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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 15, 2005 on GH
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Monday, August 15, 2005

Sam fends off Andrew just as Allegra walks in to discuss wedding plans with her daughter. Sam accuses her of either being a manipulative con artist or a cold hearted mother. Sam tells her about growing up with a con artist father and a mother who didn't want her. Allegra tries convincing her that she's not a con artist, but Sam doesn't buy it. When Sam comments about her lack of grievance, Allegra tells her she doesn't believe her daughter is dead. Sam wants to know why Allegra needs her if her daughter is dead. Allegra explains that she's trying to protect her daughter by keeping her away from the spineless man she's in love with. Allegra wants Sam to sleep with Andrew, who thinks she's Alicia, and then she's free to divorce him and they will split cash from the marriage afterwards.

Allie bribes Jason into helping her. She tells him she's going to name her first born child after him. Just as Jason uses the key Alicia gave him to remove the handcuffs, Sam rushes in and hugs him. He tells her to grab a letter opener and bring it back to him. Jason tells Alicia that he and Sam will handle her mother and then they will be out of there. Alicia tells him there is no handling of her mother. He just sent his girlfriend into the fangs of a snake.

Meanwhile, Sam pulls the letter opener from the desk drawer and Allegra walks in. She's brought Sam some evening gowns and jewelry. Sam plays along, ogling at the pretty dresses. Allegra spies the letter opener behind Sam's back in a mirror, though, and tells her to go ahead and stick the blade through her heart. She asks Sam to protect Alicia, though.

Jesse calls the hospital to make sure Maxie's going to be ok. He relays the message to Georgie, Dillon, and Lucas. Jesse asks if Georgie left the tray of drinks alone, and she replies that the one time she left them unattended Lucas was standing right there with them. Jesse has Lucas searched to be sure he had nothing to do with the druggings. Just as Georgie goes off on Jesse, Brook Lynn stumbles in, obviously drugged.

At the hospital, Mac yells at Jesse for bringing Maxie into the investigation. Maxie yells from her bed that Jesse didn't drag her into the investigation. She simply made a bad choice by going to a dangerous hang out. Mac lectures her and tells her how worried he and Felicia were about her. When he leaves, Jesse gently reminds Maxie that Mac is right; she should have listened when he told her to go. She tells him she never listens, but he tells her she better start cause he couldn't stand it if something happened to her. Maxie tells him she doesn't have anything to worry about, because she has her own undercover cop to protect her. Later, Brook Lynn arrives at the hospital and Lucky questions her a second time but she still doesn't remember anything helpful. Bobbie takes her to her room to run more tests, and Georgie questions what they could be doing since she already had her stomach pumped. Lucky explains that Brook Lynn needs to be tested for sexual assault. Georgie tells Lucky, Lucas, and Dillon that Brook Lynn is ok and she wasn't raped. Lucky questions why she was drugged if it wasn't to rape her. While she sleeps, the phone in her room rings. Someone is calling Brook Lynn from a pay phone, who has a picture of her naked.

Alcazar hurls Carly's luggage at her, demanding she leave their house once and for all. Carly tells him about Reese and how she's been planning to get revenge on her all along. Alcazar wants to know what Reese did that was so wrong, besides sleep with Sonny. When Carly tells him she loves him, he yells at her to stop lying. He tells her that she loves Sonny, and she finally agrees that she does still love Sonny. She never denied her love to Sonny, though. Alcazar tells her he doesn't want a life of her chasing after Sonny, him confronting her about it, her denying it, and then ultimately her telling Alcazar it's the last time. He tells her this is the last time. He reminds her that his brother died because a woman was using him, and he's not going to let that happen to himself.

Sonny wants to know why Reese didn't tell him all along about her being Carly's long lost friend from high school. He tells her this is the sickest thing he's ever heard. Reese is astonished at how deliberately cruel he is. She tries to convince him that she wanted Sonny for who he was, and it had nothing to do with Carly and their past. She tells him she loves him and asks him if he loves her. Sonny avoids the question. Reese tells him that Charlotte Roberts died in car crash years ago, and she is Reese now, not Charlotte. She points out the fact that Sonny has lied to her in the past. He tells her that business and personal lies are two totally different things. She then points out that Carly lied to him many times in the past. He agrees that Carly lied to him, but look where she's at. Sonny tells her she had plenty of time to tell him the truth, and Reese leaves.

Courtney brings Michael home from the carnival and Sonny asks him if he's hungry or did he fill up on junk food. Michael's not hungry but asks why Sonny's not having dinner with Reese. He explains that Reese won't be around anymore and she's not moving in. He tells Michael that he didn't know Reese as well as he thought he did. Michael asks if he's sad, and he admits that he is. When Michael goes upstairs, Courtney asks about his disagreement with Reese. He tells her it wasn't a disagreement. He explains that Reese is really Charlotte Roberts. Courtney tells Sonny to be realistic and give Reese some credit for telling the truth.

Ric finds Reese crying on the docks. Although Sonny didn't forgive her, she's relieved the truth is out in the open. Ric tells her if Sonny doesn't try to find a way to forgive her, he's a fool. Ric leaves Reese and goes to Sonny's house to talk to him. He tells him he knew Reese was Charlotte Roberts all along. Sonny is very upset that Ric would betray him. Sonny tells Ric that Jason would be happy to know he was right about Ric. Ric tells him he's helped Sonny, and has not turned out to be the bad person they both expected him to be. Ric defends Reese's decisions, comparing his own history to Reese's. Ric tells Sonny that he knows he has a lot of faults, but he's not a hypocrite. Sonny asks him what other secrets he's keeping from him.

Courtney and Carly meet at Kelly's, and Carly tells her that Lorenzo is divorcing her. Courtney tries to talk to her, but Carly tells her she has no idea what it feels like when your whole world is falling apart. Courtney disagrees and storms off. Reese walks into Kelly's just then. Carly punches Reese and knocks her onto the floor. Reese picks up a piece of broken glass and tells Carly to come and get her if she wants her.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Carly and Reese start fighting in the middle of Kelly's diner. All the patrons leave the establishment, but when Justice tries to intervene, Mike stops him. Mike tells him they need to have it out.

Ric attempts to defend Reese to Sonny. When Sonny asks what other secrets Ric has, he denies that there is anything else. Sonny tells him he can see it in his face that he is hiding something. Sonny suspects that Ric and Reese had an intimate relationship, but Ric denies it. Ric asks Sonny to give Reese a chance to prove that she's not out to ruin him. The phone rings, and its Mike telling Sonny about Reese and Carly's fight. When he hangs up, Mike grabs Carly and Justice grabs Reese. They continue badgering each other, and Reese ends up punching Justice but still isn't able to get out of his grasp. Reese tells Carly to admit this is all about one man, Sonny. Alcazar means nothing to Carly, and Reese wants her to admit to it. Mike tries to make peace between the girls by telling them violence isn't the answer. Carly should be happy her best friend is still alive. Carly was happy for a moment, until she realized all the things Reese did to her to get back at her. Reese tells her she's a wrecking ball with men, and she was a wrecking ball that night with her father. Before Reese can throw another punch at Carly, Sonny stops her. He tells the two women they need to talk it out. He focuses all his attention on Reese and Carly is upset and yells at them. As she turns to leave, Alcazar walks in. Carly is happy to see him, but Lorenzo tells her he just came to get something to eat. She tries showing him where Reese hit him and tries desperately to get attention from him. The same type of attention Sonny is showing Reese. Lorenzo tells Sonny that Carly is all his, cause she's done nothing but lie to him. Sonny doesn't want her either, and goes to take Reese home. Carly is devastated. Back at Sonny's house, Reese explains what happened to him. She tells him she regrets hurting him. She realizes she ruined her chances with him before their relationship ever started.

At Carly's old apartment, she unpacks when there's a knock at the door. Leticia is there with Morgan, shocked at Carly's appearance. Carly tells Leticia to take Morgan to Sonny's for the night. At Sonny's house, he tells Reese to stay for the night since she's hurt. She can stay in one of the guest rooms. Reese tells him that if she ever stays there again it will be because she belongs there, not as a guest. She leaves.

Courtney comes home and makes up with Jax. As they're talking on the couch, she sees Nikolas in Jax's spot talking to her and it freaks her out. When Jax asks her what's wrong, Courtney says it's just because they're not alone anymore since Liz and Cameron are living with them. Courtney suggests the two of them get away from Port Charles for a while. They decide to go to the Bahamas.

Nikolas talks to Emily at the hospital, but doesn't pressure her to come away with him. When he leaves, Monica asks if Emily is ok. Emily says that she and Nikolas pretend that everything is ok with their relationship when it's not. She tells her that after talking with Liz, she's realized she's not ready to give up on Nikolas. Monica is happy to hear that. Emily worries that Nikolas is ready to give up, seeing how she's not exactly good company to him right now. As Monica assures Emily that Nikolas would never cheat on her, Liz walks up and overhears their conversation. She sees in her mind the image of Nikolas kissing Courtney on the docks. After Emily leaves, Liz tells Monica she's wrong about Nikolas. She tells Monica about seeing Nikolas and Courtney on the pier. Monica is shocked. She thinks it should remain a secret for now. After Liz goes back to check on her patients, Courtney walks in to talk to Monica. Monica is obviously less than thrilled. Courtney just wants to know where a meeting is being held. Monica tells her, but then asks how things are going, baiting her about her pending motherhood. Courtney spies Nikolas across the waiting room and tells Monica everything is going well. She walks away and goes to talk to Nikolas, while Monica watches.

Lucky sees Nikolas on the pier and asks what he's doing there. Nikolas tells him he was supposed to be in a meeting, but Courtney was there. He couldn't be around her, so he left. Nikolas tells Lucky he's going to leave town for a while. He's going to the Bahamas to stare at the ocean until he knows what to do about him and Emily. At the hospital, Monica confronts Emily and tells her she thinks Nikolas and Courtney are having an affair. She tells her that Liz saw the two of them on the docks together. Emily can't believe Courtney would cheat on Jax, especially with a baby on the way. She insists she's going to go find Nikolas and sort things out with him. After Monica leaves, Emily's cell phone rings. Nikolas tells her he's on an airplane to New York to get some business done. Emily doesn't confront him and just asks that he call her when he gets to New York. When he hangs up, the captain announces the flight will be taking off to Bahamas soon. As Nikolas starts to get settled in, Courtney sits down in the seat across from him. They're astonished to see each other there, and Nikolas asks where Jax is. Courtney's cell phone rings and its Jax telling her he won't be meeting her tonight. He will come to the Bahamas tomorrow, but he's got to finish the business deal tonight. He tells her to go ahead and check everything out and he will meet her in the morning.

Allie asks Jason how Sam's relationship with her mother is. When she learns that Sam's mother is dead, Allie realizes that her mother will use that to her advantage. When her mother is done using someone, they disappear. Meanwhile, Allegra is telling Sam that if she has to kill her, just make sure to protect her daughter. Allegra goes on to explain how her mother always told her to protect their family. Allegra tries telling Sam that she wants out of this mess and wants to make amends with her daughter. She tells her the only way out now is for Sam to kill her.

Back in the cellar, Jason and Allie hear a sound and Allie hides. Allegra walks in and Jason asks about Sam. Allegra insists that Sam is ok and the two of them are bonding over Sam's lack of a mother. When Allegra turns her back, Jason grabs her by the throat and insists on seeing Sam. He tells her Sam would be able to see through her scam a mile away. One of Allegra's goons comes in with a gun, so Jason is forced to let Allegra go. She does allow Jason to go see Sam. Sam is relieved to see him. Jason hugs her, but starts searching for the phone that Allie told him was hidden in the room. He picks up the phone and an operator answers and asks for an access word. He doesn't know the access word, so he's forced to hang up. Sam tells him it's going to be a whole lot easier just to do what Allegra wants. Jason realizes that Sam is falling for Allegra's lies.

Down in the cellar, Allie and Allegra talk. Allegra tells Allie that Sam is a sweet girl who is serving a purpose, unlike Allie.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Reese walks into Kelly's and joins Ric at his table. Ric casually asks where she has been and continues working on Alexis's lawsuit against them. Ric looks up to see Reese's face. He wants to know what happened to her. Reese explains that she and Carly got into it and that Mike must have spent the whole night cleaning the place. She wants Ric to tell Mike that she'll send him a check. Ric asks why she can't just give him a check to which she responds I want out of our partnership, I'm leaving town and she begins walking out the door. Ric stops her and tells her he won't let her just walk away. Sonny is standing at the door and sees Ric and Reese talking.

Lorenzo tells Diego that he is diversifying and he wants to bring Diego into the family business. Lorenzo warns him the business is not always pleasant and there are risks involved. Diego is thrilled and says he wants in. Lorenzo sends him off to escort the people Lorenzo will be meeting with. Carly comes in telling Lorenzo to call his guards off. Lorenzo wants to know why Carly is there.

Emily goes to Jax's house to see Liz and asks her why she told Monica about witnessing Nick and Courtney's kiss instead of her. Liz said Monica pushed her and she only told her what she saw. Liz repeats the details of the kiss to Emily and then Jax walks in the door.

Courtney is now in her room at the hotel in the Bahamas. She opens the door for room service and as soon as she gets her cart in we see Nikolas open his door to receive his cart from room service. As they remove the tray lids they both realize they were brought the wrong food and head out to the hallway to stop the hotel personnel. They come face to face and they both look surprised. Their rooms are directly across from each other.

Ric tries to convince Reese to stay in Port Charles. First he tells her she's a part of the lawsuit and can't leave but when that doesn't work he switches gears telling her that Sonny respects women who don't give up. Reese thinks it would be a waste of time to try to win Sonny back and says it is ironic that she got her revenge on Carly without even trying. She says all it cost her was Sonny.

Carly tells Lorenzo she came back for a couple of things. Lorenzo tells her they are packed in the garage, she says so it's going to be like that. Lorenzo takes a business call and Carly realizes he is back in the family business. She asks him what Lorenzo this is now; the sensitive guy who wanted to be a college professor or the guy running the family business. Lorenzo tells her it is not her concern. He says he no longer has to wonder where she is or try to keep her safe or try to convince himself that she doesn't love Sonny. She does. Carly says it's not that simple but Lorenzo tells her to please leave and never come back again. After they call each other names Lorenzo tells her the divorce will be taken care of quickly.

Monica is talking to Lucky at the hospital and tries to question him about what is going on with Nikolas right now. She says she is concerned about Emily and Nikolas's marriage and she knows that sometimes people grow apart even good ones. He tells her he has his own problems to worry about and leaves to see about questioning a robbery victim.

Courtney and Nikolas can't get over all the coincidences that keep bringing them together on this trip. Courtney says this is weird, isn't this weird and Nikolas says I think it's a plot from some mind altering space aliens trying to get us to eat granola and fruit. Courtney says that is what she ordered and they have a laugh. They decide to switch the food carts themselves. Courtney pushes hers too hard into the hallway causing both carts to crash to the ground. Nikolas makes jokes about her working out and again they both laugh.

Emily wants to tell Jax about the kiss that Liz saw between Courtney and Nikolas but Liz rushes her out of the apartment before she can. Liz says she wants to be sure there is something to tell before she gets Jax involved. Emily relents but says she is going to find out what's going on.

Back at the hospital Emily tells Monica to stay out of her marriage and Monica agrees telling Emily she will always be there for her if she needs her. Lucky walks up as Monica is leaving. Without saying hello Emily asks Lucky if Courtney and Nikolas are having an affair. Lucky says what's really on your mind in a joking way but Emily just wants to know what he knows. He tells her to talk to Nikolas but she says he had to go to New York on business. She can tell by Lucky's face that Nikolas is not in New York. Finally he tells her that Nikolas is in the Bahamas. She tells Lucky, so is Courtney.

Courtney and Nikolas are talking while he eats the food that was dumped on the floor. They wonder if they were meant to be friends. They decide they will be the kind of friends that can talk about anything and make each other laugh. Before the conversation can get too deep Courtney leaves to get her massage. As she is leaving she looks down at Nikolas and says friends, that sounds nice.

Diego brings Tracy and Skyeto Lorenzo. He informs Tracy that he will be selling a portion of ELQ that is not making any money right now. Tracy says she will not let him do this to her family's company. He hands her a list and tells her to call the widows of his former business associates who disagreed with him. Tracy changes her tune and says Lorenzo's plan is a great idea. Tracy turns to Skyeand tells her let's go. Skyewants Tracy to go without her and Tracy takes this to mean that Skyewas in on this with Lorenzo. In the mist of telling Skyeoff she calls Lorenzo a criminal. Lorenzo says for future reference I am not a criminal and won't tolerate being referred to as one. Tracy apologizes and tells him it won't happen again and then makes her exit.

Sonny interrupts Ric and Reese's conversation at Kelly's. After Reese says its ok Ric leaves. As he gets to the door he runs Alexis, he won't let her enter instead he gently nudges her out the door. Reese tells Sonny she's leaving town. Sonny says she can do what she wants. Reese wants to know why Sonny is there and he says he wanted to make sure she is ok. Reese keeps asking Sonny questions to get him to tell her if he is ever going to forgive her or not.

Lucky is upset with Liz for not telling him she saw the kiss between Courtney and Nikolas. Lucky tells her that Emily is on her way to the Bahamas. They are interrupted by Jax's limo driver who informs them that Jax said it is extremely urgent they get in the limo. Jax calls Courtney in the Bahamas and they tell each other I love you. Nikolas overhears the conversation.

Ric and Alexis are talking on the docks. Ric wants to know why Alexis is trying to kill their relationship with the lawsuit. Alexis says maybe she is trying to save it.

Sonny tells Reese that he doesn't forgive easily. Reese asks him to look into her eyes and tell her that he doesn't love her and suddenly bullets start flying through Kelly's. Sonny covers Reese with his body until it's all over. When it is safe Sonny sends Max to go check on the kids at home. Sonny finds the real target, a guy named Sanborn who was in the back of Kelly's. Sanborn asks if Sonny has heard the word on the street and Sonny says Lorenzo Alcazar is back in business.

Lorenzo is trying to feed Skyeand she wants to know why. He says she has a beautiful mouth and he wants to make sure the food isn't poisoned, but he's just teasing about that. Skyeasks if he really wants to live like this again. Lorenzo gets a call and he tells the caller he is very disappointed but to stay put. Lorenzo tells Skyehe enjoys her company but she rebuffs him saying she will not be his mob whore.

Nikolas and Courtney return to their rooms from a swim. When she drops her room access card they both try to pick it up touching each other by accident. They make plans to avoid each other for the rest of their stay. Courtney goes in her room and screams. Nikolas goes in after her and finds her standing on the chair because there is a snake in the room. Courtney won't let Nikolas touch the snake so he tells her to jump into his arms and he will take her out of there and they can leave the snake handling to the professionals.

Carly runs into Bobbie. Carly starts telling Bobbie about Reese and the history with Charlotte. Bobbie does not understand why Carly slept with Charlotte's father and they argue loudly. Bobbie reminds her about what she did to her and Tony's marriage when she first came to town. She says Tony has never been the same and maybe she would still be married to him if it weren't for her and Lucas would have a real family. Bobbie storms off. Reese walks up and says it looks like your running out of people to blame for your life. Carly says when someone loses everything that's when you should be the most afraid of them.

Lorenzo and Skyeare discussing his proposal that she join him. He says that he can give her the dark side isn't that why she's attracted to Luke. Skyesays I love Luke. Lorenzo says he can give her everything that Luke can but with better compensation. Skyeslaps Lorenzo as Sonny arrives. Skyestorms out and Sonny says to Lorenzo you always did have a way with the ladies.

Jax brings Liz and Lucky back to their old apartment (the one that was destroyed in the fire) and it has been remodeled to look exactly the way it did before. Liz is thrilled and says she really missed the place. Now that Jax has accomplished this mission he says he is going to go and join Courtney in the Bahamas. Liz tells him that he can't.

Emily arrives in the Bahamas and goes into Nikolas's room. Nikolas is still in Courtney's room. Courtney says to Nikolas that they have nothing to hide. So why not have dinner together? Nikolas accepts.

Sonny tells Lorenzo his lunch was interrupted by the bullets. Lorenzo says so you had to duck, you want me to get your suit pressed. Sonny says that Kelly's is not the place for that kind of activity there are kids who hang out in there. Lorenzo says he'll keep that in mind. He would like to peacefully co-exist with Sonny. Now that Carly is out of the way they can each go about their own business. That is until one of them makes the next move.

Reese reminds Carly how much devastation she has left in her wake. She tells Carly that she lost her husband and her children and Sonny too. Reese tells Carly she hopes she rots in hell and leaves.

Jax tells Lucky and Liz that he hopes they live in this apartment together because he knows that would make Liz happy. Lucky says that is between him and Liz. Jax leaves to join Courtney in the Bahamas. Lucky and Liz discuss the situation with Jax, Courtney, Emily, and Nikolas.

Nikolas and Courtney are having dinner together (both are wearing bathrobes since returning from swimming) and Nikolas is building forts with his vegetables. He tells her that he was never allowed to have the toy building blocks and explains a little bit about his childhood as Prince Cassadine. When they are finished eating they decide to have a brandy together. They push the cart with the dinner plates out into the hall. Emily makes a call to see where Courtney's room is but the hotel can not give her that information. Emily opens the door and sees the vegetables built into a fort in the hall. Nikolas touches Courtney's hair and they both feel something. Nikolas decides to leave. Courtney walks him out and as he opens the door they see Emily standing there looking shocked.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Brook Lynn shows up at the Pizza Shack and sits with Dillon and Maxie. She tells them that she is getting phone calls where someone just breathes and never says anything to her and worries because she doesn't remember leaving the Pizza Shack that night or how she got back there later and what happened in between. Jesse shows up and talks to them about the possibility that the person making the calls to Brook Lynn is probably the guy who drugged their drinks. Maxie wonders why no one has called her yet. Jesse thinks that is the key to figuring out what makes Maxie stand out among the other cases since the other women also received phone calls. Meanwhile, the perpetrator calls Brook Lynn on her cell-phone and is looking at sleazy photos of Brook Lynn while he just breathes into the phone. Maxie and Brook Lynn go back to the police station with Jesse. Lucky is there still investigating the other similar cases. Lucky tells Maxie and Brook Lynn that the other victims were there same age and were beautiful young women also. He also tells them the other women reported that they were found wondering around in a daze and had no memory of how they got where they were going and what happened to them. Lucky tells them that men that do this kind of thing take these girls and take pictures of them nude even if they don't rape them. Brook Lynn leaves the station. Maxie hangs out in the interview room. She gets a call on her cell-phone just as Jesse comes in the room. It is the perpetrator and he actually speaks to Maxie and tells her she owes him. Maxie asks Jesse what that means and how this guy plans to get to her. Jesse tells her that she is the first women he talked to on the phone and that they could use her to help them find the guy(s) that are doing this to the other young women. Jesse leaves and comes back later with a bag filled with chocolate chip cookies to help cheer her up. Maxie feels that she should have listened to him that night when he asked her not to go to the Pizza Shack that night he was working undercover. Meanwhile, Mac watches them talk through the window while Lucky gives him an update on what they have so far in the case. Lucky tells him that they found lead paint chips on some of the young women's clothing which suggests that whomever is taking these women, lives in an old building that still has lead paint in it. Lucky points out that Jesse is perfect for this undercover case because he looks like a college student and fits right in with the college scene at the Pizza Shack. Back at the Pizza Shack, Georgie worries about Maxie and Brook Lynn's safety with Dillon. Dillon finds Lucas finishing up his dinner and leaving. He asks him if he has a preference for what bed he wants in their dorm. Lucas tells him he doesn't care which one and that it isn't like he will be bringing up any girls to his room anyway. Dillon makes a joke about him not hooking up with anyone in a long time. Lucas isn't too pleased with his joke and leaves the place after telling Dillon he has to go back to his job, house painting for someone.

Sam and Jason get to spend a few minutes alone together upstairs. Jason tells Sam that he has been watching the guards and knows when they change shifts and that is when they should make their escape. Allegra comes in with some guards and tells them their time is up. She orders her men to take Jason back down to the cellar. When Sam is alone with Allegra, she agrees to marry Andrew and buy her and Jason's freedom. Andrew shows up and asks to eat dinner with just "Alicia" this evening. Allegra acts like it is an insult to her since she feels that she should act as a chaperone since the two of them aren't married yet. Andrew insists that he spend the evening alone with his fiancée or he may not marry her at all. Allegra reluctantly leaves them alone after Sam tells her it is alright. Allegra hugs Sam and whispers in her ear that she better not try anything because she still has Jason locked up. After Allegra leaves, Sam suggests to Andrew she may not be who he thinks she is. Meanwhile, Jason goes back to the cellar and the real Alicia tells him that she bribed one of the head guards with the promise of giving him one of her sapphire earrings in exchange for helping them escape. Alicia tells Jason that she doesn't want Sam to have to marry some guy for convenience and doesn't mind helping her escape as long as Jason promises to bring her along and not leave her here with her mother. Allegra shows up with the guards and doesn't like seeing her talking to Jason. She tells them to put Alicia somewhere else and lock her up. Alicia fights with the guards to let her go so she can walk on her own. She runs over to Jason and hugs him suddenly asking him to not let them take her away. She uses that opportunity to place the sapphire earring in his back pants pocket. Meanwhile, Andrew wants to dance the Rumba with Sam, thinking she is Alicia and can dance. Sam tries to follow his lead but falls down on the floor. Andrew tells her that he is falling in love with her. He tells her he has a surprise for her. Jason waits until one of the guards comes in to bring him a meal. He surprises the guard and knocks him out and handcuffs him to the wall. He goes to the other wall where there is a hole and calls out for Alicia who doesn't answer and he realizes they put her in another cell. He takes off upstairs to get Sam. Allegra and some of her men show up in the living room upstairs before him and find no sign of Sam or Andrew. Jason comes in the room and asks them where Sam is. Allegra tells him she disappeared with Andrew and she thinks she knows what they are doing. While this is going on, Andrew blindfolds Sam and takes her to one of his estates. Sam takes the blindfold off and admires the fountain and statues and asks him where they are. He informs her that he plans to marry her right now and has a priest waiting on hold and that he doesn't trust Allegra and what she has planned for them.

Nikolas decides to head back to his room across the hall after talking with Courtney in her room. He opens the door to find Emily standing on the other side. She sees they are wearing matching robes and thinks they are having a full-blown affair. Nikolas tries to explain that it isn't what it looks like and follows her out the door. Emily wants to leave but Nikolas gets her to go back to his room and talk about it. He insists he is not having an affair with Courtney. Emily confronts him about how she knows now that he shared a kiss with Courtney on the docks and that Liz saw them and told her mother first. Nikolas insists that is all they did together and that he hasn't slept with Courtney at all. Emily doesn't believe him and slaps him in the face when he tries to keep her in the room. Nikolas tries to go after her. Meanwhile, Jax arrives at the hotel almost at the same time and surprises Courtney when he gets there sooner than she expected. He told her that the plane was earlier than he expected and got here as soon as he could. Courtney is still upset over the confrontation with Emily. Jax asks her what is wrong and assumes she has been alone this whole time waiting for him. She tells him that Nikolas is here and is staying in the room across from them. Jax asks her why she didn't tell him that when they talked on the phone earlier. She told him that she didn't know he was going to be there at the same hotel. He asks her what is really upsetting her. She tells him that Emily showed up and thinks she is having an affair with Nikolas. She admits that she has been running in to Nikolas a lot and they have found it has been easier to talk about their problems with each other than it has been to talk to their spouses. Jax is hurt that Courtney felt more comfortable talking to Nikolas than to him about her insecurities concerning the surrogacy. Courtney tells him that she loves him. Soon after, they come out of their room when they hear a commotion outside in the hallway between Emily and Nikolas. Nikolas is trying to get Emily to stay and talk but Emily is trying to leave the hotel. Jax steps in and tells Nikolas to leave her alone. Emily continues to accuse Nikolas of having an affair with Courtney, who insists she isn't having an affair and never slept with Nikolas. Emily brings up the fact that Liz saw her kissing Nikolas on the docks. Jax is stunned by that piece of information and asks Courtney why she lied to him and never told him about the kiss. Courtney tells him that it was a mistake and that she isn't having an affair with Nikolas. Emily takes off after telling Nikolas she wants a divorce from him. Nikolas tries to keep this from becoming a big fight and tells Jax he doesn't want to fight. Jax waits until Nikolas lets go of his arm and he takes a swing at him and punches him in the mouth twice and then kicks Nikolas in the stomach a couple of times while he is laying on the floor. Courtney pleads with Jax to stop and leave Nikolas alone. Jax asks her why she wants him to stop and thinks she is defending Nikolas because she has feelings for him. Jax takes off after confronting her about lying to him about the kiss. Courtney brings Nikolas back to her room for some first aid on his bloody mouth. She blames herself for what happened since she should never have come to the Bahamas alone and that when she saw him she should have gone back home instead. Nikolas tells her it isn't her fault and thinks their marriages may be over. He suggests that since their spouses already think they have slept together already, maybe they should just give in to their attraction once and for all. Meanwhile, Jax ends up getting a seat on the plane home next to Emily, who sits there quietly without saying a word. Jax tells her he is sorry for what happened. Emily tells him that she should have expected something like this would happen since she has been pushing Nikolas away and shutting him out of her life ever since he got out of prison. Jax also wishes that he had known how inadequate Courtney really felt about the surrogacy and had reached her sooner before she felt the need to confide in Nikolas. He tells her that they may have both unintentionally led Nikolas and Courtney to find each other.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Jason grabs Allegra; he wants to know where Sam is. Sam tells Andrew she hasn't been completely honest with him. Carly wants Sonny, Michael, and Morgan to join her on a picnic. Jax tells Emily he's divorcing Courtney. Nikolas and Courtney decide to make love since they've already been accused of doing so.

Emily and Jax are on the plane discussing the situation with Nikolas and Courtney. Jax believes Courtney slept with Nikolas. He tells Emily he's done; Courtney's out of his life. Emily doesn't blame Nikolas because she feels that she drove him into Courtney's arms. Nikolas and Courtney are passionately kissing and about to make love when Courtney stops him and says no matter what she still loves Jax and Nikolas still loves Emily. They have to stop before they really destroy their marriages. Sonny thinks Carly is trying to work her way back in to his life and he tells her it's not going to happen. Carly says she doesn't need him to be there but she is going to take her kids. Sonny says she is not putting the kids in the middle of whatever she is up to this time. Michael walks in and wants to know why they are arguing. Carly asks Michael if he wants to go with her on a picnic. Skyeand Lorenzo are talking at the hospital. Lorenzo wants Skyeto take over as head of the endowment. Skyeis still angry and thinks Lorenzo is using her to hurt Carly. Lorenzo apologizes to Skyeabout his behavior from before. Andrew talks Sam, who he believes is Alicia, into marrying him right away. Allegra tells Jason that Andrew is marrying Sam right now. Jason goes to find Sam but collapses before he can get too far.

Reese tells Ric that she is staying in town. She believes that tenacity is the way to win Sonny back and besides she can't walk away from her partnership with Ric. Michael thinks Carly is acting strange and says he doesn't want to go with her but he's sorry. Sonny tells Michael it's ok and sends him back to his room. Carly thinks Sonny has turned Michael against her and she leaves Sonny's very upset. After Skyeanalyzes Lorenzo's reaction to losing Carly and gets him to agree that he was trying to push her away by propositioning her she agrees to take over as head of the endowment. Andrew and Sam (Allie) are exchanging wedding vows, his vows are very moving and Sam imagines that Jason is standing in front of her so she can come up with touching vows of her own. She cries as she says her vows thinking of Jason. The minister pronounces them man and wife.

Andrew wants a dance to celebrate the fact that they are newlyweds. Sam (Alicia) explains that she can't remember everything he taught her about dancing. He says to trust him and they begin to Waltz. Sam (Alicia) follows Andrews lead and dances beautifully. Jason wakes up handcuffed in the barn again. He is disoriented. At the hospital Liz is trying to convince Emily that Nikolas did not sleep with Courtney and that Emily should give him a chance. Emily feels that she pushed Nikolas away. Liz tells Emily that even if Nikolas slept with Courtney it wasn't making love because he loves Emily. Emily feels bad that it is taking her so long to recover from the rape and wants to know when it will all be over. Liz tells her that she can not control that and she will recover when she is ready to. Courtney and Nikolas agree that their relationship has shown them that they really love their spouses and they have been there for each other but now it's time to handle the problems each of them has in their marriages. Jax shows up at Liz and Lucky's apartment. Liz is not there but Jax lays into Lucky about his brother (Nikolas) and says he's been chasing Courtney around for weeks. Lucky tells Jax that if he would have been any kind of husband maybe Courtney wouldn't have been available for seduction. Liz comes into the apartment and tells Jax he's wrong, Nikolas and Courtney did not sleep together. She tells Jax they (Liz and Lucky) know Nikolas and he doesn't. She tells Jax to think about this before he throws his marriage away.

Nikolas comes into Courtney's room and tells her that the plane has been delayed. Courtney and Nikolas thing they are being thrown together. Carly shows up at the hospital for the board meeting. Lorenzo tells her she is no longer head of the endowment. Carly tells Lorenzo that he did this to embarrass her in public and two can play at that game. Sonny asks Ric to be his lawyer. Ric wants to know what the catch is. Sonny says Ric has to get out of his partnership with Reese. Ric tells Sonny he would be happy to take on Sonny's legal needs but not if he has to kick Reese to the curb. Ric tells Sonny if he becomes Sonny's attorney it will be on his terms not Sonny's and leaves. Carly makes a scene at the hospital. Lorenzo pulls her to the side. Carly accuses him of lying to her and says that he just married her to get one up on Sonny. Carly is humiliated and crying but Lorenzo just walks away. Carly is left in the corridor crying and alone. Courtney tells Nikolas that she is going to work to fix her marriage with Jax. Jax continues telling Liz and Lucky that his marriage to Courtney is over. Liz wants to know what's going to happen to the baby she is carrying for Jax and his wife.

Allegra comes to the barn to see Jason. Jason handcuffs her to the pipe and leaves to find Sam. He stumbles then falls to his knees. Andrew brings his new bride to the bedroom. Sam tries to find a way to avoid sleeping with Andrew. Emily shows up at Sonny's looking for Jason. She needs to talk to someone objective. Sonny tells her he can not get a hold of Jason right now. He asks her if she could talk to him. She tells Sonny that Nikolas is sleeping with another woman. From the details she gives him Sonny figures out that Nikolas slept with his sister (Courtney). He tells Emily to consider this situation in his hands as of right now and tells her he is sorry that this happened. Jax tells Liz that divorcing Courtney won't affect their arrangement; he will raise the child alone. Liz says, "I'm sorry but I can't have this child being raised without a mother."

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