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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 15, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, August 15, 2005

Bridget is still at the cabin. Stephanie comes back in with a pregnancy test and tells Bridget that she needs to know for sure what she's dealing with.

Back at Brooke's house, she and Nick are sitting in front of the fireplace and he tells her that she will be happy again. They are very close together and Brooke pulls back and asks what are they doing? They both say they are sorry and Nick goes to call Bridget. Nick tells Bridget that they brought Hope home and that she's doing fine. Bridget says that she's glad. Brooke takes the phone and tells her that she's sorry for monopolizing Nick's time and that he has something special planned for her tonight. Bridget tells her she's not coming home tonight and that she needs some time to herself. She hangs up without telling them where she is.

Bridget takes the pregnancy test and tells Stephanie that it's positive. She realizes that she has something her mother can't give Nick. She is excited and tells Stephanie that all she's ever wanted was a promise that Nick would keep and this baby is that promise. She leaves to tell Nick about the baby.

Brooke and Nick are talking about what almost happened between them. Nick tells her he didn't know it was possible to be in love with 2 women. Brooke says he should have asked her - she would have told him. Nick tells her that it should have happened for them and Brooke responds that it would have if she hadn't made Ridge "everything." She tells him that they could have been happy. Brooke tells Nick that the day he took her to Catalina was they day she realized that she could love him. She tells him that she did and she does but sometimes it just gets to be too late. She tells him she wants Bridget to feel safe and especially safe from her. She tells Nick she'd rather put a gun to her head than hurt Bridget. Nick tells her that Bridget will have the life she wants - with him. Brooke thanks him.

Later Brooke comes back downstairs thinking Nick has left but he's still there with the dinner he had ordered for Bridget. He asks Brooke to join him. As they are talking, Bridget arrives and is listening at the door. Nick tells Brooke that she has no idea how hard it is not to love her. Bridget slams the door and walks in.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Bridget is angry to find Nick and Brooke so romantic with one another. Nick tries to explain but Bridget stops him, and then lashes out at her mother and Nick, telling Nick if she can't have all of him, she doesn't want any of him, making a reference to the baby she is carrying. Taylor, Gaby and Thomas bond over a game of gin. Ridge arrives and Taylor fills him in on how Gaby is staying in the guest house. Stephanie tells Eric that Bridget is pregnant. Eric thinks telling Nick will make Nick give all his attention to Brooke.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


At Brooke's house, Bridget continues to yell at Nick and her mother for lying to her and causing her all this pain. Brooke and Nick insist that there is nothing between them anymore, but Bridget doesn't want to hear it. She knocks the dishes off the table and throws a wine bottle at the wall in her rage. She rips her necklace off and gives it to Nick, telling him that she is getting rid of everything that he's ever given her. She leaves and Nick tries to stop her but can't. Stephanie arrives shortly after and asks what happened. Brooke tells her that Bridget was angry at what she saw when she arrived home. Stephanie is angry at Brooke for causing Bridget all the pain in her life. Stephanie tells them that she was with Bridget at the cabin and Bridget was so happy and hopeful for the future. Stephanie admits to them that Bridget is pregnant. Nick is worried that Bridget said she was getting rid of everything he'd given her.

Ridge and Taylor argue about Thomas and Gaby. Upstairs, Thomas and Gaby are kissing as Thomas tells her that the more his dad pushes them apart, the more he wants to be with her. On the balcony, Taylor is upset with Ridge for storming in and making judgments with out listening to Thomas' arguments. Ridge tells her that he is too tired from his trip to argue. He heads upstairs to tell the kids goodnight.

Bridget arrives at Dante's hotel. She tells him that she ended things with Nick after seeing him with her mother. Dante tells her that now she can move on, but Bridget admits that she is pregnant and is tied to Nick forever. She tells him about how she watched her mother long for her father's son. She tells him how much seeing Hope hurts her. She tells him about Nick's mother and father, who longed for someone else, and now she wants to break that cycle. She doesn't want her child to live a life like that. She realizes what she must do.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ridge and Taylor continue to quarrel about the state of their relationship. Stephanie interrupts them and informs them that Bridget is missing, and that she is pregnant with Nick's baby. Later, Stephanie goes to Brooke's house with a wrapped gift box that promises to be the answer to all of Brooke's problems. Bridget discusses with Dante the negative consequences of having Nick's child, especially when he's in love with Brooke. Bridget becomes more certain of the decision she has to make. At the doctor's, Bridget solemnly goes to see the doctor. Bridget then returns and gives Dante a confirming nod. Dante tells Bridget to wait a while to tell Nick the news, but Bridget feels the longer she waits, the harder the news will be. Nick goes to Brooke and tells her that Bridget is upset with him. Brooke is upset that she is putting her daughter through all this again. Nick is concerned that Bridget might consider terminating her pregnancy. Nick meets Bridget at the Beach House and tells her they will get through all this with their child. But Bridget's blank look, leaves Nick wondering if she is carrying a child or not.

Friday, August 19, 2005

At the beach house, Nick hugs Bridget. He professes his love and thanks her for her pregnancy. Bridget says no; she's through talking. Nick tries to put the engagement ring back on her finger. She was wrong to take it off. Angry, Bridget informs him it's not his decision. With a doctor's okay, Nick wants to sail away until after Bridget gives birth. He describes the life they can have. Does he want to run away with Bridget, or away from Brooke? A getaway would only make things worse. After returning, she would still be suspicious. Bridget would rather be alone! Nick won't let her go. Because of their child, he'll never let her down again. Bridget knows the baby can't make him love her. Nick is upset when she mentions Dante. At least Dante is truthful! Nick thinks she doesn't understand because she isn't friends with any of her exes. She can't bear for him to be the latest man in her life to make Brooke the center of his life. Nick accuses her of overreacting to their behavior after almost losing Hope. He feels Hope is his; where does that leave Bridget? Her love isn't enough to hold him. He has to leave so she can stop hurting. She never told him there was a child. Worried, Nick chases Bridget to the shoreline and demands an explanation. She tells him to go be with her mother. At the mouth of a cave, he asks if she's pregnant, as Stephanie told him. Crying, Bridget says she no longer has what he wants. Understanding dawns on Nick's face.

From his jeep, Dante uses binoculars to spy on the former couple. He encourages Bridget to be strong. Dante stares at the ocean. He fantasizes he's on an Italian beach with Bridget, who is carrying their child. She loves him and he's happy.

In her living room, Brooke rejects Stephanie's gift box. Stephanie finally understands that Brooke's a victim, too. Men see her as the ultimate sexual refuge. Bridget will abort if she thinks Nick might raise their baby with its grandmother. Brooke wouldn't! She already has - with Deacon and Hope. Brooke can't just tell Nick to stay away; it didn't work with Deacon. She can't transfer overseas: it has to be a complete break. RJ will be fine; Ridge will understand, and even be grateful. As Brooke unwraps the gift, Stephanie dons a pair of white cotton gloves. Brooke is unsettled, so Stephanie has to open the box. She pulls out a silver handgun!

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