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Ridge's character has taken a turn around the bend. If he was scum before, he is unredeemable now. Rape is rape. Sugar-coating this story is just plain insulting to viewers.

I really thought I had seen it all before last week's episodes aired. I thought I had suffered through the worst a soap writer had to offer, and while there has been plenty I have applauded over the years, what I saw last week really took the proverbial cake. And then some.

Watching Brooke feel as though she had to apologize for being sexually assaulted was painful enough and, in so many ways, thoroughly demeaning to her character and to all women who have suffered through a trauma like this at the hands of someone they thought they could trust. But to add insult to injury we saw the writers bring Brooke to the newest low of actually telling Ridge she forgave him. What? Did I miss something? In one scene she is clearly distraught and shaken by the notion that Ridge did not take NO for an answer and then we see her all teary eyed and forgiving. Could this be the writers feeble attempt to show the stages of trauma a victim goes through? Or is this just another way to appease 'Bridge' fans who I'm sure voiced their outrage at the impending Nick-Brooke relationship loud enough that we had to water this nonsense down and chalk it up to a 'misunderstanding'. Yeah, right. I heard it. Everyone heard it. She said no. Period. Ridge is not blind and should have seen all was not right with his ex. Misunderstanding? Hmmm...interesting choice of words. Then, according to that smoke-screen, 'Bridge' fans should then put the foundry incident into the same category, huh? I see it the way it really was consensual when Brooke was lucid and NOT on mind-altering pills and one was the opposite. He heard the word 'No' and he did not care. Even the momentarily sober Taylor could see that. Ridge's character has taken a turn around the bend for me that I can't quite get over. If he was scum before, he is unredeemable now. Rape is rape. Sugar-coating this story is just plain insulting to viewers.

His speech at the cabin really shows what his true intentions were. Sure, he told Taylor how 'bad' he felt but when push literally came to shove with Nick, he said it plain as day...'Brooke loves sex and no one satisfies her more than me'. Not too full of ourselves now, huh? Those that look at Ridge like some kind of saint should think carefully about that piece of dialogue. Make you wonder that if he DID put 2 and 2 together that night that he likely would have forced himself on her either way according to his own attitude about her. I'm sorry but I did not hear too much 'guilt' in his dialogue last week, just the sleazy 'win at all costs' attitude that is fast becoming his trademark these days. He doesn't love Brooke. He wants to make sure no one ELSE can love Brooke. I'm surprised that our resident shrink did not say that while she was poking around in her ex-husband's business. Surely she could see what is really going on between these two.

Speaking of Taylor, what was she hoping to gain by seeing Brooke after the rape revelation? This gloating thing doesn't become her at all. Actually, I think she is becoming a rather sad character these days. All we see is her boozing and getting up in people's business for no other reason than to stir the pot. Stephen said it right when he told her she should be glad to be rid of Ridge. Amen! He thinks with his 'lower brain' way too much and has all the integrity of a cheap hooker on Saturday night. Taylor should start spending more time with LA's fire-fightin' finest and forget about Ridge once and for all. Why is she waiting? I saw a little spark there (forgive the pun) and it's a much better prospect than waiting for Nick to become available if that's what she's really thinking. I saw nothing between those, nada, zilch. They go together like caviar and beer nuts.

I had a bit of an epiphany while thinking up the angle for this week's Scoops. As my header above makes reference of, it makes me sad to see that women on this show have, over time, become increasingly dumbed down and portrayed as needy, uninteresting, half-crazed, manipulative sex objects with little or no value as people. Brooke has been the most abused character on this show without a doubt. Sex with every man on the cast, obsessed with married men, a poor excuse for a mother (in her formative years...I believe she has been portrayed as a better mother lately), etc. She can never be happy for more than a couple of shows and gets trampled on some more all over again. Taylor keeps incredulously coming back from the dead and with each return loses more brain cells along the way. She is still focused on a man that clearly never loved her the way she thought or deserved to be loved. And just so we can hasten her descent into the gutter, she now has developed a nasty little drinking habit. Bridget's become a psychotic baby-focused little snit who, since her originating actress' departure, has been heading full-steam into the toilet. We have her chronically chasing after her mother's leftovers and now trying to steal her sister's baby right out from under her newly resurrected nose for no more reason other than to help her deal with her own issues of loss. Again, no sense. Jackie and Stephanie, who I personally like watching onscreen, have morphed into Eric's playthings with each wondering whom he REALLY loves. Even Megan returns for a few weeks to little more than being Massimo's corporate whore doing his bidding for cheap jewelry and a pinch on the butt. Why come back for that? She better not answer the phone next time B&B calls! That leaves the one female that I believe actually is being portrayed well...Felicia.

The Forrester sister with attitude, spunk, and more you-know-what's than her father and brothers combined. For some strange reason it seems that her character has been spared, for the time being, the curse of the emotional unstable B&B female. I hope she is not ruined as it would seem to be a shame to have NO female on this show to cheer for and respect. And let me tell you...I love her dialogue. The sarcasm is perfect and her lines with Stephanie are some of the best exchanges I have ever heard. See? Something I can be positive about when it comes to the writing on this show. Didn't know I had it in me, huh?

Just when you thought it was safe to board and plane with your sister's baby and jet off with your hot Italian come the cops!! You had to know it was coming. Stephanie may love Bridget as if she was her own but the truth is she's not. Felicia is her daughter and Queenie has years and years of neglect to make up for when it comes to her youngest daughter. Besides, Bridget's behavior is disgusting and it amazes me that no one has actually SAID the words "You can't use this baby to make up for the loss of your own. It's psychologically unhealthy." Taylor, put down the wine glass and dispense some talk show wisdom, will ya? And then there is Dante, so pretty and clueless. He is willing to do anything for Bridget, up to and including using his own flesh and blood to get into her pants. Yes, I really said that. Don't get me wrong...I like his character and he's easy on the eyes, but he has a motive as well. Look out for a quickie wedding so he gets green card status in time for the bitter custody fight. He'll use that to combat the deportation threat Stephanie will levy on him. If he doesn't do something, he'll be on the same flight out of the country that Gaby took!

Ok, where do I get one of those cool red Bat-phones that you don't even have to dial to get the Feds on the line? Massimo has all the toys, huh? So he is the exalted ruler of the universe now? Ok, I must have missed that memo. I have to say, though, that his scenes with Nick were great and I am looking forward to the 'Old Man' getting his next week. He really went off the deep end this time. Nick is NOT the wimpy son in this little game and it's about time Mojo finds that out.

I have to say this about last week's question...for the first time in the history of my Scoops, there was a 100% majority when asked if Patrick Duffy is doing a good job channeling Stephen Logan. Everyone responding said he was doing well and looking forward to him being around for a while. He must have plans on staying...he's even in the opening credits! That's a step in the right direction around here!

Many of my readers also emailed in on the rape saga with Ridge and Brooke. It would seem that I had only one person all week that felt that Ridge was getting a raw deal and that he and Brooke should be together no matter what. And yes, I was called 'sick' again for the umpteenth time. Big surprise, right? There can't possibly be anything left of the voodoo dolls of me that Bridge fans have worked over these last few years. The funny thing, though, is that when someone like me criticizes something as horrible as what Ridge did to Brooke, it is the Nick-Bridget thing that seems to be the definitive reason everyone should hate Nick, not the foundry sympathy sex that I thought people would use to vilify Nick. Very interesting. In social circles we call that 'grasping for straws'. I think Ridge has drawn the short straw and for good reason. Of all the characters on this show, I hope it's his that disappears the quickest.

I was talking with a friend of mine about soaps in general and having a good laugh at something...have you ever noticed all the things we NEVER see people in soaps do? Like sitting down to pay bills or buy groceries. I never see anyone go pee or take out the trash. Who washes the dishes or for that matter, does anyone ever eat at home? I have never seen anyone actually pay the check at the Café Russe or stop at the gas station on the way up to Big Bear to kill someone. No one does laundry and you never hear anyone pass gas. Who picks up their dry cleaning and why does everyone wake up with their hair done and make up on? There must be no locks on any houses in LA., just ask Brooke. No one changes a diaper and I have yet to see where people stay when they come to town. No one goes to the dentist and if anyone sees a doctor, it's because they have faked illness or because they need to know who their baby's daddy is. I hardly ever see anyone WORKING at Forrester! I never see anyone get a paycheck. How could everyone stay at the Malibu Beach House but no one really own it? Used to be Taylor's but who knows now? And wouldn't the cabin at Big Bear have to be looked after daily for it to be ready at a moments notice for gunplay and sex? Wouldn't it be cold up there without the heat on? Have I thought about all of this too much? Yep. But your have to admit, it's good for a chuckle.

My question of the week is this...with many people saying that KKL was robbed by not being up for an Emmy this year, if directly competing with Susan Flannery (Stephanie), whom do you think should win? Remember, this is not about which character you like the best for whatever's about raw talent.

Have a great week!

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