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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 12, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, January 12, 2009

Johnny read his lion book to Josie and Dusty, until Dusty said it was naptime, and he went with Josie out into the hall. The doctor came by and said the boy could go home very soon if he kept progressing well. Dusty told Josie he liked the way she had stood up for herself when he had chewed her out for allowing Paul to see Johnny. After Dusty left, Josie peeked in on Paul and was surprised that he was dressed and putting on his coat. She went in, and Paul said the doctor said he was improving, so Paul had decided to go home. He asked for Josie's help because he wanted to see his new daughter and thought Meg would react better if Josie was along. Josie was hesitant, but she finally agreed.

At Lily's, Luke came home and found his grandmother there. Lucinda suggested the two of them turn the proverbial page and forget all the unpleasantness between them. Luke told her he could not forget that Brian had hurt both of them, and he suspected she couldn't either. Luke walked out, and Lucinda realized Jade had been watching and listening to them. Jade gave Lucinda a piece of her mind about how she was treating Luke, but Lucinda countered by saying that Noah's observing the kiss between Luke and Brian was not her fault. Jade told Lucinda she didn't get it and said Lucinda should use some of her business brains and find out what she could do to help Luke.

Casey ordered a coffee from Noah at Java and apologized for locking him out on the roof with Luke. Noah was angry and told him to follow his own advice and figure out his relationship with Alison. Casey did not like Noah's words, and he walked out.

Alison visited Johnny and spoke with Dusty. He thanked her for spearheading the bone marrow donation drive. Alison tried to rationalize not telling him that Johnny was in town, but Dusty said he thought she was a better friend than that. Alison reminded him that she and Lucy went way back together, plus when Lucy said Johnny needed Alison's help, her hormones kicked in and brought back to her the sad feelings that she probably would never have children of her own. They commiserated that, thanks to Craig, Lucy could not stay in town. Dusty thanked Alison again and told her not to be so hard on herself. She told Dusty there was a guy she liked a lot, but after her first failed marriage, she was gun shy. Dusty told her not to over think everything.

Tom gave Meg her divorce papers and recommended she tell Paul about them while he was undergoing psychiatric treatment and could get help if he needed it. Meg agreed, but she declined to present the papers herself. Tom understood why Meg was reluctant to see Paul in his damaged state and offered to serve the papers, but Meg wanted to think about it.

Tom went to the diner and ran into Casey, and he questioned his son about Maddie. Casey said he had to tell her the truth-that he was interested in someone else. Tom asked who, so Casey answered that it was Alison Stewart. Tom was not pleased to hear that and reminded his son that getting involved with anyone would be a big mistake. He thought it was time for Casey to buckle down and concentrate on himself.

Lucinda approached Noah at work at Java and told him she was going to talk, and he was going to listen. She said both of them had been wronged by Brian and Luke, but Noah attempted to brush her off by saying he had no time for chatting. Lucinda urged him to go find Luke and make things right or she would hound him and not give him a moment's peace. Noah said that what happened between Luke and him had nothing to do with Lucinda, but she begged to differ. She blamed herself for bringing Brian into the equation and reminded Noah that he had married Ameera, which was very difficult for Luke. Luke had forgiven him, and she thought Luke deserved the favor in return. As Lucinda started out the door, Jade came in. The women had words and Noah realized Jade had been responsible for Lucinda's visit. He gave her a sarcastic thank you and asked her who had given her permission to butt into his life. Jade carped at him and stormed out, and Noah followed.

Meg fed baby Eliza a bottle at the farm as Paul and Josie walked in. Josie left them alone when she saw that Meg was not overreacting, and Meg asked Paul how he could have been released so quickly. Paul told her his nephew Johnny had helped him, but Meg assumed Paul was hallucinating and refused to let him near the baby. Paul begged just to look at his daughter, so Meg relented. While Paul was occupied with the baby, Meg went outside and called Dusty, who was surprised that Paul had left the hospital. Meg mentioned that Paul was not rational because he thought Johnny was back, so Dusty gave her the news that the boy was there with him. Meg was stunned but delighted that Johnny was back and had received a successful bone marrow transplant. After the call, Meg went inside to change the baby while Paul waited in the kitchen. He spotted the divorce papers and became upset. When Meg returned and saw what Paul was reading, she explained she was asking for full custody of Eliza, but that did not mean Paul could never see his little girl; it simply meant they would not be raising the baby together.

Tom left the diner as Luke entered, so Luke sat with Casey. He told his friend he was going to have to get used to being single all his life, but Casey told him that was lame. He hustled Luke out and said they were going to Java to settle things once and for all with Noah. They got to Java just as Noah was yelling at Jade outside the coffee shop. Noah complained that Jade had set Lucinda on him and then lashed out by listing all of Luke's faults. Luke, in turn, called Noah selfish about his feelings, and he continued to rant until Noah grabbed him and gave him a hard kiss. Jade and Casey came back and saw the boys locking lips, and they high-fived each other.

At Memorial, Alison told her friend, Leah, that she had just scored two tickets to an AC/DC concert in Chicago for that evening. She said she had a special friend who was a huge fan and would be very excited to go with her. She left to find Casey.

Dusty came to the farm and found Josie waiting outside. He deduced that Paul had gotten her to bring him to see the baby, and Josie verified that. She wondered why Dusty was there, so he told her Meg had called him, fearful that Paul was dangerous. Dusty went inside, and Paul apologized to Meg for coming there without calling first. On Paul's way out, Meg handed him the divorce papers and asked him to sign them.

Luke and Noah went to Lily's and they could not keep their hands off one another. They went upstairs to Luke's room and locked the door. After their lovemaking, the boys showered and told each other that it had been a long wait, but it was definitely worth it. Noah was hungry, so they went downstairs to look for food, and Lucinda came in. She began gathering her belongings to go home, but Luke gave her the happy news that he and Noah were back together. He asked his grandmother to stay, as Noah had brought them all ice cream. Lucinda agreed to remain at Lily's for a while longer.

Casey and Jade went into the diner, and Alison found them there. Casey was pumped that he and Jade had gotten Noah and Luke back together, and Alison felt as if she was intruding. She failed to mention the concert and said she had to return to work. After she left, Jade referred to her as "Casey's girl," but Casey denied it. Back at the hospital, Alison gave the tickets to Leah.

Paul and Josie went to Fairwinds, where Paul said he would not sign the divorce papers. He felt Meg just needed time to adjust to life with the baby. Josie wished him good luck and then left. Paul threw the papers into the trash. Josie returned to the Lakeview, where Dusty assured her they were still friends and gave her a hug.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Liberty walked into the Snyder farm kitchen and surprised her newlywed mother and Jack smooching. She told them the "sight of two senior citizens sucking face" disturbed her sensibilities. Jack left for work, and Janet asked her daughter what was going on between her and Parker. She was still disturbed that the last time Liberty was with Parker, she had come home with her shirt buttoned wrong. Liberty told her mother she wasn't sure how she felt about Parker, but whatever feelings she had towards him, they were not "brotherly." Janet said she had no problem with her daughter dating Parker, even though Brad and Jack disagreed, and cautioned that Liberty's biggest problem would be Carly. Janet suggested the two of them tell Carly that Parker and she were more than just friends, and she dragged a reluctant Liberty to the car.

Parker went looking for Craig at the Lakeview. He had a present for Johnny that he wanted Craig to deliver. He found him in the lounge and thanked Craig for not ratting him out when Craig found him and Liberty under the bar at Metro. Craig invited Parker to accompany him to the hospital to deliver the train to Johnny himself.

Josie played with Johnny at Memorial. Dusty arrived with the good news that the boy could leave the hospital and go home. They packed up Johnny and headed to the Lakeview where Dusty had assembled a train set at Josie's suggestion. Johnny said, "Thank you, Daddy," which had an emotional impact on Dusty, who had never heard the boy call him "Daddy" before. Dusty left to pick up a prescription for the boy, leaving Josie with Johnny.

Lily called on Carly and wanted to explain in person why she had nixed the idea of loaning money to her friend. Carly spoke first, however, and apologized for putting her friend in an awkward position. Lily was relieved that Carly harbored no ill feelings, and she offered to buy her lunch. They went to the Lakeview, where Carly told Lily that she had borrowed the money for Metro from a "venture capitalist." Carly admitted that the lender was Craig, and Lily could not believe Carly was willing to take a chance on someone with Craig's history.

Craig and Parker found Johnny's room empty at the hospital. A nurse told them the boy's father had taken him home. A furious Craig told Parker that they would go to the hotel and straighten things out. They drove to the Lakeview, and Craig knocked on Dusty's door. Josie answered, as Craig barged right past her, bringing Parker along. Josie tried to get Craig to leave, but he invited his son to go get ice cream instead. Craig told Josie that Johnny was his boy, and therefore he could make decisions for him. Johnny went willingly with Craig and Parker, so Josie phoned Dusty. He promised to be right there, but he took a minute to call Jack and alert him that Craig had kidnapped Johnny.

Craig, Parker, and Johnny came into the Lakeview lounge and greeted Carly and Lily, who were finishing lunch. They joined the women, and Carly questioned Parker about his being a part of Craig's entourage, but Parker explained how he had gotten Johnny a present because he was his nephew. Carly was suspicious of her son's motives.

Jack went to Dusty's room and talked with him and Josie. Josie told him what happened and said Craig had left his cell phone number on her phone. Dusty immediately called it and asked where he was, so Craig invited Dusty to join the party in the hotel lounge.

At the ice cream party, Carly was uncomfortable and told Parker she thought they should leave. Parker gave Johnny the train set as Dusty arrived. Dusty grabbed Craig out of his chair and threatened to kill him if he ever took Dusty's boy again. Johnny was alarmed and spoke up, asking Dusty to stop being so mean. Jack suggested he, Craig, and Dusty go elsewhere to discuss matters, so Josie agreed to take Johnny back to the room when he finished his ice cream. Jack also asked Parker and Carly to wait for him there. Johnny appeared to lose his appetite, so Josie took him away. Dusty accused Craig of stealing the boy out of his home, but Craig claimed he had left his cell phone number and never took the boy out of the hotel. Dusty was angry, but Jack let Craig defend his actions. Dusty then reminded Craig that he had legal custody, not Craig. Craig countered that if they were considering legalities, Dusty was legally dead. Jack urged the two men to act civilly, while the rival dads continued to trade barbs.

Craig came back to the table to pay the bill and found Lily still there. They discussed Craig's situation, and Lily suggested he should stop lying to himself. She reminded him he lived alone in a hotel room and could only offer Johnny a series of broken marriages and a police record. Craig admitted all that, but he said except for the marriages, Dusty was in the same boat. Lily laughingly suggested a good first step would be to get a wife! Craig said he and wives didn't seem to get along, but Lily said one would be his best asset.

Dusty talked with Josie in the hotel room. She advised him that he had promised he would be civil to Craig and to stop acting self-righteous. She insisted that Dusty needed to try harder to keep his promise to Lucy. Johnny fell asleep, and Dusty realized he was afraid of having to share the boy with Craig.

Jack went back to Carly's where Parker tried to justify his hanging out with Craig after Jack had told him specifically not to do that. He said he only went to deliver the present to Johnny, and Craig had dragged him along to the hospital. The doorbell rang, and Jack answered it. He was surprised to find Janet and Liberty, who asked for Carly. Janet announced that Parker and Liberty were together again, which meant dating. Carly accused the teens of sneaking around to be together, which Liberty denied and Parker admitted. Janet spoke up for the kids, but Jack was not buying the "responsible teen" routine. Surprisingly, Carly agreed with Janet. She said she thought the kids needed to follow the rules, but the adults should cut them some slack. Jack was not convinced.

Back at the farm, Jack was discouraged. Janet tried to convince him that they needed to trust their kids to do the right thing.

Craig appeared unannounced at Carly's. He said he had something to discuss with her. Out of the blue, he asked her how she would like to marry him, and Carly slammed the door in his face.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Casey found Alison at Memorial and tried to describe his cleaning accomplishments as a work of art. Alison barely gave him the time of day, so Casey asked what he had done wrong. He assumed her pique had to do with the fact they had almost kissed a few days before, but they had both agreed that friends didn't kiss friends. They rehashed the New Year's Eve fiasco in the hotel room when they came close to having sex. Leah came in and thanked Alison for the AC/DC concert tickets, but then she got paged and had to leave. Casey was stunned that Alison had the tickets originally and bailed on taking him with her. Alison said she thought about asking him, but she didn't want to give him the wrong impression. Suddenly she got furious and walked out on Casey, who was thoroughly confused.

Bonnie visited Lily and said she wanted to do something about Derek Coburn and Jade. She was afraid they were never going to explore the possibility that they might be father and daughter. Lily said Jade always denied any interest in pursuing a DNA test. Bonnie said she was really beginning to like Derek more than she should, but she needed to know if he was the kind of man who could turn his back on his own flesh and blood.

Margo talked to the Miami police, who had Robby Sanchez in custody in the state penitentiary. She learned that Sanchez had escaped and had fled to Chicago. Margo called Bonnie, who was still at Lily's, and asked her to stay there until she arrived.

Derek, responding to a message on a napkin delivered to him, assumed the message was from Bonnie and went to Metro where he found Robby Sanchez waiting for him at the butt end of a pistol. Sanchez said he wanted to make Derek and Jade both pay for turning him in to the cops.

Jade ran into Noah and Luke in Old Town, and she was pleased to see them back together. They thanked her and Casey for locking them out on the hospital roof and forcing them to talk and face their problems. Luke was still unhappy, however, that he had not yet worked things out with his grandmother, although they had called a truce. The three of them went to Java and got coffee, and Noah mentioned that he understood how Lucinda was having a hard time accepting that Brian was gay. Luke asked Jade if she had talked to Derek, but Jade said she had no plans to do so.

Lucinda was running the paper shredder at Worldwide when Brian walked in. He said he had come to collect his belongings, so Lucinda said she was making his job easier by shredding all his paperwork. She also told him she was getting rid of his personal property, but Brian said that was too bad because he wasn't going anywhere. He claimed to still love her, and asked what it would take to make things better. Lucinda said she knew he loved her, but she felt terrible for trying to love him back. Brian offered to beg her to give him the benefit of the doubt about his motives, but Lucinda said she could not give him anything but a waste paper basket filled with shreds. Brian took the basket and left.

Robby Sanchez called Jade at Java and told her he was out of prison and wanted to see her. He said she needed to say goodbye to her bodyguard, and then Jade heard Derek shouting in the background for her to stay away. Jade was horrified, but she agreed to go to Metro. She picked up her coat and dashed past Luke on her way out. She also ran into Casey and called out that she had to go to Metro. Casey yelled after her that it was the middle of the day, and Metro was not open. A confused Casey decided to follow her.

Noah asked Luke where Jade went, just as Luke's phone rang. It was Lucinda giving him a heads-up that Brian was back in town and had been to her office. She said she didn't trust Brian, and suggested that Luke be alert but not let it spoil a wonderful day with Noah.

Margo arrived at Lily's and told her and Bonnie that Robby Sanchez had escaped and was probably headed in their direction. She suggested Lily call Jade and have her come home so Margo could supply her some police protection.

Jade went to Metro and saw Derek tied to a chair. Robby pointed his revolver at her and began berating her for turning him in. Jade said she only told the truth to avoid going to jail herself. Casey walked in and interrupted Robby's tirade. Robby grabbed Jade while Casey surreptitiously text messaged "Metro" to 9-1-1. Casey protested that he had no idea what was going on, as Robby released Jade, who ran to Casey. Casey tried to convince Robby that if he shot someone, he would never get out of prison. Derek spoke up, and Robby swung the gun around and pulled the trigger. The shot knocked Derek and the chair to the floor and terrified Casey and Jade. Robby kept screaming at them as Jade begged him to put down the gun. Casey rushed him, but Robby hit him with the gun and knocked Casey to the floor. Robby turned the gun on Jade when suddenly Casey grabbed his ankle and took Robby down. Margo and her troops rushed in the front door, followed by Lily and Bonnie. Jade ran to comfort Derek.

Luke left Java and went to Worldwide; he was worried about his grandmother and wanted to make sure she was all right. Luke told her she should not cut him out, and explained how his relationship with Brian had developed. They discussed moving on and generally cleared the air.

Brian came to Java and asked Noah for help with Luke. Brian said he knew how to fix things, but Noah told him he and Luke were already back together. Brian said at least he could end things, knowing that. Brian next went to his room in the Lakeview, and, with tears in his eyes, began packing. He took out a bottle of pills and became thoughtful. A loud noise at the door announced Noah's presence; Noah was also calling to Brian to open the door. Brian yelled at him to go away, but Noah would not quit. Finally Noah phoned Luke to tell him that Brian was acting weird and talking about "ending things." Luke promised to be there shortly.

Brian finally opened his door to Noah and Luke, who had also arrived. The boys went in, and Brian told them he had resigned from Luke's foundation and was leaving town. Luke spotted the bottle of pills and asked if that was Brian's answer to all his problems. Brian said they were just sleeping pills for when his back acted up. Noah was concerned that Brian was considering suicide with all his talk of endings and finalities, and that made Brian angry. He said he could not live as the person he was because he could not reconcile himself to that lifestyle because of the way he was raised and taught to believe. Noah said he knew how that felt because of the way his military father had raised him. Finally Brian had had enough and blurted out, "I'm gay!" Lucinda was coming in as he said that, and she heard Brian's confession. The boys left, but Lucinda stayed. Brian called his ex-wife, Caroline, and the two made plans to meet. His change of attitude comforted Lucinda, and she returned his engagement ring.

Margo, Casey, Jade, Bonnie and Lily all accompanied Derek to Memorial, where he underwent surgery. Alison saw them waiting, so Casey told her about the shooting at Metro. Bonnie asked Alison to try to find out how the surgery was progressing. Alison said she could. Bonnie was shaken up, so Lily comforted her. Jade thanked Casey for following her to Metro, and hugged him just as Alison returned and watched. Margo was relieved that Casey was all right, but she cautioned her reckless son to keep out of trouble from then on. Alison offered to check out Casey's bruised eye, and as they were close, Casey considered kissing her, but Jade walked in and invited him to lunch. Casey then invited Alison, but she declined.

Bonnie and Jade went to see Derek when he was settled in a room. The surgery was successful and evidently gave Derek a new perspective. He told Jade he was willing to take a DNA test to see if he was her biological father. Jade went to tell that news to Lily, who was supportive. Bonnie, alone with Derek, gave him a pep talk - and a kiss.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lily and Carly shared girl talk and coffee at Lily's, and Carly told her friend about Craig's proposal of marriage. Although Carly felt sorry for the position little Johnny was in with two fathers and no mother, she didn't even consider marrying Craig. Lily suggested that Craig's favors always came with strings, and perhaps because Carly had accepted his money, Craig felt it was time for his version of payback.

Jack came to Carly's unexpectedly and surprised Liberty and Parker making out on Parker's bed. Jack went ballistic, while Liberty was embarrassed, and Parker was angry. Jack said he was still the adult, and it was his and Carly's house, so it was his opinions and his rules that the kids had to follow. He sent Liberty home, and Parker got angry and left, too. Jack called Carly and asked her to stay at Lily's until he got there. Carly told Lily the scene with her ex-husband would get ugly since he did not agree with her and Janet that their kids could date again. Jack arrived and told Carly about the scene he had stumbled upon, and he lamented that he never should have allowed the women to talk him into agreeing that the teens could date.

Craig found Tom at the Lakeview. He asked Tom to represent him in any custody matters against Dusty. Tom reminded them of their history, and then told Craig that he was already helping Dusty in the same matter, but he did offer to find another attorney for Craig. Dusty arrived to talk with Tom, so Craig left. Dusty was also surprised that Craig had been interested in hiring Tom instead of bringing in a legal beagle from a powerhouse firm. Tom said there was not a lot of precedent for cases involving two fathers and no mother. He hoped whatever happened, the case would not end up in court, however. His strategy was to settle with Craig, and if they made the first offer, Dusty would appear magnanimous, which would earn him points. It would also set the tone for negotiations, but Dusty had a difficult time granting even small visitation rights to Craig. He said he needed one very important concession from Craig, as well: he was to drop all charges against Lucy so she could be involved in the boy's life again. Tom suggested Craig have visitation three times a week, and Dusty was all right with that as long as Craig was not allowed to take the boy anywhere. They both agreed that Craig needed to prove that he had changed and was trustworthy to care for the boy.

Josie thought Johnny needed some fresh air, so she took him out of the hotel. Knowing the boy's fascination with trains, she took him across the street to the train station. Craig found them looking in a window there, and he picked up his son and gave him a hug. Josie hustled Johnny away, even though Craig tried to tell her that Dusty had approved a visit. He said if he couldn't take the boy on his own, he would like to go with them wherever they were headed. Josie disagreed with that plan, too, and she and Craig began to argue. He claimed arrangements were in the works for shared custody, and that he did not want to go to war with Dusty. Josie said Dusty did not trust Craig to take care of the boy properly, and then she looked around and realized Johnny had disappeared. She ran back to the hotel to see if he was there and found Dusty just finishing his meeting with Tom. She told him the boy was gone, but that Craig was searching for him. They ran back to where she had been with Craig, but he was gone, too. Dusty was worried that if Craig found the boy first, they would never see either one of them again.

Parker found Liberty walking, and the two of them headed downtown. Liberty was upset and blamed herself for putting the two of them in a tempting situation by agreeing to go up to Parker's room to do homework. She hated letting her parents down yet again, and she asked Parker to stop pushing her. Parker was offended that Liberty blamed him, because he thought she liked his attention. Finally Liberty said she wanted no more of anything from him, and they were finished. Parker declared his love for her, but the girl said she had enough pressure in her life from grades, SAT tests, and college applications-and she did not need a boyfriend, too.

Parker got distracted when he spotted Johnny in the street near the train station, alone. He caught up with the boy and knelt down to ask him why he was there, but Johnny just pointed at a passing train. A car careened around the corner and headed directly for the two boys. Suddenly Craig ran in and scooped the two out of harm's way onto the nearby grass. Johnny was fine, but Parker appeared unconscious. Liberty came running and tended to Parker as Craig fussed over Johnny. Parker awoke and complained of a headache, so Craig told Liberty to call 9-1-1. Dusty and Josie ran up, and Dusty grabbed Johnny and yelled at Craig that every time he was around, there was trouble. He and Josie took the boy back to the hotel, while Craig and Liberty stayed with Parker.

At Lily's, Carly asked Jack for the details of the teen escapade, and she was relieved that nothing serious had happened. Lily kibitzed, but Jack did not appreciate her comments. Carly told Jack not to blame the kids, and he responded that he didn't; he blamed the mothers. Carly defended herself and Janet and blamed the whole incident on teenage hormones, not bad parenting. Carly then took a call from Craig informing her of Parker's accident, so she and Jack, with Lily, hurried off to Memorial Hospital.

Dusty put Johnny down for a nap, and the boy apologized for making Dusty mad. Josie apologized too, but Dusty asked her what she was thinking taking the boy out without telling him first. Josie was beating herself up emotionally, but Dusty relented and said they got lucky that Johnny was not hurt. Dusty suggested that Craig might be despicable enough to set up a dangerous situation, if not this one, then one in the future, so that he could swoop in and play the hero. He called Tom and asked him to disregard their previous conversation; he was ready to go to full out war with Craig.

At the hospital, the doctor told Parker he did not have a concussion and he could go home when his parents got there. Parker was grateful to Craig for saving his life. Jack and Carly arrived and wanted to know how the accident happened. Carly immediately thanked Craig, who left, since Parker was in good hands. Lily followed Craig out of the room and with no subtlety told him that he was nuts to have asked Carly to marry him. Everyone came out of the exam room, and Jack finally thanked Craig.

Carly put Parker to bed, but as Liberty was leaving, Carly asked the girl to stay if she wanted to keep Parker company. Jack and Carly went downstairs, and Carly asked Jack to stay a while if he didn't mind, while she ran to the market for some of Parker's favorite foods. He agreed, and promised not to spy on the teens.

Liberty hovered over Parker and then lay next to him on the bed. They agreed they were good and that they were back to being a couple.

Carly arranged to meet Craig at the Lakeview bar, and she apologized for slamming the door in his face when he proposed. She also thanked him again for saving Parker, and Craig appeared to be thinking of Bryant and got emotional at the tragedy of losing a child. Carly held his hand on the bar, as they waxed nostalgic about the importance of family.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Tom met Dusty in the lobby of the Lakeview, where Dusty and Johnny were eating. Tom told Dusty he had made it clear to Craig's attorney that the informal visitations they had relied on thus far were off the table. Dusty figured if he pushed Craig hard enough, Craig would go after him, and that would be Dusty's chance to get Craig out of Johnny's life.

Craig took a box of donuts to Margo at the police station. Craig asked if he should file an accident report, and when Margo asked what accident he was referring to, he told her about having pushed Parker and Johnny out of the way of a car the day before. Margo said that was heroic, and asked whether Craig had hired a photographer to take pictures of his bravery. She then revealed that Jack had told her about the incident. Craig asked what it would take for people to realize he wasn't the scourge of the world, and Margo said, "Stop scourging."

At home, Katie told Brad she wasn't mad at him anymore for having told Dusty about her phony alibi for Craig. However, Katie wanted Brad to promise to stop trying to have her brother put in jail. Katie said Craig was her brother, and she just wanted to put the whole thing behind them. Brad said that he couldn't do that. Katie left, saying she was going to get some advice from the only other person in town who cared about Craig.

Craig went to the Lakeview, where he ran into Dusty, Tom, and Johnny. As he started to approach Johnny, Dusty grabbed him and asked whether he had spoken to his attorney. Dusty told him he was cutting off Craig's visits with Johnny, but Craig pulled out some paperwork from his jacket. He handed it to Dusty, telling him he didn't think that was going to happen. Tom looked over the papers, which he himself had prepared for Craig a few years earlier. They were the preliminary court orders establishing visitation between Craig and Johnny. Tom said that since the original orders had never been rescinded, they still stood as the legal arrangement.

Craig then asked if Johnny wanted to go to the park and ride on a kids' train. Dusty grabbed Craig's arm and said he wasn't going to let Craig take Johnny anywhere. Craig said Tom should prevent his client from doing something stupid. Tom agreed and told Dusty that he shouldn't make a scene. When Johnny walked up between Dusty and Craig, Dusty let go of Craig's arm. Dusty tried to talk Johnny into not going with Craig, but Johnny wanted to go right away. Dusty reluctantly agreed and told Craig to call him in two hours to pick up Johnny.

Dusty asked Tom to tell him again what his options were with regard to Craig. Tom said they could work out a mutually agreeable visitation arrangement, or they could petition the court to make Dusty the sole legal guardian of Johnny. However, Tom didn't think the second strategy would work, because Craig was Johnny's biological father and had shown no signs of abusing or endangering his child. Dusty said in that case, he would handle things his way, and he left.

Jack showed up at Carly's with a large present for Parker. She thought it was Craig when she opened the door, because Jack was holding the box in front of his face, and it was very big, like something Craig would bring. Jack said he and Janet had packed a box full of things for Parker to use while he was home in bed. Carly told Jack that Parker had gone to school, despite the doctor's permission to stay home for a day or two. Jack commented on how great Carly looked and wondered whether she had been expecting Craig. Carly told Jack she had a meeting with a special event planner for something at Metro. Jack asked if Craig had set up the meeting. Carly told Jack he had to stop walking into her house and waving his married bliss in her face, then attacking her for her dealings with Craig. She reminded Jack that Craig had just saved Parker's life, and she didn't understand why Jack wanted her to treat Craig like he had the plague.

Jack said anything Craig was doing, from buying gifts for the kids to saving Parker to loaning Carly the money to keep Metro in business, was all part of some strategy. Carly asked what Jack thought Craig was after, since she was a divorced mom with three kids, a big mortgage, a failing business, and a pain-in-the-rear ex-husband. Jack told Carly to look in the mirror. The doorbell rang, and it was Craig and Johnny. Johnny had wanted to thank Parker for looking out for him, but Carly said Parker wasn't there. Craig asked if he and Johnny could come in to warm up for a minute, and Carly took Johnny to the kitchen to get some cookies.

Craig asked Jack why he always looked like he had just swallowed a bunch of lemons. Jack said Craig did that to him. Jack then tried to get Craig to go ahead and leave, but instead, Carly walked back in and told Jack she would give Parker his present and see Jack later. Jack left. Craig asked Carly why she put up with Jack, and she said she tried to get along with him for the sake of the kids. Craig said Jack was obviously happily married, and Carly should be, too.

Dusty went to Brad's house to talk to him about Craig. Brad said he couldn't go after Craig without getting into more trouble with Katie. Dusty said after all that Craig had done to them, he couldn't believe Brad was just going to sit by and let Craig get away with it. Brad pointed out that Katie had perjured herself to provide Craig's alibi, but Dusty said since Craig had blackmailed Katie, nobody would arrest or convict her for that. Dusty suggested they ask Jack for his opinion, and he and Brad left to find Jack.

Katie met Margo at Java. Katie asked Margo hypothetically what would happen if someone lied to the police to protect someone they loved. Margo asked if she meant like if Katie had lied about Craig's alibi to protect herself or Brad. Katie said it was something like that. Margo said the someone who lied would probably get off, but the other person would go straight to jail. She then asked if Katie wanted to make a statement. Katie said yes, but she wasn't going to say anything that would get their brother thrown into jail. Margo couldn't believe it. Katie said she thought they owed their brother the chance to be a father to Johnny. Margo pointed out that Craig had committed attempted murder, although Katie pointed out that they didn't know that for sure. Margo said Craig had framed Brad, blackmailed Katie, and done other things that made him an unlikely candidate to be a good father to anyone. Katie thought Craig had learned from his mistakes and deserved the chance to be with Johnny.

Dusty and Brad went to the police station to talk to Jack. Jack's response was basically the same as Margo's. Jack called Margo and told her Brad was about to make a statement about Katie's alibi for Craig. Margo said she would find Craig and bring him and Katie to the station. Jack suggested she try Carly's place. Margo hung up and told Katie what Brad was doing, and Katie rushed out of Java.

Johnny lay down for a nap at Carly's. Craig asked why Carly had covered Johnny with Craig's coat. She said that when Johnny woke up in a strange place, he would see Craig's coat and know that Craig hadn't left him there. Craig told Carly she really did know a lot about kids, and Carly said she'd had lots of practice. Margo came to the door and told Craig that Brad was about to blow Craig's alibi out of the water. Margo said that it was tearing Katie apart, because Katie loved Brad, but for some strange reason, she actually still loved Craig, too. Craig said that he hadn't coerced Katie into saying anything. Margo said that the right thing to do would be to go to the station with her and make sure Katie wasn't in any legal jeopardy. Craig said he would think about it, and Margo left. When Carly asked Craig what he intended to do, he said he hadn't decided yet. Carly responded that she would never have anything to do with him again if he didn't go help Katie

Craig asked if he went to the station, did the right thing, and managed to stay out of jail, would Carly marry him? Carly said Craig was crazy, but Craig said if Carly really thought he should help Katie, then Carly should take the chance to help, too. Carly pointed out that Craig was trying to blackmail her. Craig asked Carly why she had married Jack. Carly said she had loved him. Craig asked why Jack had divorced her. Carly said because Jack was good, and she wasn't. Craig said he couldn't vouch for the person Carly was when she first married Jack, but the woman in front of him was a good, decent person. He told Carly that Bryant, his son, had died because he hadn't been there for Bryant, and Lucy had run away because he hadn't been there for her. Craig said he wanted to be there for Johnny. Carly said he could start by being there for Katie.

Craig agreed to go to the station and make sure Katie wasn't in any trouble. Carly told him she was proud of him. Craig then said that if he did go through with it and make a statement to the police, he wanted to know whether Carly would at least think about marrying him. Carly agreed to think about it.

Katie went to the police station and yelled at Dusty for interfering in her life and Brad's. Brad took Katie into the interrogation room to talk to her. Dusty left to find Tom. Katie told Brad she didn't want to pursue charges against Craig. Brad said Craig had tried to murder Paul, but Katie said nobody knew that for sure. Margo and Jack walked in, and Margo congratulated Katie on doing the right thing.

Brad proceeded to tell Margo and Jack what Craig had done in faking Spencer McKay's murder and framing Brad for it, as well as about Craig's attempt to blackmail Katie into providing an alibi for him. Margo asked Katie if that was true, but Katie wouldn't answer. Katie asked Margo for a glass of water, and Margo stepped out to get one.

Dusty met Tom at Java and asked what would happen if Craig went to prison for attempted murder. Tom said a judge would probably make Dusty take Johnny to see Craig occasionally for visitations, but by the time Craig got out of prison, Johnny would be old enough to make his own decisions about whether or not to see Craig. Tom warned Dusty that in his zeal to hurt Craig, he was robbing himself of valuable time with his son. Dusty told Tom that he had promised Jennifer he would raise Johnny himself and keep Johnny away from Craig. Tom said that the way Dusty was doing that, he was teaching Johnny to hate Craig. Tom said that no matter what Dusty said, his actions showed Johnny how much he hated Craig. Tom thought that Johnny would grow up hating Craig in order to please Dusty, but when he was older, he might hate Dusty for having made that decision for him.

Dusty and Tom went to the station and asked if Katie had made her statement yet. Craig and Johnny came in and saw everyone there. Johnny ran to Katie and told her his daddy had taken him to see a train. Katie took Johnny into the interrogation room to talk to him. Craig told Dusty and Tom that he had come to the station because Margo had told him that Katie might need his help. Dusty became angry with Craig again, but Tom reminded Dusty that Johnny was in the next room. Craig suggested Dusty take Johnny back to the hotel, and Craig went into the interrogation room. He told Johnny how much fun he'd had with him that day, and he asked Johnny to remember it in case he didn't see him for a while. He hugged Johnny.

Margo walked in and told Johnny to go out and see his daddy. Katie got up and walked out of the room, saying she couldn't make a statement against her brother. As she walked past Tom and Dusty, they asked what had happened. Craig said Katie apparently had not had as much to say as they had all anticipated. When Dusty asked about Brad's statement, Tom said that was hearsay and wouldn't hold up in court.

Margo pointed out that the station was no place for a little boy, and she suggested Dusty take Johnny home. Craig picked Johnny up and hugged him and said he would see him soon. Dusty left with Johnny and Tom. Margo asked Craig if he had really come in to get Katie off the hook. Craig said from what he had seen and heard, Katie didn't need any help. Craig said it appeared that he and Katie were both sticking with their stories, and Jack and Margo would just have to deal with it.

Dusty took Johnny back to the hotel, where he asked Johnny if he'd had fun with Craig and if he had liked the train. Johnny just nodded both times, so Dusty asked if Johnny had lost his tongue, saying maybe they needed to go back outside to find it. Johnny laughed and hugged Dusty, saying, "I like having two daddies!"

Brad and Katie went home, where Katie told Brad she couldn't be the one responsible for taking Craig away from Johnny again. Brad complained that Craig had put Brad through complete hell and then forced Katie to help Craig, and Brad couldn't understand why Katie was giving Craig a total pass. Katie said that Brad was making it sound like she was choosing Craig over him, and she would never do that. Brad retorted, "You already have," and walked away.

Craig went to see Carly and gave her a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine, saying, "The victor returns!" Craig said Carly had to marry him, because she'd agreed to do that if he helped Katie. Carly pointed out that she had only said she would think about it. Craig said the fact that Carly had left herself a loophole showed how perfect they were for one another. He asked if she had thought about it. Carly paused, said she had, and the answer was still "no." Craig took the wine and left, saying he would give her the chance to think some more. He kissed her on the cheek on his way out the door.



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