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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 9, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, April 9, 2001



Ruby goes to Craig's to try to get him to admit on tape he doesn't love Barbara and is only marrying her for her money. He asks her why she came back, most women wouldn't come back he says, she answers she is not most women. He tells her that she is not as mysterious as she makes herself out to be, that she is a game player. She grabs his hands and tells him what each line means. She describes he is a man of adventure, excitement, and intrigue. She also tells him he likes strong women. He says that is what Barbara is, she says she doesn't see her in his hand. They start to kiss and she asks him if he loves his fiancée. He says no. They make out on the couch and she asks him to make love to hear. He "accidentally" spills something on her and she goes to the bathroom to clean it up. While she is away he looks in her bag and finds the recorder. He opens a drawer and takes the tape out of his recorder and switches the tapes. He puts the recorder back in her bag. She comes back out and starts to kiss him. He tells her she is leaving and pushes her out the door. She says she will return and leaves. After the door is shut, she checks her bag and finds the recorder thinking she got the dirt on Craig. He takes the tape out of pocket and sarcastically laughs.


Ben, Isaac, and Lien are at Al's Diner, Ben and Isaac tell Lien they have someone they want her to meet who can help Ben get custody of Curtis. Not caring for the mystery, she asks them who it is. Jake walks in and they introduce him. She tells him that his reputation precedes him and she has heard many good things about him from Tom when he used to work for the Argus. They tell him without Leo's (Curtis's father) signature, Ben cannot adopt Curtis. Isaac asks Jake to dig up dirt on Leo. He says he can talk to a couple of his unnamed sources, he doesn't believe their cellblock addresses have changed. Ben tells Jake, he wants him to find out what the authorities don't know about, such as: drug use, gang association, what his REAL plan for the future is. Lien tells them they need hard proof, not just hearsay. She wants every legal avenue explored, so not to leave anything open that could hurt their case later. She wants this done right. She suddenly looks very sick and excuses herself and goes to the pay phone looking very distressed. Jake sees something in all this and confronts her. She tries to cover, but he sees through it. He tells her she should go to see a doctor, but she asks him to back off and not to doubt her. He agrees and she says she must go. They go back to the table and all get ready to leave. Isaac asks Jake what was up at the phone. He says nothing, just his irresistible charm with women. They then joke about the tab and leave. Outside the restaurant Ben asks Lien what she thinks of Jake. She jokes they will either win with flying colors or end up in even more trouble. She says they will win, because he deserves to win. She also mentions she is a very sore loser.


Jack accuses Julia of lying. She tells him she can't believe he is saying all this. She then mocks him after he loses his cool a little. She says he better watch his temper or he may get locked up too. He tells her he wants answers. Julia tells him she wants answers too. She tells him the only reason he put her in there was so he could go chase Carly. He doesn't totally deny it and says he is part of the problem. She says he has made her this untrusting, insecure person, but tells him sarcastically she will get better for him. She asks him if it is wrong to want to save their marriage. He tells her he will be not be threatened anymore. She asks him just what will he not take anymore: the separation, the horrible way she treated her since they got married. He replies, no, the lying, the compromising of his job to protect her, the suicide threats, he can't keep bailing her out any longer. He tells her he has done all of this, because he has felt sorry for her. She tells him that's bull, he only did it to get closer to Carly. All the pretend job assignments, the cases only Carly could help him solve, the sneaking out late at night to discuss how he will dump her is what his was really doing. Did you ever think of where Carly and I would be if not for you in out lives. He says he is not responsible for her any longer. It's over, she is on her own. She says he doesn't mean that. I always gave you my love, but I always had to ask for yours. She starts to lash out, saying what else can she give him, she has nothing left to give. He says she does, he wants a divorce. She says he doesn't know what he is saying and passes out. Jack gets the doctors and they try to revive her. She comes out of it saying she had a dream. They want to do tests on her, but she says she is fine. She says she will be fine, her husband is there. When the doctors leave she starts to cry and apologize. He tells her she will not pull him back into this lie. She sarcastically says he should feel better he did everything he could to save their marriage. She says he can't keep her there and that she can go free. He asks where will she go. She mockingly asks if Carly is living with Jack, is she wearing her clothes. She says she doesn't envy the struggle he is in. He says he is filing papers the next morning. She says if he thinks she'll grant him a divorce, he's crazier than she is. Did he forget she was Julia Lindsey before she was Julia Snyder. All the money she has saved away from before, she can and will drag this through the courts for years. She can get Dr. Michaels to say she is to unstable to sign any papers. Did he forget about Jake who would be more than happy to help an old friend, or Emily would be more than happy to print their troubles in her paper. He will have no reputation left after she is through. He leaves stunned, as Julia stands with hands crossed with a proud smile, pleased with her accomplishment.


They talk about school while sitting on a break at Mabel's's Red Hots. The subject changes to the prom. He tells her of his schools boring prom planned for the Lakeview. He asks her what Oakdale Latin has in store for its students. She says a boring black tie affair at Java Underground. He says he would have it right here, blue jeans, great food, and good tunes on the jukebox is what it would include. They say all the money used for their proms should go to a homeless shelter. Adam then asks Abby if she wants to go. To which prom would they go she asks, just a Jennifer walks in. Jen apologizes to Abigail for not keeping in touch, things have been hectic and then drops the bomb of her mother marrying Craig. Both stunned, Adam offers her a place to live with him at Tom and Margo's. She thanks him, but says she has it under control. She asks them to cover for her if she would happen to be out past her curfew. They ask her what's up, but she says nothing yet, just is case. Abigail agrees to help and Adam promises to keep it a secret. Abigail asks Jen if she will be ok, she says she will, but appears to he hiding something. Jen then leaves. Adam again asks her about the prom. She says she will be happy to go to the prom with him.

Tuesday, April 10, 2001

Hal went to Carly's to pick up Parker for the afternoon and told her that Jack left town for a few days and left a note for Carly.

Ruby is confident she got the goods on Craig after trying to seduce him. Gabe played back the tape to make sure everything was recorded and they discovered that they had been duped by Craig and had nothing to show Bryant.

Barbara visited Craig and said she can't go through with the marriage until she and Jennifer work out their problems. She explained to Craig they had been arguing a lot and her kids feel abandoned. Craig said they will find a way to make Jennifer happy because he's not ready to give up. He proposed that he spend some time with her children because they only know him based on what Hal feeds them. He encouraged Barbara to treat Jennifer like an adult and make her part of the wedding.

Gabe told Bryant they had technical problems and didn't have anymore dirt on his father. Bryant wasn't pleased and said time was running out. He gave them one more chance to make the plan work and Gabe agreed that if they don't come up with anything else, they would call it off. But Gabe assured Ruby they wouldn't lose their chance this time because they were getting closer to Lucinda's money.

The letter Jack left Carly only revealed that he would be gone a few days. Hal wanted to know what was going on to make Jack leave town while Julia was still in the hospital. Carly wasn't sure, but she thought Julia would know. Carly snuck into the hospital again, but was immediately caught by Dr. Michaels who tried to throw her out. Julia overheard and said Carly could stay. She asked Carly if she was there to throw her relationship with Jack in her face, since Jack asked her for a divorce. Carly was stunned and Julia tried to back up and tell her Jack said that during a heated argument. Carly surmised that Julia must have told Jack she wouldn't give him a divorce and that is why he left.

Craig told Barbara they could call off their wedding if Jen was not in agreement, but he didn't think it would come to that. Barbara set up a meeting with Jen to discuss their problems. As she was leaving, Cass showed up. Cass told Craig his marriage to Barbara was off because he was still married to Sierra. The divorce papers were never signed by her and now she is on a plane to Oakdale to see him.

Bryant showed Jen the pictures of Ruby and his father together and assured her the plan was going to work, but Jen said her mother was on her way over and she thinks she can talk her into canceling the wedding. But if she can't, their plan would resume. Barbara met with Jen and the two argued over Craig. Barbara said she was in love with him and why couldn't Jen understand how happy he made her. Barbara apologized for everything and said she wanted her daughter back in her life - and her wedding. Jen was appalled and said she would never be involved in her life with Craig.

Julia was shocked to hear Jack left town, but relieved to realize that he didn't run to Carly. This made her think that there was hope, yet again, for her and Jack and tormented Carly with the realization. But Carly said the reason he left town was to figure out how to get rid of Julia. But Julia wouldn't hear it and believed he would be coming back to her. Carly left, but not before telling Julia that she still knew she was faking her illness.

Barbara told Jen she didn't have to approve of the wedding nor did she have to live with them when they are married. Barbara tried to plead her case saying that their relationship is not about just sex and lust, it was about love and she deserved to be truly loved. Barbara asked Jen to be her maid of honor. Disgusted, Jen told her mother everything Craig was doing was an act, but Barbara said it was Craig's idea to call off the wedding if Jen didn't agree - proof of how much he loved her.

Julia told Dr. Michaels that Jack didn't leave her for Carly and there is still hope for their marriage. Dr. Michaels was skeptical, but said Julia needed to work on herself to be ready for when Jack returned.

Jen called her mother's bluff and started to dial Craig to say the wedding was off. Totally sickened by her daughter's disregard, Barbara blew up at Jen and blasted her for not trying to see the situation how she does. Barbara walked out.

Bryant rushed back to Gabe's to tell them to hold off on the plan until after Jen talked to her mother.

Sierra showed up at Craig's door, but he wasn't home.

Carly returned home to find her door unlocked and thought Jack was inside, but was startled to find Craig there.

Wednesday, April 11, 2001

At Al's diner:

Hal and Margo had dinner at Al's. A police officer walked up to Hal and handed him a fax from Hong Kong. Margo was upset that Hal was still investigation Craig. Hal read the coroners report and was delighted to read that Winston Lowe died of an overdose of heart medication. Margo still didn't believe that her bother was involved and argued with Hal. She wanted to know if Hal's bias against Craig didn't have something to do with him continuing the investigation.

At Craig's hotel suite:

Sierra called out to Craig as she knocked at his door. Barbara showed up and was surprised to see Sierra and wanted to know why she was there. Sierra told her that she and Craig had some unfinished business. They exchanged pleasantries and when no one came to the door, Sierra said the clerk at the front desk gave her a key and invited Barbara to come in. Sierra talked about the wedding and asked what type of wedding they were planning. Barbara told her a small one. Sierra wanted to know how the whirled wind romance started. Barbara became agitated and told Sierra that she didn't believe that she and Craig had any unfinished business. Sierra then dropped a bomb and told Barbara that she and Craig never got a divorce. Sierra told Barbara that she didn't know what she was getting herself into. Barbara told her that Craig had changed. When Sierra suggested that Craig was marrying her only for her money, Barbara smiled and told her that Craig signed the pre-nup, and that he wanted her, not her money. Sierra was surprised that Craig signed the pre-nup. The doorbell rang and Barbara answered it. It was Hal. Sierra left the suite as Hal walked in. Hal told Barbara he had info that may put a glitch in her wedding plans.

Hal gave Barbara the coroner's papers that showed that Winston Lowe was murdered. He told her that Craig was the only one that had motive and opportunity. He left the papers with Barbara to read.

At Gabe's trailer:

Bryant told Gabe that he might not need them to break up Craig and Barbara after all. Gabe and Ruby laughed when Bryant said that Jennifer was talking to Barbara and she may change her mother's mind about marrying Craig. Bryant didn't want them to do anything further until he heard from Jennifer. Bryant's phone rang and Jennifer told him that the meeting with her mother was a disaster. She told him that her mother is not going to stop the wedding, she wanted Jennifer to be her maid of honor. Bryant decided to work with Ruby and Gabe.

At Carly's apartment:

Carly saw that her apartment door was ajar. She got her can of pepper spray out of her purse and cautiously walked in. She thought it might be Jack and called out for him. It was Craig instead. He told Carly he needed sanctuary. She wanted to know how she could help. As a pretext to why he was there, he told her that he needed for her to help him with his sore foot. When she asked why he didn't ask Barbara instead of her, he told her that she was just what the doctor ordered. She wanted to know if he was tired of wanting Barbara for her money. Carly wanted to know what really was going on with him. He told her that Jennifer is causing problems with the wedding. He also told her that Sierra never signed the divorce papers. Carly was amused and kidded him about it. She re-bandaged his sore foot. They discussed how both of them have been hurt by people they loved and then they fantasized about running away from it all. Craig surprised Carly when he suggested that she pack a bag and run away with him. They discussed all the places in the world they could go to have fun and forget all about the past. Carly said it sounded like a dream, but that she has a son. She told Craig she may still have a chance with Jack because he left Julia. Craig wanted to know where he was if he left Julia. Then he suggested that she would be better off running away with him. He thanked her for fixing his foot and said it felt better, as he walked out.

Carly called Jack on the phone and left a message on his answering machine. She told him that Julia told her that he asked her for a divorce. She also said that she would be waiting for him when he came back and lit a candle that was in the window.

After Craig left Carly's apartment, he got into his car. He found Ruby in the car. She quickly took off her jacket, exposing that she had nothing on underneath it. She kissed Craig while Gabe took pictures and Bryant watched.

Thursday, April 12, 2001

Henry stuns Katie with the news that Simon has not only been married once before, he's actually tied the knot five time and had two other engagements end early. Showing her the names and addresses of his wives, Henry suggests that Simon was marrying these many women for their money. Katie still claims to love Simon and wants him to stay with her. Craig meets with Simon at Al's and explains how he's being chased by the same woman who set up his son and he doesn't know what's behind her sordid actions. Offering him and Katie a room in his hotel suite as partial payment, Craig asks Simon to uncover Ruby's secret. Simon agrees and runs to tell Katie who's impressed that her brother has hired him.

Working his magic with some scissors, Gabe shows Ruby and Bryant the results of his efforts to frame Craig with Ruby. Impressed, Bryant thanks the two more than once and then calls Jennifer to meet him. Jennifer is still angry and upset at how Barbara doesn't seem to care about her feelings.

Denise is caught off guard when the Chicago Dance Group calls to offer her a job. Though she realizes she can't take it and move to Chicago by tomorrow, Isaac convinces her otherwise. She thanks him for all of his help and asks him to say goodbye to Ben for her.

Craig later finds Barbara waiting with the information that Sierra and Hal gave her. Talking fast, Craig convinces her that he's through with Sierra, didn't know he was still married to her and that he had nothing to do with Winston's death. He then convinces her to leave town with him. Barbara also fills Craig in on how she wants to forget the marriage since Jen doesn't want to come around.

Friday, April 13, 2001

Katie and Simon happily ensconced themselves into Craig's suite at the Lakeview. Katie overhead Simon on the phone trying to obtain information about Ruby and accused him of trying to locate wife number six. Simon admitted to being married several times in the past but denied stealing money from any of his previous wives.

Sierra told Lucinda that she had never signed the divorce papers and had reservations about Craig's impending marriage. Lucinda then informed Sierra of Bryant's depleted trust fund and her plan to send Craig to jail for embezzlement if and when he is unable to come up with the payment. To Lucinda's chagrin, Sierra refused to participate in any scheme to put Craig behind bars. Later on, Bryant dropped by and Sierra was furious when he admitted to setting his father up with the photos of Craig and Ruby kissing. Sierra was upset at the thought of Bryant hurting his father in such a manner and begged him to rethink the matter. After Sierra left, Lucinda urged Bryant to let her handle the situation.

At Java Underground, Jake and Molly celebrated a night alone without the kids. Jake was worried when he noticed Lien struggling to catch her breath on her way to meet Ben at Al's Diner. At the diner, Lien informed Ben that she filed a petition declaring Curtis's father unfit. Ben was concerned when he learned that Curtis would have to testify but agreed to go along with it as long as Curtis had no objections. When they gave Curtis the news, he was anxious about having to testify but agreed to do it anyway. After Isaac informed Ben of Denise's decision to leave town, Ben left to go find her. He eventually found her at Bob and Kim's house and they shared a bittersweet goodbye.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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