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Adam returned. David found Olivier unconscious. Jesse made a scene at the gala. Dixie revealed that she hadn't been able to reach Tad. JR's presentation hit a snag.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 12, 2013 on AMC
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Alone at a bar, Jesse chugged back a drink, and Steve, the bartender, asked if "Chief" wanted another one. Jesse forlornly said that Steve couldn't call him that anymore, and Steve asked what Jesse was going to do. Jesse replied that he didn't have a clue what to do with his life, but he absolutely knew what his plans were for that night, and he eyed his next drink.

Billy Clyde arrived at the bar, and he ordered a stinky pinky on the rocks. He mentioned that he'd heard that Jesse had lost his job, and Jesse replied that all that mattered was that Cassandra was alive. Billy Clyde commended Jesse for not having any regrets, and Jesse said that Cassandra had a long road to recovery ahead, but he hadn't given up on catching the man responsible for her anguish. Billy Clyde offered his help, because even though he didn't have any kids of his own, he would have broken a commandment and wished for God's forgiveness later if he had been in Jesse's shoes.

Billy Clyde told Steve to put Jesse's next drink on his tab, but Jesse declined the offer. Billy Clyde insisted that Jesse at least allow Billy Clyde's chauffeur to drive Jesse home safely, and Jesse questioned what Billy Clyde was doing with a chauffeur. Billy Clyde confessed that he'd hit the lottery, and he victoriously rattled off the winning numbers. Jesse said that he would take a cab, because he had more drinking to do. Billy Clyde preached that the Lord worked in mysterious ways, because Billy Clyde had been looking into the face of death but had been given the light, and the same could happen to Jesse.

At the gala, Celia suspected that Pete had set it up for her to win the bachelor auction, and he admitted that he wanted to take credit, but he'd had nothing to do with it. He called it a pleasant surprise, but she wondered if he would have preferred it if Colby had won. Pete insisted that he didn't want to be with Colby and that he only wanted to be with Celia. He expressed his gratitude to the person who had made the donation, and he noted that the donor believed in him and Celia as much as he did.

Colby reminded Pete that he'd promised her a dance, but he protested that he was talking to Celia. A persistent Colby pulled him away to dance, and he told her to stop pursuing him. Colby defended that it was just a dance with her oldest friend in the room, and she wasn't that desperate. She purred that if she really wanted it, she could have his heart on a silver platter before he felt the knife go in.

Colby sauntered off the dance floor and remarked to Opal, Celia, and Evelyn that Pete had learned some new moves since high school, and Opal grumbled that Colby had, too. Colby declared that it had been nice to connect with an old friend without having to buy a date with him, and Celia pointed out that Colby had been intent on winning the bidding war. Colby justified that it had been her duty to raise the stakes for the cause, but it hadn't worked, because Opal had ignored her attempts to bid. Opal sweetly claimed that she'd been trying to save a cash-strapped Colby from embarrassment.

Colby asked who had put up the money, but Celia maintained that she had no idea. Opal suggested that Celia transfer the prize to someone who wanted it, but Evelyn barked that it was Celia's business. Opal gushed that a night on the town with Pete would be a dream for any young woman, and Colby proposed that they find a DeLorean to send Opal back to the future, so Opal could go on the date with Pete. Opal crowed that there wasn't a girl in the room who could have held a candle to Opal at age 21.

Zach snapped photos of Miranda, and he marveled that "little Miranda" had turned into a beautiful woman. She said that every woman should be lucky enough to have an Uncle Zach, and he forwarded the pictures to Bianca. Zach asked how many hearts Miranda had broken that day, and she jokingly stated that she'd lost count, but she quietly added that the only heart on the line was hers. Heather complimented Miranda's shoes, and Miranda thanked Zach for retrieving them. Heather gushed that she loved the song that was playing, and she and AJ dragged Miranda onto the dance floor.

Angie arrived, and a reporter hounded her about why Jesse had resigned. The reporter confronted her about the obstruction of justice charges, and Joe intervened. Joe led Angie away, and she worried that she wasn't prepared to appear in public, but she wanted to be there to support Dixie. Angie hesitated to enter the gala, but Joe assured her that everyone there was her friend, and they all knew what she and Jesse had been through.

Dixie confronted David about making Angie his next project by trying to take Jesse's place. Dixie commanded that David leave the Hubbards alone, because they didn't need him making their lives worse, and David commented that perhaps things were as bad as they seemed. Dixie warned that he was messing with the wrong couple, and David contended that if that were so, then Dixie had nothing to be concerned about. David walked away.

David told Angie that it didn't seem fair to see all the beautiful, young people having fun while Cassandra and Angie were trying to piece their world together. Angie was stunned that he'd read her mind, and he said that it hadn't been difficult, since he'd been there himself. Angie hoped that one day, Cassandra could laugh and dance again, and David declared that it would happen. David said that there was something he needed to share, but Joe interrupted and asked Angie to join him at the buffet, and David offered to catch up later. Dixie glared at David from across the room.

Later, David chased after Angie and said that he owed her an apology. He explained that he'd stopped by her home to drop off a book, and he and Jesse had argued about Jesse not being at the hospital. David said that he'd thought Jesse had known about the abortion, and Angie realized that Jesse had found out about it from David. David swore that he wouldn't have said anything if he'd known that Jesse hadn't known, and Angie told David that he had no reason to apologize. She lamented that she'd stood by Jesse's side when she should have been by Cassandra's. David assured her that nothing that had happened had been her fault.

AJ caught Hunter stealing drinks, and Hunter threatened to go after Miranda if AJ snitched. The boys' argument escalated, and Hunter offered to take it outside, but JR commanded that Hunter shut his mouth and mind his manners. Hunter taunted that he wouldn't mess with a zombie who had taken a bullet to the head and had returned to life. "I certainly wouldn't want to end up like that lesbo you capped," Hunter huffed.

JR warned that Hunter would regret it if he kept talking smack, and he ordered Hunter to stay away from AJ. Hunter stalked off, and JR apologetically told AJ that he would have thrown Hunter out if the Morrisons weren't major potential investors in Chandler. AJ griped that JR had to put business first, and JR said that he had a lot riding on that night's presentation. AJ acknowledged that Hunter drove him crazy, but he admired JR for working hard on the project.

AJ ordered a soda at the bar, and Zach complimented AJ's tuxedo. AJ called Zach the man of the hour for dropping off Miranda's shoes, and Zach commented that AJ needed to discover that footwear was an essential part of a woman's life. AJ recalled that Miranda had said that her whole outfit had depended on the shoes, but he thought that she was crazy, because she was the most beautiful girl there. Zach asked if AJ really thought so, and AJ proclaimed that he knew it.

Heather asked how Celia had pulled off scoring a date with Pete, but Celia reiterated that she had no clue. Celia didn't know if going on the date would be a good thing, but Miranda couldn't believe that Celia wouldn't go. Heather advised Celia not to mess with fate, and she pressed Celia to go for it.

Later, Zach asked Miranda if Heather and AJ's relationship was serious. Miranda disclosed that the young couple had been on a couple of dates, and Zach figured that it had to be a strange situation for Miranda. Zach inquired whether Miranda intended to talk to AJ about her feelings, and Miranda denied having any romantic feelings for AJ, but then she nervously asked if it was obvious. Zach recognized that Miranda and AJ had been there for one another as friends, but he advised that if she didn't open her heart, she wouldn't know how beautiful it could be. He added that he wanted her to be as happy as possible, and she hugged him.

Cara ran into JR upstairs, and she reported that Oliver was asleep. JR realized that it was almost time for his presentation, and he said that he'd meet her downstairs. Cara and Dixie awkwardly greeted one another at the bottom of the stairs, and Dixie asked Cara if she'd seen JR. Cara said that he'd be right down, and Dixie thanked her for everything Cara was doing for JR. Cara credited JR's determination, and Dixie remarked that it was in his blood.

Cara inquired whether Tad knew that JR had awakened from the coma, but Dixie revealed that she hadn't been able to reach Tad. Cara imagined that was hard on Dixie, and Dixie said that she missed Tad like crazy, but she had faith he'd be back soon. Cara offered to talk if it wouldn't be uncomfortable, and Dixie assured her that it wouldn't be, since Tad had loved Cara. Dixie went upstairs and called for JR, and he quickly finished his steroid injection.

Brooke thanked the guests for their support of the Miranda Center. She continued that they were also there to celebrate the launch of Chandler Media, and she was proud to be a part of it. She introduced Jason Derulo, who was there to perform his song "The Other Side," and the crowd applauded wildly. As Jason sang, Heather planted a passionate kiss on AJ, and Miranda gasped in horror when she spied them making out. Colby gazed longingly at Pete, while Opal looked disapprovingly at Celia and Pete. JR and David both glanced admiringly at Cara.

After the performance, Brooke thanked Jason, and she announced that Chandler Media was poised to become a major force in online entertainment. She introduced JR's presentation, and a technician cued up the file, but an error message appeared on the monitor, stating that the file had been corrupted. JR angrily shoved the technician aside, and Brooke apologized to the crowd for the technical problem. She referred to her backup presentation.

JR flew into a rage and accused Brooke of messing with his file to make him look bad. Over Brooke's protests, JR ranted that Brooke had never wanted him to become part of the company. "You may have my father fooled, but I know what you're up to, you little scheming bitch!" JR bellowed. "Enough!" Adam roared from the doorway, and he ordered JR into the study. As the shocked guests watched JR make his way through the crowd, a self-satisfied smirk crossed David's face.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

At the bar, Lea encountered Jesse. He tried to leave, but Lea expressed empathy for him. He went off on her, and determining that he was drunk, Lea offered to call him a cab. Jesse babbled that she should get out of his way, and he teetered out of the bar.

At the gala, the guests were still buzzing about JR's behavior. Opal called it a replay from five years earlier. Dimitri and Brooke worked to assure their investors that JR wasn't a real part of Chandler Media, and they convinced their investors to attend a private viewing of the back-up reel.

Inside the house, Dixie was surprised to see a dapper Anders arrive. He wasn't big on social events, but he'd been asked to make an appearance. He congratulated Dixie on her new post, and she tensely waited for his inevitable negative remark. Chuckling, he responded that he wasn't that critical.

Dixie challenged Anders to prove it, and he stammered before saying he liked her dress. The dubious Dixie accepted the compliment and offered Anders one in return. He became bashful, and she imagined that they might get to know each other on a "non-work" basis.

Brooke interrupted, and Anders quickly took off. Brooke was upset about what JR had done in front of the investors. Dixie was more concerned about how long JR had been behind parlor doors with Adam. Dixie didn't see why it was so hard for Adam to show compassion to his flesh and blood, but Brooke stated that, because of JR's behavior, JR was getting everything he deserved.

A reporter and cameraman interrupted to get Brooke's comment about what had transpired. Brooke didn't care to comment. She strode off, but they followed her.

Later, JR exited the parlor with a gloomy look on his face. He told Dixie and Brooke that Adam wanted to see each of them.

When Dimitri arrived on the threshold of the living room later, he paused because Brooke and Adam were on the sofa together. Adam was promising Brooke that JR would no longer be a problem. Brooke hugged Adam and wished he could stay longer; however, she knew that he had a plane to catch. Adam nodded, and the two kissed.

After Adam had left, Colby discovered Dimitri and Brooke in the living room. Colby was disappointed that Adam had left for the airport. Brooke said Adam would have said farewell, but he probably hadn't wanted to interrupt Colby and David. Colby pretended it was no big deal and said she'd catch her father another time. Dimitri and Brooke left, and Colby sadly stared at pictures of herself and her father.

Back outside, David had a drink and remarked to Cara about JR's typical, out-of-control behavior. Cara claimed that JR had never once lost control during his aggravating therapy. David said he'd known JR a lot longer than she had, and JR was the same ticking time bomb that David kept warning her about. Cara thanked David for proving that she'd been wrong when she thought she'd seen something different in him the other day.

Cara walked away and encountered JR. The two left the party and found a park bench to sit on. JR huffed that, after all that time in the coma, his father still felt that he was an embarrassment to the family and the company. Cara explained that it would take a while to earn back trust, but JR quipped that one couldn't earn back something they'd never had.

JR felt that Brooke had made the backup reel because she hadn't trusted him. Cara noted that JR's behavior had been bad, but JR asked if he should have let that "bitch" dress him down in public. Cara said it was exactly what he should have done, and then he could have talked to Brooke in private.

JR began to wonder if Cara were on his side. She said she was, but telling him what he wanted to hear wouldn't help him. JR roared that he didn't need her help, and she was a fake person who didn't care about him. Cara insisted that she did, but he rasped that she only cared about hiding her son from David. "Whoa..." Cara murmured. JR ordered her to drop the act and "go to hell."

JR left, and Cara sobbed on the bench for a while. He returned to apologize and said she was the last person to deserve what he'd said. Cara demanded to know how he could think that her feelings for him had been an act after all she'd done for him. She asked why he'd attack her that way, but JR helplessly responded that he didn't have an excuse.

JR said that when Cara had been lecturing him, he'd felt like he'd lost his last friend in the world. She replied that he hadn't lost her, but he said he wouldn't be surprised if she walked away after how he'd treated her. Cara stated that she didn't want to walk away.

JR kissed Cara, but she pulled away, insisting that he was her patient. JR said they could change that. "Get off!" she ordered and marched away.

Elsewhere, Celia complained to Pete because the guests were leaving before Brooke's big announcement about Dixie. Pete pulled his mother aside and instructed her to announce that the dance contest was about to start. "What?" Opal asked as he pushed her onto the stage.

In AJ's room, AJ fumed to Miranda about his father's behavior. Miranda was empathetic to JR, but AJ seethed that JR had promised that it would be a new beginning for them. AJ griped that each time he thought things would be different, JR disappointed him. AJ stated that Miranda was the only person who didn't disappoint him.

Miranda got nervous and hopped up from her seat. She changed the subject, and AJ complained about her avoiding subjects and not hanging out with him. He wanted to know what was going on. She reasoned that he had a lot going on, and she didn't know if he wanted her around. He declared that she was his best friend, and he always wanted her around. "Because I..." he started to say.

Miranda asked AJ to finish, but Heather entered. She'd been looking all over for AJ and Miranda because a dance contest was about to start downstairs. Miranda told AJ that they should probably go.

Downstairs, couples danced with each other until Opal called for everyone's attention. She introduced Brooke, who took the stage to remind everyone that the night was about the Miranda Center as well as Chandler Media. Brooke introduced the center's new director, Dixie, who stepped on stage to pay homage to Bianca for founding the organization.

After the speeches, guests resumed dancing. Brooke danced with Dimitri and commented that the night had gone well despite JR's outburst. She rattled off a list of things to do later, but Dimitri asked her to shelve the shop talk and enjoy the evening.

People danced around Dixie, but she seemed preoccupied. Anders approached, and she admitted being worried about her son, who wouldn't return her calls. Anders had heard of JR and the five-year coma and said she was lucky to have JR back. Dixie relayed that JR had gone through dark times before the coma. She'd hoped JR would have been different upon awaking, but that night had made her doubtful.

Back inside the house, Angie encountered Oliver, who was in his pajamas. At her questioning, he readily explained that he lived there, and his grandmother was the cook. She guessed he should be in bed, but he said it was too loud in the house to sleep. She offered to tuck him back in, and he accepted.

Later, Angie returned to the party, and David asked where she'd been. Angie explained that she'd been reading a bedtime story to the new cook's grandson. David thought the kid had bad luck to have to shack up at the Chandler mansion. Angie replied that the child had seemed happy.

David decided he'd be happy if Angie danced with him. She bashfully declined, but he promised to bid on the remaining auction items if she did it. Angie noted that one prize was a year of bikini waxes, but he was sure he'd find someone to give that to. He tossed in a ride home, and she gave in.

As David danced with Angie, he whispered in her ear, and they laughed together. Jesse stumbled into the party, and his eyes narrowed on his wife and David. Jesse marched over and ripped Angie and David apart. David guessed Jesse was drunk, and Jesse huffed his breath in David's face. Angie said she wanted to go home, and David advised Jesse to listen to his wife.

Jesse called David a bunch of names, but David reminded Jesse of the things David had done for the Hubbard family. Jesse said the things didn't give David the right to put his hands all over Jesse's wife. David guessed that his good deeds for Jesse's family were a reminder of Jesse's ineptitude.

The growling Jesse grabbed David by the lapels. As the two men tussled, other partygoers sprang into action to separate them. Men hustled Jesse out the door, and David apologized to Angie. He offered to take her home, but before going after Jesse, she responded that it wasn't a good idea.

The party wound down. Colby put her arms around David, but he insisted that he'd go home alone. Pouting, she said it was his loss. David glanced at Celia and Pete and told Colby that she'd better get in there.

Colby strode into the party tent, where Celia was cleaning up dishes. Colby insisted upon helping and "accidentally" shoved a plate of pie into Celia's chest. Colby grabbed some water and a napkin to help clean it up, but Celia dumped the water on Colby's head. "You bitch!" the wet Colby screeched.

Opal spotted a woman rushing around. She told the woman to slow down and recognized her as Cara's mother. The woman was in a rush to find someone, but she insisted that she didn't know Opal. She said she was Carmen, the cook, and she hurried off.

In the living room, Oliver sneaked in and spotted some round candy in a dish. Moments later, David entered and discovered the little boy lying prone on the floor. David rushed over and became worried when the boy wouldn't awaken.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

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Friday, August 16, 2013

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