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Passions Recaps: The week of August 15, 2005 on PS
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Monday, August 15, 2005

Angered by the contents of Noah's old love letter, Fancy attempted to leave the department store that they had been trapped in by the aftermath of the tsunami. Noah risked his life to find a raft.

Whitney announced to Julian and Eve that she was leaving Harmony forever and moving to a convent.

Sam got a call from Grace, upsetting Ivy. Since Sam's restraining order prevented him from getting close to Jessica, Fox decided to look for her and interrupted Jessica's unwanted romp with a client. Spike greeted Jessica, Fox, and Kay with a gun as they left the apartment.

While speaking with Alistair, Theresa revealed her plans to search the mansion in hopes of finding proof that Gwen had sent Ethan's paternity information to the tabloids. Theresa wanted out of the deal with Alistair, but he told her that she would not be allowed entrance to the mansion if she backed out.

Child Protective Services took Mark away from Sheridan.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fox walked Kay back to Tabitha's house and, on the front porch, asked Kay what was up with her on-again, off-again attitude about him. She apologized, telling him that she'd gotten some bad information and thanked him profusely for taking Jessica home. She then imagined kissing Fox passionately while he stood there trying to get her attention. She stammered and told him she was sure he needed to go check on Miles. He said Miles was okay and could wait.

Kay tried to feel Fox out about his feelings for Whitney and asked if just Chad would be there. He stuttered about that, and Kay asked if he'd be glad to see her. Fox was perplexed and said he hoped she made it through the tsunami okay. She pressed further, asking if they had a strong bond, sharing a baby. He turned the tables on her, saying that she'd know more about that than he did, since she shared Maria with Miguel. She said that Miguel was not even in Harmony.

Fox uncomfortably asked if Miguel called or sent money. She clarified that he'd left to be with her cousin because he loved her. Fox thought that their situations were a lot alike. They split awkwardly -- Fox to check on Miles, and Kay to check on Maria. Miguel called Kay to check on Maria. He called because of the tsunami. She thanked him for his last check and then asked if he'd be returning home. He cut the call short because of the expense. When he hung up, Kay realized that Miguel would never love her -- with or without Charity in his life.

Whitney returned to Chad's studio, and he offered to let her hold Miles. She refused and said she couldn't be with either of them ever again. Chad couldn't understand what she meant, and Whitney reminded him that Miles was a sick little baby because they had made him through incest. She said that they could never again make the mistake of making love together because it was a sin. He told her he didn't think God was that judgmental. She asked him to promise her that he wouldn't tell anybody that Miles was his biological son. He decided that he was going to tell the whole world.

Whitney fell apart and hysterically told Chad that he had to keep the secret because he'd be all that Miles would have. He was puzzled about that and wanted to know what she meant. She put him off, asking him to keep the secret to protect Miles's future. Just as Fox walked in, Whitney told Chad it would ruin everything if people found out that Miles was his son. Fox was devastated and told her the obvious: she'd lied to him from the moment she'd known she was pregnant and had used him.

Fox finally understood her moods about Miles and marrying him. He wondered if she hated him. He was in anguish because he'd loved her. Whitney tried to explain that she had done it to protect Miles from people knowing and hadn't meant to hurt Fox. Fox told her that she was more interested in protecting herself than Miles. He told her that she was the most "heartless, selfish bitch" he'd ever known. He said he wondered what he had seen in her in the first place.

Chad stood up for Whitney, and Fox wondered if it was okay that she kept hurting people. He told her that he lay awake every night trying to get over losing her and the baby he had thought was his. Miles fussed and, as a tearful Whitney looked on, Fox picked him up out of his bed and said Miles would never know how much he loved him. Whitney told him she was sorry and tried to apologize. He told Whitney and Chad they still loved each other and bade them good luck.

As Fox started out the door, Whitney asked him to wait, and he told her that he'd lost too much for one day and didn't want to hear anything more from her. Chad told her that he was sorry Fox had found out that way, but it was for the best, since it was one less person to lie to. Whitney disagreed, saying that since Fox knew, everybody in town would know. She thought Miles's life was over.

Chad chided Whitney, saying that she didn't know that Fox would tell anybody. She replied that he didn't know that Fox wouldn't, and that was why she had to leave. Chad told her that she couldn't leave, since he'd reconnected with her and knew he was the baby's father. She dropped the bombshell on him that she was going to spend the rest of her life in a cloistered convent, making up for her sins.

In the Bennett back yard, Kay told herself that Fox probably still cared for Whitney, even though he denied it, since she was the mother of his son. She wondered if she was ever going to find someone who was going to love just her. Fox entered the back yard, and she asked why he was back so fast. He shared that Miles wasn't his son. Kay was taken aback by his entanglement, but things made sense to her. She told him how sorry she was that Miles wasn't his.

Kay was furious that Whitney had lied to him for so long. He said he'd thought he could have been a great dad. He asked her how she was, and said nothing as bad as what he'd had to endure was happening to her. She admitted she'd been better -- Miguel had called to check on Maria; he still loved Charity, and Kay was an idiot for ever thinking she had a chance with him. Fox said it looked like they'd both gotten their freedom, whether they liked it or not. The two of them sat there gazing into each other's eyes.

At the hospital, Eve told Julian to take it easy and then bemoaned Whitney's decision to go into a convent. Julian told her that maybe Whitney would change her mind, and Eve told him that Whitney was as stubborn as T.C. Then she prophetically declared that just when she thought things couldn't get any worse, they did. Her attorney, Mr. Barregos, arrived and told them he had bad news. He told her the D.A. wanted to see her the next day because they were pressing forward on all three counts of attempted murder. He felt that she should take a deal because the evidence was strong. She'd get ten years and lose her medical license if she pled to aggravated assault.

Eve said she wouldn't do it for something she hadn't committed. Barregos told her she'd lose far more if it went to trial and she lost, because Liz was a strong, credible witness for the prosecution. Eve vowed she was being framed. Barregos told her that the jury would hold the past against her. He said that she'd spend the rest of her life in jail if they lost. Julian said that if Barregos couldn't be more optimistic, Julian would hire another lawyer. Barregos said he was just being realistic, and Eve broke down crying. Julian hugged her.

In her bedroom at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa asked Alistair if he could guarantee that she'd have Jane and Ethan back by the end of the day. Martin, Pilar, and Katherine burst into the room and told her not to listen to Alistair. Martin insisted that Alistair leave their house, while Pilar insisted Theresa would lose her soul if she made a deal with him. Alistair told them to bug out because he was having a conversation with his friend. Alistair promised Theresa that she'd have both Jane and Ethan by the end of the day.

Pilar was distraught as she told Theresa that Alistair was lying, that Ethan would never leave Gwen. Alistair snarled and laughed maniacally as he said he could do anything he put his mind to. He told Theresa she'd be under the same roof as Ethan and Baby Jane, and Katherine told her to think before she got stuck in Alistair's web. Katherine said that he'd exact a payment from Theresa in unimaginably cruel ways, and Pilar said that Katherine was telling the truth. Alistair tried to sell her on the benefits of living in the mansion.

Theresa told Alistair it was time for him to leave, and Katherine breathed a sigh of relief. Alistair reminded her that it was a one-time offer, and Theresa told him she understood. Martin told him to get out. He left the house, and Theresa looked at him from the window. Pilar said that Theresa had made the right decision, and Theresa agreed. Later, Pilar strode into the living room with a tray of food, hollering that Theresa was gone. Katherine said she had probably taken a walk, and Pilar said Theresa's clothes were gone. They all despaired as they realized she'd gone with Alistair after all.

Ethan and Gwen arrived home at the Crane mansion, and Gwen was agitated because she didn't know what Theresa was up to with Alistair. Ethan told her not to worry because Theresa was just pretending to team up with Alistair to scare them. Gwen told him that he gave Theresa a lot more credit than she did, because she thought Theresa was planning to make devil's pact with Alistair to take Jane away from them. She reminded him that Alistair had managed to take Sheridan's baby from her. Ethan said that the worst-case scenario would be that they'd share custody with Theresa.

Gwen wanted to know what would happen if Theresa used Alistair to take Ethan away from her too. Alistair walked through the front door, and Ethan asked to have a word with him. He asked Alistair to leave Theresa alone. Alistair said he didn't care what Ethan wanted. Ethan added that Gwen was terrified that he'd take Jane away from them. Alistair smugly said that Gwen was more afraid that Ethan would leave her for Theresa.

Gwen entered the foyer and asked them to stop fighting, since the tension wasn't good for the baby. Alistair told her that he had something that would help and went to the door. He opened it and said with a big grin, "Her mommy." Theresa walked in, carrying a small carry-on bag. Servants walked in carrying all the rest of her luggage. Alistair told her they'd get her settled in, and Ethan worriedly asked her what was going on. Alistair told him to stop being dense; Theresa was going to be living there as his guest. Gwen crossed her arms across her chest, and Ethan sighed as Theresa stood there with a Cheshire cat grin.

Noah sank to the bottom of the flooded street after being shocked by a downed power cable. Fancy cried after him and jumped in to pull him up to safety on his pallet raft. The power line kept sparking, and they got blown out of the water and back into a window display of the department store. Noah awoke first, and Fancy murmured his name, so he kissed her passionately. Fancy flashed back to reading the note she'd found folded up in his wallet about vowing true love and turned on him, calling Noah a lout.

Noah told Fancy that she shouldn't have led him on. She swore she wanted to go home and then a Crane security guard showed up in a rubber boat to rescue her. He wouldn't take Noah with them because Alistair had insisted he only pick up Fancy and go straight back to the mansion. Fancy made a lame attempt at telling Noah she was sorry, but couldn't hide her giddiness at her grandfather's care for her.

Noah said he didn't want any favors from the Crane family, anyway, and Fancy threw her arms up in exasperation. She said, "Fine! Just stay here and rot for all I care!" He stood there watching her leave then reached into his wallet and pulled out the folded-up love letter. He was glad to see that it had made it through the flood because he'd always have it. The guard told Fancy he was sorry he couldn't take her boyfriend. She protested that he was not her boyfriend because was involved with someone else, and she wouldn't get in the middle of that.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Tabitha watched Kay and Fox talk in the backyard, though she couldn't hear them, so while they talked about their failed relationships and said they liked each other, she got her Bowl set up to eavesdrop on them. She could hear their conversation as Fox asked Kay what they should do. Kay imitated Dr. Phil and said that two people on the rebound getting together was a recipe for disaster, and Fox agreed, so they shook hands to part ways...but ended up kissing again instead. Kay said that it was going to start raining soon, and they should find somewhere private to stay. She said she knew just the place, and they walked into the house and found Tabitha, who had started mashing bananas in her Bowl so they didn't know she had been spying on them. She offered some to them, but they declined and walked out.

Noah returned home to the Bennett house, and a relieved Sam greeted him. Sam told Noah of Jessica's return. Noah assured Ivy that Fancy was fine. He explained about the security men who had left him to fend for himself, and Ivy was furious that Fancy hadn't insisted they help him home. Sam went to check on Jessica, and Ivy said she couldn't believe Fancy hadn't taken Noah home. She touched his arm, and he cried out and pulled away.

Ivy saw the burn on Noah's arm and got the First Aid kit. While she tended to his burn, she warned him to stay away from Fancy. Ivy said Fancy had been trouble since birth, and Noah said Fancy was too high-maintenance for him anyway. Ivy said that he reminded her a lot of Sam, to which he replied that he knew about Ivy and Sam's history together, and he knew she cared about him a lot.

Noah said he would love to stay and help them out with everything, but he couldn't. Ivy was surprised and said he couldn't leave. He told her that he didn't want to stay because he didn't want to mooch off his unemployed father. Before he and Ivy could talk about it more, the doorbell rang, and Sam opened the door and found Sheridan. She said hello to Ivy, and Sam introduced Sheridan to Noah before Sheridan got to the point: she was there to ask for a job. She said she had the idea that she could help out at the B&B and rent a room there. Sam eventually agreed and took her out to the B&B.

While Sam and Sheridan were gone, Noah decided to be honest with Ivy and shared with her what had really happened in Las Vegas. He said he didn't want to stay because he was worried it was not over, and he was endangering his family. Ivy guessed that Fancy had taken the money and was involved. Ivy said to let her try something and made him swear not to leave.

Sam quickly showed Sheridan the basics at the B&B. When he left, Sheridan started cleaning up. All of a sudden, someone walked into the B&B. Sheridan looked up and gasped.

Liz looked through bridal magazines. TC told her they needed to talk and said he thought they should slow down their wedding. He said a lot had happened; their life had been hit by a whirlwind, and they'd had no chance to talk about their future. TC admitted that he wasn't even sure that they had a future together. Liz said of course they did, but TC told her that his proposal had been premature and a mistake -- that he had rushed into a relationship too soon after Eve. Liz shrieked that Eve had destroyed him, and he needed to move on with Liz after the divorce, but TC said that he had never stopped loving Eve.

Fancy got home and hoped that Noah had made it home safely. She picked a flower and remembered times with Noah and thought about the love letter in his wallet. She picked the petals one by one off the flower, saying "he loves me...he loves me not." She tearfully plucked off the last petal, ending with a "he loves me not." She berated herself for thinking about him.

Julian angrily asked Eve's lawyer why Eve's case was different from all the others he'd won, and Mike said it is a slam dunk for the prosecution because they had everything they needed to easily convict Eve. Julian was livid that Mike didn't believe in Eve's innocence, and he yelled that Mike was fired. Mike left the room. Eve thanked Julian for believing in her but asked if he really thought it was wise to fire her attorney. Julian told her to go with him.

Ethan told Theresa she couldn't stay, but Alistair was quick to point out that Theresa was Alistair's guest in Alistair's home. Theresa thanked him and excused herself, saying she was going to see Jane, but Gwen tried to stop her from seeing the baby. Theresa snapped that she was living there and would see Jane. She again tried to go see her daughter, and Gwen physically stopped her. Theresa asked Alistair if he was going to let Gwen and Ethan treat her like that, and Alistair warned the couple to watch their tone if they wanted to remain guests in the house.

Gwen said to Ethan that Theresa was going to steal Jane and destroy them in the process. She asked what they were going to do, and Ethan said loudly that they'd move out with Jane. Theresa exclaimed, "No!" and Alistair said if they left the house, Ethan would be fired and blackballed, and Gwen's trust fund would suddenly become very hard to get money from. Alistair and Theresa walked away, and Theresa said that if Gwen and Ethan left, their deal was off. Alistair assured her Ethan would stay, and Theresa went up to see Jane.

Fancy returned to the mansion, and Alistair embraced her, delighted that she was okay. He took her to the library, where he got Fancy to admit that she had been with Noah. She badmouthed Noah, but said he had been useful when he saved her from her kidnappers. She said she was scared about the Vegas thugs returning for her, and Alistair said he'd check into it. He told her he would do anything to help her, but made it clear that he would never help Noah. Fancy said that was fine with her.

In another room, Ethan told Gwen not to listen to Alistair. He said they'd leave with Jane anyway. Eve and Julian entered the mansion, and Julian explained their situation to Ethan and Gwen. He asked Ethan to represent Eve in her upcoming trial. Ethan pointed out that he was a corporate, not criminal, lawyer, and said he and Gwen had a lot on their plate and might be leaving town. Julian said it was a matter of life and death and asked Ethan to please stay and help. Upstairs, Theresa cuddled Jane and promised her daughter and Little Ethan that they'd always stay together.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

At the Crane mansion, Eve and Julian begged Ethan to take on her case, since Mr. Barregos had been fired. Eve told him that her life was on the line, and Julian said he couldn't stand by as a shyster rang her up on bogus charges. Ethan told them that he couldn't because they had problems of their own, since Theresa had moved into the mansion and they were going to leave town. Julian said he'd hire security to keep Theresa away from Ethan, and Ethan was skeptical that Julian had the power to go against Alistair.

Julian pleaded with Ethan and apologized profusely about cutting him out of the family when he found out he wasn't a Crane. Ethan said he wouldn't necessarily take the case himself, but he had some friends in the prosecutor's office that he'd talk to. Gwen worried that they wouldn't get away from Theresa if they stayed. He called around and decided to take the case, and Gwen asked him if he was taking the case because he wanted to stay in Harmony. He agreed that he wanted to keep an eye on Alistair so Alistair didn't hurt Theresa. Gwen was upset and hurt that he even considered Theresa in the equation.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Theresa told Little Ethan that they would be a family with Jane and Ethan forever. She started unpacking and set up her pictures and lit a candle for Ethan. Then she fantasized about getting him back. She was sure that it would happen.

In his study, Alistair told Fancy that he'd help her, but he'd never help Noah and, in fact, he wanted to send more Vegas goons after Noah. She said that was fine with her because Noah Bennett didn't mean anything to her. He told her he'd call his contact in Vegas and told her to stay away from the scummy Bennetts. She assured him she didn't want anything to do with them. When she left his study, Fancy ran into Ivy in the hallway. Ivy said they had to talk about how Fancy was going to save Noah's life. Ivy said Fancy had to convince Alistair to help Noah as well.

Fancy insisted that Alistair would never buy it, but Ivy said that Fancy had to try. Fancy started to enter the study as her grandfather was walking out. He asked her about the money that the men in Vegas wanted back. She told him that Noah had forced her to give the money to charity, and he really had saved her life -- and he really didn't have anything to do with his father, so "please, please, please help him." Alistair caved in to her pleading on the condition that she never see Noah again. She crossed her fingers behind her back and swore she'd never see Noah again.

At Tabitha's house, Tabitha watched in her water bowl as she saw Kay take Fox to the attic, where they found all kinds of interesting witchy stuff. Kay told him not to worry --Tabitha was just a little eccentric. A bat flew out at them. Kay was screaming, and Fox sent it out a window. They discussed all of their makeout spot options and decided that the attic would have to do. They talked about how it was too soon to start any new relationship and then, against their own advice, started making out. Tabitha decided to play with them and dropped a skeleton on top of them, which killed the mood.

Fox and Kay knocked the skeleton off, and Fox said the place was like a haunted house. She said they'd have to ignore it and then changed her mind and wondered if it was some sort of spiritual message for them to stay apart. They tried to leave, but the door was jammed. Tabitha watched in amazement as she realized that Endora was keeping them locked in to put a little romance in her half-brother's life. Kay bumped into something scary and screamed. Fox took her in his arms and told her he'd protect her. Endora zapped the radio and made it play romantic songs that piped into the attic to set the mood. Fox and Kay sank down onto a daybed, making out.

At the Bed and Breakfast, Sheridan was picking things up off the floor when a tall, dark, handsome stranger with an accent walked in and surprised her. When he took her hand to pull her up, Sheridan pulled away as she'd gotten an electrical shock. She noticed his accent and asked where he was from, and he said he was from South Africa and wasn't sure how long he'd be staying. She got his driver's license and credit card, and when she called him Mr. Booth, he told her she could call him Chris. She commented that his credit card looked remarkably new, and he contended that he preferred using cash.

Sheridan pressed Chris about how long he was staying; he said he was a journalist doing a story about the earthquake and tsunami, so he wasn't sure how long he'd stay. She picked up his bags to take them to his room and remarked that the initials didn't match the name he'd given her. He assured her that the case belonged to a friend of his. He told her that he had nothing to hide, and she could ask him anything she wanted. The thunderstorm caused the lights to flicker, and she looked startled when he jokingly said it would be frightening to be stuck in the dark with a stranger. She asked him what time he wanted breakfast, since he was the only guest, and he asked for 8:30. When he went upstairs, Sheridan watched him and wondered what he was hiding.

At the Bennett house Sam walked back in, and Noah asked him if he'd gotten Sheridan settled in. Sam replied that she'd begun organizing immediately. He said how glad he was that Noah was staying to help make their family whole again. He was glad Noah had made it through the storm and wondered where he'd been. Noah laughed it off saying that he'd been doing this and that with Fancy. Sam warned him not to fall for a Crane, and Noah assured him that he would never get together with Fancy. Sam asked him who it was that he used to be so in love with, and Noah passed on answering.

Noah asked his dad if he really missed Grace, and Sam said it still hurt. Noah wondered when she'd be back, and Sam said that since she was with her first husband, he didn't have any hope of ever seeing her again. Sam said that they'd re-do Noah's garage apartment so he could have freedom to have friends over. Sam was unrelenting in asking about potential girlfriends, and Noah said he was not in a hurry to start a relationship. Sam started making plans about the garage and when he went to measure it, Noah decided he couldn't let his dad go through with all that work, since he couldn't stay. He was sure there would be more goons and didn't want his family caught up in it. He decided to make a break for it.

Outside her dad's house, Whitney was sure that the thunderstorm was God's way of telling her he was angry for her sins. Inside, T.C. told Liz that he was still in love with Eve, and Liz started ranting about how he could possibly love her after all of the people she'd hurt and tried to murder. She had lied, had a baby with Julian, left him, and more. He said that she couldn't have done those things because Eve was a good woman. He said he'd never stopped loving Eve, and Liz went ballistic telling him that Eve was not a good woman; she was evil, and he and Julian were just under her spell. He said he hoped to get back together with Eve, and Liz got even angrier and stormed out of the living room.

After Liz left, Whitney entered and told T.C that she'd done something terrible and was going to have to leave forever. In the kitchen, Liz started knocking everything off the counters and cupboards, breaking dishes and fuming that Eve thought she could steal Liz's man from her -- then insisted that wasn't going to happen. Whitney asked her dad what all the commotion was, and he just shrugged and said it was Liz and then carried on as if nothing was happening. Whitney confessed to him that she'd made love to Chad even after they knew they were half-siblings and then told him the truth about Miles's parentage.

T.C. was stunned, but totally understood why Whitney had kept it a secret. He told her that she had to stay away from Chad, and she said that since she couldn't stay away from him, she had to leave Harmony. He told her to stay there with people who loved her. She insisted that she had to go and pay for her sins. Liz was in a royal seething fit when she called the police department to check on her case against Eve. She wanted to make sure that her assertion stood, that Eve Russell was definitely the person who had poisoned her.

Friday, August 19, 2005

At the Bennett house, Jessica made breakfast for her family. Sam appeared downstairs and was happy to see her acting like herself again. Jessica told him she was glad to be with the people that loved her again, and they hugged. Ivy walked into the kitchen. Jessica was less than thrilled to see her. Ivy gave Sam a note from Noah that she had found. According to the note, Noah had left town and wasn't returning.

Soon after Sam and Ivy had discovered the note, Fancy arrived at the house to see Noah, and Sam told her what had happened. He asked if she had any idea why Noah would leave. Fancy told him she couldn't say, and Sam asked if she really didn't know or if she just didn't want to tell him. Fancy made a snide remark, and Ivy snapped that Fancy could be a little nicer, considering it was Fancy's fault Sam had been fired. Fancy apologized to Sam for that incident, and Jessica and Sam left to try to call Noah, who didn't answer his phone.

While Sam and Jessica were calling, Ivy demanded to know what Fancy was doing there after Alistair had told her to stay away from Noah. She said that Fancy had put Noah in danger. Fancy claimed that she had gone there to tell Noah he wasn't in danger anymore, but Ivy said it was Fancy's fault that Noah was on the run for no good reason. She advised Fancy to look at how worried Sam and Jessica were, and said that it was all Fancy's fault. Sam couldn't reach Noah, but he didn't want to give up trying. Fancy felt guilty about what she had done, and Ivy said Fancy would have to find a way to let Noah know he could return home.

Meanwhile, Noah had arrived at a sleazy-looking bar, hoping to win travel money. As soon as he stepped in the door, he was grabbed from behind and had a knife put to his throat. He apparently owed the man with the knife a lot of money, plus interest. Noah said he had a foolproof plan for getting the man his money. The man shoved Noah across the room and said he better talk fast. Noah said he needed help getting started and that he wanted to con money out of a giant of a man called "Tiny."

Noah told the man that he just needed to beat Tiny at one game. The guy growled that Noah had better beat him, then. Noah asked for money from the man to get started, and the man agreed to bankroll Noah's plan. Noah started playing pool, losing loudly and faking anger. He acted drunk and managed to get Tiny to play him for all the money they had between them. Noah got himself a cheering section by buying everyone in the bar drinks, and then they started to play.

Gwen and Sheridan went to the CPS offices to get Mark. While they were waiting, Gwen started telling Sheridan that Theresa had moved into the mansion. Gwen said that she was petrified Theresa and Alistair would take Jane away from her. Sheridan tried to reassure Gwen that Ethan wouldn't leave her. Gwen changed the subject and said that Sheridan had good reasons to adopt Mark, but asked if she could ever love him like her biological son. Sheridan said Gwen would know better than she would, and asked if Gwen truly loved Theresa's daughter as though she was her own, or if she just said that to score points with Ethan.

Before Gwen could answer, a CPS agent walked in, and Gwen went to talk to him. She explained why they were there, and the agent said Mark had already gone with someone else. Sheridan was shocked, and Gwen sweetly asked the agent to please double-check his records. The agent discovered he was looking under the wrong name, and then informed them that Sheridan's application to be Mark's foster mother had been approved. Mark was handed over to Sheridan. Before Sheridan left, she told Gwen not to worry about the situation with Theresa and Alistair. An unseen someone was following Sheridan as she left the offices to take Mark to the B&B.

Julian and Ethan worked on Eve's case, though Rebecca, who was standing behind them, said she was doubtful anyone could exonerate Eve, considering that in Rebecca's opinion, Eve was guilty as sin. Ethan asked her to tell him what had happened in the church basement the night Eve had allegedly poisoned Liz. Rebecca lied that she had been upstairs, she'd heard a commotion, and she had arrived downstairs as Liz collapsed. Julian silently remembered Eve accusing Rebecca of being in the basement.

Ethan got Rebecca to admit that she hadn't actually seen Eve poison the drink, but she said that Eve had been the only other person in the basement that night. Rebecca recalled poisoning Eve's drink. Ethan wanted to know what Rebecca was hiding, but she refused to tell. Rebecca left the room and eavesdropped on Ethan saying he knew she was hiding something. Julian said that if they could prove it, maybe the charges against Eve would be dropped. Rebecca said quietly in the hallway that Eve simply had to be convicted.

Whitney and Theresa met in a café, and Whitney said that her life was falling apart, and she wanted Theresa to help her end it. Theresa mistakenly thought that meant helping Whitney commit suicide. Instead, Whitney asked Theresa to take her to the convent. Theresa wanted to know why, so Whitney explained what had happened between Whitney and Chad. She said she knew it was sick and that was why she needed to leave.

At that moment, Chad entered the building and tried to talk to Whitney. Whitney snapped that they had nothing to talk about. Chad and Theresa learned that they both knew the truth about Miles, and Whitney told Theresa that she had told Fox the truth too. Chad said that he and Whitney needed to start planning for their future. Whitney told him to stop. She said she had told the truth, but she just felt worse about everything and she didn't trust herself, so she was joining the convent. She said her family knew the truth, but no one else could.

Whitney went to the car to wait for Theresa. Before Theresa joined her, Chad asked Theresa to try to discourage Whitney from joining the convent. Theresa said she'd try. Theresa tried to talk to Whitney in the car, but there was no changing Whitney's mind. They arrived at the convent, and Theresa asked if Whitney was sure about it. Whitney said she was. She knocked on the door and told the nun who answered that she was there to join the order.

Eve was at the Russell house, and she and T.C. talked about Whitney joining the convent. Eve admitted that she'd known about Miles's true parentage for a while, and T.C. was surprised that she hadn't told him. Liz arrived in the doorway and loudly asked what else he expected from a "lying whore." She demanded to know how he could still love Eve after she kept lying to him. Eve said she had been keeping Whitney's secret, and even if she had wanted to expose Whitney, she couldn't have because of doctor/patient confidentiality. Eve wondered why, if Liz was such a beacon of truth, she hadn't told T.C. about Julian's supposed seduction of her when T.C. proposed.

Liz snapped that it wasn't about her, and asked if anyone else knew Whitney's secret. Eve looked guilty and admitted that Theresa and Julian knew also. T.C. was stung, and Liz tried to use that as proof that Eve was still a "lying whore." T.C. asked why Eve hadn't gone to him, and she said she had been worried he would take his anger at Eve out on Whitney or Chad.

Eve and Liz bickered, and eventually T.C. told Eve he was sorry he hadn't been there for her. They hugged. Liz was furious, shocked, and outraged. Liz cried that Eve had poisoned her, and Eve said that had never happened. T.C. defended Eve and said he had been a fool to let her go. Chad went into the house with Miles and announced that Whitney couldn't get past what had happened between them, and she'd left for the convent.

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