General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 26, 1999 on GH

Luke and Felicia decided to keep quiet about Lila and Edward's confession. Sonny had a breakdown. Chloe prepared to marry Ned.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 26, 1999 on GH
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Monday, July 26, 1999

In the street, Jax and Chloe dance slowly to the music of a romantic saxophonist. Jax buys his dance partner all the flowers that a street vendor has to sell before he and Chloe discuss her upcoming marriage. When Jax learns that his friend is fond of chocolate, he offers to purchase her a triple chocolate wedding cake.

In his penthouse, Sonny wipes blood from his hands and smashes several glasses as he ignores his ringing telephone (Hannah is on the other end, of course).

At the Quartermaine mansion, Lila will not let Edward take the blame for Elliott's murder. Lila then confesses that it was she who killed Edward's lookalike. Edward repeatedly interrupts and attempts to make light of the situation, asserting that a sixty year old secret needn't be disturbed now. At Luke's insistence, Edward describes the events that preceded the murder. Evidently, Edward's father was understanding and supportive of the burgeoning romance between his son and Lila. Lila eventually takes over, describing the exact circumstances of the murder. The night that she killed Elliott, she had made a trip to the Quartermaine home at Oyster Bay. Unbeknownst to her, Elliott had followed her to her lover's property and was more than dismayed to discover his fiancée waiting for the love of another man. When he confronted her and tried to force himself on her, Lila killed him with the fireplace tool. Later, when Edward arrived, he would not permit his love to call the police because self-defense was not a credible defense in those days. The remaining pieces of the fireplace set were then given to Jennings Sr. and Edward soon left to join the Navy.

When Luke and Felicia inquire as to why they were kept locked in the crypt, Reginald enters the room and confesses to having sealed the crypt door shut. The gentleman then reveals that Jennings Sr. aided Edward in placing Elliott's body in the drawer with George's. When Edward asks Luke and Felicia if he should contact his attorneys, both Felicia and Luke promise never to say a word about the Quartermaine secret.

Outside the Quartermaine mansion, Luke tells Felicia that he is departing for adventures unknown and asks if she would like to accompany him. She politely declines but offers her friend a hug in consolation.

In his hospital room, Juan asks Emily if Sonny is nearby. Emily tells her friend that Sonny was by Juan's side for hours and the young boy seems mildly comforted. Then Bobbie enters to explain the details of the operation to Juan and urges him to tell the hospital staff if something is wrong. After Bobbie departs, Emily has to explain to Juan that Sonny is not his father and that Mr. Santiago is in Port Charles. She then explains that Miguel Morez is Juan's real father and that Sonny visited Juan in Puerto Rico as part of a promise to Lily. Bobbie overhears Emily telling Juan that Monica disapproves of her friendship with him and captures Monica's attention so that Emily can leave Juan's room unnoticed. At his bedside, Monica tells Juan that her daughter is forbidden to ever see him again.

At Kelly's, Tammy urges a concerned Hannah to give Sonny his space. Hannah, fearing the worst, goes to his penthouse. Despite repeated knocks, Sonny does not answer the door. Hannah returns to Kelly's and tells Tammy and Mike, rather perfunctorily, that Sonny is in trouble. Mike contends that the best course of action as far as Sonny is concerned is to wait.

Meanwhile, in his apartment, Sonny throws his pictures of Lily and Juan into a fire burning steadily in the fireplace.

At his club, Luke telephones Herr Krieg and offers to transport "some product" tomorrow.

Having returned from New York, Chloe gives Jax an invitation to her wedding before bidding her companion goodnight.

Faison watches Mac, Felicia, Maxie, and Georgie from a phone booth outside Kelly's. When Maxie leaves something behind, Faison returns it to her before stalking off into the night.

Tuesday, July 27, 1999

Helena Jax & Ned
Ned asks Jax to help him pick out the perfect wedding band for Chloe. Ned thinks the ring they picked out is plain, but Jax says it is elegant and understated just like Chloe. You can tell that this is getting to Ned that Jax is married to Alexis. The Shower
Chloe tells Carly how welcome she has made her feel. Also that she thinks Carly looks like she fits right it and is perfectly at ease with the Quartermaines. Emily tells Monica that she is not going to go to Chloe's shower, it is mostly older people going to be there. She is told to go tell Chloe and to tell her way. Chloe agrees that she should be with her friend in the hosiptal, so Emily asks for some advice and twists everything around that she was told. But Em does decide to go to the shower. Chloe tells Alexis that she feels like she is being set up. Emily is going to take pictures. Monica tells Bobbie that 2 months ago when Chloe came she was normal. Now Ned's ex girlfriend is her maid of honor at her wedding to Ned. Chloe tells everyone that she cannot tell them how much she appreciates things and how much Carly has done for her. She starts to open presents and everyone has given her a sexy nightgowns. There is a comment about how much Ned will love one and Chloe and Alexis exchange looks. Carly gets upset and goes out to the garden with Bobbie following. She tells her mother if they could make it any clearer....they give Chloe nightgrowns because they like her...they gave it to her because she is a tramp. She is so tired of being on the outside looking in. Bobbie gives her a pep talk and they go back inside. Monica is starting to make a toast but Carly steps up and takes over...she welcomes Chloe to the family on behalf of Lila and the rest of the Quartermaines...Emily and Monica look like they want to throw up. Chloe and Alexis talk and they are both ok with what is happening, unlike Jax and Ned. Carly & AJ
Carly tells AJ to remember that everyone that works at ELQ works for him and to use that. That they are all envious of him. He tells her that with her cheering him on there is nothing that they cannot do. AJ tells Carly that he has never had someone on his side like her before. Isn't that what marriage is all about she asks. Faison
Faison stops in to see Luke and tells him he is glad to hear that their project is on its way. He gives Luke a folder telling him that everything he needs is there. Luke wants the rest of the amount agreed upon, says he will take it in diamonds but Faison says he will have it in cash. Faison comes back to see Luke and questions him about this place being a bar but seeing a sweet little girl with the bartender earlier. Luke tells him that is her daughter and they don't card her because she carries fake id. He is told that Luke must be very proud of his family. Faison wants Luke to tell him everything he is up to and where he is at at all times. Luke tells him that is not going to happen...he has to be on the move right now and he will be in touch. Faison is watching Felicia and the girls play. Stefan
Stefan has to leave to take care of some business. He tells Laura is family business. Laura tells him that he is missing him already. He says he can remember a time she dreaded seeing him, and was told that those days are long gone, she counts on him now. She gives him a kiss good bye. A nurse is reading to Helena when Katherine to visit. She asks to see her alone and the nurse leaves, soon Stefan come in and they argue. Stefan tells Helena that Katherine will never know the true condition of her illness, and that she should of pick a more capable person that her. He tells Helena he is going away to consolidate the family holdings and that the lawyers are glad to be dealing with him again. She wants him to stop at the lab to see about the antidote for her and he tells her that it is not on his priority list. Laura goes to say good bye to Stefan again in private. She tells him she will be thinking about him and that she is counting on him being in her life. Luke & Laura
Laura takes Lulu to visit Luke. She ask him if it feels as weird to him as it does for her. She asks him about being locked in the crypt. Tells him that Lulu depends on him so to please keep that in mind. He tells her he has to keep moving right now. Laura has told Lulu that Luke was a gypsy king and Lulu liked that. He asks if she needs any money and is told there is always money in the account. Luke is packing to leave and he looks at the picture of Lucky on his desk. He tells the picture he will see him around and then leaves.

Wednesday, July 28, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Junice Dominguez.

Nikolas confronts Catherine in front of Liz on her attack on Liz. He tells Catherine he will never be fooled by her again and their relationship is over. Catherine angrily storms of but not before telling him she will be waiting for him when he comes to his senses. Nikolas realizes Catherine will never leave him alone.

Alexis promised Jax she would attend and give Jax legal advice at a meeting much to Ned's dismay. Ned tells Alexis he wants to spend time with her but Alexis had already promised Jax. Ned and Alexis both tell each other that they miss each other very much.

Emily visits Juan at the hospital. Alan walks in to catch her. He summons Monica to Juan's room. When Monica arrives, both Alan and Monica forbid Emily to every see Juan again. They even warn Juan to stay away from Emily. Catherine visits Helena. Catherine blames Helena for losing Nikolas. She vows to Helena that she will find away to get Nikolas back. Laura walks in on Catherine's vow and warns Catherine not to push her. Laura has Catherine thrown out of Stefan's home.

At the Quartermaine Home, Alan and Monica tell Emily they had planned to allow Emily visitation to Juan. But because Emily had broken their trust Alan and Monica have grounded Emily until further notice. In an impassioned voice, Emily pleaded for them to let her see Juan. Alan and Monica stood firm on their decision and Emily stormed off into the garden.

At the hospital, Juan's father tries to bond with his runaway son. Juan tells his father he want to join Laura Spencer's "Program Outreach" and stay in Port Charles. Juan's father informs Juan, he will return to Puerto Rico once Juan gets better.

At the restaurant, Ned writes a romantic letter to Alexis and has romantic memories of their relationship.

Nikolas waits for Liz after she ends her shift. He tells her playfully that he wants to be an art dealer with Liz as his first client. Laura confronts Helena and tells Helena the torturing she has caused is over and the only one who will be suffering is Helena herself. Faison, who had been hiding in the closet, steps out and gently tells Helena that all their plans will proceed as normal.

Thursday, July 29

After reading a touching love letter meant for Alexis, Chloe offered to back out of her marriage to Ned. Later, Alexis accidentally dropped a page of Ned's letter and a snooping Gertrude found it in Chloe's room. Ned bristled at Jax's warning to take good care of Chloe. Carly convinced AJ not to have Michael's first name changed. Jason told Maria that he was thinking about moving to Puerto Rico and they shared a kiss. Carly found an anguished Sonny when she went to see him at the penthouse.

Friday, July 30, 1999

Chloe is in the rose garden alone when Jax arrives. He teases her about trying to make a getaway. She laughs and asks if she has that fugitive look. She confesses that she was actually looking for him. Jax says that that is a coincidence because he was looking for her as well. There is something he needs to say to her before the wedding.

In Chloe's room, Aunt Gertrude has found the first page of Ned's letter to Alexis. She laughs gleefully as she reads what is written. She knows now that the wedding is a sham and she has all of the proof she needs. Alexis arrives to let Chloe know that the minister is ready and finds Gertrude instead.

Outside of Kelly's, Felicia is talking on her cell phone when Faison arrives. He watches her from behind a bush. Felicia goes into Kelly's and accidentally leaves her sunglasses on the table. Faison walks over and picks up the sunglasses and takes them with him. (ok side note, am I the only one totally creeped out by that eerie music they play when Faison is around?)

In Kelly's, Bobbie and Felicia make small talk about the wedding. Felicia inquires about Luke. She tells Bobbie that when Luke said goodbye to her, she got the distinct impression that he was going to do something he shouldn't be.

Jason and Maria are getting hot and heavy when he breaks away. Maria understands. There is someone else.

Carly keeps trying to talk to an almost comatose Sonny. He isn't responding to anything she says. When Carly asks to see the picture Sonny is holding, the one with the broken glass, Sonny ignores her, until she gently tries to take the picture away. Sonny grabs on to the picture tighter and has the look of a wounded animal in his eyes.

Carly explains to Sonny that he could hurt himself on the broken glass and she doesn't want that. Defeated, Sonny lets Carly take the broken picture away. She tells Sonny that she will be right back. She goes outside and tells the bodyguard to find Benny or Johnny. She demands that he not come back until he has found one of them. The bodyguard reluctantly leaves after Carly threatens to tell Jason that he gave her a hard time. Back inside the penthouse, Sonny is nowhere to be seen. Carly calls his name and then says that she is going to open the drapes to let in a little light. As she starts to open them, Sonny shields his eyes from the light and demands to know what she is doing.

Jax and Chloe have gone to the gazebo so that they can talk alone. Jax asks why Chloe was looking for her. Chloe says that she just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for helping her save her company, everything she has worked for. She knows it was Ned's brainchild, but Jax is the one who made it all possible. He is the one who saved the day when Gertrude found them in Las Vegas. Jax says that he hasn't changed the course of anything. Chloe is the one who had the problem. She came up with a creative solution. Good for her. Chloe asks what Jax had to say to her. Jax tells Chloe that he just wanted to tell her that he thinks that Ned is honorable, despite how he teases him to his face. Jax and Chloe are staring into each other's eyes longingly as Chloe quietly asks if Jax approves of her choice. Jax says yes. As he steps a little closer to her, he asks if he just said yes. They lean towards each other and are about to kiss, Edward arrives looking for Chloe. (Darn you Edward! Talk about bad timing!) Jax and Chloe look more than a little guilty. Jax and Chloe share a meaningful look as Jax wishes Chloe every happiness. Once Jax is gone, Edward turns to Chloe and says that he thinks they both know what she really wants. All she has to do is say the word and he will throw everyone out and tell them that there isn't going to be a wedding.

At Kelly's, Bobbie tells Felicia that she thinks that Luke just needs to keep moving right now. With everything that's happened with Lucky and Laura, he just needs to be away. Felicia says that she wants to help, but Bobbie explains that Luke doesn't want to be a burden. Mac arrives while the women are talking. He is hungry so he and Felicia decide to sit outside while Mac has something to eat. Once outside, Felicia realizes that her sunglasses are missing, but decides to look for them later. Mac tells Felicia that he knows she only came to Kelly's to see if Bobbie knew anything about Luke. Felicia can't deny it and explains that she is just worried about him. He seemed so strange when he said goodbye to her. Mac says that Luke lost his child. What could be more horrible? Of course he is acting a little strange. Felicia almost had the same experience so she was able to help. He tells Felicia that Luke is a pain in the butt to most people and she already did more for him than anyone else would have. He suggests that she stop trying to be something to Luke that she just can't be.

Mac tells Felicia that he isn't accusing her of anything. He loves the way she always wants to help people. Luke is a tough customer. He'll be fine. Mac says that he has been sharing Felicia with Luke for months, and he would like her to himself for a while. Felicia apologizes for neglecting him. Mac tells her that she doesn't need to apologize. He wants her life to be full, even if it means an occasional adventure without him. He would just like her to concentrate on the family once in a while too.

At the Q's, Edward offers Chloe some water to drink. Chloe insists that she is fine, but Edward doesn't believe her. She is a nervous wreck because she is marrying a man she doesn't love. Edward tells Chloe that he understands why she is marrying Ned, but what if she loses her one true love while she fulfills the terms of her uncle's will. If there was someone for whom she truly cared, would she really throw that away just to get ahead financially? Chloe says that of course she would never do that. Edward says that he may have a reputation as being cold, but even he realizes that love has a value. To trade it away would not only be foolish, but a tragedy. He excuses himself to check on Lila, but tells Chloe to remember what he said.

Emily is alone in the rose garden when Alan finds her. She is still angry that she has been grounded, but she promises to be a model guest and leaves. Alan and Monica are discussing her attitude when AJ arrives frantically searching for Carly.

Sonny angrily closes the curtains and goes to find one of his bodyguard. He is furious when Carly tells him that she sent him away. He demands that she leave, but she doesn't want to go until one of the bodyguards returns. Sonny tries to pay Carly to leave saying that that is what she always wants. Carly does not take the money and calmly picks up the phone. Carly looks terrified when Sonny grabs the phone from her and throws it on the ground. He demands that she leave again, but Carly just turns and stares at him defiantly.

Carly explains that she was calling Bobbie. Sonny angrily tells Carly that Bobbie can't help. He tells her that she is even dumber than he though. Carly says that she doesn't care if Sonny hates her. She knows he would never hurt her. Jason loves her and even if Sonny doesn't understand that, he respects it. Carly tells Sonny that he needs help. She wants to call Bobbie. Carly is in tears when she starts to straighten up. Sonny tells her not to bother. He already redecorated. Lily would have done a better job, but its' better this way. When you open up the door you see the truth. Everything Sonny Corinthos touches gets destroyed.

Gertrude arrives in the rose garden for the wedding and is greeted by Edward. He charmingly tells her that Chloe should resent what she is trying to do. Edward tells Gertrude that he had a little heart to heart with Chloe and he is pretty sure that she won't be able to go through with the ceremony. Gertrude is sure that Edward is convincing, but she says that she still likes to have a little insurance.

Felicia arrives at the Q's and finds Chloe in the living room. Chloe asks if Felicia has a little voice that tells her things. Felicia assures her that it is just wedding day jitters and assures her she will be fine. Alexis arrives with Jax in tow as Felicia wishes Chloe luck and leaves to find a seat for the ceremony. Chloe is distressed because she has broken another heel. Jax to the rescue! Alexis tells Chloe that Gertrude left her a gift and goes upstairs to get it. Meanwhile, Jax has repaired the shoe and has Chloe sit so her can put it on for her. Chloe thanks him, but is sure that it will break halfway up the aisle. Jax suggests that they test it to be sure and pulls her into his arms for a dance. As they sway to music only they can hear, Chloe thanks Jax for fixing her heel. Jax pulls her closer into a hug and whispers that he would fix anything for her if he could. Close to tears,

AJ keeps checking his watch as the final wedding guests find their seats. The bridal march begins as Alexis makes her way down the aisle. As Alexis takes her position at the front, Chloe begins her walk with Jax watching her the whole way. She joins Ned who asks if she is ok. Chloe replies that she had better be with all of these people watching.

Emily comes into Juan's room with a flower that she took from the rose garden. She wakes him up by tickling his nose with the flower. He is delighted to see her. She explains that noone will notice her missing with all of the wedding guests around. He thanks her for the flower and teasingly tells her that she should have brought him food instead.

Jason apologizes to Maria for what happened earlier. He explains that he needed to get away from Port Charles and somehow he ended up there. He tells Maria that he and Carly started out as lovers. It wasn't supposed to be anything more, but than she changed his life. She was crazy, but she loved him. And he misses her.

Carly tries to stop Sonny from drinking more, but he tells her he can do whatever he wants. She asks how long it has been since he has eaten or slept. Sonny says that eating and sleeping are overrated. Sonny tells Carly that the people she loves may be bleeding and broken when she is done with them, but at least they are alive. He can't say that. Carly tells Sonny that she doesn't care who he is, he doesn't have the power of life and death. People don't drop dead because of something he does. She tells him how her adopted mother died of a stroke while they are arguing. She knows that it wasn't her fault. God doesn't think that way. And neither do the people who love Sonny. They wouldn't blame him. Sonny tells her not to explain his sickness to him. If she can explain things to herself fine. He is not afraid to look the devil in the eye. As he says this he smashes the half-full bottle of liquor he is holding against the table. The bottle shatters and the alcohol splashes everywhere, including onto Carly.

As the minister begins the ceremony, Ned is staring over Chloe's shoulder at Alexis while Chloe stares over Ned's shoulder at Jax. The minister comes to the part in the ceremony where he asks if anyone knows why Ned and Chloe should not be married. The foursome all look at each other and kind of shrug like "here goes nothing", but remain silent. After a moment, Gertrude stands up unfolding the letter and says that she may know a reason.

Juan tells Emily that he doesn't hate his father, they just have nothing in common. He was going to ask Sonny for help but... Emily says that Sonny's hands are tied. Juan's father won't even listen to him. Juan agrees. Emily thinks it's kind of ironic that their parents are acting like children. Juan says that that is it exactly. He tells Emily that he thinks that they should run away.

Jason explains that he used to always take care of things. This time he left. It was good that he left because now he knows that leaving only makes things worse. If he returns, it won't matter because Carly is married to someone else. She and Michael may never need him, but he should be there just in case. He decides to return to Port Charles immediately.

Carly tries to get Sonny to let her look at his hand. He cut it when he smashed the bottle. Sonny looks at the hand and says that the blood isn't his. It's Lily's. .

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