One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 15, 2005 on OLTL

Spencer saved Todd's life and covered for him with Blair. Nash searched for Tess. Jessica promised to tell Viki about her disorder once Natalie was safely home. John rescued Natalie. Kevin blamed Kelly for leaking news about the family business. Hugh offered a shoulder to Marcie. Tess happily told Jessica she had a secret.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 15, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, August 15, 2005

Nash comes home to an empty apartment and is very distraught that Tess is not there. He starts to tear the apartment apart and decides to have a drink. He says aloud that they could have had everything they were dreaming about and how well things were going. He starts packing her stuff and reminiscing of their times together. While packing her stuff he checks the message from his friend suggesting they go out together and that he bring Tess. He mentions that he shouldn't let a girl that makes him so happy go. After hearing the message he worries that something may have happened to her and calls the local hospitals but finds no evidence of anyone fitting her description. He then remembers the night at the restaurant when he punched Todd and decides to prod for more information. He calls the restaurant and asks for the name of the arresting officer.

Jessica meanwhile is talking to Antonio who is trying to grasp the concept of Tess' habits. He's trying to process the fact that Tess was Jess and slept with other men. He asks how many but Jessica does not know because it's all blacked out. She insists she cannot sleep with Antonio because she's afraid Tess may have contracted a disease during her escapades. Jessica becomes upset at the thought of hurting Antonio. He assures her that he loves her and that they can make it through this issue. He wonders why she couldn't tell him about her DID any earlier and she admits that she was afraid of what my happen to him if she told him about Tess. This causes Antonio to wonder more about Tess' origins. He figures that if Tess wants to hurt him and since she's a part of Jessica that a part of Jessica wants to hurt him as well. Jessica insists that she does not want to hurt him. She compares Tess to Niki and that she sleeps with man to assert her independence. Antonio decides that the best way to help Jessica is to help her love again. The two find themselves in bed and start talking again about Tess' origins. Antonio wonders if his affair with Sonja had anything to do with Tess' emergence. Jessica doesn't think that the affair spurred her condition and thinks it may have all started around the time Megan died. Antonio suggests that Jessica return to New York to try to learn more about Tess. Jessica is reluctant but agrees to go even though it means going alone. She gets up to get a sandwich and in the middle of preparing sandwiches she finds the article with Antonio and Layla on it. When she gets ready to ask Antonio about it Layla bursts in and is upset about Antonio leaving her in Manhattan. She mentions she'll forgive him and that she needs her bra before realizing that Jessica is in the room.

Spencer is walking near the hospital when he comes across a nearly dead Todd. He asks what happened to him and Todd tells him that Margaret stabbed him. Spencer asks who Margaret is and Todd says he couldn't kill her because she is pregnant with his baby. Spencer carries him into the hospital and when the attending offers to help he tells her that he's his private patient and that he'll handle Todd. He steps aside for a moment to call David to tell him he'll miss the fitting and has him tell Blair that she needs to get to the hospital because something's happened to Todd. After assessing Todd's wounds she informs Spencer that Todd needs a blood transfusion and that they are currently out of O- but are getting some from the blood bank. Dr. Truman declines and insists he is the same blood type and will donate the blood. Blair arrives shortly after he donates the blood and wants to know what's happened to Todd. Spencer tells her that he was stabbed but does not tell her any of the details divulged by Todd. He informs her that she should talk to Todd about what happened.

At the Palace Dorian, David, and Blair are going over seating arrangements. Dorian brings up Spencer and his being in the wedding when David insists that Spencer is still up to no good. He then heads off to call Spencer to tell him he'll have to miss the tux fitting when Spencer tells him he'll have to miss the fitting as well. He asks if David's seen Blair, and David admits she's having dinner with him and Dorian. Spencer has him tell her to get to the hospital because something has happened to Todd. While David is on the phone with Spencer Blair is stuck talking to Dorian. She tells Dorian that she thinks she only wants Spencer in the wedding because she wants to know about his and David's past. Dorian then brings up the issue of Todd's rape and insists that she thinks they hear Margaret's side of the story. Blair starts getting upset with Dorian when David arrives with the bad news about Todd.

Kevin is on the phone when he learns that the merger has fallen through because of a leak. When Kelly walks up he asks what she's messed up now. She doesn't know what he's talking about, and Kevin informs her of the leak that caused the merger to fall through. She insists she had nothing to do with it. She decides not to try to argue because he'll just think she is lying. He eventually asks her to have a drink with him and she obliges. She asks why he would think that she'd try to sabotage the deal and he thinks it is revenge. He rehashes their tainted history and she reminds him that his form of revenge was sleeping with Blair. She wonders why she ever thought they could work things out and offers her resignation from BE. Kevin tells her he doesn't want her to do that. After having heard enough she walks out. David oversees some of what's happened and feels bad because he supplied Spencer with the information that was leaked and has caused Kelly so much hurt.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Layla interrupts Antonio and Jessica to blast Antonio for leaving her in New York. She calms down when she spots Jessica, and reassures her that Antonio couldn't stop talking about her in her absence. Jessica covers for herself when Layla brings up the job interview at the fashion design firm. After Layla excuses herself, Jessica bursts into tears and tells Antonio that he had the right to sleep with whomever he chose after all the men that Tess slept with. Antonio reminds her that she is not Tess, and that she's not responsible for what Tess does. He suggests talking to Viki, and Jessica finally realizes that this could be her last hope. However, Antonio says that now is not the time to have the discussion with her mother. Jessica is confused, but he fills her in on Natalie's kidnapping. The two of them race over to Llanfair.

Viki has learned that there is a lead on Natalie, and she orders Kevin to call her as soon as he hears anything. Evangeline shows up at Llanfair to fill Viki in on her hypnotism and the information that resulted. Viki is extremely grateful, and she tells Evangeline that it means a lot, especially in light of the fact that she and Natalie are in love with the same man. Evangeline assures Viki that she and John had problems far bigger than Natalie, and the two women share a laugh as they think about Nat's head strong qualities. Jessica and Antonio show up, and Viki is absolutely relieved to be reunited with one of her daughters. Jessica tells her mother that she simply had to get away for a while to be by herself. Viki takes her return as a sign that they are going to find Natalie.

Meanwhile, Rex sneaks into Nick Messina's room at the hospital, but Officer Davis stops him. Rex asks Davis for two minutes alone with Messina, and reminds Davis how much Natalie means to him and the other officers. Alone with Nick, Rex threatens him into spilling what little he knows. He does come up with one clue: Hayes tracked red mud into the theater after he kidnapped Rex and Marcie. Rex hops on the phone to John, who is overseeing a task force on Llantano Mountain. As Bo and the officers comb the mountain, Rex informs John to look for an area covered with red clay or mud. John asks one of the veteran task force members if there is such a place, and the guy directs him to an area known as Red Rock. John races there and discovers the mine shaft in which Natalie is trapped.

During this time, Natalie has gone unconscious and dreamed that John and Evangeline are getting married. In the dream, John acts as though he would have married Natalie if she had only survived her kidnapping ordeal. The dream causes Natalie to regain consciousness and fight to get out alive. She takes the rod that she found in the puddle and begins to carve out foot holds from the bricks in the wall of the mine shaft. She musters her strength and starts climbing to the top, but is dismayed to find that the grate covering the shaft is sealed with a pad lock. She falls all the way down into the wet bottom just as John arrives at the shaft. He stares through the grate and sees Natalie, but at that very moment the shaft collapses inward, burying Natalie under several feet of dirt and rock!

Blair races into Todd's hospital room and demands to know what happened. She is convinced that Asa tried to kill Todd, but he denies it. Spencer observes the couple as Todd makes up a story about stabbing himself while trying to fix a flat tire. Blair falls for the story, and leaves to call the kids and tell them that their father is all right. Spencer says that Todd's lies were very convincing, and Todd wants to know why the doctor thinks he is lying. Spencer informs Todd that while he was slipping in and out of consciousness, he told the doctor that a woman named Margaret stabbed him. Todd realizes that Spencer has a hold over him, and he orders the doctor to keep the information secret from Blair. Spencer wants to know why he should agree to this, and Todd explains that Blair will go crazy if she learns that Margaret is back in town. Spencer agrees to keep the secret, and Blair returns to Todd's room in time to see her husband cracking jokes. What Todd doesn't know is that he also let it slip to Spencer that Margaret is pregnant with his child! What will Dr. Truman do now that he knows all of Manning's secrets?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

John watches in horror as a cave-in suddenly buries Natalie under a mound of rocks and dirt. Back at the precinct house, Evangeline admits to Nora how difficult it's been watching John fret over another woman. Marcie comes to Nick's hospital room and bitterly berates him for knuckling under to Hayes like the craven coward he is. Dorian offers a grateful Viki her sincere hopes for a happy outcome in the saga of her missing daughter. At the site of the cave-in, Bo coaxes a devastated John over to the sidelines in order to allow the rescue workers to do their job. Layla tells Adriana why she's moved out of Antonio's loft and back in with her sister. A gloomy Kevin confides to Duke how he blew it with Kelly. Nick decides to turn states evidence to help Bo and his officers locate the serial killer's last victim. Evangeline knocks a reporter cold when he gloats about getting the first photos of Natalie---dead or alive. Adriana gives Layla the 411 on how Jessica wed Tico while still in love with her new spouse's brother. Hugh once again lends a sympathetic shoulder to an emotional Marcie.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

At the hospital, Blair overhears Todd telling Spencer that she must not learn the truth about how he got stabbed, but Todd covers for his remarks by telling her that some on the hospital staff believe he should not be discharged until the morning. Spencer backs his story and assures Blair that Todd has recovered sufficiently to leave then smiles to himself that he had fallen into a position giving him information that Todd wants kept secret. Later, Spencer does a computer search and reviews newspaper archives about Todd and Blair's ordeal with Margaret and determines how far along in her pregnancy Margaret should be.

Meanwhile, an anxious family waits at Viki's to hear whether Natalie, who has been found, is alive. While they wait, Jessica tells Antonio that she does not believe Tess will appear that night because she avoids family trauma. Antonio then feels safe to leave Jessica with her family while he goes to confront Todd. At the Sun office, Antonio tells Todd, who seems somewhat distracted, that he wants Todd to back off and allow Antonio to protect Jessica. Todd tells Antonio that Tess tends to appear when Jessica is with Antonio, but after Todd receives a mysterious call, he gives Antonio his file on Jessica and leaves.

Across town at the Palace bar, Nash is also thinking about Tess and asking people if they know anyone who matches her description. She overhears Blair and Dorian discussing Todd and discovers that he is at the Sun office. After he leaves, Dorian tells Blair that Todd's story of being stabbed by sheers while fixing a flat tire seems suspicious, but Blair insists that Todd no longer lies to her. Soon, Nash arrives at the Sun office and sees Antonio, whom he doesn't know, and asks for help.

Alone in her room, Margaret tells her unborn child that she was sorry she had stabbed its father, but they would need to be patient while Todd came to his senses about how he should spend his life. But she is struck with the inspiration that she might be able to get someone else to care for them in the meantime.

Roxy joins the family at Viki's in time to hear Viki receive a call about their daughter. The two women and Jessica leave together, and Kevin and Kelly are left alone. Kelly tells Kevin that she hadn't meant what she said about regretting leaving Spencer for him, but he says that it is clear they can't get past their problems. An upset Kelly calls and arranges to meet Spencer at the Palace bar, and after she leaves, Kevin receives a call from Clint and tells him that it would be helpful to the whole family if he returned to Llanview for awhile.

Jessica meets briefly with Dr. Jamison and tells him that Tess had been living in New York for a month. Dr. Jamison tells her that her family's support will be important as she works to integrate the personalities, which will require that she learn why Tess was invented. Jessica expresses her fear in allowing Tess to come out even in therapeutic situations because the double had established her own life and might be strong enough to stay surfaced permanently.

Evangeline and Rex watch tensely as the police gather around the pit where Natalie has been kept. Although they fear another cave-in. John insists on being lowered into the pit, where he kisses the hand of an unconscious Natalie and tells her she will be fine. Tense with the anticipation of further cave-ins, police lower a backboard to retrieve Natalie, and after carefully raising her to the surface, they watch anxiously as John is also brought up from the pit. Evangeline and Rex watch as John rides off with Natalie in the ambulance. They follow with Bo, and at the hospital, Michael takes charge of Natalie's care. Later he hears John thank Evangeline for her role in saving Natalie, and after John has gone into Natalie's room, tells Evangeline that she had saved Natalie. Evangeline replies that John had saved Natalie through the force of sheer will. Viki and Roxy arrive in time to learn that Natalie's fluid deprivation had caused her blood pressure to be lowered and there is a danger of seizures and brain damage. Evangeline watches with mixed emotions as Natalie slowly regains consciousness and finds John sitting at her side, stroking her hair.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Natalie's loved ones wait at the hospital for Michael to give them news on her health. When he emerges from Nat's room, it's to tell them that she is going to be fine. One by one, the relatives go in to visit the newly returned Ms. Vega. Viki tearfully tells Natalie that she never gave up on her. Bo informs his niece that Matthew is going to be thrilled to have her back safe and sound. Roxy and Rex reaffirm their bond with the woman they love as though she was their own flesh and blood. The two of them then head off to the hospital chapel, where Rex tells Roxy he loves her. She can't remember ever hearing those words from him before and is very touched. Meanwhile, Michael informs Natalie that Evangeline played just as big a role in saving her life as John did. Nat requests that Van come in to see her, and the two women agree to a cease fire over John. Evangeline tells Natalie that John is no longer a part of her life, but when Natalie asks her if she's sure about that, Van cannot confirm. Van leaves the hospital, and John finally goes in to see Natalie. She grabs his hand and tells him that he gave her the will to survive when she was in the pit.

As John and Natalie bond in the hospital, somebody in Statesville Prison reads the headlines about Nat's rescue. Taped up inside his prison cell is a portrait of Natalie on her wedding day.

Jessica keeps suffering from blinding headaches as Tess tries to come out in the hospital. She runs into Dr. Jamison and tells him that they have to set up an appointment immediately, during which she and Antonio will finally tell Viki the truth about her DID. Kevin also runs into Jess as she fights off Tess, but he thinks his sister is just suffering from a stress headache. Finally, Jessica takes off through the park, where Tess continues to fight for control. Tess taunts Jessica with the fact that she has another secret concerning her time in New York City.

Nash and Antonio run into each other for the first time in the offices of "The Sun," where Nash is trying to track down information about Todd. He is about to tell Antonio the name of his girlfriend, when Antonio receives a phone call from Jessica. He leaves without getting any more information from Nash, but accidentally leaves behind a photograph of Jessica and Todd, which Nash promptly finds. Nash is convinced that Todd has somehow caused harm to Tess, and he takes off to track down his girlfriend. Walking through the park, he stumbles upon Jessica kneeling on the ground, grabbing her head in pain.

Antonio and Viki arrive back at Llanfair, and Viki asks Antonio if he knows what Jessica wants to talk to her about. He says that it will be better if Jessica tells Viki herself and that she should be there at any minute.

At the Palace, Paige runs into David. She informs him that Spencer has recommended her for the position of Chief of Staff at the hospital, but that she will be forever in his debt if she accepts. The two of them commiserate over the manner in which Spencer has ruined their lives since coming to Llanview. They also observe Kelly and Spencer at a nearby table, where Kelly is in the process of breaking things off with Spencer. Spencer knows that Kelly is still in love with Kevin, but he seems unaffected by Ms. Cramer calling things off between them. As Spencer leaves the Palace, Paige lays into him about the Chief of Staff position. Spencer warns her not to make him angry. Paige takes off for Bo's apartment, leaving the brothers alone. David wants to know why Spencer doesn't seem to care that Kelly just broke up with him.

Kevin arrives at the Palace in time for Renee to direct him towards a solo Kelly. Kelly tells him that she just broke up with Spencer, and Kevin is confused. "Kevin," Kelly says, "sometimes you can be such an idiot. I broke up with Spencer because I'm still in love with you."

Bo and Paige enjoy a romantic moment, but Matthew walks in on them and asks if Paige is planning to move in. Bo says that she is not going to, but Matthew says that he is cool with Paige because she is not keeping bad stuff from them like Daniel Colson did. Paige walks into the corner while Bo and Matthew talk, a guilt-ridden look on her face.

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