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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 12, 1999 on GH
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Monday, July 12, 1999

Mac and Taggert show up at Sonny's penthouse and demand to see Mr. Corinthos. When Johnny reveals that Sonny is not home, Mac and Taggert decide to wait until he returns. Mac is anxious when Felicia does not call him to let him know that she is okay.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Carly weeps as Jason goes to say goodbye to Michael. AJ returns home to find his distraught wife. When he tries to follow Jason to the rose garden to confront his brother, Carly screams at him to leave Jason and Michael alone. Meanwhile, in the rose garden, Jason tells his son goodbye. He assures Michael that he will always be his father and Michael responds by saying "dada." Jason then explains that he is leaving his son only because he does not wish to hurt him.

In her apartment, Sonny tells Hannah that she has lied to him. Evidently, Tammy told her longtime friend that the man from San Diego had been to visit Ms. Scott twice before. When Hannah attempts to change the subject, Sonny quickly becomes angry. Hannah tries to leave, but Sonny blocks the door. He insists that she tell him the truth, but Hannah maintains that Sonny is primarily interested in intimidation, not the truth. She asks him to leave and he complies, effectively ending the relationship.

At the Port Charles Grill, Jax and Alexis discuss the Jax family. Alexis says that she can remain married to Jax for a little longer if it pleases Mr. and Mrs. Jax. Mid-discussion, V and Simon enter the Grille and join their friends. Alexis and Jax struggle to explain why they did not invite V to their wedding, but V is obviously hurt hat her friends chose not to confide in her. She does, however, offer her congratulations before departing with Simon.

In his underground lair, Faison tells someone that he arranged for Interpol to capture his voice on tape and he expresses hope that Mac is extraordinarily uncomfortable.

In the crypt, Luke and Felicia discover that they are trapped. Luke's cell phone has, of course, run out of battery power. To worsen the situation, Felicia reveals that she only told her husband that she and Luke went to Oyster Bay, not that they planned to visit the cemetery. Luke takes advantage of the opportunity to unveil his theory that Edward killed Elliott.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Carly begs AJ to stay with her as Jason enters the room with Michael. After Leticia takes Michael upstairs to bed, Jason hands AJ a court order relinquishing all rights to his son. When AJ expresses disbelief, Jason leaves. Carly pleads with her husband to leave well enough alone as AJ delights in his new "real" family.

When Sonny returns to his penthouse, he finds Mac and Taggert waiting and invites them in for espresso. The two policemen inquire as to whether or not Sonny knows anything about a jewelry fence named Gardener, but Sonny reveals nothing.

At Kelly's, Hannah returns the dress that Sonny gave to her for the Nurses Ball to its box.

Tuesday, July 13, 1999

Ned, Chloe, Jax & Alexis
Ned & Chloe are planning their wedding and trying to make sure that do it so that Chloe's company will be saved. Jax's mother is starting to get to Alexis, she came and got her for a hike this morning and told her all about Jax as a child. Chloe thinks that what was happening was wonderful. While Ned and Alexis are in the shower, Jax comes out into the garden to find Chloe working on a new design. You can almost feel the chemistry between these two. He tells her that no one can take away her dream.

Stefan, Helena & Laura
Stefan tells Helena that the doctors said there was no improvement in her condition. He taunts her with an antidote, saying he is having another one made up. Laura tells Stefan that he cannot give up his life for his mother. She convinces him to go for a walk and sits with Helena herself, but when he comes back he says he was on the phone with the lawyers about the estate so Laura then convinces him to take a walk with her. She remembers how happy they were at the country house and tells him she wishes she could make him that happy all the time. Laura tells Helena that she is not going to let her control Stefan anymore. Stefan tells Helena that he will be marrying Laura as soon as possible. Fiason comes into Laura's office, introduces himself as Mr. Gardner and gives her a big donation for her cause. He says it is from all the children lost to their parents.

Jason & Sonny
Jason tells Sonny that he gave up all his rights to Michael. He said he didn't want Michael to see him and AJ fighting or to make Michael choose between them. Sonny tells Jason that he will never hurt like this again and he will guard his heart a bit more now and no one will ever get to that part of his heart that he gave his son. Jason says that is fine as long as it is him hurting and not Michael.

Emily & Juan
Emily meets up with Juan. Juan had Liz and Nikolas stall the new group so that Emily could met them and get their autograph.

Liz, Nikolas & Katherine
Liz is giving Nikolas a hug to thank him for helping her stall the group until Emily got there. Katherine walks in...sees them and leaves disgusted. Liz is teasing Nikolas about not knowing how to thumb wrestle, then teaches him. They were having a good time when Katherine comes in and gives Nikolas a hard time about being with Liz and not at work. Nikolas tells her that he is finished and it is on her desk. She says she is sorry and tries to get him to go out for dinner with her but he says no, he and Liz has plans.

Mike & Sonny
Mike comes by with a present for Hannah. Sonny tells him about Jason given up Michael. He says it got him thinking about him. Did Mike have a reason to leave him, did it hurt him like it is hurting Jason to leave Michael. Mike tells Sonny he left because after Vietnam he felt he was failing as a husband and a father. he hated hurting him so bad he just hurt himself. Mike says he can't help want happen back then, but all he can do is make up for it. Sonny tells him it is too late for that, it drives him nuts when Mike tries to act like his father and do the things that he should of done back then. But right now Mike could be his friend.

Jason is getting attacked and Juan is watching. Juan rushes in to help and Jason is about to haul off and punch him with Emily comes running to the rescue.

Wednesday, July 14, 1999

Jason stopped himself from punching Juan after Emily begged her brother to back off. After his confrontation with Jason, Juan decided to ask Sorel for a job. Hannah visited Jason at his penthouse and helped him tend to his wounds sustained in the fight. Later, Sonny arrived at Jason's and saw Jason and Hannah in what looked like a compromising situation. Hannah became defensive as she tried to explain her actions to Sonny and stormed out after he refused to hear her out. Jason told Sonny about Juan's actions with Sorel. Bobbie became alarmed when Mac told her that Luke and Felicia were missing. Meanwhile, Felicia had a fantasy where she saw herself as Lila and Luke as Edward. Felicia admitted to Luke that he reminded her of Edward and remained hopeful that Mac would find them. Juan overheard Nikolas telling Liz that he thought Emily was spending too much time with Juan. Laura confessed to Tony that she was unnerved after her visit with "Anton Gardener," who was actually Faison.

Thursday, July 15, 1999

While still trapped in the crypt, Luke and Felicia attempted to bolster each other's spirits and shared stories of near-death experiences. Juan vowed to Emily that he would prove himself to Sonny. Later, Sorel saw Juan talking to Sonny. Hannah apologized to Sonny and admitted that her anger had been misplaced. Sonny and Hannah then reconciled and said they wanted to be in each other's lives. Jason packed up Michael's things and told Sonny that he was leaving Port Charles. Carly visited Jason as he was about to leave town and accused him of never caring about Michael or her. Carly was then crushed when Jason left. Edward swore to Mac that he had nothing to do with Luke and Felicia's disappearance. Tony confessed to Mac that he had examined two skulls for Luke and Felicia and gave Mac a clue to their whereabouts.

Friday, July 16, 1999

Jax "catches" Ned and Alexis together and teases them about having an affair. Chloe arrives as well and they determine that they have all been summoned by V. They think she may be upset because they didn't tell her about Jax and Alexis. V and Simon arrive together. V explains that she isn't quitting because she is mad. Ned asks quitting what?

Bobbie returns to the Q mansion to see Carly. Carly is surprised to see her. Bobbie says that she just wanted to make sure that Carly was all right. Carly says that she has a son to take care of so she has to be all right. When Carly gets a little choked up, Bobbie asks her again what is wrong.

On the docks, Sonny tells Juan that he understands that he doesn't want to go home. But he isn't going to stay in Port Charles.

One of Mr. Sorrell's men overhears Sonny talking to Juan and quickly dials his cell phone. He tells the other party that he thinks it is time to send Mr. Corinthos the message.

In the Q crypt, Felicia wakes up in Luke's arms and tells him about a wonderful dream she had. She feels bad because Mac wasn't the man in her dream. She tearfully asks what if it is her last dream? As she starts to cry harder, Luke takes her into his arms for a comforting hug.

Ned is shocked when V hands him her letter of resignation. He wants to know why. Ned and Jax start to argue when Ned accuses Jax of stealing her away. Chloe interrupts and tells the men to pay attention. They both realize that Simon is the one taking V away. V confirms saying that Simon is taking her on a cruise around the world.

Carly tearfully tells Bobbie that she married AJ for love. Love for Jason and Michael. AJ was threatening to take Michael away and send her back to Ferncliff. He's a Quartermaine. He has power and she doesn't. She had to believe him. Bobbie tells Carly that in the U.S. people just can't take babies away from their parents. Carly points out that it happened to Bobbie. Bobbie finally understands why Carly did everything when Jason was out of town. Accusing him of kidnapping, cozying up to the Q's, all of it. Bobbie wants to know how Carly thought it was going to end. Carly says that you never know. Her plan was to set AJ up to look like a bad parent. She was going to try to drive him to drink so that she could walk away from the marriage and with Michael. Jason was supposed to be waiting for them, but now he won't be. She tells Bobbie that Jason signed away all legal rights to Michael.

Juan doesn't want Sonny's help. Sonny says that he is in charge of Port Charles, but his will not be his place of residence. He angrily tells Juan to enjoy his time with Emily because he will gone by the end of the week. With that he leaves Juan and Emily alone on the docks. Emily apologizes to Juan because she knows that Sonny's harsh words hurt him. She suggests to Juan that he tell Sonny that he thinks he is his father. Juan thinks he would just lie about it. He has another way. He just isn't ready yet.

Felicia tearfully thanks Luke for not trying to force her to see the silver lining. Luke agrees that their chances of getting out of the crypt are getting slimmer. He tells her that if this is it for him, he should be thanking her. She coaxed him onto the life raft when he was drowning. She saved his life. Felicia tells Luke that she knew how he felt when Lucky died because of almost losing Maxie. Luke says that so many people tried to help, but she came and got him and held on to him. If her face is the last one he ever sees, he could have done worse. As they continue to comfort one another (and come agonizingly close to sharing a kiss...) the door of the crypt starts to creak. Mac walks in carrying a flashlight asking if anyone is home. Felicia runs over to Mac and gives him a big hug. Luke offers a little smile and a wave. (I for one am kind of sad that they were rescued this soon. I LOVE these two together. Nothing against Mac, but Luke and Felicia have some major chemistry!)

Felicia apologizes for not telling Mac everything in the first place. Felicia leaves with the other rescue worker leaving Mac and Luke alone. Mac is clearly not pleased with Luke.

Bobbie is surprised that Jason has given up rights to Michael. She refuses to believe that Jason has stopped loving Michael. Carly says that Jason thinks this is the best thing for Michael. Bobbie thinks that that makes sense. Jason is probably trying to make Michael's life easier. She can't believe that Carly was really planning on turning AJ back into a drunk. Carly says that she would've done what she had to. She tells Bobbie that Jason was so different when she met him. So much like a child, but then he grew up. She may not have everything that she set out to get, but she has done ok. She made a good marriage. She is Carly Quartermaine. She made her bed, now she has to lie in it.

Juan tells Emily, that when he confronts Sonny about being his son, he wants to be able to do it at a time when Sonny will be proud to have a son like him. Emily tells Juan that she doesn't think he has to prove anything. She just wishes that Juan would let Sonny see what she sees. How fun he is, how smart he is, how much everyone likes him. Juan laughs and asks who else likes him besides her. He says that she doesn't count. When Emily asks why, Juan says that she has to like him. It's required by law. This makes Emily laugh and she asks why it is required by law. Juan tells her it's required because she is his girlfriend. Emily laughs again and tells him to quit messing with her. Juan tells her that he can prove it to her. He leans in and gives Emily a sweet kiss. (at least I think it was sweet. Thanks to the GH lighting crew for once again making a night scene to dark to actually see, I had to kind of use my imagination.)

Juan pulls away and asks Emily what he told her. Emily says, a little dreamily, that she doesn't remember. Juan reminds her that he told her that she was his girlfriend. Emily says that she didn't sign anything. Juan's beeper sounds, interrupting the moment. Emily is surprised that he rushes off so quickly, but says that she will miss him at his prompting. He leaves her with another quick kiss and runs off to answer the page.

Ned, Alexis, Jax and Chloe are surprised that V is going to be gone for a year. Alexis and Chloe think it is romantic, but Ned and Jax think she is nuts. They try to persuade her to stay, but she is determined. Simon thinks that not working and seeing the world will be good for her. She tells a disbelieving group that Simon has agreed to work for a year when they return. Ned and Jax are dumbfounded when Simon says that he is going to be a lifeguard. V asks if they just can't be happy for her. Ned and Jax reluctantly agree.

Mac is furious with Luke for putting Felicia in danger. He can't believe that he actually encouraged Felicia to help Luke with his grief over Lucky. Luke turned her into a grave robber. Then he almost satisfied his own death wish. Mac angrily tells Luke that he doesn't get to play with Felicia anymore. She is off limits to him. Felicia walks up and asks if everything is ok. Mac says that he was just debriefing Luke. Luke concurs and then walks away. Mac and Felicia follow him out of the crypt.

Simon, V, Alexis, Jax, Ned and Chloe are all eating dinner together. They reminisce together about old times with V while they share a celebratory bottle of champagne. V and Jax steal a moment alone. V confesses that she was always a little bit in love with Jax. They would have driven each other crazy. V said that she needed someone to see the real her and Jax did that. He was the oversized gorgeous jock of a big brother that she never had. If he told her something, it had to be true. Jax asks who he is going to call when he needs someone to hear him think out loud or when he needs someone to tell him the truth. V tells him that he can always call her on her cell phone. Jax tells her that he is going to miss her. He also tells her to be happy. He offers her a goodbye hug. The rest of the group rejoins them and there are hugs all around. V can't stop crying as she says her final goodbyes to everyone. (This is Lisa Cerasoli's last show so it really is goodbye! I know I'm sad. I'll miss V.) Once Simon and V are gone, Chloe offers reassurances to Jax that Simon will treat V right.

Safely home, Felicia apologizes to Mac again. She also tells him that he can't blame Luke because she went along with everything. She is the first to admit that she didn't think about the consequences of her actions. Mac says that he is ok with her being her own woman, but he is not ok with Luke risking her life. He asks if she has had enough of this whole thing. Felicia promises to not do anything to endanger herself. Mac takes that as a no to his question about Felicia being ready to give up Lila's memoirs. He says that he has something that may help and hands her an envelope full of Elliot's letters.

Juan arrives at Mr. Sorrel's. Mr. Sorrel is furious. He thinks that Juan is working for Sonny. He tells Juan that he should have been more careful. He takes his pager away.

AJ finds Carly alone in the garden. She starts talking about roses, and then asks if he is working late again tonight. AJ says that he was trying to give her a little space. Carly thanks him, but says that she is fine. AJ thought she seemed upset after Jason's news. Carly explains that she wasn't sure Jason was sincere first, but now she is. She is glad that they are free to be a family again. As she and AJ hug, Jason is alone staring off into space.

Luke is on the docks skipping rocks in the water, when Felicia finds him. Luke is happy, but surprised to see her. She gleefully tells him that Mac came through on a little research for her. She thinks that she might be able to identify the other body in the Quartemaine crypt.

Sonny returns Hannah's Nurses Ball dress to her and they make up.

Mr. Sorrel is giving Juan quite a beating when Emily interrupts. Mr. Sorrel makes a quick exit leaving Juan gasping on the ground. Emily is horrified to see Juan all bloody and laying on the ground. She kneels beside him and asks if he is all right. She starts to become frantic when he doesn't answer. She screams for help and continues to talk to Juan hoping for a response.

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