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Jamie was suspicious of Babe and Josh. Greenlee and Kendall discussed surrogacy. Dixie wanted JR to give up his desire for revenge. Ryan jumped to the wrong conclusion about Erin.
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All My Children Recaps: Daily Recaps | 2005 on AMC
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Monday, August 15, 2005

Jamie walked in on Babe and Josh's conversation and demanded to know what Josh was doing in his home. Babe covered for Josh, who left, then assured Jamie he has nothing to worry about where Josh is concerned. Jamie instructed Babe to stop trying to break up with him to help him get Phoebe's inheritance.... At the roadside bar, Babe explains to Josh why she wants to have sex with him in order to win Jamie his freedom. Josh wondered if there was another way she could go about getting Jamie to dump her; Babe insisted this was her only option. Still, Josh wouldn't comply, so Babe started flirting with a random patron. Josh observed this and announced that he'd changed his mind.

Jack relayed to Erica that Greenlee isn't doing any better in the wake of her miscarriage. Greg reported that all is not lost: Greens could have a baby with the help of a surrogate. Jack nearly flipped out, so Erica urged her hubby to let her speak to Greg alone. He agreed. Erica opened up to Greg about her feelings about Greenlee's loss and spoke of her prior abortion, which Greg had a strange reaction to. He then gave his word to La Kane that he wouldn't mention surrogacy to Greenlee. Jack returned and Erica told her hubby that Greg was going to keep quiet about the possibility of using a surrogate.

Kendall volunteered to give Greenlee a baby with Ryan: "Your baby, my belly." "This is for real? Dr. Madden said it could work?" gasped a hopeful Greenlee. She was hesitant at first, but ultimately the girls agreed the idea wasn't that crazy. Greenlee told Kendall she wanted to go for it. The friends agreed not to tell anyone in their family about their plan. Jack watched the gals from the hallway and was relieved to see a smile back on his daughter's face.

JR was suspicious when he stumbled onto a jittery Dixie in the Chandler courtyard. When Dixie suggested that she move out, JR wouldn't hear of it. After JR went up to bed, Aidan materialized, frightening Dixie. Aidan disclosed that he was there at Tad's behest and that he knows that she knows something about her ex that is endangering her; Dixie denied it. Aidan advised her to remain at the mansion for her own safety, then agreed to go home for the night. Later, Di made another mysterious phone call and received word that the person who she's agreed to keep mum about is not coming after her.

Krystal confronted Adam in his bedroom and demanded to know what it would take to get JR to back off of Babe. Adam ranted about how no one will listen to him about the woman he remains convinced is pretending to be Dixie and asked Krystal about what she's managed to learn about the secret Hayward is harboring. A tearful Krystal lamented her inability to protect Babe; Adam commanded her to stop crying but was clearly affected by the depth of Krystal's love for her child. Krystal realized that's what she and Adam have in common: unswerving devotion to their kids. They clinked glasses, after which JR walked in and, getting the wrong idea about their boudoir activities, lashed out at his dad for "finally hitting rock bottom." Krystal slapped JR, then stormed out.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Jamie went to the bar to find out why Babe didn't come home last night. She told him that she stayed at the bar to take inventory. Again, Jamie told her that they were getting married and nothing was going to stop them. Josh told Babe that she was crazy to trash her life. He told Babe that he didn't want her to go through with her plan with some stranger. He signed on to help Babe by sleeping with her so Jamie could catch them. Babe asked Amanda to help with her plan by getting Jamie where he needed to be to catch her and Josh. She said how much she hated this plan, but Josh busted her by telling Babe that she wanted them broken up so she could help herself to Jamie. Babe again defended Amanda in front of Josh, but when he left she told her that she was nobody's fool and wanted to know if she was indeed going to make a play for Jamie. Amanda told her that yes she would scoop him up.

Tad let Dixie know that he went to Thailand to check out her old boyfriend. Tad told her that Kevin was living the high life with all his ill gotten gains. Tad also told Dixie that Kevin still had the hots for her. Tad told Dixie that Kevin was like a "Godfather" to the people offering them black market goods. Tad conceded that Kevin was not out to get Dixie, but was definitely out to get her back. She told Tad that his jealousy was wearing her out. She told him that because he didn't have control of her life, he wouldn't let her live her life. She told him to call off Aidan and stop the over protective act. They agreed to keep their hands off each other's lives.

Lily, Reggie and Jack went to the hospital to tell Greenlee that they wanted her to live with them. Greenlee explained to Jack that moving home wouldn't work for any of them. Jack asked Kendall what she did to make Greenlee smile again. Kendall told him that she and Greenlee had an amazing bond that was only going to grow. Greenlee and Kendall went to see Dr. Madden and unfolded their plan. He told Kendall that she would require a physical and psychological testing and also explained the procedure to them. He also warned that there was a chance of multiple births. At that news, Kendall started getting nervous and Greenlee told her that if she wanted to back out she would understand. Kendall said she would have a whole litter if she had to.

Ryan returned to Erin's to ask a favor. He explained that although he survived the motorcycle crash, the rest of the world thought he was dead and he wanted them to go on thinking that. He asked that if someone contacted her about his death, not to let anyone know that he was alive. Ryan asked Erin how she came out of their childhood unmarked. Erin told him that they were all marked. Erin told Ryan that she didn't need anything from him and told him goodbye. He told her that he was sorry for abandoning her and Jonathan. When she extended her hand to shake hands goodbye, Ryan noticed the bruises on her arm.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Amanda admits to Babe that she wants Jamie. Babe is disgusted that Amanda would try to seduce her best friend's boyfriend. Babe asks Amanda if JR was aware that Amanda was willing to seduce Jamie away from Babe without the financial inducement he provided. JR walks up takes the opportunity to antagonize Babe about Amanda and Jamie. He also gives her the news that he has decided to cancel the plans for little Adam's christening. Babe picks up a bat and walks around the bar in the hopes of intimidating JR into leaving. He isn't intimidated but he does leave but not without first telling her that she never loved him, she lied to him and she screwed over his brother and for that he owes her. After JR leaves, Babe turns her attention on Amanda, still holding the bat. Amanda is no more intimidated by Babe than JR was. She listens as Babe calls her a lying snake in the grass and then defends herself by pointing out that she never lied about wanting Jamie. Amanda then turns the table on Babe and tells her that she sees right through Babe's plan to drive Jamie away. She realizes that while Babe is willing to be the noble one by making sure Jamie leaves her so that he can pursue his dreams and claim his money, it's obvious that Babe does not want Jamie becoming involved with anyone else. Babe wants Jamie to desire her above all others for the rest of his life. Amanda goes on to point out that like it or not, if Jamie leaves Babe and sees her as a slut he is going to eventually become involved with other women. Amanda offers to make a deal with Babe. She will help Babe achieve her goal but in return, if Jamie turns to Amanda, Babe is not to interfere with their relationship. Confidently, Babe tells Amanda to go for it. Babe doesn't think Jamie will want anything beyond friendship with Amanda.

Sam knocks and begs Lily to open the door so that he can speak to her. Lily refuses until she's had her lunch. Sam waits until Lily is finally ready to talk to him. After she is finished with her lunch, she opens the door. She tells him that she no longer enjoys being his friend and that they are broken up. Sam apologizes for the way he treated her and explains that he was never mad at her. He was mad at his father for dying. They go into the apartment where Sam asks for an opportunity to repair the relationship and make things better. He talks about what he's been feeling since Edmund's death and then asks her if Jonathan gave any indication that he regretted what happened to Edmund. Lily is certain that Jonathan did speak of Edmund but nothing specific that could help Sam. Lily listens as Sam continues to talk about Edmund. Eventually Lily admits that she did enjoy their visit much to Sam's relief.

Kendall is annoyed with Zach and his continued involvement with the Julia Santos situation. She's convinced that Zach will end up dead compliments of a bullet intended for Julia. When Zach and Kendall walk into the condo, Zach questions Kendall about what she's been up to. As Kendall discusses inconsequential things, Zach becomes convinced that Kendall is hiding something from him. When Kendall doesn't take his question seriously, he becomes determined to find out what her secret is. A short while after Zach leaves, Kendall walks into the kitchen to find JR waiting for her. She's not exactly pleased to see him especially when he finds her baby pamphlets and asks her if she's pregnant with Zach's baby. Kendall snatches the pamphlets out of his hands, explaining that they were Greenlee's and that Kendall had taken them out of her apartment so Greenlee wouldn't have to see them and be reminded of her miscarriage when she went home from the hospital. JR seems relieved. Kendall then quickly switches the subject and each ends up confessing that they regretted the way they've treated each other recently. JR tries to seduce Kendall but Kendall isn't about to fall into bed with him. She tells him that she's not ready as she ushers him to the door.

Julia opens a chest filled with wedding memorabilia. . She tearfully goes through the chest as she recalls her past with Noah including their wedding. Later, Zach arrives at Wildwind. Julia approaches him from behind with a rope and before Zach can defend himself she effectively wraps it around his throat. She releases him and tells Zach that he now understands exactly the kind of woman that he's dealing with. When Zach updates her on the investigation, Julia makes it clear that she wants the information as soon as he gets it and she does not want him stopping her from doing what she needs to do to avenge Noah's murder.

Ryan refuses to leave until Erin explains how she came by a bruise on her arm. Erin tells him it happened at work while she was on a ladder trying to reach for some coffee. She slipped and would have fallen except one of her co-workers grabbed her arm and prevented her from falling. Ryan doesn't believe her. He insists that their childhood experiences are in them and she can't escape them. Erin realizes that she is not going to get rid of Ryan easily. She strikes a bargain with him. She will talk to him if he promises to leave afterwards. Ryan readily agrees. As Erin begins to talk to Ryan, a barefoot man is seen standing on the other side of the door, listening. Erin asks Ryan to look around her place and take note of what he doesn't see. Ryan is confused. Erin explains that if he looks closely, he'll see that there aren't any prom pictures or any other mementos from her past, there aren't bottles of booze or drugs laying around nor pictures of boyfriends. She lives a quiet clean life. She then tells Ryan that the sooner that he leaves then the sooner her life will become quiet and easy again. Ryan seems convinced and tells her goodbye. After, Ryan leaves, Erin locks the door and walks over to the door where the man was seen on the other side earlier. It turns out to be a closet with a secret door hidden behind a rack of coats. Erin opens it and talks to the man inside. She assures him that Ryan is none the wiser and has left for good. She then tells the man that she is headed to the store and asks if he needs something. Apparently he does not. Erin closes the secret door, locks it and leaves her home. Moments later, Ryan sneaks in and begins searching. He walks into the closet and begins searching it. On the other side, the unknown man stands by the door, listening as Ryan searches Erin's home.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Dixie flips out on JR when she finds out that he has plans to cancel Little Adam's christening. JR insists that the decision has been made, but Dixie is most concerned about what this will do to Tad. JR starts to walk away but Dixie refuses to put up with that kind of behavior. JR tells her that he won't simply sit around while she waxes positively about Tad, Babe and Jamie, especially when he knows a completely different story. Dixie promises that she has given up trying to get him to sign on for letting bygones be just that, but she still feels that there is no need to keep upping the ante. She admits that at the very least, she thought that he and Tad were making progress. She further admits that she is upset that JR seems to be in a backslide - and employing classic Adam moves. JR denies that his decision had anything to do with his father, and says that he sometimes forgets whose side she is on. She assures him that he will always come first in her life. JR then notes that she went all the way to Europe to get away from Tad - and then questions why she is so willing to give Tad yet another chance at ruining her life. Dixie doesn't think that is happening, but JR doesn't buy it. He tells her that she can hook up with Tad if she wants, but that if she does, she should just say goodbye to her son and grandson right now. Fed up, Dixie insists that she doesn't want Tad back in her life like that. JR tells his mother that because she lives in his house and takes care of his son, he can't risk her life being destroyed all over again. He also tells her that she can fall in love with whomever she wants - as long as it's not Tad. Dixie then tells JR that she won't let him control her love life. She then tests the boundaries and asks what he would do if she really did want Tad back. Although it turns out to be a hypothetical situation, Dixie notes that JR missed the point. She tells him that her love life is no more his business than how little he has in his life is her business. She conjures up the image of the lot of them, 50 years from now. With Adam gone, JR will be holding the family revenge torch and both he and Adam will have taught the youngest Chandler heir all they know about how to torture the human spirit. She envisions the 3 of them, still together, bitter, in the same house, Little Adam with a string of bad marriages behind him. She asks JR if that's what he really wants for his son.

Tad meets with Aidan at their office and tells him that they need to back burner all of their cases in favor of protecting Dixie. Tad wants to put everyone they know to use, and call in any and all favors that Aidan may have with the Feds so that they can find out any and all information on Dixie's ex-boyfriend Kevin. Aidan is slightly confused, as Tad announced that Kevin wasn't the guy that put the hit out on Dixie. Tad clarifies and says that while he may be innocent of the actual charge, Kevin may be acquainted with the guilty party. Tad then says that they need to have someone watch Dixie 24/7, and while he rambles on about just how close they'd have to be, Aidan slips in that Tad is the perfect person for the job. Tad agrees to it before he realizes what he is saying. Aidan tries to battle Tad over his decision - mainly because there is no hard proof of his theory. Tad thinks that the circumstantial evidence says enough - because a string of near death experiences can't just be chalked up to bad luck. Aidan acquiesces, and ponders Tad's future aloud - after they figure out who the threat is and they neutralize it, what will Tad do? Tad makes a quip about writing his memoirs. Aidan thinks that without an excuse to hang around Dixie 24/7 protecting her from the evils of the world, Tad will have to stop and admit that he is still in love with Dixie, and that he wants her back. Tad vehemently denies that he has lingering feelings for his ex-wife. His only concern for her comes out of the fact that if she is in danger, so are JR and Little Adam. He then runs down the list of near misses that Dixie has dealt with over the past couple of weeks, and notes that there is no way they can not investigate. Glibly, Aidan insists that Tad simply catch him up to speed and then let him handle the whole case while Tad takes on something else or takes a vacation. Tad, sensing the patronization, asserts that his feelings for Dixie are platonic. He goes on to tell his business partner that while he's not stuck in the past, he can't forget everything that happened between and because of them. He notes that he and Dixie will always be connected by the waters they traversed. Because of that, he can't just stand by and watch Dixie get gunned down for falling in love with the wrong man.

Dixie tells JR that all she wants is a better life for him - and that it makes her sick to see him sit around suffering week after week, stewing over the hits he's taken and how he will next exact his revenge. JR refuses to let the people that crossed him off the hook, but Dixie tells him that she could care less about them at the moment. She wants to see JR use his power to cut himself loose and to move on to a better future with her and his son. Although she felt like she made a good case, she is still unable to crack through JR's tough exterior, and he excuses himself before she can bombard him any further. Alone but for a moment, she announces aloud that she probably made the situation worse. She then turns around to find Tad standing there. Tad tells her that he dropped by to give her the case file he had on her, and Dixie seems a bit relieved that he has finally given up the ghost. Tad tells her that he had done no such thing - but that since she insists that she is safe, he won't waste any more time trying to prove her wrong. He pauses and she thinks he is waiting for thanks. On the contrary, he tells her that he would be fine with saying goodbye - and that the Chandler Mausoleum is the perfect place to do it. He tells her that from this point on, he is completely out of her life. This sets Dixie off and they take turns screaming in each other's faces about the things that the other lacks, and how that contributed to the demise of their relationship. When they finally run out of steam, they lock into a passionate kiss.

David shows up at the Roadside Bar looking for Babe. He doesn't find her, but he turns around and finds her mother. Krystal, clearly agitated over the fact that Babe is MIA, tells David that she can't save their daughter - and that he'd better be up for the task. They have a seat, and after David orders a drink to help him swallow whatever Krystal is about to throw at him, she fills him in on what Babe is facing. David knows that Babe's situation is not her fault, but rather the doing of Phoebe and JR. He initially thinks that Babe will dump Jamie, but Krystal quickly clarifies what really has to happen. David seems pleased, but Krystal reminds him that Babe will also be breaking her own heart. David waits to see how Krystal thinks he can help and she drops a bombshell: give up the secret that he has about Dixie, and JR will be powerless to carry out his grudge against Jamie. David doesn't care what happens to Jamie, and thinks that Babe would be better off without him. Krystal plays to his ego, and reminds him that Jamie would be better off without Babe as well - because then he could go on to be a doctor, and probably would be one before David ever got his license back. Perturbed, David thinks about giving in for a split second and realizes a bright spot: if Jamie becomes a doctor, Tad will go to him with all his ailments. David is sure that Jamie is so incompetent that he would kill Tad - and there's nothing wrong with that. Irritated at David's flippant attitude, Krystal tries to plead with him on an emotional level. She tells him that as a parent, you should want to do any and everything you can to ensure your child's happiness. With that in mind, she begs him to dig deep enough to get past his hatred of the Martins. She reminds him that Babe already has to suffer through life without one of the guys she loves more than her own life - and asks him to give up what he knows so that Babe can at least keep the other. Frustrated that she isn't getting the response that she wants out of David, she offers money to anyone who is willing to beat him up. David acts as if it's all a joke, tells everyone that she had too much to drink, and coaxes her back to the table. In his own way, he apologizes for getting so much joy out of the damage the situation would cause Jamie. He then says that if he actually had a secret about Dixie so powerful that it could bring JR to his knees, he would wait for the right moment to reveal all - and that moment is AFTER Babe dumps Jamie. Krystal tries one more time to get David to show his hand, for Babe's sake, but David refuses. He tells her that he will only let everyone in on the secret when it will get him exactly what he wants. He starts to get ready to leave, and Krystal hurls threats about what she could arrange that will get him beaten down to pay for leaving her hanging in the wind. David is unmoved, leaves money for his drinks and goes to walk out of the bar. He opens the door, and is rewarded with a punch to the face. He falls backwards, and Adam is revealed as the assaulter. With David out cold, Adam tells Krystal that they need to get the goods on Dixie. Krystal replies that David is bound to be in a more cooperative mood now, and that she knows the tack to take to get it out of him.

At the Pine Cone, Josh is setting the scene for his rendezvous with Babe - complete with candlelight and flower petals. There is a knock at the door, and a smile breaks out on his face as he thinks that his date has arrived. He opens the door, and to his surprise, Amanda is on the other side. She proceeds to march into the room and mock the situation. Josh is none too pleased and only tolerates her for a few moments. When he's had enough, he picks her up and tosses her out of the room. Unwilling to give up that easily, Amanda causes a ruckus outside of the hotel room until Josh lets her back in. Josh demands that she stop trashing Babe, but Amanda only partially gives him what he wants. She admits that Babe is as amazing as he thinks, and that she is very noble for wanting to do whatever it takes to get Jamie to be a doctor. Josh notes that Amanda is more about getting Jamie for the money he will make, not for the person that he is. Amanda admits that she is nowhere near as pure of heart as Babe is, and that Babe knows exactly where she stands with regard to going after Jamie once the deed is done. She then tells him that he needs to lighten up because soon, they will both have Babe and Jamie right where they want them.

At their apartment, Jamie is setting a similar candlelit scene. Babe enters the room, and is shocked at what she sees. She tries to cover up her disappointment by telling him that she was surprised, and Jamie lets it go momentarily. He tells her that he ordered Chinese food, and that after dinner, they would turn off their phones and make love. He starts to move in for a kiss, but she rebuffs him, catching him off guard. She tries to hide her true intentions once again, but it's becoming harder. She tells him that she hates to leave him when he has gone through so much trouble. Jamie comes up with a simple solution and makes a phone call. Babe belatedly realizes that he's calling the bar, and she tries in vain to stop him. Failing, Jamie finds out that Babe has already called out on her shift. Jamie then thinks that Babe is hatching a plan - perhaps to get more time with her son - that she hasn't told him about. This is more hurtful because she promised that she would never hide anything from him again. Somewhat at a loss for words, Babe manages to tell him that she doesn't have a plan - but can't think of much more to add. Jamie pleads with her to let him in on what is going on, and Babe simply tells him that she isn't hiding anything. He can tell by her voice that she's lying, but she says that she also has the same tone when she has screwed up. She tells him that she has plans to meet her mother, and he understands that she can't cancel. He tells her that they can reconvene when she gets back, and after a kiss goodbye, she walks out the door, leaving Jamie to ponder what happened.

Depressed, Jamie sits alone in the apartment, putting out the candles and waiting for Babe to return home. There is the knock at the door and surprised, Jamie goes to find out who it is. Amanda comes bursting through from the other side with music and drinks, and belatedly realized that she walked in on a scene that perhaps she shouldn't have. Jamie tells her that he and Babe have plans for when she returns. Amanda offers to stay and keep him company until then. Jamie, now used to her ulterior motives, asks for the real reason why she showed up. She tells him that she wants to prove to him that she really does want to be his friend. She tries somewhat valiantly to act as if there is no more to tell, but Jamie isn't anywhere close to believing her. He believes that Amanda knows what is going on with Babe and demands that she spills the details. Amanda flounders for a moment, and then confesses that she hates being in the middle of things. Jamie urges her to tell him everything and finally, she tells him that Babe didn't go to meet her mother - she went to be with another guy. Jamie asks if she is doing more dirty work for JR, and Amanda admits that while it might sound like it, she isn't. She tells him that she saw Babe get into Josh's car, and this peaks Jamie's interest. She follows by saying that she thought they were acting strangely, so she followed them - to the Pine Cone. She then apologizes, saying that even when she is on the level and trying to do right by her friends, she still messes up. She tells him that she can leave and stay out of their business once and for all, but she has lost Jamie's attention. Robotically, he grabs his car keys and storms out of the apartment. Left behind, Amanda silently gloats over her success.

At the motel, Babe stands outside, contemplating what she is about to do. After a moment, she knocks on Josh's door. He lets her in, and she is surprised at the lengths he went to so that it would look convincing. He reminds her that it should look that way when Jamie finds them, but she is sure that when Jamie shows up - the last thing that he will notice is the décor. A short time later, they have shed their clothes and they are under the covers. Josh doesn't think that the Pine Cone is the best backdrop for a first time, and Babe takes this moment to fill him in on a little history: the first time she was with Jamie, they had a room at the same motel. To make the current situation more perfect, when she was with Jamie, she was cheating on someone else, which makes "once a tramp, always a tramp" fit her perfectly. She pauses for a moment, and goes in for her first kiss with Josh, never looking back. Unfortunately, it doesn't go as well as Babe had hoped. She can't get Jamie out of her head, much less get herself into the situation. Josh tells her that while he could get the task done (because he has never had a problem with sex for sex's sake), that kind of thing implies that there is some fun to be had - and Babe isn't bringing it. Babe insists that they need to go through with it, but Josh has an alternate that has probably been used since the beginning of time (but never with him): fake it. They're in a motel room, naked, in bed - there is no reason that they can't make it appear as though they had done the deed without actually doing it.

Inside, in the library at the Chandler mansion, JR sits sipping a drink when he realizes that he is not alone. Amanda dropped in for a visit, and tells him that she just gave him a present - and now he needs to pay up. Not believing a word she has to say, JR asks what she could possibly give to him. She tells him that at that very moment, the relationship between Jamie and Babe is going up in flames.

At the Pine Cone, Josh tries to come up with ways that they can fake Jamie out without actually making love. Babe is skeptical at first because she knows that Jamie will remember the fake out that she pulled with Bianca. Josh then comes up with an idea so hysterical that they can't help but laugh uncontrollably. Babe picks up a pillow and starts to swat him with it when Jamie comes in and bears witness to the scene. With his anger boiling just below the surface, Jamie glares at the couple, who are now frozen where they lay.

Friday, August 19, 2005

At Greenlee's home, she and Kendall plot the surrogate mother process for Kendall. Greenlee reminds Kendall to take her birth control, although she already did, so their menstrual cycles can be at the same time and the sperm can begin being injected into Kendall. Greenlee starts trying to pamper Kendall with kindness, but even Kendall feels overwhelmed. Greenlee calms down, but explains that what she is doing for her is no small task. They went from almost drowning each other to turning their lives around for each other, Greenlee says. Kendall promises to take care of herself to ensure that the child is healthy. Kendall pulls out a shot for Greenlee to stimulate her egg production, but Greenlee is terrified of needles. Kendall assures her that Dr. Madden showed her how to inject it without a lot of pain. To demonstrate her point, Kendall injects the needle into an orange, but when she pulls it out, it is bent in half. Kendall promises to get it right the next time and Greenlee bends over. After disinfecting the area on Greenlee's buttocks, Simone walks in. She starts reading what she wrote for Ryan's memorial, but Greenlee is not ready to plan that. Simone tries to help her, but Greenlee pushes her away until she leaves. Greenlee tells Kendall that she hates lying to Simone, but Kendall tells her to get used to if, if they are going to continue with their baby plan.

Erin comes back home and is surprised to find Ryan walking around. He tells her that he was sneaking around to find out who gave her the bruise, such as a boyfriend. Erin denies having a boyfriend and tells Ryan to leave. He shows her a bottle of pills that arrived at her home and inquires what they are for. She pretends they are allergy pills, but Ryan points out that the drugs are ones Jonathan used to take. Ryan tells her that the pills helped Jonathan keep a hold on reality. She tells him that he will be sorry if he does not leave. When Ryan asks Erin how, she calls Ryan's home and Kendall picks up.

Krystal and Adam drag a knocked out David to his home so they can force the secret about Di out of him. Krystal starts snooping around to find David's truth serum and as Adam tries to leave, she reminds him that finding out the secret is also going to help JR. If Dixie is out of JR's life, Adam can pull his strings to get Jamie into medical school, Krystal says. Before Adam agrees to Krystal's terms, he demands to have the truth first. Krystal hands him a vial of liquid and asks Adam to swallow it to see if it is the truth potion. When Adam asks her to drink it, Krystal reminds him that she can't do it because she is the one who is going to ask questions. Krystal tells Adam that if he won't drink it, she will just to pour them all down David's throat. She slips on a pair of gloves and begins to mix all of them together, but everything starts to bubble up. Adam tries to get Krystal out as the liquid bubbles more and threatens to blow up. David suddenly wakes up and grabs Krystal's hand. He immediately sees the boiling liquid and acts like it is going to blow, scaring Krystal and Adam. David tells them to get out of his house and refuses to give up the secret. Krystal warns David that he is messing up his daughter's life by keeping the secret.

After the passionate kiss, Di and Tad pull away and admit that they thought their relationship was through, but find themselves embracing again a few seconds later. They break away, unsure of what to do now, but agree that they are not sorry about the kiss, and that there are feelings on both ends. As they discussing what to do, Del Henry walks in, surprising Di more than Tad. Del looks at Dixie, eying her new face and shape, and admits he had to see his new sister's look for himself. Di hugs him and whispers, "Please Del, please." Del asks to speak to Di privately, but Tad does not like it and threatens to hurt Del if he upsets her. Di tells Tad that she wants to see where their relationship could go, kisses him good-bye and walks inside with Del. As soon as they are alone, Del asks "Di" why she is pretending to be Dixie.

JR is hesitant to believe Amanda about Babe and Jamie being over, but Amanda is sure Babe's plan will work. He tells her that if Babe is trying to get Jamie to dump her, the roles need to be reversed in order for Jamie to get his money. JR adds that Jamie probably won't even want her if he dumps Babe because none of her other fake-outs worked with him. Amanda proposes that JR see the drama unfold for himself.

Although Babe denies it and Josh calls it the truth, Jamie is skeptical about if Babe really betrayed him by having sex with Josh. Babe tells Jamie that she and Josh just clicked and have fun together, something she and Jamie never get because they are too worried about watching their back with JR. Josh even blurts out that he had to buy Jamie's car because the first time they made love was in its backseat. Babe pleads with Jamie not to make it worse and tells Jamie to be mad at her for not breaking things off with Jamie. When Jamie asks her about her future with Josh, Babe admits that she does not know where it is going, but he comes without drama. Plus, she reminds him that she tried to break up with Jamie several times, but he would not listen, which lead her to be with Josh. Jamie questions if Babe loves her, but she claims that she does. However, slopping up bars and living in a grease hole is not what she wants and even love is not enough, Babe says. She even blames Jamie for wrecking their relationship by giving her a dead end life. Jamie credits Babe for her plan, but realizes that it is not real, just like her stunt with Bianca. Babe argues that it is not fake, but is she just tired of having a life with nothing. To prove she is not lying, she throws the covers back to expose that she is not wearing anything, just as JR walks in. Babe quickly puts her hands over her private areas to cover her embarrassment as JR looks on is disgust. Amanda trollops in next, acting shocked to see Babe, who has pulled the covers up, in bed with Josh. Amanda admits telling JR about seeing Babe and Josh go into the hotel. Jamie tells JR that Babe set this plan in motion so he could dump her and get his money. JR calls Babe a slut, user and liar and probably, not a scam. Jamie tells JR that Babe admitted that she wanted his brother to win. JR and Amanda push Jamie to leave Babe for good, but he just stares at her, unsure of who to listen to.



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