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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on GH
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Monday July 19, 1999

On the docks, Luke tells Felicia that the future of the investigation is in her hands. In response, Felicia hands Luke Elliott's passport. Luke explains his theory about the Quartermaine past to his partner in crime: Edward killed George when he threatened to disinherit him and then eliminated his competition, Elliott. Edward then returned to a grieving Lila for one night of passion before joining the Navy. Felicia is reluctant to buy into Luke's theory because she does not view Edward and Lila as capable of murder. Felicia and Luke depart after arranging to make another trip to Oyster Bay, as Faison watches from the shadows.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Lila tells Edward that Luke and Felicia were found safely. When Lila asks her husband why he hasn't gone upstairs to bed, he reveals that he is reading their old love letters.

In an alley by Pier 19, Emily tries to keep Juan from moving because his injuries are so severe. From a payphone, she calls the paramedics.

In his penthouse, Sonny makes love to Hannah. Hannah tells her lover that she doesn't like it when they fight and he agrees. The couple then decides to leave the past in the past.

In the Quartermaine den, Ned asks Chloe to describe her fantasy engagement ring. Following Chloe's description, Ned pulls the very ring, a sapphire, from the pocket of his jacket. Ned confesses that the ring was Jax's idea and then drops to one knee as he proposes. After Ned departs, Chloe shows her ring to Edward. The senior Quartermaine is disheartened concerning the proposed nuptials and accuses Miss Morgan of making a mockery of love. Chloe retorts by asking if Edward gave the same advice to Carly and AJ before they married.

At the hospital, Bobbie attempts to comfort a distraught Emily. Emily telephones Sonny after she is made aware that Juan's medical history is needed. When Sonny arrives at the hospital, Emily tells him what happened in the alley. She informs Sonny that Juan wanted to spy on Moreno so that Sonny would trust him and think fondly of him. Emily's family then barges into the ER, upset that the young Quartermaine is involved with Sonny. Just as things begin to grow tense, Mac arrives and questions Emily. Emily, following Sonny's guidance, does not admit that she recognized Sorrel. Alan and Monica convince their daughter to return home with them as Sonny goes to visit Juan. In his hospital bed, Juan tells Sonny that he knows that he is his father.

Felicia finds Mac at the hospital and asks for his help once he is able to return home. Once again, Faison lurks in the shadows, watching as Felicia makes her way to her car in the hospital garage.

Tuesday, July 20, 1999

Emily, Monica, and Alan
Emily calls the hospital to see how Juan is. Monica tells her she cannot go to visit him. They argue about it. Emily tells Monica that she cannot keep her on a leash or tell her who she can be friends with. She will not let her friends be put under a microscope. Emily pages Alan in hopes that he will take her to the hospital. He figures out right away that Monica told her she was not allowed to go. Monica and Alan are upset that she is trying to play one off against the other. Emily, Monica and Alan continue to argue. Em wants to go see Juan. Monica and Alan tell her that anyone mixed up with Sonny is bad news and for her to stay away. She tells them that they can't control how she feels and sooner or later she will see Juan again. Alan and Monica discuss how they can discipline Emily. Alan suggests boarding school, but Monica says no, she lost too much time with AJ and Jason that way. They are saying how they should have more faith in Emily's better judgment as we see Emily getting ready to climb out her bedroom window.

Sonny at the Hospital
Bobbie tells Sonny that Juan is not in good shape, but can't figure out why he is so interested. Hannah is supporting him, Sonny is feeling guilty because he is the reason that Juan came to Port Charles. Hannah is trying to comfort Sonny without having much luck, Sonny is pushing her away. He tells her that Juan told him he knew he was his father. Hannah asks if that is true and then realizes that it is not. A man comes and tells Sonny that Juan or Miss Quartermaine will never be bothered again. Then Sonny sends the man to find Juan's adopted father. Mike comes by and tries to defend Sonny to Tony. Sonny tells Mike that Juan is Lily's son and when he would not give him a job he went elsewhere, and that is why he is hurt now. Mike tries to get Sonny to go get something to eat with him and he says no...he is going to wait for Juan to wake up because that is what Lily would of wanted him to do. He goes in to sit at Juan's bedside and we see flashbacks of the two of them meeting in Port Charles. Juan wakes up and still is calling Sonny his dad. He asks why he hates him so much...what did he ever do that would make Sonny not want him as his son. Juan and Sonny continue to talk, Sonny tries to tell Juan the truth, but Juan won't hear it, all he can think of is why Sonny doesn't want to admit he is his father. Sonny tries to tell him that he would be proud to be his father but he is not, Juan remembers the time Sonny came and told him Lily was dead. Sonny tells Juan that Lily loved him very, very much that is why she took Sonny to met him, but he has to give up the idea that he is his father because that is just not true. Juan still thinks that Sonny is just saying that because he is not good enough to be his son. Sonny tells him that if he had a child he would want it to be just like him, but Juan still believes that Sonny is his real father. He gets so upset that Sonny will not admit it that he goes into cardiac arrest.

Stefan & Laura
Stefan meets up with Laura and tells her how Katherine conned him into a disagreement and had Nikolas walk in on it. Laura is going to go see Katherine and settle this once and for all. Stefan tells her not to, that it will only make things worse. She says that there has to be some way to get that women out of their sons life.

Tony & Laura
Tony is telling Laura about Juan. He is having a hard time, he wants to help him, saying he thinks that Juan is a good smart kid, that sees Sonny as a good role model. He ask Laura isn't it suppose to be the parents' job to teach and protect their kids. She gets upset, Tony realizes that she is thinking about Lucky.

Stefan, Katherine, & Nikolas
Stefan goes to see Nikolas and finds Katherine. She tells him that it is about time he saw his son's office. He goes to leave and she gets him to stay and look at an ad campaign. He tells her that she is not going to exploit Nikolas anymore. Nikolas comes in at the tail end and hears Katherine defending him to his father. Nikolas tells his father that it is his decision not Stefan's to make. Katherine apologizes to Nikolas that he heard them disagreeing. He gets into it with Stefan, who leaves telling Nikolas that when/if he wants to know what really happened here today to come see him. Katherine does a snow job on Nikolas and he tells her that she has only been good for him. Katherine tells Nikolas she wanted to help him through his brother's death, and that she has missed him and how good he is for her. She says that she will always treasure what they shared. He taught her so much and she does not want to give that up not after they still have so much to give each other. They start to kiss. Right on schedule Liz shows up for the lunch Katherine set up for her and Nikolas, she walks into his office to find Katherine and Nikolas half dressed and in each other's arms.

Laura & Bobbie
Laura tells Bobbie that Tony thought Juan would be a good candidate for the outreach program and she was hoping to help him. Bobbie tells Laura that Luke is no longer missing and was surprised when Laura says she never knew he was even missing. After Bobbie tells her what had happened she makes the comment that Luke will never change.

Wednesday, July 21, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Junice Dominguez.

Chloe drops in on Ned's planned tryst with Alexis. After demanding that he kiss her, she informs Ned that her Aunt Gertrude is up at the Quartermaine house. Jax and Alexis show up shortly after. Ned and Chloe explain the situation. Ned and Alexis quickly dash upstairs for a romantic rendezvous leaving Jax and Chloe below.

Due to Catherine's games, Liz (expecting to have lunch with Nikolas) interrupts a passionate moment between Nikolas and Catherine. Liz rushes out with Nikolas rushing after her. When he catches up to Liz, Nikolas apologizes only to realize Catherine is up to her old tricks. He explains to Liz that Catherine set him and his father up. Meanwhile at Deception: Laura (while searching for Nikolas) angrily confronts Catherine and warns Catherine to stay away from her son. Laura and Catherine exchange heated words with Laura telling Catherine "to do the right thing and leave Nikolas alone."

At the hospital, Emily ( who earlier snuck out of her home) arrives at the hospital in time to see Juan being rushed to the Operating Room. Juan had confessed to Sonny that he knew Sonny was his father. When Sonny explained to him that he wasn't, Juan refused to believe him and began to hemorrhage internally. Sonny questioned Emily about Juan. Emily explained about Juan's plans to impress Sonny by spying on Moreno. Bobbie arrives to inform them that Juan's spleen will have to be removed. She tells both Sonny and Emily to go home as the procedure may take a long time.

At Deception, Catherine walks into Nikolas' office to find him packing his belongings. Nikolas hands her an envelop and tells her he is resigning. Nikolas tells Catherine he wants nothing to do with her. He confronts Catherine about her manipulative games. Catherine tries defend herself. She ends the scene by telling Nikolas "He's not going to leave her after everything he's put her through!"

Sonny comes homes to find Hannah awaiting him. Earlier Hannah began to have doubts about her relationship with Sonny. Sonny was blaming himself for the situation with Juan. Hannah tried to comfort Sonny but he pushes her away and tells her to leave.

Felicia tells Mac that she and Luke must return to Oyster Bay and finish investigating. Mac reluctantly agrees but after Felicia leaves, Mac calls Taggert and places a "tail" on his wife.

Emily sneaks back in the Quartermaine house only to find Alan waiting for her. Emily tells Alan what's happening to Juan. Alan comes to Emily's rescue by calling the hospital and assessing the situation. Alan tells Emily Juan is going to be fine and warns Emily to stay away from Juan. Emily refuses to listen to Alan's warnings and storms out of the house.

Chloe learns a thing or two about being firm in her business dealings from Jax. Jax decides to lighten the mood by making paper airplanes of her designs. One of her designs lands on top of the book case. Jax tries to giver her a boost up to retrieve the design and laughingly fall into each other's arms. Edward and Gertrude pick that moment to barge into Ned's home and confront them. When Edward ask for the whereabouts of Ned, Alexis comes down the stairs in Ned's shirt yelling "I hope you didn't drink all the champagne!"

Thursday, July 22, 1999

Luke discovered the murder weapon used to kill Elliot in the Quartermaine crypt. Later, Felicia told Luke that she would confront Edward about the murder and imagined how Edward had committed the crime. Edward admitted to Lila that his plan to get Michael into the mansion was his way of trying to bring Jason back to the family. Carly advised AJ on how to handle both Edward and ELQ. AJ was grateful when Carly's advice worked and rewarded her with a strand of pearls. Nikolas stunned Katherine when he ended their relationship. Later, Liz encouraged Nikolas not to blame himself for Katherine's manipulations. Jax and Chloe covered for Alexis in front of Edward and Gertrude, but it was some quick thinking on Ned's part that completed the ruse.

Friday, July 23, 1999

Jax happens upon Chloe at the airport. She is waiting for a flight to New York, but Jax tells her that he is going to take her in his plane instead. Chloe happily agrees after Jax spends a few minutes charming her.

Stefan finds Laura at the hospital and is concerned because she never returned his call. Laura confesses to Stefan that she finally had it out with Katherine and was afraid of his reaction.

Sonny goes to visit Juan. He tells an unconscious Juan that he almost had a sibling. He prays for Lily and the unborn child every day. If he were God he wouldn't listen to a prayer from him. With a big sigh, Sonny sits down and tells Juan that Emily told him that he is smart, fearless and makes her laugh. Sonny wonders if his child would have been like that. He confesses to Juan that he wishes that he could have told him that he is his father. He wonders why Juan thought he would abandon him. Emily arrives at the end of Sonny's one-sided conversation.

Felicia arrives at Luke's just as he has finished shaving (his whole head and face). Felicia says that she hates what Edward did, but she is glad that she slept on it before confronting him. She doesn't want to do anything to hurt Lila. Luke, in his Luke like way, suggests to Felicia that they just send Edward a note telling him that they know, but they won't tell.

Emily asks how Juan is doing and Sonny says that he is doing better, but he hasn't woken up yet. Sonny leaves the room saying that they don't tell him much. Emily looks worriedly at Juan and then follows Sonny into the hall. She tries to comfort him by telling him that Alan told her sometimes the body just needs to shutdown in order to heal. Emily apologizes to Sonny for not being at the hospital more, but she explains that her parents are keeping a close watch on her. Sonny tells Emily that once Juan recovers, he probably won't have much of a connection with him. That should put her parent's mind at ease. (sorry a severe weather update interrupted the rest of their conversation!) Oops, we're back just in time for Monica to catch Emily talking to Sonny. She is not happy. She tells Sonny that she never wants to see him near her daughter again.

Laura is afraid that Stefan is angry with her for confronting Katherine, but Stefan assures her that he isn't. He just thinks that provoking Katherine will only make her more determined to keep Nikolas in her clutches.

Luke and Felicia are preparing to go to the Q's to confront Edward. Felicia thinks the timing is good because Lila won't be home. Luke can't believe that Lila wouldn't have known all these years, but Felicia can't believe that she would have stayed with Edward for so long if she did. Lila wouldn't live with a man she knew was a murderer. Luke rhetorically asks Felicia if that means a woman couldn't love a man who is a stone's throw from upstanding. That is bad news for him. What is worse though is when the woman says that she can and then doesn't. On that somber note, they head for the Q's.

Stefan goes on to tell Laura that her interference will only make Nikolas more determined to remain with Katherine. No matter the pretext, he should have listened to Alexis and stayed away from Katherine. He apologizes saying that he became enmeshed with Katherine the night he shot her. When she didn't turn him in, he took it for love. She needed him. Stefan tells Laura that he wishes she would steer clear of Katherine, but he doesn't control her. He is her prisoner, she is the warden. This causes Laura to laugh, but Stefan goes on to say that he sees the poetic justice in that. He leaves her with a kiss and Laura also leaves for her next appointment.

Meanwhile, Faison has been watching Stefan and Laura's exchange while talking to someone on the payphone. Once Laura and Stefan leave, Faison tells the person on the phone to send two dozen white roses to the usual place in memory of Anna Devane.

Monica is adamant that Emily not spend time at the hospital with Juan. She insists that Emily leave at once. Emily is upset because she hasn't been able to talk to Juan at all since he was hurt. Monica says that she intends to keep it that way. Emily can't believe that Monica is being so cruel. Monica tells Emily to go call Reginald or she will be forced to call security to make sure that she does. Emily tells Monica that if Juan dies and she doesn't get to say goodbye, she will never forgive her. Monica says that that is a chance she will have to take. Emily storms off without another word. Once she is gone, Monica turns to Sonny and asks if he is happy with himself. Another child in the hospital and her daughter not speaking to her. All in a day's work for Sonny.

Luke and Felicia have arrived at the Q's. Edward assumes that they are there to talk about money since Lila isn't home. He assumes that they want money for expenses related to Lila's memoirs. Felicia tells Edward to put away his checkbook. This isn't about money, although these memoirs may be more expensive than any of them could have dreamed. Edward demands to know what Felicia is talking about. Felicia tells him that it is about Elliot Thompson, the man he murdered.

At the Q's, Edward tries to brush off Felicia and Luke, but they proceed to show then everything that they have uncovered. They explain that they know that Edward took Elliot's place in the service, but Edward tells them that they are being ridiculous. Luke tells Edward that they have enough of a letter that Edward wrote to Lila while posing as Elliot. He is sure that a handwriting analysis would confirm things. Felicia says that they know the rest.

In New York, Jax and Chloe are having a hot dogs purchased from a sidewalk vendor. Chloe is thrilled, but Jax says that he wanted to take her somewhere astonishing and world famous. Chloe says that she has never had a hotdog on the street in Central Park and she loves it. She is also thrilled at how helpful Jax was during her business meeting. She says that she will have to check with her accountant, but she thinks that she is much richer now than she was this morning when Jax scooped her up at the airport. Not only is she getting anything she wants for free, they are actually paying her to use her name in their advertisements. Jax smiles at the memory and confesses his secret. Jax explains that lately, he has been imagining that all his business adversaries are Chloe's Aunt Gertrude. Chloe laughs and asks what that does for him from a negotiating standpoint. Jax says that Gertrude is intent on ruining Chloe's life and it puts him in a take no prisoners mood.

Sonny tries to explain that he had nothing to do with Emily's presence at GH, but Monica will not listen. She has seen what he has done to Robin, Stone and Jason. She will do anything she can to protect Emily from Sonny. As Monica and Sonny continue to argue, Juan's adoptive father arrives and is frantic for news of his son. He introduces himself to Monica and says that Juan is fighting for his life because of "him" as he points an accusing finger at Sonny.

Sonny says that he tried to protect Juan, but Juan's father doesn't believe him. Juan was nearly beaten to death, probably by one of Sonnys' enemies. He asks Sonny if that is his idea of care and protection. Monica helpfully suggests to Juan's father that he can have Sonny barred from Juan's room. Mr. Santiago likes that idea a lot and asks Monica to arrange it. He tells Sonny that he is not blameless. When Sonny gave Juan Lily's cross, it started the chain events that ended up with Juan in a hospital bed. Sonny wants to know why, if things were so perfect in Puerto Rico, Juan came looking for him in the first place. On that final note, Sonny takes his leave.

In New York, Chloe tells Jax that she was just thinking how wonderful it will be that she has known him her whole life. Jax says that it may not happen, but Chloe is sure that it will. Jax says that people have friendships all the time that don't last. It's only human. Chloe says that Jax married someone for her. Wherever he is on earth from now on, he will never escape her tiresome, repetitive gratitudes or her Christmas cards. Jax says that he didn't marry her. Chloe says that he didn't need to. She did think for a moment that... Well it just got so confusing. Anyone might have married anyone. Jax says that Ned should have married Alexis when Aunt Gertrude showed up. Then they wouldn't Edward and Gertrude sniffing around like bloodhounds. And Ned and Alexis have been together forever. It would have been acceptable for them to get married. Chloe agrees that that would have been clever, but then she would be running out of time and would not have had a husband or a prospective husband. Jax smiles and says that he thinks she would have had a prospect. Chloe says that she doesn't want a real prospect or a right person. That would be a disaster. She would be marrying him for the wrong reasons. Even if she were marrying him for the right reasons, he wouldn't know. She would want to look at him and love him and care for him and tell him all the things in her heart. And the more she would try to convince him that she meant them, the more he would think she didn't. Oh man, another severe weather update. I really wanted to hear the end of this conversation. I think Jax and Chloe are great!

At the Q's, Luke is explaining his theory of what happened to Edward. We see the same flashback from earlier in the week when Felicia was imagining the scenario. Edward tells Felicia and Luke that they are both gifted storytellers, but this is only their version of what happened over fifty years ago. Who can really say? Luke pulls out the fire poker and says that this can say. Edward is shocked to say the least.

In Central Park, dusk has fallen and Jax and Chloe are enjoying the strains of a street performer playing the Saxophone. Overcome by the moment, they start to dance like they did at the Nurses's Ball. As Jax pulls Chloe back up from a dip, they stop and stare meaningfully into each other's eyes.

Emily has snuck back to the hospital to see Juan. She sits beside him and starts to speak. As she is promising that she won't tell anyone what really happened, Juan stirs and wakes. He smiles when he sees Emily. Emily is thrilled that he is awake and even happier when he says that he is glad to see his girlfriend. Then Juan asks for his father.

Sonny has arrived at the penthouse and tells Johnny that he is staying in for the rest of the evening. Alone inside, Sonny sits at his desk and pulls out a picture of Lily. He gazes at the photo for a moment and then replaces it on the desk. He stands up and wanders over to the bar and pours himself a drink. He takes the drink and walks back over to his and Lily's wedding picture. He downs the drink in one gulp.

Edward is angry that his father's grave has been desecrated. He can't believe that Luke and Felicia would go to such lengths. Edward admits that he killed Elliot. Of course he killed Elliot. He hated the man. There was no way he was going to let Elliot get anywhere near Lila. As Edward is confessing to Luke and Felicia, Lila enters the room. She tells Edward that she can't let him do this. .

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