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Monday, January 22

Eve was startled when she realized that the person she heard was Kevin and not Ian. When Kevin asked who she was expecting, Eve covered by saying that she thought it was Karen. Kevin said that Victor had been watching the compound and told Kevin when he found out that Eve was there. Eve assured Kevin that she was alright, but cold so Kevin went out to get a blanket. Meanwhile, Karen came back in and Eve told her how crazy she was feeling. Karen thought it was odd that Eve had hid the letter to Kevin under the mattress, but Eve was convinced that the letter proved that Kevin is the only man she ever loved.

Darryl corrected Lucy when she mistakenly called him Kevin, but it didn't stop there. First, Lucy explained that she was trying to get over someone, but that she was going to be fine. Then, everything she saw and heard turned into Kevin. Realizing that Lucy really wasn't going to be fine, Darryl excused himself and promised to call with details of the house.

Arianna pleaded with Ben for her life. Ben was focused on placing the blame for the rape on Arianna and trying to get her to realize how she had shamed the family. Arianna tried to get Ben to remember how close they were when they were children so he would let her go, but it wasn't working so she broke free and tried to run up the stairs. When Ben caught up with her there was a struggle and Arianna tumbled down the stairs. Laying at the bottom, Arianna cried for help for her and her child, but Ben left her there.

Ian spoke to Gabriela about an abused women's home that she works with sometimes. After arranging a spot for Arianna, Ian called home to check on her. When there was no answer, Ian knew something was wrong and rushed home to find Arianna on the floor. Ian immediately called for an ambulance and got Arianna to the hospital.

When Kevin returned, Karen left he and Eve alone. Kevin wanted to know why exactly Eve had come back to this place that had so many bad memories. Eve confessed that when Kevin had been suspicious of her feelings for Ian she had to come and be sure for herself. Kevin felt terrible for putting Eve in that position, but Eve didn't seem to mind. She told Kevin that she found what she was looking for and let him read the letter she had found. They kissed to show how much they still loved each other, but neither seemed convinced.

Tuesday, January 23

Lucy announces to Livvie how she's about to become a party girl and live life to the fullest from now on. Meanwhile, Eve and Kevin decide to renew their wedding vows the very next day. Out of her husband's earshot, Eve phones the hospital and is relieved to learn that Ian isn't back on staff. A starry-eyed Livvie confides to Lucy that a wonderful new guy has come into her life. At the precinct house, Jack told Kevin he's going to find a job and walk the straight and narrow for Livvie's sake. Later, Kevin privately asks Mac if he can pull some strings to get the charges against Lucy dropped. From her hospital bed, Arianna explains to Ian how she fell down the stairs during a struggle with her brother. Eve asks Chris to put her back on rotation at GH. Livvie reassures Lucy that she'll take all the necessary precautions if and when she elects to start sleeping with her young man. Ian gently informs a saddened Arianna that she lost her baby when she fell. Lucy senses Kevin's handiwork after Mac reveals that she's off the hook. Chris springs into action upon learning that Livvie has obtained birth control pills.

Wednesday, January 24

Eve ran into Ian outside of Arianna's room. He explained that he was not yet back on staff, but he was watching over a friend. Eve told Ian that she had gone back to the compound and how difficult it was to remember that time, but Ian reminded her that their time wasn't all that bad.

Chris found a new partner to try to break up Livvie and Jack. This time, the team decided to use one of Livvie's close friends to get Livvie to listen. Chris was determined to have Livvie all to himself.

Alison tried to remind Livvie to be careful where love is concerned. Livvie explained that she really feels that Jack is the right guy. When Alison told Livvie that she just didn't want her to get hurt, Livvie reminded Alison of what everyone said about Jamal when they first got together. Alison seemed to back off, but she was still worried.

Ian and Eve discussed what she could remember about being in the compound. Ian asked her if she had found what she was looking for when she went back and Eve confessed that she had discovered just how much she loved Kevin. Eve let Ian read the letter that she found and invited him to come to the wedding, but Ian explained that he had other obligations to take care of. Then, Eve tried to return Ian's bracelet, but he would not accept it back.

Chris's partner went to the Recovery Room and pretended that he was upset with Chris Ramsey. When Alison came to serve him, he gave her the envelope with the tape of Jack saying how he had used Livvie and told her to throw the envelope away. Naturally, Alison was curious.

Meanwhile, Livvie asked Jack if he would escort her to Kevin and Eve's wedding. Jack was touched to be invited to such a family gathering. Livvie said that she wanted everyone to get to know him better, but wanted him to promise that they would always tell each other the truth first. Then, she asked Jack if they could go somewhere after the wedding to be completely alone.

Lucy introduced Serena to her new house. Serena enjoyed the new scenery, but couldn't seem to stop bringing up Kevin's name. Lucy was having a hard enough time not fantasizing about Kevin being in the room. Serena was disappointed to hear that Lucy may not be attending the wedding, but eventually Lucy decided that she needed to be there and she would go.

Thursday, January 25

Ian assures a grateful Arianna that she will be safe upon her release from the hospital. As the day of their renewal ceremony dawns, Eve and Kevin force smiles for one another's benefit. Victor drops by Lucy's new place with a housewarming gift and is dismayed to learn that she's planning to be in attendance when Kevin and Eve renew their wedding vows. Though a worried Victor urges her to reconsider, Lucy remains convinced that her "Doc" will never be able to go through with the ceremony. Mac arrives early at the lighthouse and finds the prospective groom in a melancholy mood. Meanwhile, at the hospital, a morose Ian admits to Joe that Eve's wedding day just might be the worst day of his life. Victor begs Lucy to stay home and resign herself to a life without Kevin. As she gets dressed for her big day, Eve confides to Karen how she cannot seem to get Ian out of her mind. Ben reports his sister to the INS, then gleefully informs a terrified Arianna that she's being deported. Lucy and Ian both arrive at the lighthouse with high hopes.

Friday, January 26

Alison hesitantly breaks some bad news to Livvie, who's stunned to hear the tape of Jack's "confession". Eve confides to Victor how jittery she is even though she's already said her wedding vows once before. Meanwhile, Lucy slips into Kevin's bedroom and told the groom she's been unable to stop thinking about him. After Livvie confronts him with the tape, Jack sheepishly admits that he did indeed intend only to use her when they first met. Lucy pressures Kevin to confess that he wants her as much as she longs for him. Insisting he's going to marry the woman he loves, Kevin angrily orders a tearful Lucy out of his house. Ian explains to a startled Eve that Arianna is nothing more than a friend who needed some help. Jack attempts to convince a bristling Livvie that Chris set him up but she demands that he leave her and never return. Later, Jack and Lucy commiserate while drowning their sorrows at a local watering hole. Karen apologizes again to Frank for canceling their date at the last minute. Surrounded by a circle of family and friends, Eve and Kevin begin to renew their marriage vows as Ian quietly slips away. After they share a kiss, a tipsy Lucy invites Jack back to her place. During the ceremony, memories of her love for Ian come flooding back to a troubled Eve.

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