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Renee agreed to help Janet. Marty continued to lose control and kissed John while she was drunk. Wes was ready to reveal the truth about Iraq to Brody. At the cottage where Chloe had been born, Bess told Jessica and Tess that baby Chloe's death was Tess's fault. Madame Delphina helped Dorian to locate David. Starr was caught with pills that she had found in Cole's pocket.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 12, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, January 12, 2009

High School Confidential

At the cottage, Gigi made an attempt to prepare for work, but Rex was in the mood for love. During their tryst on the living room floor, Shane interrupted when he walked in and found his parents half-dressed. Shane was embarrassed and ran off. Gigi worried that their actions might have scarred their son for life. After Rex assured her that Shane would understand, Gigi insisted that Rex explain sex to their son. When Rex expressed his concern about being alone with Shane, Gigi reminded him that she was late for work, and encouraged him to have a heart-to-heart chat with their son. Once Gigi had left, a nervous Rex called Shane downstairs for a man-to-man talk.

At the police station, Antonio learned that Janet had booked a flight to Vegas, but never got on the plane. He told Talia that he believed she might still be in Llanview.

At the Buchanan mansion, Renee was thrilled to learn that Janet was alive and well. Janet quickly put an end to the happy reunion by begging Renee to hide her. Renee escorted Janet inside the foyer of the mansion.

Meanwhile, inside the living room, Nora held the marijuana in her hand and phoned Bo. Nora informed Bo, "We have a big problem!" Before Nora could state the reason for her concern, Bo received a call from the mayor and asked if he could call Nora back. Nora hung up and raced to the door. At that moment, Renee demanded to know why Janet needed a place to hide. Before she could explain, the women heard Nora approaching the foyer, and Janet managed to hide before Nora spotted her. Once Nora rushed out the door to meet Bo, Janet returned and explained her dilemma to Renee.

Back at the station, Antonio and Talia gave Bo an update on their findings concerning Janet. Bo informed his officers that the mayor was eager to see Todd convicted on the kidnapping charges, and instructed them to continue their search for Janet. Nora interrupted the discussion and asked to speak privately with Bo. Inside his office, Nora presented Bo with the marijuana she had found among Matthew's belongings. Outraged, Bo insisted upon confronting Matthew immediately. Attempting to calm him down, Nora pleaded with Bo to have an open mind when they spoke with Matthew. Nora feared that if Matthew were placed on the defensive that they could possibly never learn the truth. She believed that Matthew might have a reasonable explanation for having the drug in his possession. The two headed off to confront their son.

Renee was stunned to learn that Todd had employed Janet as Marty's caregiver. Relating that she had originally worked for Lee Ramsey, Janet insisted that she had only wanted to help Marty and had been unaware of Todd's true motives concerning her. Reminding Janet of her checkered past, Renee wanted to know if Janet was in trouble with the law. When Janet proclaimed her innocence, Renee attempted to call Bo but Janet pleaded with her to reconsider. Admitting that she might have knowledge that could place her in danger, a terrified Janet pleaded with Renee to help her. Concerned for her old friend, Renee offered her temporary refuge in the guesthouse. Advising her that they needed to be careful, Renee led Janet out the back entrance. At that very moment, Bo and Nora returned to question Matthew. An angered Bo yelled for Matthew to come downstairs. In a stern voice, Bo demanded that his son take a seat. Displaying the marijuana, Nora asked him to explain.

At Todd's residence, Téa was desperate to locate Janet, but Todd was convinced that she was far away and would never confess her role in the kidnapping attempt. Unconvinced, Téa continued to worry about Janet surfacing, and expressed her concern about the effect Dr. Joplin's suicide might have on Todd's case. Téa feared that the doctor might have revealed the truth to someone before taking her life. A confident Todd believed that Dr. Joplin would never have told because she hadn't wanted her son's crime exposed. Todd assured Téa that a parent would do anything to protect their child.

At Llanview High School, Starr was stunned to learn that Mr. J was actually Dr. Joplin's son. Starr blamed herself for his mother's death, but Schuyler assured her that his mother had been consumed with guilt for misdiagnosing Starr's condition. Schuyler was surprised that Starr didn't hold his mother responsible for the death of her child. Starr listened as he blamed himself for his mother's suicide. He confessed that he had let her down. After regaining his composure, Mr. Joplin reminded Starr that he was her teacher, and attempted to end the conversation. Citing that she had problems accepting her father for the person that he really was, Starr suggested that Dr. Joplin might have been fighting demons that he was unaware of. Schuyler admitted that his mother had appeared troubled during the last few months of her life and he stated that he wished he knew why.

Upon learning the name of Dr. Joplin's son, Téa told Todd that she was going to find out exactly what information the prosecution had concerning Todd's case. As she opened the door, both she and Todd were surprised to find Viki standing there. In a gruff voice, Todd asked, "What do you want?" Entering the home, Viki told her brother that she was thankful that he hadn't succeeded in taking his life. Hoping to make Viki feel guilty, Todd accused her of abandoning him. Viki reminded Todd of the terrible pain he had caused his family, but Todd confessed his love for Marty and claimed that Marty had made him a better person.

After advising Todd to stop lying to himself, Viki confessed that she still believed that there was hope for him. Citing all the troubles he faced, Todd declared that he didn't see a light at the end of the tunnel. Recalling the time that Todd returned from Ireland, Viki reminded him that he had referred to himself as a lost cause. She reminisced about the hope and love she witnessed in his eyes when he held Starr for the very first time. Viki suggested that he allow his love for Starr to help him start over again.

Entering the station, Téa placed a call to someone and instructed them to provide her with any information regarding Leah Joplin. After overhearing Talia and Antonio discussing Janet, Téa demanded to view their files. Annoyed, Antonio explained that Téa would need a subpoena and questioned why she was snooping around the station. When Antonio suggested that she was worried about her case, Téa denied having any worries, and assured him that she would eventually gain access to any information he had collected. After Téa left, Talia continued to discuss her findings with Antonio. Talia had learned that Janet checked into a hotel room the night that Starr delivered her baby - she hadn't checked out until the previous night. Displaying a folder, Antonio stated that he had obtained important information. Antonio was in possession of Todd's phone records. The records revealed that several calls had been placed between Todd and Dr. Joplin.

Viki was certain that Todd's love for Starr could turn his life around. Before leaving, Viki told her brother that she would miss him if he weren't around. Alone, Todd stared at the photo that Blair had given him of their family. Deep in thought, he picked up his phone and placed a call.

When Starr informed Mr. Joplin that she intended to remain in his class, he insisted that they maintain a student-teacher relationship and keep their connection private. Agreeing to keep their conversation under wraps, Starr told her teacher how kind his mother had been to her. Their discussion was interrupted when Mr. J received a call on his cell phone. Starr said goodbye and left him alone. Out in the hall, Starr's cell phone rang. Realizing that Todd was the caller, Starr ignored the call. Todd hung up without leaving a message. Meanwhile, Schuyler answered his cell. Téa introduced herself and asked to speak with him. She stated that it concerned his mother.

In a nearby corridor of the school, a drug dealer handed Cole a bag containing some pills. He told Cole that the drugs would help him "check out" for a while. Cole hesitated initially, but changed his mind when the drug pusher reminded him of the troubles concerning his mother and the loss of his child. Accepting the drugs, Cole asked, "How much?"

Inside John's apartment, John told Blair that he had located Marty. A frustrated Blair recalled the night of New Year's Eve when John interrupted their date to rescue Marty. John defended his actions. He insisted that he was concerned for Marty's safety, and reminded her that they had agreed not to place demands on each other. A defensive Blair shouted that she didn't want to be involved with another man that was obsessed with Marty. John accused her of not being over Todd. Blair claimed that she only had a concern for Todd because of their children, but John remained convinced that she wasn't over him. As they argued, John's phone rang. When Blair remarked that he should answer because it could be Marty, John ignored the call. Meanwhile, Cole left a message asking if John had located his mother. Before hanging up, Cole confessed, "I'm freaking out!"

Blair told John that she could never love Todd after learning of the pain he had caused Marty. She also confessed that she refused to wait on a man who continuously left her to chase after another woman. Apologizing to her, John revealed that Marty was in serious trouble. At that moment, Cole attempted to knock on John's door, but hesitated after hearing his mother's name being mentioned. Cole overheard John admit that Marty was out of control. He stated that he had found her in a nearby room with a stranger. John expressed his fear that Marty was headed down a dangerous road, and he was worried about her and Cole. A devastated Cole ran off to find his mother. John assured Blair that he didn't want to be with Marty, he only wanted Blair. Blair admitted that she wanted to be with John. As she struggled to apologize, John pulled her into an embrace and they shared a passionate kiss.

Out in the hall, Cole banged on a nearby door and called out Marty's name.

John and Blair forgave each other and made love.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Joy of Rex

At the carriage house, Rex sat Shane down for the dreaded "talk." As Rex began haltingly, Shane cut him off: "It's called sex, I get it. Can't we talk about drugs instead?" When Rex asked his son exactly what he knew about sex, Shane got grossed out. Rex told Shane it was important he had all the facts, because he himself had not. He explained that his Aunt Corinne had raised him without educating him properly or showing him how to treat people, and as a result, he had made a lot of mistakes as a young man. Shane asked Rex point-blank if he had been a mistake, or an accident.

Rex allowed that Shane had been a "surprise," something he'd never known he'd wanted. He told Shane he'd been young, selfish, and stupid when he was in high school, unaware of Gigi's true feelings for him or his own deep feelings for her. He warned Shane to not follow his bad example, and instead, save sex for love. Shane found their talk to be repetitious, as he no longer had a girlfriend. Rex, of course, was floored that Shane had had a girlfriend at all. "We broke up because she was too immature," Shane deadpanned. He explained that the girl he'd "dated" had wanted to explore the taboo of kissing with tongues, which revolted Shane. Relieved, Rex told his son to come to him any time he was ready to kiss a girl-or boy-that way. "Only if you promise you won't do it in the living room again," Shane chided. Rex said it was a deal, and father and son pounded fists.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Cole kept banging on Wes's door, calling to Marty. When she finally let him in, Cole begged her to come home to the Buchanans'. Marty told Cole the mansion wasn't her home and she couldn't go back there, surrounded by strangers. Nor could she move in to a new place with him, whom she didn't remember. Downcast, Marty urged Cole to stay with the Buchanans, where it was best for him with people that loved and understood him. She told him he needed taking care of, whereas she needed to be alone.

Cole attempted to comfort Marty, and told her she was being too hard on herself, that her memories would return in time. He reminded her that she had remembered some things, but Marty told him it wasn't enough, and the things she had done for him over the holidays, like the Lewis Carroll book, had been things she was expected to do, not things that came naturally. Marty told him he deserved more from her than going through the motions, and that no matter how much she desperately tried to reconnect to him, it wasn't working. "I feel like a fraud," she muttered, despondent.

Cole promised Marty he would back off and give her some space, but Marty said he wasn't the problem; things just weren't working. She said she needed time and her own space to figure things out. Cole protested that running away from her friends and family was not the answer, and wasn't something she would do. Marty grew exasperated, resenting that everyone kept trying to tell her who she was or what she would do, just like the night before. Before Cole could get her to elaborate, Marty opened the door to usher him out. She told him she didn't like what she was doing to him, and hated to keep hurting him. Anguished, Marty told her son she was not the mother he'd loved or remembered, no matter how much she wanted to be. She told him the only way she could become that woman again was if she got herself back on her own terms first. Frustrated, Cole asked if he had to keep on waiting to hear from her. "I'm sorry," Marty replied. Fed up, Cole stormed out and slammed the door, leaving Marty to take her anger out on the furniture.

Outside Wes's apartment, Cole stood in the hall and unwrapped the bundle of pills he'd gotten from Asher. Pondering the drugs, he left the hotel.

At Rodi's, Gigi briefed her new boss, John, on the delivery schedules. John told Gigi not to worry about her own work shift and promised her he'd be flexible, knowing she had a child to raise. As John walked off, Gigi ran into Wes, who was reporting for work. Gigi asked when he'd started at Rodi's, and Wes said he'd been hired just before Christmas. He told Gigi he was staying in Llanview for the foreseeable future to support Brody during his recovery.

As Gigi and Wes began doing their rounds around the restaurant, Wes ran smack into John, who asked what he was doing there. Wes told John he'd been hired by the previous owner just before John bought the place. The subject inevitably turned to Marty, and John appealed to Wes's reason, explaining that Marty was a confused woman who had suffered a trauma and needed her friends and family around her. Wes told John that Marty was welcome to stay with him if she liked, and said she was tough and could handle herself. John countered that Marty was scared and putting up a front. Wes said that all he could do was deal with the Marty of the moment, and not the Marty who used to be, the one John only remembered. With that, he went back to work.

Gigi greeted Michael and Marcie, who had arrived to check up on John. Gigi bashfully explained to her friends that Shane was home with Rex, getting "the talk" as a result of his having walked in on something he shouldn't have. The McBains teased Gigi mercilessly about Shane having encountered her in flagrante delicto. "John walked in on Mom and Dad, look how well he turned out!" Michael snickered. The couple comforted Marcie, assuring her that Shane would be fine.

As they talked, Michael glimpsed John's argument with Wes. As soon as Wes left, Michael made a beeline for the bar to greet John and ask him what was going on with his employee. John told his brother to butt out, sending him back to Marcie and Gigi. When he turned around, he saw Wes preparing to leave, assuming John had fired him. John told Wes he wasn't fired, and that he knew Wes needed the job. Wes challenged John, aware that he was only being kept around to keep an eye on Marty. John told Wes to get back to work.

Shane and Rex arrived at Rodi's and sat down with Michael and Marcie. Rex assured Gigi that everything was good and their father-son chat had gone well. Shane nonchalantly told the McBains that they had talked about sex, and said he still had a few questions. Michael said that as a doctor, he could answer as many questions as Shane might have. "Okay," Shane said blithely. "What's a clitoris?" Stunned, Marcie did a spit-take with her beer.

Todd arrived at the cemetery, and stood over "Hope's" grave, lost in thought. As he began to address his "dead" granddaughter, Todd was unaware that Starr had walked into the cemetery behind him, and overheard his words. Growing emotional, Todd told Hope that he was sorry for what had happened to her, and took the blame for her death. "I made it happen just by thinking it," he explained, by putting his plan together to fake her death. He said he knew Starr would never love him again. Todd chuckled that God wouldn't let him die, and he didn't want to live as he was, but he didn't know what to do next. He reminisced about holding the infant Starr for the first time, and how he hadn't wanted to initially, but when he had, he'd changed then and there. He'd realized then that there were people he could love unconditionally. Todd said he'd promised himself he would never hurt his children, but he had many times over. "I lost my little Starr," Todd whispered to the grave, "and I made her lose you, her Hope."

Touched, Starr walked over to Todd, showing herself. She told him she'd heard everything. Todd said he knew Starr still hated him, but Starr replied that it wasn't so simple. "It should be easy for me to hate you," she said tearfully, "but you make it hard." She told her father that she hadn't only lost Hope in the last year, but him as well; the whole family had lost him. Starr told Todd he didn't realize how much he'd meant to all of them, how deeply his loss had been felt when he had abandoned the family for his schemes.

Todd admitted he hadn't known how much his loved ones had cared, and asked Starr if they could be okay again if he stopped taking his children for granted. Starr replied that she didn't know, because she no longer knew who he was. "You look like my Dad but you're not him," she said. "I don't know where he went." Todd promised to find that man again, and be her father once more. He said even if she couldn't forgive him, he couldn't take back what he'd done, he could only move forward and try not to hurt people again. He thanked Starr for giving him a reason to go on. "Someday, somehow, I'll be worthy of your love again." Todd walked out, leaving Starr with her thoughts.

At the Buchanan mansion, Matthew played dumb when confronted by his parents with the joint in his backpack. Nora asked if the joint was Cole's. Matthew said no, and was outraged that they had rifled through his things. Bo took a hard line, reminding Matthew that everything he owned was their property, and pushed his son for the truth. Matthew gave him the classic "I'm holding it for a friend" routine, but Bo wasn't buying his story. Cornered, Matthew admitted the joint was his, but didn't see the problem. He said he'd never done pot, wasn't going to do it, and had only taken one to look cool at an upcoming party. Bo urged him not to give in to peer pressure so easily, and reminded Matthew of all the times he had told him to "Just say no." "Did you?" Matthew shot back.

Bo assured his son that he had always abstained from drugs, while Nora began to quietly sweat bullets. When asked for her own experience, she grew evasive. Matthew challenged Bo on his drinking habits, reminding him that he went on a bender the previous summer, as well as when Asa had first died. Nora told Matthew that the difference was that alcohol was legal and that both she and Bo were adults who knew their limits.

Bo told Matthew that he'd never "toked up," even during rough times in Vietnam; he said he'd seen what hard drugs had done to other servicemen, and that Asa would've killed him when he returned home. Matthew asked Nora about her past, and Nora finally acknowledged that she'd done pot, but only once she'd gotten to college. Matthew asked if that meant he should do drugs when he was older. Bo said drugs were unacceptable, period.

Matthew lashed out at his father, and explained that he had a lot to be stressed out about that they didn't understand. He told Bo and Nora that he was the shortest kid in his class and had to rely on Cole for protection from bullies, while the other students who might use drugs thought he was a "narc" because of who his parents were. Matthew said he'd taken the joint to try to put the other kids at ease. Bo told Matthew that things were not as harmless as they seemed, and declared that they would all be sitting down with the school principal to discuss "the drug problem" at Llanview High, and the students involved. "The hell I am!" Matthew replied.

Cole returned to the mansion just in time to hear the arguing in the drawing room. He recoiled, stepping back outside, where he unwrapped his bundle of pills again. After considering it for a moment, Cole swallowed a pill, then reentered the house and snuck upstairs.

Back in the drawing room, Bo was furious with Matthew's defiance, and ordered him to his room. Matthew stalked out, telling his parents that he hadn't planned to smoke the joint, but they'd made him want to. As he ran off, Nora and Bo regrouped. "That went well," Nora mumbled.

At Wes's apartment, Marty got a phone call from Wes, who was checking up on her. Marty asked him if she could stay there a while longer to get her head together, and Wes reiterated that she could stay with him for as long as she needed. As he hung up, he found himself once again face-to-face with a disapproving John.

After Michael and Marcie took Shane to the movies, Rex sidled up to Gigi at the bar and told her he'd done okay with "the talk." Rex wondered if he was finally getting the hang of "the Dad thing."

At St. Anne's, Jessica paid a visit to Brody's room. Jessica asked how his essay about his traumatic experience for their group therapy session was going, and Brody told her he didn't see the point. Jessica said her own essay hadn't told her anything new about what her mind was going through, and suggested they each compare notes on the other's essay, to see if the other person picked up on something they hadn't. Jessica read first, describing her ordeals with Tess, and how she had come to encounter Bess: "Why did Bess show up? Where did she come from, and what is she hiding? What can she do that I can't?"

After Jess finished, Brody began to read his essay, narrating his horrific war experiences in Basra. He spoke about the night he and his squad had assaulted a house that was reported to be full of insurgents. He said that when they'd breached the house, he had fired without thinking, and hit an innocent child. Suddenly, Brody froze up, and Jessica asked him what was wrong. "He's here," Brody said, staring straight ahead at the dead child only he could see.

Jessica played intermediary between Brody and his hallucination, and asked Brody to tell her what the boy was doing. Shell shocked, Brody told Jess the boy never did anything but stand there. Jessica asked if he'd tried talking back to the boy. She urged him to try apologizing, and see if that made the boy speak. Brody told the Arab boy that he'd never meant to kill him, and hadn't known he wasn't an insurgent. He asked the boy if he kept appearing because he hated him. The boy shook his head. "Then why?" Brody asked. The boy spoke in Arabic, and Brody was stunned. He translated the words for Jessica: "He says, 'I know.'" Brody asked the boy what it was he knew, and the boy spoke again, then vanished. As Brody sat back, Jessica asked him what the boy's answer had been. Brody was shocked and confused: "He said, 'It's a lie.'"

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You'll Know When You Know

Roxy was surprised when she found Blair in John's apartment. She mentioned that she had overheard the argument between Blair and John. Blair didn't need to volunteer details. Roxy figured out that they had been arguing about Marty. Blair tried to minimize the incident, but Roxy didn't buy it. She pointed out that John had obviously chosen Blair over Marty, since Blair was still in John's apartment.

At the gym, Antonio tried to talk to Cris about Cris's situation with Vanessa. Cris seemed defensive. He reminded Antonio that he was helping Vanessa because her life was in peril. Antonio kept his private thoughts on the matter to himself and focused on his brother's relationship with Vanessa. Cris admitted that he did have feelings for Vanessa, and told Antonio about the sacrifices that she had made to protect Lola from Ray. When Antonio asked Cris if his marriage to Vanessa was the real thing, Cris answered that it was.

At the loft, Vanessa told Lola about Sarah's decision to leave Llanview. Lola couldn't help but wonder if Vanessa had something to do with it. Vanessa was taken aback and asked how Lola could think such an unkind thing about her. Hurt turned to suspicion when Vanessa asked if Téa had put the idea in Lola's head. Lola denied it. She told Vanessa that she had seen the way that Cris and Vanessa looked at each other when they thought no one was watching. Vanessa dismissed the idea of Cris being interested in her and insisted that he was only helping her through a difficult situation. Vanessa contended that the only reason she was happy with Sarah's decision to leave town was because it made it easier to convince the authorities that her marriage to Cris was real.

The conversation then shifted to Lola and her desire to remember more of her past. Vanessa was taken aback when Lola suggested that she talk to someone about what had happened the night that Ray had killed her mother. Vanessa appeared hurt and asked Lola why she felt she needed to confide to someone else when she had Vanessa to talk to. Her hurt quickly turned to anger and suspicion when she accused Téa of manipulating Lola. Lola was adamant that Téa had merely tried to help her. Vanessa quickly backed down and once again offered to talk things through with Lola. Lola declined the offer and said that Vanessa made Lola feel as if she wanted Lola to forget the past. Vanessa admitted that she wanted Lola to put the past behind her. She said that they needed to move forward with their lives. However, Vanessa made it clear that she would listen if that were what Lola needed. Lola decided to leave rather than take Vanessa up on her offer. She reminded Vanessa of her sleepover at Langston's, then left.

Cris arrived home a short time later to find Vanessa waiting for him with a home-cooked meal and a bottle of wine. Vanessa told Cris that she wanted to talk about Sarah's decision to leave Llanview. Vanessa was surprised when Cris made it clear that he didn't want to discuss Sarah. Her surprise turned to joy when Cris admitted that he had feelings for Vanessa and that Sarah had realized it before Cris had. As Vanessa moved to kiss Cris, he stopped her long enough to ask where Lola was. With a suggestive smile, Vanessa informed him that Lola had gone to Langston's for the night. Cris and Vanessa began kissing and then made love.

At the diner, Téa was on the phone with Ray when Langston walked in holding a letter that Ray had mailed to his niece. While Téa told Ray what was unfolding in the diner, Langston asked Markko if she should read the letter. Markko thought that it was a bad idea. Langston reminded Markko that Ray and Lola were her only family. She felt she needed to read what Ray had written. With her decision made, Langston opened the letter and translated it to Markko. In the letter, Ray apologized for hurting Langston and asked for her forgiveness. Markko scoffed at the idea. Langston ignored him and continued to read the letter, which included a request that Langston give Lola an enclosed note and photograph.

Meanwhile, on the phone, Ray told Téa that he had meant every word he had written to Langston. Téa suggested that the next step would be for her to work on his image so that the girls had a different view of Ray. Ray became upset. He told Téa that Vanessa was the monster, not him. Téa didn't disagree. She reassured Ray that she would find a way to prove that Vanessa had set him up.

Moments later, Lola walked into the diner. She asked Markko if he would be joining them at La Boulaie. Langston and Markko laughed and told her that their parents would have a fit if he were near them during the sleepover. While Téa watched and kept Ray up to speed on what was transpiring in the diner, Langston handed Lola the note and picture from Ray. Lola read the letter out loud. In the letter to Lola, Ray warned his daughter that Vanessa was not to be trusted. He urged Lola to find someone she felt comfortable enough with that she could confide in.

Téa decided it was the perfect opportunity to make her move. She promised to be in touch with Ray soon and disconnected the call before she walked up to Lola. Téa apologized for upsetting Lola the other day when she had asked her uncomfortable questions, and then handed Lola a business card with her phone number on it. Téa asked Lola to call her any time she felt she needed someone to talk to. As Téa began to leave, Lola blurted out that Ray had written her and professed his innocence. Téa looked at Lola with compassion and suggested that Lola call her soon.

Gigi joined Rex at a table in Rodi's to congratulate him on his first successful sex talk with Shane. Rex was surprised at her reference to "the first." Gigi explained that there would be similar talks for Rex and Shane in the future. Rex was uncomfortable with the idea. As they were talking, Talia walked in. They chatted for a few minutes before Gigi resumed her shift and Talia stepped away to speak with John. Moments later, Bo walked in. He swept up a glass of beer from Rex's table and took a long drink. Rex could sense that Bo was troubled and asked him about it. Bo told him that they had discovered a joint in Matthew's backpack, then he polished off the beer and asked for another.

Bo sat down and filled Rex in on what had happened after Nora found the joint. Rex tried to downplay the incident by pointing out that the joint had not been smoked and that, to Bo's knowledge, Matthew had never been high around his father. Rex suggested that Matthew had momentarily succumbed to peer pressure. Bo remained agitated. He was disappointed with Matthew's attitude when he had been confronted. Bo told Rex that Matthew had initially tried to claim that the joint had belonged to Cole. When that had failed, Matthew said that he had been holding it for a friend. Later, Matthew admitted that he had bought it. Matthew's cavalier attitude about the illegal substance bothered Bo. Rex understood, but played devil's advocate by suggesting that Bo drank alcohol, which was a drug. Bo reminded Rex that alcohol was legal and that he was of legal age to drink it. Rex warned Bo to proceed with caution. He said that one joint did not make Matthew a pothead.

Wes was on the pay phone at Rodi's with Marty. He invited her to stay at his place for as long as she needed. When he hung up, John suggested that Wes work more and chat less. Wes said nothing and returned to his shift. When Talia approached John, he explained his comment to Wes by telling her that Wes was the guy that Marty had "shacked up" with.

While they worked, Gigi talked to Wes about Brody. Wes was worried about Brody's recovery. He hoped his friend would make progress soon. Wes told Gigi a little about what it was like in Iraq, and said that she had no idea how difficult things had been for them. According to Wes, Brody was one of the good guys and would have taken a bullet for any one of the men that he had served with. Gigi admitted that she had regrets, and believed that Brody had a good heart. She suggested that perhaps that was why the incident with the boy had broken Brody. Wes vowed that he would not let Brody down. He intended to see Brody through his recovery.

When Antonio sat down with Talia, in a booth at Rodi's, they talked about Cris and Sarah. Talia was surprised that Cris was willing to give up Sarah for someone he barely knew.

Later, Blair joined John at Rodi's. When she stepped away for a moment, Blair overheard Antonio and Talia talking. Antonio noticed that John was in a foul mood, and asked Talia if she knew why. Talia responded that John was upset because Marty was staying with Wes.

At St. Anne's, Jessica tried to help Brody make sense of his vision of the boy he had killed in Iraq. Brody told her that the boy had said, "It's a lie." Brody didn't understand the message. Jessica suggested that the boy, Brody's subconscious, was letting him know that it was time for Brody to remember what had really happened. Jessica advised Brody to go carefully over what had happened the night that the boy had been shot. When Brody sat down and started going over the events in his mind, he realized that the boy had not been holding a gun.

Brody became distraught over the idea because it didn't make sense with what he knew to be true. He told Jessica that they had found a gun and it had been turned over to the proper authorities. Afterwards, an investigation had been launched, which verified that there had been a gun in the boy's hand. Jessica asked what if that had not been true. Brody quickly dismissed the possibility. He said that it didn't make any sense. Just then Jessica heard Tess tell her that it was a lie. Brody sensed that Jessica was momentarily distracted and asked her if she was okay. Jessica brushed off his concerns and focused on Brody. They were interrupted when a nun stepped into the room to remind Brody that it was time for his medication.

While Brody left the room to take his pills, Jessica had a vision of Tess holding Chloe and telling Jessica, "It's a lie." The incident rattled Jessica. When Brody returned, he realized that Jessica was upset, and asked her what had happened. Jessica told him about the vision. She believed that she needed to return to the cabin to see if she could figure out what Tess was trying to tell her.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sex, Drugs and David's Soul

Jessica said goodbye to Brody, explaining that she had taken his advice and was heading to her cottage to try to remember the night of Chloe's birth. She was worried that Tess would return and stay for a long period, like she did in the past. Brody admitted that he hadn't seen the boy since the two had shared their journals. He sadly told her that she had to come back. Jessica promised to do her best.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Marty met with Wes and advised him that she would be out of his hair soon. Wes was happy to know that it would get John off his back, as he explained that John was his new boss. Their conversation was cut short when Wes received a call from Brody, imploring that he stop by to see him at St. Anne's. Getting up to leave, he left his phone number for Marty. Natalie and Jared were at a table close by, discussing their attempts at getting David out of town before he learned of his fortune. Overhearing his name, a nearby David made his way to the couple's table. Caught like deer in headlights, the pair breathed sighs of relief when David declared that he wasn't interested in what they had to say about him. He only wanted to pray over baby Chloe.

David carried out his chant, with Natalie and Jared wondering if he was faking, while Noelle was impressed with his praying. Jared told Natalie that it was only a matter of time before Beaver Calhoun followed leads back to Llanview and David. Jared was determined to find a way to get David out of town before that happened.

Summoned to La Boulaie, Madame Delphina advised Dorian that she knew of Dorian's attempts to get Charlie drunk and the events that followed. Dorian was more concerned with whether Viki was still on the warpath after those events. The psychic assured her that Viki had other things on her mind. Delphina made it clear that she was aware of Dorian's search for David Vickers and that she needed to locate him before he learned of his true identity. Seemingly having a conversation with someone above her, Delphina divulged that David was "very far away and close." She also told a flustered Dorian that she was aware of Dorian's need to have the "last laugh on Clint Buchanan."

Chowing down, Delphina came up for air, advising Dorian that David was "here and not here." She confirmed that he was in Llanview physically, but on another plane spiritually. She reassured Dorian that David was still unaware of his new family ties. She advised her that Beaver Calhoun was searching for David and would be on his way to Llanview. Dorian made it known that she was planning on taking David to bed and then the altar, causing guffaws to emanate from the psychic. They were interrupted by none other than David, walking through the door. "What happened to your clothes?" asked a baffled Dorian.

Hearing of David's vow of poverty caused Dorian to chuckle. He explained that he had a "clear conscience and an unsullied soul." Dorian summoned Moe, requesting that he bring them caviar and champagne. Delphina assured Dorian that her plan wouldn't work and that David had found something greater than himself and money. She quickly asked Dorian for her one thousand dollars in payment. Dorian refuted Delphina, pointing out that David only cared about money. He was not there to seek approval, David announced. He wanted forgiveness because he had merely married Addie to get back at Dorian, after she cut him out of their deal. He pointed out that karma had caused her to lose the company.

Trying to break down David's defenses with the champagne and caviar, Dorian told Moe to leave for the day, promising him a month's bonus. As soon as Moe left, Dorian was all over David, kissing him and touching him, as he tried to resist. He admitted to a happy Dorian that he and Addie had never had sex, but had acted as though they had to drive Dorian crazy.

Viki informed Nora that Jessica would be heading back to the cottage accompanied by her parents and the doctor. She was hopeful that Tess would not return, but they needed to discover what had happened when the baby was born. Cole learned that Bo was driving Matthew to school, and that Nora had found a joint in Matthew's book bag. Cole offered to speak to Matthew himself, though he emphasized that the boy was a good kid. Nora wondered if Cole would be able to tell her who had sold Matthew the drug, but Cole firmly voiced his lack of knowledge. He enlightened Nora to the fact that he had found Marty in the Angel Square Hotel, staying with an unknown man. She had told him she couldn't live with her son. Nora wondered if she had said it was Cole's fault and exclaimed that Cole needed his mother. Momentarily, Cole flashed back to taking one of the pills he had purchased at school. In the midst of their conversation, Marty returned to the mansion.

Preferring not to speak to his mother, Cole quickly departed. Nora urged Marty to go after him, but Marty held back, even after Nora told her to try. An angered Nora complained that Cole deserved more than a mother who disappeared and shacked up with a stranger. Marty took offense at that, but Nora tried to clarify that she didn't want anyone taking advantage of Marty. She thought that Marty was exhibiting destructive behavior and needed a therapist. Marty snickered at that, reminding Nora that Marty herself was a therapist. The women argued over Marty's choices, including her drinking when she suffered from lupus. Nora didn't fail to mention that Marty had been on the route of self-destruction once before, when she was younger.

Arriving at class early, Starr encountered Schuyler Joplin and explained her reasons for not doing her homework. She admitted to visiting her baby's grave and then spending the night thinking about her. She supposed that he spent his time thinking about his mother, she added. Schuyler spoke out quickly, admitting that he didn't get to say goodbye to his mom. Attempting to end the conversation, he mentioned the Code of Ethics, stating that he didn't think it right to be talking to her. Starr countered with the fact that they were only talking and Schuyler opened up. He admitted that he had been "pretty messed up, on drugs or something" when he was younger. He added that his mother had covered up for him often. He wondered if her death was related to him in some way, having heard that she had something on her mind before she died. He thought it possible that perhaps she had made a mistake because of him.

Starr quickly reassured her teacher that he could not have been responsible for what happened. He went on to talk about his mom and how he broke her heart. He even bought her new earrings to replace the pair he had stolen from her years before, but he had never gotten the chance to give them to her, he confided. He again brought up the boundaries between student and teacher.

Arriving at school, Cole stopped to see the student who had sold him drugs previously. Grabbing him, he berated the boy for selling the joint to Matthew. The boy denied it, wondering if Cole was Matthew's brother. Cole demanded to know who the seller was. The boy insisted that there was someone else selling drugs to the younger set.

Schuyler mentioned that he had an appointment with a lawyer and Starr realized that it was probably Téa. He thought that his mother was being investigated, but Starr filled her teacher in on Todd's plot and Téa's defense of her dad. Schuyler promised to help Starr in any way that he could, though he knew nothing of his mother's involvement with Todd. A thankful Starr gave her teacher a hug as Cole walked in on them. He demanded that they separate, pointing out that Joplin's mother was the reason their baby was dead. Starr attempted to calm him down.

Brody told Wes about seeing the dead boy from Iraq and that the boy had told him, "It's a lie." He questioned Wes about the lack of a gun and if the boy was really unarmed. Wes reminded him that their entire company had testified on the existence of a gun and that everyone had seen it. He urged Brody to put the incident behind him and to move on.

Jessica arrived at the cottage, and, breathing heavily, recalled being there with Nash. She remembered her parents being present after the baby's birth, but could not summon up any images of the time in between those two memories. Suddenly, sobbing, she pictured Tess in the throes of labor. She wondered what had caused Tess to leave and Jessica to return. Unexpectedly, Tess resurfaced, with the memory of her baby not crying. Turning to Viki, she pleaded for help in remembering everything that happened the night of Chloe's birth.

Wes stopped at the Buchanan mansion to pick up Marty after she put in a frantic call to him. Nora tried to stop her from going off with him, to no avail.

Brody began to see the boy again but this time the views differed from each other. First he had a gun, and then he didn't.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Just Say No

At La Boulaie, Dorian attempted to seduce David, but he prayed and resisted temptation. When David continued to rebuke her advances, Dorian realized that she needed to take drastic measures. David insisted that he was on a spiritual path that Dorian could never understand. Claiming that her life had been in turmoil ever since he left, Dorian shared that she sought inner peace and begged David to save her. When David stated that she would need to give up everything of value, Dorian agreed and asked him to show her the way. Unconvinced, David dropped one of Dorian's valuable vases and waited for her reaction. After having a brief fit, Dorian maintained that she had gained spiritual enlightenment. A doubtful David thanked Dorian for teaching him a valuable lesson then he left. Falling to her knees, Dorian declared that she would succeed at convincing David to marry her. Vowing to destroy Clint and Nora, Dorian announced that she would take back control of Buchanan Enterprises.

Later, David chanted at his house of worship. Someone entered the room and joined in the ceremony. To his surprise, David looked over and observed Dorian dressed in a robe and sitting beside him.

Inside of Mr. Joplin's classroom, Starr prevented Cole from attacking the teacher. Starr informed Cole that Mr. J was actually Dr. Joplin's son and that she was only comforting him. An angered Cole blamed Dr. Joplin for killing his child and even accused Schuyler of being at fault. Starr maintained that Mr. J was also experiencing pain because he had lost his mother. Schuyler acknowledged that his mother had made a fatal mistake, but argued that she had killed herself because of her negligence. Schuyler said that his mother was a good person, and apologized for the pain she had caused Cole. Cole accepted Schuyler's apology and the two made peace with a handshake. Embarrassed, Starr excused herself and led Cole out into the hall. Alone, Schuyler locked some papers inside his desk drawer.

Out in the hall, Starr demanded to know what had caused Cole to react in an irrational manner and questioned whether he was on drugs. Cole denied taking drugs and insisted that he was uptight due to the problems he was experiencing, but Starr was certain that Cole was under the influence of some drug. Assuring Cole that she understood what he was going through because she had lost both Hope and her father, Starr demanded to know where Cole had gotten the drugs. As Cole continued to deny possessing any narcotics, Starr reached into Cole's pocket and recovered a plastic bag filled with pills. Confessing that he needed something to take the edge off, Cole claimed that he would never become addicted. Holding the pills in her hand, Starr warned Cole that the drugs would only make his problems worse. While Starr and Cole continued to argue, a teacher approached and demanded that Starr divulge the contents of the plastic bag. Starr opened her hand and revealed the pills. Cole admitted that the pills belonged to him, but Starr lied to her teacher and insisted that she was the culprit.

At St. Anne's, Brody experienced another flashback of the little boy in Iraq. His thoughts were briefly interrupted when Gigi paid him a visit. Hoping to cheer him up, Gigi showed Shane's glowing report card to Brody and told him of the progress the child had made. When Gigi mentioned that Shane wanted to visit him, a cautious Brody admitted that he was experiencing problems and didn't want to frighten Shane. Divulging the details of his visions of the shooting, Brody told Gigi that he had memories of the little boy holding a gun, but he also had visions of the little boy being unarmed.

Gigi wondered if Brody had discussed his concerns with Wes. Brody shared that he had spoken with Wes, but was unable to gain any insight into the shooting. Reminding Brody that the government reports confirmed that the little boy was armed, Gigi assured Brody that his actions were justified. Before leaving, Gigi advised Brody that he wasn't alone, because she and Shane cared for him. Attempting to encourage him, Gigi told Brody that Wes was also concerned about his well-being.

A disgusted John watched as Marty and Wes entered Rodi's. Wes revealed to Marty that he had come to Llanview to help his friend. Wes said that he wanted to protect his friend, but feared that he was only causing him problems. Explaining that his friend was consumed with guilt, Wes maintained that the incident wasn't Brody's fault. Wes said that his friend needed answers, but Wes believed that if he told Brody the truth that it would only make him feel worse. Drawing from her own personal experience, Marty advised Wes that it was difficult for a person to recover upon learning that someone they trusted kept secrets from them. Moved by Marty's insight, Wes excused himself to phone Brody. As Marty played a game of pool, John approached. John wondered if Marty had showed up at the bar for his benefit.

Outside of Rodi's, Gigi ran into Wes after he had placed a call to Brody. Wes mentioned that he had tried to call Brody, but was told that his friend was meeting with someone. When Gigi informed Wes that she had paid Brody a visit and was certain that he was probably speaking with his doctor, Wes appeared concerned. Upon learning that Brody was still experiencing conflicting visions of the shooting, Wes was noticeably bothered. He listened as Gigi revealed that she feared that Brody might be in real trouble if he didn't receive closure.

Back inside Rodi's, Marty flirted with John. Hoping to gain Marty's trust, John accepted her offer to play a game of darts. As the two played, Wes returned and told Marty that he needed to check on his friend. Marty understood and assured him that she would be fine. Afterward, John asked Marty why she had deserted her family and was behaving in a destructive manner. She told him that he was witnessing the real Marty. She was no longer the Marty who hung onto Todd. Taking a swig of beer, Marty asked John if he didn't approve of the old Marty. John related that he never knew the old Marty. Revealing that the old Marty was selfish and self-destructive, Marty planted a kiss on John.

Wes paid Brody a visit and stated that he had a confession to make. Brody revealed that the child Brody killed in Iraq wasn't armed.

At the cottage, as Clint and Dr. Levin looked on, Tess begged Viki to help her find out what happened the night she gave birth. When Dr. Levin tried to help Tess uncover the details of that night, Tess recalled that Niki Smith helped her deliver the baby. Viki negated Tess's claims, but Tess assured Viki that Niki was in her subconscious that night and had helped her through the labor. Explaining that Niki knew about Tess's plan to kill Natalie and Jared, Tess revealed that Niki had pleaded with her to save them. As Tess attempted to leave the cottage and help the couple, Tess confessed that she was overcome with pain and Niki had helped her deliver the child. In a panic, Tess insisted that she didn't believe that her baby was breathing. Attempting to calm Tess, Viki told Tess that she didn't hear the baby cry because she was in shock. Tess disagreed and argued that the baby never cried. As a look of horror crossed Tess's face, she exclaimed, "Oh my God, I know what happened!"

Meanwhile, in her subconscious, Jessica had an encounter with Bess. Informing Jessica that Tess had surfaced, Bess blamed Jessica for Tess's actions. Jessica pleaded with Bess to tell her the truth about her baby, but Bess refused and insisted that Jessica was fragile and needed her protection. Jessica assured Bess that she could handle the secret no matter how devastating it was. Shaking her head, Bess was certain that Jessica couldn't accept the truth. As Jess and her alter ego continued to argue, Bess leaned down and whispered into Jessica's ear. A teary eyed, Jessica cried, "No!"

As Tess struggled with the revelation, Dr. Levin asked Tess to come back but Jessica surfaced instead. Jessica was desperate to learn what Tess had told everyone. When Clint stated that Tess didn't say anything of importance, Jess assumed that Tess didn't know the truth about the baby. She related that Bess told her the truth and she knew what had happened to her baby. Jessica said that it was all her fault.

Back in Jess's subconscious, a caged Tess asked, "My baby is dead isn't she?" With no emotion, Bess replied, "Yes." As a distraught Tess cried, Bess said that it was Tess's fault.

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