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Monday, January 12, 2009

Rafe was having trouble sleeping. He kept thinking about how the killer attacked him, and he repeated Sami's name in his sleep. Meanwhile, the killer followed Hilda and asked where Sami was. Hilda played dumb and reached for her gun, but the killer was able to grab her anyway. The killer held a knife to Hilda's neck, and he ordered her to drop her purse. He asked her where Sami was, but she wouldn't give Sami up.

The killer told her to tell him where Sami was or she would die. He noticed that she had pictures of her family and threatened their lives unless she told him where Sami was. Hilda told the killer that he thought the hideout she took him to was where Sami was staying but that they must have moved her.

The killer took Hilda back to his hideout and said if she didn't know where Sami was, she was useless. He pulled out his gun and put a silencer on it. After he killed Hilda, the killer vowed to find Sami and do the same to her. Hilda's body was on the ground, and the baby bootie she was knitting for Sami was next to her body.

Sami showed up at the convent and broke down into tears when she saw the nun. The nun asked her if anything was wrong, and Sami said there was nothing wrong. She said that Ryan (Rafe) was looking out for her but that things would change once she gave birth. The nun asked if she could talk to the baby's father about what she was going through, and she said the father didn't know and couldn't find out.

The nun sensed that she was afraid of her baby's father, and Sami said she wasn't just afraid-she was terrified. The nun thought Sami was in serious trouble and asked if she'd gone to the police about it. Sami said she wasn't in trouble with the police, but she planned to do what was best for her baby once she figured out what that was.

Sami was in a hurry to get back to Ryan, and the nun thought that Ryan wouldn't let her leave the house. Sami explained that it was just complicated. The nun gave Sami a cell phone, which was programmed with her personal phone number. She told Sami to call her if she ever needed to talk. Sami returned to the safe house and woke up Rafe. He was surprised that she was still there and felt like he could trust her.

Stephanie went to the Kiriakis mansion to see Philip and attend Lucas and Chloe's engagement party. They kissed, and Max walked in and saw them. Stephanie noticed him as he tried to sneak back outside, so he went into the party and complained to Chelsea about how he saw Stephanie and Philip kissing. Max admitted that it didn't bother him as much as he thought it would. Max suggested that he and Chelsea just be friends.

Stephanie wanted to go talk to Max about her and Philip kissing, but Philip told her to let him talk to Max instead. He suggested she pretend that Max didn't see them kissing. Chelsea was glad that Max was there because she had a friend to talk to. She shared with him that Daniel and Kate broke up.

Max asked if she wanted Daniel back, but Chelsea thought it would be disgusting. Max told her that he thought she was a class act. Chelsea suggested they leave the party and go somewhere else together. When Stephanie walked into the living room, Philip noticed Chelsea and Max together and told Stephanie that it looked like Max had already moved on.

Chelsea and Max made small talk with Philip, then she and Stephanie started talking about their outfits and accessories. Stephanie had borrowed Chelsea's purse and had forgotten to return it, and Chelsea said it was no problem, because that's what friends were for - to steal from. Stephanie pointed out that Chelsea had on her earrings.

Meanwhile, Max and Philip made peace, and Max warned him that if Philip hurt Stephanie, Max would beat Philip up. Chelsea and Stephanie noticed that Max and Philip had made up. Then Stephanie turned her attention toward Chelsea and asked what was going on between her and Max.

Stephanie wondered when Chelsea and Max became such close friends, and Chelsea said she wasn't in any position to make any major decision. Stephanie said she, like most people, hoped that when she broke up with Max that he'd be hopelessly shattered, but Max wasn't.

Kate wondered what was taking Chloe and Lucas so long to get back to the party. Meanwhile, in Chloe's room, Daniel made out with Chloe, and they were about to make love when Lucas came to the door. He tried to open it, but it was locked, so he told her that the party was starting. Chloe stalled so she could get dressed. She told Daniel to hide in the bathroom, but he refused. He wanted her to be honest with Lucas about them.

Chloe made up a lie about talking to her mother on the phone, which made her cry and mess up her makeup, so Lucas agreed to go downstairs. Before he walked away, Kate also stopped by to check on her. Lucas convinced her to leave Chloe alone. Inside the bedroom, Daniel advised Chloe not to settle for anything less than being completely fulfilled. Chloe told Daniel she hated him, but he didn't believe her.

Daniel couldn't believe that Chloe was going to go to the party as if nothing had happened, and she was turned off by Daniel's smugness. She said she was glad that she saw him for what he was, because it made her realize that she hated him. She vowed that it would never happen again, because she couldn't stand him touching her. Outside her room, she looked at herself in the mirror and called herself a slut.

Philip wondered to Lucas if their family intimidated Chloe, and Lucas said it wasn't their family - it was Chloe's family. Philip pointed out to Stephanie that Max seemed to be okay despite his breakup with Stephanie. Chloe made it to the party, and Lucas made a toast to her when Daniel walked in.

At the hospital, E.J. told Stefano to respect Lexie's wishes and go home, but Stefano said E.J. needed to stop giving orders and start taking them. Stefano said that E.J. would be in charge of the Pacific Rim project, but E.J. had a feeling that Stefano would still find a way to stay involved. Stefano decided it was time for a change, and he wanted to dedicate all his time to his family. Stefano said he planned to wait for Lexie to come back to him.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole came downstairs expecting to find E.J., but Tony was there instead. He was there to deliver the message to Nicole that E.J. wasn't there and wouldn't be for a while because he was with Stefano. He also said that things were about to get worse for her. Nicole guessed that Tony wanted Nicole to be upset that E.J. was going to be late to the party because of business.

But Tony said what happened to Theo was more important than a stupid project. Nicole didn't know what he was talking about, and Tony relished in the fact that Nicole was kept in the dark. Nicole theorized that Tony wanted E.J. to stay home with her and the baby, because he wanted to run the company himself. Tony warned her that E.J. would get busier, and the moment the baby was due, E.J. would rush off on business. That got Nicole thinking.

Stefano ordered E.J. to go over some numbers and have them by the morning, but E.J. refused and said he'd have them by the afternoon because he was going home to Nicole. E.J. called Nicole to tell her he was on his way, and Nicole said that if E.J. needed to stay longer, she understood. However, E.J. was determined to accompany her to Chloe and Lucas' engagement party. Stefano thought that E.J.'s devotion to Nicole was admirable, but also a liability.

When E.J. got home, Nicole told him about her conversation with Tony. She said she didn't care if E.J. wasn't there for her when she went into labor, because she trusted him. E.J. told her she was being a little bit hormonal and that he trusted her. They left, but Tony had been listening in on their conversation.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Outside the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole and E.J. arrived for Lucas and Chloe's engagement party just as Victor was returning home. Displeased to see the visitors, Victor ordered Nicole and E.J. to leave the property. Nicole sternly reminded Victor that Chloe was her best friend, and Victor countered that E.J. should worry that he would be marrying a liar. E.J. stood up for Nicole and yelled at Victor, who finally agreed to let them into the party for Kate's sake only.

In the Kiriakis living room, Daniel rejoined the party but continued to think about his passionate make out session with Chloe earlier. Kate walked over to Daniel and questioned where he had disappeared to for so long. Staring across the room, Daniel announced that he had come back for Chloe. "There is something I need to say about Chloe," Daniel boomed. Worried, Chloe pleaded, "Please, Daniel, don't." Daniel proposed a toast to Chloe and Lucas stating, "May your choices in life always be the right ones and may you forever be happy with them."

When the discussion turned to wedding plans, Chloe admitted that they had not set a date or found her dress yet. "We know it won't be white," Victor said, chortling. Angered by Victor's jokes, Lucas stood up for Chloe to Victor, and Kate pulled Victor aside to diffuse the situation. Lucas took a phone call, and Nicole swooped in to check on Chloe. Confused, Chloe told Nicole that she was worried she had made a mistake. Nicole questioned whether Chloe had second thoughts about the marriage still, but Chloe would only respond that Lucas was everything she ever wanted. Arching an eyebrow, Nicole reasoned that Chloe sounded like she was trying to convince herself. On the verge of tears, Chloe admitted that she did not want to hurt Lucas, but that she wanted to do the right thing. Before Chloe could elaborate, Daniel interrupted to talk to Chloe alone. Worried, Chloe excused herself to go talk to Lucas, leaving Daniel alone with Nicole.

Nicole noted that Daniel was preoccupied, so Daniel changed the subject to Nicole's baby. When Daniel questioned who Nicole's new doctor was, a speechless Nicole stammered just long enough for E.J. to interrupt the conversation. Nicole got a phone call from Mia asking for her to meet with her that night. When E.J. heard Nicole mention Mia's name, E.J. asked who that was. Nicole frantically spun a tale that Mia was another patient she had met at the doctor's office who had called to tell Nicole that she had found Nicole's bracelet at the clinic. When Nicole told E.J. that she was going to stop by to get it later that night, E.J. offered to accompany her on the trip.

As Victor continued to make jokes about the bride-to-be, E.J. and Lucas talked quietly in the corner about how Victor was "losing it." After discussing some of Victor's comments, Lucas noted that Victor did have a point about Nicole. Lucas advised E.J. to be careful with Nicole. E.J. was offended, but Lucas continued, saying, "A woman like Nicole is never truly satisfied." Leaning in close to Lucas, E.J. growled, "She may not be with you, but with me she is well taken care of."

While Kate stood alone in the hallway at the party, Chelsea came out from the living room to check on her. Chelsea inquired whether Kate needed space from Daniel, but Kate assured Chelsea that she was just friends with Daniel. Chelsea reminded Kate that it was difficult to be friends with Daniel, but that she had finally gotten him out of her system. "Because you moved on. With Max," Kate said, smiling. Rolling her eyes, Chelsea argued that, like Daniel and Kate, she and Max were only friends. Chelsea promised Kate that she had taken her advice to heart and was not going to get involved with anyone right away, including Max.

Max approached Lucas at the party and asked whether he wanted a stripper at his bachelor party. Laughing, Lucas declined the offer. When Max joked that it did not sound like the Lucas he knew, Lucas argued that Max would understand when he wanted to spend a quiet evening alone with Chelsea. Max explained that he was only friends with Chelsea, but Lucas insisted that Max and Chelsea made a cute couple.

Kate approached Chloe in the front hallway and asked her whether she had a good time at the party. Chloe thanked her for inviting Nicole and E.J. on her behalf, since they did not get along. Kate explained that the evening was about Chloe and her happiness, and then gave her a hug. Daniel watched from the living room doorway, and then met with Victor in the living room.

Victor continued to make cracks about Chloe, and Daniel calmly reminded Victor that Chloe had saved Kate's life and made Kate happy. When Victor then made a crack about Lucas' taste in dumb women with big chests, an angry Daniel lashed out at Victor, calling him a misogynist. Adding about Chloe, "She is a bright, compassionate, intelligent woman and your contempt for her only cheapens you." Victor was furious that Daniel was arguing with him, and told Daniel that Chloe was a user and fraud no matter what she did for Kate. "Kate owes Chloe her life and you owe her your respect," Daniel screamed before storming out of the living room.

On his way out the door, Philip hugged Chloe and welcomed her to the family as Stephanie watched from nearby, smiling. Philip and Stephanie then headed over to Titan so that he could pick up a disk for the meeting in the morning. Stephanie accused Philip of being a workaholic and asked him to promise her that he would not work past 7:00 p.m. for the rest of the week. When Stephanie made a sexual harassment joke, Philip frowned and said, "You're right. We can't do this anymore." Philip announced that they should stop working together. Stephanie offered to quite her internship, but Philip argued that the company needed her and she needed the college credit. "If you want to break up with me, just say so," a worried Stephanie said. Smiling, Philip assured Stephanie that he was not breaking up with her, but that he was just going to reassign her at Titan.

As the party wound down back at the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas and Chloe agreed that they would rather go home for some private time than hang around the Kiriakis mansion any longer. Chloe started to protest that she did not deserve all the attention, adding, "People change. Feelings change. Nothing lasts forever." Trying to understand, Lucas asked whether she was talking about Brady. Lucas promised Chloe that their relationship was different. "There is nowhere else I'd rather be than here with you. And I've never felt that about anyone else," Lucas whispered. With a quick kiss, Lucas headed outside to get the car started. As Chloe stood alone in the foyer, from the corner shadows, Daniel emerged saying "Nice act you put on." Chloe asked Daniel to leave, but Daniel walked over and stood close to her whispering that their connection was more than just physical. "We're not through. Not by a long shot," Daniel swore.

In Dr. Charlotte Taylor's office, John had a memory of Marlena, "the love of my life." John remembered being in a dungeon with Marlena when she was injured. Worried, John started to panic that he could not help Marlena. As John was growing increasingly agitated, Dr. Taylor brought John out of his hypnotic state. Once awake, John remembered nothing of the hypnotherapy session and was eager to learn the results. Dr. Taylor denied John access to the video of the session, saying that she needed to review it first. Angry, John threatened to walk out and never return, but Dr. Taylor refused to give in to his request to see the tape. After John left, Dr. Taylor watched the tape pensively.

At the Brady Pub, Marlena researched Dr. Taylor's professional work online and made a couple of phone calls. John walked in and joined her. Noting John's gruff mood, Marlena asked him what had happened. John told Marlena about his hypnotherapy session. Marlena informed John that she had researched Dr. Taylor. Intrigued, John asked Marlena whether she was giving him permission to date Dr. Taylor. Marlena immediately denied the charge, stating that she would never encourage anyone to date their doctor. Marlena clarified what she meant, saying that she thought that John should give Dr. Taylor a second chance at hypnotherapy because she seemed to be a very good doctor. John promised to go to one more session, then left. Once John was gone, Marlena received another call about Dr. Taylor and learned that she had mysteriously left work in Minneapolis.

After the engagement party, Max and Chelsea headed over to the Brady Pub to get a bite to eat. Chelsea discussed how amazed she was that Daniel and Kate broke up, prompting Max to inquire whether Chelsea was going to pursue Daniel. Chelsea reminded Max that he had already asked her that question at the party and wondered aloud, "Why do you care anyway?" Max insisted that he was just worried that Chelsea would get hurt. Max joked, "Look at the bright side. You and Kate can go and pick up guys together!" When the new waitress, Michelle, came by to take their order, Max jumped in and said what Chelsea was going to order. Chelsea then told Michelle what Max wanted to eat. Michelle joked about their telekinesis and told them they were a cool couple. Smiling sheepishly, Max and Chelsea joked about how everyone was mistaking them for a couple.

E.J. and Nicole walked into the DiMera mansion and discussed Nicole's desire to go visit her friend Mia. E.J. refused to give Nicole the car keys, stressing that the roads were too icy for the pregnant woman he loved to go out driving. Nicole begged to go, but finally she agreed to stay in for the evening. When E.J. went upstairs, Nicole pulled out her phone and called Mia to tell her she would not be able to meet her that evening, after all. Mia believed that Nicole was ashamed of her, but Nicole assured Mia that her reticence to meet her that evening was unrelated to her. Mia finally agreed to give Nicole another chance and agreed to meet with her the next day, but only if Nicole brought her fiancé.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kate and Stefano sat on the sofa at the DiMera mansion, chatting about her recovery and apparent good health. Taking her hand, Stefano asked if she had reconsidered his marriage proposal from months before, which he assured her had been serious and heartfelt. Kate admitted that her perspective had changed since her illness, and while she knew that her life would change completely if she were to marry him, she found that notion appealing. She added that she would always be grateful to him for taking her and Lucas in, and that she'd always felt the two of them had a connection-but she wasn't ready to make a commitment of any kind. Stefano asked with a chuckle, "So, you're going to just leave me here, hanging in this miserable limbo?" He admitted that he knew about her and Daniel, but Kate replied that all Stefano needed to know was that Daniel had saved her life, and that they were very special friends.

Daniel opened the door of his apartment to find Chloe standing there. Chloe declared, "About last never happened." "The hell it didn't," Daniel replied. Chloe was worried that Daniel might have told someone about what had happened between them at the party. He said he hadn't, though he still thought it was a mistake for her to marry Lucas. Chloe argued that one could be in love with someone, yet be attracted to another person-but it wasn't necessary to act on it. Daniel believed that what they felt was far more than mere attraction, and pointed out that she could have called him instead of coming over in person. Moving closer to her, he asserted that she'd come because she needed to see him, to be with him, to feel his touch. He put his hand in hers, and they began kissing-and in an instant, Chloe's blouse was on the floor. After they'd removed the rest of one another's clothes, they made love in front of the fire.

Afterward, as Chloe lay in Daniel's arms and they kissed some more, they were startled when Kate knocked insistently at the door. Daniel called out to Kate that he'd been asleep and needed to get some clothes on, while he and Chloe hurriedly dressed. Chloe gathered up her coat and shoes and dashed into the bathroom, as Daniel, still shirtless, opened the door. Kate handed Daniel his pager, which she said she'd found after the party. Sensing how flustered he was, Kate asked if she were interrupting something. Daniel claimed he was just tired from working so much. Kate wanted to be sure that he didn't think she'd come by to start things up with him again, but he reassured her that he understood how much she needed to focus on her health and her family.

Once Kate had gone, Chloe emerged from the bathroom, and stated that she hadn't realized how much their affair could hurt Kate. With an unhappy sigh, Daniel maintained that he'd never wanted it to happen, adding, "But it has, and it is so out of control." Chloe declared that it could never happen again. Daniel said a part of him agreed, because he didn't want anyone to get hurt, but he knew they couldn't walk away from what they felt for each other. In response, Chloe just turned and walked out the door.

Down on the pier, John informed Brady that he had tried hypnosis, but that, despite an hour-long session, he hadn't remembered anything. When John scoffed at Brady's suggestion to see a different doctor, Brady declared that he wasn't sure John really wanted to get his memory back. John assured his son that he was determined to get his memory back, and as soon as possible, "Because I know that Blondie's in there somewhere, and I'm doing it for her." He pointedly but tersely added that he would keep trying, not just for Marlena, but perhaps for some other people as well. Brady started to leave, but stopped briefly to declare that John had always doggedly pursued what he wanted-and had always gotten it.

Charlotte was in her office, reviewing the video of John's hypnotherapy session on her laptop. Hearing John's memories of wanting to help Marlena, she seemed to become frustrated, and strode to retrieve some reference books. Suddenly, a knock at the door startled her, and she dropped the large tomes, knocking over a lamp. Marlena, alarmed by the din, immediately burst through the door to see if Charlotte was all right. "How dare you come barging in here like that?" Charlotte exclaimed. She quickly apologized to Marlena, and closed her computer. Marlena stated that she wanted to discuss something with Charlotte, so Charlotte invited her to sit. Marlena stated that she'd learned on the Internet that Charlotte had an impressive list of awards and publications, but was puzzled as to why she'd left her last job so suddenly.

Charlotte, chagrined that Marlena had been checking up on her, defensively asserted that she'd left that job to take care of her dying father. She pointed out that Marlena hadn't stayed in touch with her former mentor, although he'd never forgotten her, even mentioning her the day he died. Charlotte hastened to add that she knew that didn't mean Marlena didn't care. Marlena apologized for not keeping in better touch, but assured Charlotte that she certainly would have been, had she known the elder Dr. Taylor had been ill. As she rose to leave, Marlena declared that she was sorry if she'd hurt Charlotte's feelings, maintaining that she'd like for them to be friends, especially since they both wanted to see John get better. After Marlena gone, Charlotte added, "Well, at least one of us does."

Charlotte had returned to her computer and was again watching the video of John's hypnosis, when John knocked on the door. She quickly closed her computer as John came in, declaring that he was ready to review the video with her, as they'd discussed, and then schedule another session. Charlotte advised him that it was her professional opinion that hypnosis wasn't going to work for him, and that he would probably not get his memories back.

Nicole went to Mia's apartment, and apologized for not having met with her the night before. Mia only wanted to know one thing: why Nicole's fiancé hadn't come with her. Nicole tried to make small talk, but Mia persisted, adamantly reminding her that they didn't have a deal unless she met man who was to be the baby's father. Nicole began a cover story, but Mia interrupted, worried that he didn't really want Mia's baby. Nicole swore that he did, but that Mia could never meet him. To explain, Nicole at last confessed the whole story to Mia: about her miracle pregnancy, and how much she and E.J. had wanted the baby; about how Dr. Baker had tried to save the baby, but she'd had a miscarriage anyway; how it had devastated her to learn she could never get pregnant again; and how she had been wearing a pregnancy pad to keep E.J. from knowing about the miscarriage. Nicole added, "With your help, Mia, he'll have what he's been waiting for all this time: your baby."

Mia was appalled, and declared that it was completely wrong for Nicole to scam her fiancé into thinking the baby was his. She added that they could both end up in jail if they got caught. Nicole promised that she wouldn't let that happen, but Mia pointed out that she didn't even know Nicole, and therefore didn't trust her. Mia told Nicole to leave. A desperate Nicole got down on her knees and tearfully declared that Mia was her only hope, and without her help, Nicole's life was over. "All I'm asking is that you give me back the happiness I lost," Nicole pleaded.

Max came to Maggie's rescue at the Brady Pub when she clumsily lost control of her coffee. Max asked why she seemed so anxious, and Maggie admitted that Nick's sentencing hearing was later that day. Max wanted to go, but Maggie informed him that Nick didn't want anyone there except her and Melanie.

At the Titan offices, Melanie asked Philip for the morning off, but wouldn't divulge the reason. He reminded her that they had an alternative-fuel project meeting, but she left anyway.

Stephanie went to pick up coffee for the office at the pub, where Max filled her in about Nick's hearing, and about what Maggie had said. Stephanie declared that all of Nick's friends should be there for him, and asked if she could ride with Max. Max was worried that Stephanie would get in trouble with Philip, but she knew Philip would understand, adding that she loved Nick, too. When Max reluctantly agreed, and left to pull the car around front, Stephanie quickly dialed Philip.

E.J. met Nick outside the courtroom, and Nick thanked him for filling in for Mickey, who was in Chicago on other business. Nick, sure he was about to be sentenced to life in prison, admitted that he wondered how everything could have happened. Since getting clean, he added, he could see how delusional he'd been to think he was in love with Melanie, or that he'd been helping her.

Nick was in the defendant's chair, waiting for the hearing to begin, when Maggie arrived with Melanie. Melanie tried to talk to Nick, but E.J. intervened, reminding her and Maggie that Nick wasn't allowed to speak to the victim. Melanie simply told Nick to hang in there, and as she and Maggie were taking their seats, Stephanie and Max arrived. Maggie admitted that she was glad that they'd come. When Max went to talk to Nick, Stephanie gently asked Melanie why she hadn't just told Philip what she had to do. Melanie replied that she'd tried to respect Nick's wishes to keep it quiet.

Judge Karen Fitzpatrick entered and called the courtroom to order, while Philip slipped in the door and took a seat in the back. Maggie took the stand, and, choking back sobs, she testified that Nick was a good person, and that he hadn't been himself when he'd done "that terrible thing." She pleaded with the judge for mercy.

Judge Fitzpatrick dismissed Maggie and was about to call for a recess, but Melanie interrupted and asked to speak. Once the judge learned who Melanie was, she permitted Melanie to take the stand. Reading from notes, Melanie told Nick that she forgave him. She tearfully declared that although her father was a victim of a crime Nick had committed, Nick was also a victim, because he'd always been too trusting. She asked the judge to be lenient with Nick's sentence, and declared that Nick was truly a good person who didn't deserve to spend his whole life in prison, "Because everyone who knows him will lose so much." When Melanie was finished, Judge Fitzpatrick announced that the court was in recess. Maggie hugged Melanie and thanked her.

A short time later, Judge Fitzpatrick advised Nick that her initial inclination had been to impose the maximum sentence of life in prison. But after she'd heard his testimony, and that of his friends and family-and especially Melanie-she'd had a change of opinion about the circumstances of the crime, adding, "I have decided that justice in this case must be tempered with mercy." Judge Fitzpatrick then pronounced Nick's sentence: two to five years in a facility that the State Department of Corrections would determine. As Nick's friends and family gasped with delighted surprise, the judge added that, with good behavior, Nick would be eligible for parole in eighteen months.

Judge Fitzpatrick declared court adjourned, and joyous laughter erupted in the courtroom as soon as the gavel banged. An ecstatic Maggie hugged Nick, while Max and Stephanie lined up behind her to do the same. Everyone offered Nick words of encouragement, and promises to keep him in their daily thoughts and prayers.

Philip approached Melanie, who was stunned to see him. Though she tried to shrug off his compliments, Philip declared that what Melanie had done for Nick had been incredibly generous. Stephanie came over to join them, and when Philip told her that he'd been in the courtroom from the beginning, Melanie asked who was running the alternative-fuel project meeting. Philip replied that he'd rescheduled it so she could be there. After Philip left to make a phone call, Stephanie admitted sincerely to Melanie that she, too, was impressed.

Nick thanked E.J., who urged Nick to be strong in prison. Melanie came over to tell Nick goodbye. "You saved me," Nick said quietly. Melanie grinned and declared that she'd only told the truth. Nick asked if Philip had been the reason she'd stood up for him. Melanie admitted that it might have played a small part. "A bit of me thought that if I got your sentence reduced, he would hear about it, and-" "And like you," Nick finished. Melanie clarified, "Or be nicer to me," quickly adding that she'd meant everything she said, and that he deserved a second chance. Smiling and crying simultaneously, she made him promise to be good to himself. They hugged, and she tried to hold her head high as she walked out of the courtroom-but her face fell when she spied Philip and Stephanie kissing in the hallway.

Back at the mansion, Stefano congratulated E.J. for getting Nick such a light sentence. He commended E.J. for taking over the case for Mickey Horton. "It is always good to have a family like the Hortons in debt to you," Stefano added, and declared that E.J. had a brilliant future ahead of him.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Melanie complained to Max that Stephanie and Philip were kissing outside the courtroom. Chelsea arrived and learned about Nick's sentencing after the fact. Philip, Stephanie, and Melanie were planning to go back to the office, which Chelsea thought was insensitive. Nick was brought back into the courtroom, and Chelsea apologized for not being there when he got sentenced, but Nick understood.

Nick told Max that Uncle Micky sent a copy of the patent to Max, as well as blueprints for his Alternative Fuel Project. Chelsea said she thought he signed them over to Melanie. Nick said he did - he just thought it was a lot of responsibility for one person to handle, and he made them promise that the documents would stay out of the wrong hands. Nick asked to talk to Chelsea alone, so Max left the room while they said their goodbyes.

Nick apologized for not being there for Chelsea when she was going through her drama with Kate and Daniel, but Chelsea said she understood. He asked if she would visit him in jail, which she was already planning to do. Nick asked her to move on with her life, and she said part of going on with her life would be thinking about him. Chelsea expressed the regrets she had over losing him and said he would always be in her heart.

At the Brady Pub, Brady told Marlena that John's reason for trying to remember his past was his love for her. Marlena didn't believe that John wanted to regain his memory for her alone. Brady said John admitted to him that he didn't feel a connection to anyone or anything else, including his children. Brady felt like John was lost to him forever.

Charlotte tried to convince John that he had no chance of remembering who he was. John didn't want to accept that he had no other way to regain his memory, and he walked out of Charlotte's office. John went to the Brady Pub to ask Marlena for a second opinion. Marlena was surprised that John called her Doc, but John explained that he was saying Doc as in doctor because he needed medical advice. He told her how Charlotte thought that hypnosis wouldn't work for him after all. He asked Marlena for suggestions, so she kissed him.

Marlena apologized for kissing John, but he had no complaints, because it reminded him of what he was fighting for. She wondered if Charlotte was sure that the hypnosis didn't work. He assured her that Charlotte said there was zero chance of him getting his memory back. Marlena said she set him up with Charlotte to give him help from an impartial third party, but she realized that no one knew him like she did.

Marlena pulled out a bracelet with some charms on it and asked if it meant anything to him. He didn't recognize it, so she explained that he gave it to her when they flew to New Orleans years earlier. John looked at the bracelet closer, but it didn't jog his memory. He was frustrated that he hadn't remembered anything. He wondered if she would accept him for the man he became if he didn't have his memory back. Charlotte walked in and asked to steal John from her for a while. Marlena said it was okay and left the two of them alone.

Charlotte asked John what he and Marlena were talking about, and he told her he had asked Marlena for help recovering his memories. Charlotte realized that was why Marlena was resentful towards her, and she was angry that Marlena went behind her back to discuss his case with him, because a second opinion could have jeopardized any progress they might have had.

Outside the Pub, Marlena confided in Brady that Charlotte had been oddly hostile and rude to her, but Marlena was most bothered by her defeatist attitude about John's therapy. Marlena had a sense that hypnotherapy was beginning to work, but chalked it up to wishful thinking. Marlena was frustrated that her hands were tied ethically, so she couldn't do anything about her suspicions, but Brady thought to himself that his hands weren't tied.

E.J. told Stefano that when he represented Nick at his sentencing hearing he learned information that would be valuable to Stefano and the DiMera legacy. They decided it was a welcome challenge to steal the Alternative Fuels Project away from Victor.

Nicole got down on her knees and begged Mia to let her adopt Mia's baby. Mia wondered how Nicole could expect her to give up her baby, since Nicole losing her own baby made her so sad. Nicole tried to convince Mia that she couldn't pursue her dreams of moving to Japan and becoming a dancer if she kept her baby, but Mia was suspicious of why Nicole was afraid to tell her fiancé about her miscarriage. She said if Nicole was so afraid of E.J., maybe Mia had reason to be afraid of him, too.

Nicole explained that she made a bad decision to hide her miscarriage, because she was in a bad place at the time and she got caught up in her lies. Nicole tried to impress Mia with how great a father E.J. already was with Johnny. Mia was still hesitant to give her baby away to Nicole without meeting the father, so Nicole said she would see what she could do.

The custom-made crib that Stefano had ordered for E.J.'s baby with Nicole arrived at the mansion, and he had even bought a special edition teddy bear for the baby and for Johnny. Nicole called E.J. on his cell phone and was surprised to realize that he was at home. Nicole made up an excuse about wanting to spend time alone with him, and E.J. got excited, thinking that she wanted to have sex. Nicole said that was still off-limits because of the doctor's orders, so E.J. decided to go to a meeting with Stefano, much to Nicole's delight.

At Titan, Melanie told Philip she had an exciting time attending her first meeting for the Alternative Fuel Project. Philip said he saw a side of her he hadn't seen before at Nick's sentencing and he liked it. Melanie suggested she and Philip go out to celebrate for real sometime, and he agreed. Stephanie walked in and asked how the meeting went, and Melanie gushed over how well Philip handled himself. Stephanie was still feeling down about Nick, so Philip had a surprise planned for her.

E.J. told Stefano that they needed to move quickly to take the Alternative Fuels Project from Victor. E.J. ran into Melanie at the local bar and asked to join her. E.J. praised Melanie for speaking up for Nick at the sentencing hearing, then he told her he had something else to talk to her about.

Mia was amazed at how realistic Nicole's fake pregnancy belly felt. She wondered what would happen to her baby if E.J. ever discovered that the baby wasn't really Nicole's, and Nicole said he wouldn't find out. Still, Mia wanted to know what would happen if he did, and Nicole said she wouldn't let her baby down.

Mia was impressed with the mansion, and she wondered how much money Nicole and the DiMeras had. Nicole said the DiMeras were millionaires but there was more to life than just money, and there was only so much she could give Mia. Mia said she understood that and all she wanted was enough to cover her medical bills and travel expenses. Mia noticed the crib that Stefano bought for the baby, and she talked about how she had to sleep in a drawer as a baby. She saw a picture of E.J. and noticed how he had similar features to her boyfriend. Nicole tried to rush Mia out of the house, but Mia noticed the painting of Stefano and asked who he was. Before Nicole could tell her who he was, Tony walked in and wondered who Mia was.

Marlena called a colleague to consult with her about John. Meanwhile, at the pub, Charlotte said that even if John didn't get his memory back, he could have a fulfilling life elsewhere. She said that in her professional opinion, he should leave town and all the people who don't want the best for him. She offered to help him be a whole new man.

Brady stopped by Marlena's office, pretending to be there to see Marlena. Her assistant was leaving, so she let Brady stay and wait for Marlena. Then, Brady broke into Charlotte's office and watched John's videotaped hypnosis session.

Friday, January 16, 2009

As they sat together at the Brady Pub, John asked Charlotte why she believed that he should leave Salem and start over somewhere else. Charlotte replied that the only way he'd have peace was not to have to try to fit into a family or a community he didn't remember. John responded with bitter sarcasm, observing that her idea was coming out of left field, but Charlotte firmly maintained that she'd been considering it since their session. They argued about his hypnotherapy, and finally a frustrated John rose to leave. Charlotte stopped him, reassuring him that, soon after he moved to a new town, he'd meet new people-who would accept him for who he really was. John admitted a bit reluctantly that he liked the sound of that, adding that he wouldn't go anywhere without Marlena. Charlotte abruptly exclaimed, "No-no, you can't! That's a mistake."

When John questioned her, Charlotte quickly covered, pointing out that Marlena had made it clear that she would never accept the man John had become. John countered that it wasn't very "shrink-like" for Charlotte to use a word like "never." Charlotte reminded John that she'd agreed to help him win Marlena back, if that were what he wanted, but added decisively that it wasn't going to happen.

Brady crept into Dr. Taylor's office and headed straight for her computer. He found the video of John's hypnotherapy session, and was stunned to hear John remembering Marlena. "Is this real? Is Dad getting his memory back?" he asked excitedly. After viewing a little more, he realized that John truly did remember, and wondered aloud what Charlotte was up to.

Kayla ran into Marlena at the hospital, where she noted that Marlena seemed lost in thought. When Kayla asked what was wrong, Marlena confided that she didn't quite trust Dr. Taylor, hastily adding that she couldn't be sure her concerns were legitimate. As the acting chief of staff, Kayla urged Marlena to divulge what was troubling her. Marlena revealed that, after only one hypnotherapy session, Charlotte had stated unequivocally that John would never get his memory back. Kayla thought that sounded defeatist, or at least unorthodox, and Marlena agreed that hypnotherapy was normally a time-consuming process. Marlena believed that she'd seen some progress in John after the hypnosis, and thought he might be on the verge of a breakthrough-but Charlotte had refused to return her phone messages. She told Kayla about how she'd checked into Charlotte's background, and Kayla concurred that Dr. Taylor's reaction-and the whole story-seemed suspicious. She urged Marlena to confront Charlotte face-to-face.

When Charlotte returned to her office, Brady panicked when he heard her key in the door. Before she could let herself in, however, Marlena appeared in the outer office and insisted that Charlotte make time to talk immediately. Brady hurriedly made an entry on Charlotte's computer, while Marlena and Charlotte argued. Marlena pointed out that Charlotte hadn't returned her messages, even though she'd stated that she urgently needed to consult about a patient. Marlena then declared that she wanted to discuss John's therapy.

Brady peeked out of Charlotte's office, so Marlena would know to try to cover for him. Charlotte angrily asked why Marlena was behaving so unprofessionally. Marlena apologized, and tried to get Charlotte to go to the cafeteria, or at least into Marlena's office, to discuss things. Charlotte refused, and when she began to open her office door, Marlena blurted that John had discussed his hypnotherapy with her. She demanded to know why Charlotte would tell John that he would never get his memory back. Charlotte indignantly declared that John knew better than to discuss his case with Marlena.

As the doctors' voices grew louder, Kayla entered and asked what was going on. Charlotte hotly declared that she was going to report Marlena to the psychiatric board, since she obviously couldn't remain professional where John was concerned. When Kayla gently suggested that Charlotte calm down, an enraged Charlotte announced that she should get a restraining order against Dr. Evans. Kayla, fed up, ordered both women to accompany her to her office. Charlotte shot Marlena a petulant glare, but followed obediently.

The instant Brady heard the outer door close, he dashed from Charlotte's office into Marlena's.

Before the three doctors had reached Kayla's office, Charlotte apologized for overreacting. She quickly explained that she didn't like feeling like her patients' privacy had been violated, then turned and strode back to her office, leaving Kayla and Marlena a little dumbfounded.

Kayla found John at the Brady Pub a short while later, and told him that she'd just seen his therapist. "Her behavior concerns me," Kayla continued. "I don't trust her, John-and neither should you."

Charlotte got settled at her desk with a cup of coffee, and opened her laptop. Immediately, she could tell that someone had been using her computer. Obviously upset, she made a couple of entries on her keyboard. "They've seen John's video," she said with alarm, her voice faltering.

Marlena returned to her office and found Brady at her computer. She scolded him for breaking into Charlotte's office, but, ignoring her, Brady talked over her tirade and told her what he'd found on Charlotte's computer. Despite her protests, he sat her down in the chair and started the video, which he'd emailed to her. When she saw John referring to her as the love of his life, she gasped and clutched at Brady, never taking her eyes from the screen.

At the DiMera mansion, a nervous Nicole told Tony she thought he was out of town. Though she pretended to be happy to see him, when he stated that he had to get back to the office, she insisted he shouldn't let her keep him. Tony could tell that something was afoot, and asked Nicole to introduce him to her friend. Nicole introduced Tony to Mia as her fiancé's half brother, but neglected to tell Tony who Mia was. "Tony DiMera," he declared graciously. "And you are...?" Mia was taken aback when she heard the name DiMera, but then clarified that the name only sounded familiar. Nicole announced that they were running late, and tried to rush out the door with Mia, but Tony wanted to know more about the girl.

Nicole quickly spun a cover story about how they'd met at the youth center, where Nicole had been counseling pregnant teens. A skeptical Tony pressed on, wondering why Nicole had brought the girl to the mansion. Nicole claimed that they'd grown close, and had been "hanging out, doing mom stuff" -like shopping and going out to lunch. When Tony turned his questions to Mia, she played along, sweetly asserting how happy she was to have found the youth center, because otherwise she wouldn't have met Nicole. Finally Nicole succeeded in getting the two of them out the door, leaving Tony to ponder the situation.

Over drinks at the Cheatin' Heart, E.J. asked Melanie to tell him a little more about Nick's alternative-fuel project. Melanie reminded him that it was really Nick's project, although she did own the rights to it. E.J. asserted that she was obviously very bright, or else she wouldn't be in charge of the project. When he asked if she were happy at Titan, Melanie immediately became suspicious of E.J.'s motives.

E.J. made Melanie first vow to keep their conversation off the record, then stated that, in order to potentially make billions of dollars from the project, a company must make it their top priority. Melanie asked if he wanted to make an offer for the project, and reminded him that she already had a deal with Titan. E.J. assured her that any deal could be broken, and asked if she were interested in moving the project to DiMera Enterprises.

Melanie asserted that she didn't know anything about what his family's company did. E.J. gave her his business card, and, ever suave, took her hand across the table. "What we do, my dear, is we make a lot of money for a lot of people." Flustered, Melanie took her hand back, and asked him to clarify. He declared that DiMera Enterprises could make more money for her than Victor Kiriakis could ever dream of. Melanie politely argued that she was happy at Titan, and that she didn't see a good reason to move the project. She maintained that Philip absolutely believed in the project, and that their investors were very happy. E.J. countered that Philip's enthusiasm for things often had a tendency to wane, once the novelty wore off. Melanie firmly stated that, despite how powerful and driven the DiMeras might be, she had no desire to move the project. E.J. urged her to at least think about it before making up her mind, and Melanie agreed.

After E.J. had gone, Maggie soon joined Melanie, and reiterated her gratitude that Melanie had testified on Nick's behalf. Melanie declared that she had meant everything she'd said, because she knew that the drugs had caused Nick's behavior. Maggie hoped, when Nick got out of prison, that he would be able to find his way. Melanie replied that Maggie excelled at helping people find their way, adding with a shy smile, "I just feel, when you're around, that everything is going to be okay." Maggie was touched.

Melanie pointed out that Nick's lawyer had also helped him get a lighter sentence, and confessed that she was a little curious about E.J. Assuming that Melanie's motives were romantic, Maggie reminded her that E.J. had a fiancée, and that they were expecting a baby. Melanie insisted she was only interested in case she needed a lawyer to help with the fuel project rights-hastily remembering to add, "Of course, if Mickey's not available to help." Maggie acknowledged that E.J. was a capable attorney, but cautioned Melanie to be wary: "As charming as E.J. can be, you should never forget-E.J. is a DiMera."

Nicole took Mia to the clinic, where she described everyone who lived at the mansion. Mia felt lucky that her baby would have such a welcoming, ready-made family. Dr. Baker came in and was surprised to find Nicole at Mia's appointment. When Nicole told him that Mia had invited her, Dr. Baker wanted to know if Mia knew the whole truth about Nicole. Somewhat smugly, Nicole informed the doctor that Mia knew Nicole was faking her pregnancy-and had still agreed to give Nicole her baby. Mia confirmed it, contentedly adding that she knew Nicole could give the baby a good life. Dr. Baker was skeptical, but smiled in spite of himself when he saw how happy Nicole was to witness Mia's ultrasound.

Nicole was thrilled when Dr. Baker announced that Mia was having a girl. "I lost my baby girl, and now I feel like I've found her again," she declared, her eyes moist with tears. When Mia wistfully confessed that she'd always wanted a little girl, Dr. Baker questioned whether she was having second thoughts. Nicole irritably accused the doctor of trying to put ideas in Mia's head, but Mia assured them both that she was certain about her decision. Nicole vowed that Mia would never regret it, and that the baby would always have the best of everything.

Dr. Baker then informed them that Mia could have the baby in as soon as a week, and that he didn't anticipate any problems. With a pointed glance at Nicole, he added, "I just look forward to this whole episode being over." He smiled kindly at Mia, reminding her to call him if anything happened, then left the two of them alone. Nicole declared that they had just enough time before the baby was born to come up with a plan. She explained that she couldn't just disappear when Mia went into labor, then come home with a baby, when E.J. still believed Nicole was going to have a baby herself. Mia wondered how Nicole planned to pull it off, but Nicole was sure that she could.

When E.J. returned to the mansion, Tony casually informed him that Nicole had just left with her new friend from the youth center. Tony feigned surprise when E.J. said he didn't know Nicole had been volunteering. E.J. wanted to know why Nicole had brought one of the pregnant girls she'd been mentoring back to the mansion. Tony replied that Nicole had been somewhat evasive, adding that he did find it odd. E.J. insisted Tony enlighten him as to what he really thought about the situation. "Same thing you're thinking, little brother," Tony replied. "Something is up."

Tony observed that Nicole hadn't introduced the girl, who couldn't have been older than sixteen, and that they hadn't told him where they were going in such a hurry. E.J. maintained that pregnancy had made Nicole kinder and more sensitive, and he believed the story Nicole had told Tony. "Yes, of course you do-bless your kind, trusting soul," replied Tony sardonically.

When Nicole returned to the mansion, she found E.J. gazing pensively out the window. Nicole greeted him breezily, inquiring about his day. Somewhat impassively, E.J. asked a surprised Nicole why he had to hear from Tony that she'd been volunteering at a center for pregnant teenagers.

Back at her apartment, Mia was relaxing and reading a magazine, when suddenly she clutched her stomach and gasped in pain.

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