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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 12, 2009 on GH
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Monday, January 12, 2009

Maxie tried in vain to intercede as Spinelli was handcuffed and arrested by two FBI agents as a threat to national security. Maxie followed them to the police station and was very angry with Mac. She assumed it was his doing. However, he told her that he was only cooperating with the FBI and letting them use his facilities.

Everything became clear to Maxie when she saw Winnifred, sans geeky outfit, conferring with Agent Rayner. Maxie was incensed that Winnifred had betrayed Spinelli. Winnifred told Maxie that she was just doing her job. Maxie was not mollified and slapped Winnifred.

Nikolas and Nadine took on the government at a Senate Subcommittee meeting in Washington, D.C. When the senators seemed too threatening for Nadine to handle, she gave Nikolas control of the patent so that he could do the speaking. As soon as Nikolas began, one of the senators noted that Nikolas was not a citizen. That made national security even more of an issue for the committee.

Before Nikolas could say more, Nadine regained her composure and told her story in a very compelling way. She explained that she was proud of her country and its soldiers, but she did not want some private company making huge profits out of war. The senators saw it Nadine's way and told her that she, not Equinox Corporation, would have control of the patent and, if she did not want it used in a weapon, then it would not be used in a weapon.

Outside the courtroom, Nikolas received a phone call for Nadine from Alexis' friend who had set up the subcommittee meeting. He told Nadine that someone in the White House wanted to meet her.

Diane and Carly talked divorce strategy in the lobby of the Metro Court while Jax and Alexis did the same in her office. Carly told Diane to stall the divorce because she could tell that Jax still loved her. Jax told Alexis to stall the divorce because he still loved Carly and had hope that they might find their way back to each other. Diane told Carly how much stalling would cost her, but Carly did not care. Alexis told Jax that Carly was a terrible wife, but acknowledged that Carly did love Jax.

Liz took Cameron down to the docks to meet up with Lucky and watch the boat parade. They ran into Sam, who helped Liz with all her paraphernalia. As they talked, a boat exploded in the harbor. Sam recognized that it was in Jason's shipping lanes, and told Liz that she was going to check out the explosion. Sam asked Liz if she wanted to know if Jason was okay. Liz said that she was trying not to care about what happened to Jason because being close to him brought the potential for danger to her children.

Sonny and Claudia were surprised when Jason blew up their shipment and even more surprised when he appeared on the docks and told them that he had blown up their ship because they were trespassing in his territory. Sonny did not see it that way. He saw it as taking back the territory that already belonged to him.

Jason wanted to work things out, but Claudia got in the middle. Sonny told her not to interfere, but she insisted that Jason was in the wrong to strike without warning. She and Sonny left before matters were resolved with Jason.

Tracy was with Luke on the Haunted Star. She worried about his involvement with Sonny. Luke told Tracy that he had no intention of getting in the middle of a mob war. He insisted that his friendship with Sonny went no further that having drinks, playing a few hands of cards, and talking politics. Tracy admitted that her real fear was losing Luke. Luke told Tracy that he had no intention of leaving her and that he was there for the long haul. The shared a tender kiss.

Spinelli tried to explain that he was not a threat to national security, but Rayner advised him to keep quiet. Rayner told Spinelli that they had enough on him to lock him up for life, or worse.

Jax finished his meeting with Alexis and returned to the Metro Court to find Diane and Carly drinking martinis. Carly said that they were mixing business with pleasure. After Diane left to attend to other clients, Carly admitted that she had asked Diane to stall the proceedings. She told Jax that she wanted to use the time to make him fall in love with her again. Jax told her that it was not possible because he had not fallen out of love with her.

Carly glowed with that admission from Jax. He told her that he had also asked Alexis to stall. They both admitted that they loved each other. Jax still worried that Carly would fall under Sonny's influence again, but she said that she was no longer in Sonny's thrall. When Carly asked Jax to have dinner with her, he accepted and they shared a loving embrace.

Maxie called Sam from the Port Charles Police Station, in hopes that Sam could locate Jason. Fortunately, Sam had arrived on the docks as Sonny and Claudia departed and had just found Jason when Maxie called. Maxie told Jason that Spinelli was in custody. He left immediately for the police station.

Diane arrived to talk to Spinelli, but she was not allowed to see him. She cooled her heels with Alexis, who speculated that Spinelli was being used as a pawn to snag Jason. Alexis thought that Spinelli would be offered a deal to betray Jason. Diane scoffed at the idea that the "Grasshopper" would ever betray his mentor, Jason.

When Sonny and Claudia arrived home, Claudia was still telling Sonny how to handle the situation with Jason. She said that he was going to have some big explaining to do to Anthony if he did not make some kind of move. Sonny said that he would handle it his way. Claudia said that Sonny could not let friendship get in the way of business. She told Sonny that he knew what he had to do and she had faith that he would do it.

When Jason arrived at the police station, Diane told him the bad news. She said that the FBI had proof that Spinelli had hacked into systems protected by national security. She said that Spinelli was looking at very serious charges. When Rayner called Jason in, Diane wanted to go along, but Rayner told Jason it would go better for Spinelli if Rayner could see Jason alone. Jason acceded to his wishes.

Lucky, Liz, and Cameron shared a wonderful time watching the boat parade. Liz told Lucky that Sam had been there, but had gone to find out what had happened. When Lucky asked if she was worried for Jason, she told him that for the sake of her children she was trying not to care what happened.

Maxie was able to see Spinelli when he was put in a holding cell. He admitted how frightened he was. Maxie encouraged him to have hope and held his hand through the bars.

As soon as Jason was in the interrogation room, he asked Rayner if Spinelli had been arrested to get to Jason. Rayner admitted that he had. He told Jason to make no mistake. He said that Spinelli's freedom and, potentially, his life were at risk if Jason did not do exactly as Rayner said.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Agent Rayner told Jason they would cut a deal with him to set Spinelli free if Jason would give the FBI information about Sonny and the Zacchara family. The FBI wanted Jason to continue acting as head of the Corinthos family and work undercover for the FBI. If Jason cooperated, Spinelli would be released. If Jason didn't cooperate, Spinelli would go to prison for life. Jason offered a full confession if they would let Spinelli go. Jason was even willing to turn Anthony Zacchara over, but Jason didn't want to betray Sonny. Agent Rayner said Jason was not in a position to negotiate.

Outside the interrogation room, Maxie talked to Spinelli, who was in one of the holding cells. She apologized for what she had said in their earlier argument. Suddenly, the officers prepared to move Spinelli somewhere more permanent. Diane stormed in and said she would get a court order to halt their progress, but Agent Rayner and Jason showed up and said there would be no need. Spinelli was being released.

Maxie brought Spinelli back to her apartment and tried again to apologize to her dear friend. Spinelli said everything Maxie had said earlier was true, so there was no need for her to apologize. Spinelli was even more upset, though, because he worried what trouble he had gotten Jason into. Spinelli was afraid he had opened Pandora's box. He had trusted someone who Maxie had easily seen was not trustworthy. Maxie said the real reason she hated Winnifred was because she was jealous. She was worried Spinelli and Winnifred would bond over their love of technology. Maxie and Spinelli couldn't be more different, so she felt sex was necessary to undermine Winnifred's attention. Maxie said she should have been happy for Spinelli to have possibly found someone he was so compatible with, but all she could do was be jealous of the possibility of losing her friend. Spinelli was touched when Maxie said she couldn't bear the thought of having to wake up and not see him.

Nikolas and Nadine talked about their success with Aunt Raylene's patent, and the upcoming administration. Nikolas asked Nadine what she would do if the new administration offered her a job. Nadine was giddy at the thought, but she reminded him of all the promises the government had made in the past and not followed through with. Nadine was happy with her life as a nurse, though. She took that opportunity to invite Nikolas to the latest charity gala. Although the event was right up Nikolas' alley, he knew it would be around Emily's birthday. Nikolas thought about it for a while and decided the charity event would be just the thing Emily would have wanted him to do. He told Nadine he would accompany her to the event.

Sonny and Claudia talked in the living room until Max came in and warned them that Anthony was coming to talk to Sonny. Anthony was wheeled into the room and immediately announced his displeasure in Sonny interfering with the plans to bring Johnny home. Sonny's job was only to run the business, not interfere with the family. Anthony wasn't very happy with Sonny's recent business dealings, though, after having heard about a shipment being blown up. Anthony thought Sonny needed to deal with Jason once and for all. He wanted Jason's head on a stick.

Sonny and Anthony continued to argue, and Sonny told Anthony that he wasn't just another employee Anthony could boss around. Sonny was in charge of the Zacchara family, and he knew how to handle Jason. Sonny called Max to have Anthony's assistants take him home, much to Anthony's dismay. Claudia was thrilled as her father was angrily wheeled out of the room. She went to Sonny and told him he had handled her father perfectly. Claudia warned Sonny that her father wouldn't give up until Jason had been dealt with, though. Sonny decided he needed the inside information on Anthony from Claudia.

Carly walked down the steps at the docks and almost fell. Lucky helped her and saved her groceries from spilling all over the docks. Carly was relieved because she had all kinds of fancy foods to prepare a dinner for her and Jax. Lucky was surprised to hear they were having dinner, but Carly reminded him that everyone could have a second chance. Carly offered Lucky a bag of cookies and went on her way.

Liz was surprised at Carly's nice gesture with the cookies, but Lucky was even more surprised to hear Liz stifle her negative thoughts towards Carly. Liz explained that she had made her own mistakes in the past year, and she didn't feel like she had the right to judge others.

Sam approached Lucky, Cameron, and Liz on the docks as they were preparing to go home. Lucky told Sam he needed to make sure Cameron got home okay, but Lucky asked if he could stop by Sam's place later. Sam mentioned that he should call first, because she would be out and about checking up on Spinelli. Once Sam was gone, Liz asked if Lucky and Sam were doing okay. She had noticed the tension between the two of them. Lucky said he was happy at that moment being with Liz and Cameron, and that was all that mattered.

Carly rushed home to prepare a candlelit dinner for her and Jax but was stopped when she heard a knock at the door. It was Jason there to ask a favor from Carly. He needed to speak with Sonny before things got really bad between them. Jason didn't want to just go barging into Sonny's house, especially after he blew up Sonny's most recent shipment. Jason wanted Carly to set up a meeting with Sonny at her house that night. Carly said she couldn't help him that night. It was her last chance to save her marriage to Jax. Always in the past, Carly would put Sonny and Jason first. She wasn't willing to do that anymore, though. Jason understood and left, walking past Jax on his way in.

Jax asked if there was more chaos going on, but Jason said it was no longer Carly's chaos. Jax approached Carly and asked what had just happened. Carly said she had chosen Jax. They sat down to some wine and cheese, and Jax asked what was going on between Jason and Sonny. Carly said she didn't know, and Jax was surprised she hadn't asked and gotten the scoop. Carly said that Jason and Sonny used to be her life, but she wanted her life to be about her and Jax. He smiled and they raised their glasses for a toast. Jax asked where the rest of the meal was, and Carly said the appetizers were all there was. Whenever she ate a large meal, she always regretted it later. With appetizers, she planned to leave Jax wanting more. All she had thought about was planning that dinner for him, but she wanted to take baby steps for their fragile relationship. She had chosen Jax for her future because he made her happiest.

Patrick came home and heard Emma crying in another room. Robin, however, was sitting on the couch as if nothing was wrong. She was trying to put the baby swing together and said Emma just needed to cry it out. Patrick quickly checked on his daughter and took care of her needs. After he settled her down, he went out to talk to Robin. Patrick was very concerned that Robin could be suffering from post-partum depression. Robin wasn't interested in hearing about Patrick's diagnosis, though. She decided the only thing wrong was the size of their apartment. It wasn't working out living in such small, cramped quarters. Robin felt that moving to a bigger house would make things better.

They got online and found a house right around the corner from Liz. It appeared to be the right size and had a nice backyard, also. Robin wanted to look at the house the next day and possibly make an offer on it. Patrick felt she was rushing things a bit, but Robin said sometimes she just had that instinct. A proper family needed a proper home.

Jason showed up at Sonny's house and asked him to step down. If Sonny chose not to step down from the Zacchara family, Jason wouldn't be able to save him. Sonny had put himself in a bad position by joining forces with the enemy. Jason wanted it to be perfectly clear. If it was Sonny's clear choice to be with the enemy, Jason owed him no further protection.

Sam knocked on Maxie's door and was surprised to find Spinelli there with her. They talked about Spinelli's crimes and how he suddenly was released. Spinelli was concerned the Feds were using him as a bargaining chip to get Jason to cooperate. Sam told Spinelli that he needed to let his friends take care of him.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Alexis went to see Carly at home. She told Carly that she was there as Jax's friend, not his lawyer. Just as Alexis started asking Carly questions about her intentions towards Jax, he came down the stairs. Alexis assumed that they had spent the night together. When she asked Jax if they had, he told her that it was between him and Carly.

Alexis beat a hasty retreat. After she was gone, Carly wanted to know why Jax had not been truthful with Alexis and told her that he had not spent the night with Carly, but had arrived earlier to help Carly put together a toy for Morgan.

Jax told Carly that he did not mind keeping Alexis guessing, and he was very happy about their chances for reconciliation. Carly was also pleased with how things were working out between them. Jax left for the hotel after giving Carly a loving kiss.

Robin and Patrick looked at a house in the suburbs that was next door to Liz. Robin was ready to buy it immediately, but Patrick wanted to look around first. Eventually they agreed that it was the perfect house for them. Robin was convinced that all her problems would be solved if they got a house. She attributed her recent emotional problems to living in too small a space, because the clutter was too much for her tidy mind.

Patrick was not convinced, but hoped for the best. He also liked the house and thought it would suit their family perfectly. He agreed to go to the realtor with Robin, make an offer, and move in as soon as possible.

Spinelli was waiting for Jason when he came home to the penthouse. He wanted to know what Jason had done to get him released from federal custody. Jason did not want to talk about it, but Spinelli persisted. He feared that Jason had made a deal with the Feds to save him.

Jason told Spinelli that he considered him a really good friend. He said that he forgot that Spinelli was a kid and that he had been wrong to enlist Spinelli's help in some areas. Jason said that he felt responsible for Spinelli's trouble, and anything he had to do to make sure that Spinelli was free and out of danger was worth it.

Jason asked Spinelli to stay out of his business and to let the matter drop. A dejected Spinelli picked up his laptop and left the apartment.

Claudia was searching Sonny's bedroom looking for the DVD that Jerry had hidden when Kate walked in. Kate quizzed Claudia about her actions and Claudia tried to make Kate think that she was sleeping with Sonny. Kate did not buy Claudia's explanation.

Claudia and Kate traded insults. Claudia told Kate that all she would ever be was Sonny's mistress because he was addicted to power and that was what he got by being married to the Zaccharas. Kate shot back that Sonny loved her and would never love Claudia.

Kate swept out but not before telling Claudia that she would mention to Sonny that Claudia had been searching his room. As soon as she was gone, Claudia found Jerry's DVD taped underneath Sonny's bed. She hurried out of the room and headed downstairs.

Maxie wanted the rent from Lulu, but Lulu only had half of her share. Johnny offered to pay the other half, but Lulu insisted that she would get the rest. Johnny left for a job interview and Lulu left for work.

Spinelli let himself in to Sonny's place and sat down to wait for Sonny. Claudia did not see him when she rushed down the stairs to her computer and started tearing the wrapper off Jerry's DVD. Before she finished, Spinelli spoke up and spooked Claudia, who threatened to kill him. Spinelli responded that he thought they were friends and he did not understand her hostility.

Claudia recovered quickly and told him it was because Sonny and Jason were about to go to war and he was in the enemy camp. She said that she had nothing against him personally, but the guards might not see it that way. Spinelli said he understood, and told Claudia to ask Sonny to call him because he had something urgent to discuss with him. Claudia said that she would give the message to Sonny. Spinelli left through the patio door.

Lucky knocked on Sam's door and she seemed glad to see him. Their happiness did not last long. As soon as Sam said she was applying to be a P.I., Lucky hit the roof. He said it was more proof that she was addicted to danger. She said that it was one of the few things that she would be good at. She pointed out that she was an independent woman who made her own decisions.

As their argument heated up, Alexis knocked on Sam's door. Lucky used Alexis' arrival as an excuse to leave. After he was gone, Sam expected Alexis to be against the P.I. idea, but was pleasantly surprised to find that she had Alexis' full support.

Jason was not happy to get a call from Agent Rayner, who told him that he was coming over for a meeting. As soon as he was off the phone, Carly came to the door. She wanted to know if Jason had worked thing out with Sonny. He said that they had not. He told her that he feared that he and Sonny were no longer friends, and he wondered how much more protection he could give Sonny.

Carly was puzzled, but could see that Jason was agitated. She told him that she loved him and cared about him. Jason was glad to learn that Carly and Jax were on their way to reconciliation, and he assured her that he did not need her help or want to jeopardize her fragile relationship with Jax in any way.

Robin and Patrick bought the house and were pleased to get a quick escrow and the right to move in immediately. Patrick and Robin shared a laugh when Patrick noted that they had a white picket fence. Robin was joyful in her belief that the house would solve all their problems.

Liz recognized the car and stopped by to welcome Robin and Patrick to the neighborhood. Both Robin and Patrick were pleased to have Liz as their next-door neighbor. While Patrick checked out the garage, Liz and Robin talked about the neighborhood and the joys and trials of motherhood, especially the stress of raising children.

Lulu was making calls for Crimson and waiting for Carly when Carly returned from Jason's. Lulu was embarrassed to ask for a loan, but Carly sensed her distress and volunteered to lend Lulu some money. Lulu was grateful and said that she would pay Carly back. Lulu was excited when she told Carly that Johnny had a job interview and she was sure that he would get the job.

Epiphany tried to let Johnny down easily when she advised him to take some college classes and do some volunteer work. Johnny said that he thought that he only needed a high school diploma to get an orderly's job. Epiphany said that was so, but with so many convalescent hospitals closing, there were some exceptionally qualified people available at the time. Before leaving, Johnny thanked Epiphany for her honesty,

Maxie was overjoyed to see Spinelli when he knocked on her door. He was very dejected, but Maxie did her best to cheer him up. He told her that he feared that Jason had done something against his code to get Spinelli freed. Maxie told Spinelli not to worry and to stay out of it, because Jason could handle the situation. When Spinelli acknowledged that Jason had said the same thing to him, Maxie gave him a bright smile, said it was settled, and hugged Spinelli, who remained downcast.

When Lulu called Epiphany to find out what had happened with Johnny's interview, she found out that Johnny had lost out. A few minutes later, Johnny came home. He asked Lulu to spend the rest of the day with him. He said it was because he was starting work the next day. Lulu was thoughtful when he told her that he got the job at GH.

Claudia finally played Jerry's DVD and he gave her another confusing clue. As Claudia puzzled it out, Kate watched her through the patio windows.

Jason was not happy when Rayner showed up at his door. He told Rayner that their relationship would be revealed if it were known that Rayner was coming to Jason's apartment. Rayner said that he did not care about that, because priorities had shifted. He told Jason that a truck belonging to Equinox Corporation had been hijacked. He said that the number one priority was the recovery of that truck.

Rayner demanded that Jason locate the missing truck through his sources. When Jason said that an FBI raid would compromise his informant status, Rayner told him to use whatever means were necessary to find and recover the missing truck.

Thursday, January 16, 2009

Monica, Matt and Liz were operating on a patient while Patrick was on another floor in the hospital. Patrick appeared concerned after he read an X-ray. He raced to the bank of elevators while Epiphany reached for the phone to make a call. When the elevator doors failed to immediately open, Patrick ran to the stairwell and sprinted up several flights of stairs.

As the scenes unfolded, Monica and Matt were heard talking their way through the surgery.

Nicolas was shown at General Hospital. As he reached for a hospital phone, Nicolas looked up and saw a woman standing at the nurse's station. He was taken aback by her uncanny resemblance to Emily.

Kate was seen walking with a determined stride. She stopped for a moment to gather herself.

The clock on the wall at the hospital showed that it was 7 o'clock.

Robin was at home. She appeared distraught as Emma was heard crying in the background. In her agitation, Robin picked up the baby monitor and threw it across the room.

Carly and Sonny were standing close together during the benefit gala at the hospital. Carly was smiling until something caught her attention. Her smile disappeared as she stepped away from Sonny. He turned to see what had caused the change in Carly. Claudia approached Sonny from behind then reached for Sonny's arm.

Lulu was in her apartment. She seemed troubled as she took off her necklace then walked out of the room.

Johnny and Maxie were in a garage of some sort. Johnny carried Maxie to a pallet and gently laid her down. She appeared alert.

Spinelli was shown at the penthouse. He grabbed a briefcase before he rushed out of the door.

Jason was in his car. His expression was grim, as he drove down the road.

When Patrick reached the surgical floor, he ran to the operating room. In his haste, Patrick bumped into a nurse, who was pushing a cart. The nurse fell as the cart tipped over. Patrick didn't pause to help her.

Matt told his surgical team that they had a bleeder. He warned everyone that something was wrong with the patient. In the next instant blood splattered across Matt's face.

Meanwhile, Patrick made it to the observation window of the operating room. He banged the window and shouted, "Stop!" to everyone inside. No one appeared to hear him as pandemonium broke out. Monica reached for her surgical mask and pulled it away from her face as her eyes drifted close and she fell to the ground. A fire erupted as everyone began scrambling for their lives.

Patrick, wearing a coat over a set of hospital scrubs, sat down in a dark room. Whom he was talking to was unknown. He began by stating that he was a neurosurgeon who was trained to be detached. As he talked about the beginning of "that day," the story started to unfold.

9 hours before the surgery: 10am.

Patrick arrived at General Hospital. He was exhausted because Emma had not slept through the night. Epiphany didn't have much sympathy for Patrick because she felt certain that Robin did the lion's share of caring for Emma. They exchanged good-natured jabs for a few minutes before Epiphany turned to Leyla with an assignment. A blizzard was moving in and the hospital had been put on an emergency alert.

At home, Robin was unpacking and settling into her new home when the doorbell rang. It was Liz. She had brought a casserole over as a house-warming gift. Robin invited Liz inside and enlisted her help. While Liz took notes, Robin prioritized what needed to be done to unpack efficiently everything. Robin appeared overwhelmed at times so Liz suggested that Robin relax and take things one step at a time. Robin bristled over the advice. She asked Liz if she and Patrick had been talking about Robin and motherhood. Robin was visibly relieved when Liz assured her that she hadn't.

Unfortunately, a few minutes later, Emma woke up and began crying. Robin seemed reluctant to attend to her daughter so she invited Liz to feed the baby. Liz was uncertain because Emma was not familiar with her. Robin assured Liz that Emma would be fine then, on the pretense of running a few urgent errands, Robin asked Liz to watch Emma for a while. Robin quickly left without giving Liz the opportunity to decline.

At the Metro Court hotel, Carly and Jax reviewed few things as they made final preparations for the benefit function later that evening. Carly cautiously broached the subject of Sonny. She told Jax that Sonny had asked her to stop by Greystone Manor so that they could discuss some things concerning the benefit. Carly didn't want to go over to Sonny's if Jax had a problem with it. Jax appreciated Carly's consideration and told her that he understood why she had to go there. He assured her that he did not want to police her life. Carly was relieved and both realized that their relationship was in a better place because of their honesty with each other.

At Greystone, Sonny was annoyed when Spinelli showed up and began rambling about Jason. Sonny couldn't understand Spinelli so he demanded that Spinelli clarify himself or leave. Spinelli pulled himself together and managed to explain that he believed that Jason was in trouble with the FBI. Sonny said little as Spinelli blurted everything out. He told Sonny that the FBI had arrested him but released after Jason cut a deal with the agent in charge of the investigation. Sonny was stunned that Spinelli had revealed so much inflammatory information to Sonny. He asked Spinelli if Jason was aware of Spinelli's decision to turn to Sonny for help. Spinelli admitted that Jason had advised Spinelli drop the matter entirely.

Sonny asked Spinelli if he was stupid. Before Spinelli could respond, Sonny advised Spinelli to honor Jason's request and keep his mouth shut about the arrest and Jason's subsequent visit to the Port Charles police department. Spinelli didn't heed Sonny's advice. Spinelli was certain that Jason's reluctance to confide in Spinelli showed that Jason was in a difficult situation. Sonny suggested that the reason Jason didn't trust Spinelli with the details of the dropped charges was because Spinelli would blab about it to everyone. Furious with Spinelli's loose lips, Sonny threw the young man out of his home. As a parting shot, Sonny told Spinelli to find another line of work; he was too weird to work in the mob.

Jason was at his penthouse, on the phone with Bernie. Someone was knocking impatiently on the front door while Jason ordered Bernie to find a hijacked Equinox truck. After he wrapped up the call, Jason answered to door. It was Maxie. She was concerned about Spinelli and wanted talk to Jason about it. Jason listened as Maxie explained that Spinelli was upset because he felt as if he had ruined Jason's life. His hurt was compounded by Jason's refusal to tell Spinelli about what the deal that Jason had cut with Rayner to get the charges against Spinelli dropped. Maxie thought she could help Spinelli if Jason told her what was really going on. Jason's response was to tell Maxie that it was none of her business. He told her that if he wouldn't tell Spinelli, he certainly wouldn't tell Maxie.

Maxie was frustrated by Jason's stubbornness to open up and started to chastise him for making things difficult for Spinelli. During her tirade, Maxie revealed that she had slept with Spinelli to keep him from falling for Winnifred. Jason couldn't believe Maxie's logic. He told her that using Spinelli like that made absolutely no sense. He advised Maxie to focus on being a friend to Spinelli. Jason was certain that if Maxie calmed down about things, it would help settle Spinelli down. Before he sent her on her way, Jason warned Maxie not to sleep with Spinelli again, unless she cared about him.

After Maxie's departure, Robin dropped by for a visit. Jason was happy to see her but told her that it was not a good idea for her to be at his penthouse because of the danger around him. Robin brushed his concerns aside and showed Jason pictures of Emma. As he looked at the pictures, Robin asked him how Carly knew that she had been suffering from post-partum depression following Michael's birth.

Jason took Robin over to the sofa and the two sat down. Jason told Robin that Carly had realized there was a problem when she couldn't bring herself to touch Michael. Shortly after his birth, Jason had taken Carly to the NICU to see Michael but Carly was refused to hold her son. A couple of days later, Carly decided to leave town for a while. Robin made a few derisive comments about Carly's fitness as a mother and then seemed to conclude that all was well with her. Robin decided that she didn't suffer from PPD because she didn't have the same symptoms that Carly had exhibited. Jason cautioned Robin not to rely on him for a diagnosis. He reminded Robin that he only knew Carly's case and urged her to seek professional advice. Robin waived away Jason's concern. She told him that Patrick had only made the suggestion and put the concern in her head, that she had PPD, because he was a perfectionist. He needed to have a diagnosis for everything. Robin thanked Jason for his help and left before Jason could persuade Robin to see a specialist about her situation.

Claudia was in the living room, with her laptop, when Carly walked in looking for Sonny. Claudia was annoyed by Carly's lack of boundaries. She demanded that Sonny's ex leave Greystone immediately. Carly refused so the two traded a few heated words before Sonny walked in. Sonny let Claudia know, in no uncertain terms, that Carly was a part of his life and welcome in his home. Frustrated that Sonny had sided with Carly, Claudia gathered her things. Before she stormed out, Claudia told Sonny that Carly's loyalty was to Jason, Sonny's enemy.

After Claudia was gone, Carly turned to Sonny. She told him that Jason was not his enemy. Sonny deftly changed the subject to the benefit gala that Carly had organized. As they went over the guest list, Sonny asked if Jason would be attending. Carly reminded Sonny that Jason hated formal events but offered to invite him if Sonny wanted Jason to be there. Sonny declined the offer.

Maxie returned to the offices of Crimson and called Clarice. Maxie was looking for Kate, but Clarice had no idea where their boss was. Before Maxie ended the call, she reminded Clarice of an important deadline. Matt had walked in during the tail end of the phone call. He was impressed with what he had heard. Maxie said that she couldn't care less what Matt thought and tried to ignore him. Matt refused to be dismissed. Instead, he asked Maxie out on a date. Maxie made it clear that she wasn't interested but Matt didn't seem to believe her. When he brought up Spinelli, Maxie became defensive. She told him that Spinelli was her closest friend and what they had went beyond dating. Matt took that to mean that Maxie did not have romantic feelings for Spinelli. Unfortunately, Spinelli chose that moment to make an appearance at Crimson. Matt eagerly shared his newfound discovery with Spinelli.

At the hospital, Patrick decided to go home. Initially Epiphany was reluctant to see the doctor leave because of the impending blizzard but she quickly realized that Patrick was too distracted to be of use at the hospital. She sent Patrick on his way with her blessing.

When Patrick arrived home, with a bouquet of red roses, he found Liz waiting instead of Robin. Liz explained that Robin had left to run a few errands. Liz had kept herself busy taking care of Emma and unpacking a few things in the living room to help Robin out. Liz tried to ease Patrick's worries about Robin's recent struggles but to no avail. Robin walked in to hear Patrick admit that he was seriously concerned about his wife. Liz tried to ease Patrick's worries about Robin's recent struggles, to no avail. Robin walked in to hear Patrick admit that he was seriously concerned about his wife.

Sonny stopped by Jason's penthouse to tell him about Spinelli's earlier visit and what he had revealed. He confronted Jason with his suspicions that Jason had cut a deal with the FBI. When Jason didn't deny it, Sonny concluded that Jason had agreed to help the FBI take Sonny down. He realized he was right when Jason remained silent.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Patrick arrived home from work early and found Liz had come over to help with the move and watch Emma while Robin ran some errands. Robin was surprised to see how much Liz had gotten done, but Liz explained that she was used to working quickly, since she was a single mom. Once Liz was gone, Robin seemed a bit jealous and said she hoped Liz wouldn't be popping in all the time. Patrick used that opportunity to bring up the subject of post-partum depression. Robin insisted again that she wasn't suffering from depression and she had asked Jason for his opinion, also. Patrick couldn't understand why she would go to Jason instead of her husband, but Robin told him that Carly had suffered from post-partum depression after she had Michael. Carly lived with Jason at the time, so he had witnessed the symptoms. Robin wasn't suffering from any of the same symptoms Carly had.

Patrick decided he didn't want to spend the afternoon arguing with Robin. He loved her and wanted to spend some time with their family. He wanted to take a picture in their new house, but Robin was clearly uncomfortable with her daughter.

Spinelli watched as Maxie and Matt flirted and argued with each other. Matt told Maxie she had gorgeous eyes, but Maxie wasn't interested. After Matt left, Maxie reminded Spinelli of what a jerk Matt was. She enjoyed fighting with him, but would never date him.

Sam met up with Maxie and Spinelli to express her concerns about Jason. Spinelli was also very worried about what he had gotten his master into. Maxie reassured them both that Jason was fine. She had gone to see Jason to thank him for helping Spinelli, and they all just needed to drop it. That information seemed to worry Spinelli and Sam even more, though.

Later, Spinelli worked on some of the office equipment at Crimson while Maxie flirted on the phone. Spinelli was disturbed by her conversation, but Maxie assured him it was just her way of getting free samples from one of their distributors. Spinelli once again started to fret over Jason, so Maxie reminded Spinelli that he had friends who would stand by his side until things got better. Spinelli worried that things would get worse before they would get better.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Alexis talked about the situation with Aunt Raylene's patent and Equinox Corporation. Nikolas was putting himself in a very dangerous situation, especially for someone Alexis suspected Nikolas didn't love. He admitted that he enjoyed spending time with Nadine, but he wasn't sure about love just yet. It was Emily's birthday, and he really just wanted Alexis to back off. They talked about how weak Nikolas had become after Emily's death. Nadine gave Nikolas hope, but he wasn't sure if he was capable of that deep love that he had shared with Emily.

Nadine walked in and interrupted Nikolas and Alexis' conversation by telling them what a wonderful afternoon they were going to have. After Alexis left, Nikolas told Nadine he would have to meet her at the charity event. He had something he had to do.

Ric walked in as Claudia was listening to Jerry's DVD again. He had been waiting for her at Jake's, but Claudia hadn't shown up. She said she had gotten busy, but Ric was more interested in finding out what had Claudia so spooked. Anthony walked in and told them they shouldn't be sleeping together in Sonny's house. They were taking serious risks by doing so. Ric started to stand up for Claudia, but she stopped him and assured her father that they were exercising full discretion.

Sonny relayed to Jason his anger atthe thought of him turning Sonny and the Zaccharas over to the Feds. Sonny didn't think Spinelli was worth that kind of betrayal. The only way Jason could get Spinelli out of trouble was to make a deal. Jason couldn't turn over on Sonny, so he wanted Sonny to leave the Zacchara organization before the Feds swept into action. Sonny couldn't leave yet. He knew Karpov hadn't shot Kate and he suspected someone in the Zacchara family had set up the shooting. He had Anthony just where he needed him in order to get the information. Sonny couldn't just leave the organization.

Sam met up with Jason and told him she was sure he had cut a deal to get Spinelli out of jail. In one moment, Spinelli went from facing hard jail time to being released. Someone had to cut a deal, and she knew it had been Jason. Sam knew Jason cared about Sonny, though. She asked him what he was going to do.

Meanwhile, Sonny walked into his living room and asked if he had missed a scheduled meeting when he saw Anthony, Ric, and Claudia gathered around talking. Anthony said the recent events had disturbed him. Although Sonny said he had a plan, Anthony thought it was taking too long. Anthony had decided he needed to make his own plan, and he wouldn't be telling Sonny anything about the new shipment. If Jason interfered, Anthony would take care of him. Sonny didn't seem upset, which surprised both Anthony and Claudia. Sonny said he wasn't interested in a power struggle, and he looked forward to their future together. Anthony seemed satisfied, so he and Ric left.

Once they were alone, Sonny noticed Claudia was jittery. Claudia blamed it on her father and Ric's scheming tactics, but Sonny wasn't totally convinced. He reminded her again that if she were hiding something from him, he would find out about it.

Matt walked into the hospital and listened as Epiphany and Liz talked about the storm and the possibility of sledding. They laughed over the thought of Patrick bringing Robin flowers and how far away Matt was from that life. Matt agreed that Patrick was lucky to have such a great little baby. Matt planned on being the top surgeon while Patrick was playing the part of the family man.

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