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Bianca Christine Montgomery
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Actor History
Jessica Leigh Falborn
Caroline Wilde
Lacey Chabert
1992 to 1993
Gina Gallagher
Nathalie Paulding

Born February 8, 1988

Birthday changed to February 9, 1984 [Jan 31, 2002]




LesBianca (by Greenlee Smythe)


Employed at Fusion Cosmetics

In charge of overseeing Cambias Industries' European division

Co-owner (by proxy) of Cambias Industries

Formerly employed by Fusion Cosmetics, developing products for their teen line

Former executive at Enchantment Cosmetics, overseeing the development of the company's teen line

Former student of Pine Valley University

Former model for Enchantment Cosmetics


A residence in Pine Valley

Formerly A home in Pine Valley with Marissa Tasker

Formerly Wildwind, 3900 Glenview Road

The Cambias Suite in Paris, France

Formerly Seasons East Casino, Pine Valley, Pennsylvania

Formerly 1421 Plumtree Road, the Penthouse (also mentioned as 718 Valley Road)

Formerly a studio apartment with Maggie

Formerly 1100 Main Street, Penthouse; a penthouse apartment atop the Enchantment Building

Formerly 140 Calvert Street; the Fargate Boarding House

Formerly the Valley Inn

Formerly 328 Crescent Avenue (burned down)

Formerly 140 Calvert Street; the Fargate Boarding House

Formerly 20 Adams Street; Linden House

Formerly in Seattle, Washington

Marital Status

Single/Divorced from Reese Williams [Engaged: Oct 31, 2008; married: Feb 17, 2009; separated: 2010; divorced: 2011]

Past Marriages

Reese Williams [Engaged: Oct 31, 2008; married: Feb 17, 2009; separated: 2010; divorced: 2011]


Travis Montgomery (father; deceased)

Erica Kane (mother)

Eric Kane (maternal grandfather; deceased)

Mona Kane (maternal grandmother; deceased)

Molly Montgomery (paternal half-sister)

Matthew Sean "Sean" Montgomery (paternal half-brother)

Kendall Hart (maternal half-sister)

Joshua Madden (maternal half-brother; deceased)

Jackson Montgomery (paternal uncle)

Christine Montgomery (paternal aunt)

Mark Dalton (maternal uncle)

Ellen Dalton (maternal aunt)

Silver Kane (maternal aunt)

Greenlee Smythe (paternal cousin)

Lily Montgomery (paternal cousin; via adoption)

Reginald Porter Montgomery (paternal cousin; via adoption)

Julie Rand Chandler (maternal cousin)

Spike Lavery (maternal nephew)

Ian Slater (maternal nephew)


Miranda Mona Montgomery * (daughter; with Michael Cambias; born Mar 19, 2004)

Gabrielle Amelia Williams Montgomery (daughter; with Zach Slater, via artificial insemination; born Oct 21, 2008)

* Miranda was born on the same on-screen day as Little Adam.

Flings & Affairs

Sarah Livingston (off-screen while in rehab)

Marcus Dunn (made-out)

Mary Frances "Frankie" Stone (dated; deceased)

Lena Kundera (lovers)

Mary Margaret "Maggie" Stone (lovers)

Leslie (one-night stand)

Zarf/Zoe (flirtation/kissed)

Marissa Tasker (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Ran away from Seattle, Washington, to be with her mother

Set fire to her "Uncle Jack" doll, after seeing her mother and Uncle Jack kissing

Poured ink on Kendall's bridesmaid dress

Pushed Jonathan Kinder down the stairs [fall 1996]

Skipped her first day of school at Pine Valley High School

Underage drinking

Aided and abetted Gabriel Devane and Rosa Santos when they were on the run from police

Allowing Gabriel to drink underage [Aug 3, 2001]

Destruction of property; trashed Erica's office at Enchantment in a moment of rage [Dec 10, 2001]

Driving while intoxicated [Apr 29, 2002]

Shot and killed Michael Cambias [Aug 29, 2003]

Kidnapped "Bess Chandler" from the hospital nursery [April 12, 2004]

Health and Vitals

Treated in a rehabilitation center for anorexia

Hospitalized after a fall from her horse [Nov 28, 2001]

Hospitalized after crashing her car [Apr 2002]

Sexually assaulted by Michael Cambias [Jul 8, 2003]

Underwent surgery to repair damage caused during delivery of her daughter [Mar 2004]

Lapsed into a coma following a fall from a second-floor hotel balcony [Dec 2004]

Drugged by David Hayward [Jun 22, 2010]

Knocked unconscious and tied to a chair by Ricky Torres [May 25, 2011]

Brief Character History

Bianca was born out of wedlock February 1988 to Erica Kane and Travis Montgomery, though eventually they married. Later that year, Bianca was kidnapped by Steven Andrews, a man Travis had hired to stage the phony kidnapping as a way to prevent Adam Chandler from taking over his company. When Erica learned of Travis' trickery, she quickly left the relationship and fell into the arms of Jackson, Travis' brother.

Bianca fell deathly ill with Reye's Syndrome in early 1990. For possibly the first time in her life, Erica was forced to think of someone other than herself. Erica pleaded with God to save her daughter's life. Her wish was granted, and Bianca fully recovered from her ailment. Erica married Travis for Bianca's sake, but she continued to have a behind-the-scenes affair with Jack.

In 1991, Bianca caught her mother and Uncle Jack kissing. The young girl set fire to her "Uncle Jack" doll, but the fire quickly spread throughout the house. No one was injured in the fire, but Travis learned of Erica and Jack's affair. Travis sued for custody of Bianca -- and won. Travis plucked his daughter from Pine Valley and moved to Seattle. On a subsequent visit to Pine Valley, Bianca was nearly molested by Richard Fields, the same man who raped her mother, but her half-sister, Kendall Hart, rescued her.

In 1994, Bianca lost her maternal grandmother, Mona Kane, when Mona passed away in her sleep. At that time, the evil Dr. Jonathan Kinder kidnapped her. He was the man who had gotten Erica hooked on painkillers after she tumbled from a scaffold. Kinder held the girl for a two million-dollar ransom. With the help of Janet Green, Erica rescued her little girl, but not before Bianca accidentally pushed Jonathan down a flight of stairs, which caused his "death." Erica and Janet buried Jonathan in Erica's backyard. What no one knew was that Jonathan really wasn't dead.

In 1997, Bianca ran away from Seattle to be by her mother's side, because Erica had recently been jailed for the kidnapping of little Maddie Grey. A few days into her stay, Bianca fainted and was rushed to Pine Valley Hospital. There, she was diagnosed as suffering from anorexia nervosa. Erica was given an early parole -- with a little help from Edmund Grey, who spoke on her behalf at the parole hearing. By early 1998, Bianca's condition became quite serious. Hospitalized with a feeding tube, the doctor tending to Bianca recommended drastic measures. At a therapy session, Bianca was given the opportunity to open up to her parents and loved ones. Shortly thereafter, Bianca was sent to a rehabilitation center in New England.

In the summer of 2000, a 16-year-old Bianca returned to Pine Valley. Some months earlier, Bianca had been released from rehab and returned home to Seattle, where her behavior became quite erratic. Barbara complained that the girl had become "sullen" and was lax in her studies. Erica arranged for her daughter to spend time with her mother in Pine Valley. The reunion was not as expected. Erica and Bianca clashed at almost every turn. Erica insisted on throwing her daughter a "coming out" party, of sorts, but Bianca wanted nothing to do with the party.

Bianca bowed to her mother's demands and agreed to attend the party. At the party, which was plagued with a hidden tabloid reporter and other troubles, Bianca learned that her father, Travis, had suffered a stroke and died. Bianca's attention to her studies drifted; she decided that she was going to drop out of school and find a full-time job. Jack and Erica demanded that Bianca go to school, but Bianca's new friend, Rain, helped Bianca find her "bad girl" side. Erica later determined that Rain was a bad influence on her daughter and paid Rain off to leave town and never return.

On Christmas Eve 2000, Bianca shared a painful secret with her mother. As Erica prepared for a press conference announcing her plan to feature herself and Bianca as models in an ad campaign for Enchantment, Bianca didn't show. Erica returned home to find the reason for her daughter's delay. Bianca revealed to her mother that she was gay. Erica was unwilling to listen to what her daughter was saying; she dismissed her daughter's words and asked that Bianca continue getting dressed. Bianca tried to get her mother to listen, but nothing seemed to get through. Erica left the house and did not return home until the next morning. Erica and Bianca took several months to restore their relationship. Things did not become "normal" overnight.

Erica strongly disapproved of Bianca's friendship with tomboy Mary Frances "Frankie" Stone. Erica vowed to kill Frankie after Bianca walked in on Frankie and a boy (Adam Chandler Jr.) in bed together. Sure enough, Frankie turned up dead several hours later. Thinking that Bianca had killed Frankie, Erica decided to take the fall for Frankie's death. The trial quickly degraded into a three-ring circus, with Erica ditching counsel in order to represent herself. Erica was ultimately exonerated, but her relationships with Bianca and lawyer/lover Chris Stamp were severely strained.

Bianca got the shock of her life when Frankie's twin sister, Maggie, showed up in town to look for answers about Frankie's death. Things took an even weirder turn with Bianca's estranged half-sister, Kendall, who was also in town and sneakily tried to turn Bianca against Erica. Bianca quickly realized Kendall was using her, and joined her mother in trashing her bad seed half-sister at every opportunity. Bianca and Erica mended fences, and Bianca became one of her mother's chief defenders. Erica gave Bianca a prestigious job at Enchantment. Bianca was a natural in the cosmetics industry.

Meanwhile, after Bianca overcame her initial shock over Maggie's existence, they became chummy. She knew Maggie was heterosexual, but Bianca began to fall for Maggie, especially after Maggie and she went to the prom together. Desperately, Bianca threw Maggie at Tim Dillon, only to grow jealous when she saw them together. Over time, the unspoken feelings began to seriously hinder Bianca and Maggie's relationship. By the start of 2003, Maggie and Bianca had a long discussion, where Bianca confessed to wanting a "real" relationship with Maggie. Maggie admitted that she loved Bianca truly and sincerely, but ultimately she was straight and couldn't change herself. Although Bianca's heart was broken yet again, she understood, and the two young women pledged to stay good friends no matter what. With Maggie's encouragement, Bianca decided to explore the gay and lesbian community at Pine Valley University.

Meanwhile, Bianca's friendship with Boyd Larraby, Enchantment's chief chemist, continued to grow. The two of them shared interest in a newcomer to Enchantment, Lena Kundera, Erica's new CFO. Lena was flirtatious -- with both men and women -- and smart. Both Boyd and Bianca were attracted to the Polish native, and they made a friendly wager as to which of them could actually go on a date with Lena first. Eventually, Boyd became suspicious of how Lena strung along both him and Bianca simultaneously, so he dropped out of the bet. He advised Bianca to give up, too, but she wouldn't. Bianca was not only attracted to Lena, but also respected and admired her; Bianca was not so easily dissuaded.

Eventually, after a handful of interesting dates and phone calls, Bianca thought she was on the road to something special with Lena. However, Lena's real boss and sometimes-lover, Michael Cambias, was increasing pressure on her to steal Boyd's anti-aging formula from Enchantment. Between the stress from Michael and the confusion of her seemingly genuine feelings for Bianca, Lena decided to return to Europe to escape the deceit. But just before Lena boarded her plane, Bianca arrived at the airport to beg her not to leave. They kissed. Bianca assured Lena that whatever was wrong in her life wouldn't be suddenly fixed if she ran away. Both women returned to the Valley Inn, where Bianca seemed happy enough to have rescued her blossoming relationship. Explanations could wait.

Erica arrived at the Valley Inn to ask Lena about some suspicious wire transfers from Enchantment's account, and she was surprised to find Bianca there. Bianca stood her ground and revealed to her mother that she and Lena were in a relationship. Politely, Bianca asked Erica to leave. Erica did so after asking her CFO to do some legwork regarding the wire transfers. Later, Erica confided her concern for Bianca's welfare to Boyd, who let Erica know that he shared her suspicions, though he had nothing concrete with which to back them up.

Michael Cambias was trying to make Lena use her closeness with Bianca to get the anti-aging formula, though Lena was refusing. Michael went to her hotel room and threatened her physically, and he threatened to hurt her family back in Europe if she didn't comply. Under duress, Lena agreed to help. Lena searched the safe at Enchantment, but she found nothing. While that was happening, Kendall told Bianca the truth about Lena and Michael Cambias. Bianca slapped Kendall and refused to believe the story. Yet, when Bianca returned to Lena's room at the Valley Inn, she saw Michael leaving it. Bianca confronted Lena, who acknowledged that she had a connection to Michael Cambias, but she fudged most of the details.

Lena told Bianca that she was being completely honest about her feelings, and admitted to loving Bianca. Bianca set up Lena, and allowed her to be alone in Erica's penthouse. As Bianca watched over the secret surveillance cameras, Lena helped herself to the combination to Erica's safe from Bianca's purse -- and then to a secret formula for an anti-aging cream from Erica's safe. Lena stumbled across the security cameras a few days later and confessed her crime to Bianca. At a press conference staged to expose Michael and Lena's crimes, Bianca took pleasure in exposing what Lena had done, even though she'd "promised" she would turn Lena over to the authorities. District Attorney Jack Montgomery agreed to drop the charges against Lena if Lena agreed to testify against Michael.

Bianca slowly began to forgive Lena and allow the possibility of forming a romantic relationship with her again. However, Bianca's trust in Lena was tested again when a bogus photo of Lena insinuated that she and an employee at Chandler Enterprises were having a sexual relationship. Lena told Bianca that the photo wasn't real and Michael Cambias had set her up, but Bianca didn't believe her. Kendall Hart and Aidan Devane were able to track down the employee, who suddenly disappeared. After pretending they were going to hurt him, the employee admitted that Michael Cambias had paid him to lie to lie about Lena, which cleared her name.

Bianca and Lena reconciled and planned to take a trip around Europe for the summer. Unfortunately, Michael Cambias raped Bianca, and also tried to rape Erica and Kendall, but was not successful. Bianca didn't tell anyone about the rape, although everyone noticed the drastic and unhealthy change in her behavior. In order to cover up her rape, she told everyone that she had broken up with Lena and that was why she was so upset. She broke things off with Lena, and didn't give her much of an explanation or reason.

Weeks later, Bianca finally admitted to Maggie Stone that she'd been raped. Maggie wanted to tell the cops, but Bianca made her promise on their love of her sister, Frankie, that she would not tell anyone what had happened. Lena still wanted to work things out with Bianca and even offered her wedding bands as signs of their love for one another. Although Bianca wanted to be with Lena, she pushed her away again and refused the proposal.

Bianca continued to hide her rape from her family, including Erica, who knew better than anyone else how Bianca felt. Eventually, Bianca told her mother one night when the memories of the rape returned to haunt her. Erica was upset and devastated about Bianca reliving Erica's own childhood nightmare, but convinced Bianca to report the crime to the police. Bianca told Jackson about the rape, and he immediately went on a rampage to throw Michael behind bars. Although Michael was arrested, he was not given a trial. Due to lack of physical evidence proving he raped Bianca, the judge decided that Bianca's testimony was not enough to move the case further. That night, Michael was released and walked out of the courtroom with a smile on his face. It was the last time anyone ever saw him, or so they thought.

Shortly after, Bianca discovered from a routine checkup with her doctor, David Hayward, that she was pregnant with Michael's child. She chose not to tell anyone about the pregnancy for some time, but when she told Erica, Erica tried to convince her to abort the pregnancy. Erica didn't want Bianca to suffer through the pain she had experienced when she had Kendall, who immediately became scorned as a "child of rape." Bianca was torn between terminating the pregnancy and keeping the child to raise as her own. She decided to have an abortion and made an appointment with David immediately.

When Bianca got to the clinic, she ran into Kendall. Kendall realized why Bianca was there and told her sister that she needed to do what was right for her, even if it meant terminating the pregnancy. In the short time they spent together at that clinic, Bianca formed a close bond with her sister and finally understood all the pain that Kendall had been living through because of how she had been conceived. Kendall said she loved Bianca and would support whatever decision she made.

After a long discussion with David and the kind words from Kendall, Bianca decided not to terminate the pregnancy. She confessed to Maggie that she wanted to keep the baby because it might be her only chance to have one. She knew that since she was not attracted to men, the chances of her conceiving a child were slim. Maggie didn't completely agree, but stood by her and encouraged her to tell her mother the truth. Bianca refused to tell Erica about the pregnancy for fear that it would destroy her mother. She knew that if she told her mother the truth, Erica would always resent the baby because it was a product of rape. Bianca told Maggie that she would hide the pregnancy, with David's help, by hiding her figure and going elsewhere to deliver the baby. She would return with her newly "adopted baby." Maggie thought the plan was extreme, but promised to keep the pregnancy a secret.

Kendall's sisterly act soon turned into a nightmare for Bianca when Kendall announced that she had married Michael in Las Vegas to get a hold of his money, and recover the cosmetics that he had stolen. Kendall waved around her marriage license like it was money and flaunted her news to the entire town. Everyone resented her and thought she was lying. Shortly after being a newlywed, Michael showed up dead in the freezer of an abandoned warehouse that Kendall had purchased the day before.

Soon, everyone in Pine Valley became a suspect in Michael's murder, even Bianca. Bianca swore that she had been with Reggie, Jackson's adopted son, the entire night during which Michael was killed. With Michael's death, Kendall thought she would be the lucky inheritor of his riches, but Ryan Lavery sidetracked her plans. Ryan announced at a mysterious dinner that in Alexander Cambias', Michael's father, will, Ryan would be the sole heir of the Cambias fortune, unless Michael had a child.

Even with this news, Bianca still refused to tell anyone the truth. The last thing she wanted from the Cambias family was their money. Kendall approached her to try to explain that she had married Michael for his money and had never slept with him. Kendall told Bianca over and over again that what she had done, she had done to protect Bianca and Erica. Bianca believed her, and their relationship grew stronger.

When Kendall visited Bianca in her new apartment, she found a baby book in a stack of books on a coffee table. When she picked up the baby book, Bianca's first sonogram tumbled out. Bianca was forced to come clean, and told Kendall that she had never aborted the pregnancy. She said that after their conversation, she couldn't terminate the pregnancy without terminating Kendall, also. Kendall understood her reasoning and agreed that Erica shouldn't know about the baby.

Kendall planned a funeral for Michael to throw the cops off and get them off her back. She expected no one to show up, but everyone in Pine Valley did. They all spit their demons onto his casket and watched it lower into the ground. When Bianca and Kendall were standing by the grave, Bianca became weak and fainted. Ryan went to her side and helped her stand up, but noticed the sonogram that fell out of her purse. He immediately asked her whose sonogram it was, and Bianca was silent. He continued to question her, and Kendall jumped to her defense. In a desperate attempt to protect her sister, she told Ryan that she was pregnant with Michael's child.

Ryan refused to believe her story and figured she'd made it up to save her from the cops. By that time, the police were considering Kendall a prime suspect and if she had married Michael, and had sex with him that night, then she could not have killed him. While Ryan was determined to find out the truth, Kendall and Bianca panicked about the baby. They told David, and David offered to help make Kendall look as though she were pregnant.

Bianca didn't want to go along with the plan and put Kendall in more danger, but Kendall refused to let Erica know the truth. She swore to Bianca that she wanted to protect her and the baby from living with the stereotypes as a child of rape. Maggie soon discovered their plan and thought it was extreme but, out of love for Bianca, agreed to help. Bianca even confided to Lena about her pregnancy because she didn't want to lie to her. They were finally starting to form a friendship, and when Lena heard the truth, she continued to stand by Bianca's side and keep her secret.

Of course, Ryan blabbed the news to Greenlee du Pres, who informed her archenemy, Erica, about Kendall's pregnancy. Bianca stood by and watched her mother bash Kendall for carrying Michael's child. Bianca pretended to hate Kendall, as well, for the sake of their plan, but deep down, she hated how her mother treated Kendall. Erica acted as though carrying Michael's child was the most disgusting and selfish thing anyone could do. Ryan forced Kendall to take a pregnancy test to determine if she was lying and to settle the dispute about the Cambias will. Maria Gray performed the test as everyone watched. Bianca created a distraction outside, and David quickly swapped Kendall's blood sample with one he had drawn previously from Bianca.

As that was happening, Kendall was arrested for Michael's murder, although everyone in Pine Valley seemed to think she was innocent -- even Erica. Ryan approached Bianca about Kendall's pregnancy and told her that he knew Kendall would pass the DNA test. He never actually said it, but Ryan implied that he knew that it was Bianca who was pregnant. Despite Ryan's willingness to help, Kendall constantly turned him away. Later, however, Kendall agreed to let Ryan help out. He hired a top-notch doctor, who agreed to conduct a non-invasive paternity test on Bianca and say that she had conducted the test on Kendall. The test results satisfied the court, but there were still those who doubted that Kendall was really pregnant. In the middle of court, Greenlee du Pres yanked Kendall's dress off to reveal a pregnancy pouch.

The incident turned everything upside down. Everyone put two and two together and realized that Bianca was carrying Michael's child. Erica was outraged and blasted her daughters for having lied to her. Kendall and Bianca both claimed that they had been doing what they thought was best for Erica, but Erica didn't believe them. Slowly but surely, Bianca started to recall that she might have more information about Michael's murder. The pieces finally fell together, and she realized that she had been the one who'd shot and killed Michael. She had visited Michael's condo, while toting Reggie's gun. When Michael again tried to harm her, she shot and killed him. Following Bianca's confession, the judge presiding over the case leaned hard on the prosecution not to press any charges against Bianca.

As Bianca's due date approached, she found herself with Babe, who was also pregnant, trapped in the middle of nowhere after a storm. Babe called Paul and asked that he fly his medical helicopter to take her and Bianca to the hospital. When he arrived, he helped Babe deliver her baby. He then administered an unknown medicine to Babe, which left her groggy. During that time, Paul staged a chopper crash. When Babe awakened, Paul told her that her baby had died during the crash. However, when help arrived and Babe's family threatened harm to Paul if anything had happened to Babe's child, Paul changed his story and said that Bianca's baby had been thrown from the chopper. He had hidden Babe's baby in a nearby cabin and planned to give the baby boy to Kelly so that she could pass the baby off as her own.

Bianca's baby was then given to Babe, which left Bianca and her family to believe that her child had been killed. Bianca was devastated, and became convinced that Babe's daughter, Bess, was her biological child. Bianca kidnapped Bess from the hospital, but was persuaded to return her to Babe and J.R. Chandler. Making matters worse, her partner, Lena, had to return to Europe to take care of her ailing mother. Months later, Lena demanded that Bianca join her. When Bianca refused, Lena ended their relationship. Erica felt responsible for Miranda's death and ran off to become a showgirl. Bianca leaned on her close friend, Maggie, but when Maggie told Bianca she loved her and wanted to start a relationship, Bianca gently rebuffed her by stating that she didn't want to take advantage of Maggie's sexual orientation confusion, and that Bianca had too many things to deal with in her life. A hurt Maggie drifted away from Bianca and began dating Jonathan Lavery, Ryan Lavery's moody brother.

Bianca became closer and closer to Babe, and continued to feel a special bond with Babe's daughter, Bess. As Bianca helped Babe end her miserable marriage to J.R., a guilt-ridden Babe learned that Paul Cramer had given Bianca's child to her. Babe wanted to keep Bess in her life, but knew Bianca had to have her baby back. Babe tracked Paul down to the town of Llanview and quickly realized her baby was really alive and was being raised by Kelly and Kevin Buchanan. Babe snatched the baby and went on the run with Jamie Martin, but before she did so, she handed Bess to Bianca and told her that Bess was really Miranda.

At first, Bianca was too stunned to believe her friend would do such a thing, but when the truth finally sank in, she slapped Babe and swore she would never forgive her. Babe left, but unfortunately, Bianca was not able to reunite with her baby, because J.R. showed up. The two had an argument over who would keep the baby, which culminated in Bianca toppling off the second-floor balcony. J.R. fled with "his" daughter while Bianca was rushed to the hospital. Bianca lapsed into a coma. Even with tearful pleas from Kendall, Ryan, Maggie, Jack, and various others, she slumbered. Finally, when Erica managed to take Miranda from J.R.'s custody, she put the baby in Bianca's arms, and Bianca woke up. Mother and daughter were joyfully reunited at last.

After Bianca was released from the hospital, she realized that Maggie's relationship with Jonathan had turned emotionally and physically abusive. Maggie repeatedly ignored Bianca's warnings and accused her of being jealous of Maggie's "happiness." When Maggie said she needed Jonathan because no one else loved her, Bianca said she loved her and tenderly kissed her on the lips. The move only made Maggie retreat even further into denial, but when Aidan and Anita tracked down Jonathan's previous girlfriend and had her recount Jonathan's violence, Maggie ended the relationship.

Jonathan had been struggling to keep Bianca and Maggie apart for months and snapped when he saw what Bianca had done. He planned to beat her up, but out of nowhere, Babe, who had just returned to Pine Valley, physically blocked him from hurting Bianca. Although Bianca had not forgotten or forgiven Babe for her lies, she saw the good in her and wanted Babe's son to have a better parent than J.R. Chandler. She agreed to let Babe accept a plea bargain with no jail time for her crimes, and wrote a letter, stating that she felt Babe was a good mother, to the judge in Babe and J.R.'s custody trial.

During the time that there were no known living members of the Cambias family, Ryan, who was close to Michael Cambias' father, Alexander, had control of Cambias Industries and their fortune. Eventually everyone learned that Michael's older brother, Alexander, had a grown son, Ethan, and then Bianca learned that her daughter, who was also Michael's daughter, Miranda, was still alive. Ryan turned the Cambias holdings over to Ethan and Bianca. Bianca decided that she needed to get away from Pine Valley for a while, and she knew that Cambias Industries needed help for their European division. Bianca asked Maggie to move to Paris with her, but Maggie refused. Suddenly, while the Cambias jet was detained on the runway due to fog, Maggie boarded the flight. She realized the one constant, good thing in her life was Bianca. They agreed to not make any demands on their relationship and to start out as friends, and see what happened next. With Maggie and Miranda at her side, Bianca bade a wistful goodbye to the city of Pine Valley.

After leaving Pine Valley, Bianca returned intermittently when her family needed her. She returned for Jack and Erica's wedding in Florida, to help Kendall decide one Christmas whether or not to terminate her pregnancy, and again after Kendall and her unborn child were nearly killed in a tragic accident at Fusion.

Bianca returned home again shortly after Josh Madden was publicly revealed to be Erica's son with Jeff Martin, originally thought to have been aborted back in the early 1970s. She and Josh began a tentative friendship, and she finally confessed to Kendall that another reason she had left Paris and took Miranda back home was because Maggie had been unfaithful. She soon met glam rock singer Zarf, and was intrigued despite herself. After sharing a couple of kisses with Zarf, Bianca felt tormented. She finally confided her angst to Kendall, and wondered how, as a lesbian, she could be attracted to a man.

When Bianca opened her door that night for her date with Zarf, it wasn't Zarf that she met -- but Zarf's female side, Zoe. Zoe and Bianca toyed with the thought of possibly pursuing a relationship upon Bianca's return to Paris. At the same time Bianca was to return to Paris, Zarf got a chance to tour as alter ego, Zoe, in Europe. As their departures neared, Bianca decided that it would be best for Miranda not to be exposed to Zoe's lifestyle as a rock star, and the two parted ways, but remained friends.

Bianca returned to Pine Valley in October 2008 with some surprises in store. She had met a woman named Reese Williams, and the two had fallen in love. The other surprise was that she was pregnant again -- and the father was her brother-in-law, Zach Slater. Zach had visited the new couple while on a business trip in Paris, and when Bianca expressed her desire for another child, Zach agreed to be a sperm donor. Zach had left Paris shortly after, not knowing if Bianca had become pregnant or not. Bianca had complications with the pregnancy and, as a precaution, had not told anyone about her new bundle.

Finally, when she was in her third trimester, Bianca decided to return to Pine Valley and tell everyone her joyous news. That moment was halted by the arrival of a series of terrible tornados that ripped through Pine Valley. Zach returned to his beach house to check on Kendall and her children, but instead of Kendall, found eight-months-pregnant Bianca. While in the rubble, Bianca went into labor and, with Zach's help, gave birth to a little girl who was later named Gabrielle.

After mother and child were taken to the hospital and examined, Bianca was ready to share her secret with Zach, but Greenlee Smythe beat her to it. Bianca confessed to both Zach and Greenlee the story of Gabrielle. Erica soon learned of her new granddaughter but not the circumstances. With mother and child checked out, Bianca decided to stay in town to help Zach with Ian and Spike while the comatose Kendall was relocated to a Canadian facility for treatment for the injuries she'd sustained from the twisters. On Halloween, an exhausted Bianca went to answer the door and there stood a little girl in a French poodle costume. Bianca discovered it was Miranda.

Reese had arrived with Miranda, and the couple shared a brief reconnection. When they were alone, Reese showed Bianca plans for the house she had designed for them in Paris, and recalled when they met and how Bianca had changed her life. Bianca, touched, did not think her partner could be any more sweet and romantic until Reese pulled one more surprise -- a diamond ring and a proposal of marriage. Bianca was elated and began planning a European wedding, but Reese wanted to let her have a commitment ceremony in Pine Valley so that Bianca's loved ones could see her get married. They eventually decided to be wed in Connecticut on Valentine's Day so that their marriage would be legally recognized. Ryan and Greenlee were also planning a February 14 wedding, so the two couple decided to have a double wedding.

As plans moved forward, Bianca began to become suspicious of Reese's sexuality after discovering that Reese had once been engaged to marry a man and that this was her first lesbian relationship. She was hurt that Reese had kept the information from her. As Reese and Zach developed a close friendship, Bianca began to suspect their feelings were more than platonic. She arranged to spy on the two and witnessed them share an innocent kiss. Convinced Reese and Zach were having an affair, Bianca rushed away and crashed her car. She confronted them from her hospital bed and accusing them of cheating. Reese left the hospital and later threatened to leave town. Bianca apologized and told Reese that she believed that Reese and Zach were just friends.

Bianca's half-brother Josh kidnapped Reese after stealing millions from Zach and was shot by Zach as Reese broke away from his grasp. Paramedics kept Josh alive long enough for his healthy heart to be harvested and transplanted into Kendall's body.

Kendall soon emerged from her coma and was naturally overwhelmed by the news that she'd been in a coma for several months, that she'd received a heart transplant from her now-dead brother Josh. When told that Bianca had given birth to Zach's daughter, Kendall's reaction was muted. But her dislike of Reese soon became apparent, and she worked to break up Reese and Bianca's relationship and force Reese to leave Pine Valley. Her plans failed, but Kendall finally told Zach, the day before Bianca and Reese's and Ryan and Greenlee's double wedding, that that she felt betrayed by Zach and Bianca for planning to have a baby together without discussing it with her.

Kendall told Zach that she refused to attend the wedding, but Bianca begged her to be there. Kendall promised to, as long as Bianca and Reese took Miranda and Gabrielle to Paris, never to return. Bianca reluctantly agreed. At the wedding rehearsal, Kendall made a cruel toast to the couple, causing Reese to leave. Zach later found a drunken Reese and they shared a passionate kiss that, unknown to them, Ryan witnessed. Ryan confronted Zach about it later but was told to mind his own business.

On February 14, 2009, the day of the two couples' nuptials, Bianca told her mother that she'd decided to stay in Pine Valley. Kendall overheard the declaration and decided not to attend because Bianca had broken their agreement. She angrily left and got into her car. Zach got in as she sped away, and they argued.

Ryan told Greenlee that he refused to marry her alongside Bianca and Reese because he believed that Reese and Zach had been having an affair. Greenlee tried to find Zach to determine if Ryan was right. Not able to find him, she rode off on a motorcycle in search of Zach.

Bianca and Reese's wedding went forward and, without Kendall, Zach, Ryan, and Greenlee in attendance, the couple exchanged their vows. Tragedy struck when Kendall swerved into the oncoming lane as Greenlee approached from the opposite direction. Her motorcycle was forced off the road into a freezing river. Her body was not found, and she was pronounced dead.

Bianca and Reese's wedded bliss did not last long as news of Greenlee's accident cast a pall over the celebration. Ryan told Bianca that he knew Zach and Reese had been sleeping together, confirming the fears she'd been fighting all along. Bianca told Reese their relationship was over and sent her annulment papers before taking Miranda and Gabrielle back to Paris. Reese stayed to finish design work on Zach's casino. A few months later, Bianca returned to Pine Valley to work on rebuilding her relationship with Kendall. Upon reuniting with Reese, and seeing her and Miranda interact, Bianca realized that she had made a mistake. The two reconciled and moved back to Paris with their daughters.

The reconciliation between Reese and Bianca was short-lived. Bianca returned to Pine Valley to help search for Erica when Erica's plane disappeared. Erica was found unharmed at a cabin in Pigeon Hollow. Bianca remained in Pine Valley to assist Erica in running Fusion while Kendall remained on an extended vacation with her family. Erica and Greenlee, who had been rescued by David Hayward after her accident, were running Fusion together, but not amicably. Greenlee's husband, David Hayward, had been involved in Erica's plane crash, and Greenlee withheld information about the crash from the police. Bianca joined her mother at Fusion to help keep an eye on Greenlee.

As Erica recovered, Bianca overheard a conversation between David and Greenlee. At a promotional event for Fusion, Greenlee planned to publicly force Erica out of Fusion. When David found out Bianca knew of Greenlee's plans, he drugged Bianca to keep her quiet. Erica outmaneuvered Greenlee, and they both remained at the helm of Fusion until Kendall returned.

Since Bianca had decided to remain in Pine Valley, she rented Wildwind from the man that had rescued Erica from her plane crash, Caleb Cortlandt. Caleb was the nephew of Palmer Cortlandt. When Palmer died, he had left Wildwind to Caleb, and Caleb also moved into Wildwind with Bianca and her daughters.

Bianca worried that her daughters would not live with her for long when Reese filed a petition for sole custody of the children. Bianca hired Marissa Tasker as her attorney. Marissa and Bianca became close friends as they worked on Bianca's case. Marissa flew to St. Barts, where Bianca was attending her mother's wedding to Jack Montgomery, to personally deliver to Bianca the good news that Bianca had been awarded full custody of her daughters.

Erica and Jack's wedding did not take place because Erica went missing. At first it seemed Erica had taken off to avoid marrying Jack, and Bianca received an email from Erica apologizing for her disappearance. Caleb, Jack, and Bianca suspected Erica had been kidnapped. Caleb and Jack rescued Erica from a quarry. Erica was physically fine, but Bianca noticed her mother was acting strangely.

Bianca was also suspicious of Kendall's fiancÚ, Ricky Torres. Kendall believed Ricky was responsible for her husband Zach's death, and Kendall planned to get close to Ricky to gather evidence against him. When Ricky realized Bianca did not trust him, he lured her to a boat by sending a text message, pretending to be Kendall. Bianca knew it was a trap when she saw Ricky, and she tried to escape, but she fell and was knocked unconscious. When she awoke, she was tied to a chair in a closet with Marissa. The ordeal caused Bianca to have flashbacks of Michael Cambias and her rape.

Marissa and Bianca escaped, and Bianca was admitted to the hospital so her panic attacks could be addressed. Speaking to Marissa helped calm Bianca down, and Bianca confided to Kendall that she had fallen in love with Marissa. Kendall urged Bianca to be honest with Marissa about her feelings but Bianca believed Marissa wanted a life with J.R. instead. Bianca helped J.R. woo Marissa and she listened as Marissa considered taking J.R. back.

Bianca remained worried about her mother especially when Erica teamed up with David Hayward. Bianca was concerned for her mother and she shared her worries with Marissa. When Bianca had a meeting at a spa out of town, Marissa and Bianca decided they needed some space from Pine Valley. Marissa and her son AJ joined Bianca and her daughters on the trip. Bianca admitted she was attracted to Marissa but Marissa insisted she was straight. After Bianca's declaration, the women felt uncomfortable with one another. Bianca encouraged Marissa to return home to J.R.

After the spa trip, Bianca overheard AJ talking about his parents being back together. J.R. privately thanked Bianca for her assistance in helping him win Marissa back. Shortly after, Marissa realized Bianca had orchestrated her reunion with J.R. by coaching him and choosing thoughtful gifts for her and she confronted Bianca with anger. Bianca explained that she wanted Marissa to be happy, even if the happiness she found was with someone else. Marissa felt manipulated and accused Bianca of being a lesbian with a crush. The women decided not to spend any time together for awhile.

During the time apart, Marissa realized she was in love with Bianca and they entered into a relationship together. Bianca wanted to focus on Marissa but the situation with her mother took priority. Erica entered into a partnership with David Hayward. Erica's family and friends held an intervention for her, which Bianca attended. She was shocked when Erica claimed she was in love with David and agreed to marry him. Bianca remained concerned when her mother's personality abruptly changed and she stabbed David. Erica explained she had been held captive by a doppelganger that took her place. Erica claimed David had known the woman was impersonating Erica and used the information to his advantage.

In time, Erica's story about the fake Erica Kane was proven to be true and Bianca was relieved to have her mother back but Bianca and Marissa's new relationship still had challenges to face. J.R. was furious Marissa had left him and he turned to alcohol. Bianca supported Marissa's decision to obtain full custody of AJ until J.R. successfully completed rehab. J.R. retaliated by videotaping Bianca and Marissa in bed together. He threatened to make the video public if Marissa did not drop her custody suit.

Bianca and Marissa refused to be blackmailed by J.R. although he continued to threaten them. The couple went forward with their plans to move in together and they purchased a home in Pine Valley. Bianca and Marissa joined their family and friends in celebrating Zach's return from his supposed death after David's Project Orpheus saved his life. They also received an invitation to the Chandler mansion to celebrate the homecoming of Stuart Chandler, another one of David's patients. Bianca and Marissa were both present at the Chandler mansion when a shot rang out.

Time advanced five years between the final episode on ABC and the first episode of Prospect Park's online version.

Five years later, Bianca still mourned Marissa's death while she raised her daughters on her own in Pine Valley. Marissa had been shot and killed five years prior by J.R. Instead of serving jail time for Marissa's death, J.R. had been shot by David Hayward and lapsed into a coma. In the years that had passed, Miranda grew into a teenager and was often ridiculed by her peers for having a lesbian mother. Bianca struggled with how to help her daughter and decided it was best for her to leave town for a while to help Kendall.

Just as Bianca planned to leave Miranda at the Chandler mansion where Miranda's best friend A.J. resided, A.J.'s father J.R. woke from his coma and returned home. Bianca raged at J.R. and refused to allow Miranda to be near him. However, Miranda convinced her mother to allow her to stay there.

Bianca went to be at Kendall's side as Kendall's heart rejected the medication. She urged her sister to let Zach know about her condition but Bianca was forced to keep Kendall's secret. As Bianca sat by her sister's bedside, she thought about Miranda.

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