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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 8, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, November 8, 2004

A frantic Sami showed up on Lexie's doorstep looking for Brandon. After a bit of sniping, an overexcited Sami tried to choke Lexie. Shaking off her anger, Sami apologized and explained that she wanted to make sure Brandon had left town because Celeste predicted her future happiness would end if he stayed the night. Lexie reassured Sami that Brandon was leaving and a cooled Sami ran home. Right on cue, Brandon came downstairs to stay goodbye. Thinking of Theo, Brandon changed his mind and decided to stay the night. However, a worried Lexie said he had to leave. Brandon reassured her that Sami wouldn't keep him from Salem when all of his family still lived there. Lexie understood but still asked him to leave, so he left.

Lucas paced Sami's apartment vowing to end things with her if she had run after Brandon. A tired Sami came home to find a furious Lucas who said things were over because he could not trust her. A tearful Sami explained where she had been and why. Sami reassured Lucas that Brandon was out of her heart and life forever because 100% of her life and heart belonged to Lucas alone. Afraid of losing him, Sami swore that she no longer wanted to be selfish but instead wanted to have a family with Will and Lucas and could not live without them. His steely resolve cracked, Lucas promised never to leave Sami.

Out in the ocean, Bo, Hope, John, Abe, Brady, Nicole, Patrick, Jennifer, Tek, Maggie, and Billie were safe aboard a Coast Guard ship. Brady comforted Nicole as Patrick tried to calm Jennifer. The Coast Guard captain told them about a sonar probe he sent out to look for the others as well as a Japanese fishing trawler nearby that wasn't responding to radio signals. A still handicapped John surmised the others were alive aboard the trawler.

On the Japanese fishing trawler, Roman and Marlena were locked in a room with some delicious Miso soup. A couple of the crew members tried to communicate with them to no avail. Later, after the crew left the room, Roman found the door locked. Nearby on the ship in another room, a praying Caroline sat by Victor's bedside. Victor awoke to see his angel Caroline whom thanked God he had survived. Once Victor found the energy, they too found their cabin room door locked. Elsewhere on the trawler, Jack tended to a scared Cassie. Amazed to be alive since neither could swim, they too soon found their cabin door locked like the others. Jack pounded on the door to draw attention but no one came. All three groups worried they were the only survivors.

Down the hallway of the trawler, a very much alive and still gun wielding Bart pranced around in a sailor costume intending to kill off Tony's remaining enemies. After a bit of wandering, Bart stumbled upon Roman and Marlena's holding room. Horrified to find Bart, Roman and Marlena were down right freaked to see Captain Tony saunter up behind Bart, laughing.

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Sami wakes up and sees that Will and Lucas are gone, she finds a note from Lucas telling her how wonderful last night was and that he knows he's over Brandon. He says he was dropping Will off at school and then going to his job interview. Sami remembers what Celeste said about Brandon staying in town; she says now that Brandon is gone she, Lucas and Will can be a family.

Shawn and Jan are at the loft and they see Belle outside in the hallway. Belle says they're up early and Shawn said that he had been over at Salem U. Belle asks him if he was registering early but he says he's dropping out. Belle is in disbelief and says he was going to be a lawyer and work for Mickey. Shawn tells her there were better things to do and Jan adds that they have enough money and Shawn doesn't have to work. Shawn says he can live off the Horton/Kiriakis trusts. Belle is still in disbelief and says she doesn't like the new Shawn. Shawn tells her he doesn't care what she thinks. Jan says she loves the new Shawn and they kiss. As they kiss, Belle gets a phone call from Sami asking her to meet her for breakfast so they can talk about the wedding. Belle tells her it's a bad time and Shawn tells her to go, he doesn't have anything else to say to her. Shawn and Jan go to the loft and Belle tells Sami she'll meet her.

In the loft, Jan tells Shawn that they should move to her country house so they can be alone. Shawn tells her that would be nice. She tells him they don't have to worry about running into Belle or her marine, or bother Rex and Mimi anymore, they can finally be alone. Shawn says that they are alone now and should take advantage of it. They end up making love and Jan starts talking about their future together. Shawn is rubbing his head and gets angry, saying he doesn't want to talk about it. She asks him if he doesn't want to get away from Belle and Philip; but he says he does. Jan presses him and says they should start talking about their wedding but Shawn says there's no need to rush into everything. Jan asks him if he's ok and he says he is but he doesn't remember a lot of things. He goes on to say that he doesn't even remember asking her to marry him. Jan tells him she has the ring and he did. He says he believes her. She tells him they should at least think about planning things; she wants to make him happy.

Celeste shows up at Lexie's and Lexie asks her about her vision about Sami and Brandon. Celeste tells her she told Sami that if Brandon stayed in Salem her future with Lucas was at stake. Lexie tells her that Sami had come over and accused them of trying to ruin things for her. Celeste asks her if Brandon stayed and Lexie says no, that he had gone to Chicago. Celeste leaves, and Lexie goes to run some errands. As she's leaving Brandon comes down the stairs. She asks him what he's doing there and he says his car broke down so he came back to town to spend the night. He goes on to say that he didn't want to wake anybody up so he used the key she'd given him and let himself in. He asks her if she's not happy to see him and she says, no not really. She tells him she doesn't want Sami to hurt him. Brandon tells her that that would require him to get involved with her again. Lexie tells him he might not have a choice in the matter. He says of course he has a choice, but Lexie says not according to Celeste and goes on to tell him about the premonition she had. Brandon says that the night has passed and he hadn't seen Sami at all. Lexie says that Celeste's prediction only talked about Sami's future being ruined, not his. Brandon asks Lexie if he can use his car to do some errands and she says sure. He remembers her birthday then and apologizes for forgetting. She tells him not to worry; she doesn't really feel like celebrating anyway. Brandon leaves and Lexie looks at a picture of Abe and starts crying saying she wants him back.

Meanwhile, Sami and Belle meet up for breakfast. Belle asks Sami why she's in such a good mood and Sami tells her that Brandon isn't anywhere near Salem. She goes on to tell her about the premonition that Celeste had. Belle says her that's silly and that she's on the only person who's responsible for her happiness. Sami says she knows that. Belle asks her why she's worried about it then. Sami says that all of Celeste's predictions about the serial killer came true. Belle says it doesn't matter; her issue was the feeling she had for Brandon. They start talking about the wedding and Belle tells her about her ideas to redo Caroline's wedding dress for her. She tells Sami that Caroline wanted her to wear it when she married Shawn; she thinks about their wedding and starts crying. Brandon comes in and hears her crying, wondering if he should try to help (he doesn't know who is crying). The waitress tells him not to worry about it and he orders some breakfast. Sami tells Belle not to think about it, what he's blaming her for wasn't anything that was her fault. Belle says it was, she lied about Marlena. Sami says that she did it for her family and she still believes that Marlena is innocent. She goes on to tell Belle to forget about Shawn because he's forgotten about her. Belle says she's right, she needs to move on. Sami says she thought Brandon was the love of her life but she was wrong, now she loves Lucas; and she thinks Belle will fall in love again. She asks her about Philip but Belle says that it's too soon. Sami leaves to meet with Father Jansen at the church. At the same time Brandon remembers his meeting at St. Luke's and leaves the restaurant, just barely missing Sami.

Bonnie continues to think about what Celeste told her about Maggie being alive. She's on the phone with the airline trying to rebook the flight to Las Vegas that she and Mickey were bumped off of the day before. The airline tells her there aren't any seats available and she gets upset. Just then Mickey shows up and asks Bonnie why she's so upset. Bonnie tells the airline to call her back and she hangs up. She tells Mickey she was upset because she was hoping to wake up as Mrs. Mickey Horton. Mickey says that maybe it's an omen and they weren't supposed to get married. Bonnie calls Celeste and asks her to come over with her cards to do a reading for her. Celeste comes over, questioning why she's there after the way Bonnie treated her the night before. Bonnie apologizes and asks her to please do the reading and tell her about Maggie. Just then Mickey shows up and asks what Celeste is doing there. Bonnie tells him to go get dressed so they can get married and he goes. As soon as he's gone Celeste does the reading and says that nothing has changed, Maggie is alive and is going to be home soon. Bonnie says it's not good and tries to get Celeste to leave. Celeste tells Bonnie not to do anything she's going to regret and Bonnie says she's going to get the brass ring and marry Mickey. Mickey comes back and Bonnie tells him the airlines haven't called back but she has an idea leaves, dragging him after her.

Meanwhile, on the ship, Maggie is telling John that he shouldn't be up and on his feet and asks if he took anything. He says no, he's fine and he wants to be able to think clearly. Abe shows up and asks John to come eat to regain his strength. John says he needs to concentrate on the Japanese ship that they're meeting up with. The coast guard says maybe they shouldn't go check out the trawler and that John needs to see a doctor or he runs the risk of being paralyzed. He goes on to say that everyone else needs to see a doctor too and that if the missing are on the boat, they'll be safe there. Abe says that they took a vote and they were going to check out the boat before they went back; John adds that they want to know that their loved ones are alive, or proof that they're dead. Maggie says she can't wait to get home and see Mickey and says she wants to have a big party at Tuscany when they finally get home. Abe remembers Lexie's birthday is coming and thinks about what to get her. John says that his coming home will be enough. Abe says that he can't wait to see Theo and Lexie and that the truth about the serial killings will come out. Maggie says Marlena's name will be cleared and John says that she's still alive because he can feel it. The coast guard tells them that they're approaching the Japanese ship and Maggie says she hopes the others are alive and safe on it.

On the trawler, Marlena and Roman wake up and remember seeing Tony the previous day. They talk about how he could still be alive and what he's planning now. Bart shows up and Roman asks him where everybody else is and if they're alive, and also asks where Tony is. Bart says that he's taking care of his neck injury that the "late" John Black gave him. Marlena asks him if John is dead and he says he doesn't know. He tells them not to get their hopes up. Roman says even if he did know he wouldn't tell them because he's too afraid of Tony. Bart tells him that he's right, and he is afraid of Tony. He tells them if they want to know anything else they'll have to ask Tony. Roman says fine, to go get him then. Bart tells him he can't he has orders. A bit later Roman and Marlena hear the coast guard asking to come on board and they think they're being rescued.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Bonnie drags Mickey to the justice of the peace. Julie follows and begs her uncle Mickey to reconsider. Bonnie pledges her love to Mickey and he agrees to marry her despite Julie's warnings that the union will end in disaster. Maggie arrives at her house to surprise Mickey...

Marlena and Roman are locked in a cabin where she reveals that she left a "bread crumb" clue. Bart sequesters them in a more secure location and they can see John and the others on the coast guard boat. Tony tells Marlena and Roman they will be reunited with their loved ones in hell.

Bo, Hope and Abe board the fishing vessel looking for any survivors. Hope finds Marlena's ring and says it is proof that Roman and Marlena were/are on the boat. The savvy fisherman tells Hope that it simply must have been dredged up in a fishing net.

Lexie reminisces about Abe on her birthday and Celeste gets vibes that something major is about to happen and it does.

Shawn and Belle connect while playing with Zack. They too get a surprise when loved ones return home.

Sami goes to church to meet with the priest about her wedding; she has a near miss with Brandon. Sami talks to Father Antonio about the trouble of having her "ex" in her head. Antonio thinks she needs to meet with him and determine whether or not she still has feelings for him. Sami does not want Kate "to win."

Kate gloats until Sami tells her that Brandon has left town. Kate calls Celeste for some psychic advice but Celeste tells Kate she has more pressing business; her future is at the hospital. Kate rushes to the hospital.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

by Joan

Bo and Hope arrive home and have an emotional reunion with their sons. They inform Belle that John is at the hospital. She races off and Hope turns her attention to Shawn. Shawn confirms that he is engaged to Jan. Bo and Hope are perplexed over the Shawn and Jan relationship and Hope vows to investigate.

Kate arrives to find John at the hospital. John mutters Roman and Marlena's name and Kate thinks they are alive. John explains that they are missing along with Jack, Cassie, Victor and Caroline. Belle arrives and has a tearful reunion with John.

Mickey and Bonnie are about to be married when Julie stops them. Mickey has some harsh words for Julie and sends her away. By the time they are finally ready to wed the Justice of the Peace says their time is up; he has another appointment.

Maggie and Doug have returned home, desperate to find Mickey and Julie. Julie arrives home, sees them and passes out. Julie is upset as she realizes Mickey is about to marry Bonnie. Julie, Maggie, and Doug race to stop them without telling Maggie what is happening.

Abe has an emotional reunion with Lexie as Brandon, Tek, and Celeste. Abe is having trouble focusing.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Sami goes to the hospital for her pre-wedding blood test. Kate goes to tell Sami about her parents but Sami does not want to hear anything from Kate. Sami points out Kate's plan to bring Brandon back to Salem was a flop; Celeste's prediction that Sami's future will be ruined will not come true. Kate smiles smugly and tells Sami there is someone upstairs on the second floor she should see. Sami goes up to have a look and sees Brandon.

Brandon, Tek, and Lexie bring Abe to the hospital to get his eyes checked out. While they wait for Abe to be examined, Brandon and Tek exchange words. Tek knows Brandon had a romantic history with Lexie. Lexie has to break it up before the two men fight. The doctor reports Abe's condition may be serious. Lexie is very emotional even though Abe is trying to be optimistic.

Jennifer brings her baby home with Patrick, there for support. Jennifer gets emotional when she sees so many reminders of her husband and she looks to her computer for contact again. Patrick points out the messages on the computer are from before Jennifer left for the island. Sixteen-year-old Abby comes home with a school friend named Chelsea. Jennifer and Abby have an emotional reunion and Jennifer introduces Abby to her new brother. Abby is thrilled and Jennifer refers to Jack; Abby jumps to the wrong conclusion that Jack is alive, too. Abby rushes upstairs to greet her father as Jennifer goes into Patrick's arms upset... how will she tell Abby the bad news about Jack?

Maggie is shocked as Mickey comes home married to Bonnie. Julie rails at Mickey and Doug agrees: it's time for him to make a choice, Maggie or Bonnie?

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