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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 22, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, January 22, 2001

Lily is at Emma's farm with Holden and Luke and she gets a call on her cell phone. It is Simon and he breaks the news to her that Katie is pregnant. Lily gets upset, but doesn't want Luke or Holden to see her so she goes outside to the porch and asks Simon to repeat what he just told her. Simon tells her again that Katie broke the news to him just as he was going to tell her that their marriage was over and he wants a divorce. Lily tells him that Katie is deceiving him. She tells him that he needs to question her again. He says that he thinks that she is really pregnant because she has been sick. Lily asks about her sickness. Simon says that she was sick just today. Lily is very upset and Luke comes outside and sees that she is crying. He yells back inside to Holden that his mommy is crying. Holden comes out to the porch and Lily tells Simon that she has to go. He asks if he can call her later and she hangs up. Holden tells Luke to go in and ask Emma which pie they are going to cut into. Luke runs inside and Holden questions Lily about her being upset. She says that she can't talk about it and she goes inside and tells Luke that they will have to take their piece of pie home with them. Holden feels hopeless.

At Java Underground, Rose and Denise are trying to get ready for their first dance lesson. Rose tries to find Lily on her cell phone. When Lily doesn't answer, she assumes that Lily is talking with Holden about their divorce. Ben and Curtis walk in and Curtis asks where is everyone? Rose leaves to get the rest of the students and Denise breaks the news to Curtis that he is the only male in the class. She tells him that, in time, they will be getting more males in the class. When the girls come into the room, Denise tells the students to get acquainted with each other and she and Rose go across the room to talk. Denise asks Rose if she got the t-shirts for the students? Rose tells her that she has been busy but she will get them tomorrow. Denise tells her that she had better not let her down on this. Rose tells Denise that Lily is telling Holden tonight that she wants a divorce. The two go back to the group and get the class started. Denise starts the music and it is not her music. She starts to panic and Isaac tells her that her music is in a bag on top of the stereo. He picks up the bag and it is empty. He says that the DJ must have taken the music when he left. Denise starts to panic again. Isaac tells her to calm down, the DJ lives close and they can get her music back in no time. Ben offers to go pick up the CD's that are missing. After Ben is gone, Denise and Rose discuss what they are going to do while Ben is gone. Denise tells the girls that they are going to discuss the history of dance. The girls all groan. Isaac comes in to save the day. He says that he will demonstrate break dancing. They all look at him like he is crazy, but as he starts to dance, everyone gets involved. Curtis takes notice to how much attention Isaac is giving Denise. Finally, Ben gets back with the music and the women start to their dancing lesson. Curtis makes a comment to Denise how handy Ben is to have around. After Denise walks away, Ben tells Curtis to lay off. Curtis acts like he doesn't know what Ben is talking about, so Ben starts telling him that this little girl had been looking at him and that little girl sure is cute. Curtis asks him what is he doing? Ben tells him that it isn't fun when someone is trying to play love connection. He tells him that it just doesn't work like that. Denise comes over and makes Curtis get in on the lesson and he really enjoys himself. After the lesson is over, everyone leaves and Rose gives Holden a call. She asks him to go out to dinner with her and he says that he is dealing with something and besides he had a big dinner with his mother. Rose tells him that it will do him good to get out and he can just watch while she eats and she can tell him about her first dance lesson. Holden tells her that tonight is not a good night and she can tell him about her first lesson the next time they see each other. Rose hangs up and she is disappointed. Denise asks her about Holden and Rose tells her, "You know men, you just can't figure them out."

Katie returns back to the garage and she beats Simon back there. She yells for him as she enters, but he doesn't answer. She had spent some time with Margo finding out about pregnancy symptoms. Margo had given her some books to read. She hears Simon coming in and she rushes to the bathroom. Simon yells for her and she tells him to wait a minute. He can hear her in the bathroom getting sick. Of course, she is pretending. She comes out of the bathroom with mouthwash and apologizes to Simon. She tells him that her morning sickness seems to be lasting the whole day. Simon starts to question her again about her doctor and being pregnant. She gets upset with him and yells at him. She apologizes again and goes to a bag that she brought in and takes out junk food and starts eating the food. Simon watches her and then he tells her that he has to get some air and he leaves. Katie goes to the phone and calls Henry. He is not home, again. She leaves him an urgent message about a doctor and hangs up.

At Lily's house, she is rushing around, cleaning up her living room and Lucinda comes in. Lily asks her what does she want? Lucinda tells her that she is upset that she has to say goodbye to Sierra and she is missing Lily at the party. They start to discuss Lily's situation and Lily tells her that they have said it all before and nothing has changed. Lily tells her mother that she is going upstairs to tuck her children in and to go to fairy tale land where everyone gets what they want. She kisses her mother goodbye and Lucinda leaves and Lily goes upstairs. Simon walks in from the back door. When Lily comes back down, Simon is standing there and she reminds him about the INS agents. He says that he doesn't care about that. He asks her, "Where do we go from here?"

It is Molly's first day back on the air at WOAK. She is all excited and Kim has even got her favorite chair for her. Abigail and Jake come in to root her on. As Jake and Abigail are wishing her well, Vicky appears across the studio and is watching them. Molly tells Jake and Abigail that she has to get started on her newscast and they step to the side. As Molly starts her newscast, Jake turns and looks behind him. He sees Vicky standing there. He walks over to her and makes sure nobody is watching him. He asks what is she doing there? She tells him that she needs to speak to Molly. Jake asks her if she can come back later? She gives him a look. He says that he is sorry, he doesn't mean to look like he is trying to get rid of her, but Molly is in the middle of a major comeback and she can't see Vicky right now. Jake asks if it is a matter of life or death? Vicky says that it is a matter of death, her death. Jake continues to try to talk Vicky into leaving and a stagehand walks up and sees Jake talking to nobody. He turns and sees that she is watching him and he smiles at her. When she leaves, he turns to talk to Vicky again and she is gone. Molly finishes her newscast and Abigail comes up to congratulate her on a job well done. Molly asks where Jake is? Abigail says that he was standing right over there, but he must be off making arrangements for another surprise for her. Kim comes up and wants to talk with Molly. Jake walks up to Abigail and tells her about Vicky appearing to him. She asks where she is now? Jake says that he doesn't know, but he hopes she waits until Molly is finished with her newscast to appear again. Vicky is watching from above on the catwalk. Molly comes back and they start the countdown to start the next segment and as they go on air, Molly sees Vicky standing by the camera. Vicky says, "They need you, Molly!"

Tuesday, January 23, 2001

Molly is starting her first newscast since having her accident. Just as she starts the news, Vicky appears and says to Molly, "They need you!" Molly sees her and stops her news and then she tries to recover and keep on going even though Vicky is talking to her. Abigail can't see Vicky, but Jake can. Abigail asks Jake what is wrong with Molly? Jake tells her that Vicky is standing in front of the teleprompter. Molly starts to shuffle through her papers to find the news so she can read it. Vicky keeps on talking. Kim runs in and asks what is wrong with Molly. Vicky disappears and Molly goes on with the news, but the teleprompter acts up and 1111 keeps appearing on the TV screen. Jake tells her to go to a commercial. Kim tells him that they just came back from a commercial. Jake tells her that there is obviously a technical problem and they need to go to a commercial! Kim tells the stagehand to go to a commercial. When they are off air, Jake and Abigail run over to Molly and ask her how she is? She tells them that Vicky was there talking to her. Kim walks up and asks Molly what is wrong. Molly tells her that the teleprompter messed up. Jake asks Kim how old is her equipment? Kim says that they just had the equipment updated and she leaves to find out what happened. Molly tells Jake and Abigail that 1111 was coming up on the monitor. Molly tells Jake that Vicky really needs her. She tells him that she kept saying that they need her and the 1111 was coming up on the monitor. Then, Molly remembers that Vicky had written four straight lines on the mirror the first time that she had seen her. She tells Jake that she must have been writing 1111 on the mirror. Molly says that she is shaking so much she can hardly hold her copy and she looks down at the papers. She sees the date and then thinks that maybe the 1111 is a date of some sort. Kim comes over and tells Molly to get into position they are coming back from the commercial. When Molly starts the news again, everything goes well and she sees Vicky standing by the camera and she is smiling. After the news is over, Molly tells Jake and Abigail that she is going to work hard for Vicky and try to find out what she needs. Jake tells her that he will look in his papers for the date 11/11 and see if anything comes up. Molly hugs Jake and tells him thanks.

At Craig's hotel suite, Mei-Lin pays him a visit. She is there to deliver a message from their mutual friends in Hong Kong. She tells him that they can no longer extend his credit and he will have to pay up. Craig tells her that she needs to get back to Hong Kong and find where Winston has hid his money. She leaves, but before she goes out the door, she reminds Craig that their friends in Hong Kong won't be patient for long. Craig closes the door and goes to the phone and makes a call. He orders three-dozen roses to be delivered to Ms. Barbara Ryan.

Hal walks into his and Barbara's house and places a small package all wrapped up on the counter. He takes out an envelope and takes out a card and reads that he is apologizing to Barbara and he says that they have always danced well together and he has been out of step. He asks Barbara in the note to give him a little time to get it back. He puts the card in the envelope and props the envelope up on the gift box. Will comes down and sees his father. Hal asks if his mother is home and Will says that she isn't and the sitter is still there. Will complains that the sitter is so lame; she can't even fix a cassette tape. Hal tells him that it is because she is a girl. He takes the tape from Will and fixes it for him. Will tells his father thanks and then adds, "You can fix anything, dad!" Will runs back upstairs and Hal mutters that he hopes he can. Hal leaves and Barbara returns. As she is setting her purse and packages down on the table, the doorbell rings. When she opens the door a man is standing there with a bunch of roses. She signs for the roses and gives the guy a tip. She takes the roses and comments how beautiful they are. She takes them over to the counter and as she sits them down, she knocks Hal's present and card off the counter and into the trash. She finds the note that came with the roses and it says that Craig has missed her and he is waiting for her in his hotel suite. She starts upstairs to change clothes and then decides that she looks fine the way she is. She leaves to rendezvous with Craig.

Back at Craig's suite, he has champagne on ice and strawberries with chocolate waiting. There is a knock at the door and he says that it didn't take long. When he opens the door, Hal is standing there. Craig tells Hal that he doesn't have time for him and starts to close the door. Hal puts his foot in front of the door and comes into the suite. Hal walks over and sees that Craig has put out quite a spread. Hal turns to Craig and asks if he is having an affair with his wife? Craig chuckles. He tells Hal that he and his wife like each other. Hal says that he wondered if Craig would have the brass to admit to it. Hal issues Craig a warning. He says that if Craig gets his wife involved in his syndicate problems, he will have hell to pay. Craig tells him that it was nice for Hal to stop by but he is expecting someone. As he opens the door to show Hal out, Barbara walks in. Hal looks at her and says that she is there after he left her the note. Barbara has no idea what Hal is talking about but it is too late, Hal walks out in a huff. After he is gone, Craig tells Barbara to forget about him and he gives her a glass of champagne. Barbara can't relax. She apologizes to Craig and says that she has to get this cleared up. Craig offers to drive her home and wait for her to talk to Hal. Barbara declines and leaves. After she is gone, Craig says that she will be back and he will be waiting.

Hal walks into his house and slams the door. He sees the roses sitting on the counter. He walks over and sees the note that Craig had sent to Barbara. He crumples the note and throws it in the trash. When is does, he sees his card and gift in the trash. He assumes that Barbara has thrown it there. He looks at the envelope and sees that it was not opened. He says, "She didn't even read the note!" He rips up the envelope and throws it on the table. He turns back to the roses and picks them up and throws them against the wall. As he does this, Barbara walks in. She says that they have something to clear up. She asks Hal about a note? He says that it doesn't matter. She says that she thinks that she knows how he must feel. Hal says that he knows how she feels. She feels that she can just run in and out of Craig Montgomery's bachelor pad whenever she feels like it and making fools out of him and her. He adds that he hopes it doesn't prove to be fatal. He walks over to the door and says that he hopes he still loves her when all this is over and he walks out, leaving Barbara standing alone with tears in her eyes.

Lily and Simon have a heart to heart about their situation. Lily gives Simon some scenarios about how their lives will turn out. She tells him that she still doesn't believe that Katie could be pregnant. She adds that on top of everything, the birth control couldn't have failed. Simon gets a terrible look on his face. He breaks the news to Lily that they didn't use any birth control. He tells her that he threw the condom away. Lily yells at him. She asks him how stupid could he be? He tells her that he was drunk and didn't realize what he was doing or what consequences it would bring. Lily starts to back paddle. Simon asks her if she still wants to be with him. Faith comes downstairs and tells her mommy that she had a nightmare. Lily takes her child back upstairs to bed and when she returns to Simon, she tells him that she is not sure that they can disrupt this many lives. Simon begs her to wait until he finds out for sure if Katie is pregnant before she makes a decision. She tells him that she will be there waiting and he leaves. Recap --->

Wednesday, January 24, 2001

Lucinda meets a mysterious man at the airport. Bryant balks when Sierra begs him to return to Montega with her. Jack and Julia grieve when they find the quilt Emma gave them for the baby. Hal tells Adam that he and Barbara are splitting up and asks him to move out, since Barbara owns the house.

Sierra tells Bryant that the reason she sent him to live in Oakdale was because she couldn't live with his disappointment in her. The man at the airport introduces himself as Jeffrey Young and tells Lucinda he has a daughter Karen. Lucinda is uneasy when he quizzes her about her finances, in the guise of wanting to set up a trust fund for his daughter, but Lucinda admits she has set up trust funds for her grandchildren "to spoil them rotten."

Jennifer tells Adam that Craig is the reason behind their parents' breakup--her mother is having an affair with Adam's uncle. When Jack tells Hal about Julia's miscarriage, Hal insists Jack should blame Craig. Sierra shows Craig his unpaid hotel bill and tells him she paid it. Bryant asks Adam and Abigail for their help in digging up the grave of the supposedly-dead Gabriel Frank, Ruby's accomplice. Jack tells Hal that he, not Craig, should shoulder all the blame since he put Julia under too much stress, and agonizes over losing his firstborn.

Sierra tells her mother about Craig's money troubles and worries that she's responsible for the rift between Craig and Bryant. Jeffrey listens in as Lucinda promises Sierra she'll watch over Bryant's trust fund. Bryant asks Adam to sneak a peak at Margo's file on Gabriel Frank. Abigail reluctantly agrees to drive them to the cemetery that night. Bryant tells Jennifer he's going to tap into his trust fund to make her feel happy and safe.

Ruby joins Jeffrey at the airport and they watch as Sierra says goodbye to Lucinda and boards her plane. Hal is saddened to see Adam's schoolbooks and automatically goes to put them in Adam's room, before realizing it's not Adam's home anymore. Julia looks at a sonogram of the baby while Jack looks at the sled he made.

Thursday, January 25, 2001

Lily goes to Emma's to see Holden who has gone out with Rose for a nice fun night for dinner, while Lily gets a the third degree from Emma for basically destroying her family. Lily said She needed to see Holden because she had some news, she told Emma about Katie being pregnant and Emma figured out the reason she wanted to see Holden is because now Simon is "stuck" Lily may need Simon. Meanwhile Rose and Holden go back to her place for drinks after dinner. Rose and Holden kiss while Lily is waiting for Holden in the barn.

Lucinda calls Tom to try to free some money up for Bryant but Tom finds out that his assets have been frozen. He offers to start an investigation however, Lucinda figures it is Craig and decides to go to see him herself. Lucinda arrives and questions Craig and Craig is surprised to hear of the news.

Bryant, Abigail, Adam and Jen all go looking for the guy who conned Bryant and they found his stone at the cemetery.

Craig tells Emily to fire Chris however after Chris walks in and tells Craig about how Henry has it in for him and Emily says how circulation is up and how firing people who ruin the morals of those still there, he decides to let everyone stay. Chris then tells Emily how he misses how they use to be and Emily caves in to him.

Friday, January 26, 2001

Jake and Molly were determined to discover why Vicky made reference to the number 1111. Hoping to find a clue, they went to the City Times office to research all of the news stories that happened on November 11. They were shocked to find an article describing the body of an unidentified woman that had been discovered washed up in the waters off Canada, close to where Vicky's plane crashed.

At Hal and Barbara's, Kim and Barbara discussed the state of the Munson marriage. Hal arrived and was furious when Barbara told him she had no idea of Jennifer and Adam's whereabouts. At Kim's suggestion, Hal agreed to see a marriage counselor but Barbara was against the idea and admitted sadly that there was nothing left to save. When Kim left, they resumed arguing and Barbara accused Hal of being obsessed with Craig Montgomery. Hal told Barbara he felt like Craig was destroying his life. After Hal left to go find Jennifer, Craig called Barbara to invite her to lunch--she accepted happily.

Craig and Lucinda got into a heated discussion about the funds missing from Bryant's trust. When Craig accused Sierra of having "control issues" just like her mother, Lucinda berated him for humiliating her daughter and stealing from his own son. Their discussion somehow turned to Craig and Lucinda's affair years earlier and Lucinda assured Craig that he would be very sorry for what he had done.

Ruby and Gabriel broke into Lucinda's guest house but were startled when Lucinda started banging at the door. While they were hiding from Lucinda in Bryant's bedroom, Hal dropped by looking for Jennifer. Lucinda slyly insinuated that if Hal would drop the charges against Bryant, she would help him expose Craig.

At the cemetery, Adam, Abigail, Jen, and Bryant were almost caught by a policeman who was investigating a noise. Adam and Abigail were nervous and decided to leave, but Jen decided to stay with a determined Bryant. Bryant finally opened up the coffin and discovered a fake skeleton inside with a note that said "Gone fishing."

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