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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 15, 2005 on GL
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Monday, August 15, 2005

Tammy and Sandy are cuddling after making love when he presents her with what he hopes will surprise and please her. He tracked the information regarding the funds Jonathan stole from Lewis Construction. He reversed the transaction so the money would be returned to Lewis. Tammy is not pleased. She is concerned that Sandy's intervention has put Jonathan in danger because without the money Alfred will kill him. Sandy is disappointed that Tammy is more concerned about Jonathan's welfare than his good deed.

In the boathouse, Reva is trying to convince Jonathan to leave with her and forget Alfred forever. She promises him a family full of love. Jonathan charges her and slams her to the ground unconscious. Realizing what he has done, he tries to revive her. Alfred, sickened by Jonathan's love for his mother, grabs him and attempts to strangle him over the edge of the platform. Jonathan gasps and asks why Alfred hates him so much. Alfred comes to his senses and releases Jonathan. He tells him that since the day he was dumped on his doorstep stinking of helplessness he knew he would have to toughen him up for a life of dealing with losers. Reva regains consciousness and whacks Alfred with an oar. Undeterred, Alfred aims a spear gun at Reva but is stopped by Jonathan who takes up the oar and swings. He hits his mark and Alfred is thrown into the lake. Josh and Frank arrive, but it is too late. Josh, after diving in, can't find Alfred in the water. Jonathan is inconsolable and screams, "Dad!"

At Company, Danny confesses to Marina that he doesn't think it's a good idea they move in together. Marina jumps to suspicions regarding Danny's true intent. He calms her and tells her his only concern is that they find a place more suitable than his current apartment. Marina is relieved and they kiss. Danny receives a message to meet Rick Bauer at Cedars.

At the hospital, Olivia has followed Bill who has gone to accompany Michelle on a pre-natal visit. Angry that Bill lied to her to get to Michelle she leaves a phony message for Danny at Company. In the examining room, Bill and Michelle are reminiscing about their childhood when Michelle sees Danny enter the waiting area. She and Bill hide behind a curtain until he leaves. Olivia, realizing her plan didn't work, enters the room pretending to have stopped because she saw Bill's car in the parking lot. Michelle makes excuses and leaves. Bill is angry at Olivia for turning on his friend but softens when she admits she is afraid he will leave her for Michelle. Bill assures her he loves and wants only her.

Danny returns to Company and finds Michelle outside on the bench. He is surprised to see her and doesn't notice she is hiding her stomach from him. Michelle apologizes for not letting him know she was coming back and asks if he is happy. Danny tells her he is very happy with Marina and leaves her to go inside. Michelle casts a forlorn glance and watches him go.

At the boathouse, Reva and Josh are alone. Josh suggests they leave and go to the hospital to see how Jonathan is after leaving with a rescue team. Reva tells Josh to go ahead without her. Josh leaves. Reva is standing next to the boat when a hand grabs her leg from the water. It's Alfred who hasn't drowned after all. He climbs from the water and begins to struggle with Reva. She knocks him with a pole and manages to hop in the boat and get it started. While untying the rope she screams for Josh. Alfred grabs her and places her in a chokehold. Josh arrives in time to save Reva and begins to fight with Alfred. He gets the upper hand and shoves Alfred into the water for a second time. Josh and Reva watch the water bubble red as Alfred meets the propeller.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Harley is upset about the tension with Gus who left her in Florida with Mallet. She admits to Mallet she's afraid she's not really cut out to be a wife and in the emotional moment, he kisses her.

Back in Springfield, Gus walks into a surprise bachelor party. He tries to go along with it and acts confident that Harley will be back in time for the wedding. Later, he gets a gift from an unseen stalker. It turns out to be the video surveillance tape from last year's wedding fiasco. Growing continually agitated and convinced Alan sent the tape, Gus wants the party to end. But then Harley shows up, dressed as Gus's stripper. The two reconcile. They share a magical kiss, unaware that someone is watching them.

Meanwhile, back in Florida, Mallet gets an anonymous phone call. He is told that Phillip is alive and well in Springfield.

Reva and Josh explain to Jonathan exactly how Nate died. They're expecting a big reaction but Jonathan doesn't have one. Reva tries to get him to open up about what he's feeling but he insists he's fine. Reva then turns her attention to Josh and convinces him to stay in the house for a couple of days but things are still tense between them.

Meanwhile, Tammy comes to see Jonathan and though she reaches out to him, he pushes her away.

Lizzie comes to the hospital, hyperventilating and Rick diagnoses her with "nomoneyitis" and insists she is suffering from being cut off financially. Rick calls Coop for a second opinion. Lizzie and Coop share a sweet kiss.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

It's Harley and Gus's wedding day and, despite the tradition, Gus comes to see her to make sure she has put her worries about Phillip behind her. But, he can sense she hasn't and decides to visit Alan, who he's sure is the one who sent the videotape to his bachelor party. Alan denies and warns Gus that Phillip is out there, lurking, and Alan's not the one he should be worried about. Gus blows him off and tricks Alan into signing an exhumation order for Phillip. He presents the order to Harley as a wedding gift so they can know for sure if Phillip's really dead. Meanwhile, Alan gives an engagement ring to Beth to prove he was serious about the proposal. She leaves to ponder her options and Alan remains determined to go ahead with his plan. Edmund gets paperwork from his lawyer on the illegal adoption he's rushing to put into place, but Dinah gets her hands on the envelope, assuming it's divorce papers. Dinah tries to get them to Cassie but Edmund is able to snag them back and keep his charade going. Thinking he won't come up with a baby before Dinah's two-week deadline, Edmund begins to despair until he sees a very pregnant Michelle and is intrigued. Marina learns Michelle's back in town and not too subtly makes it clear that she and Danny are happy. Michelle is nearly ready to tell Marina she's pregnant but pulls back. Later, Michelle is at the hospital filling out paper work and impulsively lists Danny as the emergency contact. When a nurse calls Danny for clarification about the baby's medical insurance, Danny is very confused.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Gus and Harley's wedding draws closer. Buzz, Marina, Coop, and Frank tape special messages for the happy couple. Gus hopes that his wedding gift to Harley-exhuming Phillip's body-will finally put an end to any doubt that Phillip is dead. Phillip watches them embrace. Cassie and Blake interrupt and send Gus away so that Harley can get ready for the wedding. Gus entertains Zack and Jude with wedding cake and promises that they will be a family this time. Phillip takes the wedding rings.

A nurse mistakenly calls Danny with a question about the insurance forms for the baby. Michelle intercepts the message and tries to cover. She tells Danny that the nurse is confused and that the forms are for Robbie. Rick sees a very pregnant Michelle. He leaves to perform the autopsy on Phillip. Marina arrives. Michelle hides her pregnancy but tells Marina that she still has feelings for Danny. Michelle decides to go to the wedding.

The bridesmaids give a radiant Harley an old program from her last wedding, a new negligee, a blues CD, and a memento from Nadine. Buzz arrives to take Harley to the wedding but discovers her missing. The Coopers are frantic because Harley and the rings are missing. Frank knows just where to look-their treehouse. As Phillip lurks nearby, Harley makes a wish for peace for Phillip. Frank finds the rings on the treehouse steps. Gus and the Coopers are relieved when Harley returns.

As Greek music plays, Cassie, Mel, and Blake make their way down the aisle. Just as Buzz takes Harley's arm, Rick arrives with news.

Friday, August 19, 2005

In the parking garage, Mallet rushes to his car to find that the tire's been punctured. He then sees Phillip and attempts to run after Phillip but loses him.

At Company, Greek music plays as the bridesmaids walk down the aisle. But before Harley can even think about marrying Gus, she needs to find out about Phillip. An upset Rick informs her that Phillip is indeed inside the grave. Her mind now completely at ease, Harley walks down the aisle with her father and her sons. With Ross officiating, Gus and Harley exchange vows and are finally married. After the ceremony, Harley tells Gus the news Rick told her about Phillip. Later, when Mallet (who watched the entire ceremony on the video monitor at Company, congratulates the couple, Harley tells Mallet the news as well. Startled, Mallet keeps quiet and goes to talk to Rick.

Also at the reception, Marina confesses to Danny that she talked to Michelle last night. He's a little surprised and wonders why she'd do that. Marina admits that she was suspicious about the call Michelle made earlier and wanted to let Michelle know that he was moving on. Afterwards, just before Harley and Gus leave for their honeymoon in Greece, Marina catches the bouquet.

Buzz and Alexandra come face to face at Company and he tells her about Rick exhuming and seeing Phillip's body. Alexandra is somewhat taken aback since, although she suspected Alan was delusional, she hoped he was telling the truth. Buzz understands and comforts her with a hug.

Beth tries to talk to Lizzie into coming back home. When Lizzie refuses, Beth tries to scare her by pointing out that Gus is head of the Company and she has no idea what he's going to do with it. She's worried that that Gus will be making decisions that will affect the entire family. Beth is also worried that Gus is offering Lizzie advice as well. But Lizzie insists that she trusts Gus. Later, after Beth rushes off, Lizzie spots the envelopes of money at the reception and swipes some. Unbeknownst to her, 'Coop sees her do it.

Mallet finally goes to talk with Rick, who's been visibly upset the entire day. Mallet brings up this morning's exhumation and gets Rick to confirm that he actually saw Phillip's body. Knowing Rick's lying, Mallet asks Rick if there were any witnesses to the fact, and Rick states that he was alone. After Mallet walks off, Rick gets a call on his cell--it's Phillip. Rick assures Phillip that his secret is safe with him. However, Rick's been lying to everyone all day and tells Phillip it's getting to him. he really needs Phillip to tell him what's going on, but Phillip's not ready to talk yet. Rick asks his best friend when he's coming from and Phillip can't answer that either.

Alan, at the mental hospital, places a call to his lawyer, Vince Russo, and orders him to keep an eye out for Phillip. Later, Alan receives a visit from Beth, who doesn't pull any punches. She knows Alan's using her; they're using each other. She tells Alan that she won't suppress her needs and identity for a man ever again. Beth tells Alan that she's worried that Gus is going to get rid of the company and she won't let him do that to her children's legacy. Beth not only accepts Alan's proposal--she brings in a minister to perform the ceremony today.

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