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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 8, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, November 8, 2004

Julia calls Carly while Jack is putting Parker to bed. Carly is nice to Julia, but suggests that Julia call back in the morning. Julia hangs up, looking disgruntled. Lily drops by to see Carly, and Carly tells Lily that she felt her first real connection to Jack that night. Lily is about to leave when Jack comes downstairs and calls Lily, "Rose." Jack remembers that Rose is dead, and he tells Carly and Lily that his memory of Rose has triggered several other memories for him. After Lily leaves, Carly and Jack share a warm moment.

At Oakdale Memorial, Chris Hughes explains to Holden that brain surgery is Aaron's only hope, and Ben tells Holden that, even with successful surgery, Aaron's chances are 50-50. As they start to wheel the unconscious Aaron to the operating room, Alison tells him that she loves him, then confides her love of Aaron to Emily. Ben begins the surgery in spite of his impaired hand, but when he takes a break, a nurse hands him a paper which causes him to exclaim, "Oh, my God!"

During the surgery, Julia finds Holden in the hospital chapel, where Holden confides how much he needs his cousin Jack right now. Julia comforts Holden, advising him to forgive himself so that he can be the best dad he can possibly be when Aaron recovers. They embrace, just as Lily enters the chapel. Lily tries to comfort Holden, but Holden pushes her away.

At the metro, Craig tries to explain to Margo that he intended to go to the gym to stop the fight, but was prevented by the thug, Sal, who held him and Lucy at gunpoint. Meanwhile, Lucy runs to the gym where she confronts Dusty about the fixed fight. She tells Dusty that Dominic had given Rafael "loaded" gloves, and that Sal had held a gun on her and Craig to prevent them from stopping the fight. She also tells Dusty that Dominic had blackmailed Rafael into going along with the fixed fight. Dusty angrily confronts Dominic as Margo and Craig burst into the door. They check the gloves in Rafael's locker, but they are not weighted. Craig calls the hospital and they all find out how badly Aaron has been hurt. Margo insists that Dominic accompany her and Craig to the hospital. Lucy stays behind and asks Dusty in a shaking voice, "How could you do that to Aaron?" Dusty begs Lucy for another chance.

At the hospital, Bud, the gym manager, assures Rafael that he "took care of the gloves." He advises the guilt-ridden Rafael to think of his plan to use his money from the fight to bring his family to America, rather than confessing to participating in the fixed fight. Margo arrives at the hospital and asks Rafael if his gloves were weighted. Rafael answers yes.

Carly's warm moment with Jack is interrupted when Julia arrives at her door. Carly becomes angry with Julia for coming over so late at night.

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

As a shaky Ben operates on Aaron, Alison learns that Rafi's gloves were weighted and launches an assault on him only to be interrupted by Lucy who defends her old friend. Having just come from an emotional breakup with Dusty, Lucy explains that unlike Dusty, Rafi had no choice in what he did. Meanwhile, John begins a quiet investigation on Ben's behavior in surgery.

Julia interrupts a close Jack and Carly moment to inform Jack of Aaron's accident and to bring him to the hospital. When Carly sees Jack and Julia kiss at the hospital, she is forced to go and leave them alone. Later, when talking with Lily, she vents her frustration that everything seems to go Julia's way, even as a hidden man spies on Jack and Julia.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Julia's ex-husband Les stands in the shadows and watches Julia as she and Jack drop JJ off at school. When Jack leaves, Les watches from a distance as Julia and JJ come face to face with Carly who has brought Parker to school as well. Later, while Jack tells Julia that he is feeling something for his Oakdale family, Les make inroads with Carly revealing he is Julia's long-suffering ex husband, who plans on taking JJ and Julia back to El Paso, with a little help from Carly.

While Paul tells Rosanna about Barbara's latest move to Hal's, Barbara continues to slowly draw Will in by getting him to come to the house to bring her things. Later, determined that their love can conquer all, including Barbara, Rosanna surprises Paul by asking him to marry her, but he declines. Meanwhile, Kim points out to a shocked and disapproving Emily, that she is in no position to be so unforgiving towards Barbara given her own recent antics. Kim says that Barbara will reveal her true nature, whether it be good or bad, soon enough.

Mike and Jennifer are both flying off the kiss they shared only to be dismayed when the other seems to downplay the incident. Nevertheless, chemistry wins out and they begin to kiss. And kiss. And kiss.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

While Julia feels secure about her future with Jack and JJ, Carly inadvertently helps Les. She gives him valuable information and ultimately agrees to help him keep Jack and Julia apart so that Les can have a joyful reunion with his son. Carly does just that by bringing Jack to the boathouse, the place where he first gave her the compass and to his shock and her joy, he starts to remember his promise to Carly that he would always be there for her. Meanwhile, Les grabs JJ at the school courtyard and confronts Julia, telling her that he knows for a fact, Jack's not going to save her.

Paul turns Rosanna's proposal down, fearing she did it for the wrong reasons, mainly Barbara. Meanwhile, Barbara is nearly caught on the phone with Will by Hal but she covers and learns to her satisfaction that Emily has no plans to return home. Later, Rosanna confides her feelings to Will and their friendship grows. Later, Will comes up with a plan to have Rosanna deliver Barbara's things to her, instead of Will.

Jennifer and Mike are interrupted when Jordan arrives for a business meeting. Later, Jennifer and Mike realize that they need to take things slowly, but remain in good spirits, further fueling Jordan's suspicions that something is going on between them.

Friday, November 12, 2004

At the boathouse, for the first time since he lost his memory, Jack's starting to remember how he felt about Carly. Meanwhile, aware that Carly is keeping Jack occupied, Les terrorizes Julia and JJ and say's he's taking JJ back to El Paso so Julia can see how it feels to have her son taken away. JJ manages to get free from Les's grip to run away but Les just turns all his anger towards Julia. As Les taunts her, JJ runs to the hospital looking for Jack and tells Holden what's happening. As Les is strangling the life out of Julia, Holden arrives and saves Julia's life. Holden calls Jack and informs him and Carly that Julia's abusive ex-husband attacked her in the courtyard. Carly guiltily realizes her role in this as she accompanies Jack to the hospital. Everyone arrives at the hospital and when Margo brings Les in for Julia to ID, it's apparent that Les and Carly have met before. Julia informs Jack that Carly was working with Les to keep Jack distracted so Les could confront Julia and steal her son. Jack is enraged, washes his hands of Carly and makes it clear he never wants to see her again.

Alison has a heart to heart with Emily and tells her to reclaim her home and not to leave Barbara alone with Hal for one more minute. Meanwhile, Barbara expects to find Will at her door but instead, opens to a frosty Rosanna delivering the supplies Barbara asked Will to get. Rosanna nails Barbara on trying to exploit Will and puts her on notice that it stops here. Rosanna leaves and a frustrated Barbara smashes a dish and accidentally cuts herself just as Hal arrives home. He bandages her up and she confesses to him how it feels to be a public joke. Hal is mildly sympathetic and hands her over the clothes he picked up for her. She hurries upstairs, changes into something feminine and returns with a necklace she claims to be having trouble with. Hal is helping her with the clasp when Emily, prepared to move back home, arrives in time to see Hal and Barbara's surprising closeness.

Jennifer and Will work together to try to get Paul to change his mind about marrying Rosanna. Paul gets an idea, gets rid of Jennifer and Will and calls Rosanna over. Rosanna arrives and Paul tells her he thinks they need a sign that marriage is their destiny. He hands her a pack of cards and asks her to choose one. If it matches the card he chooses, then they're meant to be. Rosanna is reluctant at first but she eventually picks a card, flooded with relief when it's the exact same card Paul chose. She's kissing him when she knocks the deck of cards to the floor and realizes they're all the same card!

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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