The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on B&B

Macy tried to get her and Thorne's wedding back on track but was outraged to find a lingerie-clad Brooke hiding under his bed. Becky longed for her baby, and when she decided to return home to search for him, Amber asked her to spend the summer in Los Angeles. Taylor and Ridge found a new house.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on B&B
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Monday July 19, 1999

Sally comes home to find Adam celebrating Spectra's success at the fashion show. Sally says their success is at the expense of Kimberly and Macy. Adam is happy Thorne called off the wedding and feels Thorne showed his true colors by believing Macy had anything to do with Forrester's fiasco. Sally suspects Adam is the one who sabotaged Forrester's show, but Adam reminds La Spectra that a lot of people have a grudge against the Forresters. Adam surprises Sally by taking her into his arms and giving her a hot passionate kiss.

While Brooke is hiding underneath the bed, Macy asks Thorne to marry her tonight. Macy feels because Brooke lost Ridge, she can't stand to see anyone else happy, and therefore planted doubts in Thorne's mind that Macy is the one who killed Forrester's show. Thorne says he can't marry Macy tonight because their families are in chaos. It's not that Thorne doesn't love Macy or want to marry her, he just needs a little convincing.

Becky realizes Rick and Amber had an argument and offers to talk to Kimberly to help cheer her up. Amber barges into Kimberly's house while Kimberly accuses her of ripping her dress off in front of half the world. Amber denies she had anything to do with it but is glad for once in Kimberly's life, things didn't go perfect. Amber is sorry for what happened to Kimberly on the runway but is not to blame. Kimberly says when Amber loses Rick it will be because all of Amber's lies have caught up with her. Becky stops the baby frmo crying and tells Rick she can't go back home because there are too many memories there of her own baby. Amber is shocked when she comes home to find Becky feeding her baby.

Macy reminds Thorne about what is important and strips off her clothes except for a sexy negligee. Thorne tries to get Macy outside so Brooke can leave unnoticed but Macy's wild side comes out and she throws him on the bed and begins to make love to him. Brooke catches the act in the mirror and plugs her ears!

Tuesday, July 20, 1999

Macy begins to make love to Thorne who wants to take their lovemaking to the living room so Brooke can escape unnoticed. Macy asks Thorne if he wants to make love to her and Brooke says no. Macy realizes someone else is in the room with them and is shocked when she peaks under the bed. Amber grabs her baby from Becky and Rick asks where Amber's attitude is coming from. Amber covers by saying she just wants to spend some time alone with her man. Rick and Amber talk in the bedroom although Becky listens from the other room. Amber says she is uncomfortable with Becky being here and asks Rick to ask Becky to leave.

Taylor returns home from visiting her father and Ridge and Stephanie fill her in on what's been going on since she left. Taylor agrees with Stephanie that Brooke used Kimberly to spite Amber, although Stephanie acknowledges Amber is always nervous when Becky is around. Stephanie hopes Thorne only called off his wedding temporarily. Stephanie and Taylor believe that whoever Brooke is after, she is probably throwing herself at him.

Macy believes Brooke showed up to seduce Thorne and realizes the reason Brooke has been treating her like dirt lately is because she wanted Thorne. Brooke says if Macy hadn't shown up she would not have been under the bed, but on top of it with Thorne. If Macy doesn't believe her, ask him yourself, Brooke says.

Rick gives Amber and Becky some time alone and Amber orders Becky to leave for good. Becky senses that she is a threat to Amber and assures Amber she will not hit on Rick. Amber says she will never accept Becky as part of her family and orders Becky out of her life.

Thorne tells Macy that Brooke came over to talk. Macy concludes that is when Brooke tried to seduce Thorne, and asks Thorne to tell Brooke that he is not attracted to her. Brooke says it's time Macy knew that she and Thorne have been spending time together. Macy looks tearfully at Thorne and asks him if something is going on between he and Brooke.

Wednesday, July 21, 1999

Thorne denies there is something going on between he and Brooke. Macy asks Thorne how long Brooke has been trying to seduce him and why hasn't he told her about it? Macy then realizes Brooke has been coming onto Thorne for weeks. Brooke gloats as Macy tells Brooke that Thorne wants nothing to do with her. Brooke sets the record straight by informing Macy she and Thorne are more than just friends. The fact is, Brooke and Thorne are extremely close and if it weren't for Macy, they would be lovers.

Becky admits she has been depressed ever since she gave up her baby, but realizes that kids don't get adopted in Furnace Creek and her baby is probably still in an orphanage. Becky says she never should have her baby up for adoption and plans to head home to find him. Amber freaks and tells her cousin that she can't change her mind. Becky plans on doing whatever it takes to find her baby even if that means hiring a lawyer to help find him. Ridge proposes that he and Taylor move into a bigger house. In fact, Ridge has a real estate agent coming by to help them pick out their dream house. Taylor is feeling insecure about how big she is getting while Ridge assures her he has never loved her more than he does now.

Amber says that Sarah told Tawny that Becky's baby is no longer in the orphanage, and when Becky signed over the adoption papers, she signed over any legal claim she has to the child. Becky kicks herself for blowing the one good thing in her life. The biggest mistake she made was giving her baby up. But Becky wants to find out if he is happy and decides to head home to look for her child. Amber has to think fast to stop Becky from looking for her baby and invites her to stay.

Macy asks Thorne if he and Brooke have kissed while Thorne says all that matters is he loves her. Macy can't believe there is something going on between them. Macy slaps Brooke and Thorne and leaves, devastated.

Thursday, July 22, 1999

Amber informs her mother that Becky feels connected to Little Eric and wants to find her baby to make sure he is happy. Tawny says they have to keep Becky away from the baby for fear she will see the heart shaped birthmark. Tawny offers to take Becky back to Furnace Creek but Amber nixes that idea because then Becky would go snooping around the adoption agency. Amber says she will just make sure Becky is never alone with Eric and try to get her to stop thinking about her baby. Becky walks in and says she has decided to go back home and find her baby.

Ridge is excited about the idea of moving into a beautiful home in Bel Air until he and Taylor arrive at the house and realize it's Pierce's house. Pierce has moved to New York and wants to sell his home in California. Taylor loves the house and says it would be a perfect home to raise their family.

Amber tries to persuade Becky to stay in LA but Becky wants to know for certain that her baby is happy. Tawny assures Becky that her baby is with a wonderful family who love him, but Becky is going to worry about him until she knows where he is. Becky beats herself up for giving her baby up for adoption while Tawny says she did the right thing. Besides, if Becky went to the adoption agency, they are not at liberty to tell anyone where the baby is.

C.J. brings Kimberly flowers who is trying to forget what happened the other day. Kimberly is certain Amber is responsible for her dress being ripped off. C.J. gets Kimberly's mind off Amber by reading a poem he wrote for her. After reading to her, C.J. applies suntan lotion to Kimberly's back and when C.J.'s hand wanders below her back, Kimberly pulls away. C.J. says Kimberly would not have stopped if he were Rick and accuses Kimberly of not caring about his feelings.

Amber offers to help Becky find a job but Becky says she will go back home for a couple days, make sure her baby is ok, and then return to LA ready to jump head first into her new life. Tawny reminds Becky that the adoption agency will not give out who her baby is with and Amber says if Becky hired a lawyer, finding her baby would take months and that would bring Becky down even further into depression. Amber promises to introduce Becky to new people, hot guys, and to turn her life around into an amazing dream. Becky is thrilled with the idea of a new life in LA.

Friday, July 23, 1999

Amber has decided the way to keep Becky's mind off her baby is introducing her to a whole new life and decides to fix Becky up on a date with C.J.. C.J. doesn't want to get in the middle of whatever is going on between Amber and Becky, but Amber asks him to show Becky around and introduce her to people. Amber feels C.J.'s reluctance is because Becky embarrasses him. C.J. reminds Amber he is dating Kimberly although she hasn't been very responsive lately. All the more reason to go on a date with Becky, Amber says. C.J. would be doing Amber a favor as well as getting his mind off Kimberly.

Taylor is excited with the thought of moving into Pierce's old house while Ridge is undecided. Ridge promises to make the decision together and solicits Eric's advice. Taylor doesn't want to pressure Ridge, but she can picture them at the new house in Bel Air raising their family. Taylor hears a noise outside and goes to investigate. When Taylor looks under the deck she is shocked at what she finds and screams in horror!

Stephanie is surprised to learn Amber asked Becky to stay in LA a while. After Becky explained her situation to Amber, she agreed to let her stay. Stephanie asks Becky what situation she is talking about and Becky says she wanted to leave Furnace Creek because there was nothing there but bad memories. Amber is going to help her forget those memories. Stephanie lets Becky hold and feed the baby and Amber freaks when she walks in and catches Becky holding her baby.

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