One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 28, 2011 on OLTL

David and Dorian married, while Charlie declared his love for Echo. Clint was arrested for Eddie's murder though he insisted that Matthew was the true killer. Gigi and Rex learned that Jack was tormenting Shane, and a humiliating scene had been captured on video. James and his ex-girlfriend, Deanna, shared a kiss.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 28, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, March 28, 2011

by Mike

On Access Llanview, Phyllis Rose shared the latest gossip about the citizens of Llanview with her viewers. Phyllis announced that Cristian Vega -- Llanview's reigning "Best Arms" champion -- had been arrested, along with a woman named Kassandra Kavanaugh.

At the police station, Cristian and Kassandra tried to protest their arrest. Cristian insisted that he hadn't done anything wrong; meanwhile, Kassandra blamed the whole thing on Cristian. Cristian asked to speak to a lawyer, and Kassandra said that she was a lawyer. The unsympathetic officer cuffed them to a nearby desk and walked away. After the officer left, Cristian and Kassandra started arguing with each other.

Cristian said that he wished that he had never met Kassandra. Kassandra insisted that Cristian shouldn't have opened his big mouth. Cristian assured Kassandra that he would be gone as soon as his friend arrived to post his bail, and then Kassandra would never have to see him again. Moments later, Blair walked into the police station to pay Cristian's bail and wondered what had happened. Cristian proceeded to recount the events that had led to their arrest.

Cristian explained that he had been working out at the gym when Kassandra had walked in and criticized Cristian's boxing technique. Cristian had told Kassandra that he had been a professional boxer, and Kassandra had handed Cristian her business card and had introduced herself as a personal injury attorney. Kassandra had then walked over to a nearby weight bench that no one had been using. At that point, another gym member had walked up to her and claimed that he was the only person that was allowed to use the bench. The man had started to argue with Kassandra, and Cristian had walked over to tell the man to leave her alone.

Cristian continued to tell Blair about the events that had led to their arrest. Cristian explained that Kassandra had questioned his skills as a boxer, so he had punched the man to prove that he hadn't lost his touch. Recognizing another potential client, Kassandra had then introduced herself to Mick -- the man that Cristian had punched -- as a personal injury attorney. Kassandra had offered to represent Mick in a lawsuit against Cristian. Mick had called Kassandra an ambulance chaser; Kassandra had taken that as a personal insult, so she had punched Mick as well.

Blair shook her head in dismay as she listened to Cristian and Kassandra's story. Kassandra explained that her reputation was important to her and that she had felt the need to defend it. Kassandra insisted that her firm would have the charges dropped before the judge had even had a chance to arraign her. At that moment, the officer returned and uncuffed Cristian as he announced that Cristian was free to go. The officer said that Mick had decided not to press charges against Cristian.

The officer explained that Mick was at the hospital , getting his jaw wired shut. The officer said that Mick was embarrassed that Cristian had been able to beat him up because Cristian had a much smaller frame than the bodybuilder frame that Mick had. Kassandra wondered why Mick was willing to let everyone believe that a girl had beaten him up. The officer explained that Mick really didn't like Kassandra, so he had decided that it would be worth the embarrassment to watch her suffer. Blair started to leave with Cristian, but Cristian felt guilty about leaving Kassandra behind.

Cristian stated that he might have figured out a way to get Kassandra released; he assured Kassandra that he would be back. Some time later, Cristian returned and announced that he had taken care of everything. The officer walked over to Kassandra and uncuffed her. The officer said that Mick had dropped the charges against her because he had been afraid of being sued for wrongful arrest. Kassandra was confused, so Cristian explained that he had told Mick that Kassandra Kavanaugh's specialty was wrongful arrest cases.

Kassandra reminded Cristian that her specialty wasn't wrongful arrests, but Cristian whispered that Mick hadn't remembered that fact. After Kassandra was finished with her paperwork, she returned to thank Cristian for his help. Kassandra handed Cristian one of her business cards. Cristian reminded her that she had already given him one of her cards; Kassandra kissed him and told him to check the back of the card. After Kassandra walked away, Cristian flipped the card over and found that Kassandra had written her personal number on the back and signed it with a heart.

At the Buchanan mansion, Rama watched as Phyllis Rose continued her show with a segment about Dorian and David's wedding. Phyllis reminded her viewers that David had already left Dorian at the altar twice; Phyllis wondered if the third time would be the charm, or if David was going to "three-peat " his runaway groom act.

At the courthouse, David apologetically announced that he wouldn't be able to marry Dorian. Viki told David that his attempt at humor had been misguided, but David assured her that he wasn't joking. Dorian asked if David was planning to leave her at the altar again. David wondered how Dorian could think that he would leave her at the altar. Dorian reminded David that it wouldn't have been the first time -- or, as Viki dryly pointed out, the second.

"After everything that we've been through, how could you think that I would be so cruel, so heartless, so...unobservant? We're in a courthouse, for crying out loud -- there isn't an altar," David jokingly pointed out, but Dorian wasn't amused. Viki urged David to quickly clarify the situation before Dorian grew more upset. David told Dorian that he had received a call from someone named Bev Altman. Dorian's temper flared as she realized that there was another woman. Dorian quickly guessed that Bev was a rich, young blonde.

David confirmed that Bev was rich, but he said that she wasn't young and she was only occasionally blonde. Dorian said that money was the only thing that David had ever cared about. David denied Dorian's allegations and pointed out that he would have gone after Viki if he had only been interested in money, because Viki was wealthier than Dorian was. Viki reminded David that his jokes weren't helping the situation. David assured Dorian that he was not going to leave her for his agent.

Viki and Dorian were shocked to learn that Bev Altman was David's agent; meanwhile, David was shocked to learn that Viki and Dorian didn't know who Bev Altman was. David explained that Beverly Altman's talent agency, Altman and Altman, was the second-highest rated talent agency in Van Nuys. David said that a director had heard about David's imprisonment and had decided to make a film about it. David excitedly asked the ladies to guess who the director had asked to play the starring role. "Tuc Watkins?" Viki guessed as Dorian agreed that Tuc Watkins was a good actor.

David disagreed and claimed that Tuc Watkins was a hack . David explained that the director wanted David Vickers Buchanan to play David Vickers Buchanan. David happily told Dorian that the studio was interested in flying him to Vancouver immediately to start shooting the film. "Guess who my first scene is with? -- Brian Dennehy. He's playing Bo, and Bev said that they're trying to get somebody really horrible to play Clint -- maybe Mel Gibson. And for the role of Dorian, they've got an offer out to Angelina Jolie," David explained as Dorian quietly listened. Dorian noted that Susan Sarandon would have been a better choice to play her.

Dorian sadly realized that David was leaving her so that he could play a part in a movie. David reminded her that it wasn't just any movie -- it was a movie about his life. David added that he wasn't leaving Dorian; he was just taking a job. Dorian reiterated that David wasn't marrying her. "Oh, I'm marrying you -- I'm just not marrying you right now. Believe me, come hell, high water, Clint Buchanan, or another writers strike, I'm marrying you. I dream of marrying you, but I also dream about doing something really important in this country -- being famous. Can't I have both?" David asked.

"Dorian, listen to me. I love you; you mean more to me than any dream. So if this plan doesn't work for you, I'll call Bev; I'll tell her to recast. Recast someone shorter than me, but recast nonetheless," David added. Dorian sighed and apologetically confirmed that David's plan wouldn't work for her. Viki tried to convince Dorian to reconsider; she pointed out that Dorian could plan a proper wedding while David was shooting his film, but Dorian reiterated that David's plan wouldn't work for her. Dorian told David that he had a story to tell, and he was the only one who could tell it properly. David wasn't sure what Dorian had meant.

Dorian explained that she wasn't willing to wait any longer to marry David. "I mean, we're getting hitched tout de suite, chéri," Dorian added. David pointed out that they were still waiting on Bo and the judge to arrive. "I'm the mayor of this town. I say, you don't leave this courthouse unless you're wearing a ring," Dorian said with a sly smile.

Back at the Buchanan mansion, Phyllis Rose segued into her next story as Clint walked into the room. Phyllis told her viewers to stay tuned for part two of her Access Llanview: The Buchanans: A Family Under Siege special. "We'll delve deeper into the crisis that pits the progeny against their patriarch. Ask not for whom the bell tolls -- Clint, it tolls for thee," Phyllis warned cryptically as Clint watched.

At the Minute Man Motel, Rex watched the old footage that the adult film producer had kept from the night of Eddie Ford's murder. As the actors had been shooting one of the scenes for the film, the camera had managed to capture images of someone exiting Eddie Ford's motel room. Rex told the producer to pause and zoom in on the image in the background. Rex was excited to see that the camera had captured a clear image of Clint leaving Eddie's motel room -- and that he had been carrying a gun.

Rex stared at the image on the screen with a look of pure disgust as he realized with certainty that his father was a murderer. Rex thanked Rick for his help and asked him to hand over the DVD, but Rick refused to do so. Rex reminded Rick that the footage on the DVD was key evidence in a murder investigation, but Rick insisted that he couldn't afford to replace the DVD with new footage. Rick said that he would only hand the evidence over to Rex if Rex agreed to join the cast of his film. Rex admitted that he was flattered -- and slightly curious -- but he said that he would have to turn down Rick's offer.

Rex told Rick that he couldn't appear in an adult film because he had a family, and he couldn't let them down. Rick pointed out that Rex's family would never have to know about the film. Rex sighed and said that there was another man out there that was counting on him. Rex explained that he had disappointed this man and he needed to make it up to him. "So if you give me this DVD, it won't necessarily heal our relationship, but it will at least prove to him that I'm not a lost cause," Rex said as he begged Rick to show some compassion.

Rick's heartstrings had been sufficiently tugged by Rex's story, and he agreed to give Rex the DVD. Rex rushed off to the police station to show the evidence to Bo and Nora. Meanwhile, at the police station, Nora continued to recall the events of the night that Eddie Ford had been killed. Nora remembered that she had seen someone exiting Eddie's motel room, but she couldn't remember who she had seen. Bo tried to ease Nora's frustrations by pointing out that her testimony probably wouldn't have held up in court anyway.

Nora realized that Bo was right; she knew that Clint's lawyers would argue that she had been confused and disoriented due to the accident, because that was what she would have argued in a similar situation. Nora and Bo quickly recapped the evidence that they had managed to obtain and reluctantly admitted that it wasn't going to be enough to convict Clint. Defeated, Nora sank into her chair as she told Bo that Clint was going to get away with murder. Before Bo could respond, Rex burst into the room and victoriously handed the DVD to Bo. "Proof that Clint killed Eddie Ford," Rex explained as he struggled to catch his breath.

Bo and Nora watched as Rex played the DVD and pointed out the image of Clint in the background. Nora and Bo were excited that they had finally received some solid evidence. Before they could celebrate further, Bo's phone rang; Bo listened as Viki announced that David and Dorian were getting married. Bo told Nora to get a warrant for Clint's arrest and meet him at the courthouse; he then rushed out of his office without offering any further explanation. Nora noticed that Rex had a deflated look on his face, but before she could try to make Rex feel better, Bo reentered his office.

"Hey, Balsom -- you did good," Bo said before he rushed back out of the room, leaving Rex instantly more cheerful. As Nora filled out the necessary paperwork for the warrant, she thanked Rex for helping them with the case. Rex said that he still had a lot to make up for, and he was committed to seeing the investigation through to the end. Nora reminded Rex that Clint was his father and wondered if Rex would be able to live with the fact that he had helped put Clint in prison. "Clint is no father of mine; he's getting what he deserves, and I want to be there to see him get it," Rex assured Nora.

At the Buchanan mansion, Clint watched in embarrassment as Phyllis Rose continued to air his family's dirty laundry. Phyllis told her viewers that Tess had emerged again. Phyllis explained that Tess had dumped Brody and gotten married to Ford. "One minute she's Jess, the next minute she's Tess...maybe we should just call her, 'Mess,'" Phyllis joked as she told her viewers that they would have to stay tuned to find out which of Jessica's personalities would win in the end.

At Ford's apartment, Brody told Ford that Tess had stolen a watch from Logan's department store. Ford admitted that Tess had probably gone to see Cutter. Brody chastised Ford for allowing Tess to associate with Cutter. Ford tried to defend his actions, and noted that Brody probably wouldn't have been able to control Tess any better than Ford had. Brody ignored Ford's comment and stormed off to find Tess.

At the Minute Man Motel, Cutter opened his door and found Tess standing in front of it, wearing sexy lingerie under her full-length jacket. Cutter let her into his room and they immediately started making out. Tess shoved books and papers off of a nearby desk and climbed on top of it, pulling Cutter onto the desk with her. As Cutter followed her lead and continued to kiss her, Jessica emerged and pushed Cutter off of her. Cutter asked Tess if she was all right.

Jessica realized that Cutter had referred to her as Tess. Jessica was horrified when she realized what Tess had been wearing; Cutter assured Jessica that he and Tess had not had sex. Before Cutter could explain the situation further, Jessica's phone rang. Jessica saw that the phone call was from Ford, and she wondered what Tess had been up to. Cutter tried to apologize, but Jessica's only concern was making sure that Ryder was all right.

Back at Ford's apartment, Ford left a message for Tess to remind her that the judge would not grant them custody of Ryder if she managed to land herself in jail for shoplifting. As Ford warned Tess about what would happen to her if he didn't get custody of his son, someone started knocking on his door. Ford answered the door and was surprised to find Langston standing in the hallway. Langston asked about Ryder; Ford told Langston that he was still waiting for the judge to make his ruling. Ford insisted that they would be able to work things out after the custody battle had ended, but Langston said that she didn't want to talk about that.

Langston handed Ford the necklace that he had given her for Christmas. Ford wondered if Langston had really grown to hate him so much that she couldn't even wear something that he had given her as a gift. Langston assured Ford that she didn't hate him, and she explained that she couldn't wear the necklace when she knew that he had spent a lot of money on it and that he needed that money to pay for Ryder's care. Ford reminded Langston that the necklace had been his gift to her. "And now it's my gift to Ryder. Please, I can't have it. Just keep it, return it, whatever -- hell, give it to Tess," Langston quietly stated.

Ford reluctantly assured Langston that he understood. Langston said that she had a paper to write and started to leave, but Ford stopped her. "You know, it's funny; not too long ago, I was grading papers, trying to inspire my students. Now I'm trying to inspire burps," Ford quipped. Langston nodded and agreed that Ford was a new man -- and a good man, too. Ford credited Langston for his transformation, but Langston insisted that Ryder was the reason that Ford had changed.

Langston said that Ford had changed the moment Ryder entered his life; he had a new sense of purpose that he hadn't even realized that he had been missing. Langston said that she envied Ford. Langston explained that seeing Ford with his son had made her realize that there was something out there for her that would enrich her life in the same way that Ryder had enriched Ford's life. Ford smiled and told Langston that he was hopeful that she would find something like that one day. Langston wished Ford luck with his custody battle; before Ford could respond, Langston walked out of the apartment and shut the door behind her.

Meanwhile, at the Minute Man Motel, Cutter tried to suggest that Jessica should call her family and let them know what had happened, but Jessica ignored him and started to leave the room. When Jessica opened the motel room door, she found Brody standing on the other side. Jessica hugged Brody and assured him that Tess was no longer in control of her body. Brody was ecstatic when he realized that Jessica had returned. Jessica wondered how long Tess had been in control; Brody reluctantly admitted that Tess had emerged on the night of their wedding, over a month earlier.

Jessica asked Brody to take her home so that she could see Bree and Ryder. Brody sighed and explained that he couldn't do that because Ryder wasn't at their house -- he was at Ford's apartment. Jessica was shocked to learn that Tess and Ford had initiated a custody battle. Brody told Jessica that Tess had married Ford; Jessica was horrified, but she assured Brody that they would get the marriage annulled and that she would make sure that Ford was never able to see Ryder again. Jessica asked Brody to take her to see their son.

As Cutter walked them to the door, Jessica turned and gave Cutter one last look before she followed Brody out of the motel room. After Jessica and Brody left, Cutter grabbed his jacket as he muttered that he had struck out with Dorian and Tess. Cutter added that it was time to find a new cash cow as he walked out of his room. At the same time, Rick opened his door and spotted Cutter. Rick rushed up to Cutter and quickly sized him up, then asked if Cutter had ever done any acting.

Back at Ford's apartment, Ford called his lawyer and told him about Tess's shoplifting incident. Ford wondered how badly it might hurt their custody case if Tess managed to get herself arrested for shoplifting. Meanwhile, Brody and Jessica arrived at Ford's apartment, and Brody assured Jessica that everything would be all right. When they entered the apartment, Ford started to explain that he had spoken with his lawyer and that he would probably be able to get Tess's charges dropped down to a misdemeanor, but Jessica interrupted Ford. "I'm not Tess; I'm Jessica, and Brody and I are here for our son," Jessica stated.

Bo entered the courthouse and apologized for being late for David and Dorian's wedding. Bo explained that he had been delayed because he had been making arrangements for David's wedding present. David wondered if it was a trophy case to hold his EGOT -- Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony -- but Bo told David that it wasn't a trophy case; he assured David that it was something that he would love just as much, though. Dorian told the judge to skip to the vows because they didn't have a lot of time. Dorian realized that she hadn't given any thought to what she was going to say to David.

Viki told Dorian to speak from her heart. David pointed out that she could just say whatever it was that she had been planning to say the first time -- or the second. "David...I take your hand, and I offer you this ring in token of my promise. I can't promise you much more than this -- I am going to love you until I take my last breath," Dorian tearfully vowed. Dorian placed the ring on David's finger with a contented sigh.

"Dorian, the prisons in Morocco are really hot...and they smell. They do a number on your skin -- did I tell you that I got foot rot? They can do a real number on your head. I shouldn't even be alive. At the very least, I can't believe I'm even sane; I should've come out of there with multiple personalities. I'm as sane as I can be, and I'm alive. I'm alive because my Pa rescued me -- thanks again, Pa -- and the reason I'm alive, Dorian, is 'cause I had you to come home to. When I was in there, I thought about you, nothing but you. You kept me sane, Dorian -- you're the reason I'm alive," David stated sincerely.

David realized that he should probably stop talking, so he told the judge that he was finished. The judge pronounced David and Dorian husband and wife as they smiled and stared into each other's eyes. After David and Dorian kissed, Viki congratulated the happy couple and noted that they had been through a lot to get to that point. Dorian sincerely thanked Viki for her friendship. Bo pointed out that David was married to the mayor of Llanview, and David wondered if that meant that he had to be nice to the little people.

Bo and Viki laughed, and Bo said that he believed that the little people would just be happy to know that Dorian and David had finally tied the knot. Dorian thanked Bo and shook his hand as she noted that she would have to start referring to him as Pa. Bo seemed slightly disturbed by that idea, but he didn't protest. Dorian handed Viki a sachet of rose petals to throw over the happy couple's heads, and Dorian and David beamed as they walked out of the courthouse. As Bo and Viki watched, Bo's phone beeped; Bo excused himself so that he could check his messages.

Back at the Buchanan mansion, Rama and Clint watched as Access Llanview continued. Phyllis claimed that Clint had traded his white hat for a black one, and she promised her viewers a tale of sex, money, betrayal, and murder. Rama was fully engrossed in the show and didn't realize that Clint was standing right behind her; when Clint asked Rama to increase the volume on the television, a startled Rama turned and spilled her bowl of popcorn all over the living room floor. Phyllis explained that the deputies of the Llanview Police Department were still investigating Eddie Ford's murder.

Rama nervously tried to avoid eye contact with Clint as Phyllis assured her viewers that Bo Buchanan would not rest until Eddie's killer was behind bars -- even if that person turned out to be Bo's own brother. Clint turned off the television and impatiently announced that he had heard enough. Clint changed the subject and asked if Rama had been enjoying her stay at the mansion. Rama innocently claimed that she didn't enjoy being separated from her husband. Clint sarcastically agreed that she had seemed extremely upset at breakfast when she had ordered more mimosas.

Rama insisted that people coped in many different ways, but Clint wasn't convinced. Clint wondered if Vimal was aware of Rama's deep suffering, or if he had been too busy making license plates to accept Rama's calls. Rama angrily reminded Clint that Vimal was in jail because he had covered up a crime that Clint had committed. Rama threatened to expose Clint's secret, but Clint called Rama's bluff. Clint observed that Rama wouldn't expose him because she wouldn't want to risk losing the luxurious accommodations that she had grown accustomed to.

Clint noted that Aubrey might be willing to help Rama, but then he added that Aubrey didn't seem to like Rama much. Clint theorized that Aubrey had only agreed to help Rama because Rama had been holding some sort of leverage over Aubrey's head. Rama denied Clint's allegations and insisted that Aubrey had invited Rama to stay at the mansion out of the goodness of her heart. Clint chuckled and said that Aubrey had a cash register where her heart should have been. Clint tried to convince Rama that it would be better for her to team up with him instead of a gold digger like Aubrey.

Rama refused Clint's offer, but Clint warned Rama not to make a hasty decision because there would be dire consequences if she made the wrong choice. Rama wondered if Clint meant that he would kill her like he had killed Eddie Ford. Clint told Rama not to believe everything that she heard on television. Rama said that she believed her instincts, and her instincts had been telling her that Clint had very little to offer -- and that he would have even less to offer once Bo had managed to charge him with murder. After Rama left, Clint turned the television back on just as Phyllis Rose was wrapping up the day's episode of Access Llanview.

Phyllis promised that she would have more dirt to dish on the next episode, and teased that things at the Buchanan ranch weren't looking very stable. Phyllis wondered what Asa would have said about the Buchanan scandals, as Clint turned the television off again with a sigh of frustration. At that moment, Bo walked into the mansion. Clint demanded to know what Bo wanted. "You -- you're under arrest for the murder of Eddie Ford," Bo said as the two brothers stared at each other with contempt.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Deanna looked at the picture of Starr, James, and Ryder on MyFace. "A baby?" she cried, becoming upset, and continued, "You worked fast!" Deanna had thought that James would wait for her. She said that things were over as she slammed her computer shut. She began to pack her things as she talked about all the money she had spent getting to Llanview. She bolted from the room and crashed right into Rick, the adult film director. Both dropped everything they were holding.

Deanna hadn't thought that her day could get any worse. Rick suggested that the next day would be better, and asked why she was crying. Instead of answering, Deanna asked if she had broken any of the equipment Rick had dropped. As he checked his equipment, he asked Deanna who the heartbreaker was. She replied that she had thought that the guy in question would wait for her, because they'd had dreams. Rick replied that she could still make her dreams a reality.

Rick told Deanna that nothing was broken, so Deanna turned to leave. Before she could go, he asked where her portfolio was -- he had thought that she was a model. She laughed at him, and he was happy that he had at least made her smile. Rick informed Deanna that he was "in the business." He wasn't famous, but he assured her that she would hear his name in the future.

Deanna said she would look for Rick's name back in Dayton. Rick thought that Deanna should stay in Llanview and start over. He thought that Deanna's heartbreaker would "come to his senses." However, Deanna couldn't stay without a job, and related that her ex had even been having trouble finding a job. Rick gave his card to Deanna, and said that he could help her out.

Rick told Deanna to think about showing the world what she was made of, and walked away. She looked at the card, and walked back into her room. She said that she and James could still have a chance, and went on her computer. Deanna sent a MyFace friend request to James.

Natalie walked out of Todd's room, and Shaun asked if she was all right. She was, but related that she had left the room so Jack could be alone. Shaun asked if there were any leads in the case, but Natalie replied that there was "nothing solid." Natalie admitted that she and John had barely been speaking, because John couldn't forgive her for lying. Shaun was sad for Natalie, because he'd thought that John and Natalie had been good together. Natalie agreed, and confided that John was seeing Kelly.

Jack sat with Todd, and talked to his father. He thought back to his confrontation with Dani, and told Todd that he "did something really bad." Just then, Starr and James entered, and Starr asked what Jack had done. Jack shot back that he had been talking to Todd. Starr wanted to know what was so bad. Jack covered and said that he had been talking about cutting school.

Jack thought that Blair would be angry, but Starr insisted that Blair would understand. Starr realized that Dani should have been at the hospital, so she reached for her phone. Jack stopped her, and said that Dani wasn't really family. Starr scolded him for the remark, and asked why Jack was angry with Dani. Jack replied that he was actually angry with Nate.

Jack had caught Nate "talking trash" about Todd at school. He thought that Todd was right to want to keep Starr and Dani away from the Ford brothers, because they hated Todd. Jack didn't want James in Todd's room. He told James to leave, because the last thing Todd needed was to have people in the room that didn't care about whether or not he woke up.

James and Jack argued. Jack finally told his bewildered sister that Todd had warned Starr about James, but she had been "too stupid to listen." Jack ran from the room. A short while later, James looked for more job possibilities on MyFace, as Starr sat with Todd. Suddenly, a friend request popped up on the computer screen. James was stunned to see that it was from Deanna.

Outside the room, Shaun asked Jack why he had been yelling in Todd's room. Jack blamed James, and told Shaun to get rid of James. Shaun related that he would, but he didn't think that it would make Jack feel any better. A short while later, Jack slept in a chair outside of Todd's room. Shaun picked up Jack's jacket, and covered the boy with it.

Ford asserted to Brody and Jessica that he was Ryder's father, and didn't care about the trust fund. Jessica wanted to see Ryder, because he needed his mother. Ford retorted that Ryder needed his father as well. Brody reminded Ford that Ford had tried to lie his way out of being Ryder's father. However, Ford said that it had been before he'd had a connection with Ryder.

Jessica appealed to Ford to have a heart, and let her see Ryder. Ford went to get the baby. Jessica was scared about possibly frightening Ryder, but Brody knew that the child would be happy to see her. Ford returned and handed Ryder to a tearful Jessica. She apologized to Ryder for leaving him, and promised that it wouldn't happen again.

Brody and Jessica wanted to take Ryder home, but Ford wouldn't let them. Ford called his lawyer and left a message. Ford started to call the police, but Brody didn't think they would arrest "one of their own" for reuniting a mother and child. Ford reminded a horrified Jessica that Brody had slept with Natalie. Brody pleaded with Jessica not to listen.

Ford recapitulated the entire story to Jessica over Brody's yelling. Jessica became upset, and Brody punched Ford out. Brody grabbed Jessica, but Tess ordered him to let her go. Brody frantically talked to Jessica, but Tess said that Jessica was "locked up." Brody blamed Ford, who replied that he had done what he had to for Ryder.

Tess suggested that Brody "play house with Natalie." Brody said that he wouldn't give up, but Tess told him that Jessica wasn't going to return. Tess pushed Brody out the door, and kicked it shut. Tess complimented Ford on the way he had helped her return, but he had only done it to keep his son. Ford warned her that she needed to behave until the custody hearing was over. Ford played with Ryder while Tess lounged on the couch.

Clint asked if Bo was tired of arresting him , only to have to let him go. Bo informed his brother that Bo possessed video evidence, but Clint found it hard to believe that the Minute Man Motel had surveillance equipment. Bo explained that Clint had walked right through a scene in an adult movie that had been filming at the motel. An officer promptly arrested Clint.

Blair saw John in the police station. She informed John that she had just posted bail for Cristian, but everything was all right. She was glad to run into John, because she wanted to talk to him about Tomas. She explained how she had seen Tomas in Todd's hospital room, and she had gotten a strange feeling about it. Blair wondered if there was anything she needed to know about Tomas.

John informed Blair that he had run Tomas through the system. Tomas had no record, at least in the United States. Blair inquired if Tomas was connected to the crime. John promised that Blair would be the first to know if he found anything. He advised her to keep her distance from Tomas. Blair insisted that she would listen. She hadn't listened to John's last piece of advice, which had been about Eli.

Blair handed John the picture from her and Todd's wedding. John wondered how the picture could have ended up in a Parisian flea market. Blair didn't know if it would help, but she said that John was welcome to the picture, and left. John put the picture into an evidence bag as Natalie entered.

Natalie asked John if it was something she needed to check. Before he could answer, Bo entered with a handcuffed Clint. Natalie demanded to know what was going on, and Bo answered that Clint was under arrest for Eddie's murder. Clint claimed that he was innocent as Bo led him into Bo's office. Natalie was shocked as John explained Clint's connection to Eddie. John continued that it was believed that Clint had killed Eddie to cover everything up.

Natalie was surprised to learn that John had known about Clint's crimes, and asked how long he had known. John admitted that Clint had been suspected since shortly before the wedding. Natalie exploded at John, and related that she hadn't been the only one keeping secrets on their wedding day.

John didn't think that the two lies could be compared. John had intended to tell Natalie once evidence had been gathered. However, he believed that Natalie never would have told John about Liam's paternity. John had been trying to protect Natalie, but Natalie insisted that she had done the same thing. John walked away in anger.

Brody entered the station, and Natalie could tell that something was wrong. Brody confided that Jessica had returned, and Natalie celebrated. However, Brody continued that Ford had made Jessica remember why Tess had surfaced in the first place. After that, Tess had returned. Natalie expressed her sorrow for Brody, and hugged him. John entered just in time to see the embrace.

In Bo's office, Bo informed Clint that Clint wouldn't get away with murder. Clint stated that he wanted to call his lawyer. Bo said that, if Clint wanted to spare his family from the pain of a trial, he could confess. Bo produced a tape recorder and spoke an introduction into it. He set the recorder down in front of Clint. Clint confessed that he did not kill Eddie, and added that his brother could "go straight to hell." Disappointed, Bo led Clint out of his office.

At Capricorn, Tomas played the piano. Dani entered and asked her uncle what the piece was called, because it was beautiful. Tomas hadn't decided yet. Dani was surprised to learn that Tomas was a composer, in addition to a painter and a martial artist. He replied that he was a "dabbler." He asked Dani if she wanted a drink, but she was only looking for Blair. Tomas was looking for Blair, as well, so he offered his company while they waited for her to arrive.

Tomas said that all he knew about Dani was that she was worried about Todd. He admitted to believing Dani when she had said that Todd would wake up. Dani explained how she had felt Todd squeeze her hand, and she had thought that he would get better every day. However, nothing else had happened. She had expressed her belief to Téa anyway, so her mother wouldn't be sad.

Dani continued that the man in the bed wasn't her father, because he couldn't hear her. If he could, then she believed that he would wake up. She knew that Todd wouldn't put her through what she and Todd had gone through when they had believed that Téa was dead. Tomas embraced his niece. Just then, Blair entered and cried for Tomas to get off of Dani.

Tomas had only been trying to comfort Dani. Blair apologized for overreacting, and hugged Dani. She explained that, when Téa was sick, Blair had promised to look after Dani. She didn't want Dani to feel like she needed to turn to someone else for comfort. Dani told Blair that she had been there waiting to talk to Blair about Jack.

Dani and Blair sat down, and Dani explained what had happened earlier in the day, when Jack had bolted from the gym. Dani continued that Shane had been having an asthma attack, and hadn't had his inhaler. Dani believed that Jack had taken the inhaler. Blair related that she had seen the boys together earlier, and that they had been getting along. Blair didn't think that Jack would deliberately put someone else's life in danger.

Blair suggested that Jack was acting out because of Todd's condition. She said that it had been making everyone say and do things that they normally wouldn't. Blair got up to get a drink, and Tomas began to play the piano. As Blair looked on, Dani sat down on the bench with her uncle.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

by Mike

At Ford's apartment, James checked his MyFace page and contemplated Deanna's friend request. Before James could make a decision, Tess walked into the apartment and called out loudly for Ford. "Oops -- looks like my daddy killed your daddy. Awkward!" Tess said as she showed James and Ford the front page of the Sun. James and Ford were shocked to learn that Clint had been arrested for Eddie's murder. James pointed out that Clint would have been willing to let Inez or Nate take the fall for a crime that he had committed.

Ford told Tess that her father was a real bastard. Tess reminded Ford that Clint wasn't her father, then she added that he wasn't really Jessica's father, either. "This is gonna make a hell of a story for the kid -- 'Let me tell you about the time that Grandpa Clint whacked Grandpa Eddie,'" Tess quipped. James wasn't amused, but Tess grinned and assured James that Clint's arrest was great news. Ford admitted that Clint's arrest might have been enough to persuade the judge to grant Ford custody of Ryder. Tess insisted that there was no way that they could lose with Clint behind bars, but James wasn't ready to celebrate.

"They just found our dad's killer, Bobby; shouldn't we feel something?" James asked as Tess rolled her eyes. Ford admitted that he was happy that Eddie's killer had been someone who was just as evil as Eddie had been, but he agreed that the news had not really affected him. Tess told the Ford brothers that they needed to lighten up. "We won; we got the rugrat and the jackpot. Come on, let's celebrate!" Tess exclaimed as she invited Ford to go shopping with her. Ford insisted that Tess wasn't allowed to leave the apartment until the judge had returned with his ruling.

Tess was undeterred and grabbed James's laptop so that she could do some online shopping. James tried to stop Tess, but she ignored him as she looked at James's MyFace page and wondered who Deanna Forbes was. Tess teased James and told James that he needed to add Deanna as a friend. James angrily grabbed the laptop out of Tess's hands and warned her to mind her own business. Ford was surprised by James's reaction and wondered what was going on with his brother.

Tess told Ford that James had not been able to accept Deanna's friend request because she had been more than a friend. Tess continued to tease James mercilessly as he grew more frustrated with her. James said that Deanna was someone that he had once known; Tess wondered how James had known Deanna, but James glared at her and insisted that he didn't want to talk about it. Tess joked that James had suddenly gotten much more interesting. "I knew this whole 'one woman man' thing was a little bit too pathetic for a hottie like you. Does little miss Starr know she has competition?" Tess asked as Ford tried to tell her to back off.

James told Tess to leave Starr alone. Ford tried to calm James down, but James wouldn't listen to his brother. "None of this is Tess's business and I am sick of her butting in! Listen, you out of control Kardashian wannabe, drop it. I might have to live with you for him and my nephew, but you will stay out of my business," James warned Tess through gritted teeth. Tess pointed out that James sounded like he needed to relieve some tension. Tess told James that he wasn't as attractive when he was angry; she shrugged as she added that Deanna could have James, because she had found herself a real man.

Tess started to leave, but Ford stopped her and reminded her that she wasn't allowed to be with Cutter until after the custody case had ended. Tess grabbed her purse and claimed that she was going to go to the grocery store, but Ford insisted that she wasn't going anywhere. Tess pouted and said that James had been a jerk to her and she wanted to get some fresh air. Ford said that the only thing that Tess wanted was Cutter. Tess sighed with frustration and admitted defeat.

Tess assured Ford that they had already won the custody battle, but Ford reminded Tess that the judge could still grant Viki sole custody of Ryder. Ford grabbed Tess's keys out of her pocket and said that he was going to go to the Buenos Dias Café to pick up some food. Ford asked James to watch the baby while he was gone. James wondered which baby Ford had been referring to -- Ryder or Tess. Ford warned Tess that he would chain her to one of the chairs if she tried to leave the apartment while he was gone.

Starr reluctantly joined Langston at the Buenos Dias Café for breakfast. Starr felt guilty about leaving the hospital, but Langston assured her that Téa would have called if Todd's condition had changed. Langston asked for an update on Starr's relationship with James. Langston joked that she wouldn't have known that the couple had officially started dating if she hadn't seen it posted on MyFace. Starr admitted that posting their relationship status on MyFace had made it seem real.

Langston and Starr discussed Dorian and David's MyFace pages. Langston wondered how long David and Dorian's honeymoon would last. Langston said that she was happy for Dorian and Starr. Starr noted the bittersweet tone in Langston's voice, but Langston assured Starr that she was all right. Langston said that Ford had a wife and a son that he needed to focus on.

Langston stated that she deserved to be with someone who could focus on her. Langston cheerfully announced that she was over Ford, but Starr wasn't convinced. Starr said that Langston didn't need to act like a strong Cramer woman for Starr's sake. Langston quietly said that she had not been doing it for Starr -- she had been doing it for herself. Langston admitted that she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to recover if she allowed herself to fall apart.

Starr promised that she would be there to support Langston. Langston conceded that she had been missing Ford; she said that she had wanted to call him when she had read about Clint's arrest. Starr pointed out that Langston and Ford were still friends, and she suggested that Langston might feel better if she called Ford. Langston said that she had been trying to move on with her life; she needed to focus on her schoolwork and her screenplay. Langston explained that she would have felt like she had been taking a step backward if she had called Ford.

Starr said that it sounded like Langston had done the right thing for herself, but Langston admitted that it hadn't been an easy decision. Starr changed the subject and told Langston to check her schedule for the next day; Starr explained that she wanted to know when Langston would be free so that they could hang out again. Langston pointed out that James might want to spend some time with Starr instead, but Starr insisted that she would make time for both of them. Langston realized that Starr wanted to keep an eye on Langston to ensure that she continued to work on her latest screenplay.

Starr insisted that Langston was too talented to abandon her work just because she had broken up with Ford. Langston explained that the screenplay that she had been working on had been different than her previous ones because she and Ford had been working on it together; she had been writing it and he had been planning to direct it. Starr assured Langston that she would find another director. Langston reluctantly agreed, and Starr smiled and said that Langston would be able to work on her screenplay without thinking about Ford. As Langston updated the calendar on her phone, Ford walked into the café.

Starr excused herself and went to the bathroom, despite Langston's protests. After Starr left, Ford walked over and wondered how Langston had been doing. After Langston assured Ford that she was all right, she asked about Ryder. Ford beamed with pride and said that Ryder had learned how to sit up on his own. Ford nervously stammered that he had just stopped by the café to pick up some food; Langston nodded and said that she had a lot of stuff that she needed to take care of, as well.

As Langston tried to leave, she dropped her notebook on the floor. Ford picked up Langston's notebook and handed it to her, then he went back to the counter to pick up his order. Starr returned and wondered how Langston and Ford's conversation had gone; Langston sighed and admitted that it had been completely awkward. Starr said that she was sorry that Langston had been having such a hard time. Starr assured Langston that she would have done the same thing if she had been in Langston's situation. Starr said that there was no way that she would have been willing to share James with anyone else.

At the Minute Man Motel, Deanna checked her MyFace page and sighed when she noticed that James had not yet accepted her friend request. Rick knocked on Deanna's door and handed her a cup of coffee. Rick said that he was happy to see that Deanna hadn't left town. Rick wondered what had happened with Deanna's ex-boyfriend. Deanna sadly admitted that James had not responded to her messages.

Deanna admitted that it was too late -- she couldn't fix her relationship with James if he refused to talk to her. Rick assured Deanna that guys were going to be begging for a chance to date her. Deanna wondered when that was going to start happening. Rick told her that it would happen as soon as she stopped worrying about some jerk who had been stupid enough to dump her. Deanna insisted that James had not dumped her. Rick tried to apologize, but Deanna thanked Rick for the coffee and told him to leave her alone; she slammed the door in Rick's face before he could respond.

Back at Fords' apartment, Tess and James continued to argue. Tess wanted to watch Access Llanview, but James sighed and said that he didn't want to hear anything else about his father's murder investigation. Ryder started crying in the other room, so James went to take care of his nephew. After James left, Tess heard a knock at the door; when she opened the door, she found Deanna standing on the other side. Deanna said that she was looking for James Ford.

Tess explained that James was busy taking care of the baby. Deanna said that she couldn't believe that James was a father; Tess didn't correct Deanna's assumptions. Tess said that she had seen Deanna's picture on James's MyFace account. "You're lucky that James didn't friend you back; he's been such a pain in the ass these days. I mean, he's hot, so I get it, but, uh...what's the deal with you two, anyway?" Tess asked slyly. Deanna ignored Tess's question and insisted that she just wanted to talk to James.

Before Tess could respond, Deanna heard James's voice over the baby monitor as he started to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" to Ryder. Deanna offered to wait in the hallway until James had finished taking care of the baby. Tess said that there wasn't any reason for Deanna to wait around for James. "Listen, he's not going to friend you. You should know, when he saw your request, he was all like, 'Stay out of my business; leave me alone.' Sorry, but it's only fair that you should know -- he wouldn't come out even if he knew that you were here," Tess assured Deanna. Deanna was incredulous that James could have been so dismissive.

Tess mocked Deanna and wondered if she was going to beg James to talk to her. Tess observed that Deanna seemed really desperate; Tess added that Deanna needed to develop some self-respect. Deanna insisted that she wasn't desperate. Tess told Deanna to leave and reiterated that Deanna wasn't going to get anywhere with James. "He's so taken. He's totally into little Starr Manning," Tess added dramatically.

Tess assured Deanna that anything that she might have once had with James was over. Deanna quickly rushed off before Tess could say anything else. After Deanna left, James returned and wondered if Tess had been talking to someone while he had been in the other room with Ryder. Tess told James that some girl had tried to sell him something. Tess said that she had told the girl that James wasn't interested.

At John's apartment, John teased Kelly about the Sun's headline, "Bo Bags Bro." Kelly laughed and said that the Sun had a reputation to uphold. Kelly admitted that it had been difficult for her to write about Clint's arrest because of her history with the Buchanan family. Kelly said that she had called Kevin and Zane as soon as she had heard the news. Kelly invited John to have breakfast with her.

When John seemed hesitant, Kelly wondered if she had crossed a line. Kelly noted that it seemed weird that they could have storeroom sex, but sharing an omelet would be too intimate. John assured her that she had not crossed a line; he explained that he couldn't have breakfast with her because he had to work. As John got dressed, he told Kelly to let him know if their relationship had started to get too weird for her. Kelly said that she had just been unclear about the boundaries of their no-strings-attached agreement.

John told Kelly that there didn't need to be any boundaries, but Kelly wasn't convinced. "You see Natalie, and we end up in bed together; I think of Joey and Aubrey, and all I want to do is forget," Kelly said. Kelly said that being with John had helped her numb the pain. Kelly admitted that it probably wasn't the healthiest way to deal with rejection. John and Kelly each agreed that they didn't want to end their relationship.

At Llanfair, Natalie and Brody each struggled with regret over the previous day's events. Natalie wished that she had handled her earlier encounter with John differently. Brody admitted that he had made a mistake when he had taken Jessica to Ford's apartment. Natalie pointed out that Jessica might have slipped away even if Brody had handled the situation differently. Natalie assured Brody that Jessica would find her way back to them again.

Liam started to get fussy, so Brody went to warm up one of his son's bottles. After Brody left, Natalie heard someone knocking on the front door. Natalie answered the door and was shocked to find Marty standing on the other side. Marty assured Natalie that she wasn't going to hurt Liam, but Natalie wasn't convinced; Natalie backed away from the door and told Brody that she needed help. Brody rushed into the foyer and was surprised to see that Marty wasn't at St. Ann's.

Natalie picked up the phone and started to call St. Ann's as Marty tried to explain that she had been discharged. Brody took the phone from Natalie and told one of the nurses that Marty had shown up at Llanfair. Meanwhile, Marty tried to assure Natalie that Liam wasn't in danger. Marty said that she understood why Natalie was upset. Marty insisted that she had recovered from her illness.

Marty said that she had remembered everything that she had done, and she had gone to Llanfair to apologize for her actions. Brody ended his phone call and told Natalie that Marty had been telling the truth about her release. Natalie was incredulous that Marty could have recovered so quickly. Marty begged Natalie to let her apologize for the pain that she had caused. Brody tried to get Marty to leave, but Marty resisted and continued to address Natalie.

"I just want to tell you that I'm sorry for everything I did, especially for taking Liam in the hospital -- I thought he was mine, but I remember now, and that's what I need to tell you. I know who Liam's parents really are," Marty cryptically announced. Marty insisted that there was something that Natalie needed to know. Marty said that John had visited her at St. Ann's, and he had told her that he and Natalie had broken up. Marty said that she had also heard that Tess had returned. Marty offered to help Jessica, but Brody adamantly refused Marty's help.

Natalie wondered who had been crazy enough to let Marty out of St. Ann's; she was surprised to learn that John was the one who had helped Marty get released. Natalie left in a huff, and Marty apologized to Brody and insisted that she had not intended to upset Natalie. Brody said that he wasn't sure if Marty's apology had been sincere or not. Marty assured Brody that she had been sincere, but Brody said that he didn't care either way. Brody said that he wasn't concerned about Marty's conscience -- he was only concerned about his son's safety.

Brody warned Marty that he was going to protect his son and that he didn't want Marty anywhere near Liam. Marty assured Brody that she wasn't a threat to Liam's safety. "You stay away and I'll believe you, but if you do anything to hurt him or Natalie, you'll answer to me," Brody vowed. Marty noted that Brody seemed like he was really devoted to Liam and Natalie; Brody glared at Marty and asked her to leave. Before she left, Marty said that she hoped that Brody, Natalie, and Liam would be happy together.

Meanwhile, Natalie stormed into John's apartment and found John and Kelly making out on John's bed. "What the hell were you thinking, letting Marty Saybrooke out onto the street? I mean, geez, John, is this revenge, or are you as crazy as she is?" Natalie asked as she glared at John. Natalie explained that Marty had shown up at Llanfair. John insisted that it had been Marty's doctor's decision to release her; he explained that her doctor had asked for his opinion, and he had said that he believed that Marty was no longer a threat. Natalie reminded John that Marty had tried to steal Liam from the hospital.

John told Natalie that Marty had recovered from her illness. "Are you sure about that? Are you willing to bet your son's life -- that's right. That's right, Liam's not your son 'cause he doesn't share your DNA, so who cares about him?" Natalie said as she grew more frustrated. John asked Natalie to leave, but Kelly said that she would leave instead so that John and Natalie could have some privacy. Kelly whispered that John should just agree to have breakfast with her next time. After Kelly left, Natalie sarcastically apologized for interrupting John's booty call with a life-and-death situation.

John insisted that Marty wouldn't hurt anyone, but Natalie wasn't convinced and pointed out that the doctors should have asked for her and Brody's opinions before they had agreed to let Marty roam the streets. John noted that it sounded like Natalie and Brody had been getting closer. John wondered why Natalie had been bugging him about Marty when she had Brody to protect her. Natalie asked if that was what John wanted -- for Brody to protect her and Liam. "Doesn't matter what I want, Natalie -- you made your bed, you lie in it. Next time trouble comes knocking, you got Lovett to protect you," John quietly stated.

Natalie said that she was grateful for Brody's help; she claimed that she was going to need someone like Brody to protect her because John had helped Marty get released from St. Ann's. Natalie wondered if John had really hated her so much that he would have had Marty released just to torment her. John insisted that it wasn't about Natalie, but Natalie reminded John that Marty hated her. Natalie accused John of being spiteful. John slammed the door and reminded Natalie that he had covered for her -- if it hadn't been for him, Marty would have had her arrested for kidnapping.

Natalie told John that he should arrest her if that was what it would take to make things better. John said that it wouldn't make things better, and he added that he didn't want anything from Natalie. "Then stop punishing me! Okay? This relationship with Kelly and then turning Marty loose on me? My God, John, when is it gonna stop? When are you gonna stop?" Natalie asked as she grew more upset. Natalie tried to leave, but John grabbed her arm and stopped her. Natalie told John to let go of her; after a brief pause, John released his grip and told Natalie to leave. Natalie backed out of the room as she struggled to maintain her composure.

At the Buchanan mansion, Cutter and Aubrey discussed Clint's arrest. Cutter joked that Clint would look good in vertical stripes. Before Aubrey could respond, Joey stormed in and grabbed Cutter. "My family's messed up enough right now. We don't need you making it worse," Joey warned Cutter. When Aubrey tried to intervene, Joey told her that Brody had found Jessica in Cutter's motel room.

Aubrey assured Joey that she had instructed Cutter to stay away from Jessica. Cutter claimed that Tess had randomly shown up at his motel room, looking for him. Aubrey silently remembered that she had been in Cutter's motel room earlier when he had received a phone call; Cutter had brushed the phone call off as a wrong number, but Aubrey realized that it had been Tess who had called. Cutter pointed out that Jessica had regained control of her body after she arrived at the Minute Man Motel. Cutter noted that everything had turned out all right.

Joey announced that Tess had emerged again. Cutter apologized and insisted that he had not had anything to do with Tess showing up at his motel room. Joey made Cutter promise that he would call Jessica's family to warn them if Tess ever showed up at his motel room again. Joey excused himself so that he could make a phone call. After Joey left, Aubrey told Cutter that she knew that he had lied to her about Tess's phone call.

Cutter shrugged and said that he had been bored. Aubrey warned Cutter that going after Tess was a bad idea; Aubrey pointed out that Jessica's family was extremely protective of her, and that her boyfriend was a cop. Cutter claimed that he wasn't the only one who had lied. Aubrey claimed that she didn't know what Cutter was talking about. Cutter said that Aubrey had been thinking about Joey earlier while she and Cutter had been making love.

Aubrey denied Cutter's allegations and insisted that she had been preoccupied. Aubrey said that she had been worried because Ford had told Joey that Aubrey was only interested in rich men. Cutter pointed out that Aubrey should have taken that as a sign that she needed to hurry their plan along. Aubrey insisted that they needed to slow things down and regain Joey's confidence. Cutter accused Aubrey of falling for Joey, but Aubrey said that Cutter was being stupid.

Cutter pointed out that everyone had been distracted because they had been dealing with Clint's arrest and Jessica's illness; he suggested that it would be the perfect time to make their move. Aubrey reminded Cutter that they still needed to secure spots at Buchanan Enterprises. Cutter said that they should just forget about that part of the plan and run off with whatever they could manage to get their hands on. Aubrey insisted that the timing wasn't right. Cutter reiterated that Aubrey was hesitant because she was in love with Joey.

Cutter insisted that Aubrey needed to decide whose side she was on -- his, or Joey's. Joey walked back into the foyer and wondered what Cutter's statement had meant. Cutter claimed that he had been upset because Aubrey had chastised him about his involvement with Tess. Cutter said that Aubrey should have given him a chance to explain his side of the story. Joey warned Cutter not to make ultimatums in his house; Cutter sighed and walked out of the mansion as Joey continued to defend Aubrey.

After Cutter left, Aubrey pointed out that Joey hadn't been around much since Kelly and Ford had told him that Aubrey was only interested in men who were rich. Joey said that he had been busy dealing with his family's issues. Aubrey insisted that she would be willing to run off with Joey if he ever felt the need to escape from his family's drama. Aubrey claimed that she didn't care if Joey needed to give up every dime of his family's money to do so -- she loved Joey, and he was worth more to her than any amount of money. Aubrey realized that Joey looked like he had been surprised by her statement.

Aubrey assured Joey that she had never met anyone who was as strong and kind as he was. Aubrey said that Joey was everything that she had ever wanted. Joey wondered if she was being honest; Aubrey insisted that she meant what she had said, and she begged Joey to believe her. Before Joey could respond, the doorbell rang; when Joey answered the door, he found Kelly standing on the other side. Joey invited Kelly into the house and wondered why she had stopped by.

Kelly said that she had wanted to apologize for the story that she had written for the Sun about his father's arrest. Joey assured Kelly that he had expected a lot worse. Kelly asked if Joey had spoken to Kevin; Joey nodded and said that Kevin had been holding down the fort in London. Kelly sighed and agreed that Kevin had always been good at doing that sort of thing. Kelly offered Joey her support; before Joey could respond, Aubrey walked into the foyer and wrapped her arm around his waist as she insisted that she could take care of her husband.

Back at the Minute Man Motel, Deanna told Rick that he had been wrong -- she couldn't have any guy in the world. Deanna said that things might have been different if her name had been Starr; Rick noted that Starr was a good name. Rick pointed out that Deanna didn't need to leave town just because some jerk had turned her down. Deanna tearfully said that she didn't have any choice -- she couldn't afford to stay in Llanview. Rick assured Deanna that he could help her with her financial situation. "Your name might not be Starr, but I can make you a star," Rick vowed as Deanna wiped away her tears.

Meanwhile, at the Buenos Dias Café, Langston gathered her belongings and told Starr that she was going to leave so that she could work on her screenplay. James walked into the café as Langston was leaving; James wondered how Starr's father had been doing, and Starr admitted that there had been no change in Todd's condition. James told Starr that he was sorry to hear that, but Starr could tell that something else had been bothering James. James admitted that Tess had been a major pain, so he had been forced to babysit Ryder and Tess while Ford had been out of the apartment.

James changed the subject and told Starr that seeing her had made his day better. Starr offered to help James continue his job search; James agreed, then excused himself so that he could wash his hands before they got started. After James left, Starr opened his laptop so that she could start looking for job listings. James's browser window was still open to MyFace, and Starr quizzically noted the pending friend request from Deanna Forbes. When James returned, Starr asked him who Deanna was.

Back at Ford's apartment, Tess called Cutter. Cutter said that he was happy that Tess was back. Cutter asked Tess to meet him at his motel room; Tess said that she would see what she could do. After Tess ended the call, she tried to tell Ford that she had to go to the store to pick up feminine hygiene products, but Ford wasn't convinced. When Tess insisted that she would only be gone for fifteen minutes, Ford said, "Forget it; I just got a call from Morgan. The judge wants us back in court -- he's gonna rule on Ryder's custody today."

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Charlie put himself together at Echo's. Echo asked if he was hungry, or if he wanted to get fresh air. However, Viki needed Charlie because the judge was ruling on the custody hearing that day. He had to be there, since Clint wouldn't be. Charlie continued that the goal was to raise Ryder until Jessica got better. Echo wondered what would happen to her if Jessica didn't recover. Charlie didn't want to hurt Echo, and expressed his appreciation for her being there when he needed her.

On the phone, Rex checked with Gigi that Shane had his inhaler with him. Gigi assured Rex that she'd told Shane that he would have to pay for a new inhaler if he threw away another one.

Rick told Deanna that he could make her a star. She wondered how, and he cryptically said that there were always possibilities. Just then, Rex walked past, and Rick asked if Rex had changed his mind. Rex was at the motel for other business, but thanked Rick again for the footage. Rick thought that Rex would take Rick's offer if Rex really wanted to thank him. Rex countered that, if it wasn't a movie that he could show to Shane, he wouldn't do it. Rex walked away.

Deanna asked what the encounter had been about. Rick explained that he made "movies for adults." Deanna told him that she wasn't a fan of porn. He knew that she was having money problems, and asked if her guy was going to bail her out. However, she informed Rick that her guy had his hands full with a new baby. Rick mentioned that he always paid his actors in cash at the end of every workday.

Deanna answered that she had no acting experience, but Rick said his audience only wanted beautiful girls. Out of curiosity, she asked how much Rick was paying. He assured her that everything was perfectly legal, and that it was just straightforward sex. The phone rang, and Deanna picked it up. She told the person on the other end that he should fix the hot water, and then tell her how much she owed. Deanna hung up the phone. Rick told her that he had an answer to her problem. He held out hundred-dollar bills.

Charlie opened the door of Echo's room and found Rex. Echo covered that Charlie had fixed her pipes because the maintenance at the motel was bad. Charlie rushed out, and Rex entered the room. After making small talk, Echo asked how Shane was. Rex revealed that Shane was the reason he was at Echo's. Rex went on that Shane had changed, and it worried him and Gigi.

Rex explained that Shane had stolen money from the school, and had gotten into fights at school for bullying other kids. Rex begged for Echo's help if she knew anything. After agonizing over it, Echo decided to tell Rex that Shane wasn't a bully -- he was a victim. She apologized for not telling Rex earlier, but she had promised Shane that she wouldn't. She confided that she had accidentally seen vicious posts from other kids on Shane's MyFace page.

Rex asked if Echo knew who the kids were, but she didn't. Rex used Echo's laptop to try to get on Shane's MyFace page. Both tried to guess at Shane's password, and finally got through with "Olivia Wilde." Rex read all of the hateful comments, and saw one from someone who seemed to be the ringleader. After thinking about the username "WhoDaMan," Rex realized that it was Jack Manning, and bolted from the room.

Starr looked at James's MyFace page and inquired who Deanna was. James said that Starr wouldn't know Deanna, but Starr knew that she had seen the girl somewhere before. After James's protests, Starr realized that she had seen Deanna at the diner the day before. Starr informed a confused James that she had only taken notice of the girl because Jack had noticed Deanna staring at Starr. Starr's phone rang, and she got up from the table to answer it.

Gigi walked over and asked if James wanted anything else. She caught a glimpse of James's computer screen, and recognized Deanna as a customer. James asked if Deanna had said anything, but Gigi hadn't really talked to her. In fact, Gigi had felt bad for the girl, because she had seemed broke and "bummed."

Starr returned and told James that she had to pick Jack up at school in order to take him to the hospital. James said that he was going to do more job-hunting, and Starr left. James found Gigi and asked if Deanna had said anything about where she was staying. Gigi remembered Deanna mentioning something about a motel. Gigi wondered why it was so important to James.

James lied that he had something of Deanna's, and wanted to return it. Gigi thought she remembered the girl mention the Minute Man Motel, but she hadn't really been paying attention. James hurried out of the diner. A short while later, James arrived at the Minute Man Motel. He knocked on Deanna's door, and called out to her.

At school, Shane played basketball in gym class. His teacher warned him not to overdo it, because he didn't want Shane to have another asthma attack. After a threatening look from Jack, Shane assured Jack that he hadn't told anyone what had happened to his missing inhaler. "Good. You know what would happen if you did," Jack cautioned Shane.

As Shane used his inhaler, Jack threw the basketball and hit Shane in the head. The teacher dismissed the class to the locker room. Shane walked up to Jack and told him that they weren't enemies. He understood what Jack was going through with his father in the hospital. The boys pushed Shane around, and Jack told Shane that he would pay for talking about Todd. After Shane walked into the locker room, Jack made sure that his friends knew "what to do." The boys entered the locker room.

A short while later, Jack and his friends stood outside the locker room with all of Shane's clothes. Shane entered in a towel, looking for his clothes. The boys laughed as they threw Shane's clothes around, and Shane tried to catch the clothes. More kids entered the gym and began teasing Shane. Some took pictures and videos with their cameras.

Suddenly, Jack pulled Shane's towel away. Everyone laughed as Jack finally threw Shane's clothes back at him. "I hate you all. I never want to see any of you again," Shane yelled. "Promise?" Jack teased. Shane ran into the locker room as Starr entered the gym. She asked Jack if the running boy was Shane, as all the kids rushed from the gym. Jack feigned ignorance, and said he had to go to class.

Starr informed Jack that Blair had given Starr permission to take Jack out of school, and to the hospital. However, she demanded to know what had been going on before they left. Jack claimed that it had been an April Fools' joke. Suddenly, Rex and Gigi rushed into the gym. Rex pinned Jack against the wall and demanded to know what he had done to Shane.

Nora complained to Bo that the timing of Clint's arrest couldn't have been worse for the custody case. Nora was also worried that Clint would get out of the murder charges. She wished that she could remember who she had seen at the motel that night.

Ford asked Morgan if Clint's arrest would help his case. "Maybe," replied the lawyer unenthusiastically. Morgan informed Ford and Tess that Viki was going to apply for custody herself. Ford thought he didn't stand a chance, because Viki and Charlie were the perfect couple. "I wouldn't be too sure," Tess interjected.

Morgan replied that Viki and Charlie's marriage wasn't the issue -- Tess and Ford's marriage was. He warned both to be on their best behavior at all times, and entered the courtroom. Tess warned Ford not to call her Tess. She reminded him that they were supposed to be happily married, and perfect parents.

Viki visited Clint in his holding cell. She needed his signature on a paper that would withdraw his name from the custody petition. Viki informed Clint that Jessica had briefly returned, and Brody had found her. He'd taken her to Ford's to get Ryder. However, before they had been able to leave, Ford had said enough to help Tess resurface. Clint cursed Brody for not taking Jessica straight to her doctor. Viki didn't blame Brody.

Clint related that he should have "taken care of" Ford when he'd had the chance. Viki suggested that Clint keep his thoughts to himself. Clint claimed innocence in the murder case. Viki reminded him that Bo and Nora had video evidence of Clint at the scene with the murder weapon.

Clint thought Viki should believe him, considering how long they'd known each other. She wasn't sure that she could trust him because of everything else he'd lied about. Clint said that he could prove that he hadn't killed Eddie. "You mean after we lose our grandchild?" Viki cried. She demanded that he sign the paper.

The judge entered the courtroom, and asked Nora about the amendment of the custody petition. Nora informed the judge that Clint's name would be removed from it, but the judge needed to see the signed affidavit. Viki entered, waving the signed paper. Nora took it from Viki and handed it to the judge. Nora asked where Charlie was, to which Viki replied that he was on his way.

The judge announced his acceptance of the removal of Clint's name from the petition. Morgan stood up and stated how Viki had a demanding career running the Banner. Viki replied that she was hopeful of Jessica's recovery. Viki continued that, until then, she had a lot of room, and a lot of help. Ford stood up and began to yell about hired help raising Ryder, and Morgan warned him to sit down.

Viki explained that she had meant that she had a lot of family who could help out, including her husband. Just then, Charlie entered. He spoke of giving his full support to Viki. He also agreed to help out with Ryder, as well, if they were given custody. The judge was satisfied, and asked if everyone was done making their cases. "Not by a long shot," Tess said, holding her phone.

Nora had no problem listening to what Tess had to say. "Jessica," Tess corrected her. Tess said that she appreciated everyone's concern about her marriage, but that Viki should be concerned about her own marriage. "Charlie is a liar and a cheat," Tess announced. Viki demanded to know why Tess was attacking Charlie. A nervous Charlie tried to explain Tess's accusations away, and admitted to the judge that he was a recovering alcoholic.

Morgan warned Tess not to attack anyone without evidence, because she looked desperate. Her claim of proof was drowned out as the judge tried to maintain order in the commotion. Because of the changes in the case, the judge called a recess to review the new information. Before leaving, the judge advised Morgan to speak with his clients about their outbursts.

Morgan told Ford and Tess that he would be in touch, and left. A disillusioned Ford repeated that Charlie and Viki would be perfect parents to Ryder. Tess wasn't so sure. Ford asked what Tess had been about to say earlier. Tess related that it wasn't important "when a picture is worth a thousand words." Tess decided that she was going to wipe the smug look off of Viki's face, and took out her phone.

Viki thanked Charlie for being there. However, Charlie claimed that he had to go back to work. He exchanged a nervous look with Tess, and left. Nora assured Viki that Jessica would be back. Until then, Viki only wanted Ryder with her and Charlie. Nora advised Viki not to listen to anything Tess had said, because she had only been trying to provoke Viki.

Outside the courthouse, Viki's phone went off. She saw that she had a message from "Jessica," and opened it. She looked at her phone to find the picture of Charlie and Echo kissing.

Nora looked at the freeze frame from the video of Clint exiting Eddie's motel room with the gun. She tried to remember what had happened that night, and wondered what she was missing.

A clearly distressed Charlie returned to Echo's, and immediately asked what Rex had wanted. She quickly summarized the problems that Rex and Gigi had been having with Shane. Charlie blurted out that his affair with Echo needed to stop. He said that it was unfair to everyone, and that he needed to do the right thing.

Bo visited Clint in his holding cell in order to offer him a deal. Bo explained that there was no way around murder charges. A trial would be hard on Clint's family, so Bo wanted Clint to plead guilty. Clint refused, but Bo stated that no jury in the country would acquit Clint.

Bo wondered what had happened to his brother. Clint had been Bo's hero, but was only a "cold-blooded murderer" with "no soul and no conscience." Bo hoped that Clint would one day remember that he had a heart, so Bo could get his brother back. However, Bo doubted that would ever happen.

Bo told Clint that it was time to go to his arraignment, but Clint wanted to wait for his lawyer. Bo said that Clint could meet his lawyer in the courtroom. Bo continued that Clint would soon be charged with murder. He promised to be there to escort Clint to Statesville, where Clint would spend the rest of his life. Clint once again maintained his innocence.

Friday, April 1, 2011

At the Minute Man Motel, Rick knocked on Deanna's door and asked her if she wanted to be a star. Deanna walked out and noted that she would only be the star of a porn flick, nothing else. Deanna then reflected that she needed the money, and that doing the film would be no big deal, so Rick took her into the room. When Rick explained the scene to Deanna and told her that she would answer the door to the pizza delivery guy and lead him to the bed, Deanna declared that she had changed her mind, and that she would be unable to do it.

The male actor clad in his briefs asked if Deanna was the new girl, and Rick indicated that she was. Rick reminded Deanna that she needed the money. Deanna agreed that there were no other options and stated that she would be in the film.

Outside of the Minute Man, as James yelled out Deanna's name, the manager of the Minute Man walked up and indicated that if Deanna did not pay him, she would be out. When James claimed that Deanna was a responsible person, and that she would pay him, the manager asked if Deanna was James's girlfriend. James answered that she was not.

James noted that a wire ran from underneath a door of a room. As Rick was filming, James opened the door and saw the actor in his underwear, who blocked James's view. James then spotted Deanna in the bed and demanded to know what she was doing. Rick yelled, "Cut," and screamed that James had ruined his shot. James wanted to know if they were shooting a porn flick.

When James explained that he had been looking for Deanna, Rick asked Deanna if James had been the jerk, who had dumped her. Rick insisted that Deanna did not need the bum and suggested that she say goodbye to the meatball, so that they could get back to work. Deanna pleaded with James to take her out of there, and Deanna and James ran out. Rick yelled that Deanna would regret it.

Back in her motel room, Deanna thanked James for rescuing her and then asked why he was there. When Deanna wanted to know how James had found her, James replied that a waitress at the café had told him that she had seen Deanna. James claimed that the waitress had informed him where Deanna was staying.

Deanna pouted and revealed that she knew that James had a kid, because she had been at his apartment. Deanna explained that a cotton candy blonde had answered the door, and that Deanna had heard James singing over the baby monitor. James announced that the baby was his nephew, not his son.

Deanna voiced that the blonde did not look like the maternal type and then admitted that she was relieved that James and Starr did not have a baby. Deanna kissed James, just as his phone rang. On her phone, Starr begged James to pick up but only got his voice mail.

In the high school gym, Rex pushed Jack against the wall and demanded to know what Jack had done to Shane. After Jack blamed Shane for hiding the inhaler in the locker, Rex reached out his fist to hit Jack. Starr stopped Rex and shrieked that Rex could talk to Jack, not threaten him.

Gigi prevented Rex from hitting Jack and informed Starr that Jack had been bullying and playing tricks on Shane. When Jack denied it, Rex declared that he had proof on the MyFace page. Rex pulled out his phone, which contained the nasty messages from WhoDaMann, and Starr exclaimed that she wanted to see Rex's phone.

Starr asked why Jack had sent such horrible messages that had referred to Shane as Wheezy and Wheezeball, and Jack claimed that it had all been a joke. Gigi exclaimed that it was not funny, and Starr asked how Jack could be so cruel. When Jack maintained that he had just been teasing, Starr said that the messages were cruel and vicious.

Gigi stated that she suspected that Jack had taken Shane's inhaler. Gigi informed Starr that if Dani had not called the cops for help, Shane would have died. When Starr asked Jack what had just happened, when she had arrived at the gym, Rex demanded to know what Jack had done to Shane.

Starr explained that other kids had been involved in the incident as well, and that Shane had dashed out of the gym with his clothes. When Rex questioned why Shane had carried out his clothes, Starr admitted that Shane had been naked. Jack insisted that it had just been an April Fool's joke. After Rex grabbed Jack's shirt, Jack begged Starr to help him. However, Starr demanded that Jack answer Rex's questions.

Gigi insisted that she and Rex talk to the principal to try to learn the truth, and they left the gym. Jack sarcastically thanked Starr for backing him up, and Starr demanded to know what Shane had ever done to Jack. When Starr begged Jack to help her understand why Jack had bullied Shane, Jack yelled that he had to leave and ran out of the gym.

As Jack entered the hall, his friend, Brad, pulled out his phone to show the hilarious updates on MyFace. When Jack stated that he had the video of the prank, Brad told Jack to load it up to make Todd proud. Brad wondered if Wheezy had seen the footage yet and cheered, "Wheezy's gonna die, when he sees his bare ass all over the Internet."

In the courtroom, Nora walked herself through the details of the night of the murder and remembered that she had stood outside of Eddie's door. Nora could see her hand on the doorknob, which had been locked. But then Nora remembered that she had opened the door. When Nora remembered that she had walked into the room, she fainted onto the courtroom floor.

In the courthouse hall, Viki discovered the picture of Echo and Charlie kissing that was sent through her phone and wondered what it was. When Bo and Clint saw Viki, Bo asked if the hearing was over. Viki indicated that the judge had called a recess. When Clint insisted that Viki not worry about getting custody of Ryder, because Charlie was a good man, Viki mumbled and distractedly walked onto the elevator.

Shane ran into the Carriage House and called out for his mom and dad. When he received no answer, Shane reflected that he would be unable to return to school. Shane thought back on all of the cruel things that his classmates had done to him and then jerked open his laptop. Relieved, Shane saw that there had been no new postings.

Shane answered the knock on the door to Viki, who claimed that she was looking for Charlie. Shane sadly stated that he and Charlie were supposed to have done a lot of projects together, when Charlie had believed that Shane was his grandson. Shane remarked that Charlie was no longer his grandpa, but that Shane still wished that he was. Shane cried, "Everything was so much better before."

Viki told Shane that she was sorry, and that she knew how much Charlie had meant to Shane, and that Shane was very special to Charlie. Viki insisted that Charlie had been busy in court all day. Shane cried that his new grandpa, Mr. Buchanan, did not want Shane as a grandson, and that all of the kids at school knew about it.

Shane pointed out that Clint was rich, that was all that anybody cared about, and that no one cared that Clint had murdered someone. Shane vented, "Everyone knows that he's going to get away with it." Viki then asked if Echo had stopped by, and Shane said that he could call Echo and tell her that Viki was looking for her. Viki said that she knew where to find Echo and left. Shane looked on his computer and saw the video of the gym incident on MyFace.

Gigi and Rex ran into the Carriage House and found a note left by Shane. "Mom, dad, I'm sorry. This isn't your fault. I'm sorry. I love you. Goodbye, Shane." Gigi screamed and fell into Rex's arms.

In Echo's motel room, Charlie told Echo that once Ryder's custody had been determined, he would tell Viki the truth, which was that he and Echo had been seeing each other. Charlie insisted that he owed his wife that much. Echo wondered if Charlie would be leaving her.

Charlie insisted that he hated cheating on Viki but also hated disappointing Echo. Charlie reflected that when he had seen the relief on Viki's face, when he had entered the courtroom, he knew that Viki had lost trust in Charlie and had felt that she could no longer depend on him. Charlie realized that he could not have both Viki and Echo. When Charlie's phone rang, he saw that it was Viki and claimed that he would call her later.

Charlie informed Echo that Viki had to gain custody of Ryder. Charlie then insisted that once that happened, he would tell Viki that he loved her, but that he could not stay away from Echo. Charlie exclaimed, "Echo, the thought of losing you...I cannot imagine my life without you in it." Charlie kissed Echo.

Charlie maintained that he loved Viki, and that he always would, but that there was a connection, or a bond, that Charlie had with Echo. Charlie speculated that the bond was maybe due to the drinking and to their shared experiences at Alcoholics Anonymous. He feared that Viki would not understand, or that Viki would think less of him. Charlie realized that Echo did not judge him, and that Echo just accepted Charlie for who he was. Charlie felt that having Echo close kept the love alive with Rex and Shane.

When Charlie blamed Clint for keeping the lie about Rex, Echo thought back on her discussion with Clint about Clint being Rex's father. Charlie asked Echo what was wrong. Echo covered and mentioned that Viki had accused her of stealing Charlie. However, Charlie insisted that he had not been stolen, because he loved Echo. Charlie kissed Echo.

In bed, when Echo asked Charlie if he promised to tell Viki, Charlie promised that he would. Charlie wanted no more secrets, or hiding, or worrying that Viki would find out the wrong way. Viki walked into the room and glared at Echo and Charlie in each others' arms in bed.

Back in the courthouse hall, when Bo said that Clint should have thought of everyone else, before he had done his evil deeds, Clint insisted that he was not guilty of killing Eddie Ford. Bo told Clint to tell it to the judge. When they entered the courtroom, Bo found Nora in a faint on the floor. Once Bo revived Nora, he asked her what had happened.

As Nora drank a glass of water, she claimed that she was fine. Bo again asked her what had happened, and Nora explained that she had been trying to remember the night of the murder. Nora revealed that she had remembered that the door had not been locked, that she had opened the door, and that she had even looked into the room. When Bo asked Nora what she had seen, Nora declared that she could not remember, because "everything had gone black."

Nora informed Clint that she had been at the motel, and that she had opened the door of Eddie's room. Nora then admitted that she had blacked out everything else, but that she knew that it had been Clint in the room. Clint warned, "Nora, maybe there is a reason that you blacked out. Maybe you don't want to know what was in that room, and perhaps you would be better off, if you forgot everything you saw that night." Nora realized that Clint knew what she had seen.

Bo insisted that he did not need Nora's testimony, and that he had plenty of evidence to convict Clint without it. Clint warned again that if Nora remembered what had happened in Eddie's motel room, she would regret it for the rest of her life. Nora snapped that she needed to prepare for Clint's arraignment and would charge Clint with murder one. However, Clint told Nora that she needed to drop the charges, because he did not shoot Eddie Ford. Nora then asked Clint who did.

Clint insisted that Bo release him, because Bo would not want the answer to be revealed. Clint maintained that the reason Nora could not remember what had happened that night was because she did not want to remember. Nora then feared that she had shot Eddie Ford. Clint pleaded with Bo and Nora to drop the charges, and Bo refused.

Nora exclaimed to Clint, "Well, we're not dropping the charges, so go ahead and accuse me, if that is what it's about. I certainly had motive. Eddie kidnapped me. He assaulted me. I had many reasons to want him dead. Maybe that's why I can't remember anything, because I'm the one that killed Eddie." Clint stated, "No, it wasn't you, Nora. You didn't kill Eddie Ford." Nora asked, "Then who did, Clint?" Clint revealed, "Your son, Matthew, shot Eddie Ford."

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