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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 28, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, March 28, 2011

At Krystal's restaurant, Krystal described to a distant Angie how the combination of castor oil and root beer had induced the delivery of Babe and Marissa. Jesse arrived with party supplies, and Krystal escorted him to the back. Once alone, Angie mused to herself that she was scared to death. Krystal and Jesse returned and informed Angie that Jake and Amanda had arranged a party in Angie's honor. Angie half-heartedly agreed to attend.

Amanda and Jake looked through a photo album they'd put together with pictures of Angie and Jesse. Amanda commented that Angie and Jesse were stronger and happier than ever. Tad arrived, and the threesome fussed over last-minute party preparations. Tad informed them that Cara wouldn't be attending the party, because she had a date.

Tad explained that Cara's "date" was with a minister for a charity event, so it wasn't bound to set off any alarms with Immigration. Amanda noted that Ricky was hot, and she speculated what would happen to Tad and Cara's marriage if Cara became interested in someone else. Jake didn't think Cara would do anything to jeopardize her ability to stay in the country, but Amanda murmured that sometimes people couldn't help how they felt.

At Fusion, Frankie asked Randi if she'd heard from Brot and asked if he suspected anything. Brot entered and fretted that Natalia had not only missed Angie's homecoming, but Natalia also hadn't sent a gift for the party. "Maybe she wanted to deliver it herself," Natalia announced as she entered the office. Brot happily welcomed his girlfriend.

Natalia warmly greeted Randi and Frankie. Randi reminded Frankie that he owed her five dollars for betting that Natalia would bail on the party. Natalia said that she was learning to achieve life balance, thanks to Brot. Randi dragged Frankie away to give Natalia and Brot some privacy. Brot amorously said that long-distance relationships had their perks.

Angie and Jesse arrived at Jake and Amanda's home. Tad remarked that the baby was almost due, and Angie admitted that Ellie had been giving her karate kicks. Tad presented the Hubbards with the photo album, and Jake explained that it commemorated Angie and Jesse's relationship. Jesse gazed at the photos and marveled that Angie had fallen for someone like him. Jesse recalled a time when he thought he'd never see Angie again. Angie said that while she couldn't see Jesse, she had never felt closer to her husband. Amanda explained that the album was also for Ellie, so the baby would know her parents' history. Krystal added that Ellie would know from day one how much she was loved.

Randi, Frankie, and Brot arrived. Jesse and Angie were thrilled when Natalia made a delayed entrance. As everyone exchanged hugs, Angie tried to disguise her anxiety. Natalia declared that she was excited to meet her new baby sister. Frankie proposed a toast to Angie, and Angie protested, but Frankie praised Angie's ability to see a miracle despite the hardships she'd endured.

Frankie professed that Ellie would have the best mom in the world, and Jake added that Angie had helped everyone in the room with her strength and courage. Angie grew increasingly agitated and begged them to stop. She blamed it on hormones, and Jesse escorted her outside. Angie confessed that while everyone had gushed about how strong she was, she was scared out of her mind. Jesse said that she'd be fine as soon as the baby was in her arms.

Jesse gently pressed Angie to talk to him, and she explained that when she'd decided to have the baby despite the cost of her sight, she had known it had been the right choice. She said the baby had been the light of her life and that she'd dreamed of holding Ellie. Angie admitted that when she had returned to Pine Valley, she'd been hit with the reality of the choices that she'd made. Angie worried that she couldn't protect her daughter from dangers Angie couldn't see. Angie had been sure she'd chosen the right path, but she wondered if she'd made a mistake.

Jesse wondered why Angie hadn't expressed her concerns before, and she explained that Jesse had respected her decision and had fallen in love with Ellie. He confessed that he had been astounded by her choice because it had taken guts, but he urged her to let him be the strong one and to let him take care of her and the baby.

The party guests discussed how they could take turns helping Angie with the baby. Angie and Jesse returned, and Angie apologized for being so emotional. She admitted that she was going to need her friends and family. Everyone reassured her that they'd help around the clock. She tearfully said she couldn't thank them enough for their love. She had cursed God because she wouldn't be able to see her baby's face, but she couldn't stay angry because it had been the deal of a lifetime to trade her eyesight for the chance to raise the baby.

After the party, Jesse took Angie to the park and commented that they didn't have many more nights alone. He said he had gotten her a gift that they both needed before Ellie arrived.

At Krystal's, Natalia asked Brot what he'd meant when he'd remarked that he was fine with their long-distance relationship. He clarified that he'd like to wake up with Natalia every morning, but he didn't want anything to interfere with her goals. She said that she wouldn't have been able to accept her new job without him, since Brot had been keeping an eye on Angie and Jesse for her. Brot proclaimed that Jesse was like a father to him and that he loved Natalia's family as his own. They kissed.

Randi and Frankie stopped by Fusion to pick up some paperwork. She kissed him affectionately, but he pulled her into a more passionate embrace and stopped the elevator. They began to undress and sank to the floor.

Amanda remarked to Jake that challenges didn't push Angie and Jesse apart, but only made the Hubbards stronger. Amanda wished for that in her relationship with Jake, and Jake thought they were getting to that point. She wanted things to be like they once had been, and he swore they'd make enough memories to fill 20 memory books. They kissed.

At ConFusion, Griffin tried to stop Kendall from leaving, but she told him that he had been perfectly clear about his lack of interest in their date. He stammered that he hadn't meant his words the way they had sounded. He asked why she'd bid on him, and she said she had just wanted to get out of the house. She insisted that neither of them should be there, but he challenged her to allow him to turn their disaster into a successful "non-date." She countered that she never backed down from a dare.

Across the room, Ricky expressed disbelief when he learned that Cara was his date. He thought there had been a mistake, but she assured him that she'd paid good money for his company. He couldn't keep his eyes off Kendall and Griffin.

Cara and Ricky arrived at the hospital, and she revealed that she had bid on him so he could spend time with three senior female patients. Ricky claimed that he had a sermon to prepare, and Cara complained that Griffin and Ricky had both bailed on the auction. Ricky used the opportunity to fish for information about Griffin, and Cara asserted that the least Griffin could do was to have dinner with Kendall after everything Griffin had done for Kendall. Ricky pushed to find out exactly what Griffin had done, but Cara implored Ricky to give the elderly ladies some attention.

After Ricky visited with the patients, Cara told him that he had been a hit with the ladies and that he had chosen the right profession. He claimed that he loved what he did and inquired whether Griffin had been Cara's inspiration to become a doctor. Cara stated that it had been her stint at Doctors Without Borders with Jake that had clinched her love of medicine. Ricky asked her about Jake, and she admitted that Jake was her husband's brother. He murmured that falling in love changed everything. He attempted to steer the conversation back to Griffin.

Cara didn't think Griffin would appreciate it if she discussed his private life. Ricky commented that Kendall was just Griffin's patient, but Cara revealed that Griffin had made a personal promise to save Kendall's life. Ricky continued to push for information about Griffin and Kendall's relationship, and Cara observed that Ricky seemed to be particularly interested in her brother.

Ricky said his concern was for Kendall and wondered why Griffin thought Kendall was in trouble. Cara felt that Ricky was trying to put words in her mouth. Ricky mentioned Griffin's beating, and Cara questioned how Ricky had known about it. Ricky asserted that Kendall shouldn't hang around with Griffin. Cara defended that her brother was the best man she knew and that she would trust him with her life. Cara opined that Griffin and Kendall were good for one another, and Ricky barked at her to back off.

Ricky condemned Griffin for taking risks just to impress Kendall. Cara called Ricky out on his acting like a jealous boyfriend rather than a minister, and she accused him of being upset that Kendall had bid on Griffin, not Ricky. Tad arrived to reclaim his wife. Ricky curtly thanked Cara for bidding on him, and he hurriedly left. Tad inquired about Ricky's odd demeanor, and she said she wasn't sure what it had meant.

Tad and Cara returned home, and Tad was surprised that Cara suspected that Ricky was interested in Kendall. Cara noted that Ricky was good with the patients, but he didn't seem like a minister. Tad worried that he'd acted like a Neanderthal by interrupting his wife's "date," but she said she had liked his protectiveness.

Tad admitted that despite their marriage being fake, he'd felt possessive when he'd seen Cara and Ricky together. She called Tad's behavior sweet. She saw that a box had been delivered and informed Tad that it was a gift for him. He opened it to find an assortment of vintage vinyl records. Cara said she'd found his turntable and collection of blues records, and she'd thought he might like some more.

In the park, Kendall left a frantic message for Greenlee, because her outing with Griffin had turned into a real date. Griffin returned, and she asked why Griffin had kept her waiting. He announced that they were going to eat outside, and he set up a dining area with camping equipment and a lantern. She complained that it was freezing, and she was surprised when he handed her a parka. He explained that it was Cara's, and he'd kept it in his car in case of an emergency. Kendall refused to wear a pair of ugly boots. He dared her to go home if she couldn't handle their non-date. She determinedly grabbed the boots.

Griffin promised they'd have fun and left to retrieve more surprises. He presented her with champagne and plastic cups. He offered her his scarf when he saw that she was cold. They shared an awkwardly close moment as he helped her put the scarf around her neck. She asked whether he was worried about the jealous ex who'd allegedly beaten him up. He wanted to know why she was so interested in the incident, and she claimed she just wanted to find out more about him.

Griffin opened the champagne, and Kendall toasted to ugly boots. She admitted that their non-date wasn't so bad. Griffin said that their surroundings were more comfortable than some of the places he'd lived. Kendall asked if there was anything he wouldn't do to save lives, but he countered that she herself knew a lot about survival. Kendall diligently refilled his cup with champagne as she quizzed him about whether he'd ever been involved with the wrong people.

A chef from a French restaurant arrived to deliver food. The chef revealed to Kendall that he was alive to cook because of Griffin, and he departed. Kendall raved about how the food smelled and said she never knew what to expect from Griffin. Griffin demanded to know why she was trying to get him drunk. Kendall maintained that she just wanted to get to know Griffin better, because their lives were very different. He said she was a lot more than just a widow and a mother.

Kendall observed that Griffin saved lives, while she barely held on to a normal life. He believed that she was stronger than she thought. He suddenly stood up, and she wondered if she'd said something wrong. He revealed that his toughest times hadn't occurred on the battlefield, but while watching Cara and his mother struggle. He beseeched Kendall to never feel ashamed, because everyone had their own way of grieving. He commended Kendall for going out for the first time since Zach's death. He asked if there were any more questions she was dying to ask. She assured him that she had all her answers.

Kendall and Griffin finished their dinner. She jokingly called him weird for carrying lanterns and women's clothes in his car. He explained that he'd kept the lantern for all-night vigils with his patients. She said she hadn't been able to sleep, and she'd found a glow in the dark to be comforting. Kendall recalled Griffin's promise in the ambulance and asked how he'd known he'd save her life. He said he'd pictured Kendall hugging her sons. She resolved that she was going to do the same thing by envisioning what she needed and making it happen. She credited Griffin with her being alive and able to share a wonderful evening with a friend.

Griffin walked Kendall to her door. She thanked him for the unusual evening and wished him a good night, and he offered to lend her his lantern to chase away the shadows. She said she didn't think she'd need it that night. Griffin left, and as Kendall entered her home, Ricky peered into her window.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Angie asked Jesse what her mystery gift was. Jesse playfully balked, and she asked for a hint. He announced that they were going back in time. Jesse led Angie to her surprise, and she wondered if they were at a hotel. He gave her a clue by placing a vase of daffodils under her nose. She correctly guessed that they were at the house where they had first gotten married.

Jesse explained that his and Angie's lives were about to get hectic, but he vowed that things wouldn't change between them. He said that they still meant the vows they'd taken and that the love they had was stronger than ever. Angie observed that the house seemed different, because it was cold and she heard an echo. Jesse revealed that the home was in foreclosure, and he'd had to pull some strings to gain access. She called the situation sad, but Jesse promised they'd make the place spring back to life.

Angie and Jesse flashed back to their first wedding. The justice had wanted them to take time to be sure they were ready, because they were so young. Jesse asked if Angie had made the right choice, and she affirmed that it was the best one she'd ever made. He remembered his heart racing, and she recalled his tight embrace. Suddenly, Angie felt a contraction.

Jesse helped Angie to the couch, and she said she felt better. He insisted on calling her doctor, but he realized that his cell phone had no service. She assured him that her water hadn't broken and that she wasn't in pain, so there was plenty of time. She didn't want to sit at a hospital all night and suggested that they wait to see if it happened again. She advised him to breathe deeply, and he marveled that they were about to have a baby. She asked him to repeat his vows.

Later, Angie noted that a half-hour had passed, so the contraction had probably been a false alarm. Jesse thought about everything that had happened since they had first gotten married, but she said she liked the people they'd become. She was hit with another pain, and she declared that it was indeed a contraction. Jesse tried to help Angie to the door, but she grimaced in pain and cried that something was wrong.

JR escorted Marissa to the Martin house after he'd spotted her stranded on the side of the road. Marissa recounted how her car had suddenly died, and JR jokingly insisted that he hadn't stolen the spark plugs. She thanked him for the ride, and he asked if he could help her upstairs. "And put me to bed?" she skeptically asked.

JR said he didn't want to leave Marissa with a bum foot from kicking her tire, but she insisted she'd walk it off. He flirtatiously speculated that she didn't trust herself in her bedroom with him. She asked if it was really worthwhile to pursue her, because women threw themselves at him all the time. He scoffed at the idea, but she reiterated that he didn't have a chance with her. She said she had an early morning and implied that he should leave. He invited her to accompany him and AJ to Disney World for spring break.

Marissa's phone rang, and she seemed concerned after taking the call. She asked JR for a ride, because she had to see Bianca right away. Later, Bianca arrived at ConFusion and asked if Marissa had spoken to Reese's lawyer. JR offered to leave, but Bianca invited him to stay. Marissa asked for permission to take the gloves off. Marissa informed Bianca that Reese's lawyer planned to attack Bianca's character by referencing tabloid fodder about the Kane family. Bianca inquired how Marissa wanted to proceed.

Marissa suggested that she use Reese's history to prove Reese was an unfit parent, starting with Reese kissing Zach the day before Reese and Bianca's wedding. Bianca felt it would be wrong, but JR asserted that the battle had escalated and that it was time to take action. Bianca snapped that she didn't want JR's opinion. Marissa pointed out that Bianca's girls were vulnerable. Marissa was determined to protect Miranda and Gabby, but Bianca had to let her. Bianca reluctantly instructed Marissa to do whatever Marissa felt was needed.

Marissa implored Bianca to trust her, and she left to make some calls. JR commented that Babe would have been happy that Marissa and Bianca were becoming friends, but Bianca suspected that he wanted something. He expressed his desire to reunite his family. Bianca asked how JR intended to suck Marissa back in, but JR maintained that becoming a happy family again wouldn't be a bad thing. Marissa returned, and JR headed out to check on AJ. Marissa picked up on the tension between JR and Bianca. Bianca wondered if Marissa really wanted JR to give up on her.

Marissa said she simply wanted to be a good mother, but Bianca questioned what Marissa wanted for herself. Marissa remarked that she'd figured out that she needed time to herself, without the distraction of a relationship. Bianca asked if she was scared of starting over, and Marissa said they both had to try to do so. Bianca vowed to set a strong example for her daughters. The women agreed to stop one another from jumping abruptly into their next relationships. Bianca thanked Marissa for taking her case, and she acknowledged that Marissa wasn't just a good lawyer, but a good friend, too.

JR returned home to find AJ sitting dejectedly on the stairs. AJ sadly said that he missed Marissa. JR agreed that he did, too, but he promised that one day she would return so they could be a family again.

Caleb arrived to see Erica at her home, and she explained that Jackson wasn't there. He looked around to see a candlelit dinner, and he asked if it was for him. She clarified that it was for them. Erica offered Caleb his favorite gin. He joked that she was trying to take advantage of him, but she insisted that she just wanted him to relax. She thought if they got comfortable, it would make it easier to clear up their misunderstandings.

Erica declared her desire to eliminate any confusion, though Caleb insisted he wasn't confused. She said they were business partners who had spent a lot of time together and had bonded over their devotion to Palmer. She pointed out how they'd helped one another, but she thought Caleb's frustration over his relationship with Asher had led to the transference of emotion to her. She felt that her approaching wedding to Jackson made Caleb anxious. He summarized that she saw him as anxious, frustrated, and confused. She wanted to be clear that her feelings for him would never go beyond friendship. He remarked that never was a very long time.

Erica insisted that Caleb needed to accept the truth, but he felt that she had been sending mixed messages. He declared that she'd told him what had been on her mind, and he wanted his turn. He explained that for 20 years, he'd shut himself away from the world to avoid dealing with his feelings. He claimed that he wasn't confused or anxious, but he was frustrated, because of her. She called the plane crash a mere coincidence, but he asserted that nothing had been the same for either of them ever since. Caleb proclaimed that he had changed because of her, and he inferred that she felt the same way.

Erica accused Caleb of trying to ruin her life, and she declared that she'd made a mistake, postponing her date with Jackson to spend time with Caleb. He said it had become a pattern for her to choose Caleb over Jackson. She insisted that she loved and was going to marry Jackson, and she ordered Caleb to give up his fantasy. Caleb countered that he'd waited a long time to feel alive again, and he would wait for her.

Erica said that Caleb was welcome to wait, but he'd only waste the next half of his life, while she would spend hers being happy with the man she loved. She opened the door for Caleb to leave. He speculated that things would be fine between Erica and Jackson for a while, but some night she'd look in the mirror and wonder what she'd done, and she could call Caleb. He left.

Colby rocked out to loud music in the Chandler living room as she belted out a song with the recurring lyric "no more lies." Asher peeked in and smiled in amusement. He tried calling her name, but she didn't hear him. She finally spotted him, and he noted that the walls were shaking. She yelled that was her intention, and she continued to sing and dance to the tune. He moved in closer, and she turned suddenly and knocked him over.

Colby apologized and asked if Asher needed ice. She explained that one of her fans had suggested the song as a form of therapy. He joked that he'd duck next time. She asked about the outcome of Asher's participation in the bachelor auction, but he had no idea who had purchased a date with him. She suggested that he had been stood up, and he proposed that they spend the evening raiding the fridge. She claimed that she had to meet some IT contacts from work, and she left. Asher answered his phone and was summoned to his date, but he wouldn't learn who it was until he arrived.

At Krystal's, Colby sat at a table sending a text message, and Asher entered and asked where the IT guys were. When she admitted they hadn't shown up, he suggested they order some food. He told her that she should front a band, so he could brag that he had been the inspiration behind the idea. Colby said she had been inspired by the lyrics to the song. He commented that her words made people feel connected, too. She was happy he was there, and he said he'd had no choice. He tried to get her to admit that she had bid on him in the auction, but she looked quizzical.

Asher informed Colby that Cara had instructed him to meet his date at Krystal's. Colby thought Asher was making the story up, because he'd known Colby would be there. She swore she hadn't bid on him. He realized someone had tried to set them up. She wondered who, but he said he'd handle it. He casually suggested that since they were both there, they share burgers and a movie. At first, she seemed pleased with the idea, but she suddenly declined and prepared to leave. He wondered if he'd done something wrong, and she said he just wasn't Damon.

Caleb arrived at Krystal's. Asher conveyed his suspicions that Caleb had set up Asher and Colby's date. Caleb looked surprised. Asher accused Caleb of trying to control his life, but Caleb swore that he wasn't trying to control Asher or anyone else. Caleb said that matchmaking wasn't his thing and sympathized with Asher's rough evening. Asher apologized for blasting Caleb. Caleb asked about Asher's date, and Asher smiled and said that even though it had only lasted five minutes, it had been pretty good.

At home, Colby made another video and addressed her fans that had been on a bad side of a breakup. She stated that crying and screaming only helped temporarily, but the pain never really went away. She urged her fans to protect themselves and their hearts by locking them up for good, because taking a chance wasn't worth the risk of getting hurt.

On the yacht, Jackson opened the door in anticipation of seeing Erica and declared that he missed her. He started to pull his visitor into his arms, and he was embarrassed to realize that it was Krystal. Jackson apologized, and Krystal asked him to turn on the lights, but he explained that there had been a power outage. She dropped off some legal briefs and wondered why he was there, because Erica had won her bid for a date with him.

Jackson explained that Erica had pushed back their date because she was meeting with Caleb to straighten out any confusion. Jackson offered to walk Krystal to her car, but she insisted that she could make it alone. She left, and shortly thereafter Jackson heard a scream and a splash, and he ran outside. Moments later, a soaked Jackson and Krystal returned to the yacht, where Jackson admitted it was easy to misjudge the steps. He joked that he'd always wanted to be a member of the polar bear club. He instructed her to remove her clothes so she didn't get hypothermia.

Krystal emerged after changing into one of Jackson's shirts, and a robe-clad Jackson handed her a drink. A shocked Erica walked in and asked what was going on. Krystal joked that she'd fallen head over heels when she'd arrived to visit Jackson. Erica was skeptical about Krystal's reason for being on the yacht. Jackson received a call and left.

Erica and Krystal faced off. Erica accused Krystal of deliberately throwing herself overboard. Krystal spat that Erica had a lot of nerve, considering Erica's behavior around Caleb. Erica retorted that she and Caleb were just business partners, but Krystal purported that everyone could see that there was more between them. Erica proclaimed that Krystal was wasting her time waiting for Erica to break up with Jackson. Krystal left, and an eavesdropping Jackson looked suspiciously at Erica.

Jackson guessed that Caleb had done something to upset Erica. Erica declared that she didn't want to think about Caleb or Krystal. Instead, she wanted to marry Jackson that night.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

At the mansion, JR noted that Asher had returned early from his date with Colby. Asher guessed that it had been JR, not Caleb, who'd bid on Asher in the auction. JR said he thought he'd owed Colby a good time after being hard on her.

Asher left, and AJ insisted upon talking to Marissa. JR called her and put the child on the line. AJ asked his mother for a good night kiss and handed the phone to his father. Marissa, who was at Fusion with Bianca, assumed that JR had put AJ up to it, but JR said that she knew how AJ was when he wanted something. "Just like his father," Marissa concluded. JR claimed he'd tried everything, but AJ just wanted his mother. Marissa agreed to stop by the mansion.

Marissa bade Bianca a good night and called a car to take her to the mansion. Once Marissa arrived, she comforted AJ, but said she couldn't be there every night. AJ went to find a game to show her, and Marissa noted that Bianca had mentioned having a talk with JR. JR said he'd expected Bianca to do so, and he was serious about healing his family.

Marissa saw a job contract for Reese on the table and grew upset. JR assured Marissa that he was only trying to help. He said he'd planned to offer Reese a job redesigning the Chandler offices in hopes that she'd drop the custody suit. Marissa asserted that she could win her case on her own. JR agreed, but said he didn't want the case to stir up bad memories of their divorce. Marissa wondered if that was his idea of stopping his lies and manipulations. JR stated that he could work on himself, but he'd never stop trying to help his family.

AJ returned with his game, but JR stated that Marissa needed to get home after her long day. Marissa said she was wide-awake, and she bet she could beat AJ at the game. JR and Marissa smiled at each other as they sat down to play with AJ.

On the boat, Erica was anxious to get married that instant. She exclaimed that the world would wake up the next day and be surprised by her and Jackson's marriage news. Jackson asked if she wanted to surprise the world, or just Caleb. Jackson figured that Caleb was the reason that Erica had gone off on Krystal and then suddenly wanted to elope.

Erica claimed she'd had good reason to go off on Krystal for wearing Jackson's shirt and little else. As for the elopement, Erica said that setting Caleb straight had made her realize that she didn't want to wait another day to be married to Jackson. Jackson didn't buy it, and Erica finally admitted that her decision did have a little something to do with Caleb.

Erica explained that all she'd been through with Caleb had caused him to develop feelings for her, and he'd said he'd wait to have her once her marriage to Jackson failed. Erica felt that the setbacks she and Jackson had encountered had made them stronger, and she was ready to prove that she wanted to be his wife. Jackson stated that if she wanted a husband by daybreak, they had a lot of planning to do.

At Fusion, Caleb sat with Bianca, who could tell that he was in a good mood. He said that he'd seen Asher and had been on a date with Erica. He admitted that Erica had let him know that they were just partners, and Bianca asked him to respect Erica's relationship with Jackson. Caleb said that he didn't expect Bianca to understand. Bianca stated that he didn't know Erica if he thought she'd dump Jackson for him.

Later, Caleb was alone at the bar when Jackson approached and asked if Caleb had really said he'd wait for Erica. Caleb affirmed it, and Jackson warned that the 20 years Caleb had spent on the mountain would seem like the blink of an eye in comparison to how long he'd wait for Erica to leave Jackson. Caleb curtly nodded, and Jackson left.

Later, Caleb went to the mansion to drop off something that Asher had left at the restaurant earlier, but hung onto it when JR said Asher wasn't there. Caleb heard Marissa talking in the parlor and wondered how JR had gotten her over there. JR claimed that the difference between himself and Caleb was that JR went after what he wanted, and he didn't stop until he got it. Caleb replied that they weren't as different as JR assumed.

At Erica's house, Erica arrived home to find Bianca observing that Erica had used the good china for a "date" with Caleb. Shocked that Caleb had spoken to Bianca about the meeting, Erica claimed that she'd been setting Caleb straight about their relationship. Bianca called the meeting a failure, and Erica said that was why she and Jackson were getting married that night.

Bianca couldn't believe Erica was having a shotgun wedding just to send Caleb a message. Erica said it wasn't like that. Erica concluded that the postponements had given Caleb hope, but she and Jackson had become ready. Bianca, who'd witnessed two men fighting over Erica before, didn't want to see Jackson or Caleb hurt. Erica asked for a little trust, but Bianca asserted that the quickie marriage was just like issuing Caleb a challenge.

Because Bianca was in a fragile place with her divorce, Erica decided to ignore how insulting it was to be accused of marrying Jackson to bait Caleb. Erica insisted that it was her and Jackson's time, and they wouldn't wait another day. Erica exclaimed that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Jackson. Bianca hoped that was really true.

Erica returned to the yacht to find a romantic setting. Jackson; however, wasn't dressed for a wedding. He'd decided to postpone it a few days, so they wouldn't be wed before a judge with pajamas under his robe. Erica started to talk him back into it, but he interrupted to say that they were sailing to Saint Barts to be married on a beach, as planned. Erica said to tell the captain, "full speed ahead!" Jackson swept her into his arms and took her to the bedroom.

Bianca went back to Fusion, where she called to check in with Marissa. Marissa explained that she was with AJ and JR, but everything was under control. As Marissa resumed playing with AJ and JR, Bianca wandered aimlessly to a bar stool at Fusion.

Later, Caleb arrived at Erica's house, where the housekeeper informed him that Erica had already left for the boat. He called Erica's phone, but got no answer.

At their old house, Jesse struggled to help his pained wife to the sofa. Angie wailed, saying the contractions didn't feel normal. She doubted he could get her to a hospital in time, because she was certain that the baby was on the way. Angie said that she believed in Jesse, and as long as they were together, everything would be fine.

Jesse scrambled outside to his car to radio for help, and Angie comforted Ellie. Suddenly, Angie sobbed that'd she'd made it too far to start having complications so near the end. She begged God not to let all that she'd sacrificed be in vain.

In a parking lot behind a store, Brot parked his squad car and left to patrol the area. A distraught young girl sneaked out of the store with a box and placed it in the passenger seat of Brot's car. Sobbing, she touched the item inside the box and then hid herself in the bushes. She tearfully watched as Brot returned to his car and said, "What the hell?" As he glanced inside the box, he heard Jesse radioing for help with Angie, who was in labor.

Brot took off in his car, and the girl wandered to the park, where she brushed by Asher.

Back at the Hubbard's old house, a dispatcher radioed Jesse that the only available ambulance was out on a call. Jesse ordered the dispatcher to get the ambulance there, but realized that he and Angie might have to deliver Ellie on their own in the very house where their life together had begun. The couple expressed their love for each other, and Jesse braced himself.

Jesse found pillows and towels. The gas was still connected in the house, which enabled him to get hot water. Angie strained against the contractions, and when she felt Ellie in the birth canal, she instructed Jesse to grab the head. Jesse urged Angie to push, but she fainted. Jesse panicked and started to cry as he tried to figure out how to deliver the baby alone. After a while, Ellie gently glided into Jesse's arms, and in the silent room, he urged Ellie to breathe.

Brot burst into the house, carrying the box from his car. Jesse was performing CPR, but said the baby wasn't breathing or crying. Brot checked Angie's pulse and asked how long Ellie hadn't been breathing. "Too long," Jesse murmured, intensely continuing the CPR. Brot tried to pull Jesse away, but Jesse yelled to get off him. Jesse returned to his counting and compressions, but after a while, he sobbed and laid his head on the baby's chest.

Jesse pulled himself together and cradled the baby, but he soon dissolved back into tears. He sobbed that he and Angie had loved Ellie "so much." He whimpered, "Where did she go? Where did she go?" As Brot tried to comfort Jesse, they heard a baby cry.

Brot rushed to the box and pulled an African American baby out of it. He said someone had abandoned the girl in his squad car. Angie awakened to the baby's cries. She said not to worry, because Mommy was there. Jesse squeezed the stillborn Ellie in his arms and silently cried as the dazed Angie kept muttering that Mommy was there.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cara spotted Griffin at the hospital and turned away to leave, but Griffin stopped her. Cara expected him to be irked that she'd set him up with Kendall in the bachelor auction. He acknowledged that the evening had worked out in the end, although he clarified that it hadn't been a date.

Griffin told Cara that he and Kendall had spoken about the night in the ambulance and how he'd had an image of Kendall with her sons when he'd performed the surgery. Cara noted that his conversation with Kendall had been deep and wondered if it had been romantic. Griffin pointed out that Kendall was still grieving for Zach and that she no longer needed Griffin, and he walked away. Cara answered her phone.

At Fusion, Greenlee asked a distracted Kendall if her dinner with Griffin had gone badly. Kendall said no, and she showed Greenlee her solution to a marketing problem. Greenlee was amazed that Kendall had accomplished so much work in one evening, and Kendall explained that she'd had a burst of energy. Greenlee commented that Kendall seemed like herself for the first time in a long while, and she wondered if Griffin was the reason.

Greenlee asked for details about Kendall's evening out, and Kendall declared that the time she'd spent with Griffin had convinced her that he hadn't dealt drugs. Kendall mused that she had been looking for walls to put up, because while nothing had transpired between herself and Griffin, she felt the need to not appear unfaithful. Greenlee understood Kendall's reasoning, and Kendall believed Griffin did, too. Kendall noted that sometimes she felt like Zach had just died the day before, and other times, his death seemed a little further away. She revealed that for the first time, it hurt less.

Griffin and Kendall ran into one another at ConFusion. Griffin recalled that he'd dropped Kendall off, and she pointed out that he had headed home, but they both admitted that they had felt restless. They found it to be a funny coincidence that they had both ended up at ConFusion. Kendall announced that she'd sorted through some paperwork from Zach's will, and she believed the estate lawyer had been stalling on purpose, so she planned to fire him. She promised to sell the casinos quickly so Griffin would have the money for his Miranda Center project. She was surprised by Griffin's lukewarm reaction.

Griffin admitted that he was excited, but his mind was spinning with the things he had to do to prepare. She pointed out that he'd be able to make his dream happen, and he said that together they'd give others proper health care. He remarked that he had a lot of planning to do before he could start. She speculated that a goodbye was imminent, and he confirmed that he probably would be gone indefinitely once the project started. She promised she'd look for a new attorney the next day, and she started to leave. He remarked that goodbyes were pretty definite, and he'd prefer to use "see you later" as their parting words. She agreed. She looked back at him as she left.

A sobbing Jesse clutched Ellie's stillborn body, and Brot insisted that Ellie's death wasn't Jesse's fault. Suddenly, there was a cry, and Jesse hopefully looked down at Ellie in surprise. Brot crossed the room to the cardboard box he'd carried in and picked up a dark-skinned baby girl, who Brot explained had been left in his squad car. Angie awakened to the baby's cries and called for Ellie. "Mommy's here," she said. She begged to hold her baby and became alarmed when Jesse didn't respond.

Angie continued to call Ellie's name and worriedly wondered why Jesse remained mum. Jesse stared silently at Angie, and then at Ellie. He handed Ellie over to Brot and kissed his daughter on the head. Angie urgently cried out to Ellie again. Jesse picked up the bawling baby, wrapped her in a towel, and handed her to Angie. Brot looked on in shock. Angie cuddled the baby and assured the infant that her mother was there.

Angie marveled that Jesse had delivered the baby alone, and she commended him for helping a healthy baby into the world safely. Brot shuffled his feet, and Angie inquired whether someone else was there. Jesse confessed that Brot had responded to his call for help, but the paramedics hadn't yet arrived. Angie asked what the baby looked like, and Jesse described her as "healthy." Angie wanted to know if the baby had long eyelashes like she had expected, and an overwhelmed Jesse excused himself to check on the ambulance. A stricken Jesse pondered what else he could have done.

Brot handed Ellie to Jesse. The men overheard as Angie told the baby that she had been so scared, but she was glad the girl had been born there because the place was special to her and Jesse. Brot asked Jesse what he was going to do. Jesse realized that the truth would rip Angie apart. The ambulance sirens rang in the distance, and Brot urged Jesse to make a decision.

Jesse begged Brot to help him. Without a word, Brot grabbed the cardboard box and ran outside. Brot returned to take Ellie, and Jesse balked. Brot assured Jesse that the baby Brot had found needed a home, and she'd have a good one with Angie and Jesse. Brot offered to take care of everything. After a moment, Jesse handed Ellie over and instructed Brot to leave. After Brot departed, Jesse held his head in his hands in despair.

Angie cooed over the baby, and when Jesse returned, he fibbed that Brot had left to meet the ambulance. Jesse worried about Angie, but she said she was wonderful. He asked if she had any pain, and she said her back hurt from the long contraction, and he called it a blessing that she'd passed out. She corrected that their daughter was their blessing. Jesse tearfully proclaimed his love for Angie. He struggled to keep his emotions in check as Angie told the baby that Jesse was her daddy.

The girl in the park murmured to Asher that she was fine, but she stumbled when she tried to walk away. Asher commented that she looked upset. The girl flashed back to putting the baby into Brot's car. Asher offered to escort the girl to wherever she needed to go. She relented, and after he helped her home, he handed her his business card and told her to contact him if she needed anything.

At home, Amanda massaged Jake's back and said they needed to get back to basics. Jake pulled her in for a kiss and they started to become passionate, but the phone rang. Jake answered to Cara, and Amanda rolled her eyes. Cara explained that Angie had gone into labor but hadn't made it to the hospital yet. Jake said he was on the way, and Amanda volunteered to drive while Jake made calls.

At the hospital, Cara explained to Jake and Amanda that Jesse had delivered the baby himself. Amanda kissed Jake and watched him leave with Cara to prepare for Angie's arrival. The EMTs wheeled Angie in, and Cara took the baby from Jesse, as Jake tended to Angie. Angie called out to Cara, who said the baby appeared to be doing fine. Jake asked Angie about the birth, and she said she'd lost consciousness, so they'd have to ask Jesse.

Cara examined the baby and assumed that the EMTs had cut the umbilical cord, but Jesse claimed he'd taken care of it. Jake asked Jesse to leave, but Jesse was reluctant. Jake assured Jesse that he'd take good care of "the Hubbard girls," and Jesse exited. Outside the room, Jesse grappled with his emotions. Frankie and Randi arrived, and Jesse informed them that Angie and the baby both seemed to be fine. Frankie heartily congratulated Jesse.

Cara explained to Angie that the placenta hadn't yet passed, and Jake needed to take the baby to neonatal. Jake promised to take good care of his goddaughter. After Jake left, Angie said she missed her little girl already. Outside the room, Frankie and Randi cooed over the baby as Jake passed by them. Jesse looked wistfully at the baby as Jake wheeled her away.

Frankie called to a distant Jesse, and Randi asked Jesse what it had been like to deliver his own child. Jesse murmured that there was nothing in the world that could compare. Frankie wanted to contact Natalia and Brot, but Jesse blurted that Brot already knew. Frankie was surprised that Natalia hadn't called, if Brot had heard the news already.

Angie anxiously asked Cara when Jake would return with the baby. Cara said she'd like to talk about the delivery, and Angie thought Cara sounded worried. Cara felt Angie's abdomen, and Angie cried out in pain. Angie said her stomach was very tender and asked what was wrong. Cara said she didn't know, but something definitely wasn't right.

Angie became nervous, and Cara explained that she'd seen some clotted blood behind the placenta, which indicated there had been a clot in the uterus before labor had started. Jesse looked on as Cara told Angie that she'd likely suffered a placental abruption, though the baby was perfectly healthy. Angie noted that most babies wouldn't have survived that kind of trauma. Cara called it a miracle.

Jake returned with the baby, who had passed all of her tests. He placed the baby in Angie's arms and confirmed that the infant had Angie's blood type. Angie asked if they'd checked everything, and Jake said the little girl was perfect. Cara declared that it was incredible that the baby was fine. Jake was paged, and he congratulated the Hubbards again before he left.

Jesse asked for Cara to explain the situation in non-medical terms. Cara said that the placenta had separated from the baby prior to delivery, and Angie added that it meant the life support that Angie had been providing the baby had been cut off. Cara proclaimed that their daughter had beaten incredible odds. Brot entered and exchanged a knowing glance with Jesse. Angie declared her belief that someone had been watching over them, because their baby was truly a miracle.

Greenlee arrived at the hospital, and Jake informed her that Jesse had delivered Angie's baby. Jake asked how Greenlee was doing, and she said she was relieved that Emma had returned home. Jake sensed that there was more, and Greenlee admitted that Emma missed Annie and had been taking out her frustration on Greenlee. Greenlee insisted it was just a phase, and she left. Amanda returned, and Jake reported that mother and child were fine. They agreed that they were up to the task of being godparents.

Natalia gushed over her new baby sister and said she had even more reason to visit Pine Valley. Randi, Frankie, Brot, and Natalia sat with Angie. Cara warned everyone not to wear Angie and the baby out after their eventful day, and she exited, looking back worriedly. Angie declared that all that mattered was that their baby had arrived.

Cara arrived to see Jake at his home, and she apologized for the late hour. She asked to speak with Jake privately about a hospital-related matter. Amanda asserted that if it had to do with the hospital, then the hospital was the best place to have the discussion. Jake suggested that his conversation with Cara wait until the next day, and Cara reluctantly agreed.

Jesse pulled Brot aside and expressed his disbelief that someone had just left a baby in Brot's car, while in contrast, Angie had given her sight for the chance to raise her child. Brot handed Jesse an anonymous note from the baby's mother, which stated that she couldn't take care of the baby, but she wanted the infant to go to a good home. Brot said there was no other evidence other than the baby blanket and an earring that had been attached to it. Brot gently informed Jesse that he'd taken care of everything and asked Jesse to accompany him.

Angie asked her family who the baby looked like, and they playfully argued over which Hubbard the baby most closely resembled. Angie inquired whether the baby had long eyelashes, and her family affirmed it was the case.

Brot led Jesse to the spot where Brot had buried Ellie. Brot left to give Jesse a moment alone. A grieving Jesse knelt to the ground and lamented that he didn't have daffodils, which he bet one day would have been Ellie's favorite, because he had anticipated that Ellie would have been just like Angie. He broke down in sobs and apologized for not looking out for Ellie the way he should have. Jesse begged God to take care of Ellie the way he couldn't. He declared that his actions that night didn't mean Ellie wasn't loved -- if anything, he'd loved and needed her too much.

Jesse continued to speak to his daughter, and his voice was heard during a montage of the other Pine Valley citizens. As Jesse said that just because Ellie's family wasn't there didn't mean she wasn't special, the Hubbards fawned over Angie and the baby at the hospital. Jesse admitted that he knew deceiving Angie was wrong, and if he'd had time to think, maybe things would have turned out differently, but he couldn't turn the clock back. Meanwhile, Amanda and Jake reveled in their happiness while Cara stood outside their door, concerned about what had really happened during Angie's delivery.

As Jesse spoke of having to find a way to keep going even though he'd been hit with something that had ripped his heart out, Kendall slowly entered her dark home. Jesse mused that in the blink of an eye, his life had changed into something he didn't recognize anymore, but he had to trust his instincts or else he wouldn't survive. Meanwhile, Griffin appeared reflective as he entered his hotel room.

Jesse's voice broke as he wondered how things could go so wrong after he'd waited so long for them to be right, and Greenlee forlornly gazed at a picture of Emma and Ryan. Jesse noted that decisions had to be made and lived with, as the girl who had given up the baby silently cried. Jesse said he'd miss Ellie and promised that every time the other baby smiled or laughed, he'd look up and always remember Ellie. Later, Jesse arrived at the hospital and lovingly observed a happy Angie holding the baby.

Friday, April 1, 2011

On her stroll through the park, Kendall thought back fondly to her date with Griffin. Unbeknownst to her, Ricky was following her closely. Kendall arrived at the hospital a short time later. She looked into a room, but a woman sitting outside the door said that Griffin was busy. Kendall told the woman that Griffin was waiting for her and walked in.

After closing the door behind her, Kendall apologized for cutting ahead of Griffin's other patient. Griffin told her that the woman, Sarah, had been angling to take him out to lunch for weeks. Griffin admitted that he was prepared to give in to Sarah's requests. Kendall struggled not to show how uncomfortable she felt about that situation.

Kendall tried to act nonchalant as she asked how Griffin and Sarah knew each other. Griffin explained that Sarah was a pharmaceutical representative that wanted Griffin to participate in trials with her company's medications. Griffin also pointed out that Sarah wanted to make her relationship with Griffin more personal. Griffin quickly added that Sarah was too intense for him, and Kendall was visibly relieved.

Kendall thanked Griffin again for their date, and said that she'd been feeling a lot better. Griffin joked that he had magical healing powers. Kendall said that she wanted to hurry up and get the casinos sold so that the world could benefit from his talents. Griffin said that he would contact Kendall when her test results were returned, and Kendall left.

Cara opened the door to the Martin house as Tad struggled in with a large bear and balloons. Cara was amazed, but Tad insisted that no gift was too extravagant for Angie and Jesse's new daughter. Tad asked Cara to help him dress the bear up. Cara politely declined and said that she needed to call Jake quickly before she left for work.

Jake took a break from giving Amanda a foot massage to get some coffee. After he walked into the kitchen, his cell phone rang. Amanda saw that it was Cara and answered the call. Cara asked if she could talk to Jake. Amanda told Cara that Jake was busy, and abruptly ended the call.

Jesse and Angie cooed over their new daughter. Their happiness was interrupted when Brot and another officer arrived to take the baby. Brot urged Jesse to tell the truth while the other officer wrenched the baby from Angie's grasp. Jesse told a frantic Angie that their baby had died.

At that moment, Jesse woke up from his nightmare and heard Angie call to him. Jesse assured her that the baby was safely asleep in a bassinette at the foot of Angie's bed. Jesse asked how Angie was feeling. Angie said that she felt a bit shell-shocked. Jesse told Angie that everything would be fine.

The baby woke up, and Angie said that she needed to hold their daughter. Jesse carefully lifted the baby from the bassinette and handed her over to Angie. Angie lamented that she hadn't let Jesse take her to the hospital when she first had a pain. Angie said that her actions had almost cost them the baby. Jesse said the only thing that mattered was that everyone was healthy. Angie talked about how God wouldn't have taken the baby from them because the baby was so important. The truth of Angie's words resonated with Jesse, and tears sprung to his eyes.

Jesse told Angie that it was too early to tell who the baby looked like, but confirmed that their daughter was perfect. Angie rattled off a laundry list of Jesse's positive qualities and said that she hoped their daughter had inherited them. Much to Jesse's relief, Brot showed up just as Jesse was struggling for a response. Brot asked if he could borrow Jesse to discuss some work issues.

Brot and Jesse walked down the hall. Brot asked how Jesse was doing. Jesse indicated that he'd struggled with burying his daughter and then returning to the hospital and acting like everything was fine. Brot said that things were working out the way that they needed to: the baby deserved a good home, and Angie deserved to be happy. Jesse pointed out that as officers of the law, they should be above such activities. Brot said that he and Jesse needed to do whatever was necessary. Jesse said that Angie would be destroyed if she ever found out the truth.

Jesse said that he wanted to grieve but knew that he wouldn't be able to explain that need to Angie. Brot asked if there was anything he could do to help. Jesse asked Brot to get the note that had been left with the baby and dust it for fingerprints, and requested that Brot quietly search the police system to see if any matches could be obtained. Jesse also asked Brot to look into the earring that had been pinned to the blanket. Brot asked what Jesse planned to do if someone from the baby's real family was found.

Back in Angie's room, the baby started to cry. Angie called out to Jesse, but soon realized that he hadn't returned. Angie carefully climbed out of bed and made her way to the bassinette. Angie was able to fetch the baby from where it lay and cradle it in her arms. Angie was proud of herself for her first successful venture in taking care of her daughter.

Natalia was slightly alarmed when she found Angie out of bed and holding her daughter. Angie said that she'd been afraid to retrieve her daughter on her own, but had followed her instincts. Natalia took Ellie from Angie and instructed Angie to get back into bed. Once Angie was resettled and holding her daughter again, she asked Natalia to look up something via the Internet on her phone.

Jake and Amanda arrived at the hospital. Amanda wanted to go to the gift shop so that she could find a present for Jesse and Angie's newest daughter. Before they parted ways, Amanda thanked Jake for sharing his morning with her. She said that she felt like they were getting back to the way they used to be. Jake said that his plan was to make their relationship even better, and Amanda made it clear that she looked forward to it.

Moments after Amanda walked away, Cara ran up to Jake. She told him that she'd been thinking about how Angie had given birth and how the baby had survived. Cara questioned how a close-to-term baby could survive the trauma of a severe placental abruption. Jake recalled a similar situation they'd both been involved in, but Cara reminded Jake that he'd performed a C-section. Jake quoted his father and said that as doctors, they shouldn't make a practice of arguing with miraculous events.

Kendall went to Fusion and was surprised to find Ricky there. Ricky told her that the other Fusion employees had gone to the Yacht Club for an early working lunch. Ricky surprised Kendall with tickets to a baseball game and asked her if she and her sons would like to go. Kendall was ecstatic and grateful for Ricky's generosity. Ricky then asked about her date from the previous evening. Kendall said that it was less of a date and more of a charitable event. She gave Ricky the briefest sketch of what she and Griffin had done, but Ricky wasn't very impressed.

Kendall confessed that she'd been able to gain clarity about some things in her life when she talked to Griffin. Ricky asked for specifics, so Kendall let on that she planned to fire her attorney and expedite the conditions of Zach's will. Ricky was concerned that Kendall was moving too fast, and asked about her health. Kendall told Ricky that she'd just gotten a checkup, and that everything looked good. Kendall added that taking care of Zach's final business would make her feel better and would allow her to move on.

Griffin ran into his sister and told her that he needed to get a lot of things done before he left town. Cara tried to convince him that he should set up some roots in Pine Valley and use it as his home base. Griffin said that it would take something big to make him want to slow down. Cara suggested that all it would take was the right person. Uncomfortable, Griffin said that he needed to go to a luncheon, and excused himself.

Brot and Jesse were only able to talk for a few additional minutes before Natalia found them. Jesse asked if Angie and the baby were okay. Natalia told Jesse that they were fine, but said Angie wanted to talk to him. Still on edge, Jesse went directly to Angie's room. Angie told Jesse about her success with the baby. Although the tale was worrisome, Jesse was happy for Angie.

Angie then told Jesse that the baby didn't feel like an Eleanor. Angie hoped that Jesse wouldn't be angry about not naming their daughter after his mother. Angie told Jesse that she'd asked Natalia to look up some baby names that meant light. She suggested Lucille, and that they use Eleanor as a middle name. Jesse loved the idea, and they were able to try it out moments later when Tad and Amanda arrived.

A nurse showed up at Angie's room and kicked everyone out so that she could examine Angie and the baby. In the hall, Natalia asked Brot for more details about the birth. Brot claimed that there wasn't much to tell. Brot said that he'd heard the call from Jesse over the radio and realized he was the closest officer. Brot said that by the time he'd arrived at the cabin, Angie had already given birth.

Tad took Jesse to get some coffee. Tad asked if everything was okay because he could tell something was wrong. Jesse blamed his odd behavior on exhaustion after becoming a new dad again. Tad reminded Jesse that he would always be around if Jesse needed to talk. Jake showed up and asked if either Tad or Jesse had seen Amanda. Tad noted that Amanda had left a few moments before. Jake took off and tried to find his wife.

Natalia went back to Angie's room and cooed over the baby while Angie relaxed in bed. Outside in the hall, Jesse reviewed what he needed Brot to do. Brot asked Jesse again what would happen if they found a family member that wanted the baby. Exasperated, Jesse sighed and admitted that he was unsure.

A short while later, Jesse held the baby while Angie took a nap. Without thinking, Jesse sighed heavily aloud. This awakened Angie, and she heard the weight in Jesse's tone. Angie asked Jesse what was wrong.

Amanda found Cara and said she had a favor to ask. Amanda reminded Cara that the time she had with Jake was limited, and said she would appreciate it if Cara didn't intrude. Cara said that she'd called with a work question, and added that she wasn't a threat to Amanda's marriage. Amanda said that she didn't feel threatened -- she just wanted Cara to remember that she'd recently married Tad, not Jake. After Amanda walked away, Cara realized that Jake had overheard their conversation.

Jake and Amanda went home, and Jake asked about Amanda's confrontation with Cara. Amanda said that she'd just wanted to lay down some ground rules. Amanda confessed that when Cara called earlier that morning, Amanda had hung up on her. Amanda felt like Cara needed to respect the boundaries of Jake and Amanda's relationship. Jake was baffled as to why Amanda wouldn't have let Jake talk to Cara. At the same time, Amanda thought that she and Jake had reached an understanding about Cara.

Cara went home, and it was evident that she was in a bad mood. Tad offered to be a sounding board, but Cara didn't want to talk. Tad continued to push, and Cara said that she'd returned home because she hadn't wanted to blow up at work. Without similar restrictions at home, she thought it would be best if Tad left her alone.

Tad started to chuckle, and then apologized and said he would do as she asked. Cara, however, wanted to know what Tad had found so amusing. Tad told a really bad joke, and he was able to get Cara to calm down. Cara blinked back tears and would only admit that she'd had a really bad day. Tad asked if putting together baby furniture would make her feel better. Cara, eager for the distraction, quickly agreed to help.

Jake told Amanda that while he was filling the role of chief of staff, he needed to be apprised of all calls, even the ones from Cara. He told Amanda that the only people that could ruin their marriage were the people in it: Jake and Amanda. Jake asked Amanda to put Cara out of her mind. Amanda asked if Jake would be able to do the same thing.

Before Jake could answer, there was a knock at the door. He found Tad on the other side with Cara lurking behind him. Tad said that he needed the extra key to the Hubbards' place. While Jake was fetching the key, Tad asked if Jake and Amanda wanted to help put the furniture together. Jake tried to tell Tad that it was a bad suggestion without Cara noticing, but Tad was oblivious.

Sarah showed up at Griffin's hotel room door with a bottle of champagne. She told Griffin that she wanted to celebrate signing him as a client, but couldn't get the bottle open. Griffin opened it quickly and invited Sarah to drink it in her own room. Instead, Sarah sauntered into Griffin's room under the guise of borrowing a glass. As Griffin stood back and watched uncomfortably, he failed to notice that Kendall had shown up at his door as well.

Kendall slipped away before Sarah saw her. Sarah told Griffin that she wanted to get to know him better. Kendall popped back in and acted surprised to see Sarah. Griffin told Sarah that Kendall was his girlfriend, and Sarah seemed appropriately embarrassed. Sarah made her way out of the room as fast as possible. Kendall and Griffin shared a laugh about the incident once they were alone.

Kendall realized that Griffin might've wanted Sarah to stay and apologized for assuming otherwise. Griffin confirmed that he didn't want to get involved with Sarah, and that he'd appreciated Kendall's help. Griffin saw that Sarah had left her bottle of champagne, and asked Kendall if she wanted a drink. Kendall felt a bit uncomfortable, and said that she needed to get back to her work lunch. After she walked out of his room and closed the door, both Kendall and Griffin had second thoughts.

Ricky met up with Diana in the park and told her that Kendall wanted to sell the casinos. Diana was livid, but Ricky said he was still working on winning Kendall over. Diana wasn't impressed and said that Ricky needed to end the games he'd been playing. Ricky said that killing Kendall wasn't an option.

Diana insisted that getting rid of Kendall was the best course of action. Ricky pointed out that people would get suspicious if someone died every time the casinos were about to be sold. Ricky said that he would handle Kendall in his own way, and instructed Diana to cease her protest of his choices.



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