General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 12, 2013 on GH

Maxie's water broke. Britt was arrested. Duke survived a near-fatal overdose of propofol. Mac and Felicia were married. Michael was too late to stop Morgan and Kiki's wedding.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 12, 2013 on GH
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Dr. Obrecht sat in the dark, waiting for Britt. She spoke to an old photo that pictured Faison with Anna and Robin. Dr. Obrecht told Faison that Anna had spurned him and that Faison's obsession with Anna needed to end. Dr. Obrecht said that she would end it. Britt was surprised to find her mother waiting in her apartment and voiced her concern that one of her nosy roommates might see Dr. Obrecht.

Dr. Obrecht dismissed Britt's concerns. She said that, while waiting, she had thought up a brilliant idea of how to win Patrick over to Britt, even if the baby Britt carried was not Patrick's. Dr. Obrecht launched into a criticism of the apartment's décor before telling Britt that she should be living with Patrick instead of the cramped squalid flat she was occupying. After that tirade, Dr. Obrecht questioned Britt's earlier whereabouts. Britt admitted that she had been to the movies with Nikolas.

Britt's date elicited another tongue-lashing from Dr. Obrecht, who cautioned Britt not to be distracted from her goal of getting Patrick to commit to her. Britt said that she had tried everything, and nothing had worked. Britt wanted to give up the scheme, but Dr. Obrecht insisted that there was still a way. Dr. Obrecht called Sabrina a "twit" and chided Britt because she had not matched the competition.

Dr. Obrecht told Britt that the only option left to them was to remove the competition. Britt asked if Dr. Obrecht meant to kill Sabrina. Dr. Obrecht said that a person was capable of anything if pushed too far. Sabrina said, "Not me. Maybe you, and certainly Daddy," before Obrecht stopped her and told her not to be disrespectful of her father, who was a brilliant man with a lot to give.

Britt replied that her father had given his love to another woman. Dr. Obrecht called Britt "cruel." Britt said that she hated to see her mother suffering from unrequited love. Dr. Obrecht returned to the topic of snaring Patrick. Britt said that all she wanted was to get to her birthing class, and she did not want to kill Sabrina. As Britt left, Dr. Obrecht said that she would lock up when she left.

Dr. Obrecht pulled out the photo for another chat with Faison. She told him that they could have been a family but that he had chosen Anna's family instead. She told him that there was still time for him to change his mind. Dr. Obrecht put on a blonde wig as she continued to address the photograph of Faison, Anna, and Robin. She told Faison that Robin would soon be dead at the hands of Jerry Jacks, and Anna would also die very soon.

Spinelli tried to help Maxie as she prepared the decorations for Felicia and Mac's wedding party at the Floating Rib. Maxie refused his help, but when Spinelli became insistent, Maxie snapped at him and told him that he was not the baby's father. Spinelli was immediately apologetic and said that he knew he was not the father, but he could not help worrying about both of them. Maxie was contrite and blamed hormones. Spinelli said that he might have overstepped because of attending the first birthing class with Maxie. All was forgiven as Maxie left the Floating Rib to go to birthing class and Spinelli sat at a table near the bar.

At General Hospital, Lulu and Dante got set up for the birthing class and discussed who would attend the birth of their child. Dante was pretty sure that both of his parents would be there. Lulu was uncertain about whether or not both Luke and Laura would make it. Dante revealed that he had been studying Spinelli's excellent notes from the previous birthing class. Dante and Lulu had a playful tussle before reviewing the notes together.

Outside the classroom, Felix told Sabrina and Patrick that he had heard from Spinelli, who had information about Britt's mother. Patrick said that he could not go with Felix to meet Spinelli because he had a birthing class with Britt that he really wanted to attend. Sabrina said that she could meet up later. Felix left.

Patrick told Sabrina that he appreciated that Felix wanted to help, but as Britt got closer to delivery, Patrick was becoming more and more invested in the child and did not want to cause either Britt or the baby unnecessary stress. Sabrina told Patrick that that was what she loved about him. They kissed. Britt cleared her throat.

Patrick showed Britt that he had arrived with a pillow as requested and assured Britt that he would not leave either Britt or the baby hanging because the baby was as much Patrick's as Britt's. Just out of Patrick's earshot, Maxie joined Britt, who quipped to Maxie that a fake father was as good as a real one. Maxie quickly headed for Lulu and Dante.

The class began, and the instructor explained that they would focus on delivery. She told the partner to be very kind and supportive of the mother-to-be. She suggested massages and compliments as ways to aid relaxation. Dante gave Maxie a back massage as Lulu told Maxie that she was the best friend in the world, and despite the difficulty of the previous months, it would all be worth it when Maxie had the baby that Dante and Lulu had thought that they could not have.

Lulu said that she and Dante would owe Maxie a debt that they could never repay because she was making their dream a reality. Dante and Lulu followed instructions and helped Maxie through the practice birthing session. Dante praised the thoroughness of Spinelli's notes from the previous session for making it so easy. Lulu added that by the time Ellie got pregnant, Spinelli would be teaching the class.

As Patrick and Britt finished their practice session, Patrick was emotional when he admitted he could not wait to fall in love with their soon-to-be-born baby. Britt looked at Patrick and said that there was something that she needed to tell him.

Duke caught up with Anna at the Floating Rib. Duke said that he was unsure of his status at ELQ since Tracy had taken over, thanks to Ava Jerome. Anna wondered if Silas had known or was surprised by the newspaper's revelation. Anna remembered how Robert had found our about Robin and how angry he had been not to have known sooner. Anna wondered about Ava's motive.

Duke said that was simple because Ava had been greedy to get ELQ for Tracy, and that meant he would be out of a job. Anna was encouraging about Duke's value to ELQ. When she started to suggest that Duke try to reason with Tracy, they both laughed and decided to enjoy the evening instead.

Felix met with Spinelli, who had news. Sabrina arrived a few minutes later, and Spinelli explained that Liesl Westbourne had become a brilliant doctor, but later her medical license had been stripped because she had performed experimental, unlicensed surgeries on live patients. Spinelli said that Westbourne had disappeared shortly after and had not surfaced again.

Anna regretted that Robert could not attend Mac and Felicia's wedding and blamed Dr. Obrecht, the "Teutonic bitch." Duke said all he could remember about Dr. Obrecht was that she had smelled of sauerkraut.

Spinelli showed Sabrina a German news article that he had pulled up on his laptop. Sabrina recognized the news photo as a younger version of the woman that Britt had met outside Kelly's.

Liesl Westbourne, Dr. Obrecht, walked into the Floating Rib, wearing pink-tinted glasses and a blonde wig. She stood at the bar near Anna and Duke. Anna told Duke that Robert was too stubborn to die and that even though Dr. Obrecht was a dangerous woman, Anna intended to have the good doctor's head on a platter, waiting, when Robert woke up. At the bar, Dr. Obrecht pulled out a bottle of propofor.

At the Donely residence, Sean Donely, who was in a wheelchair, showed a brown vial to Luke. Holly begged Sean to give Luke the cure because Luke was dying. Anna, Sean's daughter, said that it was not a cure, but a stopgap. She explained that Sean was in the chair because the Balkan, who'd had a grudge against Sean because Sean had stopped a trafficking ring, had ordered that Sean be shot with a poisoned bullet, so that even if Sean survived the bullet, he would die from the poison.

Sean and Anna explained that Sean had refused to give up and had chased after Jerry Jacks, hoping for a cure. Sean had picked up the money for Jerry in exchange for an antidote, but so far had only received the stopgap. Anna explained that her mother, Tiffany, was in London, searching for a cure in case the stopgap stopped working.

Luke told Sean that if Sean would tell Luke where to find Jerry, Luke would find a cure for both of them while he still had the strength to do the job. Sean agreed and told Luke that they were in it together and offered the brown vial to Luke. Luke asked if Sean could spare it. Anna told Luke that Sean was in temporary remission and that if the vial helped Luke find Jerry, then she and Sean wanted Luke to have the stopgap vial. As Luke left, Sean told him not to blow it.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Silas confronted Ava about her deception. Ava continued to deny that Silas was Kiki's father, but he eventually wore her down, and she admitted the truth. Silas asked if Kiki knew. Ava said that she had not told Kiki but that Kiki had probably found out the truth sometime during that day. When Silas asked if Ava had kept the secret because she had hated him so much, Ava said that she had kept the secret because she had loved him so much.

Silas scoffed that pulling a scalpel on him and threatening his life a few days earlier had been a strange way to show it. Ava said that she was a passionate person, and she was extremely passionate about Silas. Ava drew closer and said that Silas could not possibly doubt her feelings after everything that they had been through. Ava said that she had loved Silas and that he had loved her too. Ava kissed Silas, and momentarily he kissed her back before pulling away.

Silas said that he would not let Ava distract him. He told Ava that she had lied for 21 years, but no more. Silas vowed that Kiki was a part of his life. Ava said that it could ruin both her and Silas. Silas replied, "So be it," and left Ava alone to contemplate her next move.

Michael got to the courthouse and interrupted Kiki and Morgan's ceremony. When Kiki asked what was wrong, Michael showed her the newspaper. The clerk recognized Kiki. The judge offered to leave them alone, but Morgan wanted them to stay. The judge and clerk left anyway. Kiki thought at first that it meant that Franco was not a Quartermaine, but Michael explained that Franco was not Kiki's father. Michael asked to speak to Kiki alone, and Morgan reluctantly let him.

Kiki was stunned and said that she needed time to think. Michael explained that they were not related, so it meant that Michael and Kiki were free to be together. He begged her to call off the wedding, even though it would hurt Morgan. Kiki said that she could not be with Michael. Before she could explain, Morgan swaggered over and asked if Michael was done with his wife.

When Michael proved speechless, Morgan repeated that he and Kiki were married and asked Michael to congratulate them. Michael accused Morgan of rushing Kiki into marriage because Morgan had already known that Kiki was not a Quartermaine. Morgan said that whether or not Kiki and Michael were cousins did not change anything because Kiki had chosen him and not Michael. Morgan turned to Kiki for confirmation.

Kiki asked Morgan if he had known about her parentage before the wedding. Morgan did not answer her question but instead said that he did not care about Kiki's parentage; he only cared about Kiki. Kiki said that she hated being lied to.

Morgan said that it was a shame that the information had been made known on their big day but that he did not intend to let anything ruin it. Morgan grabbed Kiki by the hand and said that it was time to leave because it was their wedding night, and he wanted to celebrate it with Kiki. As Morgan dragged Kiki out of the courtroom, Kiki could not take her eyes off Michael's.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

At the hospital, Lucy paced the hallway, waiting for Kevin. Kevin rounded the corner and immediately apologized for being late. Lucy was frustrated because she feared that they would miss the big surprise at Mac and Felicia's party. Kevin reminded his wife that he was a doctor, so he had a responsibility to his patients when they were in crisis. Lucy resented that Kevin's patients constantly pulled him away from his life, which she believed was the reason that Mac and Felicia had "bumped" them as Mac and Felicia's best man and matron of honor.

Kevin was offended by Lucy's suggestion, but she invited him to offer another explanation. Kevin proposed that perhaps Mac and Felicia had been afraid that Lucy would spot a vampire at the altar and try to stake it. Lucy couldn't believe that Kevin had used the "V-word" around her, but Kevin argued that avoiding the word didn't make it any less true.

Lucy refused to let Kevin ruin the night by goading her, prompting Kevin to wonder why she had even bothered to wait for him. Lucy claimed that it would have been rude to leave with out him

At the Floating Rib, Sabrina looked at the picture of Dr. Obrecht that had accompanied the online news article about the doctor's scandalous past. She realized that she had seen the woman in the picture at Kelly's a few days earlier.

Moments later, Ellie arrived and joined Spinelli, Felix, and Sabrina. Felix revealed that Spinelli had uncovered information about Britt's mother, who had been spotted in town recently. Ellie was shocked when Sabrina told her that Britt's mother had been caught experimenting on live patients, so Spinelli added that the diabolical doctor had lost her license and then had disappeared.

Dr. Obrecht, sporting a shoulder-length blonde wig and tinted glasses, stood near the bar. She watched Sabrina and her friends as she made her way to the back of the bar, where she slipped behind a corner to eavesdrop on the table.

Sabrina confessed to her friends that she had no idea if Britt's mother was in cahoots with Britt, but Felix wondered if perhaps Britt's unborn child was the subject of one of Britt's mother's experiments. Sabrina admitted that she wouldn't be surprised because Britt's mother seemed terrifying. Sabrina suddenly noticed the time and became concerned when she realized that Patrick was late.

At the hospital, Britt asked if something was troubling Patrick. Patrick assured Britt that it wasn't anything but then admitted that he couldn't wait to meet their child because he had fallen in love with it. Patrick reached out to place his hand on her belly to feel the baby kick. Britt's expression filled with guilt as she confessed that she had something to tell him. Patrick looked up expectantly as Britt recalled talking to her mother in the park about Patrick not being the baby's father.

"It's about the baby," Britt quietly said. She admitted that Patrick had a right to know that she hadn't been honest with him. "About what?" Patrick asked. Britt appeared on the verge of confessing when she was seized by a sharp pain in the abdomen. Patrick became concerned when he saw the fear in Britt's expression as she doubled over. He immediately helped her to her feet as he promised her that everything would be okay.

At the Floating Rib, Duke and Anna talked about Dr. Obrecht. "God knows what she's capable of and who will fall victim to her next," Anna commented. However, Anna refused to allow the doctor to ruin their evening because they were there to celebrate Mac and Felicia's impending nuptials. Duke was curious where Maxie, Kevin, and Lucy were.

Moments later, Maxie, flanked by Dante and Lulu, arrived. Maxie announced that Mac and Felicia's car had been spotted, so the happy couple would arrive soon. Everyone gathered close to the door to wait for Mac and Felicia. "Surprise!" everyone yelled when Mac and Felicia entered the bar.

"And I have a big surprise for you, Anna Devane," Dr. Obrecht quietly growled. Dr. Obrecht took a seat at the back of the bar then pulled out a portrait of Cesar Faison with Anna and Robin. Dr. Obrecht ripped the picture in half, so only Cesar appeared in the portrait.

Mac and Felicia thanked their guests and then turned to Maxie, certain that she had put the party together. Maxie immediately credited Duke and Anna, but Duke and Anna insisted that Maxie had been the driving force behind the party. Maxie seemed uncomfortable with the praise, so she changed the subject by confessing that she had almost missed the party because the birthing class had run late.

Meanwhile, Sabrina worried about Patrick because he hadn't arrived. Sabrina pulled Dante aside to ask if he had seen Patrick, so he told her that Patrick had been with Britt after the birthing class. After Dante left, Felix suggested that perhaps Britt had created some drama to delay Patrick.

Maxie went to the stage and kicked off the party with a karaoke rendition of "Going To The Chapel." The crowd quickly joined in, including Mac and Felicia. In the back of the bar, Dr. Obrecht appeared disgusted as she watched everyone sing and have fun.

Dr. Obrecht made her way to the bar to ask for a drink. The bartender thought that her accent was interesting, so he asked her where she was from. "New Jersey," Dr. Obrecht said as she sneered. The bartender walked away to fetch her drink as Duke approached the bar. Dr. Obrecht carefully turned her back, so Duke wouldn't recognize her.

Anna joined Duke at the bar as he expressed reservations about singing karaoke. Anna chuckled and hugged Duke. Dr. Obrecht quietly invited Anna to drink up and enjoy because it was Anna's last night on earth.

After Maxie's performance, Spinelli clapped and cheered. Ellie hadn't realized that Spinelli was such a fan of karaoke, so Spinelli confessed that it had been his and Maxie's thing when they had dated. Ellie's smile disappeared as Maxie walked up and Spinelli gushed about Maxie's performance.

Meanwhile, Anna decided that it was time to offer a toast to the happy couple, but Duke pointed out that Kevin and Lucy hadn't arrived. Dr. Obrecht pulled a vial of propofol from her purse and waited for an opportunity to use it. After Anna set a glass of champagne down on the bar to watch another performance on the stage, Dr. Obrecht took the opportunity to empty the contents of the vial into Anna's glass.

Nearby, Sabrina left Patrick a voicemail message, even though she was certain that Patrick hadn't picked up the call because he was on his way to the bar. After she ended the call, she confessed to Felix that she was worried because she couldn't imagine why Patrick was so late. Felix snidely suggested that perhaps Patrick and Britt had attended Britt's mother's special birthing class for mutant babies. Sabrina suspected that Felix had been correct about Britt creating a crisis to keep Patrick from the party, so Sabrina decided to go to the hospital.

At the hospital, Patrick helped Britt to an examination room, so he could do a sonogram to find out why Britt had experienced pain in the abdomen. Britt instructed Patrick where to move the wand of the machine. Patrick became alarmed when Britt suddenly gasped. Concerned, he asked her what was wrong, so Britt stared at the monitor as she revealed that the baby was a boy.

"We're having a boy," Britt said as tears filled her eyes. Patrick looked at the monitor and confirmed that the baby was indeed a boy. He smiled as he and Britt assured themselves that the baby appeared to be healthy.

Britt admitted that the mysterious pain had subsided, so she concluded that it had been Braxton Hicks contractions or a pulled ligament. Patrick put the wand away then helped Britt sit up. She apologized for overreacting, since she should have known better as a doctor. Patrick assured her that he understood her concern, but he was curious what she had intended to tell him earlier.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Sabrina entered the room where the birthing class had been held. Everyone had left, so Sabrina called Patrick's cell phone. She heard it ring, prompting her to find it on the floor. She realized why Patrick hadn't returned her calls, so she tucked the phone away and went to the nurses' station to ask a nurse if she had seen Patrick.

In the examination room, Britt revealed that she had never intended to have an abortion; she had lied to "kick-start" Patrick into caring about the baby. She also revealed that she had lied about being sick with hyperemesis gravidarum. Britt admitted that she had hoped to manipulate Patrick into inviting her to move in with him by feigning a depilating case of morning sickness. According to Britt, she had been driven by her love for Patrick, but she regretted everything that she had done.

Patrick wondered if there had been anything else that Britt had lied about. Britt assured him that she had told him everything. Patrick appreciated that Britt had been truthful and that she had done what she had because she had feelings for him, but he made it clear that he was with Sabrina. Britt assured him that she had accepted his relationship with Sabrina, even though she didn't like it. Patrick admitted that Britt's honesty had given him hope that he and Britt would be able to raise their child together, prompting Britt to promise that she wanted what was best for their son.

Patrick was overcome with emotion at the reminder that he was about to have a son with Britt, so he reached out to touch her stomach. Britt smiled and then hugged Patrick.

Moments later, Sabrina entered the room. Patrick immediately pulled away from Britt and apologized to Sabrina for missing the party. Sabrina tried to hide her irritation as Patrick told her about Britt's scare. However, Sabrina's annoyance turned to surprise when he revealed that he and Britt had discovered that Britt was pregnant with a boy. Sabrina congratulated both Patrick and Britt, prompting Britt to apologize for keeping Patrick away from the party.

After Patrick and Sabrina left, Britt smiled with satisfaction as she realized that perhaps her mother had been right. "This could work out after all," Britt murmured.

At the Floating Rib, Dante and Lulu took to the stage to dedicate a song to Maxie. Everyone applauded when Dante and Lulu performed "(You're) Having My Baby." Ellie looked distinctly uncomfortable with some of the lyrics of the song as Dante and Lulu serenaded Maxie.

After the song ended, Maxie thanked Dante and Lulu, but confessed that some of the lyrics had been embarrassing. Spinelli decided to help pass out the glasses of champagne for a toast, so Dante and Lulu followed him, leaving Ellie alone with Maxie.

Ellie confessed that she hadn't realized that many of Spinelli and Maxie's important moments had happened over karaoke, which made Ellie question why Maxie had decided to make karaoke a part of the party. Maxie assured Ellie that she hadn't had an ulterior motive for adding karaoke to the festivities; Maxie had simply thought that her parents would enjoy it. "So it had nothing to do with the fact that you're carrying his child?" Ellie asked, referring to Maxie's pregnancy with Spinelli's daughter.

Maxie tried to turn the tables on Ellie by revealing that she had heard that Ellie had had a change of heart about not having children. Ellie admitted that her heart had ached for Spinelli because he had desperately wanted to be a father but couldn't be a part of his daughter's life because Dante and Lulu would raise it. Ellie realized that it was a secret that she would have to keep, so she decided that the least that she could do was to give Spinelli a baby.

Maxie seemed skeptical that Ellie had felt so strongly about Spinelli's right to be a father that Ellie had sacrificed her deeply held convictions. "Yeah, that's right. And I have you to thank for that, so thank you," Ellie replied as Spinelli returned. Spinelli immediately picked up on the tension between Ellie and Maxie, so he asked if something was wrong.

At the bar, Duke conceded to Anna that karaoke hadn't been a bad idea. Dr. Obrecht watched with bated breath as Anna picked up the glass of poisoned champagne to take a sip but then decided that a toast was in order. Dr. Obrecht's frustration mounted as Duke and Anna went to the stage to make a toast.

Duke talked about Mac and Felicia's timeless love and how honored Duke and Anna were to be Mac and Felicia's best man and maid of honor. Next, Anna talked about how happy she was for Mac and Felicia. However, Anna noted the absence of Mac's brother, Robert, whom she hoped everyone would keep in their hearts the following day when Mac and Felicia married. Anna was certain that Robert would be happy for his brother and Felicia. Anna held up the glass of champagne to toast to Mac and Felicia.

"Drink it. Now, damn you," Dr. Obrecht snarled under her breath as she waited for Anna to drink the lethal beverage.

Anna was about to take a sip of the champagne when Kevin and Lucy arrived. Everyone grew quiet as Lucy ranted at Kevin for using the "V-word." After several moments, Lucy noticed the silence, looked around, and discovered that everyone was watching her and Kevin. Lucy immediately apologized to Mac and Felicia, but Felicia assured Lucy that it was okay. Lucy explained why she was upset but became so worked up that she ended up stomping off to a corner, muttering under her breath.

Dr. Obrecht decided to join in on the festivities by performing her rendition of "Is That All There Is" as everyone broke away into small groups to talk.

Lulu checked on Maxie, who was upset that Lucy had stolen the limelight from Mac and Felicia. Lulu admitted that Maxie had seemed troubled before Lucy's entrance, so Maxie grumbled that Ellie didn't like Maxie. Lulu insisted that Ellie would have to get over it because Maxie hadn't done anything to warrant Ellie treating Maxie poorly. Maxie suddenly stroked her belly, prompting Lulu to ask what the baby was doing.

"Gymnastics," Maxie answered as Lulu reached out to feel the baby move. "That's my girl," Lulu said with love and pride in her voice. Maxie smiled awkwardly in an attempt to hide a pang of guilt.

Elsewhere in the bar, Kevin talked to Mac and Felicia about his recent marital woes. Kevin conceded that perhaps he hadn't gotten fully past Lucy's vampire phase because they only seemed to argue. Kevin confessed that he was forever apologizing to his wife instead of making her laugh. Mac had a sudden flash of inspiration, so he dragged his friend away.

Meanwhile, Felix tried to give Lucy a pep talk, but Lucy confessed that her marriage was in shambles because Kevin spent more time traveling and treating his patients than with Lucy. Lucy suspected that Kevin was still angry about her belief in vampires because he wasn't interested in being around her or hearing about her ideas for the spa. Felix suggested that Lucy and Kevin take some time to get away for a vacation, but Lucy doubted that Kevin would leave his patients.

Moments later, Lucy glanced at the woman singing the depressing karaoke song. Her eyes narrowed as she confided that there was something familiar about the woman. Felix looked at the blonde woman but didn't recognize her. Lucy insisted that she never forgot a face and then suddenly recalled an encounter with the woman in the park following Lulu's disappearance.

At the bar, Duke and Anna decided to have a private toast, so they clinked their glasses together and took a drink.

On the stage, Dr. Obrecht continued her performance with a satisfied smile as she watched Anna drink the drug-laced champagne.

Meanwhile, Spinelli noticed that Ellie was quiet, so he asked what was troubling her. Ellie admitted that she had become jealous when he had told her that karaoke had been one of his and Maxie's many things. Spinelli assured Ellie that he wasn't going anywhere, so they would have their own special things. Ellie feared that it bothered Spinelli that she couldn't sing, but he argued that she danced divinely as evidenced by her performance during the Nurses Ball.

At the bar, Duke decided to get some fresh air. Anna noticed that he appeared flushed, but he assured her that he would be fine.

As Dr. Obrecht's performance ended, Lucy decided that perhaps she should tell Anna about the strange woman who had performed the sad song, so Lucy approached Anna. Anna looked around for the woman that Lucy had described, but the blonde woman had disappeared.

Meanwhile, Mac and Kevin appeared on stage, dressed as women. They dedicated a song to Felicia and Lucy and then entertained the crowd. Felicia and Lucy laughed and applauded at the men's antics. Afterwards, Lucy confessed to Kevin that she had missed "Norma," so Kevin promised that he loved Lucy.

Nearby, Felix asked Maxie about Mac and Kevin's performance as women. Maxie explained that Lucy had once attended a women's conference on spirituality that Kevin had decided to crash with Mac's help.

Outside, Duke was stunned when he saw Dr. Obrecht leave the bar. He grabbed the evil doctor's arm, but quickly collapsed as he struggled to breathe. Dr. Obrecht realized that Duke had consumed the champagne tainted with propofol. She cursed Anna for escaping death.

After Dr. Obrecht left, Anna stepped outside to check on Duke. She rushed to his side when she saw him unconscious on the ground.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

At the Floating Rib, Mac, Felicia, Maxie, Spinelli, Lulu, and Dante were gathered as they waited for an update on Duke. Felicia couldn't believe that Duke had been outside of the bar, fighting for his life, while they had been inside, celebrating. Dante explained that he had called the hospital for an update, but they would only release information to Duke's family. Maxie wanted to go to the hospital, but everyone warned her that it wouldn't help.

Spinelli suggested that perhaps Ellie could find something out, so he decided to go to the hospital. Dante insisted on going with Spinelli, so the two men left. Meanwhile, Felicia cried that Anna and Duke deserved to have a happily ever after because they had both been through so much together.

Moments later, Maxie decided to call Kevin and Lucy to ask them to step in for Duke and Anna during Mac and Felicia's wedding. Felicia argued that it wasn't necessary because Mac and Felicia refused to get married while Duke was in the hospital. Maxie insisted that Mac and Felicia marry for Georgie's sake. Felicia acknowledged that her youngest daughter had always hoped that Mac and Felicia would reconcile, but she didn't understand how it would honor Georgie to get married on that specific day.

Maxie clarified that she had been talking about the baby, not her sister. Lulu's eyes clouded with concern as she looked at Maxie. Felicia asked if Lulu intended to name the baby after Georgie, so Lulu gently explained that Maxie had made the suggestion, but Lulu had insisted that Maxie save the name for Maxie's own child. Maxie assured Lulu that nothing had changed, but Lulu wondered why Maxie had referred to the baby as Georgie.

Lulu reminded Maxie that the baby wasn't Maxie's, so Maxie promised Lulu that Lulu had nothing to worry about. Maxie claimed that she had simply used the name as a placeholder because Maxie was uncomfortable referring to the baby as simply "baby." Lulu appeared skeptical, but Maxie managed to evade any further questions when Spinelli called to give Maxie an update on Duke.

At Felix and Sabrina's apartment, Dr. Obrecht read the Port Charles Press, which featured a front-page story about Duke's collapse at the Floating Rib. Dr. Obrecht realized that Duke had picked up Anna's glass of champagne that had been laced with propofol. She was furious that her plot to kill Anna had failed, but she refused to waste time on regrets.

Moments later, Britt emerged from the bedroom. Britt was shocked when she saw her mother standing in the living room, so she scolded Dr. Obrecht for being reckless. Dr. Obrecht assured her daughter that Britt's roommates were gone, likely dealing with Duke's illness. Britt was stunned when her mother showed her the newspaper headline about Duke's collapse.

Britt demanded to know if her mother had had anything to do with what had happened to Duke, prompting Dr. Obrecht to act offended by the suggestion. Britt insisted that her mother would do anything for Britt's father, Cesar Faison, so Dr. Obrecht carefully explained that she wouldn't waste time going after Cesar's romantic rival when she could go after her own.

Later, Dr. Obrecht fetched a tray of food for Britt because Britt needed to keep up her strength. Britt's smile faded when her mother added that it wasn't as if Britt could get any fatter. Britt resented that her mother never missed an opportunity to criticize Britt. "Spare me the litany of your wounded feelings," Dr. Obrecht sneered as she poured herself something to drink. Dr. Obrecht wanted to hear about Britt's birthing class and how things had gone with Patrick.

Dr. Obrecht nearly choked when Britt confessed to telling Patrick the truth. Britt quickly clarified that she hadn't told Patrick about the baby's paternity, but she had admitted that she had lied about the abortion and illness. Dr. Obrecht expected Britt to reveal that Patrick had kicked Britt to the curb, but Britt surprised her mother by claiming that Britt and Patrick were closer than ever.

"And this sealed the deal," Britt added as she showed her mother the sonogram picture of the baby. Dr. Obrecht's eyes lit up as she looked at the image. "Is that a Schwanzer?" Dr. Obrecht asked with glee. "Looks like it," Britt replied as she munched on popcorn.

Britt admitted that Patrick had been happy about the baby's gender, too, because he had been hoping for a boy. Dr. Obrecht insisted that Britt name the little boy Cesar because it would be a "marvelous tribute" to Britt's father. Britt refused to consider it, but Dr. Obrecht ignored her daughter because Dr. Obrecht anticipated sharing the wonderful news with Cesar. Britt's temper flared, so she suggested that her mother fly to Cesar's side right away. Britt picked up her mother's bag, intending to shove it into her mother's arms, but a blonde wig tumbled out of the bag.

Dr. Obrecht tried to claim that she had been considering a makeover, but Britt didn't believe her mother. Dr. Obrecht protested as Britt suddenly dug through the bag. The doctor tried to stop her daughter, but Britt found the vial of propofol.

At the hospital, Anna stood at Duke's bedside, holding back her tears, as she watched an unconscious Duke breathe with assistance. Anna regretted that she hadn't cherished their reunion as she should have because Cesar Faison had clouded her mind, but she was grateful that Duke hadn't given up on her. She promised Duke that she loved him, so she refused to lose him again.

Moments later, Patrick entered the hospital room. He told Anna that the MRI and CT scans had ruled out a brain trauma, such as an aneurysm or stroke. Patrick also assured her that Duke hadn't had a heart attack. However, the toxicology screens had indicated that Duke's blood stream had had "overdose levels" of propofol. Anna was certain that Duke hadn't taken the powerful sedative willingly, so she suspected that someone had tried to kill Duke.

Anna conceded that Duke had many enemies, so it could have been any number of people. However, she was more concerned about whether or not Duke would make it. Patrick reminded Anna that Duke was a fighter, so Patrick was confident that Duke would recover. Anna smiled with relief, but she was curious how someone could have poisoned Duke. Patrick explained that propofol was a fast-acting drug, so Duke had been given the drug shortly before he had collapsed. Anna recalled sipping champagne with Duke before he had gone outside for fresh air, so she realized that someone had tampered with Duke's drink.

In the hallway, Spinelli and Dante approached Felix to get an update on Duke. Spinelli was shocked when Felix revealed that propofol had been found in Duke's system. Spinelli recognized the name of the deadly drug that had killed Michael Jackson, but Felix assured Spinelli and Dante that Duke was stable.

Dante decided to check on Anna, so he entered the Duke's hospital room. Patrick quickly filled Dante in on what they had discovered and then left to follow up on some other tests. Anna assured Dante that Duke was expected to pull through, but she confessed that she was too upset to think like a cop. Dante assured Anna that he was there for her the same way that she had been there for him when Lulu had disappeared, so he promised to help Anna find the person responsible for the attempt on Duke's life.

Dante was curious if Duke had mentioned having trouble with anyone recently. Anna admitted that Duke had been investigating Ava Jerome because Duke had suspected that Ava was a member of the Jerome crime family. She suddenly recalled Lucy mentioning seeing a strange blonde woman at the Floating Rib during the party, but the blonde woman had disappeared before Lucy could point her out to Anna.

Anna was certain that the mystery woman had been Ava Jerome, so Dante agreed to pay Ava a visit. After Dante left, Patrick returned with an update. To Anna's delight, he revealed that Duke should wake up soon. Anna thanked Patrick for everything and then ordered him to go home to spend time with Emma. Patrick was reluctant to leave until Duke regained consciousness, but Anna was adamant.

After Patrick left, Anna returned to Duke's side to confess that she was more in love with Duke than she had ever been and that she didn't want to live without him. Anna's was startled when Duke's eyes suddenly snapped open and he groaned her name.

In the hallway, Spinelli looked up propofol on the Internet and quickly surmised that someone had tried to kill Duke. Felix was curious who would want to kill a good guy like Duke, so Spinelli revealed that Duke hadn't always been one of the good guys.

Eventually, Spinelli and Felix's conversation drifted to the topic of Britt's mother when Felix asked if Spinelli had learned anything new. Spinelli confessed that he suspected that Liesl Westbourne had assumed a new identity after her medical license had been stripped away. Felix feared that they would never track down Britt's mother, but Spinelli was confident that he could uncover the woman's alias.

Moments later, Anna ran up to fetch Felix because Duke was awake. Felix entered Duke's room and quickly determined that Duke was stable and on the road to recovery. Relieved, Anna watched Felix leave and then turned her attention to Duke. Duke wanted to know what had happened, so Anna shared her theory that Ava had tried to kill him.

Duke suddenly recalled his encounter with Dr. Obrecht outside of the bar. "No, it wasn't Ava," Duke told Anna. Anna suspected that Duke was confused, but he assured her that he wasn't. Duke insisted that he had seen Dr. Obrecht in disguise, so the evil doctor was in Port Charles.

In the hallway, Felix stopped to let Spinelli know that Duke was awake and would make a full recovery. Spinelli was relieved, so he decided to let the wedding party know. Moments later, Spinelli's laptop beeped to alert him that one of his searches on Liesl Westbourne had yielded results.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ava was surprised when she saw Julian reclined on the sofa in the parlor, reading the Port Charles Press. She demanded to know what he was doing there, so he calmly explained that he was there as Derek Wells. He revealed that if anyone asked, he was there to talk to her about a piece of artwork that he was interested in buying. Ava wanted to know the real reason for her brother's visit, so he told her that they needed to talk about Duke.

Julian demanded to know if Ava had had anything to do with the attempt on Duke's life. Ava was offended by the question, but Julian reminded her that she had tried to kill Duke before. Ava denied that she'd had anything to do with Duke's latest brush with death and then admitted that she had wondered if Julian had been behind the attempt. Julian argued that he wouldn't have been foolish enough to publish a front-page story about it, but Ava suggested that perhaps Julian had hoped to throw off suspicion. Julian scoffed at the idea, prompting Ava to concede that perhaps one of Duke's other enemies had struck.

Moments later, Dante entered the parlor. Julian quietly faded into the background as Dante introduced himself. Ava recognized the name of Morgan's eldest brother, so she pointed out that they were family because she was Kiki's mother. Dante revealed that he was there to talk to her about Duke. Ava feigned concern for Duke as she asked how Duke was doing. Dante admitted that someone had tried to kill Duke, so he was curious how well Ava knew Duke.

Ava insisted that she had only had a couple of exchanges with Duke, so she hardly knew the man. "Unless you are a member of the Jerome crime family," Dante suggested. Ava denied that she was linked to the infamous Jeromes and then tried to deflect by asking if Dante suspected every Smith in the phone book of being related to Frank Smith, another infamous mob boss from Port Charles. Dante calmly pointed out that Jerome wasn't a common name, prompting Julian to step forward.

Julian agreed with Dante, so Dante asked who Julian was. Julian introduced himself as Derek Wells and provided his cover story to explain his visit with Ava. Ava assured both men that her business dealings were aboveboard, so she suggested that Dante either produce a warrant or leave. Dante made his way to the door as Ava feigned disappointment at Dante's lack of respect for his brother's mother-in-law. Dante refused to apologize and warned Ava that he would continue to look into her background.

After Dante left, Ava demanded to know what was wrong with Julian. She was furious that he hadn't helped her, but Julian merely laughed because he assured her that Dante was simply a dumb cop. Ava informed Julian that Dante was Sonny's son, so Dante might cause trouble. Julian realized that Dante would have to be dealt with if they were to take out Sonny.

At the Drake residence, Emma practiced sprinkling petals on the living room floor when Sabrina emerged from the bedroom. Surprised, Emma asked where Patrick was. Sabrina explained that Patrick was at the hospital, prompting Emma to worry that he would miss Mac and Felicia's wedding. Sabrina gently explained that Mac and Felicia likely wouldn't get married that day because "Uncle Duke" had fallen sick and was in the hospital. Emma worried that her grandmother, Anna, would be upset, but then decided that Patrick would cure whatever was ailing Duke.

Later, Sabrina praised Emma's card-making skills but wondered why Emma had drawn a picture of Duke in a dress. Emma explained that it was a tutu, which she had made Duke wear on the night that Sabrina and Patrick had been "hooking up." Sabrina was taken aback by Emma's use of the expression, so Emma admitted that she had learned it from Felix. Sabrina appeared concerned but then became distracted when someone knocked on the door.

Emma ran for the door, expecting her father, but Sabrina picked up the little girl before Emma could answer the door with a reminder that Patrick would use the door key. Sabrina opened the door, and a deliveryman greeted her. The deliveryman explained that he had an order of baby furniture for Patrick, so Sabrina agreed to sign for it, prompting the man to assume that Sabrina was the expectant mother. Sabrina was forced to admit that the baby wasn't hers.

Later, Emma looked at all of the boxes of furniture scattered around the living room and wondered if the new baby would live in the house. Sabrina explained that the baby would live part of the time with Britt and the other part with Patrick and Emma. Emma confessed that she wouldn't mind as long as the baby was a girl.

Shortly afterwards, Patrick arrived home. Emma ran into her father's waiting arms and was swept up into a bear hug. Sabrina was eager for news about Duke, so he told her that Duke had awakened and was expected to make a full recovery. Emma bragged that she had known that her father would make Duke better. Patrick chuckled as he thanked his daughter for her confidence in him.

Emma changed the subject by pointing to all of the boxes that had been delivered. She explained that the boxes contained baby furniture, so Patrick invited Emma to help him put everything together. Emma didn't appear enthusiastic about the idea, so he offered to let Emma pick out the color of the baby's bedroom. "Pink," Emma immediately decided.

Patrick gently suggested that Emma's baby brother might not like to have a pink room, prompting Emma to scowl. Emma was not pleased that Britt was going to have a boy, so she jumped off of her father's lap. "This baby thing is just getting better and better," Emma grumbled as she marched off. Patrick quickly followed his daughter to carry her back to the sofa, so they could talk about the baby.

Emma made it clear that she didn't want a brother, but Patrick admitted that he could use someone on his side because he was outnumbered with Sabrina and Emma. Patrick pointed out some advantages of having a little brother until Emma began to see the baby in a different light. Emma conceded that a baby brother might not be so bad, after all, so she decided to go to her bedroom to pick out a few stuffed animals for the baby.

After Emma walked away, Sabrina admitted that Patrick's talk with Emma had helped her too. She confessed that she had been surprised by the delivery of the furniture because it had made everything more real to her. Patrick hoped that Sabrina was okay with him raising his son, so Sabrina assured him that she was. Sabrina also revealed that she was happy that he had made peace with Britt because it would be better for the baby if both parents were in harmony. However, Sabrina had concerns about what Britt had told Patrick about Britt's mother.

At the Floating Rib, Dante returned to pick up his wife and to give everyone an update on Duke. Maxie revealed that Spinelli had called to tell them that Duke was awake and would recover. Dante was relieved, but he noticed that Lulu seemed troubled. Lulu quietly warned Dante that they might have a problem.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

At the hospital, Anna was certain that Duke had been mistaken about seeing Liesl Obrecht outside of the Floating Rib before he collapsed, but Duke reminded Anna that he knew the diabolical doctor well. He was certain that Dr. Obrecht had drugged him. Everything fell into place for Anna when she recalled that Dr. Obrecht had injected Robert with propofol, so she asked if Dr. Obrecht had said anything that might lead them to her. Duke shook his head as he admitted that he had passed out moments after recognizing the evil doctor.

Anna knew that she had to search for Dr. Obrecht, but she was reluctant to leave Duke's side. Duke insisted that she go, but he warned her to be careful because Dr. Obrecht was dangerous. Anna pointed out that she was dangerous too.

In the hallway, Spinelli hit a couple of keys on his laptop and learned that Liesl Westbourne had changed her name to Liesl Obrecht. Felix was hopeful that the new lead would yield useful information about Britt's mother because Britt had once confided that her mother was a mad scientist and her father an international terrorist. Spinelli suggested that perhaps it had been hyperbole. Felix admitted that he had thought the same thing until Spinelli had uncovered disturbing information about Liesl Westbourne.

Moments later, Anna left Duke's hospital room and placed a call to order an APB for Liesl Obrecht. Spinelli and Felix perked up and quickly approached Anna to find out what was going on. Anna told them that Dr. Obrecht had drugged Duke, so Felix revealed that his roommate was Dr. Obrecht's daughter. Anna realized that Britt might be harboring Dr. Obrecht, so she asked Felix for permission to enter his apartment. Felix readily agreed and gave Anna his keys along with the address.

After Anna left, Felix admitted that he was shocked that Britt had told the truth. Spinelli was curious if Felix saw Britt in a different light, so Felix conceded that having someone like Dr. Obrecht for a mother was horrible. Spinelli argued that each person controlled their own destiny, regardless of who had raised them.

At the Floating Rib, Lulu warned Dante that they might have a problem with Maxie. Lulu explained that Maxie had referred to the baby as Georgie, indicating that Maxie might have grown too attached to Dante and Lulu's baby. Lulu feared that Maxie wouldn't be able to give up the baby, so Dante assured his wife that they would talk to Maxie.

Moments later, Dante received a call from Anna. Dante spoke briefly to Anna and then ended the call. Lulu wasn't surprised when Dante explained that he had to leave, but he promised her that they would get things straightened out with Maxie.

Meanwhile, Maxie was determined that Mac and Felicia get married as planned. Felicia was reluctant about proceeding with the wedding while Duke was in the hospital, but Maxie was certain that Duke would understand.

Moments later, Kevin and Lucy arrived. Maxie immediately enlisted Lucy's help to persuade Felicia to go through with the wedding, but Felicia remained uncertain. Frustrated, Maxie decided to pay Duke a visit.

Lulu called out to Maxie as Maxie started to leave. Maxie insisted that she needed to get a wedding off the ground, so she didn't have time to talk. After Maxie left, Lulu asked for a moment of Felicia's time, so Felicia followed Lulu to a quiet corner.

Lulu admitted that she was concerned that Maxie had grown too attached to the baby. According to Lulu, things had seemed off ever since Maxie had learned that the baby was a girl, so Lulu feared that Maxie had developed maternal feelings for Lulu's daughter. Felicia blamed herself because Felicia had treated Maxie's pregnancy as if Maxie had been pregnant with Felicia's grandchild. Felicia promised to talk to Maxie.

Nearby, Mac thanked Kevin and Lucy for being there even though it was a nonevent. Lucy insisted that the universe and Maxie wanted Mac and Felicia to get married, so Mac explained that Maxie simply wanted her mother to be happy. Kevin and Lucy reminded Mac that Mac was Maxie's parent too. Lucy insisted that Mac had been the only consistent person in Maxie and Robin's lives, so they had each loved him as a father.

Mac smiled wistfully as he thought about his beloved niece. He was certain that Robin would be "over the moon" if she knew about Mac and Felicia's wedding. Lucy assured Mac that Robin knew and that Robin's spirit would always be with him.

At the hospital, Maxie spotted Spinelli and Felix standing outside of Duke's hospital room. She greeted them and then asked about Duke. Felix assured her that Duke was recovering, but her joy was short-lived when Spinelli mentioned that Anna had left on police business.

Maxie entered Duke's hospital room to check on him and find out if he was well enough to attend Mac and Felicia's wedding. Duke explained that Patrick wanted him to remain in the hospital for another day, so Maxie offered to talk to Patrick, confident that she could persuade Patrick to discharge Duke. Duke appreciated the offer, but he declined because he needed time to recuperate. However, he refused to have Mac and Felicia's wedding postponed on his account, so he suggested that Kevin step in as the best man.

Maxie mused that she would still need to find a maid of honor because Anna was busy with work, so Duke proposed that Maxie step in as her mother's maid of honor.

In the hallway, Felix was curious why Spinelli hadn't told Maxie about Dr. Obrecht. Spinelli pointed out that Maxie didn't need the stress when she was so close to her due date.

Later, Felix entered Duke's hospital room to check his vitals. Duke was frustrated because he was stuck in bed instead of helping Anna track down Dr. Obrecht. Felix confided that Dr. Obrecht was the mother of Felix's "roommate from hell." Stunned, Duke wondered if Felix thought that Britt might be involved with what had happened to Duke. Felix confessed that he didn't know, but he was confident that Britt and her mother would get what they deserved.

Duke hoped that Felix was right, but Duke warned Felix not to underestimate Dr. Obrecht. Duke revealed that the doctor had imprisoned him. "God knows what else she's capable of," Duke added.

Meanwhile, Spinelli and Maxie returned to the Floating Rib to announce that the wedding would proceed because Duke had given Maxie his blessing for Kevin to be best man. Maxie's plans were foiled when Lucy revealed that Kevin had left. Maxie realized that Spinelli was the only other man present, so she decided that he would have to be the best man. Mac wanted to marry Felicia, so he agreed to let Spinelli witness the wedding, but Mac warned Spinelli to behave.

After Maxie dragged Spinelli away to find something for him to wear, Lulu approached Lucy. Lulu was sorry to hear that Kevin had left, so Lucy lamented that she barely spent time with Kevin anymore because Kevin was "completely married" to the job. Lulu confessed that Lucy was preaching to the choir because Dante spent more time at work than at home. Lucy argued that Dante went home at night, while Kevin disappeared for weeks at a time.

Lulu knew firsthand that Kevin was really good at what he did, so she hoped that it was some consolation to Lucy. Lucy changed the subject by asking about Maxie and Spinelli. Lulu had no idea what Lucy was talking about, so Lucy pointed out that Maxie had enlisted Spinelli to be Mac's best man. Lulu explained that Spinelli was perfectly happy with his girlfriend, but Maxie sometimes forgot when something or someone didn't belong to Maxie.

At the Drake residence, Patrick confessed that he was hopeful that he and Britt would be able to co-parent amicably. Sabrina was happy for Patrick, but she thought that Patrick should know what Spinelli's investigation had yielded disturbing information about Britt's mother. Patrick was uncomfortable with the idea of snooping into Britt's mother's past, so Sabrina conceded that she wasn't fond of the idea either. However, Sabrina thought that Patrick should know about the woman who would be around his son.

Sabrina showed Patrick the article about Liesl Westbourne's scandalous past. Patrick was stunned when he realized that he recognized the woman in the picture. He recalled meeting Dr. Obrecht the day after the Nurses Ball when he had dropped Noah off at the airport. Patrick remembered that Dr. Obrecht had stopped him to tell him that she had watched the moving tribute to his wife on television and that a love like the one that Patrick had shared with Robin would never died.

Sabrina thought that it was odd that Dr. Obrecht would approach Patrick without identifying herself as Britt's mother. Patrick agreed that Britt's mother's behavior had been strange. Moments later, Patrick received a phone call informing him that Mac and Felicia's wedding was back on.

At the Floating Rib, Maxie and Felicia were in the back room, getting ready for the wedding. Felicia thought that Maxie was glowing, but Maxie insisted that it was just sweat. However, Maxie admitted that it was worth it for little Georgie. Felicia confessed that she was concerned about Maxie's attachment to the baby because Maxie continually referred to the baby as Georgie.

Maxie blamed Dante and Lulu because they hadn't named their little girl yet. However, Maxie insisted that she knew that the baby wasn't hers. Satisfied, Felicia admitted that she was happy that Maxie had taken back Georgie's name because Felicia liked the idea of Maxie having her own little girl named Georgie.

Felicia was certain that Maxie's sister, Georgie, would have been excited about Mac and Felicia's wedding because Mac had been the only father that Georgie had ever known. Maxie regretted that Georgie had missed out on so much including the opportunity to know their father, Frisco, but Felicia pointed out that Georgie had had love.

Felicia admitted that it had been a difficult year, but she was grateful that Maxie had given Felicia a second chance. Felicia insisted that Maxie was compassionate and strong, so she was confident that Maxie would be an exceptional mother one day. Maxie smiled and hugged her mother.

A short time later, Patrick, Sabrina, and Emma arrived. The Floating Rib had been transformed for the wedding as the guests mingled. Mac greeted the new arrivals, so Sabrina led Emma away so Patrick and Mac could have a private word. Patrick was certain that Robin would be happy for Mac. Mac thanked Patrick and admitted that Robin would be pleased that Patrick had also found happiness.

After the guests were seated, Emma walked down the aisle, sprinkling flower petals until she reached Mac. Mac hugged her and then looked up as Maxie appeared. Maxie took her place at the altar as the wedding march started. Moments later, a radiant Felicia appeared in the doorway, wearing a beautiful white gown and delicate veil. Felicia smiled with joy as she joined Mac at the altar and faced Lucy.

Lucy began the wedding ceremony as a mystery person quietly entered the bar. The mystery person approached the happy couple as Lucy looked up. "Oh, no," Lucy cried with dismay.

At the apartment, Britt confronted her mother about the empty vial of propofol that Britt had found in Liesl's bag. Liesl tried to shrug it off, but Britt knew what propofol was used for, so she demanded to know why Liesl had the dangerous sedative. Liesl claimed that it was for a patient, but Britt argued that the vial was empty, and it had contained enough to put a person in a coma.

Britt suddenly recalled the newspaper article about Duke and realized that her mother had indeed been responsible for Duke's collapse. Liesl admitted that she had drugged Duke. Stunned, Britt wanted to know why, prompting Liesl to roll her eyes as she advised her daughter not to overreact because it hadn't been the worst thing that Liesl had ever done.

Liesl recalled taking a catatonic Robin, who had been secured to a wheelchair, to meet a mystery person. Liesl had bragged to Robin that Jerry had raised the eighty-eight million dollars for the cure, although Cesar had no longer been able to provide the antidote. "His hidden asset was you all along, my little Robin," Liesl had whispered as a mystery person had entered the room. Liesl had told the newcomer that Faison had been captured, so Liesl hadn't known how to proceed with the plan.

Liesl returned to the present as Britt wondered if her mother had killed someone. Liesl insisted that she was a healer, so Liesl saved lives. Britt admitted that she was terrified of her mother at that moment, so she wanted to know exactly what Liesl had done.

Liesl revealed that she had decided to teach Anna and Robert a lesson after Anna had captured Britt's father, Cesar. Britt realized that her mother had pushed Britt to become involved with Patrick because of his connection to Anna. Britt demanded to know why, so Liesl cryptically explained that Cesar had had some loose ends to tie up. "What loose ends, Mother?" Britt demanded.

Liesl cautioned her daughter that the rest of the information would make Britt culpable, so Liesl wondered if Britt was prepared to face the consequences. Britt nodded. Liesl was about to speak when Anna suddenly banged on the door demanding that Britt open the door. Furious, Liesl accused Britt of betraying her, but Britt denied that she had. Anna used the key to try to open the door, but the chain prevented Anna from entering.

Anna threatened to break down the door if Britt didn't open the door, but Britt didn't move. Moments later, Anna instructed Dante to kick the door in.

In Corinth, Pennsylvania, Luke and Holly entered a stately home that had been abandoned for many years. They determined that they were alone in the house, but Luke hoped that Holly was at the top of her game because he had a feeling that everything would unfold there. Holly assured him that she had everything well in hand as she looked around the room. Luke sat on the edge of the sofa and massaged his temples to alleviate a headache.

Holly became concerned about Luke's health, prompting him to wonder if perhaps Sean had given him a placebo. Holly didn't know, but she confessed that she had an uneasy feeling. She pointed out that there had been several countries that Jerry could have fled to that didn't have an extradition agreement with the World Security Bureau, so she couldn't understand why Jerry would choose to hide out in a small Pennsylvania town. Luke thought it was ironic that he had traveled to Switzerland and Ireland to search for Jerry, only to discover that Jerry had been a short drive away from Port Charles.

However, Luke thought that Corinth was a fitting place for Jerry to hide, given everything that had happened in Corinth eighteen years earlier. Holly recalled that the newspapers had covered the murder spree extensively, but she couldn't remember what they had dubbed it. "The Loving Murders," Luke supplied.

Luke explained that Corinth hadn't been a bad town before the infamous murders, but most of the population had left Corinth for the city because of what had happened. Holly suspected that the numerous abandoned homes had made it impossible for the town to recover. She picked up a picture of a woman, whom Luke identified as Gwyneth Alden, the woman who had murdered her entire family and her friends in a twisted attempt to take away their pain. Luke shook off the gloomy thoughts and suggested that they split up and look around for any sign of Jerry or Jerry's associates.

Later, Luke returned to the room and sat down on the sofa, exhausted and weak. He glanced up at the wall and noticed a bookcase draped with a sheet. He removed the sheet and saw framed photographs of Alden family members. Luke suddenly doubled over in pain as Holly called out that she might have found something.

Moments later, Holly entered the room with a wheelchair. Holly invited Luke to take a closer look at it, prompting Luke to realize that the wheelchair was a newer model. Holly pointed out that the house had been abandoned for eighteen years, so clearly someone had been staying in there. Luke wondered if the wheelchair belonged to Jerry, leading Holly to speculate that perhaps Jerry was in the house somewhere.

Luke led Holly to the wall near the bookcase to show her the outline of the bookcase, indicating that the bookcase had recently been moved. Luke and Holly immediately went to work moving the bookcase back to its original spot and discovered that it had been hiding a door. Luke promptly kicked in the door.

Friday, August 16, 2013

At the Floating Rib, Lucy asked if anyone objected to Mac and Felicia marrying. A mystery person entered the bar and approached the couple. Lucy glanced up and immediately narrowed her eyes, prompting everyone to look at the wedding crasher.

Pandemonium erupted as everyone objected to the unwanted guest's appearance at the wedding. Richard Simmons, sporting a flamboyant tuxedo, ignored them as he gloated to Lucy that he was back. Lucy was furious, but Richard complained about everyone's ungracious welcome. Maxie refused to let Richard and his "tragic accessories" ruin her parents' wedding, so Richard assured Maxie that he would never do that.

Lucy didn't believe Richard; she was certain that he was there to exact revenge because she had cut his dance number from the Nurses Ball. Richard began to recite a few unflattering lyrics to his rap song and then reached into his jacket pocket. Lucy feared that Richard had a gun, so everyone took a step back. Richard pulled out a gun and fired it into the air.

The wedding party and their guests jumped with fright as Richard cackled with glee while confetti rained down on everyone. Emma giggled and confessed to her father that the wedding was "bananas." Patrick chuckled, but then joined forces with the other men to pick up Richard with the intention of tossing him out of the bar. Richard sputtered with indignation as Lucy threatened to have Richard taken to Ferncliff. Felicia stepped forward to order the men to put Richard down.

Felicia conceded that Richard had crashed the wedding, but she insisted that he hadn't ruined it; he had made it more memorable. Richard was grateful when Felicia decided that Richard could stay. "I come in peace," Richard assured everyone, but Maxie was skeptical. "On what planet?" Maxie asked.

Richard revealed that he was there to apologize to Lucy about what had transpired at the Nurses Ball. According to Richard, a celebrity friend, whom he quietly identified as "Demi Moore," had persuaded him to join her on a juice fast. Richard admitted that he had gone a little crazy, but he was better after a much-needed stay at "Transitions." Richard assured everyone that he was in a better place, so Mac was curious why Richard had crashed the wedding.

Richard explained that the only other way to get everyone together was with a murder trial, so he thought that a wedding would be a better place to apologize. Richard went down on bended knee before Lucy and apologized from the bottom of his heart for how he had treated her. Lucy immediately softened when Richard begged for her forgiveness and referred to her as the "goddess of Port Charles." Richard confessed that, in his own way, he loved Lucy, prompting Lucy to declare that she loved Richard too.

Maxie reminded Richard and Lucy that they still had a wedding to get through, so Lucy asked if everyone else forgave Richard. They all chimed in that they did, so Lucy returned to the altar to marry Mac and Felicia. Mac and Felicia exchanged poignant vows and then rings. Afterwards, Lucy pronounced them husband and wife and then invited Mac to kiss his bride. The guests broke out in applause as Mac and Felicia beamed with joy.

Later, Patrick announced that he and Sabrina had to leave because it was past Emma's bedtime, and they wanted to check on Duke on the way home. Emma was disappointed that she wouldn't get to have any wedding cake, so Felicia promised to save Emma a piece. After Patrick left, Felicia confessed that she hoped that the woman who had poisoned Duke was captured. Mac assured his bride that Anna would hunt the evil doctor down.

Nearby, Maxie chuckled when she noticed that Lulu was crying. Lulu insisted that she always cried at weddings, so Maxie shouldn't be surprised. Maxie agreed. Lulu became concerned when she noticed an odd expression on Maxie's face, so she asked Maxie what was wrong. "I think my water just broke," Maxie answered.

At the hospital, Connie thanked Kevin for seeing her on such short notice. She explained that she needed his help because she feared that she had ruined things with Sonny. Connie admitted that Sonny felt betrayed by the newspaper article that she had printed, so she was afraid that Sonny might never forgive her. Kevin suggested that Connie should have anticipated Sonny's reaction, so Kevin wondered why she had risked her relationship for the story.

Connie insisted that Sonny loved her, but Kevin argued that Connie had made a decision that she knew would jeopardize her relationship with Sonny. Kevin was curious if Connie was unhappy with Sonny, so she assured Kevin that she was. Kevin wondered if perhaps Connie feared that Sonny was unhappy with her. "At the moment, yes," Connie admitted.

At Kevin's prodding, Connie confessed that the last time that she had seen Sonny happy was when he was with Olivia. Connie explained that Sonny had taken it hard when Connie had told Sonny that they couldn't be together, but eventually he had moved on. "With your cousin," Kevin guessed. Connie conceded that there had been a light in Sonny that she hadn't seen in a long time.

Connie admitted that seeing the old Sonny had made her long for him, so she had asked Sonny for another chance even though he had been on the verge of a relationship with Olivia. Connie conceded that she had put a stop to what Sonny and Olivia had had, but her decision to print the story had given Sonny the opportunity to be with Olivia again. "All he has to do is take it," Connie added.

Kevin was curious if Connie had talked to Sonny about Olivia. Connie admitted that she had, but Sonny had denied having feelings for Olivia. Connie pointed out that Sonny had chosen Connie over Olivia, so Kevin wondered why Connie thought that Sonny had done that. Connie explained that Sonny loved her, prompting Kevin to suggest that Connie learn to trust Sonny's feelings for her.

At Pozzulo's, Olivia entered Sonny's office. She offered to leave if it wasn't a good time, but Sonny assured her that it wasn't necessary. He was curious why she was there, so Olivia explained that she had been worried about Sonny and Connie because of the situation with A.J, but Connie hadn't returned any of Olivia's calls.

Sonny admitted that A.J. had gone after Connie, so Sonny had stepped in to protect Connie. However, Sonny assured Olivia that A.J. wouldn't press charges because A.J. had broken into Sonny's home and had attacked Connie. Olivia assumed that Sonny and Connie's relationship was back on track since Sonny had rescued Connie, but Sonny pointed out that helping Connie hadn't made the problem disappear. Sonny insisted that Connie had still betrayed him by publishing the article, so Olivia suggested that perhaps Connie had had a good reason for doing what she had.

Sonny argued that Connie's reasons for publishing the article were beside the point because Connie had known that the article would put their relationship at risk. Sonny insisted that he had been trying to protect his family, which would have been Connie's family if she had married him. Olivia tried to defend her cousin, but Sonny refused to hear it. Sonny reminded Olivia that he and Connie had been through a lot together, so it had hurt him deeply when Connie had stabbed him in the back.

Sonny insisted that he didn't need that kind of betrayal in his life, so he wasn't optimistic about his future with Connie. Olivia became uncomfortable with the direction of their conversation, so she decided to leave, but Sonny stopped her because he wanted her take on things.

Olivia admitted that she and Sonny could have had something special, but Connie had snapped her fingers and Sonny had jumped. Sonny denied that he jumped for anyone, but Olivia ignored him as she reminded him that she had stepped aside so Sonny and Connie could be together. However, Sonny and Connie had ended up right back where they always ended up, embroiled in turmoil and on the verge of breaking up. Sonny pointed out that he'd had no way of knowing that things would have gone bad so quickly with Connie, but Olivia disagreed because things always ended badly between Sonny and Connie.

Olivia regretted that she hadn't stood her ground when Connie had asked Sonny for another chance. Olivia also resented Sonny for not fighting for her. Olivia tried to leave, but Sonny reached out to stop her. Olivia tearfully admitted that she should never have stepped aside for Connie because it had been a mistake. She also insisted that Sonny had made a mistake by letting Olivia go. Neither Sonny nor Olivia was aware that Connie stood on the other side of the door and had overheard Olivia's heartfelt confession.

Across town, Anna and Dante burst through the apartment door with their guns raised. Britt shrieked and held up her hands as she reminded the police officers that she was pregnant. Anna instructed Dante to search the apartment for Dr. Obrecht. Britt feigned confusion about why Anna would be searching for a "little old lady." Anna informed Britt that she had met Britt's mother, so Anna would never use those words to describe Dr. Obrecht. "Fair enough," Britt conceded.

Britt pointed out that Anna needed a warrant to search the apartment, so Anna explained that one of the renters of the apartment had given Anna permission to enter and search the place. Britt was curious why Anna was looking for Britt's mother, so Anna revealed that Liesl Obrecht had attempted to murder Duke. "Now, where the hell is she?" Anna demanded.

Britt denied that her mother had had anything to do with what had happened to Duke, so Anna was wasting her time looking for Britt's mother. Anna revealed that Duke had identified Dr. Obrecht as the person responsible for nearly killing him, so there wasn't any doubt of Dr. Obrecht's guilt. Britt argued that her mother wasn't even in the country and didn't have a motive to hurt Duke because Britt's mother didn't even know Duke.

Anna explained that Duke knew Dr. Obrecht very well because Liesl Obrecht had kept Duke a prisoner for a very long time. Anna then revealed that Sabrina had recently seen Britt and Dr. Obrecht together. Britt argued that Sabrina was unreliable because Sabrina had poor eyesight. Anna countered that Dr. Obrecht was linked to an international terrorist named Cesar Faison, so Anna was determined to find Britt's mother.

Britt carefully hid her reaction to hearing her father's name as Anna advised Britt to start talking, or Britt would be charged as Dr. Obrecht's accomplice. Britt decided to call Anna's bluff by denying that Dr. Obrecht was in town and daring Anna to arrest Britt. Anna reminded Britt that there were plenty of women who gave birth in Pentonville, so Anna wouldn't hesitate to take a pregnant woman into custody. Britt capitulated and agreed to tell Anna everything, so Anna demanded to know where Dr. Obrecht was.

Britt recalled her mother instructing Britt to tell the police that Britt hadn't seen her mother since the previous day. Dr. Obrecht had assured her daughter that she loved Britt and would see Britt again then Dr. Obrecht had escaped through the window.

Britt told Anna that she hadn't seen Dr. Obrecht since the previous morning, but Dante knew that it was a lie. He confronted Britt with the empty vial of propofol that he had found on the floor. Britt tried to suggest that the vial belonged to one of her roommates, but Anna grew weary of Britt's games and instructed Dante to place the doctor under arrest. Britt began to cry as she realized that Anna was serious. Britt tried to use her pregnancy to manipulate both Anna and Dante, but they ignored her as Dante read Britt her rights and placed handcuffs on her.

Dante was curious if Britt wanted to make a statement, so Britt warned Anna and Dante that Britt's mother would make certain that Anna and Dante regretted arresting Britt. Anna admitted that she was counting on it.

In Corinth, Pennsylvania, Luke's attempt to kick in the door hidden behind the bookcase in the Alden mansion had failed. Luke and Holly studied the door as Luke noted that someone had gone through great pains to hide the "spider hole." "My guess is Jerry Jacks in the conservatory with the cure," Luke added.

Holly tried to pick the lock but was unsuccessful. Luke decided to take over, but Holly tensed when she heard a noise. Luke listened as the sound of a woman humming a tune grew louder as the woman approached the room. Holly ducked out of sight with a gun as Luke waited with his gun aimed at the door.

Moments later, Liesl Obrecht entered the room. "Guten Abend, Frau Doktor," Luke said by way of greeting. Holly stepped out of the shadows, surprised that Luke knew the woman. Luke revealed that Dr. Obrecht had been the person responsible for putting Robert in a coma. Liesl blamed Anna for Robert's fate because Anna had stopped Liesl from giving Robert a clean death. Holly lunged at the Liesl, but Luke managed to pull Holly back before Holly harmed the diabolical doctor.

Luke reminded Holly that they needed information from Liesl because he thought that it was telling that one member of the "Legion of Doom" had shown up in the exact place where they had been looking for another. Liesl pretended that she had no idea what Luke was talking about, but Luke growled that Liesl had better reveal where Jerry Jacks was.

Liesl claimed that Jerry was dead, but Luke didn't believe her. He suspected that Jerry was behind the locked door and that Liesl had the cure that Luke had been looking for. Liesl denied that she knew anything about a cure, so Luke conceded that it was possible, since the doctor didn't have the resources to synthesize and research the drug without the help of friends like Cesar Faison.

Luke pushed Liesl's buttons by making several insulting remarks about Faison, prompting Liesl to insist that Faison was a visionary who, along with Liesl, would break boundaries. Liesl bragged that the previous year, no one could have imagined that a person could survive polonium-210 poisoning.

Luke realized that Liesl had access to the cure and had given it to Jerry Jacks, so he demanded that she hand it over or he would turn her over to the interrogators at the World Security Bureau.

Liesl was curious why Luke was so interested in the cure. Luke refused to tell her, but Liesl's keen eye quickly spotted the signs of radiation poisoning. She realized that Luke had a personal interest in finding the cure, so she was curious who had poisoned Luke. "Helena Cassadine, your spiritual twin," Luke snapped as Holly helped him to the sofa. Liesl smiled as she admitted that she had admired Helena, so Liesl thought that it was fitting that Helena had managed to find a way to kill the man who had killed Helena.

Holly pleaded with Liesl to give Luke the cure, but Liesl insisted that it was impossible. According to Liesl, Jerry Jacks was dead because Liesl hadn't had the opportunity to develop the cure. Liesl explained that Cesar's capture had forced Liesl to abandoned the work and go into hiding, but Holly was certain that Liesl had met Jerry at the Alden mansion. Liesl conceded that Holly was right.

According to Liesl, she had met Jerry to give him something that she had formulated that would keep the symptoms of polonium-210 poisoning at bay for a period of time. However, Jerry had succumbed to radiation poisoning before Liesl had developed the cure. Luke demanded to know what Liesl had done with Jerry's body, so Liesl claimed that she had burned it, since it would have been too dangerous to bury a body that had been "glowing" with radiation.

Luke didn't believe a word of what Liesl had said; he was certain that Jerry was behind the locked door. Holly dug through Liesl's purse for the key to the door and then tossed it to Luke. Luke unlocked the door and ordered Holly to stay with Liesl until he returned. Liesl warned Luke that some doors were not meant to be opened, but he ignored her. After Luke slipped into the secret passageway, Holly turned her attention to Liesl.

Holly warned Liesl that things would end one of two ways: Liesl would cooperate and go to jail, or Liesl would die along with Luke. "I doubt it will come to that," Liesl replied with confidence. Liesl appreciated that Holly was a practical woman, so Liesl explained that it had been necessary to silence Robert because he had known too much. "Too much about what?" Holly asked.

In the secret passageway, Luke discovered another door. He went through it and then descended a set of stairs.

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