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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of July 19, 1999 on SB
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Monday, July 19, 1999

Playing the role of grieving widow, Annie pays a confidential call on an attorney to discuss the possibility that Trey stands to inherit a fortune which isn't rightfully his. Shocked to find Maria lying in Ben's arms, Meg flees from The Deep with her former boyfriend in hot pursuit. Antonio reminds an anxious Gabi how Tyus explained that Ricardo's apparent anger is really just frustration at being unable to speak or move. Meg furiously informs Ben she never wants to lay eyes on him again. A disgusted Sean warns his sister that their father's memorial service has turned into a media circus. Meg returns to Surf Central in tears and confides her troubles to Casey. Antonio calls Maria with the bad news about their brother's health crisis. Meanwhile, a seething Ricardo continues to envision Gabi and Antonio in all sorts of sexual scenarios. Annie's attorney advises her to keep mum about Trey's questionable paternity until after the reading of the will. Later, Annie decides to sneak a peek at Gregory's will while the rest of the family heads to the memorial service. Sean presents a beaming Emily with a necklace depicting two hearts linked together. Disguised as a janitor, Gregory went to his office at the Media Center and removes a roll of bills from the safe. Ricardo reaches for Gabi's neck and begins to squeeze the life out of her.

Tuesday, July 20, 1999

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Yanking his cap down over his face, Gregory attempts to sidle away from Annie but Cole's arrival puts another hitch in his escape plan. As friends and family members gather for Gregory's memorial service, A.J. reminds Olivia she doesn't have to raise Trey alone as long as he's around. Caitlin privately admits to Antonio how conflicted she is about her father. After finally pulling away from Ricardo's grasp, a frightened Gabi asks Tyus why her stricken boyfriend would try to strangle her. Amy is crushed when Sean instructs her not to attend the service for his dad. As Gregory eavesdrops, Cole accuses Annie of trying to get her paws on her late husband's will. Tyus assures Gabi the pressure Ricardo put on her neck was just an involuntary response often seen in stroke victims. Later, Carmen admits to Gabi that she sees now how much the young woman truly loves Ricardo. Disguised as a monk, Gregory slips into the back of the chapel and listens to his loved ones eulogize him. After Annie unleashes some of her pent-up rage at the spouse who tormented her, Caitlin springs to her feet to voice an objection. Touched to hear his daughter so vigorously defending his honor, Gregory turns to go but stumbles against a candle stand and draws some unwanted attention to his presence.

Wednesday, July 21, 1999

The Richards
The Richards were in the church for Gregory's memorial service when Caitlin got up and said lots of loving things about her father not realizing he was listening in the back of the church in a disguise. Caitlin told Annie at the front of the alter that she won't let anyone ruin her family or do something to make others miserable. Then shockingly Gregory is about to walk out the back of the church when Cole stops him from behind and asks what he's doing here. Gregory, wearing a monk outfit didn't say a word. Then Antonio relieved Gregory by saying that he is a monk that is here but is not allowed to speak. Then Gregory walks out. After the Memorial service Sean and Emily go back to the house. Brad and Amy are there. Brad lies to Emily that they are short on lifeguard and need her to work. Emily told Brad she has to be there for Sean but Brad doesn't give up and Emily gives in. Then Amy gets Sean alone and eventually gets him to drink the potion.

Maria and Ben are at the hospital where Tess takes Benjy to come to see how Ricardo is doing. Tyus comes and says that it is certain that Ricardo is going to have permanent paralysis. Maria is beside herself. At surf central, Casey admits to Meg that he has deep feelings for her and has had these feeling for her for a long time. Meg told him they were just caught up in the moment. It didn't mean anything. Meanwhile, Sara told Hank everything about what happened between Meg and Casey. Later Casey comes to Hank's house and hank asks who he loves, Sara or Meg.

Thursday, July 22, 1999

Confronting Meg about Ben and Maria, Annie went over the edge in boasting about the pain she hopes Meg now feels. Meg slaps her and the two fight as Meg argues that Annie is the one who is now left alone while she has her family's support. Ben arrives in time to stop the fight. After Annie leaves, Ben insists to Meg that they talk about what has happened. Maria is concerned when Annie leaks that she had a confrontation with Meg. Ricardo starts to move his right hand after remembering the video of his brother making love to Gabi. Tyus advises Gabi to give Ricardo her love and support to help him get better. She decides to have a little chat with Antonio. Hank confronts Casey about his feelings for Sara and for Meg. Sarah is rocked when Casey admits that he still loves Meg. Hank is angered by the confession and tries to go after him but Sarah stops him and asks him to stay with her. Amy tries to seduce Sean after he drinks the love potion but Emily returns with Brad. She whispers to Brad to get Emily out of the way quickly but Sean, already affected by the potion, decides to spend the afternoon with Emily.

Friday, July 23, 1999

Finding him in the chapel, Gabi announces her plan to help Ricardo and Antonio agrees to help her. Meanwhile, Ricardo receives a vase of flowers from Gabi and knocks it to the floor. With Vanessa with him, Michael applies for a job at the hospital as a physical therapist. There they learn about Ricardo's stroke. Gabi brought Antonio to Ricardo's bed and announces that the priest is going to marry them today. Ben decides to tell Meg that she saw her kissing Casey just as she is about to reveal that she knows that he and Maria made love in the casita. Before either can confess, Casey interrupts. Tess is encouraged when she overhears that Ben and Maria made love. Later, Ben confides to Maria that he made love to her only after he saw Meg kissing Casey. He apologizes for using her but she assures him that she is thrilled by what they did. Tess returns with Benjy who asks to spend the day with his parents. Meg tries to tell Casey about her feelings for him but has trouble. Knowing that Sean's been affected by the love potion, Amy tries to lock Emily in the lifeguard station but ends up locked in with her. Meanwhile, Sean feels the affects of too much love potion and heads home where he runs into Annie.

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