The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps for the week of July 3, 2006

Brooke rebuffed the idea of using a nude campaign for the Brooke's Bedroom line. Ridge made one last attempt to convince Brooke that she was making a mistake by marrying Nick. After discovering the nude photo layout on display, Nick and Brooke had a serious discussion about whether or not their relationship could survive. The wedding went on anyway and the two were proclaimed husband and wife.
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Nick Marone and Brooke Logan were married and sailed off into the sunset aboard the Shady Marlin
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Monday, July 3, 2006

At Forrester's photo studio, Ridge raved about Brooke's nude photos and predicted the hype from them would lead to record sales. Brooke was concerned with the nude photo getting too much exposure; however, Ridge promised that it would not because they would only use it on the last page of the ad. Overall, Brooke was excited, and they shared a toast. Stephanie watched, convinced that when Nick saw the nude pictures, it would be strike three for Brooke.

When Stephanie walked over and began to gush over how wonderful the photos were, Brooke remarked that it was not the image Stephanie would normally support for Forrester. Stephanie told her that a leopard could change its spots. Brooke was still hesitant about using the photos, fearing Nick's reaction. Trying to control Brooke herself, Stephanie told Brooke she couldn't believe how Brooke let Nick control her and kill her free spirit.

At Felicia's, Dante stopped by to drop off the baby. Felicia wanted him to stay longer, but he couldn't because he and Bridget had plans to go to the beach. Felicia was disappointed but hid it. Dante informed her that his sculpture of her had won an award. Felicia told him she knew because she'd gotten an invitation to the awards ceremony. Felicia felt that it proved that other people could see how good she and Dante were together.

Just as Felicia was beginning to get in flirt mode, Bridget popped in with the diaper bag. Annoyed to see her, Felicia played it off by inviting them to use the pool at the Forresters' instead of going to the beach. After they accepted her invitation, the baby began to cry, and Bridget and Dante went to check on him. While they were gone, Felicia replaced Bridget's sunscreen with baby oil.

After Bridget and Dante went to the pool, Christian stopped by to see how Felicia was doing after her wedding debacle. Felicia told him she was still furious but feeling a little better, since she had stirred up some mischief. She then confessed to him about switching Bridget's sunscreen with baby oil. She told a speechless Christian that it was only fair that she burn Bridget because, in a different way, Bridget had burned her.

Meanwhile, at Marone, Nick was surprised to find Massimo in his office. Massimo noticed Nick and Brooke's wedding invitation and did not understand why he hadn't received an invitation. Nick told him it was because he didn't support the marriage. Massimo admitted that he still thought Brooke and Ridge belonged together. He warned Nick that Brooke would only hurt him. Nick blew his dad off, saying he had to go over to Forrester and make sure they were not up to anything over there.

Back at Forrester in her office, Brooke continued to look at her nudes while Ridge tried to convince her to use them. Ridge was disgusted to see how controlling Nick was and asked Brooke how long she was going to let Nick get between her and what she knew was right. Brooke argued with Ridge that Nick had already put up with enough scandal. She reminded him that the kiss on the runway might have been a publicity stunt, but to Nick, it had been personal. Ridge told Brooke that if Nick couldn't handle the real her, that was his problem. He begged Brooke not to let Nick clip her wings right when she was beginning to soar.

After Ridge left, Nick stopped by, still pouting about the photoshoot. Brooke coddled him. When they were about ready to leave, the photographer for Brooke's shoot stopped in. Brooke said she wanted to go with the first set. The photographer was disappointed because Brooke did not want to use the nudes. Nick remained clueless.

When they left her office, Nick and Brooke went to check out the wedding site. Nick liked it because it was by the water. He kissed Brooke and hugged her, telling her he couldn't believe they were about to get married.

In Brooke's office, after she had left, the photographer walked in and told Ridge that Brooke was not going with the nudes. He was disappointed. When Ridge looked at Brooke and Nick's wedding invitation, he remembered his favorite wedding with Brooke. He thought to himself that Nick would never understand Brooke or accept her need to be wild and free.

At the pool, Bridget asked Dante to put the sunscreen on her, because without it, she would burn like a lobster. Dante and Bridget thought it was nice of Felicia to let them use the pool and hoped that their relations would continue to improve. Not wanting to burn, Bridget put on more sunscreen. After lying in the sun for a while, Dante got frisky and wanted to go make out in the pool house. Bridget was up for it until she took her sunglasses off and realized she was badly sunburned. Felicia peeked through the bushes and was happy to see that her plan was a success.

Back at Marone, Massimo and Stephanie had been plotting on the side. They initiated an ad campaign that would have Brooke's nude pictures on the Internet and all over the world by the next day.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

At home, Brooke made wedding plans. Stephanie arrived and learned of her plans. Stephanie nagged Brooke that if she married Nick, he wouldn't allow her to be herself. Brooke told Stephanie to not launch the photo ad for Brooke's Bedroom. Stephanie knew that Brooke was afraid to launch the photos for fear that Nick would be upset. Stephanie told Brooke she knew of Brooke's two strikes. Brooke advised that it was Stephanie and Ridge that Nick had the strikes against.

At home, Bridget apologized for having missed Dante's art award ceremony. Bridget had severe sunburn; what she did not realize was that Felicia had switched the sun block for baby oil. A prescription from the pharmacy arrived. Bridget assumed her father had sent it to her.

Dante went to the studio to accept another award. He introduced Felicia, who was present. They interviewed Dante about his work and life. Felicia blurted out that she and Dante were to be married, but Dante had left her for her sister. Later, Felicia told Christian that she had done something to Bridget "that is not life threatening."

Taylor warned Nick that his big wedding announcement would provoke Ridge to try harder to stop Nick's wedding to Brooke. Nick was certain that there was nothing that Ridge could do to make Brooke decide not to go ahead with their wedding plans. Nick told Taylor that Stephen had also slept with Jackie. Taylor had not known about Stephen and Jackie, and she became upset.

At home, Bridget used the cream. When Dante arrived, Bridget's face was numb, and she could not speak. Dante called Christian. Felicia admitted to Christian that she had sent Bridget Botox.

Nick arrived. He told Brooke that he would like her to form her own company. Nick admitted that he did not want her to work with Ridge. Meanwhile, Massimo and Stephanie planned to sabotage Nick and Brooke's wedding by placing the nude photo from Brooke's Bedroom in plain view and facing Nick.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

At Brooke's, as Brooke was preparing for her wedding, she received a ball and chain from Nick with a note saying he would be her ball and chain for life. Getting nostalgic, Brooke remembered the first time Ridge had told her he loved her. Nick gave her a call from the wedding site, excited about their wedding day. Ridge stopped by in one last-ditch effort to get her to change her mind. He pleaded with her to choose him. He felt as if she was about to drown, and he wanted to save her. He told her that Nick couldn't accept her for who she was and was trying to turn her into someone else. Ridge added that he would never do that to her.

Trying not to be swayed, Brooke remained bitter toward Ridge about how he had deserted her for Taylor. Ridge begged her to be honest with herself before it was too late. Recognizing the truth in his words but unable to accept them, she rushed out of her house, leaving him all alone. After she left, Ridge sadly looked at pictures of Brooke and him when they had been a family. Stephanie stopped in and tried to reassure him that everything would work out in the end. He asked her what she was up to, but she did not let him in on her plans.

At the wedding site, after Nick got off the phone with Brooke, Nick noticed some construction workers preparing to put up a poster and asked them to keep it quiet for his wedding ceremony. After he left, they put up the nude billboard of Brooke and gazed at it lustily.

Elsewhere at the wedding site, Stephanie received a call from Massimo, and they laid out the details for strike three. After she got off the phone, Bridget walked in, and Stephanie told her to stop the wedding. Bridget did not want to cause a problem for her mom and Nick. Stephanie told her that it had been a misguided sacrifice on both their parts. Bridget told Stephanie to leave it alone, and Nick would love Brooke for the rest of her life. Stephanie didn't buy it, pointing out that not so long before, Nick had promised to love Bridget for the rest of his life.

Bridget ignored Stephanie and continued to believe in Nick and Brooke's love. After Stephanie left, Nick, Dante, and Brooke showed up. Rick made a crack about it not being Brooke's first time down the aisle, but Brooke said that time, it was forever. Bridget looked as if she had heard that before.

Meanwhile, at the Shady Marlin, Jackie helped Nick get dressed in his sailor suit for the wedding. They discussed that Massimo would not be there, and Jackie tried to convince him to make up with his father. Nick refused, saying he would never forgive his father.

Back at the wedding site, Brooke pranced around in her slinky wedding gown with Bridget, still troubled by Ridge's words. She asked Bridget if the dress was too revealing. Bridget thought it was but told her mom she couldn't pretend to be someone she wasn't. Brooke began to feel bad again about how she'd stolen Nick away from her daughter. Bridget assured her she was over it and supported the wedding. Brooke told Bridget how much she appreciated Bridget's forgiveness

In Massimo's limo, Massimo and Stephanie admired the nude ad of Brooke that they had strategically placed in view of the wedding altar. They eagerly watched as everyone gathered for the ceremony, wondering when it would catch Nick's eyes.

At the altar, right before Nick arrived, Jackie, Bridget, Dante, and Rick saw the billboard and were appalled. When Nick got there, Jackie successfully prevented him from seeing it. His eyes were on his bride, who was riding up in a horse-drawn carriage. He walked to meet her and helped her down. Gazing into Brooke's eyes, he told her how beautiful she was.

Stephanie and Massimo began to worry that Nick wouldn't see the billboard and that the wedding would go off without a hitch. However, Nick looked away from Brooke for a second and noticed it. He was shocked when he saw the nude billboard of Brooke, hardly believing his eyes. He gave Brooke a look of utter disbelief and disgust.

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Brooke and Nick both eyed the poster showing Brooke in the rejected photo for the new Brooke's Bedroom line. Nick was horrified, and Brooke stood there, disbelieving what she was seeing. As the two about-to-be married people looked at each other, Nick walked away. Brooke followed after him, and the rest of the visitors mingled and talked about what they thought would happen. Jackie, Dante, Rick, and Bridget headed for Chuck's Place, which was close to the Shady Marlin, to wait for the results. Jackie thought that Nick and Brooke would solve their problems once again, but Bridget and Rick weren't so sure.

Brooke arrived at the Shady Marlin to speak with Nick. She told him that she had had nothing to do with the ad. She had not endorsed it; in fact, she had turned it down and told Stephanie not to use it. Nick told her that he had not taken on being married to a naked pinup model. He told her that he had warned her not to let her guard down where Stephanie was concerned, and she had.

Brooke admitted being angry at the fact that it had been done behind her back but did not regret doing the shoot. She told him that it had been done very tastefully, and, in fact, she was very proud of it. Brooke told Nick that in no way did she feel either exploited or exposed, but instead, she felt the ad was a beautiful one, even though Stephanie had used it without her permission. Brooke told Nick that the original idea had been Stephanie's, and the "sign on" had been Ridge's idea. He then questioned Brooke as to whether or not Ridge had been in the room during the shoot. Brooke told him that Ridge had walked in during the shoot.

Nick next asked, "Did you ask him to leave?" She said of course she had not; it had been work, "and besides, it wasn't exactly like he had never seen me naked before." At that point, Nick started to lose it. He told her that everything had been fine between them until she'd started to work with the Forresters again. He made sure that she understood that he wanted her gone from that place for good. She looked at him and told him that they differed on things. He would have to accept her for who she was, or they might as well call the whole thing off right then.

Massimo and Stephanie, riding in the limo together, saw Nick walking away from the gazebo where Nick and Brooke had been standing. Stephanie uttered, "Strike three." Massimo told her to tell Ridge to get ready to stand up in the batter's box.

Ridge picked up a picture of the family that he had loved and returned home to at night. He fantasized that Brooke walked in and told him that he'd been right, and she hadn't been able to go through with the wedding to Nick. Ridge said that he didn't understand how she could love a man who didn't love her for who she was.

Jackie, Rick, Dante, and Bridget arrived at Chuck's Place. Even Chuck wondered where the bride and groom were. They gathered, talked, and wondered what was going to happen next. Bridget told Dante that she understood what Nick was feeling. She had felt the same way when she'd walked in on him while Felicia had been posing. Yes, he was an artist; however, it had still gotten to her, and she'd been very unhappy and uncomfortable.

Stephanie went in to see Ridge. She told him what had happened.

Despite pre-wedding grievances, Nick and Brooke are married

Despite pre-wedding grievances, Nick and Brooke are married

Friday, July 7, 2006

At Chuck's bar, Bridget stared at the nude ad in the paper and didn't know what her mother had been thinking. Sure that it was Stephanie's doing, Jackie stated that Nick would realize it. Gesturing to the ad, Bridget said her mother knew that Nick wouldn't put up with stuff like that. Jackie urged Bridget to have a little faith; after all, Bridget had been the main motivator behind the union. Bridget cocked her head in dubious realization.

Later, Bridget, Rick, and Dante conversed about a screw-up they'd made on the documents, which meant that the wedding officiant couldn't leave. Rick said the officiant had mentioned another wedding he had to perform, but Dante believed Jackie could keep the man there.

Bridget, Rick, and Dante took the documents to Walter, the officiant, who was telling Jackie that he could not stay. Walter noticed that they'd signed the documents as witnesses to a wedding that hadn't occurred. "Oops," Rick hopefully said. It didn't matter to Walter because the wedding really hadn't taken place. As Walter exited the bar, Jackie followed him, asking him to do her a favor.

Rick decided to head for the airport, but Bridget exclaimed that there still could be a wedding that day. He replied that only she seemed to think so.

At Forrester, Stephanie believed that Brooke and Nick's wedding was off. Ridge asked if Stephanie was really sure about that. Believing that the confrontation between the bride and groom had been inevitable, Stephanie suggested that Ridge go to the marina to be there for Brooke, who'd be devastated.

Refusing to go, Ridge said Brooke had asked him to let her go. He planned to honor that request because it would be hopeless unless she returned to him of her own free will.

Later, Stephanie ended a call on her cell phone. She said it was official; the wedding was off.

On the Shady Marlin, Nick and Brooke were dressed for a wedding they weren't sure should happen. Nick said he couldn't ask Brooke to be someone she wasn't. Brooke asked why she felt as if she was always apologizing for things she didn't think were wrong. She felt as if all she could be was an embarrassment of a wife and wondered if she should be his wife at all.

Nick asked if he was wrong to want to keep private things private, but Brooke contended that she had a public persona. He replied that the public knew her with her clothes on, not off, and he asked if she could see that Stephanie and the dressmaker were using her. Brooke stated that "sex sells."

Nick was incredulous that Brooke couldn't understand why any man would have a problem with his wife being exposed in that way. She said that he wasn't just any man; he was supposed to be the man that understood and trusted her. She'd suffered people's disapproval her entire life, and she didn't want that from the man she'd marry.

Asserting that he wasn't an anti-sex freak looking to keep Brooke beneath his thumb, Nick reminded Brooke that he'd always enjoyed seeing her thumb her nose at the world. Ridge, on the other hand, sought to call the shots. Brooke asserted that Ridge didn't tell her what to do. Nick asked why it was okay for Ridge to plaster her naked butt all over the city but not okay for Nick to complain about it.

Brooke said she'd told Nick that Ridge hadn't done it. Nick ordered her not to defend Ridge. Nick hated it when she did that. She asked how he'd feel if it had been her own idea. Nick yelled that it hadn't been her idea. He loved her unpredictability, but things like that made him crazy. It made him want to pick up anchor and go to Fiji -- alone. "You can still do that," Brooke quipped.

Agreeing that he could indeed, Nick concluded that they couldn't go on like that. He refused to be the guy who always said, "I don't like that guy," and he said she couldn't be the woman who never said no. He asked where they'd draw the line and what Brooke was willing to give up. Brooke didn't want it to be about sacrifices. She wanted them to feel free to do as they wanted.

Nick wanted that, too, but he didn't want "those people" messing with their lives. Brooke stated that "those people" were important to her, and it wouldn't change, even if she didn't always handle them in the best way. She didn't want to lose her career. She was back on top, and it felt good. He was glad for her.

"Are you really?" Brooke questioned. She said she wouldn't stop pushing the envelope in what Forrester sold or how Forrester sold it. She didn't want to go home to a barrage of threats about it. Nick quipped that it depended upon how much dancing in the nude she'd do with her ex.

Brooke affirmed that there would be none of that, and Ridge knew he had no chance with her. She reckoned that Stephanie might be more stubborn about it. Nick imagined that Stephanie would be yelling out orders to Brooke from Stephanie's coffin.

Nick figured that Brooke desired to keep him off balance and unsure. Brooke wanted Nick to be sure; she just didn't want to do everything his way. Chuckling, Nick accused Brooke of tossing him curve balls after they'd already settled certain matters. Even when Nick and Brooke had agreements, she'd run off and do whatever "they" wanted.

Brooke replied that Stephanie and Ridge didn't run her life. Brooke didn't understand why she and Nick had to develop agreements about what she could and could not do. She asked if it was enough to be respectful of each other's differing opinions.

Someone knocked at the door, and Walter Bynan entered. He said Jackie had suggested that he let the bride and groom know that he needed to leave. Brooke apologized to Walter, but Nick decided that Walter might not want to leave just yet.

Outside later, Brooke and Nick strode through the grass to meet Walter beneath a white pergola. It wasn't quite what Nick had had in mind, and she asked if he was sure he wanted to do it. "Not really. Go ahead," he replied, nodding at Walter.

Walter began the ceremony with opening remarks, but interrupting, Nick asked if they could skip ahead to the meat and potatoes. Brooke flashed a look, and Nick asked if there was a problem. She stated that they hadn't really resolved anything. Nick announced that he loved her, and he wouldn't let her go. He figured that if they were old and still having the argument as they glued their teeth in, "then so be it!"

Brooke asked if she and Nick would argue until death. Nick stated that they'd be themselves, and they'd get along -- mostly. Brooke was it for him. It was all he knew or needed to know. He asked if she had anything to add to that. Brooke didn't, and Nick asked Walter to continue.

Walter asked Brooke if she took Nick as her husband for as long as she lived. Brooke said that she'd never imagined loving anyone the way she loved Nick or anyone loving her the way he did. It was scary that he saw her so clearly and took her seriously, like no one ever had. Brooke decided that Nick was it for her, too, and nothing would make her happier than to marry him.

Walter asked if Nick took Brooke to be his wife for as long as he lived. Nick claimed that he'd fallen in love with Brooke the day he'd met her. She made him more giving and forgiving. Every day with her was different, and he'd been looking for her his whole life. He intended to never let her go.

The couple exchanged rings. Walter pronounced them husband and wife. "We did it!" Nick exclaimed. He roped Brooke into his arms and kissed her.

Down the hill, Bridget found Jackie. Bridget couldn't locate Brooke and Nick on the boat. "Look," Jackie uttered and pointed. Bridget saw Nick and Brooke kissing beneath the pergola. Jackie whipped out her phone to make a call.

A saxophone version of "I'm Going Back Again" played. Brooke and Nick boarded the yacht. Bridget strode up to the pergola, picked up Brooke's discarded bouquet, and gazed solemnly at the Shady Marlin as it left the port.

Back at Forrester, Stephanie was assuring Ridge that he was the only man for Brooke. Stephanie received a call. Jackie was on the line. She said Stephanie had done her worst, but it had been of no use because Brooke and Nick were husband and wife.

Stephanie sadly closed her phone and told Ridge that something had happened. She assured him that it would be just a matter of time before he got Brooke back. "So, the wedding..." Ridge uttered. Devastated, he sat down. Stephanie insisted that Nick couldn't make Brooke happy. Ridge removed the wedding band from his finger.

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