All My Children Recaps: The week of November 8, 2004 on AMC

JR told Tad and David that Babe's letter was filled with lies. Jamie promised Babe that he would never let JR take her son. Kendall told Ryan about Greenlee's odd behavior. Maggie asked Jonathan to move in with her. Erica lied to Bianca about what was in Babe's letter.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 8, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, November 8, 2004

Maria was outraged that Edmund called Zach to come get her, as if she was dirty laundry. Zach admitted loving Maria and called Edmund a fool for not realizing that she left him forever for Edmund. Zach left and Maria blasted Edmund for being cruel and he told her he knows she plans to meet him later somewhere. He gave his blessing for her to take comfort in another man's arms. She angrily told him he could have his divorce, and she would make it ugly, fighting him every step of the way and for custody of the kids. Brooke came over and Maria told her Edmund was all hers and stormed out. Edmund explained Maria's betrayal and the need for a divorce. Brooke told him it was the biggest, dumbest mistake of his life and hoped he could undo it before it was too late. Maria was crying in the stables and Zach found her, offering to take her away and love her the way she deserves.

David was upset with Krystal for allowing Babe and Jamie to kidnap Ace and leave the area. He was not reassured when Krystal said Jamie was as savvy as Tad. David was crazy with worry and Krystal said a DNA test on the baby will clear Babe and Jamie. David reminded her that the letters would only add to the trouble Babe is in.

A policeman approached Jamie and Babe, who were about to get back on the road. Jamie handed over his license and registration, saying he was Brad Anderson. The police gave him a warning about being illegally parked. The officer stared at the baby and they let him hold him. The officer told him there was trouble, but it was only because the baby spit up on him. He also said the baby looked familiar, which made their hearts jump, but he said he looks just like his nephew. They finally got back on the highway.

Tad was stunned to find Bianca holding Bess and the way she talked, he thought she knew it was Miranda. Tad told her he was glad it was over and that she knew. That confused Bianca, which confused Tad. They talked past each other and about JR accusing Babe of more lies. Bianca told him she never got a letter from Babe. Tad decided he needed to tell Bianca the truth and he was nervous. He made Bianca nervous when he asked her to sit down. He was trying to explain Babe's behavior when David came in. David said Babe isn't to blame and wanted to take Bianca home but Bianca left to change the baby's diaper. David realized Bianca hadn't read her letter and warned Tad to not tell her the truth. Tad said he couldn't not tell Bianca. David warned him that if he tells the truth, Jamie will be arrested. Tad threatened to send him, Krystal and Babe to prison for hurting Bianca. David then explained that Jamie and Babe were accomplices to kidnapping and murder. Bianca came back to hear the truth about Bess and Tad was speechless.

Erica demanded to see the letter JR was holding, intended for Bianca. JR told her the letter says Bess is really Miranda and that it's just another one of Babe's lies. He claimed to want to spare Bianca's feelings. Erica suspected his motives and story, especially when he said he left Bess with Bianca. She accused him of turning into his father. JR told her about the DNA test Tad and Joe had run that proved Bess was Babe's. Erica was stunned and grateful to JR for his help in protecting Bianca from Babe's cruel lies. JR said he hoped he could salvage his friendship with Bianca, but when Erica told JR how lucky he was that his baby survived, he started to think about his son and had to leave. Krystal came over and Erica was very hostile towards her about Babe betraying Bianca. Krystal said she'd take the blame, thinking Erica knew the truth about Miranda. Erica continued ranting at Krystal, who finally asked her to calm down and hear the whole story. Krystal realized their wires were crossed and tried to explain, but Erica wouldn't give her a chance, accusing her and Babe of a new lie intended to hurt Bianca. Erica expressed her gratitude for JR keeping Babe's letter from Bianca forever before she threw Krystal out.

JR went to the crash site and began to mourn the loss of his son, with flashbacks to when he and Babe first came to Pine Valley, and then all the lies she'd told. He tore up Babe's letter to Bianca.

Tuesday, November 9

Maria and Zach are in the stables discussing the breakup of Maria's marriage to Edmund. Zach wants Maria to go away with him but she refuses explaining to him that she loves Edmund and can't leave her children. Zach tries to be understanding and comforts Maria when she breaks down in tears.

Meanwhile, Brooke is at the house with Edmund trying her best to talk some sense into him. She suggests that maybe the real reason he had decided to end his marriage to Maria is not because he felt betrayed but because of his paralysis. She points out that her actions when she married him were a betrayal not Maria keeping a secret about Zach's true identity. She goes on to tell him that she feels he would have used any excuse to end his marriage...Maria burning the toast...just to avoid admitting that what he really was feeling was fear. Fear that he is inadequate without the use of his legs and that Maria can't accept him. Brooke doesn't let up and eventually seems to get through to him. After she leaves, Edmund goes down to the stables to talk to Maria. Unfortunately when he arrives he sees her in Zach's arms. He leaves before either of them notice that he's there.

Moments after Edmund leaves Maria pulls away from Zach and decides to return to the house. When she walks in she finds Edmund and Maddie together. Maddie looks upset. She asks Edmund why and he informs Maria that he just told Maddie that he was moving into the Hunting Lodge and that they were divorcing. Maria is shocked. After telling Maddie to go to her room, that she would be up shortly, Maria tells Edmund that she's tired of fighting him so he is welcomed to move out and get the divorce.

A distraught Maddie goes to the stable where she throws herself on to the sofa sobbing out loud how upset she is over her parents' divorce. Zach, having hidden in a corner when he heard someone approach, overhears her and is visibly shaken.

Jamie and Babe are in the car with James. Jamie falls asleep behind the wheel but luckily Babe's shout wakes him up in time to avoid crashing. Seeing that Jamie is clearly exhausted, Babe suggests they rest. Jamie mentions having seen a motel not too far back, so they decide to go there. While Jamie is in the shower, Babe sees a story on the news about Ace's kidnapping. Afterwards, she and Jamie are in bed with James discussing their plans. Babe offers to go on without Jamie, not wanting him to suffer because of her, but Jamie refuses to listen. He reminds her that they are the good guys. Later, while all three are sleeping, Babe has a nightmare about JR showing up at the motel and taking James away from her while Jamie sleeps on. She wakes up shaking. Jamie comforts and reassures her.

At the mansion, Bianca is demanding answers from Tad and David. David does his best to stall Tad and warn him not to say anything without revealing anything to Bianca. He receives aid in his endeavor when JR returns home. Tad fishes, hoping that JR will reveal what Babe's letter said but JR lies telling him it was nothing but a hate letter. That she was running off to live happily ever after with his brother. Tad tells Bianca that rather than say something that may hurt someone unintentionally; he's going to further investigate things beginning with David. David and Tad leave.

JR, now alone with Bianca, continues painting himself the innocent party and Babe the villain. Bianca doesn't buy it but stays because JR reminds her that he still wants Bianca to be a mother figure in Bess's life. Bianca readily accepts the offer. JR hands her a fussy Bess and watches as Bianca begins to sing a lullaby. When Adam arrives home, Bianca decides to leave.

Adam is furious with JR for allowing Bianca near Bess but JR isn't moved. He tells Adam that he and Bianca are working things out. Then he asks Adam where he's been. Adam's attention is quickly diverted and he tells him that he has been busy making plans to force Jamie's return to town and having him charged with the theft of the $10,000.00 which was taken from his safe. JR is angry. He tells Adam to drop it but Adam refuses to listen. He is desperate to force Tad to tell him where Liza took Colby. JR then threatens to take the stand on Jamie's behalf and tell the judge that he, JR, gave Jamie the money if that is what it takes. He then goes on to tell Adam that he does not want Jamie and Babe to return to town. That he will do whatever it takes to keep his daughter even if it means leaving town with her and never returning. Adam is shocked.

Tad and David walk into David's cabin where Krystal is waiting. Tad is livid. Even more so when Krystal shares with him what she discovered when she was confronted by Erica at Bianca's loft. Namely that JR knows all about Babe's claims that Bess is really Miranda. He is further amazed that Erica bought JR's story that Babe made the whole thing up in an effort to punish JR by having Bess taken away from him. Tad still isn't convinced that he shouldn't tell Bianca the truth so he demands to know what David and Krystal could possibly tell him that would change his mind about telling Bianca the truth. David tells him about the night that he found Paul Cramer's body.

According to David, he had confronted Paul in an alley when Jamie showed up and gave him the opportunity to get away. David gave chase but could not catch up with Paul. Later, when he finally did he was standing outside of a cemetery and heard a gunshot. When David ran to where he heard the shot fired from, he found Jamie standing over Paul's dead body. Jamie took off immediately and did not know David was there. Admittedly David did not see Jamie shoot Paul.

Tad is stunned but does not believe for a minute that his son shot Paul dead. When Tad announces that David's revelations do not impact his decision to tell Bianca the truth, Krystal reaches for the newspaper and shows him the headline of Ace's kidnapping. She then tells Tad that Ace is in fact Babe's biological son. Tad is speechless.

David and Krystal go on to tell him how Paul staged the helicopter crash, gave Ace to his sister Kelly and told Babe that Miranda was her daughter. Tad still refuses to change his mind about telling Bianca the truth so David points out just what Jamie is facing. Even if Jamie didn't murder Paul, the circumstances make him and Babe the prime suspects in his murder. Moments later, Bianca walks in and demands that one of them tell her the truth about what is going on.

Wednesday, November 10

Greenlee walks into the Valley Inn and approaches the bar requesting two glasses of champagne to go. Confused, the bartender asks her for clarification, thinking she means to take the glasses up to her room. Greenlee smiles and tells him that she's on her way to court and would like to have plastic lids put on the glasses of champagne so that she could take them with her. Her request makes even less sense to him but before he could do more than tell her it wasn't possible do as she requests, Greenlee's attention is diverted with the arrival of Adam and Mary.

Smiling, Greenlee approaches them. Mary, fearing Greenlee is about to make a scene, warns her not to but Greenlee surprises her by announcing what a wonderful couple the two of them make. She then goes on to ask Adam when he is going to make an honest woman of Mary. Both Adam and Mary are a bit taken aback by Greenlee's behavior. Even more so when Brooke bumps into them and Greenlee asks her for her opinion regarding their compatibility as a couple. Brooke acerbically admits that the two of them are perfect for each other before walking up to the bar. Adam excuses himself to join Brooke while Mary takes a seat at their table. Greenlee joins her. As Greenlee gushes on about the possibilities of a Christmas wedding, Adam tries to manipulate Brooke into helping him blackmail Tad into telling him where Liza took Colby. He tells her that Jamie left town with Babe which naturally surprises Brooke who is hearing the news for the first time. She tries to call Jamie on the cell phone but is unable to reach him. Adam suggests that they work together to find Jamie but Brooke is suspicious of Adam's motives. He confesses that in exchange for his help he expects her to get the information from Tad that he needs but Brooke refuses to help him. She lets him know that she thinks that Liza was wise for taking Colby and leaving town and that she has no intention of helping Adam getting Colby back.

At the table Greenlee's erratic behavior escalates when she announces that she and Ryan are trying to have a baby and Mary's reaction is less than enthusiastic. She tells Mary to get away from her at which point Mary points out to Greenlee that she is the one who joined her at her table not the other way around. Greenlee is startled and makes a hasty exit leaving a rather perplexed Mary behind to wonder what is wrong with her daughter.

At the courthouse awaiting Ethan's arraignment, Kendall, Adrian and Ryan are discussing Ethan's situation. Neither Ryan nor Adrian seems interested in helping Ethan despite Kendall's pleas to enlist their aid. After Adrian steps away, Kendall changes the subject for a moment and shares her concerns about Greenlee's mental health with Ryan. She tells Ryan of the recent visit to his apartment when she found Greenlee on the sofa in a catatonic state. Ryan feels Kendall might have misread the situation so she goes on to tell him about the incident on the balcony. Ryan refuses to accept the possibility that Greenlee might be suicidal and tells Kendall as much. She lets the matter drop after telling Ryan that contrary to what he may believe, she really is worried about Greenlee.

Ethan is brought into the courtroom to await the judge. Zach approaches him and tells him that he would like to help him. Ethan is less than receptive. He does not trust Zach and questions his motives. The conversation drifts to Michael and how Zach feels responsible for how he turned out. Ethan suggests that he visit a priest with his confession as he harbors zero sympathy for Michael and what lead him down the path he chose. Growing impatient with Zach, Ethan tells Zach to get to the point. Zach tells him he would like to speak on Ethan's behalf in court. Ethan is amused and suggests that but for Zach, who could have easily settled the matter of Ethan's paternity when he first came to town and Ethan would have been in England instead of Pine Valley when Ryan was shot. He tells Zach he is free to speak on his behalf.

When the judge enters the courtroom, everyone takes their place. He asks Ethan how he pleads. Ethan replies "Not guilty." Just then Greenlee charges in and creates a scene accusing Ethan of being guilty of the crime with which he is charged. The judge demands order in the courtroom but Greenlee ignores him and continues with her outburst. Ryan is forced to drag her out of the courtroom before the judge has her removed by the bailiff and thrown into jail. Out in the hallway, Ryan has to all but shake Greenlee to calm her down. The minute she does, he asks her what that was all about. Greenlee tells him when she heard Ethan say "Not Guilty" it was like something inside of her snapped and she became upset. Ryan accepts her explanation but is obviously concerned over her unusual behavior. When he tells her what Kendall told him and that he's worried, she at first tries to blow off Kendall's claims as self serving exaggerations but then admits that she is afraid, however she doesn't reveal to him all of the strange things that she's been experiencing lately.

After calm is restored to the courtroom, the judge listens to both sides as they discuss Ethan's immediate future. The prosecutor requests that he not be allowed out of jail while Olivia asks for reasonable bail to be set. In the end, the judge orders bail to be set at $1,000.000.00 cash. Kendall and Ethan immediately turn to Zach for help but he refuses to provide them with the money needed to get Ethan out of jail. Next, Kendall approaches Ryan and Greenlee with the offer to sell all of her shares of Fusion in exchange for the money needed for bail. Greenlee flatly refuses to listen and walks away. She is soon joined by Jonathan who hands her a glass of water and offers her a sympathetic ear. Ryan stays to give Kendall a chance to state her case but in the end, he too refuses to take her up on her offer. Later in jail, Kendall assures Ethan that she will find a way to help him.

At David's cabin Bianca is unsuccessful in getting anyone to tell what the big secret is. She is somewhat mollified when Tad, David and Krystal convince her that they are merely trying to protect their children. She gives Krystal a hug and reminds her that Krystal's relationship with Babe is so close that she's certain Krystal will be hearing from Babe very soon. Tad is clearly distressed by the scene but keeps his silence because of Jamie. He, as well as Krystal and David, promise her that soon, very soon, she will know everything.

After Bianca leaves, Tad lets loose on his anger and frustration. He lays into Krystal, accusing her of creating the mess months ago when she switched the DNA results. Krystal does not deny the accusations even after Tad storms out, with a warning to David first that he will do whatever it takes to keep his son safe, and David expresses his outrage on her behalf. She tells David that good intentions are no excuse for the things that she's done.

Moments after Tad arrives home, Brooke walks in demanding answers. Tad confirms to her that Jamie has left town with Babe but he does not tell her anything about the kidnapping or Paul Cramer's murder. Brooke knows there is more that Tad is keeping from her but despite her efforts she is unable to get him to reveal anything else to her.

Maggie is in her living room thinking about Bianca and the last hug that they shared when Jonathan comes up behind her. Startled, Maggie turns around. Jonathan starts talking about Bianca and suggests to Maggie that maybe she isn't ready to give up on Bianca. Maggie does her best to reassure him that he is wrong and ends up asking him to move in with her. Jonathan gladly accepts the offer then leaves to go to Ethan's hearing. While Jonathan is gone, Bianca drops by to ask Maggie if she has heard from Jamie. Maggie tells her that she hasn't and then asks Bianca to please call them from now on before dropping by for visits. Bianca is startled and asks her the significance of using the plural. Maggie announces that she and Jonathan have decided to live together which momentarily stuns Bianca. She tries to suggest that maybe it would be a good idea to hold off on moving in together but Maggie won't hear of it. She asks why when they are in love with each other. Just then Jonathan returns and doesn't look too pleased to see Bianca but he does his best to hide it from Maggie. He offers to go over to Ryan's to give them privacy to talk but Maggie insists that he stay.

A person's arm wearing black clothing and gloves puts a high-powered rifle like the one that shot Ryan on a desk and begins loading it with bullets.

Thursday, November 11

Ryan tells Greenlee that his surprise for the day is a trip to the hospital. He spoke to Maria by phone, and after a meeting for the Miranda Center, she can meet them at the hospital. Greenlee tells him that he needs to think up a different surprise because she knows what's wrong with her.

She tells him that she's been running on anxiety and adrenaline since he got shot, and all she really needed was a good night's sleep. With Ethan in jail and the case essentially closed, she was able to do that. Having been up for an hour with no incidents, she believes that she is fine. Ryan, not so easily convinced, reminds her that she had plenty of good hours before and she should be skeptical of a quick recovery.

Greenlee tells him that the symptoms started suddenly, so there is no reason to believe that they wouldn't stop as suddenly. Ryan thinks that is a feasible option, but he wants to keep the appointment with Maria to be on the safe side. Greenlee says that he could go ahead and do that, but she was going to the Enchantment factory. Ryan insists that she go to the doctor's appointment, and Greenlee reminds him that he is her husband, not her CEO. Ryan tells her that she can protest all she wants, but if she refuses - he will just pick her up and take her there himself. He loves her and he is worried about her and he wants to take care of her - and this is one of the ways he plans to do that.

Ryan takes away her car keys as further proof that he is not letting her go. She asks when he became a know-it-all dictator and he shoots back, wanting to know when she became a know-it-all brat. He sarcastically says that he's a horrible husband for wanting to take care of his wife and keep her safe. Greenlee finally breaks down and admits that she's really scared.

She also admits that she really doesn't want to know what's wrong with her. They have had so much coming at them as a couple since day one, and she just wants to be happy with what they have right now. She figures that whatever is coming at her will do so, regardless of whether she knows or not. Ryan understands, but he reminds her of how she felt when he was in the hospital. She remembers that she was so afraid that she was going to lose him, and he tells her that he feels the same way now. He just wants to take care of her, and assures her that whatever is going on - they will face and defeat it together.

Greenlee finally gives in and agrees to go see Maria. She doesn't want to do it today though - she really wants to go bask in their success with Enchantment perfume. Looking in her eyes, Ryan knows he can deny her nothing. He clears his schedule so that he could accompany her. She insists that he really doesn't need to go, but he says he wants to be there to support his wife while the staff and crew gives her props. He wants to be by her side if she should need him. He says there is no other place he would rather be.

As they seal their love once again with a kiss, the view of them changes to one through a pair of binoculars.

Babe sleeps peacefully until baby James lets out a little cry during the "first official meeting of the James club." Jamie asks her if she had any more bad dreams, and Babe tells him no. She thinks all bad things are behind them - she has her baby back, and Miranda is in Bianca's arms.

As they change the baby's diaper, Babe thanks Jamie in a roundabout way for leaving his entire life behind to run off into the boonies with some girl and her baby. Before heading into the shower, Babe flicks on the TV where they hear the newscaster say that they are going to provide an update on the kidnapping of the Lieutenant Governor's son. He leaves them hanging for a moment by posing the question "Are they hot on the abductor's trail?"

Much to their relief, when the broadcast comes back on, the reporter says that they don't have any new leads, but that every viable tip will be investigated. Because of the broadcast, they decide against going out to a busy diner for breakfast. Instead, Jamie offers to go out and get some food.

When Jamie comes back from the store, and Babe comes out of the shower, he reveals that he found a playpen for James to use when they make their stops along the way. He also got a set of novelty miniature license plates to mark the beginning of their lives together - one each for Brad, Kate and James.

Babe tells Jamie that her mistake the first night they were at the hotel was not in sleeping with him while married to his brother, but rather believing that the prince was in the castle instead right at the hotel with her. They look at each other with longing, and start to kiss, but then James cries a little and she takes that as her cue to start cooking. She said that life on the road with Krystal growing up taught her a lot about cooking meals in unusual circumstances. She grabs an ice bucket and her electric hair straightener and starts to prepare, while Jamie looks on, thoroughly confused.

Babe proceeds to make French toast in part by putting the bread between the metal plates of her hair straightener. The baby cries a little, and she is immediately distracted. She knows that he is hungry, so she haphazardly sets the hot appliance down on a towel and goes to fetch a bottle. Moments later, the alarm goes off as the appliance created a lot of smoke. She panics, but Jamie simply unplugs the device and uses napkins to fan the smoke away from the detector. They think that they are safe until there is banging at the door, demanding they open up.

The manager is on the other side and he reminds them that there is no cooking in the room. He also tells them that they missed checkout time so they owe him for another day. Jamie acknowledges him and goes to shut the door. Initially the manager stops him from closing it, indicating that he wanted it at that moment. Jamie tells him it will be a few moments, and the manager acquiesces.

Jamie looks in his wallet and sees that he doesn't have enough cash, so he notes that he will have to make a withdrawal from their private ATM. He goes through his duffel bag, and to the horror of both of them, discovers that the money is gone.

JR yells at a security guard for letting someone in, as his previous directive was that he didn't want any visitors. Kendall strolls in and tells him to lighten up, expecting to be met with kindness from her friend. Nothing but venom came her way when JR looked up at her and told her that he didn't want to hear anything about Bianca needing his baby.

Kendall reveals that the reason she came over was to get a loan from JR for Ethan's bail money. She promises that she is good for it and will pay him back. JR, thoughtful for a moment, then says it's not a problem. Kendall is prematurely happy and thanks JR for his generosity. He quickly sets her straight by telling her that there is no reason for thanks as he is not loaning her the money. He then tells her that she might want to think about leaving but she refuses to go that easily.

Kendall is confused at JR's indifference and unwillingness to help. The last time she was there, she was his best friend - and now things had completely changed. JR tells her that Bess is now his best friend, and she is intruding on their time together. She asks if that was the end of it, if he was just going to toss her out like some sort of hired servant. He shrugs, but doesn't deny it. She tells him that maybe Babe and Bianca were right - he did turn into a jackass. She gathers her things and storms out of the house.

Later, Adam returns to the house after a meeting with investors. JR asks how it went, and Adam confesses that it didn't go very well. JR was supposed to be there, and when he didn't show, the investors decided to rethink their offer to help out with Generatrix. Adam reveals that they are out of cash and wants to know what is going on. Generatrix was JR's idea - a way to have leverage against Ryan to get Chandler Enterprises back. He wants to know how his son could desert him in such a way.

JR, completely unaffected by his father's tirade, muses aloud about getting reinforced bars for the windows and amping up the security system. Adam blows up, and wants to know what is going on with his son and 'that baby'. Showing emotion for the first time, JR shoots back with as much force that the baby is his daughter and is due respect as a Chandler. Adam knows that there is much more going on beneath the surface and demands that JR tell him what it is.

JR stalks around the house, and Adam follows, saying that he will get his best person on their trail and he will find Babe and Jamie so that they can figure out what is going on. JR finally melts down because his father isn't listening to him. He tells Adam that if they find Babe, she'll get locked up and she'll start spreading lies. Once she spreads them long enough, people will start to believe her and that's when all hell will break loose - and he can't have that. Adam asks what it all means, and what lies Babe could spread - and JR tells him that she said his baby is really dead.

Zach is wrapping up a phone call at his office when he sees Bianca at his door. When he hangs up, he asks her what he can do for her. She, referring to him as Mr. Cambias, tells him that she thinks they have unfinished business to deal with.

Bianca tells Zach that he said all the right things the day that he revealed his true identity. Even though he is really a Cambias, she still thought that they would get through it and get back to trust, for Miranda's sake. He said that he wanted to make up for all the crimes committed and the havoc wreaked in that town, and that he wouldn't turn his back on anyone. However, the first chance he got, he did exactly that - when he denied Ethan the money he needed for bail. She asks him why he did that without any explanations - but all he offered was that sometimes easy answers are just that. She then tells him that if she had known who he was from the beginning, she might not have accepted any money from him at all.

Her faith in the trust that they shared is swayed because his generosity doesn't extend to Ethan, or to her if she speaks on his behalf. Frustrated, she grabs her things and starts to go. Zach stops her by asking what Miranda looked like. Bianca pauses, and then tells him that she was more beautiful than he could ever imagine...and that before she realized it couldn't be true, she thought Miranda looked like Ethan. She then takes her leave.

A short time later, the phone rings again in Zach's office. A brief and nondescript "conversation" ensues, as the only thing Zach says is 'Got it."

Maria is standing at the bar area of the Valley Inn when Erica comes in. Erica starts off with small talk before the meeting for the Miranda Center, and Maria stares at her in disbelief. She is appalled that Erica can really go about her day, pretending that she did nothing wrong by spilling the beans to Edmund.

Erica doesn't bend easily when Maria calls her out on running to Edmund as fast as she could about what she saw in the cemetery. Erica tells her that she should be ashamed of herself for consorting with Alexander Cambias Jr. in a manner unbecoming. Maria, used to her nastiness, is prepared to take anything that Erica wants to fling at her but draws the line when she does things that will hurt her husband and kids.

Maria tells her that Maddie's life has been flipped upside down because of what Erica did. Erica comes right back at her and says that she doesn't want to start comparing the traumas of their children. She reminds Maria that Bianca was raped and had her soul tread upon by one Cambias, and then taken in and lied to by another.

Erica continues to rant on about how horrible and reprehensible Zach was, and how Maria should be ashamed of herself for trusting him and supporting him even though she knew who he really was. She goes on to say that she believes the only reason that Zach came to town was to destroy the things that managed to remain standing after Michael swept through town. She says that it's a good thing that now not only does everyone knows the truth about him, but that Edmund finally knows the truth about his wife. Just then, they both notice that Brooke had entered the bar and was in earshot. Erica, unable to resist ripping people down, notes that Brooke would be more than happy to help pick up the pieces of Edmund's heart.

After Erica leaves, Brooke approaches Maria and says that since she just gained a scratch from a cat fight that was not hers, Maria should be willing to talk to her. She tells Maria that she did talk to Edmund, and she thought she had him convinced to do the right thing. She goes on to say that she knows Edmund still loves her and could see it in his eyes. Maria tells her that she will hold on to that fact as she gets a divorce lawyer. She fills Brooke in on the fact that Edmund was breaking the news to Maddie when she got back to the house.

At that moment, realization dawns and she says aloud (more to herself than to Brooke) that she has an idea of what changed his mind. Brooke guesses that she saw Slater again and unknowingly got caught. She asks if she was an idiot to encourage Edmund to give their marriage another shot.

In the foyer of the Inn, Erica has met up with Bianca, Opal and Myrtle. She is ranting on about how the lies running rampant in this town make her sick, and that Maria got what she deserved. Bianca asks what she did to Maria. Erica admits that she simply exposed her for the liar that she is. She says that the lies are especially heinous when they hurt Bianca. Opal pipes up just then and agrees with Erica, saying that when she found out about Zach, she almost lost it. Erica continues by saying that between Zach and Babe, she has no idea how Bianca trusts anyone.

Completely blown back by the mention of her best friend's name from seemingly out of the blue, Bianca asks what Babe has to do with the current conversation, and why Erica thinks Bianca shouldn't trust her. Erica just repeats that she doesn't like or trust Babe, but Bianca tells her that she can't come to that kind of conclusion without really knowing her.

Bianca then reminds her of what Babe did when they were stranded in the woods: if it hadn't been for Babe, Bianca would have bled to death. She also mentions that Babe held Miranda, and in doing so created an indelible bond. Bianca is confused how, knowing all of that, Erica could still be so cold. At that moment, Kendall comes walking in and asks if they are talking about Babe again. Bianca, knowing exactly how Kendall feels, refuses to have another conversation with her about Babe. Kendall shocks all of them by saying that with a husband like JR, she's willing to cut Babe some slack.

Erica looks at her wide-eyed and notes that JR was pretty much Kendall's best friend, and wants to know what happened. Kendall tells them all that it was true until he practically threw her out of the house. She says that she went over to ask for help with Ethan's bail money and JR just turned a cold shoulder.

An exasperated Erica asked her to stop trying to help Ethan because he was in jail where he belonged. Bianca jumps back in and tells Erica that she just needs to accept that Kendall can fight just as hard as her mother, and that she would be doing so for Ethan's sake. Erica flat out refuses to "allow" Kendall to do so, and Kendall thinks it's a big joke. She tells Erica that she has no say in who she does or doesn't help. Erica, begging to differ, tells her that she has a lot to say and Kendall has no choice but to listen.

Moments later, Erica bursts back into the bar area with Bianca, Kendall, Opal and Myrtle in tow. Brooke and Maria are still in there, waiting for the meeting to begin, but the mud just starts flying. Erica draws first blood by asking if Maria bequeathed Edmund to Brooke yet, and they note that Erica is the queen of wrecking marriages. Opal and Kendall come to her defense, while Bianca looks on helplessly, but Kendall is not safe from the war either. They note that the apple indeed did not fall far from the tree.

Suddenly, there is a loud pounding and all of the shouting trickles to a stop. Myrtle, who had taken a seat, was witness to the melee. She reminds everyone that they gathered there to discuss Miranda, but before they do - they all need to get some charity in their hearts. While they all at least appear ashamed, Myrtle tells Bianca to go to the front of the room and start the meeting.

Bianca announces that there will be a benefit concert, and that while they have gotten a lot done, they still have a lot left to do. She says that if they can work together, it will be a success. She thanks her mother for thinking of the idea, and her uncle Jack for flying back and forth between Pine Valley and the venue to make sure that contracts and plans are all in place.

Bianca wraps up the meeting shortly thereafter, and Opal tells her that she has to run. She promises that everyone who passes through her store will buy tickets. Brooke asks Opal to wait for a moment because she has to talk to her, says her goodbyes, and they exit the room together.

Kendall comes over to say goodbye to her sister. Before she leaves, Bianca asks her if she remembers finding a note at Bianca's door a few days ago. As Erica listens in from a short distance away, Kendall tells her that she remembers. Bianca asks her if it was from Babe and Kendall confirms that. Bianca wants to know why she didn't mention it, and Kendall tells her that she thought it was just mail. She tells her that she sat it on the front table and was sure that Bianca would have seen it by now.

Bianca confesses that she hasn't seen it, and that she has been through her entire apartment looking for it. Kendall calms her and says that she has to go to the walk through at the factory, but will meet up with her at the apartment later and they will look together. They hug and Kendall leaves, waving at her mother on her way out.

Erica then comes over and tries to innocently ask what Kendall was going to help her with. Bianca, immediately suspicious, notes that Erica wasn't that far away and should have heard everything. She questions why Erica would approach her like that, pretending like she was none the wiser. She asks what her mother knows about the letter.

Out in the foyer, Brooke fills Opal in on the details of Jamie leaving town. Opal tells her that she knew a Carrey woman would bring misery to the family, but she thought it would be Krystal to Tad. She wonders why they had to leave town, but all Brooke knows is that Jamie left a note that just said that they were leaving, that he loved his parents, and goodbye. Brooke wonders what they could possibly have on the road that they couldn't get in Pine Valley.

Back inside, Bianca continues to press her mother about what she knows. Initially, Erica tries to blow it off by saying that whatever was in the letter had to be a bunch of lies. Bianca is convinced that Erica read the note and that something in it made her hate Babe. She demands to know what information the letter contained, but Erica tries to dismiss it again. She mistakenly starts to say that "we" just wanted to protect you and Bianca catches on. She asks who the other person is, and realizing that she just backed herself into a corner, she admits it was JR. Bianca insists that her mother tell her what JR's connection is to the note.

Outside the bar, Maria approaches Myrtle and asks her to reign Erica in, as her tirade is bringing all sorts of pain to her family. Myrtle is sympathetic, but only offers this : "If you throw a stone at a pack of dogs, the one who barks is the one that got hit" as if to say that the only reason Maria is so upset is because Erica hit a nerve.

Ryan and Greenlee arrive at the factory and start to approach the building. She checks with her hubby to make sure he really wants to be there and he confirms that he does. Just then, Kendall arrives and snarkily notes that this isn't the prom, and there is no need for dates. Ryan quickly intervenes, saying they are there to celebrate the success of the company. As he eases the tension, the view changes to Ryan in the cross hairs of a rifle.

Friday, November 12

Greenlee, Ryan and Kendall take a tour of the Fusion/Enchantment packaging plant. Kendall asks the tour man about how loyal the employees are and he says that the would not steal the perfume's formula or be disloyal to company in any way. Kendall jokes that at least he can trust in his co-workers. Ryan asks her what her problem is and she tells him that she is upset he won't help free Ethan from his jail cell. Ryan walks away as Greenlee jokes about tossing Kendall in the churning machine, making her a special ingredient to one of the company's perfumes. The trio takes a tour of the compound and gets a chance to see how the perfume is prepared and packaged. When Greenlee is standing by a conveyer belt, her vision becomes blurry when she looks at one of the Enchantment perfume bottles. She presses the start button for the belt and snaps into one of her trances, watching the perfume shatter to the ground. Kendall rushes over and tells her to stop the machine. When Greenlee snaps out of her trance, she pushes the stop button, unaware of the price that she has cost the company. Greenlee says she just got a little distracted, no biggie. Kendall says that she told Ryan about her other episodes because she cares about her. They may not be best buddies anymore, but she still cares, she notes. Greenlee asks Kendall not to say anything to Ryan about what happened. Ryan come sover and asks what is wrong. Kendall says Greenlee is upset that she told him what happened the other day at his home. Kendall walks off and Ryan tells Greenlee that she really needs to see Maria when they head back to Pine Valley. Greenlee refuses and tells him that she is fine. When they get outside, Greenlee tells him that a car was following them. Ryan tells Greenlee she has nothing to worry about and that she really needs to see Maria. Her vision gets blurry for a second, then regains normalness. A shooter is nearby and shoots at Ryan.

Krystal goes to see Tad, who most certainly makes it clear that he is not interested in speaking to her. She tells him that she is concerned about Babe and Jamie, but Tad says her concern comes a little too late, considering she started the entire mess. Krystal tells him that she believes David's story about Paul Cramer, but Tad is not sure. Brooke walks in and asks him what is going on. Brooke tells Krystal that her son has turned his life around for Babe and Opal only adds fuel to the fire that is brewing. She pretty much tells Tad "I told you so" and calls Krystal "a twister who almost killed her family and town." Krystal retorts by saying that her daughter is in just as much trouble as Jamie. She boosts Jamie for his kindness and the way he always looks after Babe. A plea from Kevin and Kelly Buchanan on the television interrupts their spat. Kevin asks the kidnappers not to hurt Ace and to call them. Kelly says they will do whatever they can to get Ace back. The couple disappears from the screen and the news reporter says there are no suspects in the kidnapping. Opal begins to rant on how the kidnapper should be punished. Tad asks her and Brooke to leave and wait to her from Jamie. Aidan comes over and tells Tad that Paul is definitely missing, possibly even murdered. Tad tells him that at least Jamie and Babe are safe from being on the suspect list.

Babe tells Jamie that the money can not be gone and he probably left it in the car or some other hiding spot. Jamie thinks otherwise -- he is positive the money was inside the bag before they went to sleep. Jamie acts like it is no big deal. He says they still have a car, even if they have to drive off without paying for gas. They agree not to go to the police and Babe starts to unbutton her shirt, revealing hidden cash that she got when she pawned JR's engagement ring. Shortly after, they pack up and leave the hotel.

Erica continues to avoid telling Bianca anything about the note until Bianca says that she deserves to know the truth, with Jackson coming to her aid. Finally, Erica agrees to tell Bianca about the letter. She says that Babe wrote that she simply didn't care for Bianca anymore, felt they had nothing in common and thought it would be best if JR raised their child. Bianca shakes her head and tells Erica she does not believe her. Erica says that she has no reason to lie to her daughter and calls after Bianca when she rushes out. Jackson then tells Erica to be straight with him when Bianca leaves. Erica tries to change the subject, but Jackson reverts back to the original conversation. Erica says she has something important to ask him but then bounces off to meet with realtors about her upcoming line, New Beginnings.

JR tells Adam that he didn't anything by his sudden "my baby might be dead" outburst. Adam tells him that Bess is not dead and wonders why he would say such a horrible thing. JR tells him that Babe wrote him a note saying his baby died in the crash and that Bess was really Miranda. He tells Adam that if Babe and Jamie come back, she will tell everyone else about Bess, besides who she has already told. He tells Adam about stealing Bianca's letter, making Erica believe the letter was full of lies and that she promised not to tell Bianca what the letter said. Adam is shocked that Erica agreed to go along with JR's plan then realizes that Babe may be telling the truth. After all, he points out that they practically scared Paul out of his pants so when the crash happened and he was questioned about who the baby belonged to, he could have lied. JR refuses to believe it and dismisses taking a paternity test when Adam suggests it. JR can not accept that his child could have died in such a horrible way and asks Adam if he is with him or against him. Adam tells JR he is with him then Bianca comes over. She tells JR that Erica informed her about what the letter said and she wants to know what he has to say. JR tells Adam he can handle Bianca and Adam leaves. Bianca asks him to be honest and tell her what Babe wanted to her. JR realizes Erica did not tell her the truth and decides to be honest with her. He tells her that Babe wrote, "That baby you're holding in your arms, she says is yours."



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