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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 8, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, August 8, 2005

Meg summons Dusty to Lucinda's with romance on her mind. She suggests an overnight campout, but Dusty nixes that because of an early meeting for work. Meg then takes Dusty to the roof terrace where Will likes to hang out and prepares a picnic under the stars. They reminisce about old times together, but Meg feels that somehow Jennifer is intruding on their romantic time. Dusty tells Meg that Jen is only a business partner.

Margo, Casey and Tom arrive at Al's diner for a late snack and walk in on Will kissing Celia. Casey is bummed and does not want to discuss his personal life with his parents. Will gets a call on his cell phone from Paul who asks him to come over. Will bumps into Casey as he is leaving and it is obvious to Margo and Tom that there is bad blood between the boys. Margo is so thankful that they have no problems with Casey and that he tells her everything. Tom is not so na´ve.

At Carly and Jack's house, Carly and Gwen argue about Gwen's rights as the baby's birth mother. Gwen asserts her right to change her mind about giving up the baby for 30 days, and Carly tries to convince Gwen that the baby is well cared for where he is. Carly proposes regular visits for Gwen, but Gwen feels Carly is tricking her. Gwen says she is taking the baby home with her, and when Carly refuses to turn the baby over to her, Gwen leaves to find her lawyer.

Paul is going through Rosanna's memory box and looks again at the baby "John Doe's" footprint. He goes over all the clues Rosanna was trying to give him before she lost consciousness. He gets an idea and sets out to verify the birth date of Gwen's baby.

Celia makes a date with Sierra for a "girl chat." She tells Sierra she is confused about her new relationship with Will who wants to monopolize her time. Sierra suggest that Celia slow things down for now.

Will arrives at Paul's and tells him that Gwen and Jennifer both delivered their babies the same night. He mentions that both were preemies and even looked a bit alike. Paul asks other questions about that night in the hospital nursery, and he begins to make sense of the puzzle.

Carly calls Jack for help. Paul shows up and learns there is no news of Rosanna. Carly tells Paul that Gwen wants the baby back, but it will be over her dead body. Paul agrees that there is no way Gwen can adequately care for a child in her present circumstances. Paul asks to hold the baby, and Carly leaves him alone with the child while she does some errands around the house. Paul takes an ink impression of the baby's foot while Carly is out of the room.

At the diner, Al offers Gwen her old job back and agrees to pay her extra for cleaning out the storeroom. When Gwen asks if she can keep her baby in the storeroom, however, Al draws the line. No babies at work, he says. Gwen's lawyer arrives and Gwen tells him she wants to reclaim her child.

On the roof terrace, Dusty asks Meg point blank what she wants from him. They begin talking about the stars and end up making love.

Celia finally tells Will what is bothering her: the inscription "Love, Will" on the bracelet he gave her. He offers to take it back and suggests a bike ride and picnic the next day.

Gwen's attorney stuns her by telling her that money to care for the baby will not be a problem because Rosanna has set up a trust fund for his care and maintenance. He promises to get her a court date so that she can begin the process of getting the baby back.

At Carly's, Paul carefully examines the footprint impression he has just taken of the baby.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Jennifer catches Barbara in the lobby of the Lakeview, taking some baby things down to storage and has a meltdown. Meanwhile, Paul realizes the two footprints are not the same. Later, Paul questions Nurse Bentley from the hospital. He's surprised to hear about the infamous Nurse Thompson, and also that Rosanna questioned the nurse right before her accident. His interview with the nurse is cut short when Jennifer shows up and demands to know why the nurse was there. Paul lies that he's making a donation to the hospital in memory of Jennifer's baby. After, Paul makes arrangements to see Craig in prison. Meanwhile, Carly fills Jack in on Gwen's threat to reclaim her baby. Jack explains that Gwen may have the law on her side and offers to go talk to Gwen. Meanwhile, Casey confronts Gwen. He overheard his parents saying that Gwen might be changing her mind about the adoption and he wants to make sure that doesn't happen. Their argument is interrupted when Jack arrives to try to convince Gwen to consider a compromise. When Jack leaves, Casey goes off on Gwen, as Margo overhears. Meanwhile, Carly tells Emily about her run in with Gwen. Carly then decides she should christen the baby immediately, to officially make him a part of the family. She asks Emily and Paul to be the godparents, and Emily accepts. After, Carly tells Jack she'll do whatever it takes to keep the baby. Holden meets Luke on the rooftop for a serious father-son talk about Luke's drinking. Luke admits he screwed up but then reveals how wonderful it was to go flying with Keith and Holden is floored. Meanwhile, Keith accuses Lily of not trusting him with her son. Lily insists that's not true but knows Holden wouldn't approve and as Luke's father, his opinion has to be respected. But, when Holden and Luke show up, Holden shocks everyone by saying Luke taking flying lessons is a great idea.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Holden and Lily tell Lucinda about Luke taking flying lessons and Lucinda accuses Lily of using Luke to keep Keith in her life. Holden quickly defends Lily, and Lucinda realizes he is still very attached to her. She begins plotting to have the two of them attend a romantic dinner. Meanwhile, Keith wraps up a lesson with Luke, after getting a mysterious call from his job. Keith invites Lily to the Lakeview for dinner. Lily goes to meet Keith just as Lucinda is asking Holden to join her for dinner. When Holden arrives, he realizes Lucinda's trying to set him up and he leaves. When he returns home, Luke confronts his father and urges him to fight for Lily if he still loves her. Moved, Holden returns and an elated Lucinda calls Lily who cancels her date and comes running, worried about her mother. When she arrives, she finds herself face-to-face with Holden. Having successfully moved in to Katie's, Maddie continues to try to reunite Henry and Katie. She gets rid of Mike temporarily and gets Katie and Henry to reminisce about their wedding. When Mike returns, Katie inadvertently spurs Maddie's hopes by commenting how nice it is to have Henry around again. Later, Henry tells Maddie she can't keep Mike and Katie apart just as Mike and Katie go outside for a moment of privacy, unable to keep their hands off each other and disappear. Margo interrupts Casey and Gwen's heated conversation, asking pointed questions to Gwen but Casey diverts to keep Gwen from spilling everything. Meanwhile, Celia informs Will that she is going back to Montega. Gwen finds them on the roof and Celia asks Gwen to look after Will. Gwen agrees to do that.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Lily was very surprised to see Holden at her mother's. Holden told Lily that Lucinda invited him to dinner but had to leave for Worldwide. Lily realized what her mother was up to and asked Holden if he liked being set up. Holden told Lily that he knew all too well what Lucinda was up to and decided to go along with her. He told Lily that she should go along too! Lily worried about Keith and Holden told her to call him but Lily declined. Lucinda was in the house watching Holden and Lily when Keith arrived at the door. Lucinda refused to let Keith speak to Lily. Outside, Holden asked Lily to dance for old time's sake. They danced and got a little closer. Keith became impatient and burst through the terrace door. Lucinda became unglued and told Lily and Holden that time was too short to waste. Lily told her mother that she was tired of being manipulated for one night and left with Keith. Lucinda was extremely disappointed and asked Holden to go after her. Lucinda said she would do anything to help Holden get Lily back. Keith and Lily went to Al's for dinner. Lily told Keith not to let her mother worry him. Keith told Lily it was understandable that Lucinda would feel the way she does because of the history between Holden and Lily.

Emma walked into her kitchen and was quite surprised to see Meg cooking dinner for Dusty. Emma was surprised that Meg would go down that road again with Dusty. They argue for a while until Emma finally changed the subject and told Meg to lower the heat on her sauce and turned away. They made up and hugged then Meg rushed off to get cleaned up. Meanwhile, Dusty was at the Lakeview asking the desk clerk about the cost of flowers when he spotted Jennifer. Jennifer said she was glad to see him and presented some fashion material for him to see. Dusty wanted to spend more time with Jen but she insisted he leave. Dusty arrived at Emma's and placed a call to Jennifer to check in on her. Emma, overhearing his call, came out on the porch and welcomed him. Soon after, Dusty left to get a bottle of wine. Emma made a comment about Meg not being the object of his affection. Dusty went looking for Jennifer and found her sitting at the Lakeview crying because she found something of the baby's. Dusty listened and comforted her as much as he could. Jennifer finally realized Dusty was supposed to be with Meg. Dusty told Jennifer that Meg had other troubles right now. He wanted to call Meg to cancel but Jennifer said she needed to see her brother. Dusty returned with the wine and told Meg he was with Jennifer.

Paul was at the prison waiting to see Craig. Paul played out his meeting with Craig in his head before entering the visitor's room. Paul figured out Craig's switching of the babies by examining the footprints. Paul also figured out that Rosanna found out about the switch which is why Craig ran her off the road. But, when Paul finally saw Craig, Craig told him that Rosanna had a seizure and any hope of recovery was unlikely. Paul didn't believe him, became angry and blamed Craig for causing all of the trouble just to get what he wanted. Paul decided not to confront Craig about the baby switch and left. Jennifer arrived at Paul's wanting to know what Paul's big news was and how he was going to change her life!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Mike and Katie went to the Lakeview to rent a room because Henry was staying at Katie's place and Lucinda was having repairs and improvements done at Mike's place. Katie asked Mike why he had changed his mind about them not seeing each other right now, and he said it was because Katie was "home" to him. They kissed, and Maddie walked up in time to watch the kiss. Maddie managed to get the desk clerk away from the desk and went back there herself and somehow messed up the hotel's computer system. When the desk clerk came back and Mike asked for a room, the clerk found that the system was saying no rooms were available, even though he knew that wasn't true. He told Mike and Katie it might take a while to fix the computer system and book a room for them. In the meantime, Maddie made her presence known and claimed to be there getting olives for Henry. She offered to give Katie a ride in the limo back to the cottage, but Katie said she needed to run some errands. Maddie said she would run the errands for her so that Katie could get home sooner. Mike and Katie gave up the idea of spending the evening together, and Katie left with Maddie.

At Emma's house, Meg offered Dusty a taste of the sauce she'd made for the quail she was cooking, Dusty discovered it was incredibly over-spiced. Meg then opened the oven door to find that the quail was very overcooked, so dinner was ruined. Dusty then said that he would cook something. Meg was impressed with Dusty's cooking ability and said she wished she had a talent like that. Dusty told her that her talent was making people feel good, and that she had done that for him that night, because he'd been in a bad place when he arrived for dinner. He kissed her and told her that she was an angel.

Jennifer wanted to know what Paul knew that might change her life, but Paul just asked, "Would you trade a few good days for a lifetime of pain?" Jennifer didn't understand what he was talking about. She saw the baby's footprint and asked if this was about her baby. Paul told her that he'd heard that Rosanna had had a seizure and would never recover; Jennifer told him how sorry she was. Paul told her it was all Craig's fault and that the only good thing that had happened as a result was that Craig was in prison and wouldn't be able to hurt Rosanna or Jennifer any more. He promised Jennifer that he'd never let Craig hurt her again. Jennifer didn't believe that this was why Paul had called her to come over to his place. Emily arrived and told Paul that they needed to get ready; when he asked where they were going, she reminded him about the christening, and Jennifer wanted to know whose christening they were going to. Paul told her that Carly had asked them to be Rosanna's baby's godparents. He told Jennifer that he was sorry, and she said she was sick of people telling her how sorry they were. Paul promised her that things would get better, and then they left.

Iris went to Jack and Carly's house to tell him that he and Carly shouldn't go digging into the past anymore, because she didn't want any trouble. Jack wanted to know how she could get in trouble, since she said it was Carly's fault that her baby had died. Iris said that Carly might ask Jack to prove it never happened or something, and she burst into tears and said she couldn't stand to live through it all again. Jack assured her that the last thing any of them wanted was for Iris and Carly to have to live through that experience again.

Jennifer went to Al's Diner, and while she was sitting there by herself, Iris walked in and asked for a drink. The waitress told her they didn't serve alcohol, so Iris asked for a ginger ale and then poured liquor in it from a flask that she took out of her purse. She saw Jennifer looking at her, and she told her that she knew what she was thinking, that she was a pathetic old drunk, but also that maybe she wouldn't mind a shot of that herself. Jennifer apologized for making Iris feel judged, and Iris said she could take that, she just couldn't take the memories of losing her baby boy. Jennifer got up and joined Iris at her table and told her that she had lost her baby boy, too. Iris asked what had happened to her baby, and Jennifer told her he'd been born too small, too early, and not at the hospital. Iris said that was the same thing that had happened to her boy, which amazed Jennifer. Jennifer told Iris that even all the modern technology at the hospital hadn't been able to save her son, and all she had of her baby was his ID band. Iris poured Jennifer a drink and told her she needed it after all. Jennifer told Iris that she still felt a connection to her baby, like he was alive and was somewhere nearby.

Earlier at the diner, Will came to see Gwen, who told him about Jack's visit and his offer of a compromise concerning her baby. Will told her that Jack was a good guy and was his dad's best friend, and that Carly could be pushy when she felt she needed to be, just like someone else he knew. He thought that Gwen should trust Jack; Gwen said the only person she'd ever trusted was Will, but that had turned out pretty well so far. She asked Will to go with her to the Snyder's house, and he agreed. When they got there, though, the nurse told them that the Snyders were at the baby's christening. Will and Gwen took off for the church.

At the church, Parker told Carly the minister needed to talk to her for a minute and that he could watch the baby; Carly said okay, but then she had a flashback to Iris telling her to watch the baby, and she decided to stay with the baby herself. Parker asked if Rosanna knew where her baby was now, and Carly said yes, that she had promised Rosanna that they would take good care of her baby, no matter what. Paul and Emily arrived for the christening, and after the minister said some very moving words about Rosanna, he asked what the baby's name would be. Carly said, "Rory Cabot --- after his mom." At that moment, Gwen and Will burst into the church, and Gwen shouted, "Stop! They've got no right to name that baby! He's mine!" Carly lunged for her, and Gwen lunged towards Carly, but Jack and Will held them both back. Carly insulted Gwen, telling her she'd given up the baby until she found out about Rosanna's money, and Gwen told Carly that she didn't care about the money, she just wanted her baby. Paul and Emily took the baby and Parker and JJ out of the church. When Gwen told Carly that she had 30 days to change her mind and that she was changing it and was going to take her baby back, Carly snarled, "Over my dead body!"

Outside the church, Paul told the baby that he was sorry, but things would be much worse if he were with his real mom and dad, and that this was his only chance at real happiness. Emily walked up and wanted to know what Paul was talking about, and he said he was sorry about the mess inside the church. Paul gave her the baby and walked further outside, where he ran into Jennifer, who told him she had felt compelled to come to the christening. When the baby cried, Jennifer said, "That's him! That's my baby!"


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