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Passions Recaps: The week of July 19, 1999 on PS
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Monday, July 19, 1999

Though Jean Luc assures his jittery partners in crime that no one else knows about their business dealings, Roger and Pierre privately decide to bump off Sheridan before the American woman can finger them. As Faith and Charity enter the fortuneteller's tent, Tabitha and Timmy are frightened to see all their possessions suddenly begin whirling through the air. An excited Theresa explains to Miguel how the gypsy used her crystal ball to predict a wedding for her and the man of her dreams. Meanwhile, Ethan takes Gwen's breath away when he sinks to one knee in front of everyone on the midway and asks for her hand in marriage. Assuming the chaos in the gypsy's tent is all part of the show, Charity laughs in delight but her badly rattled mother urges the girl to make a hasty exit. Mimi finally frees herself and sets off for Jean Luc's country house under a full head of steam. Devastated to watch a beaming Gwen with Ethan, Theresa screams in despair--a diversion which effectively puts a halt to the marriage proposal. Later, when Ethan presses her for an answer, Gwen hesitates. Jean Luc is secretly dismayed when Sheridan talks about giving most of her enormous personal fortune to charity.

Tuesday, July 20, 1999

Sam and Grace decide to head to the fortuneteller's tent to see what kind of person has been upsetting so many of their friends. Meanwhile, a panic-stricken Timmy cries out to Tabitha for help as he begins spinning through the air along with everything else in the tent. Her hopes for a future with Ethan dashed, a miserable Theresa kicks herself for acting like a lovesick teenybopper over a man who is blind to her charms. Taken aback when Gwen turns down his proposal, Ethan decides that she must be joking to punish him for being so slow to commit to marriage. A seething Mimi confronts Jean Luc at the country house and vows to set Sheridan straight about the man she's going to marry. Though Miguel and Whitney try to cheer her up, Theresa tears down all her photos of Ethan and resigns herself to a drab life on the wrong side of the tracks. As Jean Luc reminds Mimi that he's only using the American heiress to finance a future with the woman he really adores, Sheridan walks in and is devastated to finally learn the truth about her faithless lover. Julian and Suzanne get all hot and bothered in the back seat of the Cranes' limo. Tabitha hastens to make the fortune telling tent vanish as Grace and Sam hove into view.

Wednesday, July 21, 1999

Miguel and Whitney talk about Theresa the both realize that Theresa just isn't the type to let go of her fantasies of Ethan just because she believes he is now engaged.

Theresa tours the Cannery starting her first day of work as she fantasies about Ethan. She's lost her chance with him as far as she's concerned. Things only get worse as she realizes that the "big shots" being given a tour by the Cannery manager are none other than Ethan and Gwen. She manages to avoid being noticed by them, for now. (Okay, Ethan, Theresa and a vat of fish guts near by, why do I have the sneaking suspicion that....let's just say that while Theresa is around Ethan's dry cleaner stands to make a small fortune).

Ivy has finally had it with Julian's infidelities, this last incident with Suzanne and the limo is more than she can take. Looking rather determined she picks up a revolver and a bad attitude.

Meanwhile, Pilar has returned to the Crane mansion to finish up some work and check up on Ivy. Luis, who drives her there, is still convinced that the Cranes don't deserve either her hard work or her concern.

Lucky Simone gets to referee another spat between Kay and Jessica as Kay worries that Jessica will tell Miguel about Kay's crush on him. When the two siblings launch into a who's the worse sister Jessica has enough information on her side to back up a claim that Kay started their little feud and shouldn't be so shocked that Jessica has become capable of giving as good as she got.

Sheridan leaves Jean Luc to Mimi unaware that the car she plans to escape in has a bomb planted on it. As Pierre tells Roger that the bomb will go off as soon as the ignition is turned on, Sheridan experiences car trouble and can't get her car to start. Jean Luc, whose desperation to convince Sheridan to stay is fueled by his need for her family's protection begs her to stay.

Thursday, July 22, 1999

At the Book Cafe, Kay decides to play matchmaker and fix the "Mr. Harmony" contest so that Miguel will "win" a date with her because of the contest. Kay boasts to Simone that she is sure that it will only take one date before he realizes he wants to be with her. Jessica does some snooping and learns that Kay's secret admirer is not Miguel but Reese Durkee, the school nerd. She decides to have a little fun at Kay's expense and arranges for her to end up with the king of nerds instead of Mr. Harmony himself, Miguel. A depressed Theresa is revived when she learns that Ethan and Gwen are not engaged as she once thought. She decides to go after her prize and confess her feelings for him. However, her run-in with him at the cannery results in a basket of fish guts raining on him. Julian and Suzanne make love in his bed as he boasts that his wife has never set foot in his bedroom. After she confides in Pilar about her husband and his philandering ways, a gun-toting Ivy sends her home and then decides to confront Julian herself about his interest in their maid. When she does so, she finds him with Suzanne and fires shots at both of them. Outside, Luis is startled to hear the gunshots and rushes inside only to find himself in the middle of the Crane's domestic squabble. When his pleas for forgiveness fall on deaf ears, Jean Luc decides to chase after Sheridan and her millions. Mimi refuses to allow him to go by himself.

Friday, July 23, 1999

The Phantom Menace Strikes Again
A fish gut covered Ethan yells for whoever is responsible while a guilty and nervous Theresa wisely manages to quit before getting fired. Another job bites the dust.

The Witches of Harmony
Dame Tabitha and her faithful pal Timmy discuss the secret powers that Charity has that could thwart their plans, Tabitha must get rid of Faith and Charity so she can continue. To this end she conjures up a spell that raises the hounds of hell. Charity hears the sounds of what seems to be a wounded animal, but Faith stops her before she can go to it's "rescue." Once again Charity asks Faith why they move from [place to place and have never put down roots, Faith hedges again and gives Charity a cross for protection. As Charity turns in for the night thinking of Miguel, Faith hears the sounds of the beast at the door.

Teen Scene
Kay gets Jessica to agree to not mentions Kay's real feelings towards Reese to Miguel. Later, Jessica lies to Reese and manages to convince him that Kay likes him also. blackmails Kay for her beeper to keep quiet her negative opinion of Reese. While Kay gets no reaction to her attempts to flirt with a Charity infatuated Miguel. Theresa worries about what Luis will do when he finds out she lost her job, again and confides to Whitney, who is worried that her friend is still hooked on Ethan.. Whitney suspects Theresa still fantasizes about Ethan despite her recent statement to the contrary

Casa De Crane
Ethan and Gwen return to the Crane mansion to find a police car out side the house, while inside Ivy aims the gun at Julian and Suzanne and shoots them, but the gun was loaded with blanks. In spite of Ivy's attempts to cover-up the gun shots Luis comes in and decides to arrest them. Julian calls the Mayor and Luis is ordered to back down, but not before exchanging more than a few heated words with Ethan. Ivy spurns Julian's attempts at reconciliation and brings up a pact they made in the past. With Luis gone Ethan questions his parents as to what happened.

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