One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 9, 2001 on OLTL

Asa searched for Ben. Skye left town to find her father. Blair, Max, and Todd headed to court. Starr let a snake loose in the courtroom. Jen continued to mistake various men for Colin. At Colin's grave, Jessica wanted to find a missing charm from her bracelet.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 9, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, April 9, 2001

Ben pressed Gina for an explanation about why Rourke was at her front door and Gina lied that she did not know how Rourke had found her house. Ben hid and listened to Gina and Rourke's confrontation as Viki watched it all on the monitor. Gina managed to get Rourke to leave before he could blow her scheme. Later, Gina admitted to Ben that she knew who ordered the hit on him. In the basement, Viki knocked James out and tried to unlock the door. Meanwhile, Jessica covered with Bo for her slip about Will. Bo did not buy Jessica's story that she had only seen Colin in her nightmares and asked to talk to her privately. Asa interrupted Bo and Jessica before Bo could learn anything else from her. Asa demanded that Bo find Ben because his life was in danger. When questioned by Bo, Asa denied having any involvement with the hit on Ben. Lindsay tried to discover what Melanie was hiding, but Lanie refused to talk to her sister. Lanie took Sam's advice and decided not say anything to Bo about Colin. Sam reminded Lindsay they had to keep quiet about Colin or it could backfire on them or their kids. Later, Lindsay spilled to Bo that Lanie was keeping something from him. Antonio followed a hurt Roseanne to the hearing room and she berated him for betraying her trust. Sophia overheard Antonio attempt to reach out to Roseanne, who left without giving him any information about Colin or R.J. Sophia told Antonio she wanted to help him connect Roseanne to Colin, but he said he would handle it alone. Antonio asked Cristian to help him find the connection between R.J. and Colin. Antonio also questioned how Jen's clothes got muddy, but Cristian covered for her and tipped off his brother that he had seen Lindsay and R.J. together. In Roseanne's hotel room, R.J. offered her the money meant to pay off Colin in exchange for completing one more job. Later, Sophia witnessed R.J. leaving Roseanne's room.

Tuesday, April 10, 2001

Skye looks for Max at the Buchanan mansion, but finds Asa instead. She is leaving town and wants to say goodbye. She ends up getting into a philosophical discussion with Asa about life and parents. She encourages him to begin a relationship with Ben. Asa admits that it is a thin line between love and hate, but at the moment, Ben isn't exactly looking for a daddy. Skye wishes him luck and leaves town to find her own father.

Things are tense between Will and Jess. He keeps asking her if she is going to tell Bo about the body. Jess is upset because she knows Will is hiding something from her. She demands to know why they can't report Colin's whereabouts to the police. Will asks her to trust him. Frustrated, Jess goes to the store. When she returns, things are still unsettled. They hear a knock, and find Asa at their door. Jess asks what he wants, and he replies that he has a message for Ben. He wants Ben to call Renee because she really needs to hear from her son. Confused, Jess agrees to relay the message.

Viki almost escapes, but finds another guard on the other side of the door. James wakes up and grabs Viki. When she screams, Ben and Gina hear her upstairs. Ben grabs his gun, but Gina makes an excuse about rats. James comes upstairs and Gina asks him about "the rat." James replies that he screamed when he saw "the rat" on the stairs, and that it is getting bolder and bolder. Gina mutters that it is time to "take care" of the rat problem once and for all. When Ben demands to know who ordered the hit, Gina finally reveals that it was Asa. Viki listens in, shocked. Gina determines that Ben wants to handle Asa by himself and offers to be there for him "in every way." She begins to give him a shoulder rub...

Blair, Todd and Max end up in the elevator together on the way up to the courthouse. Todd stops the elevator and demands Max change his testimony. Fed up, Blair tells Todd to back off and that if she wants to forgive Max, she can. She starts the elevator and informs both men that she doesn't need either of them in her life. Blair runs into Kelly and giggles that her plan is working perfectly. Bo assigns extra security for the hearing. Starr shows up in the courtroom, despite Blair's protests. Just as Bo begins testifying, she lets a snake out of her bag upon Todd's command. The court erupts in chaos and Todd grabs Blair clothes. Blair runs out and collapses, acting faint. Kelly comes over and as Blair mumbles, "don't tell Max", so he can hear. Max asks Kelly what Blair is talking about. With the evidence under his coat, Todd is stopped by Bo at the elevator!

April 11, 2001

As Viki watches on the monitor, Gina leans over to kiss Ben but he pulls away. Though she tries to convince him of their strong feelings and pull towards each other, Ben explains that he wants no parts of them and that Gina is all about the chase and winning anyway. He denies feeling what she does and assures her that she can't have him, that he only loves Viki and she'll have to accept it. Gina disconnects the monitor to prevent Viki from watching further, but she storms downstairs to where Viki is imprisoned. She invents the conversation after the monitor "broke" but when Viki taunts her over what has transpired, she becomes even more upset; she tries to persuade Viki that she will have Ben and that no one can give him what she has. She warns Viki that her status can be changed (Ben stated that he will only love Viki as long as they are alive). Upstairs, Jackie pays Ben a visit where it is requested that he look for Viki, make sure she's ok, and present her with a gift-a "We will survive together" gold record charm bracelet.

Jess is less than thrilled when Lindsay pays a visit, looking for Will. She wants to know what Jess said at the police station but Jess refuses to play along with her, instead accusing Lindsay of using Will to protect herself. She knows that Lindsay was involved in Nora's kidnapping and poor Will defended his mother but couldn't look Jess in the eyes-she knows that Colin told Will the truth and it's torturing him. Lindsay is disturbed over this bit of news and warns Jess to stay away from her and the love she shares with her family.

Blair "faints" and mumbles to Kelly that she doesn't want to tell Max. He's nearby and is anxious to know what his ex is talking about, accuses Kelly of being in on a scheme and he urges Blair to stay away from him. The women pique his curiosity again but they refuse to divulge anything.

Bo accuses Todd of bringing the snake to court and orders him to open his coat so that he can give up the evidence he took. Though Todd is wearing a snake shirt, there is no evidence. Just then, John comes from the courtroom with Starr in tow. The men are disgusted as they use probable cause to search and seize the evidence from the little girl's backpack. Blair comes by and Sam warns her to stay away from Todd while he's worried that Starr will become just like her father. Todd apologizes profusely to Blair saying he wants to fix things but she wants no parts of him. She's only worried about what will happen to Starr if she goes to prison. Sam announces that court is back in session and once inside he pleads Blair's case saying that she needs psychiatric help, due to her family history. Judge Fitzwater refuses to dismiss the charges as Max looks on, gloating. Sam will plead temporary insanity but it will be difficult, he tells Blair, and also warns her not to play any tricks.

Asa is on the phone, urging someone to keep looking for Ben when Lanie arrives at his invitation. She indignantly states that she and Bo love each other but he wants to warn her about Lindsay instead. She told Bo that Lanie has a secret and knows about Colin's disappearance. Asa suggests that maybe Bo could cover for her since he loves her. Just then Bo stops by, wondering why Lanie is there. Asa invited her for a chat, she tells him, as Asa orders him to keep looking for Ben. Bo wonders why Lanie is unhappy.

Jess asks Lindsay if she's just threatened her as Will's mother warns her not to talk to anyone about anything. As she begins to verbally assault Jess, Todd arrives and in turn, warns Lindsay off.

Thursday, April 12, 2001


Jenn arrives and again mistakes Cris as well as another man for Colin. She wonders aloud to Cris if it will ever end. Cris tells her that the worst is over and she will forget in time with his help. They begin to make a banana split and get into a food fight. Lindsay walks in on this and tries to get Jenn to come home with her, even telling Jenn she can't see Cris anymore. Jenn and Lindsay argue about this, then Lindsay leaves. On Lindsay's way out, she bumps into Todd who tells her they need to talk. After Lindsay has gone, Jenn and Cris share a kiss.

Bo and Lanie's apartment

Lanie tells Bo how surprised she is that Asa was nice to her, then admits she's rambling to avoid telling Bo what she needs to tell him. Bo tries to distract her with wedding plans and kisses, and Lanie asks him why he's trying to stop her from telling him. At first, Bo just says he loves and trusts her and doesn't want to question her at home, but after Lanie tells him he needs his questions answered and not to compromise his honor, he asks her if she is responsible for Colin's disappearance. Lanie tells him she's not responsible and she doesn't know where Colin is, so they let it go. Then, they talk about who will be in the wedding party, and after joking about having Lindsay in the wedding, Lanie decides on Nora for maid of honor. We later see them sharing a kiss.

Unknown Location

Will tears up a missing person poster of Colin and says he'd do it all again.

Will and Jess's apartment

Todd grabs Lindsay by the arm and threatens to find out and expose all her secrets if she doesn't leave Jess alone, so Lindsay leaves. After she leaves, Jess wonders why Lindsay gets away with everything and Todd tells Jess to find Lindsay's weakness. Todd then presses Jess as to what she and Lindsay were discussing and Jess doesn't want to tell. Todd then tells Jess he will help her cover her secret if she will help him get Blair's clothes back from Bo. Jess declines, but starts to really want to tell Todd her secret as Todd keeps pressing and promising not to tell. She is just about to spill it when Will walks in and stops her. Todd tells Will he'll hurt him if he hurts Jess and then leaves. Will starts to leave but Jess stops him and tells him how bad she's feeling about keeping the secret. She tells him she wishes he would talk to her and help her be strong , but all Will does is convince her to keep silent. We then see them share a hug.


Rae and John are having dinner in the courtroom, discussing Rae's fears about talking to Skye's father. John offers to go with her, but Rae says she has to go alone but she's not sure how to do it. They continue to talk and we then see Skye eavesdropping outside the courtroom. John then discovers Skye and stops Rae from saying the father's name. He drags Skye in and Rae and Skye discuss what Skye's father's reaction might be. Rae once again promises to tell Skye as soon as she tells her father, then leaves. John suspects Skye's up to something but Skye pretends to be okay with waiting. After John leaves, Skye calls the airport and finds out where Rae's flight is going and books herself a flight to Port Charles also.


We're unsure whether it's someone's imagination, but Colin sits up out of the ground.

Friday, April 13, 2001

On a stormy Friday the 13th, Bo receives a phone call about Colin being spotted all over Llanview. Lanie tells Bo that could not have been possible. "Are you sure it was him?" Lanie asks. "Some woman thinks she saw Colin. But we don't if she is reliable", Bo says to Lanie. "If Colin is back in Llanview, we are going to nail him and put an end to all of this". The phone rings and it is Antonio saying he has someone willing to put his neck on the line to bring down R.J. Gannon. "This is the break we are looking for. We might not get another chance", he tells Bo. Bo tells Lanie to stay inside and orders a patrol car to watch his building. "I want you to keep the door locked", says Bo. Bo goes to meet Antonio at the docks. After Bo leaves Lanie hears a knock at the door. It is Andrew Carpenter looking for Bo. Lanie asks Andrew to stay and wait for Bo. She says she can use the company. Andrew tells Lanie that she is nothing like Lindsay. They are two different women. "The relationship you have with Bo is based on honesty and trust", Andrew says. Lanie says people sometimes tell lies out of love to protect the person you care about. "Lindsay's relationship with Bo was based on lies. You have nothing to feel guily about. Bo loves you and you love Bo", Andrew reassures her. Melanie says, "Lindsay and I are not that different". As Andrew leaves, Lanie knocks down the mirror and breaks it on accident.

Jessica can not find the charm on her braclet. She tells Will it could have fallen off in the woods when they buried Colin. She says she has to go find it. Will does not want Jessica going back to the woods. "That's asking to be caught", Will says, "I do not want to fight with you, Jessica". Then he goes for a walk.

At the diner, Jen and Cris are talking and the lights go out. Jen thinks she sees Colin, but it was not him. Jen and Cris share another kiss. Jessica shows up at the diner and asked Cris to help her find the charm for her braclet. It must have fallen off at Colin's grave. Cris says, "we can't go back there, it's too risky." "If somebody finds it, they can track all of us to Colin's body", Jessica worries. Jen says, "I do not think we need to worry about that". Then Cris answers his cell phone and says he has to go, it is something important. "Lock the door behind me", he tells them. Jessica says, "what about the charm?" "Do not do anything until I get back", he replies and then leaves. Jen tells Jessica she is a piece of work for running to Cris in the middle of the night. Jessica says, "this is none of your business". "It is my business. I will not let you hurt him again", Jen says. Jen asks Jessica why she came to Cris instead of Will. "I tried to talk to Will, but he did not think it was important. That's why I came to see you and Cris", Jess explains. Jen says "you came to see Cris. You were shocked to see me here and that this was an excuse to cry on her ex boyfriend's shoulder". Jen told Jessica there was nothing going on between her and Cris. "If you are so upset about your charm, go find it yourself", says Jen. "Fine, I will", says Jessica. She goes out to the woods to look for her charm and as she is looking, someone is behind her. She turns around and screams.

Todd tells Lindsay he knows all of her secrets and he knows where the bodies are burried. I know what you did to Nora's brain. "You don't have any proof", Lindsay says. I can get you to confess, he claims. "What do you want from me Todd?", she asks. "You are going to get Blair's clothes that Bo has hidden", he informs her. "I can't help you with Bo, he hates me", she insists. "Everyone hates you", says Todd. "I don't think I can help you, but I do know sombody who can. Someone you can pressure into doing anything", she offers. Lindsay says to Todd, "I can give you what you want and you give me what I want". Then Will comes along and says to Todd "get away from my mother. Stay away from Jessica". "I know she felt the need to confide in me", Todd says. "You need to control your violent temper or it is going to get you in trouble, if it hasn't already", Todd tells Will. Then Todd leaves. "What are you doing getting in bed with Todd? Don't you ever stop? Have you lost your mind?" Will says to Lindsay. "What were you saying to Todd?", he asks. "I had words with Jessica and he misunderstood. I tried to explain to him", Lindsay replies. "Stay away from Todd. If you give him anything he will use it against you. Be careful or this will blow up in you face", Lindsay warns. "What are you afraid Todd will find out?" Lindsay asks Will.

Roseanne shows up at the dock where Antonio is. "What are you doing here Roseanne?" he asks. "I couldn't sleep" she says. "You should not be out here alone. I care about you, Roseanne", he tells her. Roseanne replies to Antonio, "not enough to trust me". "You're keeping something from me", he says. Roseanne says, "no matter what I do or say, you still do not trust me" and then she leaves. Bo arrives at the docks and asks Antonio if the guy was going to be long. He has to get back to the station to question the woman who has seen Colin. "That's impossible", Cris says as he arrives at the docks. "Why? Why do you think it was not Colin that the couple saw?", Bo asks. "Why would he risk showing up in Llanview?", Cris replies. "I am here to help you bust R.J. not to talk about Colin", Cris says to Bo. "He tried to kill me when he messed with Todd's car. I swore that I would put away and that's what I am going to do. You have been trying to nail R.J. for years. I am going to do this with or without you, Bo". Antonio says to Cris, "If R.J. even suspects you're working against him and that you're talking to the cops. He will kill you." Bo refuses to accept Cris' help with the investigation and tells him to stay out of it. Roseanne hears everthing that Cris and Antonio are talking about from her hiding place nearby.

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