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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on DAYS
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Monday, July 19, 1999

Brandon, by the Kiriakis pool, tells Sami that he likes the fire she has. Sami tells him "what a crock" and says she is not endeared to him because of his sister. Brandon says he knew they were close, but Sami says that was before she married Loser Roberts. Brandon says he can understand both her and Eric's position, and he says that he read all about her story in the papers. When he mentions Roberto's confession, Sami informs him that Lucas confessed as well.

Brandon says what Lucas did was noble. Sami says that is the problem, Lucas isn't a noble guy. Brandon says that Nicole believes he is and she trusts him. Sami asks Brandon if Nicole is happy with Lucas? Brandon knows what she is up to and says that Nicole and Lucas are very happy, but Sami doesn't think that is true. Sami asks if Nicole is in love with Lucas? Brandon tells her to concentrate on her own life. Sami says that her son is her life, and she won't stop until she gets him back.

Nicole tells herself that if anyone learned why she married Lucas, she could lose everything. Suddenly, Lucas gives his wife a call. Lucas tells her that he is on his way home with Will, so she can baby sit him. Nicole tells Lucas that Sami is here investigating their marriage. Lucas says that they both know why she married him, so he could protect her and make her happy. Later, Nicole tells herself that she'll never love Lucas like she loves Eric, but Lucas is a good guy and she can't let him learn what his mother has done. Nicole then makes a call to a Mr. Swanson to make another stock purchase.

Lucas shows up with Will and Brandon takes Will to play. Lucas yells at Sami for harassing Nicole, but Nicole shows up and puts on a little show for Sami, hanging all over Lucas. She asks her honey not to be angry at Sami for looking out for Will's best interest. Lucas tells Nicole that it is very nice of her to tolerate Sami. Lucas asks Sami to please leave, and Lucas and Nicole decide to watch Will swim. Sami leaves, and Lucas tells Nicole that she handled Sami perfectly, and he's glad she and Will are getting closer. Back in the mansion, Sami spots a letter from Rosa to Kate via air mail. She wonders why Kate is getting mail from Rosa?

Eric and Greta are walking in the park talking about their night at the Cheatin Heart. Greta tells Eric how she always wanted to be sophisticated and accomplished like her mother was, but the explosion that scared her face changed everything. Eric tells her she better start catching up because she attracts men like beautiful flowers attract bees. Greta says that John said that to her mother, and Eric says he used to say it to Marlena when he was little. They both talk about what a great father John was, and Greta becomes sad as she thinks of her mother.

Greta says she needs to find out what happened to her mom, and Eric offers to help her. Greta says that would mean they would have to go to Europe and he has his job, but Eric says this would get him away from his problems. Eric asks Greta to tell him about her mother and John. Greta says if he wants to know about her mother then he should study Hope, she is acting more and more like her mother everyday. Eric convinces Greta to go to Europe together and search for the truth.

Bo asks John what happened out in the ocean. John tells Bo that he doesn't know, he just remembers trying to rescue a woman. Bo asks John if the woman was "Hope"? John says that is ridiculous, but Bo tells him all about how "Hope" left town after his wedding. He explains everything that happened, and that "Hope," as Gina, kidnapped him. Bo asks John if she did? John says he doesn't remember, he's sorry. John doesn't understand how "Hope" could have pulled this off. Bo says he can't prove his theory, but he knows it is possible.

John says maybe he just passed out, but Bo says no. Bo asks what happened to his wedding band? John says he probably lost it in the ocean, but Bo says no way, its just anther stange happening. Bo says he disappeared, and then reappeared, and he thinks his missing status is thanks to one Gina Von Amberg. John still doesn't believe how "Hope" could be responsible. Bo tells John that he doesn't have the whole story, and tells him about Stefano's turn up in Hawaii. Later, John gets ready to leave, and Bo apologizes to John for troubling him. Bo says he will handle the search for Hope and whatever comes up with Stefano.

Stefano is in a robe and is on the phone, he learns that John survived. Gina also shows up, in a robe, and Stefano calls her a sweet lady. Stefano tells Gina that John is alive, and Gina thanks him for sparing John's life. Stefano asks "he means that much to you?" Stefano says she doesn't have to answer, he can tell by her silence. Gina says she is sorry, and Stefano says she should be. Stefano tells Gina that she looks like Princess Gina most of the time, and acts like her, but she's not her, exactly. Gina tells Stefano that she knows he was in love with her. Stefano says he realizes now that he didn't know the real Gina as well as he thought he did.

Gina tells him that she has all the real Gina's memories, and she knows that the real Gina never knew the depth of his feelings. She says he was always off somewhere with other women, he was never faithful. Stefano says he gave her the world, she owed him everything! Gina says she owed him nothing, she was never under his control. Stefano looks at her and says "but you are!" Gina reminds Stefano that he made her like Gina, so if the real Gina was going to betray him, why would she be any different?

Stefano says he doesn't know what to think anymore, he has been hurt by her. Gina tells Steffie that she made a mistake with John, has she not more than made up for it? When she says this, she grabs his face and whispers in his ear that she has learned her lesson. She tells Stefano that she will go to Europe with him and steal the last Rennet for him, that is still his plan? Stefano tells her yes that is the plan. Stefano tells Gina that she can't go back to Salem now. Gina says that they will have so much fun together.

Stefano says they have a problem, Bo is capable of hunting them down. Gina says she is not worried about Bo, he will eventually have to give up on her. Stefano asks if she can truly live without John? Gina says that the real Princess Gina couldn't, but she can. Stefano remembers when John left Gina and how Gina fell into a deep depression and let herself go. Stefano tells Gina, the new one, that the real Gina couldn't take losing John, and he fears history will repeat itself. Back in the flashback, Gina tells Stefano that he'll have to find someone else to do his work. Stefano suggests they go to Maison Blanche where he can look after her. Gina thinks she might be able to see Greta, and Stefano says of course she can. When she asks to see John, Stefano says it is not possible because John is dead.

In the present, Stefano says he remembers how heartbroken Gina was when she thought John was dead. Gina asks him what did he expect? Gina then asks Stefano what happened to Gina after the transformation, how did she die? Stefano tells her not to worry about that! Gina asks why he is yelling at her? Stefano apologizes and says he doesn't like talking about Princess Gina. Later, Gina remembers John telling her, before he was dragged off, that the letter would tell her where to go. She wonders what letter he was talking about?

In a castle in Paris, we hear a woman weeping as she reads a letter. The letter is John's, and the woman is an old and wrinkled Princess Gina!

Tuesday, July 20, 1999

At his place, Austin calls Carrie, but learns she is out with Mike Horton. Sami shows up to see Austin and tells him how disgusting Nicole is and how she has to prove Nicole is just acting like Lucas' wife and Will's step-mom. Sami rants to Austin about how everything is one big lie. Austin says there is no way to prove that. Sami says she has something better, she has a letter from Rosa to Kate, which she intends to steam open. After opening the letter, Sami learns that Kate paid for Roberto's funeral. Sami wonders why Kate would do that? Sami asks Austin if he can find out how much money Kate gave Rosa and Roberto's mother.

Austin says he can, and realizes that Sami thinks that Kate bribed Roberto's family. Sami says that maybe Kate bribed Roberto into making a deathbed confession by promising to take care of his family. Austin tells Sami to just let all this go, but Sami says she can't forget what it felt like to know she was about to die. Sami says she is going to do everything she can to get Will back, she wants to be with Will all the time. Austin says that he may know a way that can happen.

At the Kiriakis pool, Lucas brings Brandon a beer while Nicole is upstairs reading Will a story. Brandon tells Lucas that marrying him was the smartest thing she ever did, making a comment about how well of she is now. Lucas asks him if he is saying Nicole married him for money? Brandon dodges answering the question, but says women love guys with money. Lucas tells Brandon that he knows what it's like to be poor, he and his mom came from nothing. However, he says money isn't the answer to all your problems. Brandon says it would answer his. Brandon says he what he wouldn't give to live this type of life. Brandon says he appreciates them allowing him to stay here, and it will give him a chance to clean-up his act.

Lucas asks Brandon what he wants here in Salem? Brandon says he only wants what is best for his sister, but he'd like to get married and have a kid. Lucas warns him to be very careful who he has kids with. Brandon asks how he and Sami could have Will if they hate each other? Lucas says it was a mistake, even though he loves Will. Lucas says Sami is a monster, but Brandon begs to differ and says she is hot. Lucas says "Don't tell me your into her!" Brandon asks about Sami's financial situation. Lucas says she is well off thanks to her parents, but Sami is a witch. Brandon asks why he tried to save Sami if he hates her, and Lucas says he did it for Will's sake. Brandon says Sami sounds like she needs a man. Lucas agrees, but says the only man Sami wants is Austin, which he does NOT want to see happen. Brandon knows why, it is because Sami and Austin would try to get custody of Will.

Kate is worried about acquiring a very important company for Titan. She wishes Victor was by her side, and that Vivian doesn't show up for this meeting. Kate's assistant tells her that she doesn't have to worry about Vivian much longer, but Kate wonders if Vivian is really dying. Still, the assistant tells her that as long as she has controlling interest, she has nothing to worry about. Vivian is getting ready for the big meeting and is happy that Stefano is out of the country because she doesn't have to pretend she is dying. Vivian tells Nicholas that all she has to do is convince Victor to let her run the company, and Nicholas says he has a few ideas on how to do that, and then they leave for this meeting.

In the Titan board room, the meeting begins and some of the others wonder where Vivian is. Kate says it is best they start without her. However, Vivian shows up and puts on her sick show. The meeting starts and one of the men says that Kate wants a large loan to acquire a new internet company. Kate wants to sell them on the idea, but they say they have already made their decision. The men say the fact is that Titan is losing money. Vivian says that Kate has had a lot of personal problems, so they can't blame her ignoring Titan. Kate says her problems are over and Titan is her number one priority. Still, the men turn down Kate's loan request, and Vivian says she agrees with their choice. The man suggests that Kate bring in Vivian to help run the company. Kate refuses and says she will get the money elsewhere. After they leave, Kate tells Vivian to wipe that smile off her face or she will!

Vivian tells Kate that Victor is going to realize she is not capable of running this company. Kate tells Vivian that she will never see Victor, and will never get her talons into him or his company. Kate walks out and Vivian says we'll see about that. Vivian asks Nicholas if he can distract Kate for a bit while she tries to meet Victor. Nicholas goes to see Kate and tells her that he thinks he can help her. Kate asks how he could help her, and Nicholas says he has a proposition for her.

Ali's locker is filled with pictures of Carrie, which have faces drawn all over them, and she continues to talk to and abuse her Carrie doll. Claire shows up and asks Ali who she was just talking to? Ali tells her mom that she was just rehearsing a press statement. They bicker about Ali's lucidity, and Ali tells her mom that she craves the attention she is getting. Ali accuses her mom of being jealous of her because she's getting all the attention. Claire says she just wishes she'd keep her eye on the prize. Ali says she knows what she is doing, she's going to out PR Carrie and expose her for the slut she is.

Nancy and Craig are busy gossiping about Carrie and Mike, and Nancy feels bad for Carrie, who thinks Mike is perfect. Craig tells Nancy that she has to get over these guilty feelings. Craig says that maybe it will do Carrie some good, she'll finally realize Mike isn't worthy of the pedestal she's put him on. Craig is positive that Carrie will turn on Mike and their love boat will become the Titanic. They then talk to Claire and Ali. Ali is all dressed up and ready to meet with tons of news people, and her lawyer. In fact, she has been asked to be the national spokes person for sexual harassment in the workplace. Ali says she is going to nail Mike because you always hurt the one you love, her mother taught her that. Later, Ali is snubbed by another nurse when she asks for the sign out sheet.

Carrie is upset with Mike for keeping the truth from her. Carrie says she has made a complete fool of herself, Ali was the one telling the truth all along. Mike says it was a mistake, but Carrie says that isn't making her feel better. Mike says Ali is obsessed with him, he never made her any promises, he didn't have to promise her anything to get her into bed. Mike asks Carrie to tell him that she believes him, but Carrie says she doesn't know what to believe anymore. Mike tells her that she is the only one he loves and wants to believe that, but Carrie wonders if he said the same thing to Ali.

Mike says he didn't, and all they did was share some silly pillow talk. Mike thinks this is all about revenge, she is trying to punish him. Carrie tells Mike that he may be the one in denial and Ali's lawsuit could be justified! Mike says he made no promises to Ali, but Carrie says it is her word against his. Mike apologizes for lying to her, but says she knows he couldn't abuse his power like Ali is saying he did. Carrie says she has to go back to work, but Mike wants to know she still believes in him. Carrie tells Mike that right now, she can't say that.

Carrie shows back up at the hospital and when Ali sees the look on her face, Ali says to Carrie, with a big smile, "you know, don't you!" Carrie says she talked to Mike. Ali says good, now you know Mike and I had a night of steamy sex. Ali asks Carrie how she's going to defend her boyfriend now? Mike goes to the Java Cafe and thinks about making love to Carrie. Craig and Nancy walk by and see how upset Mike is. Craig realizes this is the perfect time to make his move. Craig tells Mike that he has some advice for him, he should resign.

Wednesday, July 21, 1999

Austin tells Sami that no judge on the planet would have denied her from having her son if the custody hearing was held after her release. Therefore, she needs to accept Lucas' deal for now. Sami can't believe what Austin is saying, but Austin says if she plays hardball with Lucas, she could lose everything. Sami asks him why he is pushing this compromise? He knows Lucas could slip up and hurt Will. Austin says he will be there when he does, he's moving in with his mom and Lucas. Sami doesn't think Kate or Lucas will go for the idea, but Austin says Kate will if he pretends like he wants to be close to her again. Sami thanks Austin for offering to do this. However, Sami asks if this means he is giving up on his marriage? Austin says regardless what happens between Carrie and him, he promised to take care of her and Will and he won't break that promise. Austin asks her what she thinks, and Sami says she loves it and they should do it.

Nicole tells Brandon that Lucas wants to have more kids, but she's not ready for that. She mentions that Eric wanted a big family, and Brandon tells her that she has to forget about Eric. Nicole says that she can't. Brandon doesn't understand Nicole, she's living in Heaven on earth! Nicole says Lucas is sweet, but she had fun with Eric. Brandon says that Eric is a hothead, he met him at the Cheatin' Heart when he was with Greta, and Eric seemed very protective of her. Nicole says she had no idea Eric and Greta were becoming close. Nicole decides to go shopping, and Brandon's new girl friend Amber shows up. After Nicole is gone, Brandon pretends the mansion is his to impress her.

In Salem Place, Eric just bought two tickets to Paris with the money he was going to use to put a down payment on a house. Greta tells Eric that if he wants to talk about Nicole, but Eric cuts her off and says no. Eric asks her about the bayou, and Greta tells him that it was thanks to Bo she left the bayou. Eric then talks to Greta about love and what type of man she deserves. As they hug, Nicole shows up and sees them together, and she's not happy. Greta and Eric take a walk and Greta tries to teach Eric some French. As they walk, they just happen to walk right into Nicole.

Nicholas takes Kate out to the Blue Note for a drink. Kate asks him if Vivian put him up to this? Nicholas says if she had come to him earlier he could have helped her get the loan because he's an investment banker, and he's still willing to help her. Kate still thinks he is working for Vivian and is searching for her soft spot. Nicholas says he would like to see her and Vivian working together, but Kate says that will never happen. Kate think Vivian is only after Victor, but Nicholas says Vivian is dying and she's (Kate) married to the man. Kate tells Nicholas that she is not married to him. Kate explains to him how Vivian voided her marriage by revealing that her supposedly dead husband wasn't dead. She says they were going to remarry, but Vivian made sure it didn't happen.

Kate says she is committed to Victor and considers him her husband in every way. Nicolas asks if Victor is committed to her? Kate says she has no doubt in her mind that he is, and asks what he is thinking? Nicholas says that Victor once had very strong feelings for his aunt Vivian, is she sure those feelings won't re-emerge? Kate says that hell would freeze over first! Nicholas tells her that she's a young and vibrant woman, and Victor is well, not in great shape. Kate says that Victor will recover and they will be together again. Kate excuses herself to freshen up, and a woman at the bar hits on Nicholas. Nicholas invites the woman to join him. As the woman flirts with Nicholas, Kate watches from the background. After she leaves, Kate returns and tells him to feel free to get to know that girl. Nicholas says he is into women with more intellectual material. Nicholas tells Kate that he hopes to end the feud between her and his aunt Vivian. Nicholas says he wants to his aunt happy, which prompts Kate to realize that Vivian isn't sick, she isn't even dying! Kate confronts Nicholas on this issue, but he says his aunt is dying and he just wants her to enjoy the time she has left. Nicholas tells her that she is spending too much time on others and not on herself. He tells her that she should get out there and enjoy herself. Kate admits that it has been a long time, and Nicholas says he'd like to help change that.

Vivian, disguised as housecleaning, breaks into Victor's room at the home. Victor goes to call security, but Vivian asks him not to and hear her out. Vivian tells Victor that Kate is going to Chief of Stafft him Titan, but Victor says he trusts Kate. He tells her to leave and he never wants to see her again. Vivian asks him to just listen to her, Kate is ruining Titan. She says that her 49% of Titan is worth much less than what it was when Stefano inherited it. Vivian says she would like to make peace with Kate so she can help run Titan, but Victor doesn't believe a word she is saying. Victor tells her to stay away from Titan and stay away from Kate. Vivian says she will, after he looks at her proposal. Vivian says it is a deal to buy a sales company, because Kate's deal fell through. She says she wants to bring Titan back to its glory days, but Victor still thinks she's out to destroy Kate and get him back, that is why she married Stefano to get his 49% of Titan stock. Vivian says her marriage to Stefano was a mistake, he (Victor) is the only man she has ever loved. Victor says it will never be like that again. Vivian knows he is right and thanks him for at least looking at her proposal.

Mike tells Craig that he is not going to resign. Craig says that this lawsuit is tearing the staff apart. Craig goes on and tells Mike that Claire and Ali are out to bring him down. Mike thinks he has the full support of the board, but Craig says soon the board will turn on him and Carrie will have her hands full defending him. Mike says that he doesn't know where Carrie stands right now. Mike tells Craig that he told Carrie the truth, but he still thinks she'll support him. Mike says that he is not guilty of sexual harassment. Craig tells Mike that Ali is a woman scorned and won't stop until both he and Carrie have paid. As they talk, Mike remembers how badly Craig wanted the CHIEF OF STAFF job and to what lengths he would go to have gotten it. Craig tells Mike that was a long ago, he respects him now. Mike thanks him and asks Craig to testify in court that Ali is obsessed with him. Craig says he will stand by him.

Carrie goes out to the terrace and thinks about what Mike and Ali said to her. Ali follows Carrie out there and tells Carrie that she probably feels bad about slandering her at the press conference. Ali tells her that she's the crazy one now. Ali tells Carrie that she doesn't understand why she gave up a great guy like Austin. Carrie says she hasn't given up on Austin, so Ali asks her why she is always spending time with Mike? Ali asks Carrie, now that she knows the truth, if she can blame her for filing this lawsuit and seeking justice? Carrie says if her allegations are true, she wouldn't blame her.

However, Mike didn't know she was a candidate for head nurse, he didn't use it to get her in bed. Still, Ali asks Carrie why Mike hid it from her all this time? Ali tells Carrie she can see disappointment all over her face. Carrie tells her that she only has revenge on her mind, and she and her mom are only out for the money. Ali tells Carrie that the entire hospital knows she and Austin broke up because of her relationship with Mike. She says it is kind of sad that she through her marriage down the tubes for a man she can no longer trust. Carrie says that her relationship with Mike is strictly professional. Ali asks Carrie if Mike lied to her about sleeping with her, couldn't he be lying about sexually harassing her too? Ali says she will win this law suit and Mike's days as CHIEF OF STAFF are numbered. Ali decides to leave, and the board members show up to talk with Carrie. Ali tells them that Carrie knows exactly what Mike did to her. The board members ask Carrie to level with them, is there any truth to her claim? Ali runs into Mike at Salem Place and tells him that she had a long talk with Carrie, and there is no way she'll defend him!

Thursday, July 22, 1999

Austin shows up at Titan and learns from Lucas that Vivian has Sami's office, and Nicholas has Carrie's old office. Lucas says if he had been around more he'd know these things, and he's lucky he still has a job, unlike his marriage. Austin tells Lucas that he should talk, his marriage has been a joke since day one. Lucas says at least he has a marriage, and it will last a long time. Austin tells him that he really has a real commitment with Nicole. Lucas yells at Austin that he and Nicole go to bed every night with smiles. Austin doesn't understand why Lucas saved Sami, and now wants to share Will with her, is he trying to ease his guilty conscious? Lucas says he's confusing him with his wife! Austin tells him not to make another crack about Carrie. Lucas apologizes and says he was out of line, he's trying to work on letting go of his grudges. A fax comes in for Lucas from his lawyer, it is a copy of the joint custody forms. Austin tells Lucas that maybe he can get Sami to change her mind, but Lucas doesn't think that will ever happen. He tells him to work on saving his marriage instead.

Nicole asks Eric if she can talk to him alone. Greta decides to go get them some coffee, so she leaves. Nicole tells Eric that she has a modeling shoot coming up, but Eric says no, her husband can hire another photographer to fall in love with her. Nicole asks if Lucas knows he's quitting? Eric says no, but he will probably be happy to know both of the Brady twins are gone. Nicole wishes it didn't have to be this way. Eric tells her what a horrible person she is, marrying Lucas without breaking up with him and then forcing her sister to make appointments to see her son. Nicole says Will is happy, but Eric says Will is stuck with a dad who paid for his wife and a step-mom who married the highest bidder. Nicole says "you hate me" and Eric tells her that she's not the woman he thought she was. Greta returns and asks if she is interrupting? Eric tells her no, he and Nicole are through. Nicole learns that Greta and Eric are going to Paris together and she is obviously upset. Lucas shows up to pick up Nicole, and they leave. Nicole tells Lucas that Eric and Greta are going to Paris, and Lucas says he's glad Eric has moved on. Nicole says she is too, and that Eric is quitting Titan. Lucas says he's crushed. Lucas sees that Nicole has some lingerie in her bag, and then suggests they go over to the Blue Note to cheer up his mom. Nicole can't believe Kate didn't get the load because she thought Kate always got what she wanted. Lucas says she has a lot to learn about his mom.

Nicholas asks Kate how a woman like her ended up as CEO of Titan. Kate asks Nicholas why he is interested in her life? Nicholas says that he wants to know everything about her. Kate says she ended up as CEO because of Victor, but she had to work her way up from the bottom. Kate tells Nicholas about the offer that Victor made her when he gave her the job of CEO. Kate asks him if Vivian gave him this list of questions? Nicholas says no, and Kate says she can't trust a man who is devoted to her worst enemy. Nicholas asks her who she can trust, and she says Victor. Nicholas hopes she will learn to trust him. He makes a comment that Victor is old enough to be her father, and Kate says age doesn't matter to her. Nicholas is happy to hear that and asks her to dance with him. They dance, and Kate says she better go see Victor. Nicholas tells her that she can't, and Kate asks why not?

Kate ends up going back to Titan and is shocked to see Austin in her office. She says she has missed him and hopes this is a friendly visit. Austin says he's missed her and wanted to see her. Kate invites him to spend an evening at the mansion with her and he can see Will, but Austin doesn't know what to say when he asks for his mommy. Kate says that Lucas is a good father to Will, and he is staying sober. Kate rambles on and on about Lucas and says all she's ever wanted is the best for her family, her entire family. Austin hopes she means it and asks if he can stay in the guest house. Kate tells him of course he can, and that she wants him to come home and get away from Sami's lies and allegations.

In Victor's room, Vivian tells Victor that if he could forgive her then she could die happy. Victor tells her to stop lying, she's not dying! Vivian says she'd never lie to him, at least not about her feelings. Victor says that life is short and he has lost so many people who mean so much to him. Vivian says she is still here, and begs Victor to forgive her. Victor asks Vivian to swear to him that she's telling the truth about her illness. Vivian says he can't use her past against her, she is telling him the truth, unlike Kate. When Victor says he intends to make Kate his wife when he gets out of this place, Vivian blurts out "over my dead body!" Vivian says that she is just very upset about this. A nurse shows up and is angry with Vivian and says she has to leave, but Victor says she may stay. Victor tells Vivian that she has too much verve for a dying woman. Vivian says she's not dead yet and intends on going out with a bang.

Nicholas returns home and pours himself a drink. He opens his briefcase and pulls out Kate's Titan reports. He says that Kate has been without a man for far too long. Vivian returns home and tells Nicholas about the progress she made with Victor today. Nicholas tells her that she needs to be brave and take the next step, divorce Stefano.

Ali tells Mike that she predicts he losses his job and Carrie. Mike tells Ali that they never should have slept together, and they both know he never promised her the head nurse job. Ali starts asking Mike when and where he and Carrie got it on? Mike becomes upset with her and Ali asks him what he's going to do now? Ali starts telling Mike how she still loves him, and he tells her that she can't force someone to love you. Mike says he couldn't have promised her the head nurse job to get in bed because he didn't know she was on the list. Ali tells him that he did say he would give her a promotion, and Mike remembers some of the little comments he made to her. Mike tells Ali that he was kidding when he mentioned the head nurse position, but Ali tells him to save it for the jury. She tells him that he must take after his father. She says that she and Carrie have one thing in common, they both made the mistake of trusting him. Ali has to go see her lawyer, but asks Mike to have Carrie call her and maybe they can do lunch. Mike says she is the last person Carrie wants to see, but Ali says that would be him. After Mike leaves, a woman asks Ali for her autograph and admires her for what she is doing.

At the hospital, the board members ask Carrie if Mike has been less than honest? Carrie says she believes that Mike did not promise Ali anything. The board members ask if she believes Ali is delusional, but Carrie says she may have been mistaken when she said that, in light of the fact that she passed Ali's exam. The board members ask if she means there may be some truth to Ali's claims? Nancy and Craig butt into the conversation, and the board members ask Craig for his opinions on Ali's work performance after she and Mike broke up. Lexie shows up and hears Craig tell the board members how Ali messed up in the OR and Mike yelled at her. Lexie says she wants to put her two cents in, and says she does not believe Ali's allegations, and Mike's yelling at Ali in the OR was justified, and he even apologized to her afterwards. Lexie says that the public has confidence in Mike just like his grandfather, but the board members say they believe it would be best if Mike stepped down as COS. Carrie says they can't fire Mike, he has done so much for this hospital. The board members say that Mike made a bad judgment call, but Carrie and Lexie say if they fire him it will make them look bad for hiring him. Carrie says they should support Mike and together they can all stop Ali. Carrie says that she believes Ali has twisted everything around and she believes Mike did not use his power to get Ali into bed. At this point, Mike returns and hears Carrie's words of support. The board members allow Mike to stay on as COS, and Carrie decides to announce this on the news. Later, Mike thanks Carrie for what she said. Still, Carrie says she still believes he made a big mistake. Carrie says she has made mistakes as well, and can't afford to make another one.

Friday, July 23, 1999

Vivian tells Nicholas how she relishes these leisurely mornings. Nicholas says it sounds like she's ready to end her marriage to the man, but Vivian says that's not a good juncture right now. Vivian says she has a lot to accomplish as Stefano's bride, he hasn't begun to pay! Nicholas tells her that if Stefano finds out what your up to, but Vivian says the man has no regard for her life, that is why she must make him pay. Vivian says she also want to win Victor back, but has to deal with Kate. Nicholas says he will take care of Kate. Vivian asks her nephew why he wants to spend so much time with Kate? Nicholas says that he only wants to allow her to have a chance with Victor because only he made her feel truly happy and complete. However, she can't be happy with Victor until she gets rid of Stefano. Vivian asks what about my revenge? Nicholas says she will get that when Stefano learns she is not dying and won't give back his stocks. Vivian still thinks she'll be safer staying married to Stefano and keeping up this rouse, but Nicholas tells her now is the time for her to get away from him.

Stefano tells Rolf that he should have seen Gina's betrayal coming. Stefano explains to Rolf what happened with Gina and John out on the sub. Stefano rants and raves how he gave Gina his heart and soul. Rolf says he is sorry, but now realizes why Gina was so desperate for John to remember his past. Stefano tells Rolf that it was Gina who knocked him unconscious. Stefano says that he had John neutralized, so he won't remember anything, but he has big plans for Gina. Stefano says he will send Gina to Paris to rest, and then he will join her and they will steal the last Rennet. Stefano says that Gina made up for her betrayal, and then blamed him for her betrayal by giving her all of the real Gina's memories. Stefano reflects on the first time he made Hope Gina, she didn't know John was alive and still thought he was dead. However, this time she knew John was alive, and that is why she betrayed him. Stefano thinks that Gina has accepted John will never be a part of her life again, and he will make Gina happy. Rolf asks what about Bo? Stefano says even if he finds Gina, he can only transform her back via the satellite. Rolf reminds Stefano that he has a wife, but Stefano says that Gina has not been loyal to him! He sometimes wonders if Vivian knows he owns the townhouse and artworks. Rolf says if that is the case, he needs to devote his attention to her. Rolf says Vivian could be out for revenge if she learns about the microchip, and he says they must not allow that to happen.

Bo visits Alice and tells her that Stefano has taken Hope away from them again. He explains how and when Stefano turned Hope back into Gina. Alice is upset and asks if he has seen her since the wedding reception? Bo says no, she is in Europe, and that is why he is going there. Bo promises her that he will bring Hope home. Bo then explains to her that John was probably never a priest, and John and Gina were in love, which is why she tried to stop the wedding. Alice says that Greta says her mother fell apart when she lost John, could the same thing happen to Hope? Bo says that or much worse, which is why he must find her. Alice asks Bo if he knows how to undo what Stefano did? Bo says he has a way to get her back and DiMera won't be able to stop him. Alice asks how, and Bo says he plans to reach her soul and drive out GIna. Bo knows their love can conquer Stefano's manipulations. Bo says he will go to Europe and immerse himself in Gina's world so he can learn her strengths and weaknesses, then he will save Hope. Alice thinks that if anyone can do it, he can.

Gina arrives in Paris at her old house and is stunned to find that it has become overgrown with vines. Gina finds the hidden key and says that she has to find the letter if she hopes to have a future with John. Gina unlocks the door and enters her house. Everything is covered with old sheets, and she is haunted by ghosts from her past. She remembers when the house was alive and she and Greta lived here, and were planning a grand ball. SHe then becomes sad when she thinks about John and how she only had him back for a few glorious hours. When she thinks about what she did with Stefano, she says she feels so dirty and ashamed. Gina reaches into her purse and pulls out John's wedding ring and swears that John will be hers again. Gina remembers more of her times with John after she sent Greta to visit the Vatican. She says if John gave her a letter she should have remembered it, and says it must still be here somewhere. She begins to search through her old desk, but finds nothing. She does find a letter which reminds her of the time John gave her some silver candle sticks for the anniversary of the first time they made love. She looks in the drawer for the sticks, but finds they are gone. She lights up a cigarette and refuses to lose John to Marlena again.

The real Princess Gina, reads John's letter, which instructs her to go to the country house where he will meet her. Kurt returns home, and Gina thinks he is John. Kurt says that it is only him, he went to pick her fresh gardenias, and went to town for groceries. Kurt notices she has been painting, but is shocked by what she has painted. Gina asks him if he likes it and he says ye, but says she should paint something other than portraits of John. Gina says she will paint whatever she wishes, and he puts it with all the other portraits of John. Gina tells Kurt that he has been so good to her, so she will paint him a seascape one day. Gina tells Kurt that when John comes for her, they will take him with them and find a doctor to restore the feeling to his leg. Kurt tells her that being whole again is only a fantasy, just like her fantasy that John will come for her. Gina tells Kurt that John is coming back, and Kurt apologizes. Later, Gina pulls out her silver candlesticks and lengths them for dinner. She continues reading John's letter and asks him to please hurry and find her.

In Hawaii, John tells Marlena that he's trying to remember what happened in the ocean, but he can't. Marlena tells him not to dwell on it, the important thing is that he's alive. John asks what happened to the drowning woman. Marlena doesn't know, but says no body has appeared. John wonders if Bo's theory was right, and that woman was Hope living as Gina. He wonders if Stefano could have sent her to reclaim him as his pawn. However, Marlena tells John that she honestly doesn't think Stefano was involved in his kidnapping. John says that perhaps it was Hope as Gina who was responsible for it all. He says obviously all of Hope's memories were real, he was never a priest and he and Gina were probably lovers. Marlena says that would explain why she left after the wedding, she realized she had lost him, which Marlena is glad about. John wants to tell her something, but Marlena says she's already noticed he lost his ring. However, John has something else to tell her. John says he's worried about Hope now that Stefano has turned her back into Gina. Marlena says that Stefano won't even admit he did it. John says Gina must have enough ammunition to put Stefano away, and suggests he could find her and pretend he was the man she loved. Marlena tells John that will place him in terrible danger from both Stefano and Gina. John doesn't think he is in danger from Gina, what will she do, erase his love for her (Marlena)? Still, Marlena refuses to let John risk their future. John promises her that she won't lose him.

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