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Monday, August 15, 2005

Asleep on her couch, Mimi dreamed of her conversation with Philip about Shawn. When she woke up, she found a towel clad Shawn asking her for his pants. After she pulled his pants out from underneath her on the couch, he went off to get dressed while she took a phone call from Bonnie. Bonnie suggested that Mimi had better make a move on Shawn before someone else did and that the timing was perfect for them. Unfazed by Mimi's grumbling, Bonnie insisted she bring Shawn over to Alice's.

Across the hall, Philip tried to console Belle over the loss of her friendship with Mimi. Philip insisted it would all blow over and that perhaps, someday he would dance with Belle at Shawn and Mimi's wedding. Belle dropped a glass on Philip's exclamation and insisted that Mimi was still in love with Rex. Philip said he was gone and likely would not return and furthermore, he was not Mimi's first love. A jittery Belle stated that was just a crush and that Shawn and Mimi were far too different to ever get together. Philip continued to insist that they were perfect for one another, but Belle thought it would be a mistake. Philip wondered why Belle was upset and jealous. Belle responded that it wasn't jealousy, but Philip said it was all right to be jealous. When he asked if she wanted Shawn and Mimi to be happy, an upset, Belle grabbed the bag of recyclables and headed for the door. Unfortunately, she opened the door to find a dressed up Mimi and Shawn leaving their apartment. "Where are you going?" Belle asked. A grumpy Mimi told her they were going to Alice's and they hurriedly left Belle in their wake.

Later, as they were eating, Philip brought up Shawn and Mimi again. Sounding a little angry, Belle insisted that they were not dating but just lonely before she ran off due to morning sickness. When she returned, a giddy Philip told her he just talked to Bonnie who said Shawn and Mimi were having a good time.

At Alice's, Shawn and Mimi felt a little awkward with one another, so Shawn grabbed them a couple of beers. While at the bar, Bonnie told Shawn to ask Mimi to dance, and he admitted he was going to anyway. When he returned, the two began to dance together.

Nearby Jennifer asked Frankie if he was leaving because he felt like he was coming between her and Jack. Frankie insisted he was leaving because of work only and went off to break the news to his brother.

Meanwhile, Chelsea tried to order some beer at the bar before Bonnie intervened. Jennifer spotted Abby with Chelsea at the bar and marched over with a worried Jack in tow. After establishing that they did not lie about going to the movies, Chelsea said they decided to get a drink. Jennifer's eyebrows shot up, just as Bonnie brought over a pitcher of root beer. Abby asked if Chelsea could sleep over since Patrick and Billie were out of town. Jennifer inquired about Chelsea's crush on Max and offended, Abby told her mother to stop being in their business. Chelsea then told Jack and Jen about her driving lessons with Max and Patrick, neither of whom Jack approved of. Jack told the girls they could stay since they had chaperones, and then took Jennifer back on the dance floor.

Frankie told Max he was leaving and when Max pressed him about his love for Jennifer, Frankie admitted he was leaving because of Jennifer so as to avoid ruining her happy home life. Max advised Frankie not to let Jennifer go, and Frankie recommended Max find someone to love and hold on to her. After Max went off to dance with three ladies, he got in a fight with the boyfriend of one of them and they fought. The boyfriend was kicked out and Max continued to dance with the ladies.

Jack sidled up to Frankie on the dance floor and passed Jennifer over to him for a dance before going outside for some air. The two danced for a bit and Jennifer admitted she hated to see Frankie leave. Worried about Jack, Jennifer asked Frankie to go check on him.

Outside, Jack saw the boyfriend from the fight earlier returning with a knife and the two struggled over it. Frankie came outside looking for Jack and found him collapsed on the floor. Surprised, Frankie ran over to check on him just as Jack was coming to. Jack told him about the knife and that it only cut his hand. When Frankie asked why he was on the ground, Jack lied and said he faints at the sight of blood. Since Frankie clearly was not buying it, Jack broke down and told Frankie he was dying. Speechless, Frankie could only stare at Jack as he pleaded with Frankie to marry Jennifer after he dies and become his children's father. Stunned, Frankie said okay.

Back in the bar, Chelsea made up her mind to lose her virginity to Max, despite Abby's protestations. After Max's three dates refused to all go home with him together, he was left alone and Chelsea pounced, whispering in his ear.

Over in the DiMera compound, Billie found a flashlight on the ground but could not find Bo or Patrick. As she called out to them, someone grabbed her from behind.

Patrick told Tony he would prove his loyalty with a gift. Some henchmen brought in an unconscious Bo while Hope struggled against Bart to get to her husband. Hope broke free just as Bo came two and swore Tony and Patrick would both die for what they had done. Tony told the group to prepare for hell on earth and the revenge he prepared for each of the Brady and Horton families. In particular, his remote control influence over Marlena. Patrick asked for a job and Tony told him he must prove himself as a foot soldier and tell him whether anyone else had come along on the rescue mission. Before Patrick could answer, Bart dragged in a screaming Billie who was disgusted that she ever let Patrick touch her. Next, Tony brought in Caroline and Victor to reunite with Bo. When Caroline begged for the life of Bo and Hope in exchange for her own, Tony laughed and pulled out a gun with a single bullet. Grinning, Tony informed them that in order to destroy the two families, he would destroy the marriage that joined a Horton with a Brady, Bo and Hope. He gave the two the choice of who would die quickly by the bullet and who would suffer the torture of watching their spouse die. When no one spoke up, Tony said he would decide for them and pointed the gun at Hope. Bo stepped in front of Hope. Not quite ready to give up his control, Tony ordered Bart to take them to their cells. Bart began to comply, but Billie demanded to know where Georgia was. Tony snickered as he got close to Billie's face and told her how satisfying it was to know that Billie traveled the world looking for Georgia but never looked in Salem. Shocked, Billie asked who it was and Tony responded, "It is a familiar name to all."

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Outside Alice's, Jack tries to enlist Frankie to help him, to be there for Jennifer after Jack is dead. Frankie is unsure but Jack makes a convincing case. Jack particularly wants Frankie to protect Jennifer from Patrick Lockhart. Jack keeps pressing Frankie for an answer. Frankie has warm memories of his relationship with Jennifer but tells Jack he's sorry, but he just doesn't know if he can do that.

Chelsea is determined to lose her virginity to Max Brady. Abby is appalled and does everything she can to stop Chelsea. Chelsea is forced to leave with Abby, but whispers to Max to meet her later at the empty Lockhart house.

Tony taunts Bo, Billie, Hope, Victor and Caroline without revealing Georgia's real identity. A distant explosion goes off. Billie is furious because it stops Tony from telling them the truth about Georgia. More explosions go off and Bo and Hope overpower the guards. Tony and Bart flee and Patrick takes off after them. Billie goes after them, followed by Bo, after he's gotten out of his handcuffs. Hope, Victor, Caroline wait, tense and worried. Billie returns having captured Tony but Bart has gotten away. Bo then appears with Patrick.

Shawn and Mimi are together at Alice's. At first, they can't help thinking about Rex and Belle, but convince themselves to try to have some fun and cheer up. Philip tells Belle he's thrilled Shawn and Mimi may get together. Belle thinks it will never happen. They're both on the rebound and that never bodes well for a real relationship. They go to Alice's and Mimi cozies up to Shawn after she sees how upsetting it is for Belle to see them together. After Mimi gives Shawn a quick kiss on the cheek, the two former friends, Belle and Mimi, share a tense look.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Jack goes downstairs to set the coffee maker. When he sees the home movies videotape, he flashes back to showing it to Frankie and Jennifer. He will ensure Frankie stays in town for her. Popcorn made, he follows Frankie outside to discuss his wife's future. Innocent Jennifer believes people are good, but Jack and Frankie are wise to Patrick. Plus, Frankie still has feelings for Jennifer. Frankie likes the children, but can't replace Jack, the love of Jennifer's life. Jack changes tactic. Will Frankie promise to just give it a chance? Frankie agrees.

Max lies that he's taken Frankie's advice to take it "slow and gentle" with Chelsea. He doesn't get why Jennifer is with total loser Jack. Frankie describes Jack as eccentric, but decent. Max chides that Jack won't return the compliment to a wife-stealer. He leaves to meet Chelsea. Abby thanks Chelsea for the ride home and apologizes for ruining her plans with Max. First-time sex should be special, with someone you love. Chelsea will be glad she waited. Unlike Abby, Chelsea is ready. She starts to leave, but Jack stops her. Adult Chelsea must adhere to the Deveraux curfew. Jennifer is bathing baby Jack. Abby agrees to one episode of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" in exchange for kettle corn. Max is passing by, so Chelsea leaves with him. At the Lockharts', Chelsea reminds Max they're alone. He strips down for a swim. Chelsea is apprehensive. Alone, Abby watches Hitchcock and worries about Chelsea. Chelsea flashes back to Abby telling her not to use her virginity to thank Max for covering for her with the cop. Chelsea dismisses her worry and makes out with Max. He unzips her halter top; her cell phone drops along with her skirt. Abby calls, but her friends are now in the pool. Chelsea asks Max to please make love to her. Abby overhears panting and shouts her Chelsea's name, to no avail. The phone disconnects.

Marlena is pleasantly surprised by the lovely cabin. She thought they'd be roughing it. She instantly feels at ease, as if she's always known Alex. She hugs him by way of thanks and he says she's very welcome. John enters and raises an eyebrow at them. Alex takes the bags up to the only bedroom. He'll be sleeping on the comfortable couch. John gives Marlena a gift wrapped photo album she assembled. He thanks her for letting him fly them there. Marlena acknowledges the awkwardness, but how close could they be if Roman impregnated her? John explains how it's Tony DiMera's fault. Marlena recognizes the name. Alex is listening from the staircase. Marlena senses she has very strong principles. She's sorry if it hurts John, but she could only make love willingly. John can't accept it. Alex interrupts; John must leave. John gives Marlena his cell phone number. Outside, he asks Alex for an unethical "favor." Not to fear: Alex has every intention of making sure Marlena ends up with the right man. They shake on it. Marlena turns on the stereo, sparking Alex's memory of their bed!

Sami tosses and turns during a nightmare in which Lucas reams her for masquerading as Stan. In reality, Lucas has been working at the computer; he may have a way to find Stan. Sami is flabbergasted. Lucas is using his (former) DiMera employee high-level clearance. He's almost done hacking when Sami unplugs his notebook. She lies that she's afraid Tony will kill them. Lucas wants vigilante justice for Stan. As Lucas is obsessed, Sami doubts their future together. She's right; Lucas will concentrate on their wedding. She suggests they practice dancing for their reception, and turns on the radio. They dance and make out. The deejay interrupts to report the capture of Count Antony DiMera. He will face charges in Salem. Sami panics, but Lucas is excited - Tony must reveal Stan's whereabouts.

Bo binds and gags Patrick, but Billie can prove he saved them all. Patrick warned her via PDA that he rigged Tony's boat with explosives and knocked out Bo. It was their way into the compound. He acted alone because they wouldn't have cooperated. Hope pulls the bandanna out of Patrick's mouth. He confirms Billie's story. Bo whips out a switchblade. He wants confirmation from Tony, who's handcuffed to the next armchair. Tony laughs. Patrick told him all about Bo and Hope's sailing search. When Patrick confesses, Billie powerfully slaps his face. How could he? She trusted him! He claims he was a double agent. He knew Tony planned to kill either Bo or Hope. Bo doesn't buy it. Billie worries that Bo agrees with Tony, but is glad Hope agrees with her for once. Hope even thanks Patrick. Billie demands to know Georgia's alias, then threatens to cure Tony's "laryngitis" by shooting him to death. She appeals to his vanity. Tony directs her to his computer database. Against counsel, Billie types in the password: CG9135B. This launches a file uplink via satellite to a secure mainframe. Simultaneously, the files are deleted from Tony's hard drive. Once finished, the computer will self-destruct. Billie fires! Tony is unharmed, but Bo disarms Billie. No data means they need Patrick alive. Hope releases Patrick even though Bo wants him held for the ISA. The couple has a tender reunion. Billie leaves with two male agents and Tony. She will press him for details on Georgia. Caroline and Victor are relived to be free and headed home. Hope asks Bo whether the DiMera reign is really over. Bo can't say they're safe now. There's always someone to replace the DiMeras of the world.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Chelsea and Max get hot and heavy and Chelsea asks him to make love to her. Chelsea tells Max to stop because he doesn't have protection so Max goes to get a condom. Outside the pool Max remembers his discussion about taking it slow with Chelsea but decides to forget about it. After Max gets into the pool Chelsea asks if they can go outside because she is cold prompting Max to ask if she really wants to go through with it. Chelsea tries to assure Max that she wants to but she is cold and would be more comfortable inside. The two head of inside. Billie and Patrick arrive at home and find the condom wrapper in the grass as Chelsea and Max are in bed. Patrick and Billie walk in and find Max and Chelsea making love.

Belle and Philip return home and discuss Shawn and Mimi making Belle upset. Belle tries to insists she don't see them getting together because they are friends but Philip tells her that is the way that they started out and they are married and starting family.

Mimi and Shawn return home and discuss their lost loves. Mimi tells Shawn there is a lot of women out there that would love to date him and when he asks who she replies she would. Mimi explains that she would go out with him as a friend but says they will help each other get over their losses by not sitting around moping. She continues on to tell Shawn that she wants him to hear a song and when she plays it Shawn tells her that he loves that band too and they turn the music up. Afterward, Shawn spills his beer on his shirt.

Meanwhile, Belle and Philip hear the loud music and Belle gets mad and tells Philip that she is going to tell them to turn it down. Belle knocks on the door and a shirtless Shawn answers. It is awkward between the two and Shawn explains he spilled his beer and Mimi is washing it out of his shirt when Belle gives him a look. Belle walks in and turns off the music. Shawn tells her that he wanted to talk to her. When Belle says not to try to change her mind about staying with Philip, Shawn replies that he was not going to and that he does not like her decision but he respects it. He continues on to say that they can come out of this as friends. Mimi soon returns to realize that they have company. Belle explains that the music was too loud and she came over for that. Shawn decides to go get his shirt and Belle states that she is leaving. Mimi asks Belle why she was really there and if she was there to check up on her and Shawn. At home, Philip daydreams of being with Belle, smells her scarf, and wishes he could make love to her tonight. Mimi and Belle have a disagreement and Mimi accuses her of spying. Belle denies it but asks what is going on between the two when Mimi tells her what they do is none of her business. Mimi explains they are friends and can comfort each other. Belle replies that she is happy about that and Mimi says Belle has Philip. Mimi continues on to tell Belle that Shawn is a big boy and will get over her and shuts the door in her face. Shawn soon comes out and learns Belle left.

Mimi tells Shawn that she doesn't think that they should let Belle ruin their fun and mentions taking the cd into his room so the noise wouldn't bother anyone. Shawn thinks that is a good idea and goes to grab some more beers. Shawn turns down the lights to listen to the music and hey both kick back on his bed. He says that he is glad that nobody can bother them. They both admit to thinking about their lost loves but are happy that they are not entirely alone. Shawn makes Mimi laugh when he says what really is sad is that he has to pay Rex's share of the rent. Shawn tells Mimi that he can make her laugh again and begins to tickle her. Shawn ends up on top of Mimi and they start to kiss.

Meanwhile, Belle is in the hallway and is rattled at the thought of Mimi and Shawn together. She talks to herself and tries to convince herself that she is with Philip and Shawn can be with anyone he wants. Soon she returns home and finds Philip's wheelchair knocked over. Belle goes up the stairs to find candles lit and Philip waiting in bed for her. Philip tells Belle he was determined to be with his wife and that he needs her. They begin to kiss.

Nicole tries to transfer money via computer to make her departure in style but Brady catches her and closes her laptop. Brady questions her and Nicole admits to trying to take the money but defends herself by saying she earned it, that she is his grandfather's widow and heir. Nicole tries to get sympathy from Brady by saying that the reason she was taking the money is to go away and take care of her broken heart. Brady and Nicole start to argue over her lying to him but she tells him that she only kept the truth away from him because Chloe asked her to. Nicole makes a tearful plea to Brady that he must feel something for her because of how he treated her when they were together. Nicole leans into Brady and kisses him. Later Nicole tells Brady she would bet that Victor is dead but is shocked when he walks in. Brady and Victor embrace.

Bo and Hope leave messages for family and friends to meet at Brady's pub. Celeste has vibes about evil returning to Salem. Bo and Hope bring Tony back to Salem and run into a worried Sami outside the Brady Pub. Sami asks why Tony is there and Bo and Hope explain that he was transferred there to face the charges. Tony tells Sami everyone will learn that he had lots of help. Bo and Hope then escort Tony inside the Pub.

Inside the pub everyone is shocked to see Tony, where he announces the phoenix has risen again. John confronts Tony and attacks him causing the police to pull John off. Tony laughs at John because Marlena cheated on him with Roman. Abe confronts Tony and Tony tells Abe that his sister is a little too young to be tied down to him and that he is a burden. Lexie is upset by Tony's remark and slaps him asking to speak with her brother alone. Lexie tells Tony that he is worse than Stefano because Stefano never turned his back on his family. She continues on to say that he can burn in hell. Next, Lucas confronts Tony and demands to know where Stan is and Tony tells him to ask Sami that question. Bo tells Shawn (pop) and Roman that he has a surprise for them and Caroline and Victor enter the room. The family has a tearful reunion. John shakes Victor's hand and tells him it hasn't been the same without him and Victor says Nicole won't be as happy to see him. Kate also welcomes Victor home and tells him about Philip being wounded in combat and that he is married to Belle. Victor pledges to Kate that he will get even with Tony after she tells him of Tony capturing and torturing Philip.

Lucas demands to know why he should talk to Sami but Tony tells him that both Stan and Sami are gifted in the art of manipulation almost like they are the same people. Lucas tells him that he is tired of the games and wants to know where Stan is. Tony asks Sami what she thinks but before anymore can be said Roman tells Tony it is time to go. After Tony leaves Lucas asks Sami what Tony meant and she tells him that he was just playing more head games. Kate looks on and notices Sami being shook up by Tony and wants to know why.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Shawn and Mimi stop kissing confused about how they feel. They discuss their lost loves yet again and Mimi says she can't forgive Belle. She continues on to say that she has nobody to count on now because she lost both Rex and Belle at the same time. Shawn tells her that she can count on him. They talk about the fact they said they would not talk about Belle and Mimi says that she knows why the subject of Belle keeps coming up. She begins to say that Belle is the reason they are friends. As she starts on about High School Shawn interrupts but she continues. She confesses to being hung up on him before Rex but says that he did not give her a second thought. Shawn admits that he never really thought of her that way but she was and is a beautiful girl. He says that he never thought about it because of Belle. They both let each other know that they don't know if they can ever open up their hearts to anyone else again so they don't lead each other on. They are happy to have each other as friends to help get over it. Shawn and Mimi hug when she says that she lost Rex and Belle and she don't know what she would do if she lost him too. Shawn tells her that he feels the same way. Both start to argue about Belle but Shawn says that they need to move on. Suddenly they start to hear Philip and Belle Making love through the vent. Mimi offers Shawn support.

Billie yells and interrupts Max and Chelsea just before they make love. Chelsea is upset and tells Billie that she wants nothing to do with her ever. Chelsea argues with Billie and says that she is not her mother. Chelsea says that she hopes that she never finds Georgia so she won't ruin Georgia's life the way she did her's. Chelsea tells Billie if she wants to help her daughter then she should stop searching for her. The things that Chelsea said gets Billie upset and she leaves the room. Patrick threatens Max and tells him to get dressed and leave. Alone, Chelsea said the only good thing that came out of this is that Patrick is jealous but Max tells her that Patrick wants nothing to do with her and that the only woman he wants is Billie. Chelsea and Max argue and Max says that Billie was right and so was his brother and they shouldn't be doing this. Chelsea bad mouths Billie and Max sticks up for her. Chelsea starts to kiss Max again and asks him to make love to her. The two start to make out again but Max stops it and says that they should wait as he thinks back on his brother's words. Max tells her that he wants to take the time to know her but Chelsea rejects him and tells him that she is saving love for Patrick.

Patrick finds Billie by the pool crying. He tries to offer her support. Billie doesn't understand how a kid she is just helping out can cause her so much pain but Patrick points out that Billie is thinking of Chelsea as her daughter when she accidentally calls Chelsea Georgia. Billie question herself as a mother and wonders if she is a horrible mother and if she is responsible for ruining her daughter's life. Patrick tries to offer Billie support and then thinks there maybe another reason Billie is feeling maternal towards Chelsea. Patrick asks what if Chelsea is really Georgia.

Victor and Brady embrace. Victor confronts Nicole and says that he has waited for this moment a long time and now she will get what she deserves. Nicole tries to leave but Victor stops her. Victors says that he had hard evidence that Nicole was a murderer in his safe. Nicole says the evidence was bogus besides Colin was found alive on the island. Brady comments that he wished he could see the evidence and Nicole lets it slip that Jan Spears stole it. Victor comments that Jan was her accomplice and Brady realizes that when Nicole handcuffed herself to him it was all to establish an alibi. It comes out that Jan was the one that tried to electrocute Victor and that Nicole put her up to it. Brady is very disgusted by Nicole and tells her that he thought keeping the truth about Chloe was bad but this is an all new low. Victor grabs Nicole's neck and begins to choke her. Brady stops him and tells him that she is not worth going to jail for. He continues on to ask Nicole why she did it and if it was to end her marriage so she can be with him but Nicole denies it and says that she couldn't stand being with Victor anymore. Brady apologizes to Victor that he would never have slept with Nicole if he knew that he was still alive. Brady tells Victor about catching Nicole trying to transfer 20 million dollars to a numbered account in the Cayman Islands but he stopped her. Victor thanks him for stopping her and says that he is a witness and now she will get what she deserves. Victor kicks Nicole out of the house and tells her she can pick her clothes out of the dumpster tomorrow morning. When she pleads that she has no money and no where to go, Victor says that he don't give a damn. Brady pushes Nicole out the door. When she pleads with him he tells her to leave and he never wants to see her again. Nicole stand out and pledges to get back at Victor and everyone else.

Alex prepared a romantic dinner for Marlena. Marlena realizes that they are all her favorite foods and that she had not had them in years. She asks Alex if the treatment is working and if she I getting her memory back. Alex asks her how much she remembers and Marlena says that she does not remember John or her family just the food. She asked how he knew to make the food for her and Alex has old memories of him and Marlena together. She questions him if they shared a past that she doesn't remember. Alex explains that he did thorough research on her. Alex lights a fire and turns on soft music when Marlena starts to get cold. She thinks it's cozy. Alex sits down and says "doc" to Marlena and she catches it realizing that Roman and John both called her that. He said he called her that to help break down the barriers. Looking at Alex, Marlena has an old memory of his face and it shakes her up. She goes to stand by the fire and asks why she remembers him and nobody else. Alex responds that it is how it should be. He explains that all of this is a sign that the therapy is working and she is transferring him into the memories. Just when they are about to go to bed and blow out candles Marlena has another memory of making love to someone who looks like Alex.

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