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Sam was shattered over the loss of her baby and blamed Sonny and Alexis. Kristina's procedure was deemed a success. Emily and Nikolas hid Connor at Wyndemere. Michael lashed out at Carly, John, and Lorenzo. John bought a house for Carly and the boys. Dillon found Laura in the attic at the Quartermaine mansion, but she was gone by the time Luke got there. Heather bought into the Haunted Star.
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Sam was shattered over the loss of her baby and blamed Sonny and Alexis
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Monday, November 8, 2004

Emily warned Connor that he was about to be caught by the military police, and she convinced him to get out of bed and escape the hospital with her. While trying to get out the back stairway, they ran into Alan, but Emily managed to cover by pretending Connor was Nikolas. Meanwhile, Lucky and Nikolas were joined by two military officers when they found Connor's empty hospital room. Nikolas immediately assumed that Connor had grabbed Emily and run with her, but Alan's surprise to see him back in the hospital helped him realize that Connor and Emily might still be in the hospital, after all.

Minutes later, Emily arrived and tried to tell Lucky and Nikolas what she'd done. The military police walked up behind her, however, so she covered and said only that Connor was gone and that they wouldn't find him. The police left to follow up on his possible escape to Canada, and Emily blasted Lucky for calling them in to get Connor. Lucky defended his actions and took off. Emily took Nikolas back to Wyndemere, where he was stunned to see Connor in his living room. Emily said that she had set the whole thing up and would explain, but Nikolas went off on her for protecting Connor. Connor immediately jumped to Emily's defense and shouted out that she wasn't protecting him; she was really protecting Nikolas.

Suspicious of Heather's actions, Dillon broke into the locked Quartermaine attic to figure out what she was up to. He was stunned to find a catatonic woman in a rocking chair, sitting all alone in the attic. He was unable to get her to respond and tell him who she was, but he then noticed her bracelet and realized that she was Laura Spencer. Dillon rushed to the Haunted Star, where, against Skye's warning, Luke was making a deal with Heather to pay off Alcazar out of ownership of the casino. Dillon burst into the room but was able to quickly cover when he saw Heather. He made up a story, and Heather left to secure the funding for Luke.

Dillon then dropped the bomb on Luke that he had found Laura. Luke was stunned to hear Dillon describe how she was in the Quartermaine attic, and Luke, Dillon, and Skye set out to rescue her. They arrived back at the mansion and found her gone, and Skye questioned whether or not Laura was really catatonic or behind the plan herself. Luke assured her that Laura was innocent, and he began to realize who might be behind it all. Meanwhile, having somehow figured out that Dillon had gotten into the attic, Heather arranged to have Laura flown out of Port Charles to a "safe place."

Carly hugged Sonny as he feared for Kristina's life, and he apologized for dragging her into the situation. They were interrupted by Sam being wheeled into the operating room, followed by Jason and Alexis. As an unconscious Sam went into surgery, Jason unleashed his anger at Alexis for causing Sam to collapse. Sonny was shocked when he heard the news, and he immediately blasted Alexis, as well.

Steven emerged from the OR and assured Sam's loved ones that no one was to blame for the situation; however, Sam had a ruptured placenta and was in serious danger. Sonny and Jason immediately asked about the baby. Steven told them that the baby was at risk, and an emergency caesarian would have to be performed immediately. Carly tried to comfort Jason, but he was inconsolable at the idea of Sam's baby dying. He told Carly how Sam was so excited to be a mom, and that he'd promised he'd be there for her when the baby was born.

Alexis was fearful that her actions had caused Sam's collapse, and she told Ric what had happened. Ric immediately asked Steven about the situation, and Steven reiterated that Alexis had had nothing to do with Sam's situation. Ric then inquired as to whether the stem cells would be viable for Kristina if the baby died, and Steven assured him that they would. Sonny walked up behind Ric and prepared to start a fight, but Carly interrupted them to tell Sonny that Sam's baby had died. Sonny shouted out in grief, and both Ric and Carly clearly felt pain for him. Ric left to return to Alexis and tell her that the baby had died. He tried to ease her panic by letting her know it had nothing to do with her, but he prepared her that she was going to have to ask Sonny for the stem cell donation.

Jason tearfully spent a quiet moment with Sam's baby, and Liz witnessed his grief and felt pain for him. She was unable to approach him because Sonny walked up and demanded to see his dead daughter. Jason emerged and refused to allow Sonny in the room, telling him it was for the best that he not see the baby, and both men collapsed against each other in tears.

A short while later, Jason returned to the operating room to sit with Sam, and Alexis and Ric approached Sonny and Carly outside in the waiting area. Realizing she had no more time to waste, Alexis tried to carefully deal with the situation of the stem cells. She apologized profusely for Sonny's loss, but he ripped into her and told her that she was selfish and cold. Alexis begged him to think about the fact that Kristina was also his daughter, and that she, too, would die if he didn't act soon. Steven entered the lobby with them all and warned Sonny and Alexis that the stem cells from the baby's cord needed to be processed immediately if they were to remain viable for Kristina.

Back in the OR, Jason tried to quietly explain to an unconscious Sam that the baby had died. He begged her to get better, saying her daughter would want that. The machine began to beep, and he realized that Sam had taken a turn for the worse.

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Brook Lynn was stunned when she arrived to see Kristina, and Liz told her that she couldn't see the little girl because only family members were allowed to see her, since she was so sick. Brook Lynn protested that she was Kristina's sister. Liz took it upon herself to inform Brook Lynn that Ned wasn't really the father of Alexis' daughter, and therefore, Brook Lynn and Kristina were not related.

Devastated at the lie her father had told her, Brook Lynn immediately tracked Ned down and blasted him for his behavior. Ned tried to explain the situation to his daughter. Brook Lynn was upset and irrational and decided that he had never really wanted her, either, and that was why he had allowed her mother to take her away. Ned again tried to explain, but Brook Lynn refused to listen and ran off.

Alexis begged Sonny to sign over his dead daughter's stem cells in order to save Kristina. Sonny in turn blasted Alexis for her selfishness and told her he wanted to be left alone to grieve. Alexis reminded Sonny that Kristina was also his daughter and that she would die if he didn't act soon. Ric tried to comfort Alexis, but once Steven emerged to discuss the situation, Alexis was relieved to hear Sonny give his permission to use the stem cells that were needed.

Steven immediately began processing the tests and planned to have Kristina's infusion the next day. Sonny then demanded to see Kristina, and although Alexis tentatively tried to get him to stay out of her room, he warned her that he would see as much of his daughter as he liked. He sat with Kristina for a while and told her that he didn't know if he could forgive the people who wanted to keep him away from her, but he promised he'd see her every day from that moment on.

Meanwhile, Jason grew alarmed when Sam's blood pressure began to plummet. The doctors rushed into the OR and were able to stabilize her, and they moved her to her room for recovery. Steven warned them, however, that she had been very close to dying, and he had no idea when she'd wake up. With Sam unconscious and Sonny focused on Kristina, the task of making burial arrangements for the baby fell upon Jason. He briefly discussed it with Sonny then took it upon himself to have a memorial service planned for the baby girl. He told an unconscious Sam that people would pray for her baby, and he again begged her to stay with him and wake up.

Unsure of what to do for Sonny and Jason, Carly called on Courtney to go to the hospital. Courtney arrived and was devastated to hear that Sam's baby had died and that Jason was suffering. She lent a sympathetic ear to Carly, but she realized that she wouldn't help matters, so she returned to Jax's penthouse and the evening the two had planned in Manhattan. Jax realized something was wrong when she got back and was equally devastated when he heard the news of the baby. He told Courtney that although it hadn't been his child, because he had briefly thought it might be, he felt a connection to her. Courtney remembered that it had been the baby that had drawn her and Jax together initially, and the two tried to find strength in each other.

Later, Carly walked up to Steven in the hospital lobby, and she asked him to be honest with her about Kristina's chances after the stem cell infusion. Steven told her that he was hopeful it would work out, and she thanked him for being such a good person. Steven told Carly that he thought she, too, was a good person -- far better than she gave herself credit for being.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

At Wyndemere, Emily heard approaching footsteps as she wrapped up a call with Liz. Assuming that it was Nikolas, Emily revealed that Kristina's lifesaving procedure had been scheduled. Emily jumped when she realized that it had been Connor rather than Nikolas who had reached out to her. Connor immediately apologized for startling Emily, but she asked him not to sneak up on her like that again. However, the incident was forgotten when Nikolas joined them, and she told Nikolas about the plans to use the stem cells from Sam's baby to save Kristina.

Nikolas was eager to get to the hospital, but he was uncomfortable leaving Connor alone. Emily assured Nikolas that she would stay with Connor, but he didn't like that option, either. However, Emily reminded him that they had no other choice. After Nikolas left, Emily offered to change Connor's bandage. Connor was impressed with her gentle touch and suggested that she would make a good doctor. Emily smiled as she admitted that she was a premed student.

As Emily worked, she pressed his injury. Connor yelped out in pain, but his expression of agony quickly turned to laughter as he admitted that had a high tolerance for pain because he had sustained a shrapnel injury in the war that had severed a nerve or two. Emily was surprised that Connor hadn't been discharged because of the injury, but he explained that he had refused to leave his squad. Emily reminded him that he had left for Mary, but Connor confessed that he had used Mary's inability to cope with being alone as an excuse to desert because he had gotten sick and tired of war.

Later, Connor was having a nightmare when Emily softly shook him. Connor was jolted awake, but he quickly apologized. He explained that he had a recurring dream of his buddy Casey dying because of him. Connor admitted that he was haunted by the image of watching Casey die.

At Kelly's, Courtney and Mike talked about the tragic death of Sam's baby, and what Sonny was dealing with between the loss of a child and Kristina's dire situation. When Lois walked in and inquired if anyone had talked to Sonny, Courtney carefully explained that she and Mike had decided to give Sonny some space to process everything. Lois assumed that Sonny had Carly to support him until she noticed the expression that passed between Mike and Courtney. Lois was curious what she had missed, so Courtney revealed that Carly had known for some time that Kristina was Sonny's daughter, but Carly had decided to remain silent.

Lois wasn't surprised, but Mike reminded Lois that Sonny and Carly had been through a lot together. Courtney added that the couple had remained strong despite all the people who had tried to get between them. "Maybe there's still hope for them," Courtney said, but without much conviction. Alcazar overheard the tail end of the exchange when he entered the diner. Courtney warned Alcazar to stay away from Sonny and Carly and to allow the couple to work out their own problems.

Once they were alone, Lois questioned Alcazar about his intentions if Sonny and Carly split. Alcazar was skeptical because Sonny was hardly in a position to criticize Carly when he had fathered two children with other women. Lois explained that Sonny would go the ends of the earth for his children, so he could be brutally unfair if he believed that someone had betrayed him. According to Lois, Carly had broken a cardinal rule by lying to Sonny about family. Alcazar was curious why Lois seemed to be pushing him to go back to Carly.

"To find out if you will. If you do, then I'll know that you're not over her and that maybe you never will be," Lois answered.

At Sonny's penthouse, Carly broke the news to Michael that Sam's baby had died. Michael asked to go to the hospital to see his father, so Carly agreed to take him.

In Sam's hospital room, Steven checked on Sam. Jason was frustrated that Sam hadn't woken up, but Steven explained that they had done all that they could for Sam. Steven admitted that he was concerned because the longer that Sam remained unconscious the more difficult it would be for Sam to recover from the trauma of losing her baby. Liz appeared in the doorway as Jason blasted Steven for not helping Sam. Steven warned his sister that it wasn't a good time, but she pointedly told him that he was needed at the nurses' station.

After Steven left, Liz admitted that she had been praying for Sam and the little girl that Sam had lost. She thought that the tragedy had been unfair. Jason's eyes welled up with tears as he revealed that Sam had been a mere two weeks away from her due date. Liz quietly reminded Jason that she had lost a baby before Cameron had been born. She warned Jason that he would need to know a few things if he intended to help Sam through the nightmare that awaited her.

Liz urged Jason to stay close to Sam, even if Sam insisted that she wanted to be alone. She also suggested that Jason not let Sam pack up the nursery alone. Jason wondered if he should pack things up before Sam arrived home, but Liz advised him against that because it would be like saying the baby hadn't existed. Liz also warned Jason that Sam would be looking to blame someone for the baby's death, and that person would likely be Sam. Just then, Courtney appeared in the doorway.

Jason and Liz joined Courtney in the hallway. Liz assured Jason that she would keep him posted on Kristina's progress then left. Courtney offered her condolences to Jason. Jason revealed that Sam hadn't woken up and hadn't been told about her daughter. Courtney felt terrible for Sam, but she also knew that Jason was hurting. She assured him that he could talk to her if he needed someone to listen. Courtney recalled how Jason had helped her when she had miscarried their child, so she was confident that he would be there in the same way for Sam. Jason thanked Courtney, but he assured her that he was fine.

In Kristina's hospital room, Sonny entered as Alexis comforted her daughter before the stem cell procedure. Alexis told him that their daughter had had a rough night as they had worked on killing off Kristina's bone marrow in preparation for the lifesaving infusion. Alexis stroked Kristina's head and admitted that it was hard to watch their child suffer. Kristina gazed up at her parents from behind an oxygen mask.

Moments later, Ric entered the room and immediately ordered Sonny to leave. Sonny insisted that he had a right to be there, but Ric argued that Sonny shouldn't be there when Alexis spent time with Kristina. Ric demanded that Sonny leave, but Sonny refused to budge until Ric produced a restraining order that prohibited Sonny from being near Kristina. Sonny tore up the restraining order as he stormed out.

Alexis thought the restraining order had been the wrong way to go, but she couldn't worry about Sonny because she had to focus on Kristina. Moments later, Nikolas arrived to check in on his aunt and his cousin.

In the hospital's chapel, Sonny was praying when Carly and Michael entered. Michael rushed to his father and told him that he knew Sam's baby was "sleeping with the angels." Michael felt bad for Sonny because he knew that Sonny had loved his daughter. Touched, Sonny hugged his son. Michael wondered if Sonny had been praying for the baby, but Sonny admitted that he'd been asking God to watch over Michael and Morgan. Michael was surprised that Sonny wasn't mad at God for taking the baby, but Sonny explained that being mad only hurt the one who was angry.

Sonny acknowledged that he was sad, but he didn't blame anyone for the tragedy. Michael wanted to make Sonny feel better. Sonny appreciated Michael's kindness, but he told Michael that sometimes when a person lost something precious, it was best to let it go. Sonny hugged Michael tightly.

After Bobbie fetched Michael to take him to the cafeteria for hot chocolate, Sonny thanked Carly for the visit with Michael. Carly admitted that Michael had been worried, and she had wanted to let Sonny know that she had been praying for Sam and Kristina. Sonny was grateful, but she insisted that they were family, whether they were married or not, and she would always love and support him.

Moments later, John Durant arrived looking for Carly, and Liz popped her head into the chapel to let Sonny know that Kristina was on her way to Oncology. After Sonny left, John asked how his daughter had been holding up. She assured him that she was fine, but he was certain that it was just a front. However, he announced that he wanted to show her something.

A short time later, John, Carly, and Michael arrived at Carly's old home. Michael was not happy because he recalled living in the house when Carly and Sonny had split. Carly remained upbeat as she suggested that Michael reacquaint himself with the backyard, which she recalled had been great. John added that he'd had a skateboard halfpipe installed earlier that morning, but Michael decided to wait in the car. John was disappointed that he had failed to impress his grandson, but he accepted that it was his penance for trying to buy Michael's affections.

Carly appreciated her father's efforts, but she assured John that it hadn't been necessary. John disagreed because her marriage was over. Carly argued that John couldn't just rent a place for her, but he revealed that he had purchased the house for his daughter. Carly refused to accept it, but John told her that it was too late, and she would have to sell the house if she didn't want it. Defeated, Carly admitted that she couldn't believe where she was. John conceded that life had thrown her a curveball, but he insisted that it was time that Carly focused on taking care of herself. Grateful for her father's support, Carly hugged John.

After John left, Michael found Carly uncovering the furniture. Carly told Michael that they needed to talk, but he wasn't interested in hearing what she had to say because he knew it wouldn't be good. Carly assured Michael that she and Sonny hadn't made any decisions, but she wanted Michael to understand that there was a possibility that they might not work things out. Michael insisted that he would live with Sonny, but Carly made it clear that was not an option, which meant that she, Michael, and Morgan would be moving out. Michael tensed when he heard Alcazar call out to Carly from the front doorstep.

At the hospital, Ric and Nikolas stood by as Alexis and Sonny hovered over Kristina's gurney before she was taken to Oncology. Both parents promised Kristina that everything would be okay and that they loved her. After Steven entered the elevator with Kristina, Alexis looked at Sonny. She gently caressed his face then hugged him tightly as she began to weep.

Outside Kristina's hospital room, Liz approached Ric and handed him a cup of his favorite coffee. Liz smiled then assured Ric that everything would be fine. They exchanged small talk until Ric confided that he'd been thinking about what Liz had told him in the chapel -- that his marriage to Alexis had been all about Sonny. Ric admitted that he still hated Sonny, even though Sonny's daughter had become Ric's legal stepdaughter.

Ric conceded that the situation likely appeared suspicious, but Liz didn't doubt Ric's love for Kristina. She saw that despite Ric's motivations in the past, at that moment, his concern for Kristina was sincere and had nothing to do with his feelings toward his brother. Liz assured Ric that she didn't think he was using Kristina to get back at Sonny because she believed that Ric was better than that.

Meanwhile, Sonny knocked on the door of Sam's hospital room. Jason stepped out into the hallway and let Sonny know that Sam's condition remained unchanged. Sonny had no idea how to break the news to Sam that their baby had died. "I want to tell her," Jason insisted. Sonny regretted how he had treated Sam when he had pressured her to sign the papers, but he felt that he and Sam had reached an understanding when she had refused to induce her labor. Sonny felt that Sam had trusted him, even though he had disappointed her.

Jason assured Sonny that Sam had always respected the choice that Sonny had made, and she hadn't been angry about it. Sonny knew that Sam would have Jason to lean on, so he didn't want Jason to have the burden of breaking the news to her. Jason was adamant that Sam hear about her daughter from him. Sonny realized that Jason genuinely cared about her. "Yeah. Yeah, I do," Jason admitted.

A short time later, Sonny returned to Kristina's hospital room. Kristina was recovering from the procedure and resting in her crib. He cooed to his daughter and talked about the future. Alexis and Ric appeared in the doorway as Sonny promised his daughter that he would take her home as soon as she was recovered.

Meanwhile, Sam stirred in her bed then softly cried out for Jason. Jason jumped out of his chair and rushed to her bedside as Sam groggily asked what had happened. Jason gently assured Sam that everything was okay and urged her to take things slowly, but Sam's eyes fluttered open when she heard a baby crying as a nurse passed her room. "My baby," Sam said as she turned to Jason.

Jason softly broke the news to Sam that her baby had died. As the shocking words sank in, Sam cried out, "No!" Jason wrapped his arms around Sam as she began to weep.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Nikolas returned to Wyndemere and witnessed Emily comforting Connor after he had a nightmare about Iraq. Nikolas wanted Connor to take off for Canada as soon as possible. Connor angered Nikolas when he questioned why Emily would choose someone like Nikolas to marry. Emily played referee and asked Nikolas to leave her to deal with Connor on her own. Nikolas was hesitant to leave Emily alone with Connor, but she assured him she could handle Connor and knew a way to get Connor to accept the truth about Mary.

Nikolas headed to Kelly's, where he sat and had coffee with Lucky. Lucky told Nikolas that the military police were trying to track down Connor right then and that they knew that Connor hadn't left Port Charles. Nikolas pretended not to know where Connor was. Lucky didn't really believe him.

Mac showed up at Kelly's to question Nikolas again. Mac asked Nikolas if Emily had remembered anything more about when Connor had used her as a hostage to get out of the hospital. Nikolas told Mac that Emily was probably traumatized enough to not remember too many details about the car Connor had stolen. Mac told Nikolas that they had received no reports of a missing or stolen car. Nikolas pointed out that maybe the person whose car had been stolen was out of town and didn't realize it had been stolen.

Mac made Nikolas tell him when he'd first concluded that Mary's husband was alive, after all. Nikolas told him about how someone on the docks had been surprised when he'd shown up, saying he'd just seen Nikolas take the launch a little while before when he couldn't have. Mac suggested to Nikolas that Connor might not want to leave Port Charles until he avenged Mary's death and that he hated Nikolas enough. Nikolas still pretended to not know anything.

Mac warned Nikolas that if he found out that Nikolas or Emily had known something more about Connor and hadn't told him or the police, Nikolas would be arrested again. Mac also warned Lucky that the warning extended to him, too. After Mac left, Lucky told Nikolas that he was willing to risk his career for Emily and Nikolas, but not for Connor, who wasn't grateful for anything at that moment.

Meanwhile, Emily took out Mary's diary and handed it to Connor to read. Connor asked Emily to read the diary for him. Emily read Mary's account of what had happened when Nikolas had shown up at her door with amnesia and looked so much like Connor that she'd wanted to believe God had sent him to help keep her from dying of a broken heart. Connor began to cry and asked Emily to stop reading the diary. Connor told her that he was to blame for what had happened with Mary and that Mary wasn't to blame for what she'd done. Emily tried to stop him from blaming himself.

Connor asked Emily to read the diary some more. Emily read about Mary's account of when Nikolas had found out that she had lied about his identity and how he had left her. Connor took the diary to read for himself. Inside the diary, Mary had written the word "alone" repeatedly for several pages. Emily went to make something for them to eat and drink. When she returned to the living room, she found that Connor had disappeared. She dropped the tray of food and drink on the floor and went out to find him. She found him at Mary's gravesite. Connor told Emily that Mary's biggest fear had been to be left alone and that her worst fear had come true.

At the house John had bought for Carly, Alcazar showed up to talk to her. Michael told him to go away and leave his mother alone. Michael ran upstairs. Alcazar told her he'd heard that her marriage to Sonny was over and suggested they become friends again, since Sonny wouldn't seem to mind. Carly told him that there had been no decision reached concerning her marriage to Sonny, and even if she were getting a divorce, that didn't mean she wanted to have anything to do with him. Alcazar left.

Michael lashed out at Carly about the possibility of moving to the new house again. Carly grabbed Michael and made it clear to him that he would treat her with respect and that he would not tell her what to do.

Meanwhile, Sonny visited Kristina in her room. Alexis and Ric overheard Sonny telling Kristina that when she got better, she would live with him someday. Alexis approached him and told him that he would not be taking their daughter away from her. Sonny stepped out of the room to talk to Alexis and Ric. Alexis asked Sonny to not say things to Kristina because it would scare her. She told Sonny that she didn't doubt he loved his children and wanted to protect them, but she felt he couldn't ever protect them with his lifestyle and pleaded with him to stay out of her life for good.

Sonny told Alexis and Ric that he would not be kept away from his child. Alexis asked Ric to help protect her daughter and fight Sonny, but she said to do it with grace and not out of revenge against Sonny. Ric told her that he was going to fight Sonny for the right reasons that time -- to protect her and Kristina. He promised to make sure Sonny didn't get custody of Kristina.

Sonny went home. Michael went home afterwards and made it clear to Sonny that he would not be moving into a new house and that he wanted to keep living with Sonny. Sonny asked him what he was talking about. Michael told him that Carly's father had bought back their old home as a gift to Carly. Sonny sat down with Michael and assured him that no matter what happened to Sonny and Carly, they would still love Michael.

Meanwhile, John talked to Bobbie about Carly's marriage to Sonny. John hoped Carly did get a divorce from Sonny in the end. Bobbie wasn't so sure that was what she wanted for Carly, since Carly truly loved Sonny. John told Bobbie that he found himself wanting to protect Carly at that time.

Carly returned home. Sonny told Michael that he had to go back to the hospital to see Kristina. Michael asked him to tell her that he hoped she felt better soon. Carly sat with Michael, who was still upset with her. Her father showed up and surprised her when he forbade her to stay with Sonny in the marriage.

Jason heard Sam wake up from her coma. She called to him. He went over to her side. Sam heard a baby cry then saw a nurse walking by the room with a newborn in her arms. Sam asked Jason if that was her baby. Jason told her it wasn't her baby. Sam looked at him in confusion, since his back was to the nurse. Jason told her that her baby had died at birth. Sam didn't want to believe it and hit at Jason in anger.

Jason grabbed Sam and hugged her. She accused Jason of lying to her about the baby and asked him if Sonny had stolen her baby. Jason tried to get through to her that the baby had died at birth while she'd been unconscious. Sam got so upset that she had to be sedated. Jason ended up leaving the room and feeling helpless about how to help Sam.

Sam woke up and found she was alone in her room. She climbed out of bed and walked to the nursery. She saw a nurse walk by and asked if the nurse could bring Sam's baby out to her and told the nurse her last name. The nurse looked to Jason for help. Jason nodded to the nurse to leave them alone.

Sam accused Jason of keeping her baby from her on purpose. Jason told her that the baby wasn't in the nursery but was at the funeral home. Sam reacted irrationally and accused Jason of being cruel. Jason told her he was telling the truth. He cradled Sam in his arms and comforted her. He took her back to her room.

Sam realized that Jason was telling her the truth about her baby. He explained what had happened with her baby but didn't tell her that the baby's stem cells had been used to help save Kristina's life. He told Sam that he'd gotten to see the baby and hold her after she'd died. Sam told him that maybe her spirit had still been in the room and known he was holding her. Jason left her alone to rest and promised to call the funeral home and ask them to treat her daughter with respect when handling her.

Alexis showed up to visit Sam. She thanked Sam for helping to save her daughter's life. Sam asked her what she was talking about. Alexis realized her mistake and didn't know what to say. She ended up telling Sam that they'd taken her baby's stem cells to help save Kristina. Sam looked accusingly at Alexis and asked if her baby had had to die to save Kristina's life.

Meanwhile, Sonny showed up to see Kristina, but Ric told him he couldn't go in to see Kristina because Ric was enforcing the restraining order Ric had against Sonny to be near Kristina. Sonny ignored Ric and tried to enter her room. A cop was guarding her room. Ric informed Sonny that if he tried to step into Kristina's room, Ric would have him arrested.

Jason tells Sam that her baby died

Jason tells Sam that her baby died

Friday, November 12, 2004

After Emily read happy passages from Mary's diary to Connor, he impulsively kissed her. Meanwhile, Sonny hired Jordan Baines to act as his attorney in his fight for full custody of Kristina.

As Jordan waged a war of words with Alexis and Ric, Kristina's condition took a turn for the worse.

Sam blamed Alexis for forcing the surgery that had caused her baby's death. Jason set the record straight, telling Sam that it was Sonny who had authorized the removal of stem cells from her baby's umbilical cord. Sam was shaken by the news and accused Sonny of being glad that their baby hadn't made it.

Carly decided to move herself, Michael, and Morgan into the house in the country. While packing up their stuff at the penthouse, Michael inadvertently packed one of Sonny's files. Unfortunately, the file could be Sonny's ticket to prison.

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