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Monday, January 5, 2009

Ridge and Brooke stood atop the cliff overlooking Malibu and gazed at their names etched in the sand below. Ridge asked Brooke if she was okay with the wedding just being between the two of them with no other people around. Brooke said she wouldn't have it any other way.

Brooke wondered aloud if Stephanie was hiding in the bushes, and Ridge assured her they were alone. Brooke suggested one day they could show Stephanie a photo, but Ridge pointed out they didn't have a photographer. (Or a minister, for that matter.) It was just the two of them alone on the beach. Each one walked from one side of the giant heart on the beach to its center where an archway stood. They stood beneath the archway against the backdrop of the crashing waves and declared their eternal love and devotion to one another. Brooke suggested they should return to that sacred spot every year to repeat their vows to one another again and again. They exchanged rings. Ridge said he believed they were at the part where he got to kiss the bride, and drew Brooke into a passionate kiss.

Afterward, the two walked along the beach to a private cabana set up on the beach complete with a bed. They lay down on the bed and began to kiss.

Aunt Pam expressed her anger at Donna for Donna's attempt to pass off Pam's bikini design as her own. Donna said it was not her idea to wear the bikini on stage. Pam demanded to know whose idea it was. Donna said it didn't matter and asked Pam if she had seen Eric. Pam asked if Donna meant Eric, the husband Donna had stolen from her sister Stephanie, just like the bikini she stole from Pam. Donna sighed and walked off in exasperation.

Pam accused Donna of being addicted to thievery. Pam pointed out that Donna accepted her heartfelt gift of the hand-crocheted bikini under false pretenses. Donna was back with Eric and neglected to tell Pam about it before she accepted the gift. Pam demanded that Donna give the bikini back to her immediately. Donna slipped on a robe and wiggled out of the bikini and handed it back to Pam.

Eric, Stephanie, and Owen fielded call after call following the fashion show. They were swamped with orders and Eric declared that Forrester Creations was back in business.

Eric gloated to Owen and Stephanie about how he had known that bikini would be a hit at the fashion show. Stephanie said they had never made anything like a crocheted bikini before. Eric said he realized that, but he could spot a winner when he saw one, and he knew that piece was special.

Donna came in and asked if they could go home. Eric asked if she wouldn't rather stick around and celebrate. He told her they were getting a ton of orders for the new bikini design. When Eric left the room, Donna confessed to Owen that she was upset that the day had become all about Aunt Pam. Owen said it didn't matter who had made the design; it was a hit. He asked Donna to give him the bikini so he could get it off to their seamstresses to make a pattern. Donna said she had given it back to Aunt Pam. Owen said it didn't matter. They had plenty of photos of Donna in the design and they would be able to figure it out.

A tabloid reporter tried hard to get dirt from Stephanie. He asked her what she thought of the new Surf Line and about Rick Forrester becoming president of Forrester. Stephanie said the swimwear line had been a judgment call by Rick. Although it was not what Forrester had done in the past, the line seemed to have generated some interest. As to Rick, she continued, her issues with Rick were personal, not professional. The reporter asked if she was referring to the role that Rick played in Phoebe's death. Stephanie let a juicy quote rip. She admitted that she believed Rick was indeed responsible for Phoebe's death and felt he should be held accountable. Stephanie went on to say that Eric was the sort of parent who always made excuses for his kids and so he let Rick off the hook. The reporter was stunned that he actually got the scoop he wanted.

Stephanie discovered Pam at home with the bikini in hand. She was thrilled to find out the winning design belonged to her sister Pam. Stephanie vowed to make it her mission to ensure that Pam got credit for the design, and promised Pam a job at Forrester. Pam said they would never hire her back after what she did, but Stephanie assured Pam that not only would she would get rehired, Pam would be Donna's new partner in the Surf Line.

Donna tried to explain to Eric that the bikini he was selling was not his to sell. But Eric would not allow Donna to finish her thought. Eric pulled back Donna's robe and said he wanted to see her in that bikini again. She said she had already taken it off, and Eric said "Even better." Donna's robe dropped to the floor and they embraced.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

At Forrester Creations, Eric congratulated Donna for bringing media attention with the bikini showstopper that she had worn at the Forrester Creations Surf Line fashion show. Eric left the office for an interview. Later Owen showed Eric a replica of the popular selling bikini that he had made at Forrester Creations. Eric recognized immediately that the replica was different from the original and looked only like a Spectra knock-off of the bikini used in their Surf Line fashion show.

At home, after they spent their honeymoon night on the beach, Brooke and Ridge discussed that they were finally happy. Brooke came to the conclusion that Taylor was no longer a rival to her. Brooke encouraged Ridge to visit Taylor. Brooke felt that Taylor would have been at a low point because of Ridge and Brooke's re-marriage the previous day coupled with Phoebe's death. She commented that Taylor deserved compassion from her.

Pam arrived at Eric's office and taunted Donna about the bikini. She showed Donna and Owen another bikini she had made. Owen asked Pam to work at Forrester Creations to make the bikinis. Pam accepted the position at Forrester Creations. She agreed to make all the bikinis and fill the numerous orders.

Owen told Pam that they didn't want her working with them, but, on the other hand, they needed her to work with them. When Pam received a phone call from her mother's assisted living facility, she pretended that it was someone calling offering her a deal to work with them. When Eric came back to his office, he was surprised to find Pam there. She apologized for all the trouble she had caused him during her illness. Donna finally told Eric that Pam had made the bikini.

Later, Pam tried to befriend Donna. Donna commented that she couldn't forget that Pam had attempted to kill her. Pam taunted that Donna needed her. Pam asked how many bikini orders had been made. Donna informed Pam that two thousand orders of the bikini had been placed already. Pam again taunted that Donna needed her. Donna replied that she did not want to work with Pam.

Ridge went to Taylor's house as Brooke had encouraged him to do. He found Taylor in a depressed state, sitting in a chair. He informed her that he and Brooke had re-married. Taylor told him that she was feeling at an all-time low in her life. She explained the worst had happened in her life: Phoebe had died, and Ridge had married Brooke. Ridge promised that he would always be there for Taylor if she needed him.

Stephanie startled Brooke in her bedroom when she pretended to be Ridge when Brooke asked for help with her brassiere. Stephanie taunted Brooke that they were family again. Brooke described her wedding to Ridge on the beach. Stephanie questioned if their beach wedding was legal. Brooke assured her that they would have a legal ceremony at the city hall soon--but Stephanie was not invited.

Stephanie sarcastically mentioned that Ridge was not at home, because he was already bored with their day-old marriage. Brooke explained that she had compassion and sympathy for Taylor and had encouraged Ridge to visit Taylor.

She commented that Stephanie did not have that compassion for Rick. Stephanie was adamant that she felt that Rick should go to jail for having driven the car when Phoebe died. Stephanie commented that Ridge's love for Brooke did not mean that Ridge would unconditionally forgive Rick.. She predicted that Ridge would again become angry with Rick. Brooke responded that she felt comfortable with Ridge and she no longer felt threatened by Stephanie or by Taylor. Brooke pointed out that Ridge had tolerated and forgiven Rick because he loved her. Brooke proclaimed to Stephanie that she had her Ridge and that there was nothing that Stephanie could do to keep Brooke and Ridge apart.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pam attempted to explain the intricacy of crocheting to Donna. Donna said she was certain she would be able to learn to tie a knot in some yarn. Pam quipped that it was not the same as when Donna tied her lovers to a bedpost. Donna gave her the stink eye.

Owen arrived and asked Pam what she needed to start making more beautiful bikinis. Pam said she would need a truck load of things and left to make a list.

Owen said he realized working with Pam was torture for Donna. Donna said she would lose her mind if she had to continue to work with Pam. Owen promised that he would be the one to work closely with Pam. All he needed from Donna was a commitment not to put up any roadblocks. Owen reminded Donna that the two of them needed for the Surf Line collection to be a hit. Donna agreed and said the whole company had low sales over the holidays. Their professional reputations and the company's future was sadly riding on crazy Pam's crocheted bikini design.

Bridget arrived at the Forrester office and admired one of the prototype bikinis. She asked Donna if she could be moved to the top of the waiting list for one of the bikinis since she was family. Donna explained they were her Aunt Pam's handiwork. Bridget was very surprised to discover that Pam was the one who came up with the show stopping design. Owen arrived and saw Bridget holding the bikini and said he thought it would look very good on Bridget. She blushed like a schoolgirl at his compliment.

Donna noticed Bridget's reaction and after Owen left, Donna pointed out that both Owen and Bridget were single. Donna mentioned that Owen was a gentlemen and a good looking guy. Bridget said she had eyes and had already noticed. Donna said Bridget and Owen should hang out sometime. Bridget asked if Donna was trying to play matchmaker, which of course, she was.

Donna pointed out that Bridget spent far too much time at the hospital and that Owen spent far too much time at the office. Donna said neither of them had much a social life and having a friend wasn't such a bad thing. Donna suggested that Bridget stop by Owen's place on the way home. Bridget seemed uncomfortable with the idea of stopping by unannounced, but Donna egged her on and told her to be spontaneous. She gave her Pam's bikini as a gift to give her a plausible reason for stopping by Owen place at the beach.

Back at Owen's place, Pam was there and ready to work on swimwear designs. Owen was in his bathing suit and told Pam he wanted to catch a few waves before they got to work. Pam said to go ahead and she would whip them up something to eat. Owen protested and said it was not necessary, but Pam insisted.

Bridget arrived at Owen's with the bikini already on under her overcoat. Owen shooed Pam upstairs and told her he would be up to work soon. Bridget came in and saw the table set for two. She apologized for dropping in unannounced and mentioned she must have interrupted something. Owen said it was nothing, just he and a buddy were having dinner together. Bridget saw Owen in his trunks, the bottle of wine and the fancy table settings and jumped to the conclusion that Owen's buddy was code for "significant other." She told him she got it and left in total embarrassment at her mistake.

Katie and Nick cuddled and she gushed about how happy she was to be engaged to him. She asked where she should register because her sisters wanted to throw her a shower. Nick suddenly got a perplexed look on his face as if he didn't know how he had gotten himself into this. Katie mentioned how happy she was to have Jack in her life, too. She mentioned how hard it must have been for Ridge to lose Phoebe and commented that she didn't know how she would deal with losing a child as if she didn't even recall that she just did lose a child in a miscarriage. Nick looked concerned.

The phone rang and Nick got rid of the caller and told Katie it was a telemarketer. Katie asked if she could use Nick's computer for a minute. He said Katie had a computer of her own. She said hers was upstairs and asked if she could just look up one quick thing on line. Nick said no, he was doing business on his computer and she would need to use her own. She said okay but looked peeved.

While Steffy fantasized about kissing Rick, Marcus approached her about going away to Big Bear with him for the weekend. Marcus reminded Steffy that before the fashion show, they promised to spend time together once it was all over with. Marcus continued with his sales pitch, and added that he thought the two of them were ready for a weekend alone, just the two of them. Steffy was not as passionate about the idea as Marcus was, but she agreed to join him. As soon as Marcus walked away, Steffy called Rick and said she needed to speak with him. He told her she could come to his office right away.

Steffy filled Rick in on Marcus' offer to take her to Big Bear. Rick asked if she wanted his opinion. She said she did, and Rick asked her not to go away with Marcus.

Steffy explained that she had already agreed to go. She said that while she could not stop thinking about Rick, she could not justify being with him. Steffy said Ridge was still reeling from losing Phoebe and trying to work through his rage against Rick. If Ridge knew that Rick and Steffy were an item, he would lose his mind, Steffy explained. She asked Rick if he knew of a way for them to be together without hurting the people they loved.

Rick said he could not stop thinking about Steffy. He said for the first time since the accident, he felt good about life again because of the bond they shared. Rick said it felt like Steffy really knew him and understood him. He said their relationship felt so right, but he knew that feelings aside, it was *not* right. Steffy said she knew that what he said was true, but she felt the same way. When they were together, there was no place Steffy would rather be, she admitted. The two of them agreed they had to end things before anyone they loved got hurt. But Steffy changed her mind. She asked why they couldn't continue to see one another in secret and give Ridge and Rick time to fix their relationship.

Rick said she should go back to Owen and forget about him altogether. But before she did, Rick wanted to make it clear that the night Steffy stopped and reached out to him after Phoebe's death had been a lifeline to him. The two kissed one more time, but Bridget saw them through the cracked doorway. Their secret was out.

Marcus stopped by to visit his mother Donna and shared the happy news that he was going to take Steffy up to Big Bear for the weekend. He said it would be good for the two of them to get away together. Donna said Marcus deserved to be happy, but cautioned him that Steffy was grieving and it would take her time to get back to her usual self. Donna said he needed to be patient with her and Marcus promised that he would, although it would be hard.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

by Pam

Brooke was paging through a wedding magazine in bed as Ridge walked in and inquired why she was looking at the magazine, since they were already married. She told him that she promised to help Katie with her wedding plans. Ridge brought up another magazine, "Eye on Fashion," which had an article that quoted Stephanie.

Brooke read the article and appeared shocked as she read Stephanie's exclusive interview where she discussed the car accident that killed Phoebe. Stephanie publicly blamed Rick for Phoebe's death. Ridge wondered aloud why his mother couldn't leave it alone. He said she had created a P.R. nightmare. While the entire family was trying to heal, Stephanie was still causing problems. Brooke said they wouldn't let her cause trouble, and she playfully suggested that he check his email because she had an important meeting planned for him. Later, in the steam room, Ridge met Brooke for the "meeting." She was wearing a seductive bikini and said they were testing out the new design for shrinkage.

At the same time, on the rooftop lounge at Forrester, Felicia was reading the article along with Thorne. As Stephanie joined them, Felicia chastised her mother for her comments and Thorne agreed. Stephanie insisted she wouldn't let Rick get away with the accident. Thorne reminded his mother that she was going to anger Eric and everyone in the company who had worked so hard to turn the company around. Stephanie scoffed that a surf line was ridiculous. She wondered if Eric had lost his mind because the Logans were running the company and that was the problem. Thorne and Felicia warned her that Eric was still the head of the company, and she was causing a rift.

In Eric's office, Eric and Donna were making out, but Katie interrupted to deliver the magazine and its bad news. Katie told Eric that the surf line had gone over well and that buyers were happy, but the magazine was upsetting. Donna read that Stephanie accused Rick of killing Phoebe and Eric went ballistic. He said, "This time, she's gone too far." He shouted that it was a private family matter, but Donna pointed out that it was an attack on the Logans, the surf line, and Rick.

Eric worried that Steffy would see the article, but Donna told Eric that Steffy was in Big Bear with Marcus.

Rick was in his office as Bridget walked in. She told him that she saw Rick and Steffy kissing the night before. She wondered what Rick was thinking. She couldn't believe that Rick and Steffy had feelings for each other. Rick came clean that they knew their feelings were wrong. They agreed to stop because they both knew how angry Ridge would be. Rick told Bridget that Steffy was in Big Bear for a romantic evening with Marcus, but he sounded jealous. Bridget told him that his time with Steffy was over. It had to be over. She hugged him and left.

Marcus and Steffy entered the cabin at Big Bear and he surprised her with candles everywhere. Steffy looked uncomfortable as Marcus brought her a glass of champagne and promised that he would keep her safe forever. Marcus understood that Steffy was still hurting after her sister died. He wanted her to lean on him. He felt there was a distance between them, and he had missed her. He didn't want to be apart from her. In front of a roaring fire, Marcus got down on one knee and proposed to Steffy, asking her to agree to be his wife.

In Rick's office, he picked up the phone several times to call Steffy but stopped himself. Then, he called his secretary and asked her to clear his schedule and headed out the door, but Stephanie arrived. She handed him the magazine and, as he read her interview, he sneered that she was creating a scandal by spouting off to the press. Stephanie warned Rick that when he came back from his appointment, his office would be cleaned out.

Rick told her she couldn't intimidate him. Stephanie said she had convicted Rick in the press because she wanted to make him pay-one way or another. Rick warned her that it would all backfire because everyone knew she hated his mother and him. He reminded her that he was Eric's real son. He warned her to stop fighting him because she would be gone when Eric realized what she was up to.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Donna was mesmerized by Eric's masterful maneuver when he appointed Ridge CEO, which gave Ridge a title above Rick's but didn't take away Rick's position. Eric said he just wanted his family to heal and make peace with one another again. Donna marveled at how things had been falling apart, and that Eric had swept in and fixed it all.

Donna asked Eric if he thought Ridge would be overprotective of Steffy after Phoebe's death. Eric replied that Steffy had always been more independent that Phoebe had been. Donna worried that Ridge would try to separate Marcus and Steffy. Eric said Ridge liked Marcus. Marcus was a 'salt of the earth' decent guy, Eric said, and that was what Ridge wanted for Steffy, someone who was safe.

Eric tried to work, but was distracted by the sight of the magazine with Stephanie's interview. Eric told Donna their sales were down and they finally had a show that created some buzz, and Stephanie accused the president of the company of being a killer. Donna asked why Stephanie was at Forrester at all. She mentioned Stephanie didn't have an office or a title and just annoyed people all day. Eric said she had been there since day one, and suppliers and clients saw her as a safe and familiar figure for their company.

Eric said that Stephanie made him angry enough to fire her every day, but ethically he could not bring himself to do it, since it was her money that started the company.

Marcus was on his knees, ring in hand, awaiting Steffy's answer to his heartfelt proposal of marriage. Steffy said the two of them were still getting to know one another. Marcus said he knew how to make a commitment and would keep it. Marcus said he was the definition of husband material. Marcus pleaded with Steffy to marry him so he could prove it to her.

She looked away and didn't respond. Marcus looked embarrassed and put the ring back in his pocket and said she should forget that he ever asked. Steffy said she would not forget, that the words he had spoken to her were beautiful, and what he said to her was perfect. Something between them had changed, she admitted. Marcus said he realized that since Steffy lost her sister, things had indeed changed.

Marcus said he realized his proposal had come at a bad time. He promised he would wait for Steffy until she was ready. He vowed to give her all the time she needed. He said they had a nice meal ready to eat, and were already at Big Bear, and suggested they just enjoy the day. Steffy stopped him and said she did not want him to wait; she wanted him to know right away that it would never work between them.

Marcus said he was sorry he had proposed at the wrong time, but that was no reason for Steffy to call off their whole relationship. Steffy said the proposal proved that they were not on the same wavelength. Marcus asked since when, because it seemed to him they had been in synch all along-unless Steffy had been keeping things from him. She vehemently denied it and said no, that was not the case.

Ridge and Brooke were in the sauna at Forrester conducting "product testing" with the new bikinis, which was apparently code for foreplay. Ridge removed Brooke's new surf line bikini and did not appear to be conducting any tests on the product, only on Brooke. Ridge said since he was both Brooke's husband and her CEO, she would have to follow his orders and do whatever he told her to do. He instructed her to put her arms around him, and viewers saw his robe drop to the steamy ground. The two made love on the floor of the sauna.

Rick pointed out to Stephanie that everyone loved Phoebe and was working together to get past the tragedy, except for Stephanie. Rick accused Stephanie of using the tragic death of her granddaughter to gain leverage. Rick said as President of Forrester creations, he requested that Stephanie gather her belongings, clear out her desk, and leave.

Stephanie promised Rick it would take more than a presidential wave of his hand to get rid of her. Rick said no one wanted her there. Stephanie said she was the one who bankrolled Eric to start the company before Rick was born. People didn't believe high fashion could come from L.A. and she made them eat their words, Stephanie boasted. She warned Rick that she was not like Brooke, and knew how to put a misbehaving child like Rick in his place.

Stephanie said that she had more power in second grade than Eric would ever have. She said Rick thought he was a power player because his daddy had given him a nametag for his door. Rick said he was the company president and that he could no longer work with Stephanie and wanted her gone. Stephanie said if anyone had to leave, it would be Rick. She asked him to pack up his things and leave.

Rick made a beeline for Eric's office and asked him if he was actually the president of Forrester or if it was just a meaningless title. Stephanie barged in at the same moment and accused Rick of running to tattle to his daddy about her.

Eric asked Stephanie how she dared to call his son a killer in the press. Stephanie said she merely stated Rick needed to pay the consequences for Phoebe's death. Rick said Stephanie was divisive. Stephanie informed Eric that she had fired Rick, and Rick told Eric he fired Stephanie first. As the squabbling continued, Rick said if Eric didn't back his decision to fire Stephanie, he wouldn't need to be fired because he would quit.

Eric asked if the two of them really wanted him to have to choose between them. They said yes, that was exactly what they wanted. Eric said he had made a decision and one of them would be leaving Forrester creations, but didn't yet say whom he had chosen.

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