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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of July 26, 1999 on SB
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Monday, July 26, 1999

They are there to be there for Gabi, because Ricardo is in the hospital.

Carmen predicts that doom is in the air for Ricardo, so she went to the hospital to stop it from happening.

Gabi told Ricardo that she wants Antonio to marry them and Ricardo reacts and his vital signs go out of whack. Tyus told them to leave, and he told Ricardo that was close and that all visitors are restricted from seeing him. Ricardo moves his hand and Tyus says there may be hope for your paralysis Ricardo moves his hand again and senses that Ricardo wants something, Tyus goes do you still want Gabi and Antonio to visit, he blinks his eyes for yes. Tyus told Gabi and Antonio that they can see him, but if he went out again like that, all visitations will be revoked. they say okay. Gabi and Antonio apologize for upsetting him about bringing up marrying Gabi. Gabi ask Ricardo do you never want to marry me ever, and he blinks his eyes twice, meaning no. Antonio and Gabi wonder why Ricardo is so upset, Gabi told Antonio she thinks she knows why Ricardo is upset, Antonio says I don't understand, Gabi says I think I do.

Sean runs into Annie and has a fantasy of her kissing him, he comes out of it, and Annie went what is wrong, he says nothing he has to go find Emily, Sean wonders why he wants Annie, he can't stand her, Sean went to the beach and is attracted to many women on the beach. He says he has to find Emily.

Emily and Amy are locked in a room together, Amy says she has to get out of there, that there is no time, Emily says we have all the time in the world. Emily says Amy lets take this opportunity and get to know each other, she says you are really the only friend I have, Amy says Emily I am not a nice person, she is about to tell Amy why she is a bad person, when Brad comes in, Amy decides not to say anything, Emily gives Amy a hug and says we will talk later.

Brad says when did you and Emily become such good friends, she says Never mind, they go to look for Sean and barge in at the Richards home, Annie isn't pleased. They can't find Sean and Brad went it's over the potion probably has worn off. Amy says I lost him forever, Brad says you never had him, she says Sean use to like her, and she needs to be alone, Brad told her she isn't a bad person, and just wanted to tell her that. Amy is crying about being alone when she looks up and Sean is there.

They talk about her missing her father and trey, she says it's hard but she is in a different place with Cole and her mom.

Olivia ask Trey is he is upset about Trey, he says how can you ask me that, he says he thought he was Trey's dad, so he lost him so he is upset.

AJ overhears Annie's phone call to her lawyer about seeing the will, he says she won't see the will and she won't hurt his family.

They plot to bring down Annie, they tell Annie the reading of Gregory's will, will be read today, because she tried to tamper with the will.

Tuesday, July 27, 1999

Olivia told Annie that the reading of Gregory's will, will be read today because Annie is trying to get her hands on it, Annie says she has the right to have it read whenever, because she is his wife, but Caitlin says that they are his family so it is going to be read that day. Olivia went to find Sean, when Annie tries to sneak out to go see the will, AJ stops her and say she won't hurt his family, when Olivia comes back, AJ looks at her and Annie leaves. Annie gets to the lawyer's office first and cancels the appointment, but the lawyer says it is to late the Richards family are on their way, Annie tries to get him to take her to lunch, but he says he won't tell about the will. Olivia, Cole, AJ, and Caitlin walk in, Annie says they can't start Sean isn't here yet, the lawyer says it is ok, Sean was cut out of the will.

Bette tries to have a heart to heart talk with Emily, she told her she sees that she is falling for Sean, she doesn't want to see her get hurt, Emily says she won't get hurt, Bette says look at all the rings on my finger i got hurt each time, Emily says she has to find Sean, Bette told her to listen, but Emily says no. she says Sean would never hurt me and she leaves.

Amy is crying about losing Sean and being alone, when someone touches her shoulder, it is Sean, he asks what is wrong she told him she is all alone he says he is her friend. Sean hears Olivia call for him and doesn't want to see his family he told Amy he will be right back, he returned and he touches Amy's hair and says she is pretty, he turns away and says he doesn't know what he is doing, she says no come back it feel right and they kiss, he pulls away and he says he has to leave, Amy says she needs him, he stays and they make love, afterwards she thinks to herself happily oh my god, oh my god, he is thinking, oh my god, what have I done.

Gabi asks Ricardo if he will never want to marry her, he blinks twice for no, she is upset, Antonio says he is confused he doesn't mean it, Gabi asks Antonio to leave, he reluctantly leaves, Gabi told Ricardo she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him, she says it is up to him, she tells him that soon he will be able to talk and walk again, she told him sorry for leaving him once, and won't do it again, she asks him again if he will marry her, he blinks twice for no. she leaves, Carmen told Antonio that there is doom for Ricardo, Antonio says he doesn't want to hear it, Gabi comes out of Ricardo's room and told them that Ricardo doesn't want to marry her, Carmen says it is for the best, it really is.

Wednesday, July 28, 1999

The Hospital:
Gabi asks Ricardo if he wants to marry him and he says yes, Maria comes over and she talks to Ricardo and told him how she is happy that they have the love that they do have. Carmen talks to Gabi and tries to stop her from having the wedding, but Gabi and Antonio tell her that nothing is gonna happen but Carmen still thinks that it will. They all go back in to Ricardo's room to begin the ceremony, as they begin Gabi gives Ricardo there wedding rings and puts it in his hand, she then asks him if he is sure he wants to so he blinks once and squeezes her hand. So they begin the ceremony, Antonio asks if anyone objects speak now or forever hold there peace, as of then Ricardo pulls his hand away causing the wedding to stop. Gabi then asks him if he wants to go through with it or not.

Sean and Amy:
Sean told Amy that what they just did shouldn't have happened and he wishes that he could take it back and that he is sorry, Amy says that is because you are still in love with Emily right and Sean says yes that is exactly what i mean. he then apologizes again and says he is sorry. Amy told him to stop because what they just had felt right to her and she wouldn't take it back.....because she loves him. And she will always remember what just happened. Shawn asks her how she can be so understanding. Amy just smiles. Shawn says that he will never forget what happened either, Then he says he has to he leaves to go to find Emily. Amy says to herself "I know you still love Emily, Sean, but I will never forget or regret what just happened."

Sean and Emily:
Sean runs up to Emily on the beach while she is walking she turns around and asks him were he has been and that she has been looking everywhere for him Sean says that he has done something wrong....(ready to confess about what he has done with Amy)

The Will:
A.J, Olivia, Caitlin, Annie, and Cole are all at the lawyers office, they sit down and the lawyer told them Gregory has a tape for them to watch which is his will. They all sit down... Gregory starts his will with AJ, he told AJ that he has a horse that is called "hopeless" he says that it is a racing horse and it always liked to compete but it never would win everyone would be celebrating at the finish line and "ol' helpless" would still be going around.....Gregory said he thought the description best fitted him and he wanted AJ to have "ol' helpless" because they were so alike Next, Gregory went to Olivia, Gregory started talking about her alcohol addiction, he said that he got her a year subscription to Sunset Liquors so she could stock up on Vodka since she would be with a. j the rest of her life, Olivia then shouts out you bastard!! Cole then gets up and says this is a joke just as he is ready to leave Gregory says, "And how could I forget Cole Deschanel?" Gregory says that in his hand he has a lists of people that have the most expensive jewels and that all Cole has to do is that he can take these and go back to stealing jewels, Caitlin gets up and says don't let him get to you Cole. So then Gregory went next as he said to the other half the ones he loved, the ones that were loyal.. He told Caitlin that he loved her and that no matter where he is now he is thinking of her.....he says he left her his entire estate, but in order for Caitlin to claim the estate she has to divorce Cole, and he says it is the best thing for her.... Caitlin then turns to Cole and says I don't care Cole I would never loose you...your the best thing that has ever happened to me.... She then says ready to be broke he smiles and says as long as it is with you... Next Annie says well then who does the estate go to if Caitlin doesn't fulfill her duties what happens to the estate...the lawyer says well that is next part and it includes you Annie, so Gregory says the next person is my lovely dutiful wife Annie Douglas Richards it involves Annie and the estate...So then Annie gets up and starts dancing around the room saying, "Yes! I'm rich!"

Thursday, July 29, 1999

  • Annie, Olivia, AJ, Cole and Caitlin: While the lawyer was showing the family Gregory video tape of the will, Annie happily jumped up and down listening to her fortunes. Sadly it turned out to be a library filled with books for self loved people. Gregory told them that the books and the library cannot be sold for any reason. as for Caitlin if she did both agree to be divorced from Cole the two estates will go to Trey along with every single thing else. Annie was a very sad camper. Olivia laughed her heart away and Annie pushed her, they started to fight. Cole and AJ pulled them apart. Annie was suggesting that Trey was not even two years old yet and it was impossible for him to run things. So the lawyer told her that the next person inline to look after things would be his mother. Then Olivia said that she was going to kick Annie out of the house. Annie refused and asked the lawyer if she had any grounds and the lawyer told her NO!!. So Annie quickly revealed that Trey was not Gregory's air, because Trey is not his son.

    Emily, Amy, Brad and Sean:
    Sean met up with Emily on the beach and he told her that he had a confession to make and asked if they could go somewhere private. They went up to the tower house and Sean told her that it was about Amy and himself. just then Amy came through the door and told Sean that it was ok and that she would told Emily. So she told her that they got in this very big fight about the training and how she was not participating. (Big lie). Then Brad came bursting through the door he thought that Amy had said something but Emily stopped him before he blurted out the truth. brad and Emily left and Amy told Sean that he can never tell Emily about what happened. Sean insisted that he did because he don't like to be untruthful to Emily. Emily and Brad came back in and She and Sean left. Sean when to walk her home and Brad asked Amy why she told a lie. out on the beach Sean told Emily that he cannot walk her all the way home and Emily asked for a kiss. She was expecting the real passionate Kiss but only gained a peck on the cheek.

    Ricardo, Antonio, Gabi, Carmen and Maria:
    Antonio went on with the ceremony but when he as if anyone objected Ricardo made what they would like to cal "an involuntary move." They asked him if he wanted to go on with the wedding and be blinked for yes. they got married but Carmen still didn't want it to happen. After Antonio and Gabi left Ricardo was saying in his thoughts that he knows what's going on and they think they're tricking him.

  • Friday, July 30, 1999

    An irate Hank comes to Surf Central with tough questions for Casey about his feelings for the Cummings sisters. Tess gleefully reports to Tim that Ben and Maria made love--and Meg knows all about it. Facing a room full of skeptical people, Annie stubbornly repeats her assertion that Trey is not Gregory's son. Sara snarls at Tim after finding him celebrating with Tess at the Tidal Wave. When Cole reminds her about the paternity test which proved Trey was not his child, Annie realizes she'll only incriminate herself if she reveals how she doctored the lab results. Meg explains to her father why she and Ben are through. Meanwhile, Ben ponders how to put things right for the two women in his life. Hank reminds Meg that her sister has also been emotionally wounded and urges his daughter not to complicate matters by turning to Casey. Sara bids Casey good-bye forever. Insisting Gregory altered the results of the paternity test, Annie convinces Cole that he needs to have another test run on Trey.

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