One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 19, 1999 on OLTL

Bo managed to get Lindsay off the hospital roof. Lindsay pleaded not guilty, and Dorian confessed to Nora that she had been the one to hit Jessica. Blair accepted Asa's bribe to stay away from Max. Asa made a phone call to a mystery woman.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 19, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, July 19, 1999

In the hearing room, after Kevin and Grace pulled back from their kiss, she admitted that she was afraid of the dark. Kevin and Grace grew closer as he comforted her. Lindsay threw the package from Asa containing a fake passport off the hospital roof. Lindsay climbed up on the ledge and dared Asa to push her. A nurse discovered the passport Lindsay threw off the roof and gave it to Bo. Lindsay suddenly lost her balance and Asa reached out to grab her just as Bo arrived. Cristian was unable to resist his attraction to Roseanne and, to Roseanne's delight, they made love. While trapped in the elevator during the blackout, Nora grilled Dorian about her certainty that Lindsay was innocent. After Nora offered to represent her, she was stunned when Dorian confessed that she was the one who hit Jessica!

Tuesday, July 20, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marti Dixon

The show opened with John Sykes yelling at the police officers at the station. He was reminding them that many places in the city were still without power and to keep alert. Hank noticed that he was acting very tense and told him not to give up on Téa. Then Carlotta came to see him, having received his message. John told her that he was worried about Téa. Carlotta told him that Téa had a sister, but wouldn't give him any more details. She also told him not to give up on her... that Téa needs him more than ever.

R.J. went to see Téa at the penthouse. First she told him to leave, and that she was just using him. She let him stay when he told her that he didn't mind being used. He just wanted to know if it was to get back at John or to get John back. Téa did open up to R.J. some when she told him that she couldn't trust herself because the last time she trusted someone ... two people died.

Bo ran out onto the roof of the hospital in time to see Asa touching Lindsay, who was about to fall off the ledge. Bo went out onto the ledge with her and pulled her back to safety. He accused Asa of trying to kill her. He also showed him the fake passport that he had found. Asa and Lindsay had conflicting versions of what had happened and Bo believed Lindsay's story. Asa stormed off, telling Bo that he was delusional. Bo told Lindsay that he was sorry for trusting his head more than his heart. He admitted that he once thought she was guilty because of the evidence and her confession. Now he knows that she is innocent. He told her that she cannot plead guilty. He walked her into the courtroom, where the judge had just revoked her bail and issued a bench warrant. Lindsay plead "not guilty" and they remanded her into custody to await trial. Dorian stood by and watched the whole thing. Earlier, Dorian and Nora had come out of the elevator and Nora told her that she must turn herself in.

Blair and Max were at Asa's making love and then dancing, when Asa came in and overheard them. They were arguing over whether or not to sign the contract and take Asa's money. First he yelled at Max for not listening to him. Then Asa offered Blair the money. She took it, saying that it was what she had to do.

Wednesday, July 21, 1999

Lindsay was ordered held over for trial, her bail revoked by the judge. As Lindsay was led off back to the police station, Nora confronted Dorian and insisted that she confess, she can't let an innocent woman go to jail. I can't go to jail either, Dorian told her and was certain that she could live with her guilty conscience. Well, I can't, Nora replied and warned Dorian the she would not live the rest of her life keeping Dorian's dirty little secret.

Back at the police station, Sam was annoyed at Lindsay for changing her plea without telling him first, but said that he believed in her innocence and would do whatever he had to to prove it. Bo also showed his support of Lindsay, telling her that he still considered the case wide open.

Viki, who had returned from her trip, met Ben at the hospital. They discussed the fact that Jessica would be returning home soon and worried how the news about Lindsay would affect both Jess and Will. Kevin found them and informed them of Lindsay's change of heart, that she had pleaded not guilty. Upset at the prospect of Jess and Will having to deal with a trial, the two of them headed to the police station to confront Lindsay.

At the police station, Viki blasted Lindsay and asked her if she knew what her not guilty plea would do to Jess and Will, forcing them to live through a trial. Lindsay knows that, but she is innocent, she insists. Viki warns Lindsay that Jess is starting to get her memory back and they'll learn the truth once she remembers who it was that hit her. Just as Viki is saying this, Dorian slips into the room. Viki notices her and Dorian says how happy she is that Jessica's memory is returning. Bo also notices Dorian's presence and becomes suspicious, you've been hanging around here a lot lately, he comments to her. Lindsay is taken away to a cell. Nora arrives and pulls Bo into his office to talk to him privately. Dorian nervously watches through the window. Nora asks Bo if she can see a copy of the accident report. Bo wonders why and Nora explains that Sam's conviction that Lindsay is innocent has convinced her, too. Also, Nora wants Lindsay to be innocent for Bo's sake, she wants him to be happy. Bo goes outside, once again commenting to a nervous Dorian that she's hanging around a lot. Sam goes into Bo's office and is surprised, but thrilled when Nora offers her help on Lindsay's case. After Sam leaves, Dorian rushes in to talk to Nora, and finds out that Nora hasn't told Bo the truth... yet.

Dorian is now at home, rushing up the stairs. She bumps into Sophia, who wonders what the rush is. Dorian claims to be going on another trip to see Cassie, but Sophia sees through her story, she's getting out of town while she still can.

Lindsay got several visitors to her cell, first Sam stopped by to tell Lindsay that he'd talk to the judge again about getting her out on bail, but nothing could be done until tomorrow. Then Viki and Ben came and Lindsay once again begged Viki to believe in her innocence. She was my granddaughter, too, Lindsay reminds Viki when she brings up Megan's name. After they left, Bo arrived and gave Lindsay her necklace back and fastened it around her neck for her. He told her he'd be right upstairs if she needed anything at all.

At the penthouse, R.J. finally convinced Téa to tell him why she was so upset, why she felt she wasn't worthy of someone like John. Téa goes on to tell him about this man, Miguel, that she was in love with when she was seventeen. He was exciting and wild... and he was also her sister, Anna Rosa's, husband. Tßa eventually told her sister the truth about herself and Miguel, thinking that her sister would realize that Téa and Miguel truly loved each other and would let him go. Instead, Anna Rosa was so distraught that she drowned herself in the river instead. R.J. tries to comfort her, it wasn't her fault, she was just a child. R.J. lays all the blame on Miguel.

But that's not all, Téa continues to explain that she was pregnant with Miguel's baby at the time she told her sister the truth. And when she told Miguel she was pregnant, he blamed her for ruining everything and took off and was never seen again. Téa ended up having an abortion and that's why she got so upset about Jessica's baby, it makes her think about the baby she threw away. R.J. again comforts her, holding her in his arms while she cries. The doorbell rings and John yells out Téa's name. R.J. answers and tells him Téa doesn't want to see him. He can see Téa sitting there, crying and she just looks at him. He gives up and goes away. (Ed. Note: The story above might have been touching, had any of it been true. It was clearly established when Roseanne arrived in town that her father was Téa's brother, Enrique and Anna Rosa was Téa's sister-in -law. This is just another example of JFP's blatant disregard for the history of OLTL, IMO)

Anyway, Roseanne overheard some of Téa's conversation with R.J., not the part about her being pregnant, while she was coming down the stairs. She went back to her bedroom and told Cris, who was still there after they had made love, what had happened and swore that she could never forgive Téa for what she had done.

Thursday, July 22, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Nancy Fox

Lindsay's Jail Cell

Bo came in to tell Lindsay good morning and explain that he had talked to Judge Fitzwater but hadn't been able to "sway" her decision regarding Lindsay's bail. Lindsay wondered who could hate her so much that they would "frame" her for this. Bo offered Asa up as the number one suspect on that charge. Lindsay told Bo she wouldn't hold him to any of the things he told her on the roof, but Bo replied, "I love you, you little rascal. I'll get you out of here, I promise." Before leaving the cell, Bo asked Lindsay how well she knew R.J. Gannon and then promised to find out if R.J. had anything to do with the accident.

Dorian's Foyer

Dorian entered with suitcase in hand and answered the door to find R.J. Dorian told him that she had to go see Cassie, but R.J. wasn't buying any of Dorian's lies. "You disappoint me Dorian, you've always been such a good liar before. You're going to leave me hanging in the breeze." Dorian tried to deny it, but finally admitted that Jessica was coming home and also remembering things. Dorian fears she will go to jail if Jessica remembers the accident because Dorian is sure that Jessica saw her. Dorian almost let it slip that she had confessed to Nora, but instead turned the conversation back toward trusting or not trusting Sophia with the secret. Kelly came down the stairs to remind Dorian about Ben's vote at the board meeting. After exchanging insults with R.J., Kelly left and Dorian told R.J. that she couldn't face Viki at the meeting so she wasn't going. R.J. instructed Dorian: "You'll do everything like normal until it all blows over."

Hospital Board Room

Ben and Viki are the first to arrive. Ben asks Viki if she has decided which way to vote. Viki teases him that she is "keeping an open mind." She offers him a good luck charm, the fuzzy dice, as a hint of how she will vote. They discuss their relationship, "how far they have come," and the fact that they've never been happier. Ben surprises Viki when he tells her he thinks she shouldn't participate in the vote. Viki insists that she will stay and she will vote, no matter how "personal" the discussion becomes. She admits that the vote will be close, but that she "has faith" in Ben.

Outside the Hospital Board Room

Rae Cummings runs into Kevin while she is supposedly looking for Mrs. Applegate, a member of the Board. Rae asks Kevin about Grace. "What is so special about her? What makes her different?" Kevin denies he has any feelings for Grace, but Rae presses him. "You've got it bad. Why are you in denial about your feelings?"

Llanview PD - Bo's office

Nora stops in to ask Bo if she can see Lindsay. Bo is puzzled by Nora's attitude; he asks her why her sudden change of heart when it comes to Lindsay's guilt or innocence. Nora covers by telling him that while Lindsay has never offered her an olive branch, "it is hard to think ill of someone who's won your heart" (referring to Bo).

Lindsay's Jail Cell

Lindsay is not thrilled to see Nora, but Nora persists. "I don't think you did it. Sam needs help with your defense." She explains that Sam needs a verifiable alibi for Lindsay because he represents a "baby-killer" as the media is portraying her. When Lindsay starts to talk about Will and what he will think and believe, Nora informs her that Will is coming home and that Jessica is remembering things. As Lindsay still claims she "can't tell" where she was the night of the accident, Nora theorizes that Lindsay is protecting someone. "My guess is Bo or Sam. But which one... and from what?" Lindsay says she has "nothing more to say" to Nora. Nora retorts, "You should - and soon. I'll be back."

Asa's Mansion

Asa is on the telephone checking with hospital board members to make sure he has enough votes to defeat Ben. He feels confident that he has the majority of votes in his pocket, including Dorian's and Kelly's. As he is telling Nigel that "money talks", Bo bursts into the room. "You must be feeling pretty good today, Pa, since you almost browbeat a woman into taking her own life... Sometimes I'm ashamed to be your son." Asa tells him "that goes both ways." Bo announces that he is there on police business, that there's a good chance Asa will be coming down to the station wearing handcuffs. When Asa asks what the charge would be, Bo says "obstruction of justice." Asa lies and says he never saw the fake passport, ID card, etc. "She got it herself." He argues that since Lindsay didn't jump off the roof, no crime was committed. "Almost is not a crime." Bo and Asa discuss "limits" - and how Asa doesn't believe in them. Bo bluntly asks Asa, "Did you frame Lindsay for the hit-and-run?" Then he asked if Asa had hired R.J. to help. At that suggestion, Asa exploded. "If you think I would hire that ‘snake' to do belong in a mental institution." Bo tells him that after what happened on the roof, he believed that Asa "would do anything just to nail a Rappaport." Asa admitted that he "got the things" and that he had indeed "encouraged" Lindsay to jump off the roof, but that he "did it for you", since Bo had told him that he wanted Lindsay out of his life. Later, Bo tells Asa that he doesn't want anything from him; he just wants Asa's manipulating to stop. When Asa offers his hands to Bo to be cuffed and Bo refuses, Asa considers Bo's visit just a "bluff." Bo tells him, "No, it is a warning, stay out of my business. Stay out of my life. Mess up your new son Max's life, but stay out of mine."


Roseanne and Cristian wake up in bed together. Roseanne doesn't want to go downstairs for coffee because she might run into Téa but Cristian reminds her that Téa was young - younger than Roseanne is now - and that "people make mistakes." Roseanne wants to know why Cristian is taking Téa's side, but he says he is "just trying to help you deal with it. I'm on your side, now more than ever." Later, Cristian returns to the bedroom with coffee and says he didn't see Téa downstairs. He invites Roseanne to come home with him and they kiss. Téa knocks at the door and then walks in. She is shocked to see Cristian. Roseanne lies and says that they "never left the bedroom" and didn't know that Téa was even home last night. After Téa leaves the room, Cristian asks Roseanne why she didn't confront Téa with what she had overheard about her mother's death. Roseanne replies that she "doesn't give a damn" about Téa's explanations...she just wants to "get justice" on Téa.

Lindsay's Jail Cell

Dorian visits Lindsay in the "repulsive cage" that Lindsay is calling home these days. She tells Lindsay that she couldn't get any information regarding Matthew's DNA test. "Larry gave me a hard time and then I got stuck in an elevator with Nora." When Lindsay asks about Barnes, Dorian tells her there's no information there either but that "it doesn't matter anymore, you have to save yourself." Lindsay says she can't tell and besides, who would believe her without Barnes to back her up. No one ever saw her with him, etc. Feeling really guilty, Dorian offers to pay Lindsay's legal expenses. When Lindsay asks why, Dorian tells her because they are "business partners and friends" and that she really does "believe" Lindsay is innocent.

Llanview PD

John Sykes gives Bo a gallery surveillance tape and explains that Lindsay's psychiatric tests confirmed she wasn't suicidal. Nora overhears Sykes telling Bo that Dorian came to see Lindsay on "urgent gallery" business. After Bo takes the tape into his office, Nora approaches Sykes and questions him about Dorian's visit to Lindsay. She admits that she is "curious" about another possible reason that Dorian would visit. By her inference, she's now got Sykes "curious", too.

Lindsay's Jail Cell

Just like she promised earlier, Nora's back. She asks Lindsay what Dorian wanted; not accepting the "gallery business" answer, Lindsay says, "then it's none of your business." She explains that Dorian is a friend who offered to pay her legal expenses. Although Nora admits that's very generous of Dorian, she "begs" Lindsay to just tell Sam the truth about where she was the night of the accident. She insists that Sam doesn't have to tell Nora or Bo, but that "Sam can fix it" if she tells him the truth. "As long as the focus is on you, the real baby-killer gets away with it. Is that what you are trying to accomplish?"

Llanview PD - Bo's Office

Bo is watching the surveillance tape from the morning after the accident. He sees Lindsay opening the door and retrieving a newspaper, then a man stepping out of the elevator. "Who the hell is this guy...and what is he doing with Lindsay the morning after the accident?"

Hospital Board Room

As the Board members gather for the vote, Asa accuses Viki of having a conflict of interest in attending since she is "personal with young ‘Dr. Rappaport'." Viki's retort is that they're in attendance to vote on "Dr. Davidson's qualifications as a surgeon." Asa says what the real vote is about is whether a doctor can join the staff because "he's servicing the sexual needs of a hard-up board member." When Ben tries to defend Viki's honor, she tells him it's not needed because those in attendance "can see who has a ‘personal' stake in this and it's not me." Larry, acting in Bill Webster's place, calls the meeting to order and takes the vote. The real "surprises" are Kelly's "yes" and Hank Gannon's "no". With Larry casting Webster's proxy, the vote is tied. Dorian breezes in, apologizing for being late and asking whether the vote has already been taken. As Asa tells Dorian that it is tied and her vote is "needed," Viki looks directly at her and says, "It is up to you are you going to vote?"

Friday, July 23, 1999

by Soap Central

The board members are congregated at Llanview Hospital to vote on Ben's acceptance to the staff. It's up to Dorian to break the tie. As she starts to speak, she receives a cell phone call from Nora. She pretends it's Blair and hangs up. She starts to speak again and is interrupted by Viki to hurry on. She votes yes! Viki is ecstatic, Asa dumbfounded. Asa tries to explain to Dorian what she's just voted on, but she knows. Asa mutters threats to Dorian and badmouths Kelly, who has also voted yes. He's glad Kelly didn't marry his son, Max. She'd have an idiot for a father in law, she says. He issues a verbal threat to Ben. Ben receives congrats from other board members including Hank, who apologizes for voting against him, but felt he had to because of his position as D.A. and Ben's past. Viki wants to speak with Dorian so Ben leaves with Larry. Viki wants to know why Dorian voted for Ben; Dorian says Viki helped Mel and also she feels responsible for past tragedies and wants to make amends. Viki suspects an ulterior motive. Dorian wants Viki to be happy so that things will make sense. Viki is confused. Later, Ben walks back into the room and states his full title, Dr. Benjamin Davidson, Llanview Hospital Staff Member. He and Viki play at "doctor-patient." They talk about the vote and that Dorian lied in her reasons for voting yes.

Max looks longingly at a picture of himself and Blair. He rips it up and just then receives a phone call from her. She apologizes for what she's done, but he hangs up on her. Blair calls back crying, but again Max informs Nigel to hang up. Kelly walks in on Blair and begins to question her. Blair is angry at Kelly, but after they exchange words, Blair confides that she has made a bad decision;she can't call it off or change it. Dorian enters the house and overhears. Later, Dorian imagines that she see Viki, who says she will learn the truth.

Nora visits Sam and they discuss Lindsay's case. She has a weak defense, Sam says but Nora says it's only circumstantial. Sam says he will look for the real hit and run driver. He's concerned about Jessica's blood on the cell phone, but Nora puts a bug in his ear by saying that the phone is only tied to Jessica, not Lindsay. Loads of people have the same phone, what if they got mixed up? He asks Nora to be on the defense team, but Nora refuses. Sam doesn't believe her excuses, that she's busy and has a connection to the case so there's a conflict of interest. Sam is perplexed and he leaves to visit Lindsay.

Andrew visits Lindsay in jail. As he enters the guard makes a nasty comment and Andrew wants to report him. Lindsay says he is only speaking what everyone believes, that she's guilty. Andrew has brought a shirt from the kids at the rec center. It says NOT GUILTY and everyone has signed it. All of the kids know she's innocent, Andrew says. He tells her to have faith in herself. He offers himself as a character witness. Lindsay tells him to thank the kids, she'll be old and gray before she gets out. Andrew doesn't believe it and says she can thank them herself. Sam appears and again the guard makes a rude comment about Lindsay. Sam threatens to tell Bo and the guard backs off. Andrew leaves and Sam tells Lindsay that he tried to get Nora to join the defense team. Lindsay is happy until Sam tells her that Nora refused. Lindsay thinks it's because Nora doesn't want to be on a losing team. She's scared.

Nora is alone in the courtroom when Hank walks in. They chat about Lindsay's case and Hank says it's a "done deal" because of all the evidence. Nora talks about her past infamous case involving Todd and Marty and how she was wrong in accusing Marty of awful things because of all of the so-called evidence. She no longer has faith in the world, law or herself. She has a secret and someone will get hurt whether she tells or not. Hank gives her a hug. He asks what it's about, but Nora won't discuss it. She got into something before she realized it. Hank says the system is a good one and that truth and justice will come out. He leaves and Nora sits in the witness stand. Suddenly, she "sees" Lindsay who asks what she'll do if Hank is wrong. She is further questioned by Lindsay, who wants to know why Nora hasn't gone to the police knowing what she does. Nora explains that she's a lawyer and can't violate her oath. Lindsay continues to prod her; Nora says Sam would understand. Lindsay suggests Nora drop a hint. Sam "appears" in the judge's seat and wonders if he WOULD understand. She is accused of crimes of the heart and deceit, that she is hiding behind the rules. Suddenly Sam and Lindsay disappear and Nora is left alone after almost hearing herself being sentenced by "Sam the judge." She steps down from the witness stand and attempts to call Dorian, who won't pick up the phone.

Back at the Buchanan house, Asa makes a phone call to an unknown female. He says there's work to be done.

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