One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 8, 2004 on OLTL

Todd learned that Tico had ordered Cristian's death. Cristian escaped his captors. John found Paul's gun with prints belonging to both Natalie and Rex. Natalie was arrested. John dug up Paul's body but was knocked unconscious. David reburied Paul's body. John found the Bahdra necklace at the first gravesite. Nora asked Bo's forgiveness. Krystal told Kelly that Ace was okay.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 8, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, November 8, 2004

Nora confides in Evangeline about her past with Bo and how he never forgave her affair with Sam. Evangeline suggest to Nora that she asks Bo for forgiveness once again. Evangeline brings to Nora's attention that each time they talk about Daniel the conversation leads to Bo. Nora did not notice this habit.

John questions Natalie about the clothes she tried to burn that has her blood as well as Paul's. John suggests to Natalie that she gets a lawyer. Natalie runs into Evangeline at the station and told Evangeline that John thinks she should get a lawyer. Evangeline was about to recommend a few lawyers but Natalie tells her that if she is going to get a lawyer, she wants Evangeline. Gunpowder residue is found on Natalie's clothes. Cristian draws portraits of Natalie on the prison wall with a spoon. Cristian's prisoner tells Cristian that they are about to dock and when they leave they will be gone to sea for another six months.

Jessica reports to work for the Sun. Todd gives Jessica her first assignment which is to find out why Tico is affiliated with so many high political figures. Jessica chooses to accept the assignment and shows Todd the picture of Flynn she found in Tico's drawer. Todd discovers that Flynn and Tico worked together and that Tico arranged for Cristian's death. Adriana almost tells Tico about Natalie and Antonio's encounter at Lion's Den. Tico asks Jessica if she is happy. Jessica tells Tico she has never been happier in her entire life.

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Natalie pays Evangeline one dollar to retain her legal services. Evangeline asks Natalie to tell her what happened. Natalie tells Evangeline about John finding her in the cemetery with blood on her clothes and also how he discovered her burning the clothes. Natalie reveals to Evangeline that the blood on her clothes belonged to her and Paul. Natalie refuses to tell Evangeline the last time she saw Paul. John arrests Natalie.

Cristian has a dream that Natalie was in danger. Cristian plans to go and save Natalie.

Dorian tells Blair about the last time she saw Paul to give him her fake necklace. Dorian also tells Blair that she spotted Paul's hand in Judge Hernandez burial plot. Dorian pleads with Blair to help her dig up Judge Hernandez's grave and get the necklace from Paul. Dorian and Blair are busted grave digging.

Kelly asks Kevin if he killed Paul. Kevin says no.

Shannon runs to John and informs him that she witnessed a woman burying a gun in the wet cement at the Love Center. John and Shannon go to check it out. Rex follows them. John hammers through the concrete and finds the gun. Rex is upset with Shannon. Shannon thinks Rex should be grateful that she did not mention to John that it was him she saw dropping the gun. Rex asks Natalie if she thinks he is protecting Jen. John gets prints back on the gun. There was blood on the gun belonging to Paul and prints on the gun belonging to Rex, Paul and Natalie.

Todd tells Antonio that El Toro was running the casino show in Vegas and that he was responsible for Cristian's death. Mrs. Bigelow wants to know why Todd did not tell Antonio that Tico was the one responsible for Cristian's death. Todd tells Mrs. Bigelow that he wants Antonio focused and not off on a vendetta that wouldn't help Cristian since he is already dead.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Antonio has news for Todd; Rack 'Em Ross has been killed in prison by one of Tico's men. He wants Jess to stay away from the Santi family. Todd will have the man's death investigated.

John appears amused that Evangeline will represent Natalie. She tells the girl that the police only have circumstantial evidence but enough to charge Nat with murder. Nat begins to tell her the truth about the last evening she saw Paul but stops mid-way, too upset. She confesses that she's asked Cristian for help. She has no alibi for the night that Paul disappeared. Dorian and Blair, who have been caught digging at the cemetery, are brought in but are eventually released when church officials decide not to press charges due to lack of damage. Dorian fabricates a story, delighted that John seems to buy it but as soon as the women leave, he attempts to get a search warrant for Hernandez' grave. Van demands that Nat be released and reminds John that she can't give him any information with Natalie being her client. She only hopes the case doesn't come between them and John assures her that it won't, but he feels indebted to Nat.

Lots of meetings at the Palace; Viki and Tico await Jess' arrival with Viki noticing that Tico is not very pleased that his wife is at the Sun, though he claims otherwise. He states that Jess is free to do what she wants. Starr calls a meeting with Asa; she wants her dad's identity restored in exchange for Asa's gold spurs from John Wayne that she took. Matthew has dinner with Bo and Nora and asks about their divorce, since the pair admits they don't recall ever fighting. They manage to dance around the question until Matthew seems satisfied and decides to visit Starr's table, where he lectures his great-grandfather on doing the right thing. Both man and child want proof that the other will follow through so neither will commit to making the first move. Bo and Nora come to an understanding and Nora denies being serious about Daniel. When Jess arrives, she announces that she's doing a story on Las Vegas, asking Tico if he's ever been there. He says he hasn't and she knows he's lied to her. Dorian and David grab a table where he demands to know the truth about her latest escapade. She admits to giving Paul part of her Bhadra necklace so that he would leave and how she later saw him lying beneath the judge's casket. She's afraid the necklace will be found and she will be charged with murder. David promises to cover for her as he knows she would for him. Tico excuses himself to talk with associates and seeing the latest Sun headlines about Brooks, he's decided it's time to get rid of the governor. He leaves for a meeting. John finds Bo and explains the situation with Natalie and that she'd like it kept secret from her family. Antonio shows up, kisses Jess and orders her to leave Tico. He's dangerous and kills people and it's just not safe for her. Jess just walks away from him. She tells Viki that she's not conflicted over the men and knows what she's doing. Matthew decides to call Bo "dad."

Blair stops by the Sun and is flabbergasted to hear about Tico's relationship to Flynn in Las Vegas and the fact that he wanted Cristian killed. He also appears to have given much more money to Kevin than to the governor. While Blair is interested in learning about the Santi angle, Todd prefers to dig up dirt on Kevin. Dorian calls Blair to tell her that Starr is at the Palace and after she departs, Tico shows up. He wants the stories in the Sun stopped immediately and wants to know Todd's sources. He further threatens Todd who wants to know who will come to Tico's aid. Will it be Kevin or his friends in Las Vegas?

Cris continues to try to make himself a tunnel and learns from one of the guards that they are docking in Baltimore. He engages the man in a fight and comes out the winner, though he is injured in the process. He dons the man's uniform and escapes.

Starr explains her mission to Blair who also confronts Dorian who swears she didn't kill Paul.

Unable to get a warrant because of lack of any crime, John decides to dig up the grave himself. He finds Paul's body but gets whacked on the head from behind.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

After being knocked out in the graveyard, John regains consciousness to find Paul's body gone and the Badhra diamond necklace lying by the empty grave. John confronts David and Dorian with the necklace and accuses them of stealing Paul's body.

David later admits to Dorian that he moved Paul's body and that he is convinced she killed him.

A hitchhiking Cristian stands on the side of the road bleeding from a stab wound. A young woman picks him up agrees to take him to Llanview. He tries to call Natalie, but hangs up when he gets her voicemail. He then calls Carlotta, but only says "Mami" before he passes out. The woman heads to Llanview Hospital to get Cris help.

Sonia worries Jessica when she tells her of Tico's previous fiancée who died in an accident.

Daniel hopes that his planned weekend with Nora will go without a hitch and they will grow closer from the time alone.

Matthew is confident about a reconciliation when he hears Bo forgiving Nora for having an affair with Sam, but Matthew also gets the impression it was his fault that Bo and Nora broke up in the first place. Bo's forgiveness touches Nora, who wonders why she and Bo aren't together.


An unconscious Cristian is left off at the hospital's emergency room, where he survives his critical wounds. Still weak from his injury, Cristian stumbles his way to Llanfair and he watches Natalie in the library. After Viki encourages Natalie to figure out exactly how she feels about John, Natalie asks John to go to Llanfair so she can tell him everything that happened with Paul.

Kelly insists to Kevin that she wants to find Ace's biological mother. He, of course, is adamantly against the idea and says that, once Ace is back home, no one will ever separate them again. Krystal calls Kelly just to let her know that her son is okay but doesn't mention who she is.

Bo and Nora put it all on the table and realize that they're different people than they were when they got married and that they can't be together anymore. Blair explains the Ace situation to Asa, saying that Todd and Kelly aren't the baby's parents. Aware that John's lingering feelings for Natalie are coming between them, Evangeline breaks up with him.

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