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Monday, November 2, 2009

Katie and Bill attempted to share a romantic steam bath but phone calls continually interrupted them. Katie received a call to inform her that Ridge and Eric would not attend a meeting she had called, so she excused herself from the steam bath to return to the office and offer a personal invitation to her two lead designers. Katie arrived back at the office and asked why Ridge and Eric wouldn't attend her meeting. She added that they made it difficult for her to be an intermediary when they wouldn't even show up and participate.

Brooke asked Katie to put herself in Eric's shoes and imagine how difficult it must be for him to enter his own office and see Katie's name on the door. Brooke reminded Katie of the years of history Eric had in that room and how much it had to hurt Eric to have lost it.

On The Catwalk, Donna interviewed Brio, the Forrester fashion photographer. However, their interview was far from riveting, and audience members rolled their eyes and yawned.

When the interview ended, Donna realized she had bombed, but Justin tried to lift her spirits. He said she did the best she could, and added that Donna was totally charming. As Justin gave Donna a pep talk, Eric arrived and found Justin holding Donna's hands. Eric asked Justin why he had hired Donna, since she had no experience in broadcasting, but then Eric became accusatory and said he supposed he didn't need to ask. Donna was clearly hurt by the comment.

Justin defended Donna and said he believed she was perfect for the job. Eric directed his response to Donna and asked her if she realized she was being used. Then Eric turned to Justin and said it was clear that Justin hired Donna for The Catwalk just to get close to her.

Bill arrived with a grin and asked how things were going on the set of The Catwalk. The tension between Justin and Eric was visible. Eric grabbed Donna's hand, announced that he didn't want her on the show, and began to lead her out. Bill stopped Eric and asked him if Donna shouldn't be allowed to have a say in the matter. Bill asked Donna if she wanted to quit The Catwalk, and she was afraid to answer.

Eric informed Bill and Justin that he knew his wife better than anyone, and knew she didn't want to be on television. Donna confessed to Eric that she had secretly held onto a childhood fantasy of being on TV someday. Justin jumped in and asked Eric to support his wife and let her have what she needed. Eric barked back that Donna's needs were none of Justin's concern.

Eric asked Donna to go with him to a quiet place where they could talk. When they were alone, Donna said she wanted to help Eric through the difficult transition Forrester was dealing with. Eric replied that if Donna really wanted to help him, she would go away with him for a while and help him get his mind off things. Donna declined and reminded Eric she had become the Vice President of a company and had responsibilities. Donna added that she had been given a great opportunity to be on television and that Justin was right, she wanted to take it and live out her dream. Eric walked out on Donna as Justin watched the scene unfold from the wings.

Marcus ran into Eric and asked him how it had gone. Eric said badly, and apologized to Marcus for the way he felt about Justin, knowing Justin was Marcus' father. Eric added that he believed Justin still had an agenda where Donna was concerned.

Justin asked Donna how it had gone, and Donna said Eric was having a hard time since he lost his company. Justin corrected her and said Eric didn't lose his company, he sold it for a very hefty price that would keep him and his family in cash for a lifetime.

Justin said he knew Eric was a good man and a rich man who had given Donna a good life. Justin said one thing was missing, passion and fire. Justin believed Donna had unmet needs, and reminded her that if she had told him about their son years before, they would still be together. Justin admitted that he still loved Donna and that he knew Donna loved him, too. Justin begged Donna to return to him and allow him the chance to meet her needs, and to be a family with their son, Marcus.

Taylor had lunch with Thomas and Steffy and invited them to fill her in on the new dynamics of Forrester Creations. Steffy quipped that they should changed the name to Logan Creations, since Katie was CEO, Brooke was president, and Donna was vice president. Taylor asked her kids if they felt marginalized, and Steffy replied it wasn't their company anymore. Taylor got feisty and told her kids that Forrester Creations was their birthright and that she expected them to act like it.

Taylor said Katie was the most reasonable of the Logan sisters, and she encouraged her kids to jump in and make a mark on Forrester Creations. She said while Steffy and Thomas could not control who owned the company, they could control what sort of impact they had on it. The kids remembered they were late for Katie's "brainstorming session" and jumped up to leave. Taylor called after them and reminded them to make their mark.

At Katie's meeting, Rick pitched an idea of a line that would compete with the contemporary look of Jackie M designs. Katie said she liked the idea in general, but felt they should wait for a while due to their recent transition and stick with their classic looks. Katie added that she was surrounded by smart, creative people and they just needed one solid idea to grab onto to get back on track.

Steffy arrived and said she had an idea. Katie welcomed Steffy's pitch. Steffy said they should take advantage of the fact that they were in Los Angeles and do a campaign centered on old Hollywood glamour, like Audrey Hepburn and use a tag line "In a Forrester gown, anyone can be a star."

Katie said she needed to run the idea by Bill. Everyone else in the meeting agreed that it was a great idea and loved Steffy's concept. Thorne challenged Katie as to why she needed to include Bill in the decision, but Brooke asked Thorne to back off.

Katie asked Steffy to stay after she dismissed the rest of the meeting. Katie told Steffy she realized Steffy was loyal to Ridge and Eric. Katie added that if Steffy's brilliant idea were the thing that pulled them together and got the company back on track, Steffy would be honoring her dad and grandpa.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

by Pam

At Forrester, Katie asked Bill if he wanted buttercream or whipped frosting and he told her that they both sounded good. She said that it was one of the many decisions that they needed to make for the wedding. He teased that his new CEO was busy making wedding decisions when she had so much work to do. He told her that he was very happy that she had agreed to become his wife, and he kissed her. Katie told Bill that she could multitask. She added that the Forrester crew had a brainstorming session and came up with the Hollywood glamor idea for the new ad campaign, but Bill didn't sound happy.

He asked if it was Katie's idea, and she acknowledged that it was Steffy's idea. Katie said it meant a lot to have Ridge's daughter on their side. Bill disagreed that they needed to coddle Steffy. Katie stuck to her guns and insisted the idea was a good one and it meant that everyone would be working together. Bill wasn't keen on it, but Steffy entered and Katie told her to sell her idea to Bill while Katie went to accounting.

Bill sat down at the desk and put his feet up, which angered Steffy. She told Bill that he had stolen the company from her family and it was weird that he was sitting at her grandfather's desk. Bill countered that he had saved the company, and he reminded Steffy that her entire family had jobs. Steffy started to argue until Bill told her to sit and impress him.

Steffy prattled on about Hollywood glamor and how she wanted every woman to feel the fantasy of wearing a Forrester gown or skirt. They would have a feeling that they belonged on the red carpet. She had two models enter wearing lovely dresses in an old Hollywood style to show off the kind of glamor she was talking about.

After the models left, Bill argued a bit about the phony image of Hollywood, but Steffy countered that everyone wanted to walk on a red carpet. Bill gave her credit for her persistence. He wondered if she wanted to join the Logans as part of the modeling group, but she admitted that the camera did not love her--nor did she love it. She added in a smarmy tone that she was not a Logan. Bill detected her disdain, but she said that everyone could work together and she wanted to make her contribution.

Steffy insisted that the campaign was what Forrester needed to get back on top, and Bill admired her tenacity and stubborn nature. He said that he would think about it, but Steffy warned that he wouldn't be leaving the office until he allowed her to go ahead with her idea. Katie entered and asked what Bill thought. Steffy was prepared to defend her campaign, but Bill said that Steffy was impressive.

At Jackie M, Bridget, Nick, and Jackie talked about how Bridget might want some time off after she received bad news at the doctor, but Bridget insisted that she wanted to work more on what she could do rather than what she couldn't do. Stephanie, Pam, Whip, Nick, Bridget, Owen, and Jackie discussed how they were going to top the Indulge campaign. The crew then discussed that Stephanie refused to a Donna to interview her on The Catwalk and then conversation shifted back to the campaign. Whip suggested a "back to nature" campaign.

Bridget agreed and suggested that the entire country was going green and that she wanted to use more natural fabrics in her designs. Whip agreed and suggested that they go back to basics and turn Owen and Jackie into Adam and Eve with clever slogans.

Stephanie disagreed and said that Jackie was a bit too old to be Eve. The group tossed around the idea of being sinners after forbidden fruit, and suggested that it could be fun. Bridget said that people always wanted what they couldn't have. Nick suggested photo shoots in an apple orchard. Owen and Whip teased one another about wearing fig leaves, and Jackie said she really enjoyed her job. Stephanie agreed that no one at Forrester would come up with anything nearly as clever. Everyone left, and Nick and Bridget talked about the idea, but Bridget grew quiet as she discovered the surrogacy brochure on Jackie's desk.

Bridget told Nick that it might not have been a good idea for Jackie and Owen, but it might be perfect for Nick and Bridget. They discussed that they could have their own baby, but Bridget wouldn't be the one to carry it. Bridget was disappointed at first, but Nick told her that they could still share their dream of having their own baby. Bridget agreed that they should look into surrogacy.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In the steam room, Ridge and Brooke were enjoying the hot air and talking about how they're handling working at Forrester Creations since Spencer Publications acquired it. Ridge said he resented working for Bill Spencer. Brooke reminded Ridge that he said he would stick it out for the family. Brooke snuggled close to Ridge and offered to find ways to make the job more pleasurable for Ridge.

While still in the steam room, Brooke told Ridge about Steffy coming up with the idea for the Hollywood Glamour line. Ridge was surprised but happy that his daughter had shown such creativity.

At Spencer Publications, Katie and Bill were kissing. Katie wanted to show Bill some honeymoon brochures, but he wasn't interested. Bill said he trusted Katie to make all the plans for the wedding and the honeymoon.

Katie asked Bill if he had approved of the Hollywood Glamour line. Bill told Katie he wasn't convinced that Hollywood Glamour would sell, but Bill admitted that Steffy had impressed him with her pitch. Bill wasn't ready to commit to the new line yet.

Katie liked the Hollywood Glamour line and urged Bill to trust her instincts. After a little more thought, Bill told Katie that he would give Steffy's idea a chance. Bill also suggested that Steffy take over Katie's old job, head of public relations, so Steffy could oversee the campaign. Katie thought Bill's suggestion was inspired.

Katie returned to Forrester Creations and met with Steffy. Steffy asked about the Hollywood Glamour line. Steffy was overjoyed to learn that Bill had approved the campaign.

Katie told Steffy that she was also being promoted to head of public relations. Steffy was thrilled that she would be promoting the Hollywood Glamour campaign. Steffy asked Katie to thank Bill for Steffy.

Katie encouraged Steffy to thank Bill personally. Katie said that when the campaign commenced, Bill would be very busy. Katie urged Steffy to speak with Bill as soon as possible. Steffy walked out of the office to head to Spencer Publication.

Out of the steam room and dressed for work, Brooke and Ridge entered Katie's office. They expressed their enthusiasm for Steffy's idea. Katie was happy to inform Ridge and Brooke that Steffy had impressed Bill so much with her presentation that Bill approved the new campaign.

Brooke and Ridge were surprised. Katie said that Bill had faith in the Hollywood Glamour campaign. Katie added that Steffy had been promoted to Katie's old position, head of public relations to oversee the campaign. Ridge was stunned. Brooke doubted that Steffy was ready for so much responsibility. Katie thought that Steffy could handle it and Katie believed in her.

Ridge wondered where his daughter was, and Katie told Ridge and Brooke that Steffy had gone to Spencer to thank Bill personally. Ridge questioned if Steffy was being used as bridge between Spencer Publications and Forrester Creations. Katie said that Steffy represented how the collaboration could work. Ridge promised to do his best to make Steffy's line succeed.

At Spencer Publications, Steffy walked into Bill's office. Bill's head was down and he thought that Justin had entered. Steffy spoke up and said that she was there to thank him for the new position at Forrester Creations.

Bill said that Steffy had earned the promotion and the opportunity. Steffy was very grateful for the chance to promote the Hollywood Glamour line. Bill assured Steffy that she would have to earn her success. Steffy promised Bill that she would.

Bill told Steffy that he wanted Steffy to be an example of how everyone could work together at Forrester Creations and Spencer Publications and succeed as a team. Steffy told Bill she was anxious to get started.

Bill noted a resemblance between Steffy and Stephanie in their spirit and drive. Bill challenged Steffy to prove herself with this new job.

Bill told Steffy there were parameters for the job. Steffy agreed to take Bill and Katie's leadership without argument. Steffy thanked Bill again for giving her a chance to prove herself. Bill was surprised that a Forrester actually thanked him. Steffy said she would give the campaign her best effort. Steffy then said goodbye to Mr. Spencer. Bill told Steffy to call him Bill.

At Jackie M., Owen walked into Nick's office. Nick and Bridget were looking at the surrogacy information. Bridget asked Owen about his experience with the surrogacy program. Owen said that the organization was very reputable and offered to give Bridget and Nick the business card of the woman he spoke with at the place.

Owen was noticeably saddened to see how Nick and Bridget were anxious to start the surrogacy process when he and Jackie had shelved the idea.

Bridget called Andrea Kessler, Owen's contact at the surrogacy agency, and arranged to meet with Ms. Kessler in the afternoon. Owen offered Nick and Bridget advice about what to ask when they met with Andrea Kessler. Bridget listened as Owen explained that they would need to do a background check on the surrogate, and they would have to get along with her because the surrogate would be part of their lives for almost a year.

Alone in the office, Bridget and Nick discussed how Jack might react to having a little brother or sister. Nick was certain that their son would be glad to have a sibling to blame everything on.

Andrea Kessler showed up and entered the office. Bridget said she had a lot of questions. Ms. Kessler said she was prepared to answer all of Nick and Bridget's questions. Ms. Kessler wondered about why Nick and Bridget wanted a surrogate. Bridget explained that she could conceive, but wasn't able to carry a baby to term. Bridget hoped an alternative like surrogacy could help her and Nick have a child of their own. Ms. Kessler was very understanding.

Ms. Kessler was impressed that Nick and Bridget had changed their lives in mid-stream, Nick giving up a life as a sailor and Bridget switching from a medical career to fashion. Nick expressed his devotion to Bridget and their family.

Andrea Kessler explained that all the surrogates in her agency were extensively researched. Nick and Bridget looked through the binder of candidate profiles and picked one out that they liked. The woman's name was Sandra Sommers and her profile was very attractive. Kessler offered to set up an interview with Sandra right away. Nick and Bridget gave Andrea the go-ahead.

After Ms. Kessler left the office, Bridget was excited, but Nick wondered if they were rushing into the process. Bridget urged Nick to be as excited as she was.

In the hallway, Andrea called Sandra Sommers and left a message on her answering machine about Nick and Bridget. Andrea's message to Sandra was that Sandra's plan had worked and Andrea had found a great couple for her.

Sandra's apartment was a dump, filled with stuffed animals. Kessler's message to Sandra was that Andrea had stuck her neck out for 'Agnes,' and that Andrea had gone along with the Sandra's plan. Andrea reminded Agnes not to let Andrea down.

Back in the office, Nick and Bridget were kissing and joyfully talking about becoming parents again. Andrea looked in and saw them in each other's arms.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

by Pam

In Katie's office, Steffy directed the Hollywood Glamour fashion shoot with precision and told Brooke, Donna, and Katie exactly where to stand and how to look so that the campaign was representative of the 1940s glamour days of Hollywood.

Ridge, Bill, Justin, and Marcus voiced approval as they watched Brio photograph Brooke, Donna, and Katie dressed in elegant formal gowns with makeup and hairstyles of the 40s era. Ridge thanked Bill for showing his faith in Steffy, and Bill replied that Steffy had a lot of potential and was making a sincere effort to be a team member at Forrester. Bill said that he hoped all the Forresters would follow her example.

The Logans struck poses, and then finished to the approval of everyone in the room. Steffy thanked Bill for the chance to prove herself, and Bill told her that she had earned it with a great idea and the tenacity to give the idea life. He said that he wanted to see the proofs as soon as they were ready. She agreed to deliver them to his office. Ridge and Brooke told Steffy how proud they were of her.

Katie caught Bill's eye and asked her future hubby to pose with her for a picture. After the photo, they kissed, and Katie reminded him to call the caterer about wedding plans. Justin approached Donna after everyone left. He asked her if she had thought about their conversation at The Catwalk. Donna told Justin that she was devoted to Eric. Justin wondered why Eric had not attended the fashion shoot to support his wife. Donna acknowledged that Eric was having a difficult time with the changes at Forrester. She added that Eric wanted her to quit The Catwalk.

Justin told Donna what a great job she had done as the show's host. He knew that she really wanted to stay and live out her dream of being on television. He suggested that she needed to stand up for herself if she really she wanted to host the show.

In Bill's office, Steffy showed up with the proofs, and Bill told her that he expected them to be great. After he saw the proofs, he told her that they were very good and that she had exceeded his expectations, and he expected her to eat, sleep, and breathe the new campaign. He added that if she didn't, he would fire her.

He paid her numerous back-handed compliments as he warned that once he had seen that an employee was capable of perfection, he expected to see it all the time. Steffy wondered if Bill was giving her campaign his approval in order to get the Forresters on his side. Bill said that he approved the campaign because he was convinced it would make him a lot of money. He added that if it helped connect the Forresters and Spencer Publications, it was an added bonus.

Steffy thanked him again, and added that when she first met him, she had originally disliked him. She had changed her mind and felt that he was cool. Bill seemed amused. She teased that he might never be as cool as she was, however.

In Katie's office, Brooke and Ridge voiced their gratitude to Katie for sticking up for Steffy and her campaign. Katie reminded them that she knew Steffy's idea would work, and both she and Steffy had sold it to Bill. It was an example of how they could all work together. Katie added that once Bill put his faith in people, they started to have faith in themselves. Katie said that she was a perfect example. Katie had faith that Steffy would blossom the same way that Katie had.

At Jackie M, Bridget and Nick decided to meet a surrogate they had chosen out of a book. Bridget nervously called Andrea from the surrogacy agency, and Andrea suggested that Nick and Bridget talk directly to the surrogate they had selected. Bridget called Sandra, and Sandra sounded rude and uninterested in talking to anyone. She acted as if Bridget was a telemarketer. Bridget quickly explained who she was and Sandra started to pay closer attention to Bridget's request as she asked for more details. While Bridget talked, Sandra quickly researched Bridget and Nick on the Internet. She discovered that Bridget was a fashion heiress.

Sandra immediately warmed up and told Bridget that she was "ready to put her uterus to work." As they set up a meeting to discuss the surrogacy, Sandra reached into her kitchen cabinet and found a hair coloring kit.

After Bridget hung up the phone, she and Nick embraced and shared that in a year, they might have a brand new baby. They excitedly kissed and talked about the baby.

Friday, November 6, 2009

In Bill's office, Steffy remarked that Bill didn't seem as bad as everyone thought. Bill replied that he liked to teeter between "bad and super-bad" just to keep his enemies guessing. She said he was a decent guy, and he cautioned that the statement could ruin his reputation. Steffy guessed that he was a loner, but she found him far more interesting than most people.

Steffy wondered why he'd really bought Forrester. He claimed that even though people thought he had a diabolical scheme, it was just business. She asked if Bill had ever sought anyone's approval. Bill said he'd never thought much about that while growing up. When he noted that she'd been raised by good role models, Steffy found it interesting that he respected her parents and grandparents. Bill said that he wouldn't have hired her if he hadn't.

Bill noted that Katie and Steffy had the same drive and determination. They just needed someone to recognize it. Steffy wondered if Katie knew the real Bill Spencer. He said that Steffy would have to ask Katie. He stated that if he believed in someone, he'd back them fully. "And that's what you've got, Steffy. Someone who believes in you --me." Bill stated.

Steffy insisted that no one could know everything about a person, and asked him what the sword on his neck stood for. When she asked to see it, he stood. Steffy lingered close to Bill, stroking the charm that dangled on his chest. He said that it represented his life's mantra: never give up, never surrender. "If I have to fight, I fight," he concluded.

Steffy stated that Bill had taught her to take her determination to a whole new level, and she wanted to be his biggest success story. Because Bill had inspired Steffy like no other, she hoped to make him proud of her. She promised to make Forrester into everything it could be. Steffy threw her arms around him. Bill hugged her back, but was shocked when she kissed him.

At Forrester, Ridge and Brooke reviewed proofs from Steffy's photo shoot. Ridge was amazed that things seemed to be going well. He said that anything could work out as long as Brooke and he were together.

Katie entered, worried that she wouldn't find a wedding dress in time for her ceremony. Ridge said that he might be able to help. Katie was shocked that he would help her, but gratefully accepted his input. Ridge left the room, and the sisters flipped through wedding books. Katie still couldn't believe that Ridge was willing to assist.

Ridge returned, and Katie asked for his opinion on a dress in a magazine. He told her to put the book away, because she wouldn't wear anything from a catalog. He handed her a garment bag, and said she'd be wearing what was in it. Katie awkwardly said that Ridge didn't have to make her a dress just because Bill had ordered him to do so. Ridge said he hadn't done it because of Bill; he'd done it because he'd known that it was what Brooke would want. Katie left to try on the dress, and Brooke kissed Ridge, saying that he never ceased to amaze her.

A tearful Katie returned after trying on the dress. She couldn't express how happy she was that Ridge had made the garment for her. She hugged Ridge, saying that his love for her sister, and his loyalty to family, had trumped everything.

At Jackie M., Bridget was nervous to meet Sandy Summers, who might carry her and Nick's baby for nine months. Nick and Bridget agreed that all they had to do was like Sandy, and hope that she liked them. Nick didn't think it'd be too hard, since Sandy appeared to be Bridget's twin on paper. He cited that Sandy was into yoga and health food, just the same as Bridget.

The suddenly blonde Sandy arrived, and Nick suggested that the three of them get to know each other. As Bridget and Sandy talked about yoga, Sandy explained that she'd practice less strenuous techniques while pregnant. After they talked about Sandy's diet, Nick wondered why Sandy wanted to carry someone else's baby. Besides the financial aspect, Sandy said she'd found a higher purpose in helping to form families.

After the meeting, Bridget was very excited about Sandy. Nick seemed hesitant, and said that Sandy had acted a little nervous. Bridget wondered if he wanted to interview other candidates. Nick reasoned that Sandy had been the first candidate that they'd seen. Bridget said that Sandy seemed perfect, and Bridget would love to befriend her. Nick reminded Bridget that they weren't looking for a friend. Bridget relented to interviewing more candidates.

Nick called Sandy back to the room to tell her that they'd appreciated the meeting. Sandy humbly said that she'd be honored to carry their baby. She said that when she'd first decided to be a surrogate, she'd never imagined that she'd have so much in common with the first couple she'd met. Nick said that Bridget and he felt the same way, and Sandy would more than likely be their candidate. Sandy seemed disappointed that they wanted to interview other women, but Bridget explained that it was an enormous decision.

Sandy told them that she'd probably seemed nervous because she'd been up all night worrying about the decision that she was making. Sandy expressed that surrogate mothers also had to worry about selecting the right parents. Sandy didn't know what she'd do if she wound up carrying a baby for abusive or neglectful parents. She didn't think that would happen with Nick and Bridget.

As Sandy turned to leave, Bridget asked Nick if they really needed to look at other candidates. Nick gave in, and the couple announced that they'd found their surrogate in Sandy. Sandy hugged Bridget, and then looked on as Nick and Bridget hugged.

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