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Passions Recaps: The week of November 8, 2004 on PS
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Monday, November 8, 2004

Theresa prepares to have the procedure done while Ethan prays that the baby that survives will be his and Gwen's. Ethan slips and tells Rebecca that Theresa is sacrificing her baby in order to save Gwen's, making Rebecca suspicious. Gwen thanks Theresa again, and Theresa goes into the operating room, where the doctor asks Theresa if she is confident she will be able to live with her decision. Theresa assures her that she is, and the doctor completes the procedure.

Whitney is surprised when she learns that Theresa agreed to have the procedure done. She warns Ethan that Theresa would do anything to ensure that her baby is the one who survives instead of Gwen's. Pilar wishes that Martin was there for their family.

Mrs. Wheeler screams at Luis that he's killed his father, but Sam is able to find a heartbeat and calls an ambulance. Luis tells Martin that they're not done talking before they go to the hospital. Martin gets checked out and refuses to press charges against Luis. Luis tells Sheridan that he should have killed Martin while he had the chance, and she insists that Martin still loves him and Luis should hear Martin's side of the story. Luis is convinced that when Pilar finds out who Mr. Wheeler is, it will kill her. He wonders if Mrs. Wheeler is just a big phony too.

Martin tells Mrs. Wheeler that they have to leave Harmony before Sheridan figures out who she really is. He worries about Pilar's reaction to discovering who he is. Pilar visits Mr. Wheeler when she learns he has been checked into the hospital. She tells him again that she feels so strongly that he really is her husband. Pilar asks Luis why he would ever hurt Mr. Wheeler, and Luis tells her that Mr. Wheeler is really Martin Fitzgerald.

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Theresa is forced to deal with the aftermath of her decision. At the same time, Ethan and Gwen accidentally come across disturbing medical information they were never meant to see.

As TC prepares to serve divorce papers to Eve, he discovers an anniversary DVD Eve made for him, causing TC to recall happier times. Though Liz plans to drive a final wedge between her sister and TC, she realizes that he is having second thoughts. She demands to know if he wants more of Eve's lies or if TC is ready to move on... with her!

Pilar is faced with the truth of Mr. Wheeler's identity. Although Luis tries to convince her that "Mr. Wheeler" is her long-lost husband who abandoned them, Pilar has difficulty believing that it is him.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Whitney is in disbelief when she learns that Theresa believes she can win Ethan back. She recounts Theresa's previous plots and points out that they've all ended in pain and heartache, but Theresa insists that this time is different. Theresa tells Whitney that she knows in her heart the baby she is carrying is hers with Ethan, and she will do anything she can to keep it away from Gwen.

Ethan and Gwen mourn the loss of their son. Ethan is doubtful that Theresa is going to give them the baby she's carrying. Gwen says that all she ever wanted was to give Ethan a child, but something always goes wrong, and Ethan tries to reassure her that they will get through this.

Julian informs Eve that TC came to the hospital to give her divorce papers. TC tells Eve they need to talk, but Eve pretends to be called away on her pager so she doesn't have to face him. She is devastated that TC is planning to divorce her. Julian tells her to go try to make things right again with TC. Liz sees that TC is starting to have second thoughts about divorcing Eve, and reminds him of all Eve's misdeeds.

Pilar is hysterical when she realizes who "Mr. Wheeler" is. She passes out, and Luis tells Martin that he'll pay for this. He punches Martin again and asks him why did he come back? Luis vows to kill Martin, and promises his mother he'll find out why Martin left. Sheridan lashes out at Martin and even tells him he's worse than Alistair. "Mrs. Wheeler" can't stand it and tells Sheridan that there's something Sheridan has to know, but Sheridan doesn't want to hear it. Martin and Katherine decide they have to leave Harmony and flee the hospital. When Sheridan realizes they're gone, Luis runs after them.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Paloma apologizes for getting Simone, Kay and Tabitha sent to jail, saying that she was just having fun. Simone and Kay drag Paloma into the house and tell her that it's okay, and they know she was just doing it because she was mad at Pilar. Tabitha thinks that she can use Paloma's anger to her advantage while Simone and Kay try to convince Paloma to forgive her mother.

Eve asks TC what he wants to talk to her about, while Liz tries to spy on them. Julian yanks Liz away from the door and tells her that TC is not going to divorce Eve, and that TC will never love Liz. Liz refuses to believe that and insists that TC will never forgive Eve for the accident that ended his tennis career. Eve and TC watch a DVD that Eve was going to give TC for their anniversary, filled with happy pictures of them with their daughters. Eve asks him if he can forgive her, but he says that their marriage is over!

Martin and Katherine go to the cottage and get ready to skip town. Katherine is very reluctant to leave without telling Sheridan the truth, but Martin convinces her that Alistair will only hurt their loved ones if they stay. They open the door to leave, only to find Pilar, Luis and Sheridan there. Luis says that they're not going anywhere. Pilar, close to hysteria, tells Martin that she has questions for him, and she wants the truth. She asks him why he left and he replies that he left because he loves them and he had no choice. When she asks why he didn't contact them, he tells her it would have endangered them. Pilar begs him to tell her that "Mrs. Wheeler" isn't really his wife, and when he doesn't answer, she turns to Mrs. Wheeler and asks what she was doing with Martin. Martin admits that Mrs. Wheeler is his wife.

Friday, November 12, 2004

With Paloma home, Tabitha sees an opportunity to bring the Lopez-Fitzgerald family to its knees. Without Paloma's knowledge, Tabitha uses her for the dark side, pitting her against her very own mother, Pilar.

Finally served with the divorce papers, Eve strikes out at Liz, whom she holds responsible for having ripped her husband away from her and her life apart. Together, Eve and Julian attempt to convince TC of the devious methods Liz used to work her way into TC's life.

After learning Martin truly does love "Mrs. Wheeler," an enraged Pilar slaps Katherine hard across the face. Luis demands to be told the truth about everything.

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