well, but Bianca was skeptical. After Reese left, Zach admitted to Bianca that he was very angry. He did not comprehend why Bianca thought he and Reese were romantically involved. He swore that he would never hurt her in that manner. Still, Bianca was unsure if she could trust Reese and she asked Zach bluntly if he had feelings for Reese. He stated that he loved Reese like a friend, but he was mostly grateful for her because she made Bianca so happy. He said that their love brought him peace, which he really needed. He reminded Bianca that he loved Kendall more than life itself. She understood, and apologized for her accusations.

As Erica prepared for her brunch with Reese, she spoke with Opal. Opal asked why Erica wanted to meet with Reese. Erica claimed that the brunch was a "peace offering." Opal gave Erica an incredulous look. Erica stated that she had two options, accept Reese or lose Bianca. Opal remained skeptical of Erica's motives.

Reese met Erica and they sat down for brunch. Erica gave Reese an early wedding present and Reese loved it. Erica apologized for accusing Reese of having feelings for Zach. Erica said that she overreacted. Erica further noted that she appreciated Reese for loving Bianca and making her happy. Reese was glad to hear that Erica trusted her. Then, Bianca arrived to check on Reese. Bianca was elated to see that Erica and Reese were getting along. Bianca asked Erica to help them plan the wedding and Erica eagerly accepted the offer.

Reese met with Zach to discuss the casino. She could tell that he was acting cold towards her and she inquired why. He asked her if she had any romantic feelings for him. She adamantly affirmed that she loved Bianca. She could not deny that she shared a bond with Zach, but she assured him it was not romantic. She understood that Zach loved Kendall completely and she admired that. He was relieved to hear this. Meanwhile, they did not realize that Josh sneaked into the casino and was eavesdropping on them.

Zach ran into Erica at the hospital. She began to discuss her make-up session with Reese when he interrupted her. He asked what she was up to.

Josh visited Kendall at the hospital. He said that she was the reason he returned to Pine Valley. He thanked her for accepting him just the way he was, even though no one else did. He felt that he owed Kendall his life and, because of this, he vowed to get revenge on Zach for not protecting her.

Josh approached Reese at the casino and pretended to be an aspiring architect. Then, while Reese was distracted, Josh took a picture of the casino's security plans.

Ryan gave Greenlee a custom motorcycle as an early wedding present. He stated that they were going to ride off on the bike after their wedding ceremony. She loved the present and thanked him. They fell asleep on the couch and Greenlee had a nightmare. She dreamt that Ryan crashed while he rode the new bike. She woke up and demanded that he get rid of the bike. He knew she was upset, so he gave up the bike.

Dr. Sinclair visited Ryan and Greenlee. Dr. Sinclair explained that her goal was to get Annie competent enough to stand trial for her crimes. Dr. Sinclair assumed that Annie would spend the rest of her life in jail, if she got better.

Dr. Sinclair caught Aidan trying to see Annie again. She put him in solitary confinement, like Annie. He wanted to go back to his regular room, but she stated that he could not, because his secret agent act was not working on her.

The administrator met with Aidan and wanted to know why he paid him to get into the hospital. Aidan said that he needed to save Annie because he owed her. The administrator revealed that his new room was next to Annie's and he could talk to her through a vent.

Aidan called to Annie through the vent. She was excited to hear his voice. He told her that he could get her out of the hospital.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

JR left Amanda in bed to attend Tad and Krystal's custody battle over Jenny.

Tad told Olivia that he never believed Krystal would hurt Jenny, but he was not going to let his daughter hang around David. Adam came up to them and said that Krystal would not have fallen into David's arms if Tad had stayed in Pine Valley. Adam offered to help Tad win his case if it kept David away from Little Adam. Adam said that he and Tad needed to set aside their differences to take down David. JR, who reeked of booze, butted into the conversation. He wanted to help Tad with the case, too, but Tad told JR not to say anything in the courtroom.

Krystal went to the hospital to see if David was going to attend the custody hearing. Of course, David said he would be there to support Krystal. Krystal worried that Tad would win custody, but David promised her she would get to keep Jenny. Before the custody hearing began, Opal found Krystal at the courthouse. Krystal figured Opal was going to testify on Tad's behalf. Opal said it was not easy trying to take Jenny from Krystal, but she felt it was the right decision. Opal suggested that David was using Krystal to get his hands on Little Adam.

Annie heard Aidan through the vent. She asked him if they were going to escape, but Aidan said they needed a little more time. Aidan told Annie that she needed to make Dr. Sinclair believe she was getting better. Aidan said Annie could not scream or shout or show any behavior that would make doctors believe she was going to hurt people, including Greenlee. Annie wanted to know why she hated Greenlee so much. Aidan said Annie blamed Greenlee for ruining her marriage to Ryan. Annie said she only remembered bits and pieces of time with Greenlee. Aidan said Annie needed to keep her memories a secret.

Annie said she still loved Ryan, but was also mad at him for admitting her to the mental hospital. Dr. Sinclair came to check on Annie when she saw her talking to someone. Annie said she sometimes talked to herself to keep calm. Dr. Sinclair wanted Annie to discuss her escape from the mental hospital in more detail. Annie said she didn't remember what happened once she got to Ryan's house. The doctor asked Annie if anything was coming back to her. Annie said she was just remembering Emma. After Dr. Sinclair left, Aidan told Annie she needed to tell the doctors she had forgiven Greenlee. Annie did not like that idea, but Aidan said it was the only way Annie would get to see Emma again.

Bianca and Reese went to see Ryan and Greenlee about the wedding plans. Ryan said he and Greenlee found an old chapel in Connecticut that was available for a Valentine's Day ceremony. After Bianca and Reese left, Greenlee found several boxes stacked in the house. Ryan said he felt it was best to pack up Annie's things. After Emma came home from school, Emma went through the boxes. She found Annie's wedding bands inside an envelope. Ryan agreed to let Emma keep the rings.

Greenlee went to see Dr. Sinclair at the hospital. Greenlee needed to find a way to make peace with the fact that Annie would spend the rest of her life locked up. Dr. Sinclair thought it was best for Greenlee to see Annie. Annie sat in a chair facing the wall while Dr. Sinclair brought Greenlee into her room. Annie remembered Aidan telling her to forgive Greenlee. Annie got up, faced Greenlee and apologized to her. Dr. Sinclair took Greenlee out of the room. Greenlee told Dr. Sinclair that Annie did not forgive her. She could tell by looking into Annie's eyes. Greenlee said Annie would kill her the first chance she got. She went to see Ryan, but found him sleeping beside Emma. Greenlee decided to leave them alone.

Erica told Zach that she was wrong to believe that Reese had romantic feelings for Zach. Zach thought Erica owed him an apology for the false accusations. Erica said she always believed Zach loved Kendall, and walked away. David told Zach that Kendall's condition was getting worse. He guessed it was only a matter of days before Kendall died. Zach wondered if Kendall was eligible for a heart transplant, but David said she did not meet the criteria. Zach said he would kill someone if needed to get Kendall a new heart. Erica asked Zach what David wanted, but Zach said it was nothing important. Zach told Joe to get Kendall on the heart transplant list as quickly as possible.

Erica met Reese and Bianca at ConFusion. She told them that Zach spoke with David, but would not share anything about Kendall's condition with her. Bianca suspected Zach was hiding bad news about Kendall's health.

David went to the courtroom, where he found Krystal taking a few pills to calm down. Krystal asked David if he was only helping her to take Little Adam away from the Chandlers. David said he was surprised Krystal would believe such lies. He told Krystal he loved her with all his heart.

Tad took the stand in the courtroom. He talked about how Krystal had abandoned their children to spend nights with David. Tad said he understood Krystal was grieving over Babe, but their other daughter, Jenny, deserved a stable and dedicated parent. Adam testified that Krystal knew of David's criminal background, but still took up with David. Adam also told the judge that Krystal cheated on him during their marriage. JR stood up and yelled out that David was after his son. Opal told the judge that Krystal was hooked on drugs that David was giving her. Krystal was the last person to take the stand. She admitted to having an affair with David. She explained that she and David shared a strong bond for Babe. Krystal said she would not lose another child. David tried to take the stand, but Krystal wanted to say more to the judge. As they struggled, pills poured out of Krystal's purse.

Josh looked over the new security system for Zach's casino, grabbed a gun and went to the casino. Josh hid behind a wall when he saw Zach coming into the bar, where Jake was having a drink. Zach asked Jake to get Kendall on the top of the heart transplant list. But Jake said David had fired him, stripping away any access he had to the hospital. Jake left. Bianca, Erica, and Reese confronted Zach at the casino. They wanted to know what David had told him about Kendall. But before Zach could explain, Josh, covered in a ski mask, came through the casino shooting the gun in the air. Zach quickly covered Erica, Reese, and Bianca as they ducked onto the floor. He got up to confront Josh, who held the gun at Zach's chest. A shot rang out.

Jake's next stop was at ConFusion, where he ran into Amanda. Jake said Amanda was making a mistake by getting involved with JR and David. Amanda told Jake to stay out of her personal business. She felt ill and rushed off.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Amanda ran into Jake at ConFusion and after she described how she was feeling, he suggested that she might be pregnant. She insisted that it couldn't be true, but he proceeded to delineate the laundry list of behaviors she had been engaged wherein pregnancy could be the end result. Disgusted, Amanda left the doctor to drown his sorrows in alcohol, and headed home.

When her nerves got the best of her, Krystal accidentally dumped her supply of David's pills on the courtroom floor. He tried to help her clean them up, but she insisted that she would be fine on her on her own. As she worked on the task, she shakily explained why she'd started taking the pills and said that she was not addicted. Livia started to protest the seemingly aimless verbal wandering so when she got back on the stand, the judge urged Krystal to get back on topic. A few uncomfortable moments passed as Krystal tried to remember what she had been talking about. She finally landed back on the topic of her eldest daughter but after some additional rambling, as well as a verbal sparring match between Krystal and several people in the gallery, protests soon rose again from Livia. JR grew disgusted with the whole proceeding and walked out.

The judge put an end to Krystal's testimony once Livia stated that she had no questions for her, and then announced that full custody was awarded to Tad. Krystal cried and begged the judge not to take her baby away, but the judge stated her belief that it was in Jenny's best interests to be with the more emotionally stable parent for the time being. She started to go over the terms of the visitation Krystal would have, but Tad asked to address the court. When permission was granted, he told everyone that Krystal was a wonderful mother and that he would be fine with her seeing Jenny whenever she wanted, as long as she came alone.

The judge commended him for his generosity and instructed Livia to write up the agreement as Tad requested, then dismissed the courtroom. Tad approached Krystal's table with Opal close behind. Krystal asked if she could see Jenny when they left the court and, although Opal protested, Tad told her that she absolutely could, much to Krystal's delight. Across the room, Adam approached David and wryly congratulated him on destroying the Martin family, then warned him to stay away from any member of Adam's family. David then got a phone call and, after he told the person on the other end to call Zach, he headed off to the hospital.

After a confrontation with Zach, the gunman threatened everyone in the room before he made a fast getaway. As Zach's staff gave chase, Zach, Erica, and Reese attended to Bianca, whom they found collapsed on the floor. She regained consciousness a few moments later and, although the trio tried to insist that she needed to go to the hospital, Bianca assured them that she would be fine. Then, Reese realized that she recognized the gunman, which alarmed the group. She clarified and said that she realized the ring that the gunman wore was one she saw on the man who earlier identified himself as an aspiring architect. She then blamed herself as she realized that the man had looked at the schematics for the hotel and had seen all of the security features. Zach assured her that she couldn't have known, and asked her to describe the ring. Reese did just that, and although Erica tried to hide it, she was taken aback.

Angie and Jesse got a table at ConFusion for dinner, but Jesse soon realized that dinner would not happen peacefully. They discussed Tad and Krystal's situation briefly, but Angie soon segued into a rant about David and how poisonous he was on so many levels. Jesse tried to refocus his wife's attention on the menu but Angie was driven and tried to convince her husband that he needed to get a search warrant so that they could dig up evidence to bring David down. Jesse tried to explain that he couldn't get a warrant without probable cause and that they couldn't prove probable cause without evidence. Angie was still not deterred, so Jesse gave up and insisted that they needed to figure out what they wanted for dinner. His phone interrupted that process, and he told her that he was needed at the casino but would return soon.

Zach's security detail returned and told him that although the gunman had evaded capture, they were able to lock down the building before he had an opportunity to leave the building. Jesse showed up just as Zach gave search instructions and sent security off to do his bidding. Erica decided that she needed to return to her room to unwind after all of the excitement. Bianca insisted that she would accompany her mother, and Reese refused to let her fiancée out of her sight. Erica protested, but soon saw herself in her youngest child and realized that there was no way around going anywhere alone, so the three of them left for Erica's suite.

When they arrived, Bianca questioned her mother about her demeanor. Erica tried to dismiss the inquiries but Bianca knew her mother was hiding something. She finally came clean and announced that the ring Reese had described sounded exactly like the custom ring she'd given to Josh. Bianca was briefly disbelieving until her brother popped out of his hiding place and admonished their mother for giving up what she knew. Bianca wanted to know why Josh would rob Zach, and Josh made it clear that Zach had ruined his life and that he planned to make Zach continue to pay for his transgressions. Erica insisted that she wanted to help, and Josh told her that she needed to find a way for him to get out of the casino. Reese offered an escape route that only she and Zach knew about, and Erica said that she would move her car near that location so that he could make a clean getaway.

Jake joined Angie at her table and the conversation quickly zeroed in on David. They discussed different methods to bring David down, but as they shot each idea down one by one, they realized they had no choice but to break into Wildwind and sleuth on their own. Angie wondered how they would gain access, but Jake told her that when he was younger, Tad had taught him the skills they would need. They left soon after and once Jake was able to unlock the door, Jake said he would look through some paperwork and Angie assigned herself the task of trying to unearth a lab set up. Mere moments later, Jake was stunned when he uncovered a cancelled check that gifted half a million dollars to Amanda. Angie rejoined him then and showed him a baggie of unlabeled pills. She told him that once they got them analyzed, they might have what they needed to destroy David.

Amanda returns to her boat with a pregnancy test. She was just about to take it when JR drunkenly stumbled in. He gave her a vague overview about what happened at Krystal's trial but was more concerned about another drink. Amanda warned him not to, as she believed he would hate himself more in the morning if he did, and said that she would help him get sober again. She excused herself quickly and ran to the bathroom, which left JR puzzled. She returned and brushed off his inquiries, more concerned about him. He realized that she was right, and promised to be a better person. She encouraged him to spend the night, covered him with a blanket, and took her secret purchase into the bathroom.

Jake arrived at the boat a short time later and as he faced off with JR in an attempt to see Amanda, the woman in question stood in the bathroom and hoped aloud that the test was negative.

Angie narrowly missed detection when she arrived at Pine Valley Hospital at the same time as David. She hid the drugs that she stole from his house, as he consulted with an intern on Kendall's worsening condition.

Erica attempted to make a discreet exit to do as she promised, but Jesse and Zach stopped her and reminded her that she wouldn't be allowed to walk around unguarded until the gunman was apprehended. Erica tried to charm her way out of it, but almost as if he knew her attempt wouldn't work, Josh came around the corner with Reese in a headlock and a gun in her side. Bianca followed soon after, but when he warned her to stay away from him, she quickly moved to the other side of the room where her mother stood.

Jesse tried to reason with Josh, but Zach was beyond fury and reason. They went back and forth about Josh's crimes, but it became apparent that they would get nowhere with Josh, as he felt he was owed. He demanded that a car be provided to make his exit easier and, as Jesse made a call to make it happen, Zach pulled a hidden revolver out of his waistband. When the call came that the car was ready, and the guards had been called off, Josh insisted that Reese needed to go with him. Everyone protested but he knew that if he left alone, there would be a target on his back. Reese then caught him by surprise and tried to struggle out of his grasp. He lost control of her, and the guns were quickly raised and fired.

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