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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 15, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, August 15, 2005

Throughout their meal at the farmhouse, Meg worries that her relationship with Dusty has no depth. Emma returns, and Dusty tries to reassure Meg by kissing her sweetly, but Meg tells herself, "It's just not enough."

After Rory's christening, Gwen and Carly argue so violently that Carly and Jack take their family home. Standing outside the chapel door, Jennifer recognizes her baby's cry when Emily carries Rory outside, but Paul shields Jen from seeing the baby. Jen collapses, and Paul takes her back to the Lakeview. Paul does not tell Jen that he has discovered that Rory is actually her baby, and he tries to convince his sister that she can get past this difficult time and get on with her life. Jen stays in the lobby, sending Paul off to apologize to Emily for leaving her at the church. After Dusty leaves the Snyder form, he runs into Jen in the lobby. She leans her head on Dusty's shoulder, saying, "I don't know how I'm ever going to get through this."

At Jack and Carly's house, Emily tells Jack about Jennifer's meltdown. She also tells Jack that Paul would not let Jen get a look at the baby, which Emily thought was strange. Parker remarks that Rory doesn't look like Gwen, "The girl at the church," which makes Emily wonder even more. Emily leaves to go back to Paul's apartment, and Jack warns Carly that Gwen could have a good case to get her baby back. Carly tells Jack that she thinks that the key to the custody battle will be finding out the identity of the biological father. Emily walks into Paul's apartment and sees Paul with the two different baby footprints. Emily immediately understands that Rory is actually Jennifer's baby.

At Al's Diner, Bob Hughes tries to get through to his grandson, Casey. Bob advises Casey to mend his friendship with Will and to help Gwen. Bob makes no impression whatsoever on Casey, who walks outside to talk on his cell phone. Gwen walks into Al's after leaving the church, and confides to Bob that she wants her baby back. She tells Bob that she now has enough money to take care of the baby, and she has a good friend who will help her. Bob asks Gwen, "What about the father?" just as Casey returns to the table. Casey hears Gwen tell Bob that both she and the baby's father agree that she will raise the baby alone. Will arrives, and he and Gwen leave hastily, in spite of Bob's attempts to reconcile the three former friends. Outside the diner, Gwen's lawyer, Albert Parks, meets Gwen and Will and tells them that Gwen's court date has been set for the next day. Casey stalks out of the diner after letting Bob know that he wants to have nothing to do with Gwen.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Paul admits to Emily that the baby that is now with Jack and Carly is indeed Jennifer's. He makes his pitch to keep this information just between the two of them by insisting how important it is to break any connection between Craig and Jennifer. He tells Emily that by keeping the baby boy's identity a secret, he will have a chance at growing up away from Craig's poisonous influence. Emily hears him out but ultimately remains firm that Jennifer has a right to know the truth. Meanwhile, Gwen gets upsetting news when she learns from her lawyer that her custody hearing has to be rescheduled. Will suggests they go to Paul and get advice on hiring a new lawyer. But, when they arrive at Paul's, Gwen and Will inadvertently create a diversion, allowing Emily to slip out. Meanwhile, Jennifer has gone back to the church, desperate to find some peace of mind. Concerned for her daughter, Barbara follows her there, and later calls in Dr. Michaels to help. Upon examination, the doctor gets Jennifer to agree to try an antidepressant. Later, as Paul searches for Emily, Jennifer and Barbara return to the Lakeview and come face-to-face with Emily, who says she has something to say. Mike calls Katie and asks her to come over for a romantic rendezvous. Concerned about Henry's feelings, Katie gets Maddie off to bed and puts Henry to sleep with a dose of chamomile tea. Then, she slips off to Lucinda's cottage, where she and Mike make love. Meanwhile, Maddie comes back downstairs and, thinking Katie has gone to sleep, fantasizes about Katie and Henry getting back together and asking Maddie to live with them forever. Later, Maddie discovers Katie sneaking back into the cottage and confronts her.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Maddie lied to Katie and told her that while she was out last night Henry fell and needed her help. Henry did not deny or admit to falling but Katie still felt guilty. Mike stopped by to help Henry get in the shower and Maddie left to go to the store. Mike told Katie not to feel guilty about Henry and talked Katie into coming to his place to spend the day with him. Meanwhile, Maddie broke into Mike's house and started to look around when Mike and Katie pulled up.

Faith was brushing Lucinda's hair and some of her hair started to come out because of her chemotherapy treatments. Sierra walked in and Lucinda hides the hair from Sierra and told her that she was fine and ready to get back to business. After Sierra and Faith left Lucinda started to try on some hats and started to become upset when Sierra wandered in and comforted her.

Emily started to tell Jen about the baby when Barbara and Paul interrupted them. Emily decided not to tell Jen about the baby and left. Paul went after Emily and Emily tried one more time to talk Paul into telling Jen about the baby. Paul refused and warned Emily that if she wanted to remain in a relationship with him than she better keep his secret. Emily left and went to the dinner where Hal showed up to talk. Barbara found Paul and warned him to keep Emily away from Jen; Paul agreed and said he will make sure Emily does not speak to Jen. Meanwhile, Jasmine an old friend of Jen's showed up to help cheer Jen up. Jen told Jasmine about her antidepressant medication pills and Jasmine offers Jen something stronger to ease her pain right away.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

At Al's, Hal presses Emily to tell him what's wrong. Emily won't say, but Hal gleans that Paul has done something wrong. After, Paul confronts Emily. She threatens to expose all to Hal but ultimately, can't betray the man she loves and keeps Paul's secret. Meanwhile, Jennifer's friend Jasmine has given her a vial of Crystal Meth to boost Jennifer's spirits. Jennifer refuses, but Jasmine manages to leave it behind. Later, when Barbara returns and continues to fuss, overwhelmed Jennifer can't take it anymore and sniffs the Crystal Meth. The day of the custody hearing arrives and Carly remains optimistic she will gain full custody of the baby. Meanwhile, Gwen is excitedly preparing to bring the baby home. Will surprises her with a crib. Cass Winthrop, Gwen's new lawyer, is a little taken aback by Gwen's circumstances but changes his tune when he hears that Rosanna Cabot was the one who adopted Gwen's baby. He declares their case a slam-dunk and they all head to court. During the hearing, Cass makes the argument that technically, the adoption was never finalized and Gwen has every right to change her mind. Gwen is feeling victorious until Carly's lawyer refers to the baby as Rory, a name Carly selected in honor of Rosanna, and Gwen flips out. Seeing an opening, Carly makes Gwen believe she knows the baby's father's name. Gwen falls for it and blurts out that the baby's father doesn't care what happens. The judge orders Gwen to name the father or the hearing is over. Trapped and hidden inside Mike's house, Maddie tries to escape and derail Katie and Mike's lovemaking by setting off Mike's newly installed sprinkler system. Her plan works, but Maddie gets drenched in the process. Later, she is dismayed to learn that Katie has asked Mike to move into the cottage while his place dries out.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Holden, Keith, and Luke meet up after Luke's flying lesson, and Luke tells Holden how great it was. Keith gets a phone call from "work" and leaves to talk in private to the person on the phone; he tells the person that it shouldn't matter that he took Luke for a private flight on the plane and that of course he knows not to leave his work lying around where Luke or anyone else could see it. Meanwhile, Luke tells Holden that Keith jumped on him once when he asked about his job, and Holden questions Luke, trying to figure out exactly what it is that Keith does. Luke thinks it has something to do with acting as a private supplier of some kind. Luke also tries again to encourage Holden to continue to pursue Lily, but Holden says that dinner the other night didn't go over very well. When Keith returns, Holden tells Luke he needs a minute alone with him; after that, Holden asks Keith what kind of work he's doing, but Keith is deliberately vague about it, implying that it has to do with transporting medical supplies. Holden warns Keith not to do anything that might hurt Lily, Luke, or his other kids, and Keith says Holden's got nothing to worry about.

Bob Hughes goes to visit Lucinda, telling her he's disappointed that Lucinda didn't tell him herself that she has cancer. He says that Sierra and Lily asked him to visit Lucinda and reassure her that everything will be okay; she asks if that is what he has come for, and he says no, that he can't give her those kinds of assurances. He tells her that her doctor is as close to a miracle worker as they come and that she is in good hands. Lucinda describes the miserable time she's been having since beginning the chemotherapy, and Bob tells her that although that shouldn't get much worse, it will continue to happen, and that it might wear her down. Lucinda is upset with her body's betrayal of her, but Bob tells her that she is still in charge of her will and that she might yet live to be 100. Bob jokingly tells Lucinda that losing her hair is penance for all the years she made the rest of Oakdale pull out their hair.

After Bob leaves, a woman arrives with a portable massage table; Lucinda asks where she's come from, and the woman, who says her name is Bev, explains that she works at Memorial Hospital and that Meg asked her to come by to give Lucinda a massage. Lucinda says she has a regular masseuse for that, but Bev says she knows how to work with cancer patients who are experiencing tenderness they didn't experience before. Lucinda asks how she would know what it was like to have cancer, and Bev says she herself had breast cancer last year but it's gone now. When Lucinda questions how Bev was cured, whether by surgery or radiation or chemotherapy, Bev tells her it was none of those things, that she did it herself. Lucinda suspects the woman wants to con her out of money to try some wacky cure for cancer, but Bev says that's not what she's doing and that she'd prefer not to say how she cured her cancer. Lucinda presses her, though, and Bev ultimately agrees to tell her how she did it.

In the courtroom, Gwen becomes upset by the machinations of Carly's attorney and protests when the judge decides that she must name the baby's father. Cass Winthrop, her attorney, asks for a recess so that Gwen can consider her options and their implications, but Gwen ends up blurting out that Casey Hughes is the father. The judge says that he will need to hear from Casey in person regarding his wishes with regard to the baby, and he tells the lawyers to schedule another hearing date; in the meanwhile, the baby is to stay with Carly and Jack. Cass tells Gwen that he still thinks her chances of keeping the baby are good, because Casey is from an upstanding local family, and if they side with Gwen, she will almost certainly be given her baby back. Gwen tells Will that she thinks she should go warn Casey that the truth has come out before he or his parents find out from someone else; Will offers to go with her, but Gwen says this is something she has to do by herself.

Carly wonders whether she's just destroyed her own chances of keeping the baby, and Jack says finding out that the baby is Casey's has certainly made things more complicated. Jack has to leave to go back to the police station; Carly wants Jack to tell Margo the news about Casey, but Jack says Margo is not on the duty roster for today and that it's not up to them to tell her about this anyway. Jack leaves after warning Carly to stay out of it.

As Carly leaves, she runs into Iris; surprised, she asks why Iris is there. Iris says that she has heard that Carly has a new baby in her household, and that she wanted to congratulate her. She tells Carly she's also heard that the baby's adoptive mother was in a terrible accident but that she has left a large amount of money to whoever is raising the baby. Then, Iris tells Carly that she thinks the judge might be interested in hearing that Carly murdered Iris's own baby boy years ago.

At the Hughes household, Casey asks Tom and Margo to sign an application form; looking at it, they see it's for Casey to become an exchange student in Italy. They question him as to why he has suddenly decided he'd like to spend his senior year of high school in Italy, and he ultimately says it's because he misses Celia and is mad at Will. They don't believe that's all there is to the story, and they tell him that they will need time to discuss it before giving him an answer. They leave to go discuss it privately over coffee at Al's, and after they agree that they think they've raised a smart young man who they should trust with decisions like this, Margo's cell phone rings. When she answers, Carly asks whether she's seen Casey recently or if anyone has told her what was going on; Margo says no and asks Carly to explain herself, but Carly just tells her to talk to Casey as soon as possible and ask him herself.

Meanwhile, back at the Hughes house, Gwen arrives and tells Casey what has happened in court. Casey is furious, throwing things around the room and yelling at Gwen for messing up his life. He tells her he doesn't want anything to do with her or the baby, and she shouts at him to just go tell that to the judge, because it will help her get what she wants: her baby. Casey begs her to go tell the judge she's changed her mind and doesn't want the baby after all, and then to plead with Jack and Carly not to tell Margo and Tom about Casey's role in things. Gwen is shocked that Casey would think she would give up her fight to get her son back just because he wants to keep his name out of it. She tells him it's over, that the truth is out and he needs to face it, and as he reacts angrily, his parents walk in the door. Casey tries to make Gwen leave, but Margo won't let her until they find out what's going on. She tells Casey about Carly's phone call and asks what he's supposed to tell her. Gwen turns to face Casey and quietly pleads with him, saying that she should have given Casey more credit months ago and told him the truth then, and she admits that she was wrong; she doesn't want him to make that same mistake now with his parents. When he doesn't respond, she tells him either she can tell them or he can; after waiting for Casey to admit the truth, she looks at him with disdain and says, "You coward," then turns and tells Tom and Margo, "Casey is the father of my baby. He can't bring himself to admit that to you, but he's the father of my child."

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