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Todd tried to kill himself by jumping from a rooftop. Marty got drunk and ended up in Wes's room. Sarah decided to take a job and leave Llanview. Cole wanted something stronger than marijuana. Lee Halpern was really Marty's ex-caretaker, Janet.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 5, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, January 5, 2009

It's Raining Men

At the St. Blazes resort, Dorian threatened to sue Alex unless she provided Dorian with something of value. Alex claimed to have information concerning David. When Dorian demanded that Alex provide her with details, Alex briefly attempted to withhold the information, but quickly succumbed to Dorian's threats. While Dorian listened intently, Alex confessed everything she knew about David being a Buchanan. Revealing how she learned of the information, Alex exposed Nigel and Max's involvement and gave details of how she tricked David into marrying her. Convinced that Alex was being untruthful, Dorian pressured her for more answers. Stating that Nigel was desperate to protect the Buchanans, Alex maintained that he gave her his inheritance as a means of keeping her silent.

When Dorian surmised that Jared had knowledge of the truth, Alex shared that she had overheard Jared discussing the matter with Nigel. Insisting that she had given Dorian valuable information, Alex considered them even, but Dorian wanted more. Citing that David was poor and had no knowledge of his lineage, Dorian said that Alex's information was of no use to her. Alex suggested that Dorian find a way to use the information to her advantage-and leave Alex alone. After Alex had left, Dorian overheard Asa's lawyer, Beaver Calhoun, asking a bartender for Alex. Dorian witnessed Beaver displaying a photo of David and inquiring if he had been seen on the island. Dorian interrupted Beaver's discussion with the bartender and offered her assistance.

Inside the Palace ballroom, Clint and Nora were startled by David's presence and certain that he was involved in a scheme. Although David did his best to convince them that he was a changed man, Clint and Nora remained skeptical. Unaware of his birthright, David mentioned that his return to Llanview involved the Buchanan fortune. David's words immediately sent Clint into a tailspin. In an attempt to calm Clint, David reminded him that they were brothers, which further infuriated Clint. Upon learning that David was speaking in general terms, Clint was anxious to hear David's announcement. Apologizing for his past misdeeds against the Buchanan clan, David claimed that he had transformed and no longer desired financial wealth. David insisted that he only wanted Clint's forgiveness.

As David excused himself to assist an elderly woman, a bewildered Clint and Nora tried figure out David's angle. While Clint was certain that David was plotting something, Nora reminded him that David wasn't asking for any money. The couple expressed their relief that no one who knew the truth would ever tell David. Refusing to believe that David had actually changed, Clint told Nora that their only hope was to send David far away and keep Asa's lawyer from locating him. After being shooed away by the elderly woman he had tried to help, Davis rejoined Clint and Nora. When David stated that he would return to Tibet upon receiving Clint's forgiveness, a relieved Clint and Nora gladly accepted his apology and encouraged him to head back to China immediately.

Although pleased by Clint's forgiveness, David revealed that he couldn't leave town because he had much work to do. Explaining that he needed to make amends to every person he had wronged, David related that Dorian was next on his list. Clint wondered how long David would remain in Llanview. David responded that he had wronged many and his stay in Llanview could be quite lengthy. As he walked away, David announced that he would be residing at the local Krishna Rama Center. Both Clint and Nora feared that David could be in Llanview forever if he expected to be forgiven by Dorian.

While out for the night, Jared informed Natalie that he had a big decision to make and needed her input. Natalie wondered what was troubling Jared, but was pleasantly surprised when he informed her that Clint had offered him back his old job at Buchanan Enterprises. Natalie happily remarked that the gesture meant that Clint had forgiven them for everything that had taken place in the past, but Jared expressed concern that Clint had only offered him the job so that he would be able to provide for Natalie. Unconvinced, Natalie recounted the many instances in which Jared saved the company from financial ruins, and assured Jared that Clint offered him the job because of his abilities. Shaking her head in disgust, Natalie imagined the disaster that would have occurred had David learned that he was really a Buchanan.

Natalie reminded Jared of how much he loved working at B.E. Admitting that he would love to return to the company, Jared commented on how he had nearly lost Natalie due to his ambitious nature, and wouldn't allow it to happen again. Jared refused to accept the position unless he had Natalie's blessing. Pleading with him to accept the job, Natalie stated that B.E. needed him. Noting that B.E's stock was down, Natalie challenged him to save the company. Vowing to save B.E., Jared gave Natalie a loving embrace and promised that he wouldn't allow anyone to get in his way. Jared was certain that Clint would offer Natalie back her old job as well. Natalie stated that she couldn't return to B.E. because it was her responsibility to take care of Bree and Chloe while Jessica was away.

A frantic John searched Marty's empty room at the Palace Hotel.

On the roof of the Palace, Todd stood on the ledge and asked, "I can make you happy by doing this?" As Marty looked on in anticipation and insisted that his actions could make her happy, Todd leaped from the building. After watching Todd fall into the icy water below, Marty fell to the ground and exclaimed, "It's over!" Marty stumbled back to her room.

While strolling along the Palace grounds, Téa became curious after hearing a loud splash. Before she could investigate, an angry Blair appeared and warned her not to pressure Starr during Todd's upcoming hearing. Certain that trouble was brewing, Téa tried to convince Blair that they should investigate the sound she heard in the water. Ignoring Téa's pleas, Blair reminded her of the turmoil she placed Marty through and advised Téa not to attack Starr during her testimony.

Claiming to love Starr, Téa promised not to hurt her. Stressing that she didn't want Starr to experience any more pain, Blair begged Téa to convince Todd to plead guilty. Apologizing, Téa explained that she was Todd's lawyer and was committed to defending him in court. As Blair argued that Todd had planned to steal Starr's baby, Téa stated that Todd denied the claims. After listening to Blair rant about Todd, Téa wondered what had happened to make Blair turn against Todd. When Téa reminded Blair that Todd was once the love of her life, Blair responded, "You of all people should know that loving Todd fills your life with misery."

Unable to find any clues in the room, John called the front desk. To John's surprise, a disheveled Marty surfaced and questioned why he was in her room. Explaining that he had read her journal and knew that she had arranged to meet Todd, John demanded to know where he was. With a smile, Marty announced, "He's gone!" After John continued to question Marty, she finally admitted that Todd had jumped from the roof.

Meanwhile, as Blair continued to argue with Téa, both women were shocked when they observed John jump into the icy waters before their eyes. Realizing that someone had obviously fallen into the water, Téa, blamed Blair for distracting her and not allowing her the opportunity to call for help. A nervous Blair feared that no one could ever survive the icy waters. When Blair stated that John had been searching for Marty, both women surmised that Marty had fallen into the water. As Téa attempted to call for help, John emerged from the water with an unconscious Todd. As Blair and Téa tried to help John rescue Todd, Marty watched from the shadows. After managing to pull Todd from the water, an exhausted John collapsed and Blair tried desperately to resuscitate Todd. Pleading with Todd to regain consciousness, Blair screamed that she didn't want to explain the tragedy to the kids.

As Blair successfully revived Todd, Téa returned with towels for Todd and John. While Blair and Téa assisted him, Todd noticed Marty and mumbled, "I tried!" When John approached Marty and inquired about her condition, she lashed out at him and demanded to know why John had saved Todd's life. Blair and Téa listened as Marty screamed that Todd didn't deserve to live and that he should have died after falling from the roof. Téa and Blair wondered if Marty had pushed Todd, but he defended her. John tried to console Marty, but she warned him to stay away from her, and ran off. Blair begged Todd to go to the hospital, but he refused and staggered away, with Téa following close behind. Alone with John, Blair questioned if he knew more than he had revealed. John simply stated, "It doesn't matter. It's over now!"

At the Buchanan mansion, Nigel interrupted Renee as she watched Asa's video in which he bequeathed the entire Buchanan fortune to David. Renee expressed her sorrow that David was the real Buchanan heir and not Jared. Remembering David as a small boy, Renee admitted that she was aware of Asa and Emma Bradley's affair, but never imagined that David could be Asa's son. Recalling his past crimes, Renee acknowledged that David was a con artist, but couldn't help but wonder what type of a man he would have become had Asa been involved in his life. Renee related to Nigel that she had convinced Emma to leave town with Ned Truman and forget about a life with Asa. Renee recounted the time that she held an infant David in her arms. She laughed as she remembered that he nearly choked her to death when he pulled on her very expensive necklace. Shaking his head, Nigel wasn't surprise that David was interested in money at such an early age.

At the Krishna Rama Center, David sought guidance from his spiritual advisor. He vowed to save the souls of others. As he meditating, David thought of all the Llanview residents who were in need of his help.

Back at the Buchanan mansion, Clint and Nora alerted Renee and Nigel of David's return to Llanview. The family agreed that David could never learn that he was Asa's son or of his inheritance. Clint announced that he had an idea that might save the family's fortune from David.

Filling Beaver's glass with liquor, Dorian tried to learn as much as she could concerning his search for David.

Blair continued to question John about Todd's accident, but he refused to give her any information.

A stranger on a motorcycle approached Marty and asked if she needed a ride. Without saying a word, Marty rode off into the darkness with the stranger.

A distraught Todd stood outside of the Palace Hotel. When Téa tried to help him, he pushed her away.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Make No Mistake, He's Mine

At the Palace Hotel, Téa took a call on her phone expecting Todd, only to get Ray from Colombia. "Who the hell is Todd?" Ray growled. Téa explained that Todd was her other client, and the perfect cover for her presence in Llanview as she worked on Ray's behalf, but Ray called Todd a distraction. He ordered her to get him out of Plato Prison immediately so he could make Vanessa pay. Téa reminded Ray that she'd have to question Lola on her recollections about the night of her mother's death, and told him she'd have to make Lola "crack." Ray warned Téa not to put Lola under undue pressure, and Téa asked if she was being threatened. "I do not threaten, Téa," Ray replied. "I make promises." Téa told Ray that Vanessa had "coached" Lola's memory on the witness stand, and that she would break Vanessa's scheme down by any means necessary in order to prove him innocent.

At the loft, Cristian woke from a nightmare, and Vanessa comforted him. Vanessa told him not to trouble himself sleeping on a daybed, and urged him to take the upstairs bedroom with her instead. Cristian was flustered by the prospect of sharing the same bed with Vanessa, but Vanessa reminded him that they would have to get used to sharing intimate space in order to fool the immigration services. At first, Cristian refused, and said his actions for Vanessa had hurt Sarah too much already. Vanessa reassured Cris that Sarah was a kind woman who would understand the sacrifice they were both making. She was about to back off her request, but Cristian finally relented, and agreed to share Vanessa's bed.

As Cristian and Vanessa rendezvoused for a private brunch at the Palace, Lola and Téa interrupted their conversation. Vanessa was surprised Téa only wanted to eat with Lola, but Téa warned Vanessa and Cris that they would have to prepare for their visit from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Over at Sarah's apartment, an agent from the ICE arrived to question Sarah about her fraud claim against Vanessa and Lola. Sarah was surprised by the speed with which the ICE had responded to her report, and was hesitant to implicate Cristian in any wrongdoing. She told the ICE agent that Cristian and Vanessa's marriage was a "marriage of convenience," and that the fraud was not Cristian's fault; Vanessa had seduced and manipulated him. As Sarah retold her story to the ICE agent, she explained that Cristian had refused to wed Vanessa until the mysterious death threat had turned up. Sarah theorized that Vanessa had sent the note to herself to compel Cristian to act. She pleaded Cristian's case, and said he had only been trying to do the right thing. However, the ICE agent was not so sympathetic.

At the Palace, Clint met Jared, Natalie, and baby Chloe for lunch, and Clint marveled at how much "Chloe" looked like Viki. Jared and Natalie were curious about Jessica's release from St. Anne's, but Clint informed them that Jessica's treatment had a long way to go. Natalie was upset to hear that only Viki was allowed to visit with Jessica, and feared for Jessica's girls, who missed their mother. Changing the subject, Jared gave Clint an answer to his proposition, and agreed to come back to work at Buchanan Enterprises. Clint told Jared things had grown more complicated; he explained the codicil in Asa's will, which left everything, including B.E., to David Vickers. Jared and Natalie were floored by the news, and even more floored to hear that David had returned to Llanview as a novice Buddhist monk. The trio did not buy David's change of heart, and believed his Achilles heel would always be money. Clint told Jared and Natalie that they had to get David out of Llanview before he could be informed of his heritage and claim the Buchanan empire for himself, and asked for Jared's help.

Over at the Buenos Dias Café, Bo and Nora were also discussing the David situation, just in time for David to wander through the door in full Buddhist regalia, walking staff in hand. Nora explained to a flabbergasted Bo that David "Vickaroshi" no longer desired material wealth, and had "found the light" in his new religion. "I've never felt lighter, Nora," David enthused. "Namaste!" "Namaste!" Nora replied gleefully. Bo asked David what he was doing at the cafe, and David said he had come to pay yet more amends to the people of Llanview, namely "Car-low-tta."

The bewildered Carlotta walked up as David explained that he had inadvertently burnt down "the hallowed, flan-covered walls" of the Vega diner the previous summer while burning Clint's hefty check at one of her tables. "Carlotta, would you hold my staff?" David asked, and handed her his trusty staff as he held out his wrists to Bo, asking his unknown brother to incarcerate him for his crimes. Carlotta informed David that his penance was unnecessary, because he hadn't caused the fire at the diner; the cause had been faulty wiring. Bo asked David how he had intended to compensate Carlotta for what he'd thought he'd done. David said an apology would have had to suffice, as "money is an illusion." David said that by understanding that simple concept, he was finally free.

As David drank tea at a separate booth, Nora and Bo continued their hushed conference about David's secret heritage. Nora warned Bo that if David learned the truth, it would be "sayonara saffron and hello sapphires!" Bo told Nora they had to get David out of town before Beaver Calhoun tracked him down, or they at least needed to prevent him from learning the truth before they could get B.E.'s stock price back up, thereby retaining control of the company. Nora told Bo she also needed his help with some records regarding the case against Todd; she was sure that with those records, she could nail Todd and Téa once and for all.

At St. Anne's, Jessica gazed at a picture of Chloe before getting a visit from Viki, who brought more photos of the children, who Jared and Natalie were caring for. Viki fretted about Jessica's latest "Tess outbreak," and wondered what could have brought on Tess's dogged insistence that something was wrong with Chloe. Jessica thought that Tess simply could not accept that Bree and Chloe were her children instead of Tess's. Viki reminded Jessica that Bess was the gatekeeper alter who protected the host personality from trauma, and said that like Jean Randolph, Bess would stop at nothing to "guard" Jessica from what she perceived as pain. Viki suspected that Bess held the key to the root of the problem, and might know "something you're not ready to face." Jessica wondered why Bess hadn't stepped in to stop Tess when she imprisoned Jared and Natalie, and Viki asked if it had been an even worse horror that had drawn Bess out into the open. As Viki continued to press the issue, Jessica grew withdrawn, and suddenly donned a familiar pair of dark glasses before turning to confront Viki. "You are badgering Jessica," Bess said, "and I will not have it."

Bess told Viki that she decided what was best for Jessica, whereas Viki was responsible for everything terrible that had happened to her. Viki admitted that she and Niki were at fault for what had happened to Jessica as a child, and Bess called Niki's negligence unforgivable. Viki said that Jessica had forgiven her, but Bess disagreed: "Jessica hasn't forgiven you. Not one bit. She just doesn't have the guts to say so." Bess said that Jessica was locked away because of Viki's illness, and refused to share her secret. Viki insisted that Jessica was strong and could handle whatever Bess was shielding her from. "Some things, Victoria, are unendurable," Bess said. "We're done here." With that, she whipped off her glasses and smashed them against the wall, and Jessica regained control.

Jessica asked her mother what had happened, and Viki told her she'd met with Bess. She told Jess they didn't have the answers they needed yet, but would soon. Unaware of Bess's accusations, Jessica tearfully hugged her mother and reassured her that she blamed Viki for none of her problems. Viki bid Jessica an emotional goodbye and, as Jessica took to her bed, Viki pocketed Bess's smashed glasses and left the room, shaken.

Elsewhere in the sanitarium, Wes Grainger met with Dr. Levin, Brody and Jessica's psychiatrist. Dr. Levin urged Wes to meet with Brody and help him open up about the tragedy with the young boy in Iraq. Wes was reluctant to reopen old wounds, but agreed to try to help his fellow soldier.

Wes entered the common room and shared a happy reunion with Brody. Wes told Brody he'd get through his time in St. Anne's, and urged him to stick with the program. Brody admitted that his thoughts kept returning to the shooting of the Iraqi child, and Wes told him not to dwell on it; he reminded Brody that the boy had had a gun, and he'd done only what he'd had to. Wes assured Brody he would be there to help him through his recovery, and explained that he was staying in Llanview, and had even landed "this crazy chick," who was waiting for him back in his hotel room.

Brody mused about Jessica, his new friend who had warned him he would never be free of his guilt. Wes was apprehensive about Jessica's treatment of Brody, but Brody explained that Jessica had DID, causing multiple personalities. Wes teased Brody, asking which of the personalities was the hottest, and called Jessica his new "girl." "Jessica's not my girl," Brody groused. Wes found the idea of DID creepy, but Brody said he could understand it, remembering how he had "psyched himself out" and steeled his mind for combat back in Fallujah. "Me and Jessica, we're not that different." As Brody described Jessica's alters to Wes, he explained that Bess was the "alpha dog," while Tess had called him a "crazy SOB." Wes was outraged by the callous treatment of his friend, and asked, "Who the hell is this girl?" "That would be me," Jessica replied, walking into the common room.

Back at the Palace, Téa and Lola sat down for their brunch, and Lola let Téa know how much she appreciated Téa's kindness towards her and her stepmother. Téa said she was doing it for Cristian, and Lola confessed that Vanessa had a "thing" for Cristian. She was sure that the immigration officials would see Vanessa's love for Cris and know their marriage was "real." Lola said she wanted nothing more than to stay in America forever, and told Téa she wouldn't miss anyone or anything in Colombia. When Téa expressed her sympathies about the death of Lola's mother, Lola grew evasive, and refused to answer any questions about the night of the murder. Téa suggested that Lola's memory might have played tricks on her, but Lola grew angry and snapped that she knew what happened. She asked Téa why she was so interested in the night her mother died.

At the loft, Vanessa and Cristian attempted to awkwardly quiz each other on information they would need to fool immigration. Vanessa opened the questioning with, "What was it like when you realized you were falling in love with me?" Before Cristian could formulate an answer, the ICE agent who had questioned Sarah arrived at the door. Cristian and Vanessa thought he was there for the first of their interviews, but the agent informed them there would be no interview, because their marriage was a sham. "You've been reported," he told the stunned couple.

Sarah sat pensive at her kitchen table as Layla returned from walking their puppy. Layla asked who the immigration official at the door had been, and Sarah confessed that she had reported Vanessa to ICE "to get her away from my man." Layla was both impressed and nonplussed by Sarah's actions, calling her "fierce," but asked why she'd done it. Sarah explained that she'd seen Vanessa and Cristian kiss on the live feed from Ultra Violet on New Year's Eve, and knew then that Vanessa would make their marriage real. She told Layla she would do anything to prevent Vanessa from digging her hooks deeper into Cristian. Layla hesitantly congratulated Sarah on her scheme, and told her she'd "learned from the master," Tina. "You are your mother's daughter," Layla said as she walked away, leaving Sarah with second thoughts.

At the Buenos Dias, a visitor surprised David-Jared was there, and said they needed to talk.

Clint and Nora met up with Viki at the Palace, and Clint asked Viki about Jessica's condition. Nora told Viki she needed to talk to her about Jessica, as well, because she needed an eyewitness to Todd's scheme to steal Starr's baby. Nora explained that she wanted to put Tess on the stand to testify about Todd's conspiracy, but Viki violently rejected Nora's plan: "Absolutely not!"

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Leave It To Beaver

At the cottage, Rex thanked Gigi for her help at Ultraviolet on New Year's Eve. An amorous moment between the lovebirds was interrupted when Natalie, holding Chloe, knocked on the front door. The moment she saw Rex's rumpled clothes, Natalie realized that her timing had been less than perfect. She began apologizing for dropping by unexpectedly. Rex brushed off Natalie's concerns while Gigi took Chloe from Natalie. As Gigi played with the baby, Natalie told Rex about her recent engagement to Jared. Rex and Gigi were happy for Natalie and congratulated her. They made plans to celebrate the engagement before Natalie and Chloe left. After they were gone, Rex brought up the subject of children. He told Gigi that he was sorry that he had not been around to help her when Shane was a baby. Talk of Shane's infancy led to them discussing the future. Gigi hoped that when they were more financially stable, that they could have another child.

At the diner, Jared tried his best to persuade David to return to Tibet. David took the opportunity to impart some wisdom. He urged Jared to follow David's example and right his own wrongs, such as deceiving the Buchanans when he pretended to be Asa's long-lost son. Jared appreciated David's concern but remained focused on his goal of sending David packing. To reach that end, Jared offered David a briefcase filled with money. David appeared momentarily tempted when his eyes glazed over with greed, but then David began chanting. When David was done, he pushed the money away and declined the offer.

At the St. Blazes Resort, Beaver Calhoun slowly woke up and was surprised to realize that he was in Dorian's bed. Initially, Dorian let Beaver believe that they had slept together after a night of revelry and drinking. What Beaver didn't realize was that Dorian had only pretended to drink with him. The truth was, Beaver had passed out before he could even kiss Dorian. When Beaver apologized for not remembering, Dorian admitted that he had nothing to apologize for since he did not "close the deal." However, Dorian continued to fish for information by pretending that Beaver had confided the details of Asa's will to her. With his guard down, Beaver revealed enough for Dorian to learn that Asa had disinherited his legitimate heirs and left his entire fortune to David. While Beaver went to shower and change, Dorian took a moment to celebrate Clint's misfortune.

Dorian's joy was cut short when a knock at the door revealed Mel in the guise of a hotel maid. Mel warned Dorian that she was headed down the wrong path, but Dorian refused to listen. She chastised Mel for raining on her parade. Before Mel left, she told Dorian that she would need a mighty big umbrella if she intended to go through with her plans. Dorian ignored the warning. She was convinced that she could regain Buchanan Enterprises if she found David.

At the loft, Cris and Vanessa were stunned to learn that the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agent had received a report that their marriage was a sham. When Cris demanded to know who had made the claim, Sarah appeared in the doorway and took responsibility. Cris was taken aback but recovered quickly. He accused Sarah of being a jealous and vindictive bitch, who was bitter because he had dumped her for Vanessa. The ICE agent wasn't swayed. He told Cris and Vanessa that he didn't care who had reported the fraud, or why, because he was required to investigate the claim regardless. After the ICE agent left, Cris asked to speak to Sarah alone. When Vanessa attempted to make peace with Sarah, Sarah told her to "save it."

After Vanessa left, Cris asked Sarah why she had turned against him. He said that he thought she understood his reasons for marrying Vanessa and supported his decision. Sarah told Cris that she had seen Cris and Vanessa's New Year's Eve kiss and realized that Cris was not as immune to Vanessa as he claimed. Cris couldn't explain the kiss but insisted that Sarah was the woman he loved. Sarah was tired of being the understanding girlfriend, and announced that she was leaving town. She had been offered the opportunity to be Puddle of Mudd's road manager and she had decided to take the job. Cris objected to Sarah leaving, but in the end he was unable to persuade Sarah to change her mind. She told Cris goodbye and then walked out of his life.

At the Palace Hotel's restaurant, Téa tried to talk to Lola about Ray. Lola was very uncomfortable discussing her parents and became quite agitated. Téa backed off, but worked on gaining Lola's trust. Unfortunately, Téa's attempts to get closer to Lola were thwarted when Vanessa suddenly appeared and demanded to know what Téa and Lola were discussing. Téa deftly deflected the questions by asking Vanessa why she was at the restaurant instead of at the loft with Cris. The ploy worked because Vanessa told Téa about Sarah's accusation and the visit by the ICE agent.

Elsewhere in the restaurant, Nora did her best to persuade Clint and Viki to consider consenting to Tess testifying against Todd. Nora hoped that Tess knew of Todd's plans to kidnap Starr's baby. Viki and Clint objected. Viki explained that Jessica was in a fragile place at the moment and that her alters were unpredictable. Later, Viki told Clint that Bess was keeping a secret that had the potential to devastate Jessica if she learned of it.

At St. Anne's, Jessica approached Wes and Brody as they talked. The tension was thick as Wes asked her which personality she was. Jessica assured them that she was herself, not one of her alters. When Wes was introduced, Jessica tried to lighten the mood by joking that he could be one of his alters because of his name. She realized that the comment might have been inappropriate and apologized as she turned to leave. Wes stopped her. He told her that Brody had told him about her, and invited her to stay.

After Wes left, Jessica turned to Brody to ask him what had happened while Tess had been in control. She was horrified as Brody told her the painful details of the ugly scene she had created when he had circumvented her attempts to escape the sanitarium. Jessica apologized for what she had put Brody through and decided to keep her distance from him. She told him that she had admitted herself to St. Anne's to protect the people that she cared for. Jessica went on to confess that she had grown to care for Brody. Brody refused to let her push him away. He insisted that she had helped him and that he believed that she could continue to do so. Jessica relented and admitted that Brody had helped her, too. As the two talked about their hopes for recovery, the young boy Brody was haunted by and Tess stood behind Brody and Jessica.

Wes stared at a picture of him and Brody while they were on their tour of duty. After a few minutes, Wes returned the picture to the drawer and prayed for Brody to let it all go.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Mourning After

At the Buchanan mansion, John expressed his opinion that Cole should attend school instead of sitting home worrying about his mother, whose whereabouts were unknown. Cole was concerned that Marty was out seeking revenge on Todd in some way. John reassured the young man that Marty was an adult and probably wanted to be alone. He was sure that she was finished with Todd. Cole felt that John was hiding something from him but John thought that Marty should be the one to explain the situation to her son.

An encounter at the Palace Hotel restaurant had Viki demanding to know why Téa was helping Todd. An unrelenting Viki was not satisfied with Téa's response that she was merely Todd's lawyer. Viki reminded her that Téa had appointed herself to the position. Téa felt that she and Todd had many similarities in their lives that connected them to each other, along with their previous marriage. She disagreed when Viki suggested that Todd was not the same man as he was in the past. Turning the tables, Téa wondered why Viki was not helping her brother through his latest troubled times, when she had always supported him in the past.

Viki explained that in the past she understood and aided Todd because of their terrible father, but Todd's actions during the past year changed things for her. She detailed what had happened with Jessica, her multiple personalities and Todd's knowledge of that, and Todd's confrontations with Starr and Cole. Téa attempted to make excuses for Todd, citing the fact that Todd really loved Starr more than anything in the world. Viki thought that was true once, but not any longer. She accused Téa of wearing blinders where Todd was concerned.

A teary Téa broke the news of Todd's attempted suicide, causing a departing Viki to stop dead in her tracks. While she was hungry for more information, Téa was unable to provide much. Téa expressed her belief that it was Marty who told him to jump and she emphasized that Todd needed help. Viki was upset, because she had been emphatic in her resolve to be through with him this time. After hearing the news, she wasn't so sure. Téa confessed that she married Todd not only because of the connection they had, but because she had loved him. After Viki's departure, Téa looked at the wedding portrait of herself and Todd.

A dizzy Marty woke up in a strange place, only to find an unexpected man walking through the door armed with a couple of cups of coffee. She managed to recall the events of New Year's Eve with Todd that led her to the situation she was in. The man in question was Wes, Brody's buddy, and he helped her through her cobwebbed memory. She had jumped onto the back of his motorcycle and crashed at his place in Angel Square, he explained. She had introduced herself as "Marty the party girl Saybrooke" and had asked him if he wanted sex. He had to tell her that there was no liquor or loud music allowed and that he could see that she only wanted a distraction, not sex.

Marty was unaware of whether she knew Wes from her past or not, since he seemed to know her well. He explained that she reminded him of himself and that he did not know her previously. He had heard about her evening with Todd, resulting in Todd's jumping from the roof of the Palace.

A quite tipsy Marty had seemed disappointed that she couldn't kill the guy, who certainly deserved it, she had told him. He had confessed to his own need for distraction after his first tour of duty to Iraq and Afghanistan, when he had pretended to be the same as he was before the tour. Needing to get away, he had signed up for a second tour. He wanted to start his life over again, he had explained. He confessed that Marty had fallen asleep by the time he had finished telling her about his life, but it was cathartic for him to talk anyway. He had tucked her in for the night. Marty offered to listen to him another time.

Todd was dreaming about the events of New Year's Eve, but was startled awake by Blair, who stopped by to check on him. "I'm alive, no thanks to you," he snapped at her. He was angry that she had saved his life when he and Marty had tried so hard to end it. A confused Blair could hardly believe that Todd actually wanted to kill himself, especially since he had been wearing a tuxedo! It suddenly dawned on her that he had done it for Marty, to make up for all that he had done to her. She wondered why Marty had so much power over Todd, seemingly more than his own children.

This caused the pair to argue over Todd's parenting skills, with Blair pointing out that Todd never acted like an adult. She also stressed that he never loved Marty and never would, and that it was all merely a fantasy. She reminded him that he had never loved anyone who didn't want him to change, and Marty didn't fit that bill. Obviously, she hadn't wanted him to change because she didn't remember the past, Blair continued. She accused him of deserting all of the people who knew him and loved him, anyway.

Blair wondered what she was supposed to tell the kids, who were certainly missing him. She would always be there for them, just as she had always been there for Todd. Blair reminded him how happy they had been until he had caught Starr and Cole together after they had sex. She felt that it had just reminded him of himself and Marty. She advised him that he needed to wake up, get over it, and put the past behind him once and for all. Since he could not change what happened with Marty, he needed to accept it and move on, she added. She strongly urged him to be loving, wondering if he was capable of doing that, so that he could see his kids again. "Like when I was with you?" he asked.

At school, Starr was surprised that not a soul had mentioned her pregnancy, while she and Langston wondered why they hadn't seen Cole. Starr knew that something was happening, since her mom had insisted on a family breakfast. She explained that Blair always did that when something was wrong.

Cole finally showed up, explaining that he had been worried about his mother. Awkwardly, he and Starr seemed unsure of how to behave regarding her pregnancy. When a fellow student asked about the birth and excitedly told them that her sister had extra baby clothes, they uncomfortably told her that the baby had died. They only hoped the passing of time would make things easier. They both received comforting words from others, but Cole received an extra offer. His classmate held out a joint, suggesting he head to the park by the river to light up. He thought that might ease Cole's pain.

At the café, Roxy apologized to Charlie for pretending that he had proposed marriage to Viki. Natalie arrived with Chloe and announced that Jared was once again working at Buchanan Enterprises. Roxy asked when Natalie might have her own baby, expressing her desire to become a grandmother again. Natalie quickly put a stop to that conversation, as Charlie chuckled but agreed with Roxy on the premise. John arrived and learned from Roxy that Marty was seen at the Palace and had left with a man on a motorcycle. Roxy had thought it was John who was having such a good time with Marty. John questioned others at the café.

Needing to get to work, Wes offered to drop Marty off at home. He was in the midst of changing his shirt when there was a knock on the door. As Marty put on her boots, a shirtless Wes opened the door to reveal a surprised John.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Téa and Sympathy

Blair arrived at Todd's home and tried to convince him to take responsibility for attempting to kidnap Starr's baby. Suggesting that Todd should stop feeling sorry for himself, Blair begged him to do the right thing for the sake of his children. Blair believed that Todd still possessed some level of goodness, but was adamant that he should pay for his crimes. Blair maintained that Todd's plan to kidnap Starr's child was despicable, and she was certain that Starr would never forgive him. Displaying little reaction to Blair's pleas, Todd continued to plunge into a sea of self-pity. Unbeknownst to them both, they were secretly being videotaped. Blair hoped to trigger some emotion from Todd and presented him with a photo of his family during happier times.

An emotionless Todd wondered why Blair was included in the picture. Fed up with Todd's harsh demeanor, Blair opened the door to leave. She received an unpleasant surprise - Téa stood on the other side of the door. As Téa entered the hose, the videotaping continued. Téa insisted upon knowing why Blair had decided to pay Todd a visit. Ignoring Téa's questioning, Blair begged Todd to convince Téa not to cross-examine Starr on the stand. Téa reminded Blair that Starr had volunteered her services, and argued that she was only in search of the truth. Before leaving, an angered Blair remarked, "You wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and slapped you in the head!" As Blair left in a huff, Todd and Téa shared a laugh at her amusing comeback.

When Téa reminisced about how Todd helped her recover after Blair pushed her out of a window, Todd insisted that he wasn't that same person. Reminding Todd that she wanted to keep him from going to prison, Téa insisted that Todd tell her the truth about his plan to steal Starr's child. Todd complied and described the kidnapping plot in great detail, naming Dr. Joplin and Janet as his accomplices. Todd related that Starr was to believe that her baby had died and that he and Marty would raise the child far away from Llanview.

Téa was convinced that Nora couldn't prove her case because Dr. Joplin was dead, but expressed concern over Janet Ketring's whereabouts. Todd stated that he had no idea where Janet had relocated and didn't care, but Téa believed that it was vital to have knowledge of Janet's whereabouts because she was the only possible witness. When Todd related that Tess knew about the kidnapping attempt, but was in no condition to testify, Téa's concern over locating Janet intensified. Téa wondered why Dr. Joplin would allow herself to be blackmailed by Todd. He admitted that he had threatened to reveal that her son had stolen drugs from the hospital and that she had covered up his crime.

At Llanview High School, Starr, Langston, and Markko sat in class and awaited the arrival of their new science teacher. To Starr and Langston's surprise, an attractive young man entered the classroom and introduced himself as Mr. J. The girls smiled as the new teacher announced that he would be teaching the class with a hands-on approach. Impressed by her instructor's good looks, Langston made a comment that obviously annoyed Markko. After mentioning that his course would focus on human biology, Mr. J overheard Starr make a sarcastic remark. Displeased by her lack of attention, the teacher asked her to explain her knowledge of human reproduction.

When Starr hesitated, Markko answered for her. Although impressed with Markko's knowledge on the subject, the teacher questioned Starr's inability to answer his question. Defending Starr, an angered Langston informed Mr. J that Starr was one of the smartest kids in the class and nearly blurted out that Starr knew a great deal about the subject due to firsthand experience. Before Langston inadvertently brought up Starr's pregnancy, Starr spoke up. Starr advised him that she was well aware of the subject because she had given birth to a child that had died. Mr. J quickly apologized and continued with his class overview. Starr appeared troubled as she observed a picture of a human embryo in her textbook.

Mr. J dismissed the class and asked to have a word alone with Starr. Mr. J apologized for being insensitive to Starr and related that he had no idea of her situation. He confessed that he hadn't been given a class roster and didn't even know her name. When Starr informed him that her last name was Manning, Mr. J cringed and declared, "If I knew you were in this class, I wouldn't have taken the job!" Appalled by his statement, Starr wondered exactly what her new instructor had against her. He revealed that his name was actually Schuyler Joplin and that Dr. Joplin was his mother.

Meanwhile, in the school corridor, a drug pusher offered Cole marijuana. When Cole refused the offer, the dealer challenged him to try something a bit stronger. Without hesitation, Cole stated, "Hook me up!" When Matthew appeared and interrupted the discussion, Cole quickly pulled him aside and the drug dealer walked away. Expressing concern for Cole, Matthew reminded him that he understood what it was like to have a mother who had suffered memory loss. Cole wondered how Matthew had dealt with the pain. Matthew admitted that he was a child at the time, and inquired how Cole was handling his problems with Marty. When Cole responded that he hung out with friends, Matthew asked to tag along. Suggesting that Matthew hang out with kids his own age, Cole encouraged him to be his own person and not try to fit in with the cool crowd. A few of Matthew's new friends approached and asked him to join them as they met up with some girls. Matthew quickly agreed and walked off with the boys.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Nora met with Antonio and Talia to discuss gathering evidence to use against Todd at his upcoming hearing. Insisting that her only chance of getting justice for Marty was to get Todd convicted on kidnapping charges, Nora said that she wanted to meet away from the station because she feared that Todd and Téa might have their sources planted there. Nora explained that her case was in jeopardy because she was missing a key witness to Todd's plan to kidnap Starr's baby. When Talia inquired about possible witnesses, Nora mentioned Tess but Antonio quickly dismissed the idea. Upon hearing that Nora had inquired about speaking with Tess, Antonio expressed his concern that Jessica's recovery could be damaged as a result and demanded that Nora give up the idea of questioning her. Talia quietly listened as Antonio spoke out in defense of Jessica. Nora assured Antonio that she would never risk jeopardizing Jessica's recovery for her case and mentioned that Viki had denied her access to Jess anyway.

As Antonio and Talia discussed possible witnesses, Nora explained her reasons for believing that Dr. Joplin was involved in Todd's scheme, but couldn't prove it because of her suicide. After ruling out Keyes, the bodyguard, Nora announced that there was a potential witness that both Marty and Todd trusted - Janet Ketring. Nora gave her officers an update of Janet's history, including her stint as a prostitute with Renee's brothel. While Antonio, Talia, and Nora discussed their plan to locate Janet, they were unaware that an unknown party was recording their conversation and actions. Nora instructed Antonio and Talia to find Janet and bring her in for questioning. After giving detailed orders, Nora was anxious to spend time with Matthew and ran off to meet him at home.

Later, Talia phoned Blair and briefed her about Janet's possible connection to the attempted kidnapping. When Talia suggested that Starr's cooperation would place a nail in Todd's coffin, Blair hung up on her. Talia couldn't understand how Blair could still have feelings for Todd. Antonio told her that Blair and Todd had a history and were bonded for life.

At the Buchanan mansion, Matthew rushed into the house and asked Renee if his mother was home. When told that she hadn't arrived, Matthew walked away as his cell phone rang. He answered, but the person on the other end hung up without saying anything. The mystery caller wore a black glove.

In Wes's room in the Angel Square Hotel, John interrupted Wes and Marty. Wes insisted that John leave at once, but John demanded to know if Wes had hurt Marty. An angry Marty told John that she wanted to be with Wes and ordered him to leave her alone. John pleaded with Marty to allow him to help her, but Marty blamed John for saving Todd's life and stated that he should have let Todd die. When Marty remarked that she was staying in Wes's room of her own free will, John quipped, "Just as you were staying at Todd Manning's." Furious that John would throw Todd up in her face, Marty demanded that he leave.

Begging Marty to leave with him, John mentioned that Cole was worried about her. A curious Wes inquired about Cole and wondered if John was a cop. Marty revealed that John was once a cop as well as her ex-lover. Confessing that she suffered from memory loss, Marty admitted that Cole was her son and that she had no memory of him. Consumed with guilt, Marty said that all she would ever bring to Cole was hurt and disappointment. She was convinced that he would be better off believing that she was dead. Maintaining that Cole needed his mother, John continued to ask Marty to come with him and insisted that she didn't belong in Wes's room. John warned Wes that he would kill him if he hurt Marty, but Wes didn't appear bothered by John's threats. John warned Marty that her actions were dangerous and that she was allowing Todd to destroy her. Before leaving, John told Marty that he would only be a few feet away if she needed him. Realizing that Marty had no idea that he resided at the hotel, John alerted her that the hotel was also his home. As John exited the room, Marty shook her head in disgust.

Returning to his room, John discovered Blair there. They both discussed their encounters with their former lovers.

Markko teased Langston about her crush on Mr. J. He playfully remarked that he would give Lola a call. Nearby, the drug pusher promised Cole that his friend would provide him with a high-powered drug later. Upon noticing Langston and Markko, Cole interrupted and asked where Starr was. They advised him that Starr needed to speak with the teacher after class. When his friends asked if he was okay, Cole insisted that he was. The drug dealer watched with curiosity.

Nora arrived at the mansion and greeted Matthew. When he received a call on his cell phone from someone named Becca, Matthew quickly excused himself and ran upstairs to talk in private. Nora accidentally knocked over Matthew's backpack and was stunned to find marijuana in one of his textbooks. Meanwhile, Renee stood in the foyer as the doorbell chimed. As she opened the door, a gloved hand grabbed her and pulled her outside.

Concerned for Marty, Wes offered her a place to stay. He told her that he needed to get to work, but understood if she wanted to leave. Marty gave him a friendly kiss. She retrieved a picture of her and John from her purse. She looked troubled as she recalled John's warnings.

Téa warned Todd that she needed to find Janet Ketring before Nora did.

At the police station, Antonio placed a call to someone regarding Janet's whereabouts. He was surprised by the answer he received.

Outside the mansion, a woman dressed in black revealed herself to Renee. The woman was Lee Halpern. A fearful Lee informed Renee that she was using the name Janet Ketring. Janet begged Renee for her help.

Téa told Todd, "If Janet Ketring shows up, you're screwed!"

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