The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 8, 2004 on Y&R

Victor refused to hire Sharon as a spokesperson for Newman Enterprises. Nick was reinstated at the company. Kevin and Michael had an emotional moment. Harrison refused to back down from his claims that Arthur had killed Harrison's mother.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 8, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, November 8, 2004

Neil is shocked when Drucilla tells him that Malcolm is alive. He wants to go see him but Dru says that wouldn't be a good idea. Malcolm thinks that Neil had something going on with Alex Perez and thinks that Neil is responsible. Neil can't believe after all this time his own brother wouldn't want to see him. Drucilla says that she tried to tell him that it wasn't Neil's fault, but Malcolm doesn't care. Drucilla says that he probably left to go find Nate.

Victor is surprised to see Malcolm alive and well at the Rec Center. Malcolm says his life has been really hard and he wasn't willing to come back until now. Malcolm asks Neil about Victoria, and Victor says that she has been gone a long time now. Malcolm says that he hopes Victor finds her.

Jack goes to see Brad and tells him that there might be a way for him to get back at Newman. Nick wants to pay them under the table to hire Sharon as a spokesperson for Jabot. Brad thinks it's a great idea, and Jack calls Sharon to set up an interview. When Ashley hears that Jack and Brad want to hire Sharon, she thinks that they are trying to get back at Victor. Brad says that it won't cost them anything to hire Sharon so they think it's a good investment. Ashley agrees and says they have more important things to talk about, like their marriage. Brad says doesn't she mean their divorce. Ashley says she hopes that Abby can still spend time with both of them. Brad suggests that Abby live with him until Ashley can get back on her feet. The house is his, after all. Ashley says she wishes things didn't have to be this way.

Jack goes to Victor to ask him why he didn't agree to hire Sharon. Victor says the idea was at Neil's discretion but that he too thinks Sharon would be better off worrying about her children. Nick says not to worry, Sharon has already found another place to work. But he is not sure that Victor will be happy about the situation.

Kevin admits to Lily that he was the one responsible for her attack. He says that he was only trying to set something up so he could look like a hero, but his plan backfired. Kevin begs her not to tell her parents.

Katherine and Jill talk about Arthur and Jill says that she really needs to talk to him. Katherine hopes that Jill doesn't make things worse. When Jill and Arthur try to settle things, Arthur keeps saying he didn't do it, but if Jill cannot accept that, he will leave town.

Jill goes to see Harrison Bartlett. He says that is surprised to see her and hopes that no one is dead yet.

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Nick tells Victor that Sharon may be working at Jabot. Victor can't believe she would work there and still believes she should stay at home until the kids are older. Nick chides him for putting his own failures on them and promises that they can do what he couldn't. He tells his dad that he was an utter failure as a father. Vic whines that he grew up in an orphanage and fought for everything he had.

Sharon impresses Brad in her interview at Jabot. He promises to get back to her soon.

Kevin worries to Mac that Lily could tell her parents about his confession. He does feel better that it's off his chest though. Daniel interrupts their chat. Kevin tells Daniel that he told both Mac and Lily everything but kept his name out of it. Daniel thinks Kevin wants to go back to jail and tells him to make sure his name stays out of it.

Michael is at the gym and is stunned to see Malcolm there. Mal denies his true identity. Victor confirms that it is Malcolm, back from the dead. He offers Michael a contract at NE and wants Michael to be his eyes and ears at the company.

Lily asks her parents about how they feel about Kevin these days. They still hate him but Lily confesses her feelings are softening.

Jill and Harrison argue about Arthur some more at the hospital. She confesses that he is creating doubt sin her but wants to talk more about it. She invites him for drinks at the club.

Kay and Esther stop for coffee and talk about Jill's suspicions. Esther agrees with Jill. She knows better than anyone how love can blind you to a man's dark side. Kay doesn't want to hear it.

Jill meets with Harrison at the club. Arthur shows up per Jill's invite and the two men argue immediately. Jill chides them to act like adults. No one is going anywhere until she gets the answers she is looking for.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Michael was shocked to hear that Kevin had told Lily the truth, but Kevin said he had to clear his conscience and start over. He was hoping Lily didn't intend to tell her parents. When Michael again tried to talk Kevin out of challenging him to a fight, the two started arguing. Lauren came in and told them this situation was ridiculous. Michael hadn't taken her away from Kevin; she had never had that kind of relationship with Kevin. Kevin expressed his continuing desire to fight his brother before he walked out. Lauren told Michael he definitely had a problem; what was he going to do about it? Michael wasn't sure.

In a conversation with Brad, Jack found out that Ashley was going to move home for a while to try to get her head on straight. She was leaving Abby at Brad's house with him. Jack wanted to make sure Brad wasn't trying to take Abby away from his sister, but Brad insisted that wasn't the situation. He was trying to keep things as stable as possible for his little girl. Meanwhile, he was coping with all that he could and hoped Jack wasn't going to make things more difficult. Jack wondered how Victor was going to react to all this, and Brad said that Jack's attitude that he was no longer bothered by Victor was a pretense. Apparently Jack was still hoping to get back at Victor. Jack told Brad he was way ahead of him and left his office.

Abby was happy helping put together a puzzle with Ashley. When Victor arrived, she asked to be excused. Ashley apologized to Victor for Abby's attitude. But once Victor found out the temporary custody plans, he was convinced Ashley was only doing this to hurt him. Ashley said that everything wasn't about him. She'd made a lot of bad choices that had damaged her family; for now, Abby was better off with Brad. Her attitude was defiant when Victor said he was disappointed in her, but once Victor left, she began to cry.

Victor confronted Brad at Jabot, accusing him of using Abby to strike out at him. Brad said that no matter what Victor did, he would always be Daddy No. 2. In Abby's mind, Brad was her real father. In fact, instead of continuing to try to destroy Brad's family, Victor should pay attention to his own family and try to take care of his two sons and his wife.

Sharon arrived home and was thrilled to hear that Brad had called and told Nick she had the job. Sharon told him how she'd pitched herself in the interview, and Nick said she'd obviously impressed Brad, and that wasn't easy to do. To show his pride and support of her, Nick surprised her with a gift: her own attaché case with her initials on it. Inside, she found a brooch to put on the lapel of her business suit.

Jill forced her father and Harrison to sit down and talk about their past issues face to face. Harrison wouldn't back down from his contention that Arthur had killed his mother and taken her money. Arthur said that Harrison had a history of substance abuse and all these were delusions that arose out of that. Although they admitted they'd once been close, Arthur said that drugs had ruined his stepson. After the two men both got angry and left, Jill looked more confused than ever.

Katherine went to see Nikki and explain her dilemma. She didn't want to tell Nikki exactly what the accusations against Arthur were. She simply wanted to know how many times Nikki had shown faith in Victor, no matter what. Nikki said she did continue to believe in Victor, but that wasn't always easy. She advised Katherine to follow her heart. Katherine was grateful that she'd gone to Nikki and gotten that answer; she wondered if Nikki wanted to stand up for her at her wedding, and Nikki said there was nothing she'd like more.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Victor has a meeting with Neil and Nick and informs them that he has decided to make Nick the new CEO of the company. Victor asks that Neil stick around as COO and to show Nick what he's been doing as interim CEO. Neil seems disappointed but thanks Victor for the opportunity and says he will stay aboard to help Nick. Nick wonders what control Victor will still have over the company. Victor tells Nick that it has been a hard decision for him but he is proud to say that the company now belongs to Nick.

Sharon tells Nikki that Brad has hired her on at Jabot as Spokesperson. Nikki is surprised and thinks the position is way out of her league. Sharon asks Nikki if she can help her out so she can make Nick and her family proud. Nikki is reluctant at first but eventually agrees. Sharon hugs Nikki before she leaves.

Victor is happy to see Nikki when he arrives home. He asks where Devon is and says that although he is disappointed about the news, Miss Davis has informed him that Devon is going to go to another group home in a couple of days. Nikki tries to talk to Victor about Sharon but Victor says he would rather not talk business. He tells her that he doesn't tell her often enough how much he loves her. There is something else he needs to talk to her about as well. He needs to go away for awhile to figure something out.

Detective Weber waits for Damon to wake up and calls Phyllis to ask why she hasn't contacted him yet. He says the investigation is far from over. Phyllis feels uncomfortable about the situation and goes to Michael for advice. Michael listens to her but tells her that he can't be with her to talk to Weber because he has a current obligation with his brother.

Phyllis visits Damon and he tells her that he would like to be a part of Daniel's life. Phyllis thinks that would be a good idea but also wants to tell him that she needs some time to think about her feelings about Damon. Before she gets a chance to however, Detective Weber comes into the hospital room and says he has to talk to the both of them.

Lily runs into Kevin at the Athletic Club and he can't resist asking her if she talked to her parents about his actions. Lily says that she hasn't told her parents and she hopes she won't regret that decision. Kevin says that he has changed but then reveals to her that he is about to fight his brother at the Rec Center. Lily is upset and doesn't understand. Kevin says that being honest and telling his brother that he wants revenge is better than his old way of reacting to a situation. He says the old Kevin would have just set his car on fire or something. Lily looks concerned when Kevin leaves to go fight Michael.

Michael is waiting for Kevin at the Rec Center when he arrives. Michael tries one last time to let bygones be bygones but Kevin isn't having it. He puts on the punching gloves and advises Michael to do the same.

Drucilla is shocked when Malcolm arrives at her door. She begs Malcolm to meet Neil halfway and talk to him. Malcolm says he doesn't want to talk about Neil. Drucilla thinks maybe he's wrong about his feelings. Why would he be at Neil's home if he didn't want to see him? Malcolm mentions that he talked to Devon and thinks that Drucilla and Neil have been having problems in their marriage. Malcolm thinks that Neil is cold and unfeeling and is the reason behind Devon not having a place to stay. Malcolm says that he knows how caring Drucilla is. Lily comes home just as Malcolm is touching Drucilla's face.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Lily was shocked and happy to come home and find out that her Uncle Malcolm was alive. When Drucilla suggested that Lily get something to eat, Malcolm had a better idea. He wanted to take Lily out and get caught up with his niece. Dru reluctantly gave in, so she was alone when Neil came home. He told her about Victor's decision to make Nicholas CEO of Newman Enterprises. Neil was back in his old position of Executive Vice President and COO. Dru made Neil laugh when she wondered if her job was safe; he said she was the only person who could have made him end up comforting her about her job after the day he'd had. He was no longer amused, however, when he found out Lily was out with Malcolm. Although he was glad to hear that his brother was still in town, he felt driven to confront him and work through Malcolm's anger. He left the apartment to find them, finally coming face to face with a hostile Malcolm at the athletic club restaurant.

Sharon was happy to hear that Nick had been reinstated at Newman, especially when Nick told her that Victor had promised to back away and let Nick handle the CEO job on his own. Nick started worrying that his father might follow his old pattern of leaving town for a while after making a big decision, and he and Sharon left their house to go to Victor and Nikki's.

Nikki was upset to hear that Victor wanted to leave town for a while and work out some things that were bothering him. He said that he felt like he'd tried so hard with Abby because he was hoping to fill a void inside himself. Nikki speculated that he might be going to look for Victoria and warned him that their daughter had asked to be left alone. Victor said that it was something he had to do. He was almost ready to leave when Nick and Sharon showed up. Nick said he probably understood why his father needed some time away; he was just worried about his mother. Victor asked him to take care of Nikki. Nick promised that Nikki and the company would be in good hands, and Victor assured him that he believed that. He hugged Nick goodbye then said goodbye to Nikki and left with one last glance through the window at his family.

Hank Weber continued to question Phyllis and Damon about the circumstances surrounding their run-in with Dominic. Phyllis insisted that Dominic should never have been let out of prison; he'd been trying to shoot her when Damon pushed her aside and took the bullet for her. She said that she'd tried to convince Dominic not to come there from Georgia, but there was no one who could prove that. Hank suggested that Dominic might have been defending himself against Damon and his sword; in fact, he thought he might be investigating their conspiracy to murder Dominic.

Kevin and Michael finally ended up in the ring at the rec center in boxing gloves. Michael was still trying to persuade Kevin not to fight him. Kevin took a couple of swings at him, and Michael hit the floor. Kevin taunted him into getting up, but when he and Michael were face to face, it wasn't Michael Kevin was seeing. He was remembering his father beating him and locking him the closet. Michael realized that Kevin's words of rage and hurt weren't directed at him at all; they were directed at Tom. He let Kevin flail at him a few times, finally holding his brother and assuring him that it was Michael with him, not his father. Kevin remembered Michael opening the closet door and holding him, telling him everything would be okay, and the two sank to the floor, with Kevin sobbing as Michael held him.

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