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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 8, 2004 on GL
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Monday, November 8, 2004

On the Spaulding jet, Phillip is waiting for Lizzie so he can depart with her, Jude, James, Zack and Emma. While waiting, he murmurs to himself that he is fine, but everyone else has turned on him. He has a constant recollection of Zack's voice saying, 'Daddy, Ruth is mommy.' His thoughts are interrupted when the pilot arrives to ask if they should continue to wait for Lizzie. Phillip responds no, they will be leaving without her. Zack is seated on the plane eyeing Phillip's phone. He picks it up to call Harley and tells her goodbye, he is leaving with his Daddy. Phillip finds him, distracts him, and ends the call.

At the Spaulding mansion Harley is frantic when she receives the call from Zack, who was able to tell her Phillip also has his other children as well as her and Rick's son. In the room with her are Beth, Olivia, Rick, Mel, Gus and Alan. After several phone calls, all determine their children are not where they are supposed to be and Phillip has chartered the Spaulding jet without a flight plan. Mel begs Rick to see reason where Phillip is concerned, but he won't hear it. He says he will not betray his lifelong friendship with Phillip, who is not well. Beth chimes in her agreement; she will not turn her back on Phillip. She believes he needs support from his family and friends. Harley shouts at them to understand that the Phillip they have all known for so long does not exist anymore.

Coop, who convinced Lizzie to not run away, has returned to the mansion with her so she can begin facing responsibility for Sandy's accident. Lizzie calls her mother only to find out Phillip has absconded with the children. Lizzie joins the parents in the study and is bombarded with questions about Phillip's destination plans. Lizzie is shaken, but insists she knows nothing of Phillip's plan. The distraught parents convince Lizzie to call Phillip - he will answer the phone for her. She calls Phillip but he refuses to talk to her because she is not alone. After she hangs up, Beth confronts Lizzie for the first time about the accident. She tells Lizzie she should have come to her so she could be protected. Lizzie protests that Phillip was trying to protect her. "That's what Daddy wanted, too!" Beth somberly tells her daughter it is Phillip from whom she needs protection.

On the dock, Phillip meets Alexandra, whom he arranged to have released from detention. Alexandra mistakenly believes he has arranged a pardon for her, but quickly realizes Phillip is not there to give her good news. Instead, he accuses her of betraying him by convincing Lizzie to confess to the accident. Alexandra is afraid and begs him not to do anything he will regret. Phillip guesses Alexandra fears he will engineer an accident to punish her. Phillip is annoyed she would think that - he only plans to have her transferred from one jail to the next until she is completely lost in the system forever. Phillip instructs the officer escorting Alexandra to continue with the plan - he has something to do. Once he is gone Alexandra tells the officer to keep in mind that she is very wealthy and whatever Phillip is paying, she will double if he allows her to use his phone. He agrees and waits while she calls Alan. Alan realizes he may have been wrong to continue to defend his son when he hears of Phillip's plan for Alexandra. He tells his sister he fears Phillip may be lost to them forever.

Rick leaves the mansion thinking he may know where Phillip has gone. He finds Phillip in the university gymnasium playing basketball alone. Rick joins in, but stops to ask Phillip to return Jude to him. Phillip says Jude is better off without Harley - his mother. Rick disagrees and pleads with his friend to understand Jude needs to be with his family. Phillip looks at Rick with naked confusion. He can't understand why Rick can't see that Phillip is doing him a favor.

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Phillip realizes he's lost those closest to him when not only Rick, but also Lizzie betrays him. At the basketball court, Rick realizes how far gone Phillip really is when he refuses to admit to kidnapping the children. Just as he is about to use the syringe, Phillip spots it and at the end of the struggle, Rick is the one sedated. Later, determined to get through to her father and help find the children, Lizzie goes to meet Phillip. But, she reveals too much and runs away from an angry Phillip just in time. Later, as Phillip reaches a whole new level of rage and returns to the Spaulding mansion to put a new plan in motion, Rick, Beth and Lizzie make a painful decision, knowing the Phillip they love is lost forever.

Bill and Olivia learn via a wedding gift from Phillip that Billy is responsible for the order to deport Olivia. Olivia lashes out at Billy and runs off, leaving Billy to explain his motivation to Bill. Billy's emotional pleas fall on deaf ears when Bill refuses to accept his father's apologies.

Reva feels betrayed by Josh when Jonathan reveals Josh's attempts to get rid of him behind Reva's back. Jonathan takes delight in the divide he expects this will cause between them but, Reva surprisingly forgives Josh, further infuriating Jonathan. However, Jonathan does show he has a heart when he sympathizes with Olivia over Phillip's kidnapping of Emma. He encourages her to take revenge against Phillip, citing that no child should ever be taken from its mother.

Off of Holly's escape attempt, Sebastian raises a hand to Holly, prompting her to become even more conflicted about his strange mix of anger and tenderness towards her. But when Holly stands tall and refuses to make the call that will bring Ed to Sebastian, Sebastian abandons her indefinitely.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Alan finds that Phillip has returned to the house and alerts Gus and Harley. Harley tries to force Phillip to tell her where the kids are but he's unfazed by her threats. She then takes another approach and tries to appeal to the human side of him. But Phillip turns on her, forces her to beg, then destroys the information about the kids location. Harley manages to piece together a pier number and she and Gus head to the docks where they realize it was all a ruse to distract them so Phillip could escape. Harley, afraid she will never see her children again, breaks down in Gus's arms.

As Lizzie and Coop argue over who's more to blame for the fight between the Spauldings and the Coopers, O'Hagan, Phillip's fixer, shows up to abduct Lizzie. Coop tries to stop the abduction but falls short and Lizzie is taken to her father. She's furious with him and when Phillip tries to make her go away with him, Coop shows up to offer Lizzie another choice. Lizzie chooses to stay with Coop, enraging Phillip even further and he vows to destroy the people who have cost him his daughter's love.

While Danny helps Marina out at Company, a cross with the contractor inspires Danny to take over the renovation of the lighthouse himself. He makes it clear to Marina that he is getting over Michelle as he hires Marina to help take care of Robbie and the two come together in a warn hug. Meanwhile, Michelle and Tony try to get the location of Sebastian's house from the maid, Aurelia. Michelle wants Tony to flirt with Aurelia until she realizes how good looking Aurelia is. Tony calls her on acting like a jealous girlfriend and accuses Michelle of still being confused about what she wants.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Everyone is rocked to the core, believing Phillip has flown away with the children to parts unknown. But, Phillip has one more mysterious mission up his sleeve. Visiting each of the denizens of Springfield he feels has wronged him, he dangles enticing offers tailored to each: to Beth, it's the return of James; to Rick, it's Jude; to Olivia it's Emma and via Gus, Phillip makes an offer to Harley, for the safe return of Zach. However, Phillip has no intention of returning any children but in fact, desires to gather everyone he feels has wronged him at one time or another.

Later, Harley spots Phillip, and though he disappears, she dons her disguise as Ruth, determined to get to him. Phillip gets to the meeting spot, Company, and awaits the arrival of everyone else, confident he has time until the confused and needy parents start showing up. But there is an unexpected visitor who does arrive early and that visitor shoots Phillip twice in the chest.

Friday, November 12, 2004

In Santo Domingo, Sebastian finds Holly unconscious. When he goes to render raid, she attacks him with a lamp but he quickly gets the upper hand. After exchanging angry words, he presents her with a peace offering---a new dress to wear. Although she refuses it, he leaves it in the cell with her and then walks out. Later, he's pleased to see that she has put on the dress.

Tammy is laying low at Sandy's. He tries to tell her that she has to go back home some time but she doesn't want to and begs him to let her stay. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door. Sandy can tell from the peephole that it's Reva and she's about to let herself in. When Tammy hides herself, Sandy lets Reva in and asks what she wants. She states that she thought he left town and she wanted to know if he left a forwarding address so she knew where to get in touch with him. She tells Sandy that she just wants to hang on to their friendship. Sandy's not interested though. He tells her that he lied to her from the first day he met her and that he's nothing to her. He suggests that she cut her losses before she gets too invested. Reva tries to explain that he is important to her but he rejects her. He tells her that she'll never be able to fully trust him and she will eventually just cut him loose. When he shows her the door, a saddened Reva tells him she'll never bother him again. At that point, Tammy exits shocked that Sandy just cut Reva out of his life. He assures her that it's for the best. He doesn't want to talk about Reva though. He tells Tammy she has to consider her next move since she can't hide from her mother forever. When Tammy refuses to call her mom and then leaves the room, Sandy pulls out Cassie's number from his shirt pocket and considers it.

Dinah literally (and purposely) runs into Edmund at the Beacon. When she mentions Cassie and Jeffrey being in Chicago together, the pair suddenly walk in. They didn't find Tammy. Edmund tries to ask Cassie why she won't let him help her, but she only gets upset and accuses him of being jealous and paranoid about Jeffrey. Clearly upset, she tries to explain that she just wants to concentrate on finding Tammy and doesn't want to constantly reassure him. But to Edmund it seems as if she's shutting him out. He thinks her problems should be their problems, but Cassie doesn't agree. Suddenly, Dinah inserts herself and calls Cassie as selfish as ever. She defends Edmund, calling him caring and loyal, and states that Cassie is taking him for granted. She then mentions that Edmund helped her when she first came to town, without even knowing who she was. This clearly shocks Cassie and Edmund confirms the story. He knew Dinah as "Dee" and offered her a place to stay. Cassie is very angry now. Suddenly, she faints!

It's 9pm. Buzz is outside Company waiting for someone and spots Alan. Suddenly they both notice something inside Company. They enter and are shocked to find Phillip, unconscious from multiple gunshot wounds! The call an ambulance as Gus enters. When asked why he's there, Gus mentions that Harley was to meet Phillip at 9pm. Suddenly, Beth and Lizzie arrive, again having been told to meet Phillip. As the paramedics and police arrive, the group realizes that now no one knows where the kids are. Buzz finds a piece of paper in Phillip's coat but Frank takes it as evidence. By this time, Rick has arrived, as have Bill and Olivia. Olivia puts it all together and angrily states that Phillip scammed them. She states that Phillip offered her a deal--meet her at 9pm and he'd tell her where her daughter is. She correctly guesses that everyone in the room got the same deal. She guesses that it was all a set up--that Phillip had no intention of giving them the children, he just wanted to watch them all squirm as he backed out of the promise. She tells the paramedics to keep him alive long enough to tell them where her daughter is and then he can go straight to hell. She then leaves. Outside, she runs into Jonathan who asks her where the gun is? She's shocked that he knows about Phillip and he claims that he overheard the cops talking. He seems to think she shot Phillip and is impressed that she had the nerve to do it. He mentions their conversation the night before where he told her to do something; Olivia warns him that that conversation never happened. He tells her not to worry, her secret is safe with him. She suddenly wonders if he did it?

After his conversation with Olivia, Jonathan runs into Reva who has just heard about Phillip. They talk and she tells him Sandy told her to get lost. She thinks Jonathan should be gloating--he won now. Jonathan states that he has good reason to hate Sandy, but she says Sandy says the same about him. When she defends Sandy, Jonathan reminds her that it was Sandy who hurt her. He starts to say something else, but thinks better of it and leaves.

Back in Company, Gus is trying to locate Harley by phone but she's not picking up. Lizzie is guilt-ridden and tells Beth that if she would have gone on that plane, this wouldn't have happened. Beth assures Lizzie that this isn't her fault. Later, the group, except Gus, goes to the hospital, only to learn that Phillip is dead.

Gus is skulking outside Company where he spots Harley, dressed as Ruth. He grabs her, and she is clearly dazed and rattled. He asks her where she's been and she responds that she thinks she did a terrible thing.

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