As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 15, 2004 on ATWT

Jack served Carly with divorce papers and later remembered something. Sierra returned for good and tried to help Lucy and Dusty. Rosanna and Paul decided to get married. Barbara found out about Will moving in with Paul and tried to manipulate him. Mike told Jennifer she needed to clear the air with Jordan before he would move forward in their relationship. Emily moved back home and laid down ground rules for Barbara. Aaron lost feeling on his right side. Jessica signed the divorce papers.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 15, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, November 15, 2004

Emily walked into her home and saw Hal fastening a necklace around Barbara's neck. Instead of reacting angrily, Emily lovingly told Hal that she had returned home where she belonged. Barbara snarled in the background. Hal left to talk to Daniel at Susan's house and to pick up Emily's things from there.

Emily took the opportunity to lay down some rules for Barbara. Barbara was to dress herself, and Emily told her, "You don't cook, you don't bake, and you don't show your face unless you are invited." Then she dumped Barbara's pie into the trash. Barbara spoke politely to Emily, but evil thoughts echoed inside her head. Hal returned and shared a tender reunion with Emily as Barbara spied from the stairway.

Sierra found Craig in the park and told him that from then on, she would take care of Lucy. Craig insisted that Lucy's unhappiness had been caused by Dusty, not him, but Sierra again told Craig to stay away from Lucy -- for good.

At Aaron's hospital bedside, Alison and Lucy discovered that Aaron had no medical insurance. Upon hearing that, Lucy left abruptly.

At the police station, John Dixon visited Dusty, and Dusty asked John to arrange for Dusty to pay Aaron's hospital bills. Lucy arrived just in time to hear them, and she asked Dusty how he could possibly pay such a large bill. Tom Hughes interrupted her and told Dusty that he was facing charges of conspiracy, fraud, illegal gaming, and aggravated battery -- or manslaughter if Aaron didn't survive. Tom told Dusty that he was facing a ten-to-fifteen-year jail sentence, at best.

However, the district attorney was willing to drop all the charges against Dusty if he would testify against Dominic Ramsey. Dusty refused, saying that he would be killed if he were to roll over on Dominic. As they escorted Dusty from the room, he saw Lucy sorrowfully hugging Rafael Ortega. The sight of Lucy comforting Rafael made Dusty send for Tom, ready to make a deal, on one condition. Dusty insisted that he would testify only if all the charges against Rafael were dropped. Tom told Rafael that he was free to go, thanks to Dusty.

Holden entered Aaron's hospital room. He and Lucy saw Aaron open his eyes, but he stared vacantly. Ben walked in to examine Aaron and found that Aaron was not responsive. He ordered a CT scan, "stat." While Aaron went through tests, John Dixon anxiously reviewed Aaron's chart and studied Ben's performance during Aaron's operation. Ben told Holden, Alison, and John Dixon that Aaron had regressed -- he was unresponsive to pain, and his pupils were unequal.

After he saw the test results, Ben frowned and muttered, "Damn!" He went back to Holden and Alison and told them that Aaron had developed a subdural hematoma and needed go back into surgery right away. Holden took John aside and told him that he thought that Ben was holding something back. John promised Holden to find out the truth. John met Bob outside the hospital and told him that he was afraid that Aaron's case might be a liability for the hospital. Lily did her best to comfort Holden.

Thursday style="color: #2e434f">Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Holden, Lily, and Alison were frightened and distraught over the news of Aaron's second surgery. Bob got word of it, and off John's insistence that he investigate Ben, Bob began to have serious concerns.

Meanwhile, Jessica told Margo that she had signed the divorce papers and how she had accused Ben of abusing painkillers. Margo counseled her to keep fighting for her marriage, but Jessica said she owed it to Ben to give him what he wanted. With divorce papers in hand, Jessica found Ben at the hospital when John interrupted with the news that Ben was dismissed from Aaron's case, and Jessica was twigged that something was up. Later, Jessica found Ben at Java, gave him the papers, and tried to solicit him to talk to her, but he shut down. Meanwhile, Bob told Holden, Lily, and Alison that Aaron was stabilized, but in all likelihood, there had been some brain damage.

Carly was distraught when she learned from Paul and Rosanna that they were engaged. She broke down and told them what had happened with Jack, Julia, and her abusive husband. Rosanna advised Carly to go to Jack, plead her case, and make Jack understand it had been a misunderstanding. Later, Carly went looking for Jack but found Julia instead. Carly launched into an explanation, but Julia accused her of playing the victim to get what she wanted. She further rocked Carly by saying it didn't matter if Jack got his memories back or not because Jack loved her. Carly said she was confident that once Jack remembered their love, he'd return to her, and both women walked away, realizing they were both up against powerful adversaries.

Lucy asked Dusty if he had taken a deal to get Rafael off, and though he downplayed it, a slip by Tom let Lucy know he had. Lucy was concerned for Dusty's safety, but he sent her away. Meanwhile, Craig learned that Sierra was staying in Oakdale for good. He went off to bail Rafael out of jail but found at the station that not only had Dusty gotten Rafael released, but he was getting released, too. Craig and Dusty faced off while Dominic was led out and uttered a threat to both of them. Meanwhile, Lucy found Sierra at home and confided she had blown it with Dusty, but Sierra said it might not be over between them.

Rosanna and Paul asked Will to be their best man and to live with them after they were married. Will was thrilled and said yes to both offers.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Rosanna told Carly she should play dirty in order to get her man back. Carly finally agreed, and the sisters made a deal to formulate a plan with Emily at Rosanna's wedding to get Jack back in Carly's arms.

Meanwhile, Paul and Jordan buried the hatchet, and Paul asked his brother to his wedding to represent the closest thing Rosanna had to Cabot. Later, Jennifer ran into Mike at the police station, and they both learned that the other was going to Rosanna and Paul's wedding. Mike suggested they go together, but after some alone time in the interrogation room where they tore each other's clothes off, Jennifer declined, determined to keep their relationship professional. Later, Jordan ran into Jennifer, and both learned the other was going to the wedding. Jordan asked Jennifer to go with him, but she lied, saying she was already going with Mike and went off to re-invite Mike to be her date.

Lucy tried to convince Holden that Rafael was not to blame for Aaron's accident and that Aaron would turn the corner and be okay. Holden went off to pay Aaron's medical bills, but John told him it had already been taken care of by Dusty. Later, when Dusty sneaked into Aaron's room, Lucy found him there and told him about Aaron's possible brain damage. Dusty emerged from Aaron's room, and Holden confronted him.

Meanwhile, Alison and Curtis called Nancy over to Metro to help gather up some of Aaron's favorite things. Nancy and Alison headed to the hospital, where they encountered Dusty and Lucy. Alison went into Aaron's room with the stuff, and when she made a bedside confession of love to him, he opened his eyes and started to talk. Alison found Holden and pulled him into Aaron's room to share the great news, but Aaron sensed something was wrong with him. Meanwhile, Lucy told Dusty she might have been a little harsh over the boxing thing and didn't think they should be apart.

Ben asked Curtis to keep the fact that he had taken the urine test for him a secret. Later, Ben ran into Jessica, who, fresh from a conversation with John, warned Ben that John was on a warpath and could possibly pin Aaron's condition on Ben.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

A thrilled Rosanna happened upon Paul decorating the barn for their wedding and joined in. The topic of where they'd live after the wedding came up, and much to their surprise, Rosanna overruled Paul's choice for his penthouse and suggested Fairwinds. Rosanna and Paul hashed it out, and Rosanna said she wanted to make Fairwinds their home. She didn't want to run from memories of Cabot or the past; rather, she wanted to embrace them and make new ones with Paul and Will. Paul agreed, and when he told Will, Will was inspired to stop running from the past. Will then decided he'd be the one to tell Barbara what he wanted for his life.

Meanwhile, Emily tried to surreptitiously get ready for the wedding and kept Barbara from realizing something was up, which only piqued Barbara's curiosity. When Will went to Hal's house to tell his father he wanted to tell Barbara the truth, Barbara overheard that Paul was getting married that night.

Dusty did his best to push Lucy away, but Lucy countered with a strong emotional pitch. Ultimately, Dusty said he couldn't be the man Lucy wanted him to be and walked away, leaving Lucy devastated. Meanwhile, Alison and Holden were trying to keep a freaked-out Aaron calm about his numbness. He went off for tests, and all agreed not to discuss the fight around him. Aaron returned from his tests and was alone when an unknowing Rafael stopped for a visit to apologize. When he inadvertently told Aaron about the fixed fight and that he'd had brain surgery, Aaron reacted badly and demanded to know what was wrong with him.

Alison walked back in and threw Rafael out, telling him he had done enough damage. Later, Alison and Holden learned that Aaron's left side was paralyzed. A distraught and guilty Rafael encountered an equally distraught and devastated Lucy in the courtyard, and the two consoled each other in an embrace. Dusty, feeling bad about how he had left Lucy, walked in on the scene but did the better thing and left unnoticed.

Jack and Julia arrived in Milltown to ask Carly to sign divorce papers that Jack had drawn up. Unable to deal with it, Carly said she'd look at the papers after Rosanna's wedding, but Jack got angry, thinking Carly had no intention of signing. Things went badly, and Carly threw them both out, only later to discover that Jack had shoved the papers under the door. Later, Jack told Julia they should act like the couple they were and go to Thanksgiving at Emma's together, hoping Carly would realize it was pointless to fight the divorce.

Mike and Jennifer decided to attend the wedding together if, and only if, Jennifer settled her unfinished business with Jordan.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Barbara confronted Will and Hal about Paul's wedding. Will insisted on handling it himself, and, since he'd posted police guards outside, a reluctant Hal left Will with his mother. Will dropped the bomb that not only was Paul marrying Rosanna that night, but Will was going to live with them at Fairwinds. Barbara was furious but feigned indifference in front of Will as he left for the wedding. Once Will left, Barbara lured the policeman inside for coffee, then went upstairs to nap.

Meanwhile, at the Snyder barn, just as Paul was expressing his concern to Hal for leaving Will alone with Barbara, Will arrived. Will went to his Aunt Kim to tell her about his conversation with Barbara, and even though he said Barbara was fine with everything, Kim was concerned. Meanwhile, Barbara climbed out of her bedroom window and struggled to remove her electronic tracking anklet, vowing to get to the wedding.

A tearful, shellshocked Carly stared at the divorce papers Jack had left for her. Emily arrived, and as Carly started to tell her what had happened with Jack, Rosanna showed up to get into her wedding dress. Carly swore Emily to secrecy, vowing not to ruin Rosanna 's wedding day. However, Rosanna picked up on Carly's sadness, and the two friends worked to comfort Carly.

Meanwhile, Julia calmed Jack's anger over Carly's refusal to sign the divorce papers and suggested they wait until after Thanksgiving. Jack asked again if Julia and J.J. would join him at Emma's for dinner, and when Julia was again reluctant, Jack asked her to go with him to the farm and ask Emma. Later on, Carly, Rosanna, and Emily arrived at the farm, and when Carly saw the barn decorated for the wedding, it was so reminiscent of her wedding to Jack that it knocked the wind out of her. She rushed out and ran right into Jack and Julia.

Jack saw the barn and had a similar reaction to Carly's, but he downplayed it when she called him on it. Emma hustled Jack and Julia out of there but not before Carly realized that the memories of her and Jack's love were in him somewhere. Rosanna and Emily helped Carly try to figure out how to get him to remember until Emma announced it was time for the wedding to begin. As the wedding started and Carly walked down the aisle, Jack, simultaneously at Java, got down on one knee and proposed to a stunned Julia. A jubilant Julia accepted as a beautiful Rosanna started her wedding march down the aisle to Paul.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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